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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 26, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now 4.30, on the dot. a lot of you making your way. no major traffic incidents out there. however, it's going to be a warm one also if the air quality we've been talking about. we're going to see more of it today. good morning, john. yeah, that's definitely the case we're looking at a change in weather pattern that gives the opportunity. >> for some smoke to work its way back our direction. we're also seeing temperatures on the rise now. no longer the
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days of 80's at our warmest working our way back into the 90's now for inland areas. as for current temperatures, obviously no 90's just yet. we're actually off to a cooler start this morning. we do have some low gray hanging out above the bay area and he had a little bit lower than it did yesterday. this is going to result in some visibility pockets that are issues for you down from san jose up to mountain view as well as at times on up through hayward in union city. so please be mindful of this low grade is actually resulting in some fog and some lower visibility in pockets for the bay as we speak. radar showing dry skies. otherwise in our current temperatures. i briefly mentioned being a little bit cooler than yesterday. and you're noticing a lot of 50's on the map for the north bay fair share of 40's mixed in nevada with 46 degrees right now. pretty chilly feel for you. oakland in hayward are down 5 degrees as compared to yesterday. now towards the afternoon we reverse our cooler starts to a warmer finish daytime highs, inland climbing into the 90's
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and yes, you're likely to notice some more haze on the horizon for your thursday, which i'll talk more about in the rest of your forecast. john thing is that okay. so if you are driving a van, the altamont pass. >> 5, 80 westbound at that 84 east connector right where that crosses a little more. there is a hot spot there. so again, the off-ramp in that area has been impacted. but it doesn't look like much traffic is building 5, 80 westbound at 84 east. we'll keep a close eye on that as you travel into the city, though, a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. no major delays long. 5, 8, 8, the san mateo bridge also looking nice for us. little wonder 13 for you as you're traveling there. let's head over and check out the richmond. sandra fell commute. a little under 9 minutes as you head to richmond. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up for now, our top story this half hour. 12 year-old boy is dead after the car that he was in collided with a train in the east bay.
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this clean this is near the intersection of east cypress road and main street near delta vista middle school kron four's michelle kingston has the heartbreaking. details. >> my heart just goes out to the point just before 1 o'clock on wednesday afternoon. police say this vehicle collided at the train on east cypress road just a block from main street in oakley. they say it appears the back portion of the car was struck by the train and all of sudden i just heard. a big french and that i looked over and the car flew off the road and tires were going in. the and debris was hitting my truck. i saw big cloud of dust. and then i saw the train coming to a grinding halt. everything was everything. it just happened. so we all got out. i called 911, a 12 year-old boy was killed. he was the passenger in this car. according to his family, his 19 year-old half sister had just picked him up from school. she's currently in a local hospital with serious injuries. this car was also
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involved in the accident. police say it was struck by the car that was hit by the train passengers and this vehicle were not injured at this point in the investigation. officials say it appears all signals in the area were operating correctly. >> they also say this is the 3rd train versus car incident in the area just this year. >> i advise is always you know, you got to look both directions, turn the radio down listening here. but rain is coming. but if the crossing arms are down, don't ever try to beat train. and they're down for a reason. one witness was just one car behind the entire accident. >> sickening sickening. carry law enforcement officials are still investigating the family has just so many questions. they're hoping that video cameras on the train, help them figure out exactly. >> what happened in oakley. michelle kingston, kron 4 news. well, in the east bay an investigation is underway after fremont police fatally shot. >> and attempted murder
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suspect. this all happening at the south lake mobile home park on fremont boulevard near auto mall parkway. police say a gun was discovered near the body. it's not clear what led up to that shooting. but police have promised to release more details soon. kron 4 is your local election headquarters. now, one day after blaming governor gavin newsom for the crime problems in both oakland and san francisco republican gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner made a campaign stop in san francisco for a brief tour of the tenderloin. she was one of 2 gop candidates in the bay area yesterday. kron four's, dan kerman has that story for us. >> nothing's getting absolutely nothing getting done. >> republican gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner took a brief tour of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood wednesday afternoon blaming incumbent governor gavin newsome for the crime and homeless problem in san francisco. >> haven't billions of no results. so does all this
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money going. >> jenner said a change in approach is needed, though she offered few details other than saying too much money was going to nonprofits that we're not getting the job done. she also said she was against vaccine and mask mandates the news florida as an example that handled covid-19 better than governor newsom. she also called for less taxes and less regulation to make california more pro business. >> you cannot have a healthy america with california is really right now across the bay in oakland. another gop candidate for governor, former san diego mayor kevin wagner. it's also laying california's crime problem at newsome store. >> we see a governor that turns a blind eye to what is happening on the streets, not just here in the bay area, but across california with rising crime murders up 30% thought their selected oakland to have the group crime victims united given their endorsement for john. he understands the public safety. >> is what is important for
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california to continue to be the beautiful state. it should be. >> right now among the recall candidates. polls show the doctors remain near the top of the fact in general is running near the bottom of the past. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the 4th recall debate took place in sacramento last night and for the first time democratic gubernatorial candidate and youtube influencer kevin paffrath was on stage. here's what he had to say when asked about vaccine mandates. take a listen. >> i do agree with mandates. i agree with mandates on a local level from not from the governor's office will be very clear about this. i believe every individual business has the constitutional right and every individual building has the right to determine their own mandate rules. that means every individual school hospital can determine candidates themselves. >> was joined on stage by republicans. kevin kiley, kevin faulkner and john kron 4 hosted the republicans last week. you can see that entire
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debate over on our website at kron 4 dot com. republican recall candidate kevin kiley was in the sierra nevada touring devastation from the recent wildfires. the assembly man spoke about his plans for reducing wildfires while highlighting what he calls misleading actions by the newsom administration. >> this governor has a penchant for using emergency powers for everything except for dealing with what is perhaps the highest emergency of all of preventing wildfires. >> wildfire victims also spoke at that event. kelly says he would make fire prevention projects easier to perform by removing certain regulations, making it easier also to secure funding. the counting of early vote by mail ballots is already underway prom for us. rob fladeboe has an update for us on the process unfolding in santa clara county. >> team of what will ultimately be some 500
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election workers are already hard at work, sorting and counting. thousands of vote by mail ballots cast so far in the state gubernatorial recall election says santa clara county registrar of voters shannon so as of yesterday we have received already a 145,000 ballots back. >> they're coming in very quickly. says that earlier than expected because unlike last fall's 4 page, general election ballot. the recall ballot is much simpler and consists of just 2 questions. should governor gavin newsom be recalled. and if so, who should replace him and if the majority of those voters vote yes on that first recall question. then the recall is considered successful. the recall goes through. >> the governor is removed from office. but if it if 50% or more vote no on the recall. then the governor will remain in office and of course, none of the replacement candidate
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replace him cash to that second question. >> the registrar attempted to clear up what may be confusing some voters regarding the 46 candidates voters can choose from to replace the governor. should he be recalled. >> a lot of people are confused thinking that if you vote no on the recall. you cannot vote on a replacement kennedy and that is not the case. so whether you vote yes or no. you can vote on a replacement candidate who just want to make sure that's very clear. the vast majority of ballots will be cast by mail. >> dozens of in person. voting centers will open for 11 days beginning september 4th. as for voter turnout don't expect any records to be broken we were originally. >> expecting, you know, couple months ago projecting i'm looking at this like a 50% turnout. and i i have been contemplating and decided that that range from a 50 to 60% turnout is what we're going to be expecting.
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>> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com school had a scan that qr code on your screen is going to take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates and all those details on casting your ballot. coming up next on the par 4 morning news a dire situations. people. >> in the south bay as water levels here continue to drop. we'll have more on that when we get back.
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>> distressing new images from the santa clara santa clara valley water district the agency shared this video on how the reservoirs look in april of 2017 when they were full and how they look now last and look at that. the difference. dramatic there are several reasons for the low water levels. one is that we've had 2 dry winters back to back. the second is that the district brings in water from the state. but since state reservoirs are low, the district isn't getting as much water as usual. >> every drop helps. so a drop save now is a draft that we have next year, especially if things are very bad. this is a
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different problem. the energy thing where you're asked to conserve one day and then the next day there's energy once you're in a drought. it's going to take months and months to fix the problem because it takes a long time to get in the groundwater. >> of the santa clara valley water district issued a mandatory 15% water use reduction for its customers. the district is also holding talks with the san francisco public utilities commission about tapping into their supply as well. and john, we're looking at pitcher side to side. back to back and it is really jarring to see what's happening out there. not only are we concerned about our water but also the air for today. good morning. yeah. water is obviously the biggest concern from the drought as far as air quality goes. >> that's an immediate concern as we start to see some of that smoke drifting its way back on into the bay area as we see this pattern shift occurring. that's also going bring us quite the warm-up temperatures climbing notably today as compared to where we
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have been. now. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning is showing some of the low gray that we do have across the east bay here, cloudy blanket is hanging out a little bit lower this morning. so do anticipate more of a foggy impact, especially for the south bay am seeing some spots of fog between san jose in mountain view this morning as well as along the east bay right pitas on up to union city. so something i want you to note as you are eventually venturing out their air quality remains good to moderate this morning. but look at how we start to see some of the smoke drifting down our direction. you can see that here is this advances that smoker really has a chance to return to portions of the bay area and settle in with us as we make our way through the rest of this forecast this morning. we're not in the worst of categories, that's for sure. but we are good to moderate now, which is a little worse than yesterday. it was pretty solidly good across the bay area to start yesterday. this morning. much of the north bay pockets. a marine county as well as pockets of the east and south bay are back into that yellow indicating
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moderate hayes will gradually continue to drift. our direction on into tomorrow too, with this northerly flow replacing that generally westerly wind that kept us nice and clear and as fires are to our north. any winds from that direction are eventually going to settle some of that smoke or direction along with it. winds still this morning. a nice light sea breeze. but that quickly changes come the afternoon and into tomorrow we start to see that north wind really kicking into gear for the north bay. and that's going to start to drift more and more smoke our way. 60's and 70's. for highs in sf 60's along the coastline and bayshore cities. a little up from yesterday 70's to 80's today. no more of those 60's to 70's like we had yesterday redwood city 82 palo alto right at 80 degrees. san jose europe from yesterday 77 to 83 today fremont's through union city in the low 80's were pleasanton livermore danville up to concord all in the 90's oakland in richmond at 75 some of her more comfortable spots
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while vacaville are very hottest spots today at 94 degrees center fell in novato getting close to the 90's at 88 today. here's a look ahead at next 7 days tomorrow saturday and sunday right in the middle of the weekend. our hottest days of this forecast. also looking at some really hazy conditions, likely, especially on into tomorrow's forecast as for bayshore cities also warm up taking you into the 80's on average for friday and saturday coastal areas staying the most mild with 70's expected starting tomorrow. reyna john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your morning commute. so we did have unfortunately overnight fatality. >> this is a west bound. 5.80, and isabel avenue in the dublin area. so it looks like it this incident or this early morning incident isn't causing much of a backup. but they do still have information about it on the map. so we're going to keep a close eye on that right now. doesn't look like it's a hot spot. the bay
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bridge as you're heading into the city still down to under 10 minutes for your drive time there. there is a traffic hazard, a westbound there just east of treasure island. the golden gate bridge. while there are pockets of fog is still a solid 20 minute drive for you to make it into the city this morning. also heading over again to look at the richmond. sandra fell commute. as you head to richmond, you can see things are picking up there a little under 10 minutes or so for you to make a cross towards center field. no major hazards as you're traveling along. we're going to more on your drive times throughout the morning and your weather. but for now, let's get back to the news. no more students. welcome. u c berkeley is being told to freeze its enrollment process. a judge has ruled that the universities, growing number of admissions is now having a negative effect on the community from housing to noise levels. kron four's dan thorn has that story from berkeley. >> the university will have to freeze enrollment to this school year's a-level a group called save berkeley's neighborhoods has been pushing
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the university to add more housing before adding more students and they say by doing this, it will help curb a number of issues, adding students without adding housing u c berkeley is being ordered by a judge to stop rising enrollment because of the impact on the university's neighbors at the university has not. >> been a good neighbor. phil baca voice. president of safe berkeley's neighborhoods. the group's mission is to protect the quality of life in the area which they feel has diminished as the university's admissions have grown. there isn't enough housing for the students. >> and they're doubled and tripled and quadrupled out. i mean, i've heard stories of, you know, for students living in a one-bedroom apartment. >> in alameda county judge found the university's rising enrollment has also caused displacement and unacceptable noise within the surrounding communities. baca boy wants the school to come up with mitigation plans. some students tell kron 4 news housing in the cost of housing
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is a big issue. it's terrible. everyone i know is that issues finding housing specially portable housing. it's ridiculously overpriced a university spokesperson responded to the judge's order saying there are no plans to grow the university. more than one percent. the school is also confident they'll be able to continue after the judge put a hold on a large development project. the behavior of the current administration. >> has we're going to do what we want to do and we don't really care about the impacts has on the city or the neighborhood. >> the city of berkeley and the university recently agreed on a settlement of 83 million dollars over the school's impact on the community. but baca voice says that this is not enough because it does not require the school to add more housing or mitigate the issues of growth reporting in berkeley. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back after it. well, the
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san francisco giants hold on to the best record in baseball while on the road. >> and today they're going to try for the series sweep against the new york mets. the giants were the first to score in the 4th inning yesterday. fine hits the ball deep to left center field for a solo home run. that's finds 23rd homer of the season. the mets
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with claw back and take the lead up until the 7th brandon crawford at the plate and he does it again. he hits the ball deep in off the right field. wall bringing 2 runners home to take the lead. the giants hang on to win with a final score 3 to let's hear from manager. they >> in order to to win the biggest games going forward for the rest of the season out to play clean fundamentally sound. chris officiant baseball. we've done that for for most of the season, which is why we are where we are. that said, it's a win on the road against a really hungry team. and as i mentioned, it wasn't the prettiest whenever but just like always win or lose. we're going to turn the page and get ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> well, the final game of this series against the mets is tonight. the first pitch is going to be at or over in santa clara the forty-niners are putting their focus on the 3rd and final preseason game this sunday against the raiders. here's video. the teen practice in this week.
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most of the attention has been on quarterback jimmy g and rookie trey lance head coach kyle shanahan is not say which quarterback we'll start week. one is he wants to keep other teams guessing. but yesterday he admitted that the decision is close to be made in his mind. i got a pretty good idea. >> but as you guys can see with everything i don't. i'm not a big on our schedule. couple days from so i got to always had a pretty good idea. but you know, there's lots days between now and then. every position because it in a pretty in starting quarterback week when you have pretty good idea. >> yeah, i >> mean, >> it's whatever he decides i a pretty good pretty happy where i'm at right now. everything. >> just the offense is yeah, cows of off. >> sunday's game between the forty-niners and the raiders going to be at levi stadium. kickoff is at 1 o'clock in the
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afternoon. well, coming up, another major airline take steps to force employees to get the covid vaccine or line nsa phone with details. and police in fremont are investigating a deadly police shooting involving an attempted murder suspect. we're going to have details on that in a live report.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for waking up with us at 5 o'clock in the morning of thursday. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher and today is the day that john has been warning us, that the when the smoke is going to start rolling in the temperatures are going to start things are going a little more uncomfortable. thank john thursday. >> here it is here. it's here. it's just been so nice lately. we've been so spoiled the past few days and now it's back to some hotter weather. and yes, unfortunately, some hazy skies air quality is already in that moderate range this morning. so we're already seeing less of the good conditions than what we had been seeing previously a look outside this morning does show cleared up skies as you're looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge


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