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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 13, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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that's the question. hey, john. yeah, it definitely looks nice for sure. james got increasingly bright skies here at the embarcadero where looks like a decent amount of people are getting out there this morning. >> now we are seeing a morning that isn't quite as chilly as the past few have been. so at least there's that only a couple of 30's in the north bay. we have showers to our south and the central coast in southern california and up to our north bay area set to remain dry, though, just as we have for a little while now. 40's and 50's for most of our current temps, alameda and oakland. you're back up to 50 after falling into the 40's earlier and santa rosa and fairfield even climbing into the 40's. now after your 30's earlier this morning. so the sunshine that we're seeing making quick work of the colder temperatures, get ready for another mild afternoon. we're also seeing quick work of the backups that had formerly been at the bay bridge as well as our other bridges. we had a major issue due to an overturned box truck there. the bay bridge earlier on this morning that sent a delay of nearly an hour across
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your western come from the maze over to fremont street also sent delays across the richmond center fell bridge and the san mateo bridge too. those are sense. gone now and look at this. no backup anymore at the toll plaza. a nice 12 minute drive across the bay bridge. big improvement there at the san mateo bridge to down to 13 minutes. it was nearly 30 minutes just over an hour ago. and still a little bit of a back up before you get to the tolls there at the richmond center fell bridge still. 22 minutes, but it is an improvement and still doing just fine at the golden gate bridge, too. your typical 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james, thank you very much, john. >> 9, 0, one is the time new this morning. president biden says the federal government is buying another 500 million covid tests for americans. this comes amid the rapid spread of the omicron variant. here's what he had to say. >> today, i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. i mean, a billion tests in total. to meet future
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demand. and we'll continue to work with the retailers and online rumor. and on an online retailers increase availability. and for those who want an immediate test, we continue to add fema testing sites so that there are more than more free in-person testing sites. for those youth insurance. you can get reimbursed tests a month. for those without insurance we have over 20,000 free testing sites all around the country. >> well, you may remember that before christmas, the white house announced it was purchasing the first batch of 500 million tests. that first batch will be delivered later this month. officials right now are working to create a website that you used to order a test that portal should be rolled out next week. happening today, the san francisco unified school district and its teachers union are expected to return to the negotiation table today as both sides continue to hash
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out a deal over covid safety measures. kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live from the city now with the very latest on where things stand this morning morning, sir. >> james, good morning. that's right. the san francisco unified school district supposed to be meeting again at the bargaining table with the teachers union. the teachers union has been asking ever since last week to meet up. they want to reach an agreement on covid safety protocols. but they haven't done that so far. no agreement has been reached. despite many, many tries and and desperate pleas to get this done because the classroom has to be open every day can just close it down unless one day they have to because it will have any teachers left. so there's a lot to be discussed. let's review what was discussed last thursday one week ago today. the teachers union asked for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came back offering 5 days. the teachers want the district to provide enough kn 95 masks for
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every student and employee each day. the school district says they have been providing masks will continue to provide them, but mostly for employees. the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site for all students and staff. and we've seen that. >> within the last week, well known, no negotiating has happened within the last week. there has been a bit of a twitter back and forth going on. the teachers union has put out a petition online asking people on twitter to get involved by signing that petition sending a letter to district and city leaders to get something done. the san francisco school district posted these photos on twitter of testing testing kits saying they have distributed over 60,000 at-home kits to k through 12 students along with tens of thousands of kn 95 mask and surgical mask. then the teachers union eu. sf posted this photo of a box of tests saying cool when your school has 45 staff members and nearly 300 students. but
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the sf unified sends you 12 tests total, quote, make it make sense. it it seems like the district is providing testing in mass for the teachers union does not believe it is enough. the last time i talked with ucsf, the union president, they were worried that there wasn't agreement reached civically because we have a three-day holiday weekend. coming up. >> that's a 3 day weekend. coming up, we know the holidays and them in research that we've done on number since spikes our public schools. we know. that the numbers spike on longer weekends and holidays. so we know that we need these tests and we need them now. >> i've reached out to the district and the teachers union to get the latest on. do they have a times that today and i wanted to know how many teachers have called out sick this week. we know that the district has had a lot of teachers fall ill from covid or have been exposed to covid
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which is caused them to have to kind of rallying ground gather as many subs as they can. but i've not heard back from either of the sides here, but hopefully they can meet today, reach an agreement and move forward. james, back to let's hope so. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> it is 9, 0, 5, across the bay. the oakland unified school district has reached a deal with educators over their covid concerns. but apparently didn't come quick enough to keep some teachers from walking off the job in sickout protest today. so the agreement includes a wellness day for teachers on friday where they can use that day for self care and to schedule their vaccines and boosters. the deal will also extend covid leave for teachers for the rest of the year. if they contract covid-19 or are forced to quarantine by the district hours before the agreement, though, teachers at frick united academy of language announced a 2 day sic out that started yesterday and will continue today. teachers at frick are asking the district for n 95 masks for all staff and students and also weekly covid testing.
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they also want to mandatory school-wide quarantine when there are 3 or more positive covid cases on campus in a 2 week period and a vaccine clinic at frick united before january 31st. they're also asking for an emergency plan for absent teachers and staff kron four's reached out to the alameda county office of education. the oakland unified schools and oakland educators association for comment. but so far haven't heard back. the rise in teacher absences is impacting schools all across the east bay, ramon valley unified school district. for instance, return to class on tuesday. but 128 teachers called out yesterday 134 teachers called out sick superintendent doctor john malloy says that those numbers do still fall within the normal range of teacher absences. but he says his staff is preparing just in case those numbers go up. meanwhile, an increase in covid-19 cases and staffing shortages led to west contra costa unified school district to cancel classes this past friday and monday, 284
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teachers were absent on tuesday, 249 called out on wednesday and on average 265 teachers today have called out sick in the 6 days the classes have been in session so far since the winter break. in the mount diablo unified school district substitute teachers. there will be getting paid a little more fact. a lot more. the school board raise the daily rate of pay for substitutes from the former $170. a day to now 200, $30 a day. and that actually exceeds the regular pay for a lot of full-time teachers. the school board approved the rays in an effort to attract more substitutes because the district is dealing right now with a staffing shortage during the pandemic. in addition to the daily rate increase, the school boare has also approved a $1000 bonus for any substitute who is required to work 20 days or more within the district. well, if you've been to a grocery store recently, maybe you've noticed the store shelves are a bit bare as because of the coronavirus. the shortages are widespread
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impacting everything from meat. the boxes of cereal. i've noticed it. i'm sure you have to crawford's camila barco has noticed it as well. good morning, camila. >> morning, james. yeah, i found myself going from one grocery store to the other and sometimes you can even find what you're looking for either store. and we see these at the show since the start of the pandemic. but the list of why we're seeing these empty shells keeps growing. take a look at this. if you've got to the grocery store, you probably found this as well. some shelves with no one shopper found barely anything inside these fridges at his local safeway in belmont at the safeway in san francisco. it's also a similar situation. our team found milk and me in short supply at the jackson street location. now, part of the reason that we're seeing less items on the shelves is due to the pandemic trends that never went away. and now, of kron is adding to the list. one grocery store chain had 200 workers out sick or quarantine last week. the
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president of brand says that his u.s. plans will be constrained for at least the next month because of omicron related absences. now you also have to factor in the deficit of truck drivers. it started building before the pandemic and it continues to be a problem in october. the american trucking association sent us well short about 80,000 drivers and shipping. also add that to remains delayed. it's impacting everything from imported food to packaging. and one consumer brand expert says that grocery stores not only have 5 to 10% of their items out of stock. but right now. it's at about 15%. and experts are not really sure when we're going to stop saying these shells, these empty shelves at the grocery stores are kind of divided. some say that we'll start seeing more items on the shelves sooner rather than later. but others say it might take a while.
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>> jace will hopefully doesn't take too long. thank you. camila. it is 9.10, happening right now. some nurses are holding protests to hospitals all across the bay area calling for better covid protections. that's the story that kron four's will tran is reporting for us now live from marin county morning. well, >> the nurses at meridian health. they were scheduled to protest against covid-19 and what their employees they clean. are not doing to make sure that they're safe but their protest here has been called off because some of the organizers came down with covid-19. but this is still happening at some of the other hospitals in the bay area. 8 altogether and also across the country. they are very frustrated. they're saying that this is about 2 years into the fight against coronavirus in the united states and they say instead of getting better, it's gotten a lot worse. and they point to a few examples, including that
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some nurses that come down with covid-19 or been exposed to somebody who has covid-19 but instead of quarantining and staying away, they claim that their employers are telling those services to come back to work immediately. and then they say that jeopardizes the nurses who don't have covid-19 and then those there says go around and deal with the patients. so it's very cyclical. that's why they're very frustrated about what's going on. this is not a strike. this is a protest meeting that if you have an appointment, you're good to go. you can still go into the hospitals today and get your appointment. this is being staggered throughout the day at bay area hospitals and across the country, a one-day deal. but they're hoping that their employer can see what's going on and give them some of the protections that they are looking for. this is not a money battle according to them. this is just to make things a lot safer. and the irony is they were trying to make things safer. and then some of the nurses here came down with covid-19, although
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they're not blaming the hospital in this case, the person i spoke to said generically that they have covid-19. >> thank you very much. well, we'll take a break. 9.12, is the time. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the release of a popular beer is getting pushed back. why the brewery says this decision had to be made to keep everybody safe. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. 9.15, on this thursday morning. it's been a nice morning. so far, a little on the cloudier side than yesterday, but we're already seeing some sunshine piercing through that layer of clouds that is being seen for the bay area. like what we're seeing to our south, though, with some showers about to work their way inland across l a and the central coast, a bay area will see some hazy sunshine throughout the course of the day today and another pleasant and cool one remaining dry, not just today, but through the upcoming weekend, likely into next week and with high pressure, not loosening its grip anytime soon, likely into the following weekend, too. now today's daytime highs not as warm as yesterday as we're but fairly comparable back into the low 60's with san jose at 63 oakland hayward, san francisco, each at 60 degrees today. tomorrow's highs right around the same as you guessed it. and we're going to stay that way through the rest of this forecast. some chilly evening lows, especially inland continuing to fall at times into the 30's. but that
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sunshine really helps us out in the afternoons. bay bridge is cleared out a lot since earlier we had a issue that was sent to a major delay on the bay bridge and that further back things up on the richmond, sandra fell and the san mateo bridge is as everyone was trying to avoid the bay bridge earlier, you're back to the limit at the bay bridge. now, 10 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street and things looking really good as well to san mateo bridge at 13 minutes. still a few issues there trying to get through the toll plaza at the richmond center fell bridge. that's a 24 minute drive and not the easiest one to take this morning, james. all right. thank you very much, john. time to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us this morning. and rob, as you look across the landscape here, what's catching your eye? >> not enough. follow through couple good days here. and there. >> but wall street doesn't seem to have enough power to hit new records right now. so maybe we're expecting a little bit more of pullback. wo have markets. they are mixed today.
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just no follow through kb homes up 10%. they had a great quarter. we'll be building homes the next 10 years. just trying to catch up to where we are as far as needs go. amazon tests and video all low or high valuation companies, ppi producer price index bring in at 9.1 9.7% year. we're ice guys make stuff to sell to us. their pay 9.7% higher. people think we may have hit the peak in inflation. now, delta said airlines. >> pretty good numbers. but they said january and february about 70% of 2000, 19. >> versus expectations. about 80% of covid is a more transmissible, but it's less severe. so they're saying things are starting to stabilize with their staffing, but expect the first 2 months to be a little lumpy in our economy is what this tell us? >> interesting. okay. and then i got to chat with you a little bit about football because we know the niners. the raiders are going to the playoffs this weekend. we obviously have a vested
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interest. so we're going to be watching. but i guess a lot of people coming back to watching football. you're talking about the nfl ratings. get back up there again. >> and this is a nice story the past few years we've had trump bashing nfl about me lean and it just didn't sell well and we weren't watching his. there's no fans in the stadium this year. it felt a little bit more fun in the nfl again, ratings dominance, which that's 48 of top 50 shows on television last year were football 91 out of 100 of the top 100 shows we're football games as far as eyeballs out. 17.1 million is the average. this is big for the nfl partners like fox and nbc and cbs and espn because they've all spent about 100 plus billion dollars for a 10 year deal again yesterday, apple sniffing at bad news for the foxes in the fox nbc's and cbs is the world. but it's good for the bay area and good for different ways of watching games down the road. so goes
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back and i couldn't be happier. that game last weekend. the forty-niners my kids were whooping and hollering and i stayed up till midnight like midnight, 9 o'clock. i'm watching the raiders do the same exact thing. so it's fine. yeah, absolutely. and so we'll be cheering them on this weekend. speaking of eyeballs and who's drawing eyeballs? >> give us the update. i guess you've got a check on the streaming wars, hbo, max disney plus netflix. what are the latest numbers showing him? i've been lost in tv like because there's so much of so much. good stuff. hbo max has 74 million subscribers now. >> disney's and 114 million netflix to 200, 14 million. and disney's numbers are a little wacky, because they started in india dollar a month. but that's ok, we'll forget them. i called the splurge your enthusiasm, james because hbo, max winds, lot of words with the smallest budget. they're kicking budget about 18 billion dollars this year for shows like succession. much. i missed the first 3 season. i just started catch top bottom holy mackerel. want to get
9:21 am
financial show. really? disney there to spend 33 billion way outspending not lux hbo. if you combine at hbo, netflix top 35 million. so for disney spending. 33, it's going to be good year for disney plus content. that's about 35% spend. it's basically a three-horse notice really talks about paramount or the other networks out there. it's on amazon. apple. >> apple tv not to. >> apple tv is kind of a throwaway at this point in time we get so little content but they did win an award at the golden globes. so people are pretty excited by that. >> i would think you'll see apple acquire some sports franchises some sports networks down the road, ok? well, we'll the only reason i signed up for apple tv was because everybody to tell me about ted lasso. so i signed up for and i'm watching it. i like that show. but you're right that the rest of the content much else there for me other than that. so they'll have to kick it up for sure. great content for 5 bucks but not great content compared netflix hbo max percent.
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alright, rockland a little bit us. absolutely. all right. thank you as always. we'll be chatting with the rob again on monday as he's off on friday. so get your comments in now. get your suggestions in now for what you want to chat about when he rejoins us next week. facebook, twitter you can see is handles there to use and also of all school. you can just e-mailed directly robert, rob black dot com. we'll be right back. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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but now for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to
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covered california. this way to health insurance. back at 9.24. in the east bay,
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oakland, police say they need help finding an elderly woman who was assaulted by someone in chinatown. you may remember we first brought you the story yesterday with this video that police released. watch the right side of your screen. you'll see that woman walking down the street. she's approached from behind by someone who in a moment you'll see just shoves are to the ground. no provocation whatsoever. this was monday at the corner of 9th and franklin streets just outside the pacific renaissance plaza. by the time police got there, the victim had walked away so they could locate her, that they'd like to find her and help solve, you know, the crime and whoever assaulted her. the president of oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce says that the community does feel like they are getting support from the police department. >> saying that he was a what's the beginning of last year in 2021? that's when we have so many seasons. we were real concerned. yes, we should have have open police and the pressing punch. i have, you
9:26 am
know, community which has been helping. we know that the lunar new year is will be prepared for that will see increased staffing in china and so we'll continue to work with our like the chinatown chamber of commerce to be able to solve those issues. >> police say the suspect was last seen heading north on franklin street. if you have any information that might help solve this crime, let police know. attorneys representing the quote, unquote, hillsborough heiress, optiffany li have agreed to settle a wrongful death civil lawsuit with the murder victim's mother, keith green was the ex-boyfriend and father of least 2 daughters. prosecutors say he was shot execution-style in lee's hillsborough mansion back in april 2016, his body was in dumped in a field north of san francisco. green's mother filed this lawsuit against lee after she was found not guilty on all charges. back in 2019, the attorneys didn't disclose the terms of the settlement. only that one had been reached. 9.26. is the time.
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we'll take a break. but up next, an update on guidance regarding san francisco and its mask mandate. why the health department says you should double up on masks as we're deep in the omicron spread. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.30, is the time. let's get a check of the forecast
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here at the half hour as we take a look outside. still sunny, of course. but is it getting any warmer? that's the question morning. yeah. starting to see temperatures climb, james. it wasn't the coldest mornings but still chilly. we had a few 30's in the north bay. >> those are since gone. the sunshine definitely helping us out. now you view of the exploratorium brighter than it was a couple of hours ago. we are seeing cloud cover from a system passing to our south that is resulting in rainfall for southern california. neighbors not do so here at home 40's and 50's for current temps. now, alameda, you're at 54 pacifica. a nice 53, san francisco and berkeley chip. 51. even brett would lead in santa rosa are colder spots climbing well into the mid 40's. now just a little cooler than at the same point yesterday, bridges improved after what was danger issues, especially on the bay bridge earlier this morning. let's get a look at them right first and foremost, the bay bridge saw a backup because of an accident that involved a box truck. now no backup. you are
9:31 am
driving at the limit from the maze to fremont street taking the under 10 minutes. there. the san mateo bridge also much improved. still having issues there as you're trying to get through. the tolls at the richmond center fell bridge getting a lot better than it was during my last check with now down to 12 minutes to make the crossing james. all right, john, thank you very much. 9.31. the time. let's get back to one of our big stories this morning. the san francisco department of public health saying that masks should be upgraded now in vaccines. >> need to be updated as well. health officials say that a cloth mask alone no longer is good enough and you should be wearing it over a well-fitted surgical mask. if at all. the experts are also saying that masks such as kn 95 masks offer much better protection from the variant because of how easily omicron has spread from person to person in the air. >> side here, you can see that they always told this is not a well. fitted masks can linger in the air like dandelions, awful long, a period. so if
9:32 am
you're making a lot of virus just cluess the way people talking and so on, you can have a little bit more linger in the air. >> yeah, mega events in the city have also been downsized to and boosters will be required on february. first for those who are eligible. a new survey suggests that many restaurants in san francisco are in favor of booster shot mandates owners are hoping that this change could keep more of their employees working. kron four's dan kerman takes a closer look. >> a new golden gate restaurant association survey finds half would support a mandate that all customers over 12 have a booster to dine inside. >> about 50% are supportive or would be supportive of a city wide mandate or a wider geographic mandate. 25% are still you know, last week, i'm sure changed. now at the new data. currently, the city requires restaurants to check that patrons are vaccinated. >> but at the present time, the city is only recommending restaurants. check for
9:33 am
boosters. the restaurant association says unless there's a mandate, it's unlikely most restaurants will voluntarily come on board, but the mandate would be a different thing. ideally, it's at the state level so that we don't lose business to other areas of the state. i mean, if interested in in keeping everybody moving to a safer position the wider, the area, more fair it for everybody. >> and also the easier the message it is for everybody. however, some san francisco restaurants like zuni >> have moved ahead on their own requiring what the cdc calls up to date vaccinations, which includes boosters if eligible, they say it's all about following the advice of medical experts need to the ultimate means of protection in terms of so we wanted to create the safest environment we could so far as any hasn't had to close its stores during omicron. >> they chalked that up not only did this policy but also a rigorous masking program for its staff and a rigorous testing program for its staff.
9:34 am
dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> in the south bay, santa clara county health officials say that they will not be implementing a vaccine mandate for customers at businesses because they feel it would have little impact. instead, they're urging businesses like restaurants and bars to require proof of vaccination. doctor. sara cody, the county's public health officer says it's important to get boosted, but says that businesses in the county have been responsible. that's good news. cody also side of the county's high vaccination rate as well. she says santa claire is more is more so focused on the updated mandate that requires boosters for health care workers and long-term care facilities and correctional facilities and homeless shelters before anything else. >> this term is to both safety of letter. will people in hospitals or congregate settings as well as to ensure that the staff caring for them are less likely to get ill.
9:35 am
>> well, san jose is now the first city in the u.s. to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. and that includes the s ap center. city leaders say this mandate is going to prevent hospitals from being over. well, at least that's the hope. students in the oakland unified school district will be getting some new kn 95 masks all thanks to a local business owner. eugene lee owns noodle valley near the fruitvale bart station and he donated 10,000 masks to the district. lee tells us is parra parent of 2. he felt this was a personal issue for him. he wanted to do something to help his community. >> we're hearing that there is an issue with their supply chain and a massive order of mass to ppe that they order was the latest going to take a few weeks to get to them. and in the meantime, you know, everyone is very concerned. i'm including myself about everyone's safety. and i just happen to have a lot of these masks will another business. i hone its a roofing supply company in san francisco.
9:36 am
>> yeah, says that he feels fortunate to be in a position to help those in need. district officials will be delivering the masks later this week to get them in out to students before the three-day martin luther king junior weekend ends. in the north bay. the surge of the omicron variant strikes a blow to the release of a popular beer santa rosa's russian river brewing company is postponing there 2 week plan to the younger event. kron four's dan storm takes a closer look at why. >> the lines of people who show up from all over to taste pliny the younger. we'll have to wait a little longer. the makers of the world famous triple i have pushed the release date from february 4th to march 20 fit definitely very millie, it was the responsible thing to do. natalie who co-owns russian river brewing company with her husband says they made the difficult decision to delay after talking with sonoma county health leaders. the county is banned large gatherings for the next month and the chillers those felt
9:37 am
the february release at their windsor and santa rosa pubs needed to be pushed back. the last thing you want to use and by 25,000 people. >> to arbery's over the, you know, to a release period coming from knows where bringing, you know their committees. and then also, you know, we're already in that. so our own issues, like many restaurants, bars and breweries in the area. russian river has been challenged with unprecedented staffing issues last week. both the santa rosa and windsor pubs were forced to close because of infections and exposures among staff. >> russian river brewing has also been experiencing a slowdown of business throughout the latest search is optimistic about the new release date and even suggested the new date may become permanent for those still looking to grab a pint applied to the younger next month. says wholesale accounts will still be getting kegs beginning the week of february 7th. it's unfortunate, but we've been doing this for 2 years. so. we think we can get
9:38 am
through reporting in santa rosa, the and thorn kron. 4 news. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the forty-niners preparing for their playoff game on sunday against dallas. we'll tell you what coach shanahan has to say about their work out so far. >> plus, governor newsome coming to the bay area today with details on his new plans to push forward infrastructure and transportation projects and less cloud cover now, but definitely some hazy sunshine that you can see from sfo right here. >> temperatures today will be a little cooler than yesterday's down into the low 60's. talking about what else to expect in this forecast. still to come.
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9:41 am
>> 9.41 the time happening today. we have governor newsome set to be in santa clara county to highlight his plans for transportation and infrastructure. so the governor is set to speak about the state's investments to advance climate-friendly transia projects. he'll also talk about support for shipping ports so that goods can move across the state more easily. the governor will also we understand detail the plan to speed up the transfer to the transition to 0 emission vehicles. he said to make all these comments at about 11 o'clock our time this morning. so tune in. we're going to have that live for you on our streaming app. kron on. so it's free. if you haven't downloaded the get, go ahead and tune in again. that's 11 o'clock our time this morning.
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after a violent year in oakland, the city's police chief is laying out his vision for oakland in 2022. kron 4 sat down with chief ron armstrong for a virtual one-on-one. he says he wants to see a decrease in homicides and violent crimes. and he says the biggest challenge right now is lack of resources. chief armstrong went on to say he plans for a new police academy. he thinks that will boost morale at the department because then officers will know that more help is on the way. and then starting on the 22nd, the department will be expanding to 3 police districts. >> hopefully getting to calls quicker so that community sees a greater presence when when they call 911, big success looks like. you know, i if it can decrease in overall homicides and violent crime. i think we all recognize that 134 homicides is far too many lives lost in our city. >> so far, 2 weeks into the new year, the city of oakland has already recorded 4 homicides. that's twice as many as was this time last year. we'll take a break at
9:43 am
9.42. we'll be right back.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. we're back at 9.45. final check of the forecast here with john shrable standing by with a look outside morning good morning, james. nice view out there from the east bay
9:46 am
hills, sunshine. >> definitely back out. but you can notice some of the haze that we do have the high pressure ridge that's keeping us dry. also creating a cap across the bay. so air quality, not necessarily ideal, something that we are talking about today. that is super good news is big improvements in the drought started the season. we were in the 2 worst categories of drought and things were looking pretty bleak. last week we had seen some major improvements that took us back into moderate to severe drought for most of the bay area. couple of spots of extreme remains. this week's drought monitor showing further improvements, the central valley and all of the bay area. now back into that orange indicating severe drought, certainly not out of the woods, but huge improvements. moderate drought for the southern part of the state and all but eliminated is the worst category of drought that exceptional drought. now you're just seeing that across the deserts of eastern oregon. so very much so some good news there for us across california. obviously, still some work that needs to be done. we do have some showers sitting just
9:47 am
off shore of la this morning along the central coast. so a bit of a rainy day for southern california. neighbors were going to be missing out on this here in the bay area. just looking at some sunshine and some clouds that will be especially draping the southern part of the bay at times towards the afternoon. more and more sunshine, hazy sunshine, as we've already noted, tomorrow, skies will be a little clearer than today. temperatures right around the same. and we're going to be smooth sailing that way right through the weekend into next week, likely into the following weekend, too. 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline today. daytime highs will be quite as warm as yesterday, especially noticeable in the south bay where you near 70 degrees for your highs yesterday. today it will be low to mid 60's for you. east bay temperatures, mostly low 60's hayward right at 60 degrees. same for you from san leandro through richmond on up to vallejo, even out towards areas like novato mill valley in petaluma. tomorrow's daytime highs the same as today's and that's the case through sunday, too. just a touch
9:48 am
cooler into the start of next week. really? no major changes in sight just yet. now, as far as their bridges go, big improvements out there. we saw a major backup earlier at the bay bridge that sent your commute back to an hours. you're trying to make that crossing earlier. things have definitely started to ease and only 8 minutes now from the maze to fremont street. we also have backups on or other bridges because you are taking those as your other option instead of the bay bridge. but back down to 13 minutes at the san mateo bridge. still a little backup as you're getting to the toll plaza at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. but once you hit the tolls, it's only going to take you 11 minutes to get to one o one. speaking of one, 0 one, the golden gate bridge from 37 to the tolls. that's only 20 minutes this morning. james, thank you very much, john. now 2 bay area sports. we have the forty-niners getting ready for their showdown with the dallas cowboys this weekend. >> and as for the raiders, derek carr excited about making his playoff debut. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas, us with the story.
9:49 am
>> well, folks, it is dallas week on wednesday, the niners had their first full practice ahead of their wild card matchup at jerry's world. jimmy g was limited at practice, but he still threw the ball. all signs point to him being back under center on sunday. this is the niners team that, in my opinion, has all the ingredients for a run. they are battle tested. they just need to put it all together. what better stage to do that then at cowboy stadium and the niners know that given the rich history of this rivalry, it won't be just an ordinary playoff game. >> whenever you in the playoffs, you know, the magnitude of the game and then you come in a place like the foreigners play the cowboys with the rich history of the super bowl's. a playoff games, nfc championships. you know, obviously getting a chance to be a part of some of that history is definitely something you can enjoy as an older player. they got very good they got very good schemes. i'm watching their defense just mean, it looks so
9:50 am
much to me like a dan quinn he's changed a lot. schematically in coverage isn't everything. but the way those 11 guys play and attack the ball and go for the ball. >> he's got them not a coincidence. early in the league in turnover getting turnovers. >> derek carr will finally make his playoff debut on saturday against the bengals car has led the team to the postseason before in 2016, the raiders were cruising with an 11 3 record before car broke his leg in week. 16 the raiders were rolled by the houston texans in the wild-card game with connor cook under center. it was less than ideal carr said he's happy to finally get his postseason opportunity. but this is not the end goal. don't forget. we've already done you know, this is the second time i just get to play this you know, i think. >> for me, it's an exciting time. let's go. but at same time. my goal wasn't just to
9:51 am
make the playoffs was a part of it. but you always have bigger goals and bigger dreams and trying to achieve more. so for me, it's exciting. but still trying to keep the laser focus on the job at hand. >> college hoops cal at washington. early 2nd, half. jared hyder. scores off the back door cut right there. nice ball finishes in the lane. but washington rallies up 3. row. brown. make the guy fall and knocked down 2 of his 21 points today, john david steele, grad transfer from stanford. >> if you head to day for it, he's on the 13. 0, run to take control. late kalou to this 0. 64 to 55. they take on state on that. >> all righty. that is your look at sports. well, that was jason dumas reporting the raiders game against the
9:52 am
bengals is saturday at one 30, the niners will face the cowboys on sunday. also one 30. >> i'm 51 is a time. we'll be right back. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance.
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>> 9.54. is the time we are just about wrapping it up here on the kron. 4 morning news.
9:55 am
but if you want to continue, you can because kronon never stops theresa standing by the newsroom with a look ahead. hey theresa. hi, james. we have a lot going on for everyone today starting with governor newsome ii as a news conference talking about helping the state rebound. >> he's focusing on if the structure today and part of that, including and helps restaurants. now, also today, we are checking in with a therapist on mental health. so many kids and families struggling with mental health issues, especially with omicron and that variant causing issues again, about close school closures will have a live interview with temps in to see that interview and a lot more to get real time updates. a local and national headlines. grab your phone scan this code. it will take you straight to the app store so you can download kron-on for free. back to james. all right. thank you very much. to recent. >> and we'll finish this morning with heartwarming story soon. you're going to be holding historic quarter in your hands. maya angelou has become the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter
9:56 am
east bay congresswoman barbara lee led the bill to create the first american women quarters program and poet maya angelou be the first of 6 women honorees. who's coins will be in circulation through 2025. angelou was a leader in the civil rights movement and was the first female african american cable car conductor in san francisco. and congresswoman lee says that honoring her on us currency. it's a major milestone. >> it's like it's important. not only that we recognize that this is historic moment with african american woman, a woman of color on a coin but get to know her. get to know who she was. get to know. get to read or i know why caged bird saying get to read about how we wait. she she got to the point where she cannot speak for. wow, really her history the challenges that she went through to know cantu was to lover. and so i hope our young people, we'll use this coin movement to begin to read about it. learn about the sun on the
9:57 am
>> yeah. the coin includes an image of angela with their arms uplifted in t bird in flight behind her. if you'd like one, just go to your like one, just go to your local bank later this month or its availability. here's a quick look at your seven-day forecast before we say goodbye, things look fantastic as we head into the weekend with temperatures hovering in the upper 50's to low 60's overnight lows will get a little chilly dropping into the 30's as we approach the weekend. that will do it here for the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us on this thursday. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. have a good one. mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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