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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 26, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> and hello to you in a good morning on a thursday or get in there. and i'm james fletcher. one step closer to the weekend. but it comes with some mixed emotions because this weekend is going to be. i don't know. it's it's going to be all too hot for me, we're talking triple digits still and 2 small d for me. yes, because if you have asthma or anything like that. you like to be outside. you really shouldn't, absolutely. this is not the forecast to be planning a whole lot outside, especially if you know that in the past this wildfire smoke has bothered you. we had plenty of time to experience that last year and this year
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we're seeing some fog or sums a smoggy smoky days. ourselves. we enjoyed what was such a cool and clear start to the week. today's the day change, though hotter and hazy or for sure. we're already back in the moderate air quality this morning. you look outside this morning at the exploratorium is showing some low gray hanging out overhead. you're fine. visibility wise in san francisco in on most of our bridges. but there is some fog that has settled into the south bay from san jose to mountain view. we are looking at some lower visibility in especially low long 85 one. oh, one further south of san jose this morning. as for temperatures were in the midst of some 50's. for the most part alameda 59 56 some cool 40's further north like in nevado at 48. i'm focusing a lot on air quality in this forecast which will have plenty more about. still to come right now. john, thanks for that. we already have an early morning hot spot on the bay bridge. >> a disabled tractor trailer about 20 minutes now for your drive time. if you're heading into the city, tried to take the bay bridge. so either the
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earlier or take another alternate route if you need to get through for any reason. again, as i was traveling into the city early this morning. there was a disabled tractor trailer. so looks like we're seeing a couple of those this morning heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes for your drive time. no major delays. let's head to the south bay and check on things. the air along one o one. no major incidents. 29 minutes towards middle part 2 8085 to all looking great highway for pretty nice and light for us as well. and the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 8 minutes daryn. james, back to you. thanks a so to our top story this morning. 2 police shootings yesterday in the bay area. the most recent happening last night. >> in fremont fremont. police say they fatally shot an attempted murder suspect kron four's. will tran is live in fremont. >> with the details. will. well, it happened right behind me, james and on fremont boulevard and those cars crossing right behind me. that is on parkway. a very busy
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thoroughfare. >> it is open now, but fremont police officers had to shut it down in the overnight hours as they continued their investigation. let me show you a map with the location fremont boulevard and all parkway sits, right between 6 88 8.80, there are thousands of cars. they go through this location. every hour. so this more than likely happen in front of a lot of people last night. they were here for several hours. this here is how it all unfolded. let me show you some video of the scene. this happened at around 5.20, in the evening. it actually happen. 45 minutes before the fremont police officers actually confronted them and it happened at a mobile home park about a quarter mile from my location. also on fremont boulevard. they say this gunman actually shot another person at the mobile home park in the head when police officers came to the scene. he was long gone, but they were able to get a description of the man or his
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car. they looked around and then 45 minutes later, james and area police officer recognizes that person tries to pull him over tries to arrest this particular person. but this gunman was not going to go down easily. something happened where the police officer, according to investigators felt threatened for his or her life opened fire on the gunman. the gunman has died from the shooting as far as the police officer that police officer was not injured. they're not going into details at this particular point whether the gunman actually shot at the police officer or pointed a gun at the police officer. but they say that's very early on in the investigation as far as the man who was shot in the head. you guys talked about attempted murder and the reason why its attempted murder and not murder at this point is despite being shot in the head. >> this person is still alive in the hospital. albeit in critical condition. back to you. all right. thanks for the update. will.
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>> well, also in the east bay and oakland police officer shot a man who they say was wanted for manslaughter. the shooting happened on enterprise way at about 2.30 yesterday afternoon. the man was taken to the hospital. police say he was not seriously hurt and no officer was hurt. the oakland police department says they did recover to firearms at the scene. >> it's 6. '05. and this morning the community of oakley is grieving the death of a 12 year-old boy and his older sister is in the hospital. they had a car crash with a tree train near delta vista. middle school was near the intersection of east cypress road and main street. the boy was a passenger in the car and his 19 year-old half sister had just picked him up from school. it's not known yet exactly what happened before the axe and how this happened. but officials say it appears that the back portion of the car is where the train hit. >> a sudden i just heard. >> a big french and that i looked over in the car, flew
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off the road and tires were going in. the and debris was hitting my truck. i saw big cloud of dust. and then i saw the train coming to a grinding halt. everything was everything. it just happened. so we all got out. i called 911. >> right now. the boy's sister is in a local hospital with serious injuries. and that white toyota that you see there that was hit by the brother and sister vi their car. so their car was hit by the train. the kids cars hit by the train. sounds like at the rear, you know, as ago it was going over the tracks and then it hit this car. but everybody in that car is okay and it does appear that all the signals for the train were operating correctly for the track and officials say this is the 3rd train versus car accident in that area just this year. >> advice is always you know, you got to look both directions, turn the radio down listening here. but rain is coming. but if the crossing arms are down, don't ever try
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to beat train. i'm there down for a reason. >> the investigation is ongoing. the family is hoping that video cameras on the train will help reveal exactly what happened. >> well, no decision has been reached yet over whether scott peterson will get a new trial it was expected that the judge could have reached a decision as early as yesterday. peterson is asking for a new trial over allegations of juror misconduct and he's currently serving a life sentence as we know for the 2002 murder of his pregnant wife and their unborn son, connor and then dumping their remains in the bay. now peterson's attorneys are accusing a juror in the original trial of lying about being involved in the domestic violence case when they were doing their jury selection process. peterson appeared at wednesday's hearing virtually a judge will now decide if the juror and others can be questions about the allegations of juror misconduct. the next hearing is set for september 22nd. >> it's 6 '07, and it has been
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a jam-packed 24 hours for the gubernatorial candidates would like to unseat governor newsome. yes, 2 of the candidates, kevin faulconer, who you see on the far left and caitlyn jenner. >> in the center monitor. they made stops in the bay area. kevin kiley. he was up in the sierra nevada serving wildfire damage and it all ended with the debate last night in sacramento. >> caitlin jenner made a campaign stop in san francisco. she was touring the tender line, as you see here and jenner says too much money is going to nonprofits that aren't getting any job is done and she also says she's against vaccine mandates she's against mask mandates. >> and she's calling for fewer taxes and less regulation to make california more pro business. >> i am 100%. about personal choice. your freedom. not getting the results are we're just spending as fars a special interest to be based
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on what i would say. how many say last year, not how much money is spent. >> and while she was in san francisco. here's oakland you can see here, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer and he was talking about his platform addressing crime that he says is plaguing california. >> i'm going to be a governor that protects our families that protects our cities that again will put victims first. >> and right now among the recall candidates faulconer appears to be running near the top of the pack jenner, however, is running towards the bottom. and what about kevin kiley republican candidate was in the sierra nevada. he was touring devastation from the recent wildfires. >> and he spoke about his plans for reducing wildfires while highlighting what he calls misleading actions by the newsom administration.
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>> this governor has a penchant for using emergency powers for everything except for dealing with what is perhaps the highest emergency of all of preventing wildfires. >> wildfire victims. also spoke at that event. kiley says that he would make fire prevention projects easier to do by removing certain regulations, making it easier to secure funding. >> and the as we mentioned, the recall the 4th recall debate took place in sacramento last night. and for the first time democratic gubernatorial candidate and youtube influencer kevin paffrath was on stage. joining them in. here's what he had to say when asked about vaccine mandates. >> i do agree with mandates. i agree with mandates for a local level from not from the governor's office will be very clear about this. i believe every individual business has the constitutional right and every individual building has the right to determine their own mandate rules. that means every individual school hospital can determine candidates themselves.
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>> well, paffrath was joined on stage by republicans. kevin kiley kevin faulconer and john kron 4 hosted the republicans last week and you can see that entire debate on our website at kron 4 dot com. >> time now 6.10, and poll workers have already started counting early vote by mail ballots in santa clara county. there are 2 questions on the ballot. should governor newsom be recalled. and if so, who should replace him and officials want to clear up any confusion they want you to know your rights as a voter. >> a lot of people are confused thinking that if you vote no on the recall. you cannot vote on a replacement kennedy and that is not the case. so whether you vote yes or no. you can vote on a replacement candidate who just want to make sure that's very clear. >> meaning you can answer question one and you can answer question too. elections. officials in santa clara county say they are expecting some were close to 60% voter turnout for this election. and you can get all the information you need about
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the election, how to cast your vote, key facts and dates and all of the candidates and where they stand. it's on our website. this qr code will take you right to that spot. >> coming up on 6.12. we'll take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we'll have the latest on the wildfires burning out of control right now across the state. so we get an update on the caldor fire as it continues to burn closer and closer to south lake tahoe. we'll find out what progress has been made to contain that. also delta airlines now says that unvaccinated employees they're going to have an increase with their insurance costs will tell you why the company says that they're adding now a surcharge. and of course, after the break, we're going to update you on the way to the white house and what it says is the progress now on evacuating all americans out of afghanistan by that august 30, the 31st deadline will have a live report just ahead.
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and we're back. time now 6.15, some breaking news out of the south bay with hundreds of people now forced out of their homes this morning after a gas leak prompted those evacuations covers yulia sevices live in san jose with the details yoli, what can you tell us. >> well, i can tell you that evacuations are still and in effect right now, you can see out out here trying to repair an 8 inch, a gas pipe that
6:16 am
broke yesterday around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. of course, they were quickly on the scene there and to try to evacuate this whole area. and this area is really a mix of residential and current and commercial area. about 325 homes and businesses were affected. the are still clear out of this area. pg and e is hoping the cap. we're hoping to cap this gas line around midnight it's still a little unclear whether they did that or not. i'm trying to find somebody who could give me a little bit more information about that. but i will tell you that when i drove up, i did still smell a little bit of gas in the air. but their whole a deal here was trying to cap that a repair that pipeline still unclear what even cause that line to break in the first place. but again, those are hopefully questions that will get answer a little later this morning in the
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meantime, all i can tell you is that evacuation is still in effect and they have pretty much this road blocked on race street and they have a pretty much blocked off like in a 2 block radius to keep people safe and away from the actual intersection where that pipe broke back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. you know, those folks get back to their homes at some point sooner rather than later. >> let's get over to the weather center. we've got john, stand by with our forecast on this thursday. and again, a reminder that the air is going to get kind of not great this >> that's exactly right. james. we're looking at haze and heat returning today. we've got some really nice weather earlier this week. now we are making quite the change to some hottes stuff, especially towards the weekend. this morning in san jose. we've seen some spots of lsw gray and even some fog in pockets. you can see downtown san jose and this web cam view right now. also a little bit of haze. look a little noticeable there in the forecast, too. smoke will have
6:18 am
the opportunity to return to the bay area, especially are inland, areas. and even though we are just in the moderate range that are very worst this morning here in the bay area. think we could see some spots of poor popping up towards the afternoon. so already a noticeable change from where we had been still some good areas for sure that i want to know. so we're not the worst of categories just yet. but changes are becoming noticeable high pressure building back in hazy skies about to be settling back in with us and hotter temperatures. also around the corner still are sinking. air is the name of what we're talking these next few days as high pressure builds in less of that sweeping effect. more of a sinking effect and smoke is going to settle in with us 60's to 70's for your daytime highs in san francisco. 60's at the coastline and temperatures along the bayshore. also a little warmer in the 70's to 80's yesterday with 60's to 70's. so this is a noticeable change that as you step outside this afternoon. you won't miss campbell at 85 san jose 83 today. fremont union city in the low 80's where is he were
6:19 am
all the way up the richmond, all in the 70's berkeley even up to 73 walnut creek and concord at 92 degrees for your highs. vacaville are very warm. a spot at 94 today. santa rosa down through mill valley. all 80's right there along one. oh, one temperatures tomorrow. even warmer yet and saturday is actually going to be the hottest am expecting a few triple digits on that one. hot and hazy conditions to continue through the rest of this week. i am expecting improvements into next week. not just temperature wise as we fall back into the 80's inland but also likely to see improvements in hayes reyna john, thanks for that. so we got 2 hot spots out there nhis morning. one of the bay bridge. >> a disabled tractor trailer. so about 26 minutes for you to make that drive into the city to get to that fremont street exit this is very close to the treasure island exit. so 5.80 westbound just east of that. there you see the meteor lights are on and they're trying to go and get that off of the bridge. another one up here in concord, southbound 6 a south to 42 there is an accident. there. least 2 lanes are blocked currently. if you
6:20 am
want to try to get around that. you don't want to wait through it. monument boulevard would be a good place to get off and get back on its 6.80, also headed a cross towards the peninsula and seen reports of a stalled vehicle on the bridge near the high rise, however, have been looking at that time. it has not gone up across the san mateo bridge still a little under 14 minutes leaving you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 9. daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot of 6.20, and a big story that we're following. the latest out of afghanistan. the white house says that they are on track to evacuate all americans by august 31st. secretary of state anthony blinken or anthony blinken says that there may be as many as 1500 americans in afghanistan that are still left to be evacuated. >> but as anna wiernicki reports, new threats of terror attacks out of the kabul airport could hamper their progress. you see there. look joining us live from dc good morning, anna. >> good morning. as high pressure is ramping up to evacuate as many people as possible. by that august. 31st
6:21 am
deadline has so far 82,000 people have flown out of the kabul airport. but just a few hours ago, people still waiting for a flight were told to leave the airport immediately. >> it's a race against the clock to find and evacuate the nearly 1500 american civilians still in afghanistan were aggressively reaching out to them multiple times a day. through multiple channels of communication. secretary of state antony blinken says 4500 americans have already made it out on track to complete our mission by august 31st provided the taliban continue to cooperate. and there are no disruptions to this effort overnight. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan issued a security alert urging americans at the kabul airport to leave immediately due to threats of a possible terrorist attack from afghanistan's islamic state affiliate targeting the kabul airport. president biden has said in august 31st deadline to remove all us
6:22 am
citizens and troops from the country. and if we can't get them out, then what. but texas republican congressman michael mccall says the u.s. should stay longer if needed. there's a credo in the united states military. no man left behind. >> and that includes our military. that includes our are americans are american citizens or are stuck. there. and our afghan partners in our interpreters. >> and the pentagon says that they do have a contingency plan to extend the deadline. but as as of wednesday, officials say that the u.s. is on track to evacuate all by the end of this month for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki back to you. all right. thanks a lot. and they have such a long journey. they do when they get out of afghanistan and then they go to a holding area and then some of those refugees are going to wind up here in the bay area because we. >> have the largest afghan population in the entire country. a man out of known that and then fact is going to be a workshop at the newer islamic cultural community center in concord this weekend to try and help coordinate.
6:23 am
>> the need that these refugees are going to need to be care for organizers say that they'll be putting together care packages filled with basic needs. if you'd like to help the afghan refugees when they get here, you're invited to attend this preparations meeting. it's going to be sunday at 10:00am. again. that's a new or islamic cultural and community center in concord. that meeting is open to the public. so if you want to help make sure to attempt. >> it's 6.23. and coming up, democrats in sacramento are under fire for postponing. he hearings on wildfire prevention. they say they're too busy fighting fires to talk about it. we'll have more
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>> it's 6.25 and democrats in sacramento are facing criticism because some say they unnecessarily have postponed an oversight hearing on wildfire present prevention. now at first this hearing was supposed to be august 18th because this all happened after an npr investigation revealed that cal fire had completed just 13% of wildfire prevention projects that cal fire in the governor. governor newsom had claimed that they fulfilled all these projects last year. officials say the hearing is going to be rescheduled for later in the year because they say that they're too busy cal fire officials are focusing on more a dozen wildfires right now that are burning across the state. so they want to focus on that.
6:27 am
>> drought conditions are so milpitas is now issuing a mandatory watering schedule holds all the details coming up in a live report, including pictures. but you have to see to believe just how bad it is.
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6:29 am
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>> 6.29 right now. and we're taking a look at the clouds like usual. they look. >> like the usual they don't look like battered area here. well, let's find out and that's scary. air is supposed to arrive at the winds are changing today, right. we're going to get some of that smoke get because they're white right now. they look great. right now. this to be white. yes. yes, you want to see the white white not the brownie yeah. well, they're kind of gray. but that's we are looking at low clouds across the bay this morning not to fear. that is your normal marine layer. we do have some haze that you'll notice above those clouds this morning and that is a sign of some of this wildfire smoke drifting its way back. if you look outside san francisco right now. you can certainly notice some of the cloud cover. it's not the brightest of mornings, though everything's just going to have kind of a hazy look to it today as this marine layer clears out, you'll likely notice that he is likely shrouding out some of the east bay hills, especially
6:31 am
visibility is low in a couple of pockets around san jose up to mountain view as well as an upper elevations in san francisco and napa current temps in the 50's. it's a cooler start to what will be a hotter day. so generally today's changes involved hazy are looking skies and hotter feeling temperatures and that's just the start of even hotter and hazy or whether into the upcoming weekend talking more about that. still to come, rain a down day so that this hot spot here at the bay bridge, a disabled tractor trailer. sloane is down to almost 30 minutes here about 06:31am. >> you know, we normally don't see this type of traffic. so they turn the metering lights on. so trying to get that disabled tractor trailer off of the bridge. 80 westbound just east of that treasure island exit 5.80, in a moving along nicely. another hot spot this time out and conquer southbound 6.80 to 42 at least 2 lanes are blocked if you're trying to get around that monument boulevard might be a good alternate route for are also starting to see some delays along highway 4. we'll check out the san mateo commute. you're heading across towards the peninsula a little
6:32 am
under 14 and we'll have more on your drive times. coming up. the darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.31. if you're one of the people who feels like, you know, until the water runs you know, doesn't come on my pipe of good water problem. it. >> this is the problem that waters kind of come from somewhere and look at how the reservoir this is stevens creek resident. look at how dry it is now empty compared to what it was. just what little more than 4 years ago in to the 2017 97% capacity. then. >> now just 17% and the visual alone shows you just how dire the situation is right now. yeah. and this is why the city of milpitas is now taking drastic action. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in santa clara county with more.igood morning, sarah. >> now the drought conditions are becoming more and more dire. santa clara valley water. they have 10 reservoirs for their water supply that supplies. 2 million customers and that total is only at
6:33 am
12.6% capacity. that is barely anything left so it is time to crack down and take this seriously and that's why santa clara water district. they released these photos to really have this become real for you. take a look at your screen. you can see the photos comparing 2017 water supply to right now. this is the almaden reservoir in santa clara county before 2017. it was at 91% capacity. and now it's at 50% in 2017 we what and plentiful winter. but this year we have not been fortunate at all. we've had very little rain next. we have the chest bro reservoir before it was at 98% capacity and now it's at 16% capacity is so shallow it's brown. >> lastly, we have the county's largest water source and that's the anderson reservoir in 20 17 was at 81% and now it's at 3%. this
6:34 am
reservoirs extra low because as you may recall, the federal government ordered the water district to drain it for repairs. talk about bad timing. now it is expected to be out of use. >> for seismic retrofit for 10 years. santa clara valley water is hoping these images will show people just how important it is to conserve water. >> every drop helps. so a drop save now is a draft that we have next year, especially if things are very bad. this is a different problem. the energy thing where you're asked to conserve one day and then the next day there's energy once you're in a drought. it's going to take months and months to fix the problem because it takes a long time to get in the groundwater. >> and due to these drought conditions. the city of milpitas has declared a water shortage level too. the city's issuing a mandatory three-day outdoor water schedule. that means only 3 days of the week. you can do outdoor watering an
6:35 am
irrigation and that's allowed from 6 at night until 9 in the morning and depending on where you live is what days you can water your yard and do the irrigation. now the santa clara valley water district is also already requiring customers to cut down on the watersby 15% compared to their 2019 water usage. so now is the time to step up. do your part because it's actually going to help yourself later when we get into even more of a dire situation for now reporting live in milpitas sarah stinson kron 4 news. >> all right. thank you very much. sara. and we all just have be careful. and that's that's what i it's become a way of life really have years now. and it looks like the drought situation really has just envelop the entire bay area. it really has. so thursday morning new drought monitor gets released all you need to do is look at those reservoirs to see it. but that's just half the story because ground water also becomes an issue and all of
6:36 am
that as we know from our past route. we work our way out of it, but only very temporarily right back into this. so outside what we do have as far as drought monitor goes, is that deep and most severe category of drought that exceptional drought, which is this deep maroon, which does a grip much of santa clara county, especially where we do see those reservoirs out in the santa cruz mountains up in the mountains above san jose as well as the blows east of san on up into the east bay. the north bay, all these areas have been affected by that exceptional drought that just remains. if we zoom out across the region which you do see is more and more of the state back into the 6 category of drought and now it's well over 50% of california. isn't that worst category of drought. a lot of the colorado river basin which does include lake mead and that supplies a lot of water to southern california is also dramatically low. so it's not just us in the bay area it's pretty much the entirety of the state that is in the grips
6:37 am
of this low water supply and this drought situation that we are seeing. so you can just see how much of the west coast and that includes much of the bay area is only experiencing this worsening drought condition. back to you guys. all right. thank you very much, john. 6.36 is the time turning to another big story now the coronavirus and parents at a danville middle school now upset. >> that school officials separated their children after a teacher tested positive for covid-19. so parents of charlotte would middle school say that they were notified monday. the fully vaccinated teacher had come down with the virus. students return to class the next day, but only the students who were fully vaccinated were allowed to stay on campus. the rest were sent home. one parent says her 12 year-old daughter who is not vaccinated, was upset about being called to the front of the school over the loudspeaker and then embarrassed at being singled out because she was not vaccinated. >> the vaccinated. kids were all kept in the quad and the unvaccinated kids were kept in a hallway outside the office.
6:38 am
they were 100% segregated. i had feeling of panic. >> how is it going to catch up. how was his grades? what's going to happen to him. >> all students who are sent home tuesday have to provide proof of a negative test by thursday. otherwise they have to keep staying home. parents say their experience for their children was traumatic and they're now exploring legal action against the school and the san ramon valley unified school district over how the incident was handled. >> time now 6.38 and moderna says it has completed its submission for full fda approval of its vaccine and also file for emergency use authorization for kids. 12 and older moderna's to doze. chad is currently only available for adults who are 18 and up the fda's review process. typically takes months. but in the case of the pfizer vaccine. the fda shifted resources and worked around the clock to grant full fda approval sooner than usual.
6:39 am
and across the country. new covid hospitalizations for children have reached their highest levels in all of the pandemic. according to the cdc as of last week. roughly 300 children are being admitted to the hospital every day. and despite those rising numbers. kids still do make up less than 2% of all covid hospitalizations in this country in the bay area ucsf benioff children's hospital is reporting 10 pediatric covid patients, 2 at san francisco campus and 8 children in oakland in the hospital. officials say that none of these patients had been vaccinated because their kids. and in most cases the parents of these children had not gotten their shot. we checked in with sutter john near and santa clara valley medical center hospitals and none says they are treating they're not treating any covid patients that are under the age of 12 since most students are not eligible for the vaccine is again, their kids experts say the surge in hospitalizations
6:40 am
could get worse unless more children over 12 get vaccinated. and of course, parents too and school districts keep safety protocols in place mask mandates, they say are a key. >> well, delta airlines will now charge each unvaccinated employee on the company's health plan. a $200 surcharge every month. the average hospital stay for covid has cost dealt about $50,000 per person and the company ceo says that the surcharges, quote, necessary to address the financial risk. the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company. now. additionally, the airline says it will stop extending pay protection to unvaccinated workers who catch covid. and also no more students are welcome at u c berkeley or at least from the city standpoint, the university has been ordered now to freeze its enrollment process after a judge in alameda ruled that the university is growing
6:41 am
number of admissions is having a negative effect now on the community when it comes to housing and noise level and a lot of other factors too. a group called save berkeley's neighborhoods has been pushing for the school to come up with more housing before adding more students. they believe that that is the only way to help curb the issue. university has not. >> been a good neighbor. there isn't enough housing for the students. and they're doubled and tripled and quadrupled out. i mean, i've heard stories of, you know, for students living in a one-bedroom apartment. the behavior of the current administration. has we're going to do what we want to do and we don't really care about the impacts that it has on the city or the neighborhood. >> now the city of berkeley and the university recently agreed to an 83 million dollar settlement over the impact of the school on the city and its the school on the city and its neighborhoods. however, man still believe that that agreement fall short because it doesn't require the school to build any housing or
6:42 am
mitigate the issue of growth in any way. >> it's 6.41. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a new warning about wildfire smoke. we're going to tell you the connection between the smoke and covid infections and deaths and we are looking at some fog at the coastline. a little bit of hazy sunshine overhead. >> today brings a lot of changes to the bay area from cool and clear where we have been to hotter and easier skies highs back into the 90's for inland areas. your forecast to come. >> and with the following. a hot spot on the bay bridge this morning. a disabled tractor trailer. also another one out conquer. we have an update on that one. a look at a new plan will tell you about that once we get that.
6:43 am
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only at metro by t-mobile. >> we're back at 6.45 back to our wildfire coverage as well as crews continue to fight the massive caldor fire up in eldorado county. they are making some progress, but it's still still got a lot of work ahead. there are thousands of firefighters there trying to box in the flames. >> but the fire is heading still towards lake tahoe. lonnie wong takes a closer look. >> firefighters are still trying to halt the calder fire from getting to echo 7 on highway well, there are homes
6:46 am
along the south fork of the american river around pipers. there are more homes around slight park and grizzly flats. some of them painted pink with fire retardant by fire crews as the flames just filled the skies are obviously flat as i was a fire in areas already burned flared up this in plumes of smoke on the other side of this 50 foot wide containment line made by bulldozers hotspots, florida down below firefighters feared that they would throw up embers causing spot fires on the other side of this a helicopter attack knocked down the flames still firefighters ran hose along the containment line to protect homes on the other side of the ridge. this is area where the fire started. that has been problematic since. >> the beginning of this incident. >> and this week left roads, dozens of fire engines and crews were stationed around effectively to homes and several wineries. we've had active structure protection structure, defense crews out
6:47 am
there. they've been applying fire retardant to homes. they've actively trying to put out fires as they are occurring. >> later in the day and into the evening that players will be used once again ahead of the fire started to feel. >> cooler. more humid weather has helped the fire fight over the last 24 whether it will continue to be a factor for firefighters and has been incrementally a little bit hotter. little bit but we still aren't having any of those red flag weather conditions. that would be giving us a lot of concern of >> this point. firefighters will welcome any advantage they can in el dorado county when he was schooled >> so that's the latest with the caldor fire. now let's update you on the dixie fire containment has gone up to about 45%. the size is still massive, though 735,000 acres across 5 counties with more than 1200 buildings destroyed. the fire still threatening almost 2000 others as it turns
6:48 am
into its 5th week. now evacuation orders are still in effect for parts miss last an ant to counties. >> time now 6.47, and thousands of covid cases and deaths in california, oregon and washington state. maybe because of the wildfire smoke that we're seeing. and this is according to a new study by researchers at harvard. the study looked at wildfire. smoke particulates in the air in more than 90 counties in the western u.s. including in california, washington and oregon and they found that bad wildfire smoke days showed strong associations with covid cases and deaths from march to december of 2020 one ucsf professor explains how the wildfire smoke causes irritation and inflammation of the lungs and that sets the stage for a bad response to covid. >> there is some evidence that. the virus can travel on
6:49 am
the fine particles. but mostly. it's the risk of getting actions. one or go to wildfire. smoke increases. >> so it's kind of like somebody who has, you know, copd or asthma or whatever. you know, this smoke is bad for you. it makes you weekend attacks your lungs, then you get covid which attacks your lungs. so what they're saying is. to use the kn 95 mask, not the n 95 with the little vent hole. but the kn 95. >> that way. you're stopping the spread of covid and you're stopping breezy in that yucky smoky air, which we're going to want to make sure we do, especially as the air here in the bay area gets worse and worse over the next few days. yeah. john at which which they will be. the worse. is that something you can even tell. >> so, yeah, i pretty good idea that friday and saturday. looks like they're going to be pretty bad day after that, we should be able to start to see some improvements and then
6:50 am
especially by the middle of next week. it looks like we could have that sweeping wind much that clear this out this past weekend. >> today is the start of the haze really working its way back into the picture. and we actually already some are seeing some differences in air quality. we're back to moderate for a whole lot of the bay area, which as we know isn't bad, but it is definitely a change from the good that we have been looking at your north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning. you do see the low gray. this is really marine layer. we're talking over the east bay right now. but look at this, you'll start to see that plume of smoke working its way back, especially into portions of the north and inland east bay. and with sinking air that will have a chance to start to settle in with us as far as air quality goes, look at the little yellow bubbles that we're seeing for more and more of the bay area. let's take it back to that air quality map. and you can see conquered oakland hayward livermore as well as san jose in the midst of moderate air quality good in san francisco. nevado on up into portions of mendocino northern sonoma counties in the midst of yellow indicating that moderate air quality
6:51 am
making its return high pressure is only going to build across the region as hayes has a chance to work its way over us high pressure means it's going to settle in with us relatively still air across the bay area also means that there's not going to be a lot of sweeping going on. so it's going to sit with us, oftentimes with high pressure you'll naturally have hazy skies. that's just going to be compounded by any sort of smoke that works its way across the region 60's to 70's across san francisco 60's right across the coastline. and then we've got 70's to 80's returning to the bayshore today, which is warmer than yesterday 60's to 70's along the bay shore were palo alto up to 80 degrees san jose 83, santa clara 82 today. union city to fremont in the low 80's while pleasanton livermore as well as danville walnut creek and concord in the low 90's oakland up to richmond mostly low to mid 70's. so some of our most comfortable weather antioch in vacaville 2 of her hotter spots at 9294. but just the start of even hotter weather
6:52 am
come tomorrow, saturday and sunday. so it really is a weekend event that is going to bring some of the worst of air quality and the hottest of weather. both of these factors may keep he endorsed more so hopefully you got a chance to stretch your legs the past few days and enjoy what was cooler cleared just nicer weather that we had been seeing good news is that this isn't going to last forever tuesday and wednesday we get back to some cooler staff and also likely to see some clear air quality too. so just brace yourselves for a weekend that is likely to bring haze and heat and then something that is a much better situation on into the middle of next week. reyna john, thanks to that. so we have a hot spot on the bay bridge. a disabled tractor trailer. >> in the early morning hours right near the treasure island exit again up to about 20 minutes here at 06:52am measure heading into the city is still working on trying to get that off the bridge and traffic is still steadily building 5, 1880, moving along pretty nicely at this hour. we had an accident come and go here. west bound. 5.80. ramp to 80 west in oakland. and
6:53 am
again, they've been able to clear that accident off of the ramp. and now you're starting to see just a slight improvement as you're traveling, not much of a delay along 8.80. but again, traveling crockett down to the maze will take you a little under 25 minutes, we also have an update for that hot spot in concord. they just open up all the lanes, southbound 6.80, south of to 42. >> we'll have mor
6:54 am
6:55 am
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>> we are back at 6.55 to 49 ers putting their focus on the 3rd and final preseason game this sunday against the raiders. that's right. this year, one less preseason game. this is video of the team at practice this week. a lot of attention on quarterback jimmy g and rookie trey lance head coach kyle shanahan has not said just yet, which quarterback is going to be the starter on week one. he says he wants to keep the other teams guessing sunday's game between the forty-niners and the raiders will be at levi stadium with kickoff at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. >> it's 6.56 and coming up, we are following the latest out of the east bay where one man was shot and killed by police. we're going have a live report on that and a busy day for the republican candidates who want to unseat governor newsome. 2 were in the bay area. we're going to tell you what they're promising voters and also scott peterson. he was back in court and we'll have the latest on whether or not he's going to end up with a new trial.
6:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> a happy thursday to you. darya folsom. and i'm james
7:00 am
fletcher and it's 7 o'clock. we're waking up this morning 2, oh, right breaking up this morning to a stretch join us as we keep the blood flowing here on the kron 4 morning news. i think if you want to do something like this. you should probably do it sooner than later. and today better tomorrow. yesterday air the outdoor good that i do every morning to do in the morning. thanks for that vision yes, definitely better than this what it is moderate out there as far as their quality goes for parts of the bay area. an air quality is likely to take a little bit of a dip to some poor conditions, especially by the time we reach tomorrow and saturday. that's when we really see this high pressure building in. >> smoke having a chance to settle in with us. today is the day working our way out of the cool comfortable and clear skies that we've enjoyed looking outside at san francisco. it looks gorg ous maybe around this morning before air quality does worsen and temperatures warm into the afternoon broadcast shows some spots of fog.e


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