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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5, the u.s. supreme court has blocked president biden's vaccine mandate for businesses, but it is still allowing the administration to go forward with the mandate in another industry. thank you for watching kron. 4 news tonight at 5. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. the supreme court has stopped the biden administration from enforcing a requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against covid. >> or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask on the job. at the same time, the court is allowing the administration to
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move forward with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the united states. our washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live with the latest on these decisions. jesse? >> good evening, pam. and ken, the conservative, the court's conservative majority, did end up concluding that the administration overstepped its authority with in regards to the large employer role and this, of course, comes, though, is the white house has been trying to boost vaccination rates. >> so they blow to the biden administration. large companies do not have to require their employees to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly and wear a mask on the job. the u.s. supreme court struck down the biden administration's role for businesses with at least 100 employees essentially means that in the pen, this pandemic is up to individual employers. >> to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees. white house press
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secretary jen psaki says the requirement would have prevented unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. >> but south carolina republican senator lindsey graham argues the administration needed congressional approval know president. he's a king. wisconsin democrat senator tammy baldwin worries lives are at risk. this ruling injures public and causes more people to die. the ruling impacts more than 80 million people. i'm a grocery guy. >> i'm not the vaccine. police. the justices fast track the case brought by grocery store owner brandon trosclair and other large employers and heard it last week. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. justice elena kagan said the employer rule was appropriate. >> but justice amy coney barrett suggested it was too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no different haitian between the risk faced by unvaccinated. 22
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year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds. >> or industries? now the testing requirements and potential fines for these large employers were not slated to kick in until next month. >> but the mask mandates for unvaccinated employees. we're set to begin this week live in washington. i'm jessi tenure, pam. ken. >> so jesse, are there other vaccine related cases that the high court may be considering soon? >> yeah, there is a similar vaccine mandate for federal contractors which is currently on hold. a lower court struck that down and the u.s. supreme court has yet to say whether it will consider that one. >> jessi tenure reporting live from washington. thank you. and coming up at 5.30, this evening, we're going to speak with uc hastings, professor of
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law rory, little to help break down how the u.s. supreme court arrived at his decision to block president biden's vaccine mandate for businesses. >> today president biden announced more teams of military medical personnel. we will be deployed to help hospitals hit hard by omicron. those teams are headed to 6 states across the country. new york, new jersey, ohio, rhode island, michigan, and new mexico all requested additional aid. fema administrator deanne criswell says there's an urgent need for staffing. she says teams are already on the move and will be in place inside hospitals by the end of the month. besides staffing, the administration is also addressing needs for more facility space and protective equipment and the administration promises more support will go out to accommodate states needs in the coming weeks in an effort to slow the omicron surge, tougher workplace rules go into effect tomorrow here in california, employees will now have to get a covid test after exposure in the workplace.
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>> administer tests at home will no longer be allowed. instead, an employee can go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor or a health care professional. cal osha is also tightening its rules on what qualifies as a face covering the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask or respirator or cloth mask. that must have at least 2 layers. state labor leaders were joined by a bay area legislative today to call on the california legislature to bring back covid sick pay. you might remember that sick pay expired back at the end of october. four's dan kerman is live in san francisco now with more on this stand. well, you know, it's really put workers in a tough position. if they are sick, they cannot be you sick time. if they have it, they can use vacation time. >> if they have it or if they won't get paid and they have to get paid, some of them are ending up going to work sick. it's a bad position and that's what labor leaders say. that's why we need this reinstated.
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>> basically, is basic and critical as getting vaccinated wearing a mask. if you are your children are sick or have been exposed. you need to make sure not to pass it on. and that means staying at home. and an online news conference thursday, california, labor leaders, workers and legislators called on the california legislature to bring back covid-19 sick pay to go ready >> implemented the policy wants it needs to be implemented. a good. >> immediately. >> among those speaking bay area, state senator dave cortese. >> supplemental paid sick leave is one of those poor weapons against the virus to slow the spread. that's the science. that's not just an economic issue. a worker protection issue. that's the science. the state supplemental covid-19 sick leave expired at the end of september. and those calling for its reinstatement say that's led to a series of awful choices. >> the expiration of something has ldft health care workers and essential workers. more
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for all our force choose to protecting our communities and staying home when you're sick a. >> if the legislation is brought back, it won't resemble what california had last year. that's because in 2021 there was federal funding to help support small businesses that federal funding is no longer available. >> so what we have before us is an opportunity with the 46 billion dollars surplus in in the state budget. an opportunity for the governor for the senate and for the assembly to be creative in terms of what does this look like? we're going to move it forward because there is no federal funding systems. >> and if this does move forward, it's unclear how quickly that can happen, though. the governor is on record saying sick leave is a top priority for him live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. tpanks, dan. and of course, that ended in september. not october. i misspoke on that. negotiations have resumed today between the
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teachers unions and the san francisco unified school district. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came back offering 5 days. >> the teachers also want the district to provide enough kn 95 masks for every student and employee every day. the district says it has been providing masks and will continue to provide them but only for employees. the 2 sides have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site for all students and staff negotiations are happening right now. we will be following the latest on the negotiations tonight right here on kron 4 and as well at kron 4 dot com. the pandemic is having a major effect on children's mental health. experts in the field say they are treating a large number of teenagers, preteens and younger children for a wide range of issues, including eating disorders, depression and anxiety. well, for us to re-assess, we'll talk with a local psychologist about how
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to help children, whether through this latest round of the pandemic. >> one of the trickiest things about spotting depression in teenagers is that teenagers can do what we call mood a tering nationally known psychologist doctor brenda wade, tackling some big issues concerning covid-19 and the mental health of children going through this pandemic. if there's anything i want our listeners to take away today. it's that children's brains are finished for girls. not until 24 for boys. not until 26. the doctor says it is vital right now to pay close attention. she says teens can be taxing one minute and see him happy. then fall down into a depression. we have to look at the big picture around them and say how could they be fine. so we've got to go into a lot of restructuring and a different kind of parenting. she has children need our support more than ever. all the things that you still hold, they had their
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classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends without that direction. without that emotional support. sadly, we have an epidemic of teen suicide that coincided with covid. the psychologist has 3 main tips. one talk with them not gee, how are you feeling but model for them? you know, i've been feeling some stress and anxiety. i've been going through a really missing my friends. this is what's been happening for me. and, you know, i'm wondering, are you feeling any of those feelings to do everything you can to facilitate your teens, staying connected with friends and 3, the end of every day. check in with your teen. the doctor says she understands parents need help themselves during this unprecedented time. she says try and take care of your needs to better help your children navigate this time. theresa kron, 4 news.
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>> coming up on kron, 4 news. what a south bay congressman is doing to try to get more covid tests into the hands of americans and the gop is threatening to pull presidential candidates out of future debates. we'll tell you why. and what a local gym is doing to help keep its customers safe while they work out. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. get ready for another gorgeous and the set tonight and the winds are going to be within ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> gym-goers and san francisco are required to wear masks inside regardless of their vaccination status. the rule change happened the last week of december, right when the yard in pacific heights was opening for the first time kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how the gym's owner adjusted to create a socially distance. jim experience for the members. >> new year's resolutions usually means a boost in membership, but fitness centers and gyms. that's tough with new covid regulations. one san francisco, jim has created a pod system to adjust to the new rules. >> good focus at least 6 feet apart, pushing harder and harder. and one member at a time. the 8 workout pods at the yard and san francisco were a big draw for member trent cotchin son go try making the best out of home workouts during the pandemic, but was never satisfied with his progress. when covid hit, i started stocking up on equipment from my apartment. there's only so much space you can get for like bauer ropes are obviously like a tired of he didn't want to be in a
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crowded public gym during the surge of omicron cases. he signed up for membership of the yard 3 weeks ago, feeling comfortable with the limited number of people inside because been really conscious of, you know, public health. it's kind of coming out of the gym for better part of the last 2 years. so finding a place that cares about it. i think it's really important to me going down into a squat. he works out with trainer elliott who rents a pause face the same way. some barbers rent their chairs, spaces. 7, 3 more know sharing equipment between pods questioning if things have been wiped down after news, you have your own set of dumbbells. you have your own bar bill. you have your own squat rack and it kind of brings a sense of security. >> to most of my clients who control balance owner joe cicero opened the gym the middle of december when omicron cases were beginning to rise and up with a pod system already in place to prevent spread having this socially my private space. >> that sanitized between each use gives a lot sense of security and safety precautions that have
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attracted around 50 members and 10 trainers who all wanted to work out with gym equipment. but without the gym crowds make you feel more safe in this place place a barbell on the back in san francisco. rob nesbitt, hold that position, right? the fun for new. >> you, congressman ro khanna is calling on the biden administration to do more to get needed supplies into the hands of americans. he has joined with 40 other members of congress to sign a letter to president biden calling on him to use the defense production act to pump crew to produce more rapid covid test to be sent to american homes. representative khan a says the u.s. is trailing behind european countries in distributing tests and face masks. >> the pandemic has been going on almost 2 years by now. we should be able to mail every american family a test for every week. that's what they're doing in the uk and some other european countries. the administration has said they're going to 500 million cast. really? what we need is 2 billion tests. and i said,
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let's invoke the defense production act to get these mail to american families and to have them available at the grocery store at the walgreens places where people go a daily basis. >> the letter was also signed by bay area representatives. barbara lee eric swalwell mark the and mike thompson. >> governor gavin newsom has refused to grant parole to robert f kennedy's assassin, sirhan sirhan in his decision. governor newsome says her han poses an unreasonable threat to public safety hahn will be scheduled for a new parole hearing. no later than february 2023, his defense attorney said he will ask a judge to overturn newsom's decision. robert kennedy was shot and killed in june of 1968, in los angeles just moments after he claimed victory in california's pivotal democratic presidential primary hahn was originally sentenced to death. but that sentence was commuted to life when the california supreme court briefly outlawed capital punishment in 1972.
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>> some encouraging news this thursday as we take a look at the latest drought monitor map. there is no longer an exceptional drought anywhere in california. the red you see on your screen indicates extreme drought, which is a sign of improvement. so let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been a little dry lately, we've worst pretty good with the buckets right now, right? yeah, we're way ahead of a normal right now. and so we usually get a midseason dry period. looks like we're in that point. so enjoy the dry weather while we have it. and those beautiful sunset over these last few nights have been really just amazing with the colors in the atmosphere, the high clouds up above and see the yellows and the orange showing up now going to be beautiful over the next hour or so. all courtesy of this area of low pressure swing in that moisture up in our skies and donaldson up to bring us any rain southern california, seeing a couple raindrops out of it right now, though, for the bay area. just a couple high clouds drifting on through making for that gorgeous sunset and more of an on shore breeze kind of kicking in right now. so it's been hazy around the bay area
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today. air quality. running in the moderate categories. a remodeled for tomorrow as well. temperatures in the 50's outside right now. high pressure been going to continue to swing in across the state at the same time, an offshore wind is going to be kicking. in fact, it's going to be windy across some of the mountaintop specially in the north bay and parts of the east bay, the oakland hills likely to see some gusty winds up there as well. in fact, models are showing this overnight to offshore wind developing tonight. and then you really start to see the colors begin to pick up in parts of the north bay hills gusts over 30, maybe 40 plus miles an hour across some of the peak, same of the parts of the east bay. and even along the peninsula, the coastline, the santa cruz mountains, some gusty winds expected up above. not so much down in some of the urban areas and just see that from time to time. but blustery conditions around the bay area for friday and well, keep conditions into the weekend to temperature wise, not going to be bad. you've got a mixed numbers. lot of 60's outside. that's high of 68 degrees in concord and 59 degrees in cooler in san francisco. thank you, in
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national news, the republican national committee is planning to ban presidential candidates from participating in any debates, which is sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. >> this is video of a previous debate between then candidates, joe biden and donald trump. the rnc cited concerns with moderators selected by the debate commission. a desire for a debate before early voting starts and changes to the commission's board. the new rules would apply to candidates seeking the party's nomination. the party plans to discuss this proposal at its winter meeting. >> in world news tonight, britain's prince andrew has been stripped of his military titles center announcement coming from buckingham palace this morning. the statement says the prince will not undertake any public duties and he's defending his court case as a private citizen. this comes as a federal judge in new york denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against queen elizabeth's 3rd child. andrew is accused of having with an underage girl who
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claims she was part of a trafficking crime ring and supplied to him by jeffrey epstein. >> coming up, we've seen delta and omicron. so what's next? health experts weigh in as the world continues to navigate through covid and controversy today after san francisco's district attorney dropped charges against a what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork...
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>> welcome back. strong reactions coming in from all sides on charges being dropped against a man accused of among
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other things, assaulting a san francisco police officer on fours haaziq madyun has the story. >> san francisco district attorney chesa boudin has decided there will be no criminal charges filed against 41 year-old surgio luego who was arrested back on february 17th 2021 following a physical altercation with san francisco police. this is a photo of surgio luego taken after the incident. sfpd officials say lugo was detained by undercover officers conducting surveillance for burglary crimes a valley. we need to decided to walk away. sfpd investigators say during the struggle to detain he used a sharp object, wounding an officer. kron 4 received this statement from the da's office regarding the decision to drop the charges. quote, we carefully reviewed all the evidence in the case, including statements, surveillance. the fact that the officers were not wearing body worn cameras inconsistent season police officers
5:25 pm
statements. the fact that mister lugo was behaving lawfully when stopped by police. and it was clear that this was not a provable case, unquote in response to the district attorney dropping the charges. san francisco police chief bill scott is quoted saying i'm disappointed with the district attorney's decision in this case. mister lugo resisted arrest and violently assaulted our officers, injuring one of them with an exacto knife. these kinds of attacks are unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated by our criminal justice system with the r it sends a dangerous message that in boldin's criminals to use violence and not just against police officers. we absolutely agree with the chief's statement. the president of the union that represents san francisco police officers, montoya. and this is not the first case where >> he's led a violent person without any form of that. you know, consequences. and, you know, it gets he should let the jury's and the coroners decide. whether or not you
5:26 pm
know, there's enough evidence. san francisco public defender, my no right to use it differently. it is absurd that mister lugo spend a in jail on this case and dismissing it was absolutely the right legally sound thing to do. anyone expressing disappointment that this case was dismissed should be instead answering for this gross display. >> a police brutality. >> has it kron? 4 news? >> still ahead, we've all been talking a lot about the omicron variant. so does that mean that delta is gone and what comes next after we get over the omicron surge. health experts weigh in. also no more parties in la while los angeles rapper is under investigation for an alleged plus, the nation's highest court blocking the president's vaccine. mandate will speak with uc hastings law professor rory little to break down the th
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u.s. supreme court as we report it has blocked the biden administration from enforcing a vaccine or test requirement large employers. >> but the justices did allow the administration to move forward with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers. the supreme court's orders come during this spike in coronavirus cases caused, of course, by the omicron variant here to help us break it all down is uc hastings, professor rory little rory, a professor, thanks for joining obviously, setback for the biden administration vaccine. skeptics must be happy with says this decision. what do you make of what the court
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ruled today? >> well, the good news is that the court upheld a vaccine requirement for medicare facilities that receive federal funding. that's about 10 million health care workers in the country. but they struck down an extension of vaccines mask or a test or a vaccination requirement for workers which could reach as many as 80 million people. so at this kind of spending, the baby and it shows that for us, if you will, of these 3 trump appointed justices, all though, in the opinion today sustaining the mandate for medicare facilities, justice kavanaugh joined the majority together with chief justice roberts and the 3 liberal justices. so it indicates that there's a little bit of a moderate split within the conservative group. >> so one of the liberal justices said that one of the conservative justices said this was too broad. the employer mandate. the other one o s


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