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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 13, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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nice because you got friday to look forward to. >> and it is going to be a nice day to look forward to is holding on to those above average january temps looking outside at san francisco right now, obviously still dark. but we do have partly cloudy skies overhead. a little bit of fog having formed inland and we will see some hazy sunshine towards the afternoon morning. temperatures haven't been quite as cold as yesterday's this afternoon. it's going to be a little cooler than yesterday. not quite up into those upper 60's like we had been. fairfield are only spot in the 30's right now in the meantime, berkeley, san francisco, pacific and bodega bay are mild areas hanging out in the 50's. i'll be talking about what to expect for today and for the weekend just around the corner. still to come all right, john, they even that. so we do have a hot spot this morning on the bay bridge westbound 80 just west. >> of the treasure island
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accident looks like a solo vehicle collision. it has several lanes blocked. we're looking at 3 lanes right now. so as you are traveling into the city this morning. it's definitely going to take you more time as you're traveling there. i'm not seeing any delays on the eastbound side, but as you can see it at 6 o'clock, if they're not able to get this cleared off the drive times are going to go up. so 3 lanes currently blocked because of that accident. looks like they're working to try to get this accident off of the bridge. at this hour. we're going continue following this and tracking this morning as you're traveling out there, the san mateo bridge, as you're heading across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes. no accidents, no hazards. there. let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge about a nine-minute drive for you as you're traveling at a richmond across towards sandra fell and the golden gate bridge 20 minutes. 37 to the tolls. no accidents or delays. there. happening today, the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union all expected to return to the negotiating table as
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the 2 sides continue to hash out a deal over covid safety measures. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco. sarah, you've been talking about this all morning with the latest. >> well, it's been a week since the san francisco unified school district met at the bargaining table with the teachers unions and they are hoping to get something done today. actually, the teachers union has really been asking ever since that meeting to continue the negotiations, they wanted an agreement immediately. but fact, it didn't happen in the hopefully it happens today. hopefully they meet today. that is what is supposed to happen. but let's start with what was talked about last week at their meeting. meeting where they discussed what both sides were asking for and offering. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came back offering 5
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days. the teachers want the district to provide enough kn 95 masks for every student and employee each day. >> the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to provide them. they're hoping to get more of the kn 95 mask out instead of just a surgical mask,-but primarily for employees and the teachers once and for students as well. the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site for all students and staff. that's one thing they definitely agreed on while no nugget negotiating happened within the last week since last thursday. there's been a lot of the twitter posting on both sides. the teachers unions have been putting up petition up online asking people on twitter to get involved by signing it and sending a letter to district and city leaders as well as state leaders to the san francisco school district posted these photos on twitter of testing kits saying they've distributed over 60,000 at-home kits to k through 12 students along with tens of
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thousands of kn 95 mask and surgical mask. then the teachers union u e s f posted this photo of a box of test saying, quote, when your school has 45 staff members and nearly 300 students. but the sf unified sends you 12 test total. make it make sense. so it seems like the district providing testing providing masks, but the teacher union does not believe it's enough. and one thing that they will not budge on is getting those 10 paid sick leave days. the last time i talked with the ucsf union president, she was worried about going into a long holiday weekend. >> that's a three-day weekend. coming up. we know the holidays and them in research that we've done on number since spikes our public schools. we know. that the numbers spike on longer weekends and holidays. so we know that we need these testing. we need them now. >> and they're hoping to get
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more and more tests. clearly everything that the district is doing is not enough. and again, what i talk with the president of the union, she said they're not budging on the 10 paid sick leave. they said what they're asking for is the bare minimum. and so they're hoping at today's negotiations, the district agrees. we'll have to see if that happens as well as trying to get the latest numbers as to how many teachers are out sick this week because we know it's a massive problem and the district is struggling to find subs to get in the classroom. for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to you was there and hopefully they're able to come to a solution there. thank you for that report. >> well, over the east bay, the oakland unified school district has reached a deal with educators over covid concerns. >> but it's not enough to keep some teachers from walking off the job in sickout protest today. the agreement includes a wellness day for teachers on friday where they can use a day for self care, get vaccines and boosters. the deal also extend covid lee for teachers for the rest of the
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year. if they contract covid-19 are forced to quarantine by the district hours before the agreement. teachers at frick united academy of language announced a 2 day sic out that started yesterday. that's going to happen again today. the teachers at frick united are asking the district for n 95 masks for all students and staff. also weekly covid testing a mandatory school. why quarantine when there are 3 or more positive covid cases on campus and a 2 week time period, a vaccine clinic if rick united before january 31st and an emergency plan for absent teachers and staff across force reached out to the alameda county office of education, oakland, unified schools and the oakland educators association for comment. so far, none of our requests have been returned. well, the rise of teacher absences is impacting schools all across the bay, the east bay in san ramon valley, unified school district. they return to class tuesday where 120 teachers were absent
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yesterday, 134 teachers called out sick superintendent doctor john malloy says those numbers fall within the normal range of teacher absences as his staff is preparing for those numbers to possibly go up and an increase in covid-19 cases and staffing shortages. let the west contra costa unified school district to cancel classes this past friday and monday, 284 teachers were absent on tuesday, 249 called out sick on wednesday. that's average of 265 teachers. a day of called out sick in the 6 days classes been in session after the winter break. well, in the mount diablo unified school district substitute teachers, there are going to be getting paid a lot more. the school board raise the daily rate for pay for $170 to 230 that exceeds regular pay for full-time teachers. the school board approved a raise to attract more substitutes to the district. and help with staffing during the pandemic. in addition to the daily rate increase, the school board
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also approved at 1000 bonuses. the substitute who work 20 or more days in the district. students in the oakland unified school district be getting some new k 5 k n 95 mask. all thanks to a local business owner. his name is eugene lee. he owns noodle valley near the fuego bart station. he donate 10,000 masks to the district. lee tells us as a pair to this feels like a personal issue for him. he wanted to do something to help his community >> we're hearing that there is an issue with their supply chain and a massive order of mass to ppe that they order was the latest going to take a few weeks to get to them. and in the meantime, you know, everyone is very concerned. i'm including myself about everyone's safety. and i just happen to have a lot of these masks will another business. i % hone its a roofing supply company in san francisco. >> police says he feels fortunate to be in a position to help those in need. district officials are going to be delivering the mask
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later this week to get them in students hands before the three-day martin luther king junior weekend. well, if you've been into a grocery store recently, you may have noticed some of the stores are bare and that's due to coronavirus. the shortages are widespread. they're impacting everything from me to boxes of cereal. kron four's camila barco has the details in a live report. million been the stores and you see these empty shelves as well. >> yeah, my cranberry i love that. so much of your get like its water. but i have my own struggles trying to find it along with other grocery items. and we've seen these empty shelves at the grocery store since the start of the pandemic. many people rushed to get their food, their water. and of course, the infamous toilet paper. but the list of why we're seeing these at the shells keeps growing. so by now, if you enter a grocery store, encountered this some shells with no food. one shopper found barely anything inside these fridges at his local safeway in
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belmont. and it's also a similar situation at the safeway in san francisco. our team found milk and meat in short supply at the jackson street location. now, part of the reason that we're seeing less items on the shelves is due to the pandemic trends that never went away on. the kron is adding on to that list. one grocery store chain had 200 workers out or in quarantine last week, the president of brand says that his u.s. plants will be constrained for at least the next month. and he says it's because of omicron related absences. you also have to factor in the deficit of truck drivers. it started building before the pandemic getting continues to be a problem. in october. the american trucking association said >> us were short about 80,000 drivers and shipping. we know that also remains delayed. it's impacting everything from imported >> to packaging and we'll consumer brand expert says
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that grocery stores normally have to have 5 to 10% of their items out of stock radar right now. it's about 15% and experts are divided, not when will stop searching and going on the scavenger hunt for our groceries. some say it could be sooner rather than later. others are not as optimistic. >> right and hopefully everybody gets what they need out there. thank you for that report. well, in the south bay, santa clara county health officials say they won't implement a vaccine mandate for customers and businesses because they feel would have little impact instead, what they're going to use are urging businesses like restaurants. the bar's to require proof of vaccination. well, doctor sara cody, the county's public health officer says it is important to get boosted the says businesses in the county have been responsible. cody also side of the county's high vaccination rate. she says santa claire is more so focused on the updated mandate that requires boosters for health care workers,
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long-term care facilities, correctional facilities as well as homeless shelters. >> this term is to both safety of letter. will people in hospitals or congregate settings as well as to ensure that the staff caring for them are less likely to get ill. >> san jose is now the first city in the u.s. to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. that includes the sapd center. city leaders say this man going to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. well, the cdc has updated its timeline for booster shots. it's now recommending children between 12 and 17 who got the pfizer vaccine initially get their boosters 5 months later, the cdc says people 18 and older that either the pfizer or moderna vaccine also get their booster shots 5 months after their initial doses, people got the johnson and johnson vaccines are advised to wait just 2 months before getting a booster. i continue
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to follow breaking news this morning. a crash causing a major backup on the bay bridge. we have details coming up for you in a live report after the break. but again. >> this is just west of the treasure island x, it looks like 3 lanes currently blocked due to that traffic collision. we're going to be following this. we get back. we'll have more after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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are continuing to follow breaking news this morning. a major crash on the bay bridge. >> causing back up there. as you can see, all the traffic there at the toll plaza. they've definitely turn those lights on. the metering lights are people. so what we know is there was a solo vehicle traffic collision. it appears from what chp has been talking about and communicating with on the canned here is that looks like maybe there are 2 vehicles racing that caused this traffic collision. and now 3 lanes are currently blocked there on the bay bridge. so people have been pretty much stuck in traffic going. it's been pretty sluggish. looks like it's backed up to the foot of the maze. the air. so again, one lane they're open to the other 3 are currently blocked. no other ridges of any major delays. this is our true view map here that shows you the back of his to the foot of so soon as you hop on the bridge. >> you're going to encounter the delays but no delays or 5.80, or 8.80. so no delays in the maze. but it's just as soon as you hit the foot of
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the bridge. there. unfortunately, as we're talking about this, our own kron four's anchor james fletcher was on the way here stuck in all of this traffic. you know, when it impacts one people and impacts all of us. and believe we do have james on the phone. i know he's safely talking to us this morning. is he there can hear me righe now. good morning. radar. good morning, james. so sorry. all of this is happening. so you're out there. you're stuck. >> in this mask, you tell us what you're seeing right now. >> yeah. well, first off apology that might be a little late. all right. taking over the reins there it's obvious for obvious reasons. we've got a big back up here on the maze. i can speed 9 lanes of traffic. all of us with the brakes on. inching forward little by little, but it's pretty slow going just in front of me. i can see the over cross and you're right. the soon as i came down off of 5.80, the for that just became solid tail light. and i knew
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immediately. right. it's all fine, right through the top this hour. but not today. we're solidly backed up. exactly. now we've been seeing people off of work and you going back to school has been pretty light for the most part. >> for the past 3 weeks over this holiday weekend, you've got people that are now going back to school or work. everybody is jam stuck in this traffic. you know, you're talking about people inching along there. it looks like 3 of the lanes are currently blocked. if you're just tuning in, this traffic collision we're talking about, we're talking james fletcher, who is stuck in all of that traffic in. if you're heading out the door, you're probably going to be stuck in it as well. so i'm saying you can take the 7 tail bridge. there are no delays over there. if you want to go around, 84, maybe you can take that bar is always an option. if you need to get into the city. james, how long as you've been stuck in this pretty much stand still traffic? >> yet while i get the foot of the maze, right, 6 o'clock.
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and we just came to me to stop, though. we're becoming a pop 6.19, almost out. so you about one minute and gone. maybe. maybe. 500 feet loud about it. but up everybody seems to be. keeping their cool denny hocking. everybody sort of just inching forward little by little. it's sort of an understanding that right now that this is going to happen, i guess everybody's behavior for the moment. but we'll see how much longer that last of the day close closer to the toll plaza. i can't even talk about that too far off in the distance. but did you say 3 lanes are blocked, right? so he's on the left or right. that's what is so right now, according to chp, they're saying that the 3, 4, 5, lanes are blocked. >> so and that they winter open. okay. okay. i just got an update on the cat right now. it's as if they just opened up all the lanes. so that's good news. so if you
6:20 am
just tuning in this morning, an accident on the bay bridge, 3 lanes blocked. and what chp is saying, it looks like there were 2 vehicles, you know, so chp is updating us. they're saying some might call them and said 2 vehicles were racing on the bay bridge. they're racing and then they caused this traffic collision. another car looks like a box truck actually crashes. so that's what happened. and so than the 3 lanes there or block where they were trying to get all of this open, they've been working on this for some time. you can see the backup there right to the foot of the maze. and it's already starting to back in just a little bit along a 5, 18, 80, if you're traveling through him, reveal their. if you're wondering why you're >> encounter that traffic because of that. >> and so thankfully they've opened up all the lanes. so hopefully james traffic is going to start moving here. this accident was a westbound 80 just west of the treasure island exit. so have people
6:21 am
step ahead. have you stuck there. you know, you're still stuck in take. what i will say is. >> i know you're supposed come in and could the 7th, but just take your time now. the people are house. everybody's disposition right now. before i let you safely continue, drive me. >> so far, good. like i said, everybody sort of this. it can along. no hawking, which is great. but i'll tell you just hearing that fact that the reports of people racing it doesn't surprise me. i know it's early hours when the bay bridge is open. i on occasion had people with by me. and i know they're racing or not, but all have them. you know, it's not uncommon to have somebody blow by you and then maybe a couple seconds later, somebody else combined. you wonder of the racing or is this road rage or what's going on? but i'm just going to keep it. keep it calm and get to work one of days. i knew that was going to happen. something was going to. traffic on the bridge perhaps that's what happened to right, right. so this is a good reminder for. >> drive safely and be aware that there are others around
6:22 am
you and even if you're out and this is something that you want to participate and, you know, it could cause an accident and then a delay. and now you've delayed thousands of people that are traveling and, you know, families that need to get to work in the morning. but i'm glad you're safe. thank you for that update. and we'll see you in just a little thank you for the hard times. all right. well, the time for you now, 6.22, and we've been following again. the crash was on the bay bridge. all lanes are open now and traffic is moving along. but now you need to know what to wear this morning. if you're getting ready to head out the door, john has been actively tracking the weather for us. a lot of sunshine, hopefully for us because we need that this morning. i know, right? we need something to work in our favor, especially if you are one of those that is backed up on the bay bridge this morning. just hamper in your morning. >> that little bit. otherwise weather is going to cooperate with you today. not quite as chilly as yesterday was to start not as breezy as yesterday was to start either. so at least there's that for you. this is your view at san francisco. what you do
6:23 am
eventually get into the city. you are looking at fog free conditions. just a little bit of cloud cover hanging out overhead. now as we work our way through the day today, sky should clear out really nicely. some hazy sunshine is just around the corner. so this week, trump pushing its way on through the region yesterday. just enough to bump out that initial high-pressure ridge. but we've got another building in right behind it. this is going to keep a steadily dry through the weekend and on into next week, too, partly cloudy skies to start should be increasingly clear towards the finish of the day today on into tomorrow. we are going to see more conditions out there that are dry above average temperatures for this time of year all the way into next week, likely into the following weekend, too. so this long term forecast taking us through a very dry january. today's temperatures not as warm as yesterday, but still really mild low 60's for almost the entirety of the bay area. san jose at 63 oakland, san francisco, hayward, each at 60 degrees tomorrow. much like today, mostly sunny, some 60's for your highs lows will continue to be really chilly
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attorneys representing hillsborough heiress, tiffany li have agreed to a settle a wrongful death lawsuit with r. keith green was the ex-boyfriend and father of leaves 2 daughters. prosecutors say he was shot execution-style in lee's
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hillsborough mansion in april of 2016. his body then dumped in a field north of san francisco. green's mother filed a lawsuit against lee after she was net found not guilty on all charges in 2019, the attorneys did not reveal the terms of that settlement. a woman is dead after being hit by car. this happened in antioch. the car took off after the collision. happened yesterday evening near delta fair boulevard in san jose drive. well, police say they found a woman on the road and provide medical assistance, but she later died from her injuries. police do not have a description of the car that hit her. and we are continue to follow breaking news this morning. we had a accident on the bay bridge. it is causing. >> major backup. thankfully all lanes are now open. so traffic is inching along into the city. but again, your drive times are up. we'll have more on that when we come new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale.
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has never been easier. kron. 4 morning news. we're following breaking news this morning. a major traffic backup on the bay bridge. >> from the earlier accident. so here's what you need to know. all lanes are currently open. so that's the good news. the traffic is going to be moving along just a little sluggish because 3 lanes were blocked after that traffic just west of the treasure island exit. the air. >> and so all lanes are open. but we're looking at the backup and the residual delays from that accident. so it's
6:31 am
backed up and a slightly in the maze along 5.80, is a traveling the air and then is starting to backup as you're traveling through emeryville as well. no major issues along 80, as you can see right there or 24 13. it's just watch. you reach the foot of the maze. and we're also showing you this is the westview on the bridge and you can see traffic is moving along as soon as you pass the treasure island exit the air. it's just right before you reach there where the accident was. and now they open up all the lanes and they still have the metering lights on. when i last checked, drive times. it's 49 minutes. so, you know, that's pretty long as of right now. so you're definitely going to want to leave your house early. give yourself more time because now all lanes are open. but you still have these delays or maybe take the san mateo bridge or potentially the uptake bar. if you're trying to get around this. but again, we're going to be tracking this is drive times that continuously. slow-down is lot of people are heading back to work in the city. and let's
6:32 am
also check on your forecast today as you're waking up and, you know, it may running into traffic. it might be good to have whatever you need for the rest of the day. jack. in light jacket, john, no jacket. house weather going to be from? yeah. it's going to be light jacket. kind of stuff for sure. we are holding on to the above average temperatures for this time of year that have been very pleasant so far this week. >> certainly a break from the wintery conditions that we had been in your view outside at the embarcadero in the looks nice. i know things are rough right behind this view at the bay bridge. but once you're in the city, things are really nice and quiet right now. you can see that we do have some cloud cover sitting right across the bay area. skies today will grow increasingly clear towards the finish of the day. in today's about to be a little bit cooler than yesterday was. but this morning is actually been a a little less chilly than yesterday was so less cold morning, but a less warm afternoon, too. fairfield are only spot in the 30's right now. well, berkeley pacific as well as bodega bay in san
6:33 am
francisco, each in the low 50's back to thank you for that are well happening today. some nurses are going to be holding protest at hospitals. >> all across the bay area. they're calling for better covid protections that we find kron four's will tran live in marin county this morning with the details. good morning. well, >> good morning, rain. and the thought is that according to the nurses, if they are better protected than the patients are better protected, here's what you need to know. this will happen at many bay area hospitals, including this one right behind me. this are in health. i can tell you your appointment is not cancel. you won't have any problems because they're not on strike. this is a protest and it's staggered throughout the day, not just in the bay area, but this is happening across the country, supposedly because they're very upset with what's going on with their read the guidelines to make sure that everybody is safe. now, the nurses there saying that there are other nurses who either
6:34 am
have tested positive for covid-19 or have been exposed to others who have covid-19, but they're not showing any symptoms asymptomatic. still, they're being told to head back into work and stand stead of just staying at home and waiting out, making sure that they're safe and good to go before they come back to work and possibly to expose themselves to other nurses. and then those nurses make their rounds and then they could possibly get the patients sick as well. and they're saying that this is not just happening at that places of employment that the biden administration, they are rolling back some of the guidelines to make sure that the health industry is safe. it's not just the nurses reyna. it's also caregivers doing this. this particular location will begin in one hour from now. according to the nurses, they say there's only one reason why their bosses are doing this profits. we will try to reach out to the companies to get their reaction as well. but the bottom line is this is a message to send so their
6:35 am
bosses and the biden administration that more needs to be done to make sure that they're safe. but the bottom line is if you have an appointment today, you are good to go back to you. >> all right. thanks for that update. will. well, governor gavin newsom travel to la county to address the state's covid emergency response. there while visiting one of the state's 50 mobile covid testing site. the governor laid out the details of his pandemic emergency response tpplan to help ramp up vaccines boosters statewide testing and medical personnel. he also urged the unvaccinated to start taking the pandemic seriously >> maybe omicron awake, folks up. >> i mean they're not a one of a sudden know. more than a handful of folks that have gotten covid in the last few weeks. maybe that will finally wake folks and remember 4 and a half percent of folks to get even omicron and up in the hospitals. >> last week the governor deployed the national guard to help meet the skyrocketing demand for covid testing. his proposed 2.7 billion dollar
6:36 am
covid spending plan would earmark half of the funds to increase testing capacity and accelerate vaccination and booster efforts. now on to our coronavirus coverage, more and more parts of the bay area are implementing booster shot mandates. a new survey suggesting the majority of restaurants in san francisco are in favor of such a mandate. owners are hoping this change could keep more of their employees able to work on force. dan kerman has that story. >> a new golden gate restaurant association survey finds half would support a mandate that all customers over 12 have a booster to dine inside. >> about 50% are supportive or would be supportive of a city wide mandate or a wider geographic mandate. 25% are still you know, last week, i'm sure changed. now with the new data. currently, the city requires restaurants to check that patrons are vaccinated. but at the present time, the city is only recommending restaurants. check for
6:37 am
boosters. >> the restaurant association says unless there's a mandate, it's unlikely most restaurants will voluntarily come on board. a mandate would be a different thing. ideally, it's at the state level so that we don't lose business to other areas of the state. i mean, if interested in in keeping everybody moving to a safer position the wider, the area, more fair it for everybody. >> also the easier the message it is for everybody. however, some san francisco restaurants like zuni >> have moved ahead on their own requiring what the cdc calls up to date vaccinations, which includes boosters if eligible, they say it's all about following the advice of medical experts need to the ultimate means of protection in terms of >> vaccines. >> so we wanted to create the safest environment we could so far as any hasn't had to close its stores during omicron. >> they chalk that up. not only did this policy but also a rigorous masking program for its staff and a rigorous
6:38 am
testing program for its staff. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> and the east bay oakland will soon require proof of vaccination at indoor public locations. this action takes effect february first and by tomorrow, businesses are required to posted advisory notice. here's that list. proof of vaccination is going to be required for people 12 years and older inside restaurants and bars. entertainment venues and recreation facilities. gyms fitness centers and yoga studios. well, senior adult care facilities, large indoor events at city owned and privately owned facilities and city hall. however, in the case of city hall and she only a patron must show proof of a recent negative covid test within 72 hours of entry and a photo id in lieu of showing proof of vaccination. well, this option is to ensure that members of the public who may not be able to meet the vaccination requirements for interest to city hall. they fully benefit from the public services provided there. and
6:39 am
the san francisco department of public health says masks should be upgraded in vaccines need to be updated. well, health officials have also made changes to requirements. a large events such as concerts and sports games. kron four's rob nesbitt has kron four's rob nesbitt has the details on the update covid order. >> a cloth mask like this doesn't cut it when it comes to omicron health experts say an n 95 mask or a mask like it will better protect you against the contagious variant. it's all about the fit. the san francisco department of public health says that a cloth mask alone is no longer good enough and should be worn over a well fit in surgical mask. if at all side here, you can see that they always told this is not a well fitted masks. infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the city's health officer is also recommending well, fitted masks such as n 95 and kn 95 because of how easily omicron has spread from person to person can linger in the air like dandelions, awful long, a period. >> so if you're making a lot of virus just cluess the way
6:40 am
people talking and so on, you can have a little bit more linger in the air. boosters will also be required at mega events for those eligible starting february first, if you've only gotten 2 shots, it's almost like you are unvaccinated for prevention infection, kids, ages 2 to 4, going to mega events who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated. must have proof of a negative covid test within 24 hours for antigen in 48 hours for pcr tests. >> vp of community relations for the golden state warriors. yoyo chan says the chase center will fall in line with the new requirements for boosters and negative tests. for youngsters. we do recommend results come with the date of birth as well as when the test was taken along with the name of the individuals. she says that physical swabs of negative tests will not be accepted and says young fans coming to the chase center should take advantage of mobile apps and qr codes for the negative results. we really appreciate our fans being able to respond to all of these new protocols that work. >> pushing forward.
6:41 am
>> mega events of 500 or more people indoors and 5,000 people or more outdoors will be allowed again starting saturday staff of those events will be required to show proof of up to date vaccines, including boosters if eligible in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> well, in the north bay, the surge of the omicron variant strikes a blow to the release of a popular beer santa rosa's russian river brewing company is postponing their 2 week. apply me the younger event. well, the release date is being pushed from february 4 to march. 25th the owners of the russian river brewing company say they made the difficult decision after talking with sonoma county health leaders. the county is also banned large gatherings for the next month. >> the last thing you want to do is invite 25,000 people to arbery's over the, you know, to a release period coming from. knows where being, you know, their committees. and then also, you know, we're already in that. so our own issues. >> well, the owners are optimistic about the new release date and even suggests
6:42 am
the new date may become permanent for those still looking to grab a pint of ply knee the younger next month. so local retailers and bars are still going to be getting cakes beginning the week of february, 7th. happening today, governor newsom is going to be a santa clara county to highlight his plans for transportation and infrastructure. the governor is still going to speak about the state's investments to advance climate friendly transit project. he's an also talk about support for shipping ports to help move goods across the state. the governor will also detail the plan to speed up the trance position to 0 emission vehicles. governor newsome will speak at 11:00am is going to carry his message. that will be live on kron on at that time. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news at the forty-niners after their sunday playoff game in dallas with coach shanahan says they've been working on. >> and we are looking at conditions out there today that are going to be a little cooler than yesterday. highs in the 50's near the coastline 60's but barely in the 60's
6:43 am
still holding on for our inland areas. i'm talking your forecast. still to come.
6:44 am
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at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle. for whatever style you're feeling. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. >> it will welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. a time when you now 06:45am. the weather is nice. donna have a feeling it's going to be nice into the weekend. is that
6:46 am
right staying nice. and there's a lot of change expected in the next week or even the following weekend. it's looking like so this is just the trend of weather we're holding on to for much of january after such a wet december. things are moving along just fine there at the barca darrow. i know it's been a backup there at the bay bridge, but rain has been telling us things are already improving up there. so it's certainly welcome news for those of you that may be watching and really dreading that commute across the bay bridge. look at those showers sitting just off shore of la that will impact southern california. but for us in the bay area, just a little bit of cloud cover to start the day and then increasingly clear skies come the afternoon, weak trough pushing through and then the high pressure ridge that's sitting right there behind me, builds right back in keeps us dry, sending the jet stream well too far to the north for us to be tapping into any sort of energy. so today we are going to be seeing mostly sunny conditions come the afternoon tomorrow to start the weekend. more of that nice, warm sunshine a little bit on the easy side, though.
6:47 am
>> because with that high pressure ridge, a lot of pollutants are getting trapped right here in the day. the air quality, not necessarily your ideal into the weekend next week following weekend. as i mentioned, all of it looks the same, staying just as dry and staying fairly mild today. not going to be quite as warm as yesterday was, but we're still solidly in the upper 50's to low 60's burlingame at 60 degrees today. millbrae at 58 foster city right at 60 palo alto at 61 south bay. temperatures in the low to mid 60's compared to yesterday's upper 60's. that is indeed just a little bit cooler. not a huge change of pace, though, north bay conditions also mostly in the low 60's today. now, tomorrow doesn't change too terribly much nor will saturday sunday into next week. our evening lows, especially inland, will remain really chilly. but those lows will give way to some comfortable afternoon temperatures. part of that has to do with all the sunshine we're tapping into right now. something you that look at traffic this morning. we've been following a hot spot on the bay bridge.
6:48 am
>> latest update. all lanes are now open and clear, but 3 of them were actually shut down for some time after a traffic collision on the bay bridge u.s. west of that treasure island exit drive times. now as hit the foot of the maze, it will take you about 22 minutes to make it to that fremont street acts. and that was at about 15 minutes earlier in the morning. so traffic is improving and we're moving along there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula about a 30 minute drive. no hazard, no delays or uptick in traffic. there heading out a return across towards center fell. you can make that drive in about 9 minutes here this morning. and the golden gate bridge looking at 37 to the tolls about 20 minutes for your drive now to bay area sports because the forty-niners they're getting ready for the showdown with the dallas cowboys. derek carr. he's excited to make his playoff debut for the raiders kron. 4 sports director jason dumas. u.s. has the details for us. >> well, folks, it is dallas week on wednesday, the niners
6:49 am
had their first full practice ahead of their wild card matchup at jerry's world. jimmy g was limited at practice, but he still threw the ball. all signs point to him being back under center on sunday. this is the niners team that, in my opinion, has all the ingredients for a run. they are battle tested. they just need to put it all together. what better stage to do that then at cowboy stadium and the niners know that given the rich history of this rivalry, it won't be just an ordinary playoff game. >> when every in the playoffs, you know, the magnitude of the game and then you come in a place like the foreigners play the cowboys with the rich history of the super bowl's. a playoff games, nfc championships. you know, obviously getting a chance to be a part of some of that history is definitely something you can enjoy as an older player. they got very good they got very good schemes. i'm watching their defense just mean, it looks so much to me like a dan quinn
6:50 am
he's changed a lot. schematically in coverage isn't everything. but the way those 11 guys play and attack the ball and go for the ball. >> he's got them not a coincidence. early in the league in turnover getting turnovers. >> derek carr will finally make his playoff debut on saturday against the bengals car has led the team to the postseason before in 2016, the raiders were cruising with an 11 3 record before car broke his leg in week. 16 the raiders were rolled by the houston texans in the wild-card game with connor cook under center. it was less than ideal carr said he's happy to finally get his postseason opportunity. but this is not the end goal. don't forget. we've already done you know, this is the second time i just get to play this you know, i think. >> for me, it's an exciting time. let's go. but at same time. my goal wasn't just to make the playoffs was a part
6:51 am
of it. but you always have bigger goals and bigger dreams and trying to achieve more. so for me, it's exciting. but still trying to keep the laser focus on the job at hand. >> college hoops cal at washington. early 2nd, half. jared hyder. scores off the back door cut right there. nice ball finishes in the lane. washington rallies up 3. row. brown. make the guy fall and knocked down 2 of his 21 points today, john david steele, grad transfer from stanford. >> if you head to day for it, he's on the 13. oh, run to take control. late kalou to this 0. 64 to 55. they take on state on that. >> all righty. that is your look at sports. well, that was jason dumas supporting a kickoff for the raiders playoff game against the
6:52 am
cincinnati bengals is set for one 30 on saturday and the niners are going to kick off against the cowboys on sunday. >> also at one 30, we'll be right back after the break.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> well, many of us are spending way too much of our time on our smartphones and guilty as well. new research
6:55 am
by the app annie found people are averaging nearly 5 hours a day. scrolling posting on social media and checking apps. now, keep in mind, that's a 3rd of our waking hours. 2019. the average was 3 hours. and in 2020, almost 4 now at 5 hours a day. and as for all those apps for constantly on consumers spent 170 billion on them in 2021. wolf. well, you can no longer request a ride ship to your apple. watch. now when you try to book an uber using the apple watch its services, this message saying the company no longer supports the app and to instead request arise in your phone. >> when checking uber's website, it doesn't offer reason as to why watch at no longer works. only that the company is sorry for any inconvenience. coming up in the next hour, one east bay school district wants to attract more substitute teachers by. >> increasing their pay. we have the details ahead. and the discussion about covid
6:56 am
safety measures isn't over yet. as the san francis unified school district and the teachers union are set to return to negotiate some more. shortages due to the coronavirus have left shelves in grocery stores all but empty. what you can expect on your next visit to the store will be right back after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience,
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron. 4 morning news here on thursday. january 13th. all right, harvey, thank you for waking up with us this morning and joining us and hopefully you had a really great night's rest because you need to be well rested for the weekend. the weather is going allow us to do a lot of things outdoors. good morning. i got to be rested for the weekend. there's about the we are looking at conditions out there maybe build you up for that weekend. just around the corner. it is going to be another nice and sunny one towards the afternoon. and we're going to keep that around into the weekend likely into next week. >> likely into the weekend after that, too. quite the holding pattern that january has brought us your view outside at san francisco this morning is looking partly cloudy, but growing clearing
7:00 am
clear as we make our way through today. now, current temperatures are mostly in the 40's than i share 50's near the coastline and only one 30 on the make that 3 actually a couple directed just dropped in santa rosa, napa and fairfield each sitting at 39 degrees. colder spots this morning. so just don't forget the jackets. rain has been keeping us updated on that issue on the bay bridge. what's the latest there? exactly. hey, well, the good news is all lanes are currently open right now. we have an accident on the bay bridge was westbound 80 just west of treasure island. so again, 3 lanes there were shut down for some time. >> all lanes are now that oakland open. but what you're seeing now is just seeing residual delays because of that accident. so we're looking at about a 20 minute drive from the foot of the maze. 2 that fremont street exit because of that accident. and again, all lanes currently open just a little sluggish as you're traveling across the bay bridge. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. about 13 minutes for your drive. no major issues or


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