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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 25, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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only at jack in the box. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at a time i got it. i've got i go to school here. >> now at a tragedy on the tracks in the east bay. we're hearing from witnesses after a train crash kills a young boy. the scott peterson case back in a courtroom today as his legal team pushes for a new trial while they why they say a juror affected his murder verdict plus covid and children. we are taking a look at the rising infections now the bay area students are back inside the classroom. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore and
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we begin tonight with the tragic story out of the east bay. >> a 12 year-old boy is dead after the car he was in collided with a train. this happened in oakley near the intersection of east cypress road and main street near delta vista middle school kron four's michelle kingston has the details. absolutely heartbreaking. i spoke to the family of the 12 year-old boy, they tell me the driver was his 19 year-old half sister. >> she's been transported to a nearby hospital. the family has been on scene sitting on the sidewalk. absolutely devastated as they wait to find out exactly what happened. >> my heart just goes out to the point just before 1 o'clock on wednesday afternoon. police say this vehicle collided at the train on east cypress road. just a block from main street in oakley. they say it appears the back portion of the car was struck by the train and all of sudden i just heard. >> a big french and that i looked over and the car flew off the road and tires were
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going in. the and debris was hitting my truck. i saw big cloud of dust. and then i saw the train coming to a grinding halt. everything was everything. it just happened. so we all got out. i called 911, a 12 year-old boy was killed. he was the passenger in this car. according to his family, his 19 year-old half sister had just picked him up from school. she's currently in a local hospital with serious injuries. this car was also involved in the accident. police say it was struck by the car that was hit by the train. >> passengers and this vehicle were not injured at this point in the investigation. officials say it appears all signals in the area were operating correctly. >> they also say this is the 3rd train versus car incident in the area just this year. >> i advise is always you know, you got to look both directions, turn the radio down listening here. but rain is coming. but if the crossing arms are down, don't ever try to beat train. and they're down for a reason. one witness was just one car behind the
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entire accident. >> sickening sickening. kerry law enforcement officials are still investigating the family has just so many questions. they're hoping that video cameras on the train, help them figure out exactly. >> what happened in oakley. michelle kingston kron 4 news developing now a police shooting investigation in fremont has turned fatal the investigation looking into that fatality. this happened this evening at the south lake mobile home park on fremont boulevard near the auto mall parkway. police say the shooting involved and attempted murder suspect who is now dead. discovered near the body. police plan to provide more details later tonight. we will have an update when we get them. >> hundreds of people remain evacuated in san jose because of a gas leak a pg and e line near race street and eugene avenue was ruptured just before 4 o'clock this afternoon. all buildings within a 900 foot radius have been evacuated since and the
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shelter has been set up at the bascom community center and any evacuee who needs to get their pet can link up with the san jose police officer at the walgreens at at san carlos street and meridian avenue. pg e says it expects to have the gas line caps by midnight. >> it was one of the biggest trials in bay area history. and now the big question will scott peterson get a new trial. he was found guilty. nearly 2 decades ago of killing his wife lacy peterson and their unborn child. connor the california supreme court kick that case back to a san mateo court following new evidence about the actions of a chore years ago. kron four's terisa has the latest. >> it was a very eventful hearing here at the san mateo county courthouse with this bottom line, we may see scott peterson in person out of his prison cell for the first time in a very long time. guilty was a verdict that rang out killing his wife lacy and
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their unborn child and dumping their bodies in the bay that following a months long trial for scott peterson. but his defense team continues to argue certain facts. clouded the case pointing to a juror that they said had an axe to grind attorney pat harris saying that the law is clear. everyone has a right to an unbiased jury and if that doesn't happen, it causes problems with the entire criminal justice system. the juror richelle nice. peterson's defense team argues lie to be on the jury failing to admit that she had been a victim of crime legal experts have long argued that if she had been truthful, she would not have been in the jury room. and not have convicted peterson to a death sentence. again, attorney harris saying that it was the defense team's position that they want an evidentiary hearing because scott did not get a fair trial. peterson appeared via closed-circuit from san quentin for the hearing. the judge in the and set a
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september hearing peterson's attorney went on to say that if and when an evidentiary hearing does take place in peterson will most likely be transported from san quentin here to sit and wait and learn once again his fate. here in san mateo county. theresa is stasio kron. 4 news. >> in the east bay parents headed danville middle school are accusing school officials of segregating their children after a teacher tested positive for covid-19 parents charlotte would middle school say they were notified monday fully vaccinated teacher had the virus students return to class on tuesday. but only the students who are vaccinated were allowed to stay on campus. the rest were sent home. one parent says her 12 year-old daughter who is not vaccinated, was upset about being called to the front of the school over the loudspeaker embarrassed or being singled out because of her vaccination status vaccinated. kids were all kept in the quad. >> and the unvaccinated kids were kept in a hallway outside
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the office. they were 100% segregated. i had feeling of panic. >> how is it going to catch up houses greats. what's going to happen to him. >> all students were sent home tuesday must provide proof of a negative test by tomorrow. otherwise still have to stay home. parents say the experience for their children was traumatic and now exploring legal action against the school and the san ramon valley unified school district or the how this incident was handled. >> well, as covid cases among children continue to rise across the nation. a check of bay area data show a number of teens and children positive for the virus who are needing more acute care for snow. a fellow takes a look. >> while a majority of bay area hospitals are reporting no covid patients under the age of 12 at least one hospital system is ucsf benioff children's hospital in san francisco reporting to pediatric covid-19 patients wednesday. >> while many children's in oakland is treating 8 of those
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oakland patients to are between the ages of 2, 5, while 6 are between 1117 ucsf says 3 of the oakland patients have underlying conditions in addition to covid and all 3 of them are in the pediatric icu on ventilator support and most of the overall pediatric cases at ucsf. the parents were not vaccinated and none of the teens were vaccinated either. as for sutter, john muir and santa clara valley medical center hospitals. none are treating covid patients under the age of 12. we're still waiting on numbers from kaiser doctors maintain vaccination is the best defense against covid-19. but with children under 12 on able to get their shots. and many now back in school settings. case numbers are rising data from the san francisco health department shows case numbers in the 5 to 10 age group have skyrocketed since last month showing 195 184 cases in july and august
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respectively from just 29 32 cases in that age group in the months before. meanwhile, napa county reported this week, those under 18 represent the highest proportion of new cases and contra costa county reports in the last 30 days. 1500 new covid cases are in kids, 12 and under in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> moderna has completed its submission for full fda approval. the company is seeking priority review for its covid-19 vaccine which is currently under emergency use authorization for adults, 18 and over moderna has also filed for emergency use authorization for children, 12 and over older and trials are currently underway for children younger than 12. the priority review process. typically takes months. but the fda says it's shifted resources and worked around the clock to complete the necessary steps for approving pfizer's vaccine sooner than usual. >> meanwhile, johnson and
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johnson announced today its booster shot provides a, quote, rapid and robust increase antibodies when used on people who have already received the one shot dose. the company says people who got the booster shot 9 fold increase in antibodies to covid johnson and johnson is now working with the fda and the cdc to get the booster shot approved for the public say with cloud for for our continuing coronavirus coverage just scan the qr code with your mobile device. you will be directed to our web page, which is dedicated to covid coverage is all at kron 4 dot com. coming up, the stern drove music festival has been canceled again. but this time it's not because of covid. >> we'll explain. >> and a new warning about wildfire smoke after a harvard study finds a covid connection. plus just how dry south bay water as worst. and we're seeing how bad the drought has gotten over the past few years. and dry weather out there now and more smoke is on the way. we'll have your 4 zone forecast when we come back.
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>> in the north bay state and local agencies issued a boil water, notice for much of the city of healdsburg. that's because of a water main break at a construction site earlier today. this map shows the affected area in yellow. it's a central part of the town. those residents were notified and advised do use boil tap water or bottled water for cooking and drinking for the
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next 24 to 48 hours. and if you are boiling water boil it for one minute and of course, let it cool before using it in the south bay, the santa clara valley water district says its reservoirs are at critically low levels and the agency is asking customers to conserve as much water as possible. the agency shared these images on how the reservoirs looked in april of 2017 when they were full. >> right there. and then how they look now in the difference, of course, very dramatic. there are several reasons for the low water levels. one, of course, is that we've had 2 dry winters in a row. so the reservoirs are hard to fill up. a second. is that the district brings in water from the state of california. but since state reservoirs are also low. the district get isn't getting as much as it usually does. >> every drop helps. so a drop save now is a draft that we have next year, especially if things are very bad. this is a different problem. the energy thing where you're asked to
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conserve one day and then the next day there's energy once you're in a drought. it's going to take months and months to fix the problem because it takes a long time to get in the groundwater. >> santa clara valley water district has issued a mandatory 15% water use reduction for its customers. turning to our wilduire coverage. the dixie fire has burned more than 735,000 acres across 5 california counties containment is up to 45% more than 1200 buildings have been destroyed. nearly 2000. more are still threatened evacuation orders remain in effect for parts of plumas meanwhile, the caldor fire es. - alone has burned more than 126,000 acres and it has destroyed more than 600 buildings containment there stands at only 12%. and tonight, thousands of firefighters are trying to box it in as it advances toward lake tahoe. but as lonnie wong tells us resources are also
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being sent to the southwestern part of the fire where the fire originally started more than a week ago. >> firefighters are still trying to halt the calder fire from getting to echo summit on highway it. if you're out of spot fires. again, just from the freeway yesterday. well, there are homes along the south fork of the american river around cavers. there are more homes around slight park. >> andrew cely flat, some of them painted pink with fire retardant by fire crews as the flu filled the skies around grizzly flat. as i was a fire in areas already burned flared up for this in plumes of smoke on the other side of this 50 foot wide containment line made by bulldozers hotspots, florida down below firefighters feared that they would throw up embers causing spot fires on the other side of this law. helicopter attack knocked down the flames still firefighters ran holes along the containment line to protect homes on the other side of the ridge. this is
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area where the fire started. that has been problematic since. >> the beginning of this incident. left roads. dozens of fire engines and crews were stationed around effectively to homes and several wineries. we've had active structure protection structure, defense crews out there. they've been applying fire retardant to homes. they've been actively trying to put out fires as they are hurting. >> later in the day and into the evening that players will be used once again ahead of the fire started to feel. >> a cooler. more humid weather has helped the fire fight over the last 24 weather will continue to be a factor for firefighters and has been incrementally a little bit hotter, a little bit but we still aren't having any of those red flag weather conditions. that would be giving us a lot of concern of >> this point. firefighters will welcome any advantage they can get. >> again. that was lonnie wong reporting. a new study is
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linking wildfire smoke with rising covid infections and deaths. the authors of the harvard university study said they found evidence linking smoke from wildfires in california, oregon and washington last year to rising covid cases and deaths. they said that smoke carries foreign fine particulate matter which acts as a vehicle for spreading infection, even faster and making existing cases worse. >> wildfire, smoke irritate stay airway, lining. and the lining of the air sacs. that's exactly what happens with covid you get your attention and inflammation. of the long. and so the wildfire smoke already sets the stage, if you will, 4. a bad response to the coronavirus. >> doctor john bombs, a professor of medicine at ucsf says this is an added reason why it's important to take precautions against wildfire. smoke. kron four's gayle ong we'll have more details in on this in a live report coming
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up on kron 4 news at 9. >> the sec. a live look outside right now from our camera atop mount tam o pious. and you can see it's hazy and cloudy and their chief meteorologist or as karl joins us now with more. yeah, guys, you probably do a case study in the tahoe area for people affected. >> by the smoke. that smoke is just been pouring in there over the last few days that westerly component. the wind that is pumping at exactly into the tahoe basin. so it's been a very poor to extremely poor to the worst conditions. you can imagine now this evening. the kitchen a little bit of a break. but even that still poor. look at their scene. orange in tahoe city in the truckee parts of incline that is poor air quality. then it gets very poor. as you head south lake tahoe in the extreme conditions in purple have moved a little for the east in the carson city. but there's still a lot of smoke to come. but the winds beginning to show signs of making a bit of a switch even in the bay area. today we have some blue skies and you've got some areas in green into san francisco. good air quality down through san mateo and
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about you. but then you also have some and oakland san leandro get to dublin. also martinez that you're looking at the yellow there. that's a moderate amount of pollutants in the atmosphere. they were going to see more of that on the way overnight tonight. now, speaking of the tahoe area. look at the smoke from the fires just being pumped by the winds right into the tahoe basin just nonstop throughout the middle of the day in the afternoon. now the winds will start to settle down and start to shift gears a little bit. in fact, i think we'll see more of an offshore wind developing a week northerly wind kicking in. but for the better part of the day most that smoke has been headed to the northeast now something else to watch out for. we do have the fire weather watches could be posted friday through saturday through much of the northern central parts of the valley for tomorrow or for friday and saturday as those winds expected to pick up, humidity down, maybe 10 to about 15% gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. here's a list forecast model you see of the bay area, mostly in blue right now. that's good. but in and around the fires, you see all that smoke out there. but as we take you to the next 24
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hours here. you start to see that smoke seat back into the bay area. guess we're talking about very hazy conditions, i think by tomorrow afternoon, especially in the north bay and the east bay. i think that's going to kind of sit around the bay area as we head through the weekend, too. thank you. right. >> take a look at this. this is the scene at stern grove in san francisco festival. organizers tweeted out this picture today saying a water main break flooded the site shutting down the grove. so this sunday's concert too short as been canceled. as for repairs, organizers of the festival that dates back more than 80 years are asking for donations to help rebuild the venue and the park. >> still ahead at 8, another round of stimulus checks coming to california as we'll let you know when those who qualify can expect to see the money.
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>> for your money checks from the golden state stimulus plan are expected to start rolling out a qualified residents by the end of the month. individuals will receive $600 families with children will receive an additional $500 to qualify. residents must file their 2020 taxes by october 15th have earned less than $75,000 in 2020, the u.s. state resident for more than half of 2020 and be a state resident at the time. the payment is issued and not claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer. one of the best selling albums of all time is now in the spotlight
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for legal reasons. nirvana's nevermind was the band's second studio album released in 1991 and that cover of them is one of the most recognized in recent music history to make a baby swimming towarp a dollar bill on a fish hook. spencer elden is that baby and his parents were pay $200 as compensation for the image. elden is now suing at least 7 people, including members of the band $450,000 each alleging that the use of his image constituted child. it's worth noting that elden has repeatedly recreated that pose as a teenager and adults diving into pools too. pose with swim trunks on for several albums anniversaries. >> coming up next, a day wife state lawmakers are calling into question the postponement of 2 key oversight hearings involving governor newsom plus, caitlyn jenner taking her campaign tour through the bay area today taking aim at newsome along the way and she
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8:29 pm
because of a national public radio investigation that found cal fire had only completed 13% of the wildfire prevention projects that the agency and the governor had claimed last year. the chairman of the assembly budget committee who planned the hearing says it will likely be rescheduled for later in the year to allow fire officials to focus on the current wildfires. >> that's obviously just an they knew when they set the hearing that there's a good chance we would be you know, wildfires across the state. and so it is precisely at this time when so many people are suffering our communities are being threat that we need to actually have our government working and not, you know, are refusing to work in order to help help the governor win an election. >> another oversight hearing. this one on the employment development development department has also not been rescheduled. it was supposed to take place last week. governor newsom's office would not comment on those pkstponed
8:30 pm
hearings a day after blaming governor gavin newsome for the crime problems in both oakland and san francisco. >> republican gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner made a campaign stop in san francisco for a brief tour of the tenderloin. she was one of 2 gop candidates in town today. kron four's. dan kerman has more. >> nothing's getting done absolutely nothing getting done. >> republican gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner took a brief tour of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood wednesday afternoon blaming incumbent governor gavin newsome for the crime and homeless problem in san francisco. >> haven't billions of no results. so is all this money going. >> jenner said a change in approach is needed, though she offered few details other than saying too much money was going to nonprofits that we're not getting the job done. she also said she was against vaccine mask mandates the news florida as an example that handled covid-19 better than governor newsom. she also
8:31 pm
called for less taxes and less regulation to make california more pro business. >> you cannot have a healthy america with elephant california is really just right now across the bay in oakland. another gop candidate for governor, former san diego mayor kevin wagner. it's also laying california's crime problem at newsome store. >> we see a governor that turns a blind eye to what is happening on the streets, not just here in the bay area. but across california with rising crime murders up 30% thought their selected oakland to have the group crime victims united given their endorsement for john. he understands the public safety. >> is what is important for california to continue to be the beautiful state. it should be. >> right now on the recall candidates. polls show the docto the fact in general is running here at the bottom of the past. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. santa clara county has already
8:32 pm
started counting thousands of mail in ballot votes, a team of 500 poll workers is now working on sorting out the recall ballot. the ballot only consists of 2 questions. should governor gavin newsom be recalled. and if so, who should replace him as the county's registrar of voters. shannon bush lee explains if the majority of voters vote yes on question one, the governor newsome will not. website will be removed. they vote yes. this could be confusing for all of us. okay. however, if 50% or more know that governor newsom will remain in office. so the registrar also explained how to vote. the second question. if you choose to she pointed out that even if you choose not to recall governor newsom. you can still pick a candidate for replacement. >> a lot of people are confused thinking that if you vote no on the recall. you cannot vote on a replacement kennedy and that is not the case. so whether you vote yes or no. you can vote on a
8:33 pm
replacement candidate who just want to make sure that's very clear. >> officials say the vast majority of ballots will be cast by mail dozens of in-person vote centers will open for 11 days beginning september 4th our coverage of the recall election continues at kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen that will take you straight to our web page where you will get the latest on the candidates and details on casting your ballot. >> service members will now be required to get the covid-19 vaccine. u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin has directed the military to begin vaccinating all members of the armed forces. the decision follows the full fda approval for the pfizer vaccine. the military already requires 17 vaccinations for service members when they enter the armed services or when they're deployed overseas currently more than 800,000 service members have yet to get their shots. the pentagon decision only applies to the pfizer vaccine. delta airlines will
8:34 pm
charge each unvaccinated employee on the company health plan. $200 more per months. the company's ceo cited the cost of a covid related hospital. stay for one employee as a reason for the decision that is $18,000. the airline also says it will stop extending pay protection to unvaccinated workers who contract covid unvaccinated workers are required to be tested weekly with delta air lines covering that cost. >> let's take a live look outside as we get ready to check 4 zone forecast looking out at a beautiful skyline. it is gorgeous out there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. now what telling us what to expect. yeah. got a little heat wave coming our way just in time for the weekend temperatures going to start getting a little bit hot outside tomorrow. you'll notice a jump in those temperatures may be a good 10 degrees in some spots inland out there. now that we've got some fog out there kind of broken. that's where we're going to see here now as we head through the night tonight. couple patches of fog not a really war. well, formed
8:35 pm
the cloud deck out their couple patches sneaking inside the bay early tomorrow morning. then they're gone along the coastline. maybe lingering patch or 2, but that is it. so we're going to be off and running with the temperatures. i think tomorrow maybe near 70 degrees downtown san francisco 71 in the mission looking 64 in daly city. 64 also in half moon bay inside the bay of fine hazy sunshine. some of that smoke from the fires going to get to work its way back into the bay area. 79 degrees. as you make your way into burning game. 81 in foster city, 80 in redwood city. a lot of 80's. some 90's beginning to show up in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon as high as 94 morgan hill about 91 campbell, about 88 degrees in santa clara 90's going to come in over the east bay hills. it is going to be hot. it is going to be hazy. i think the parts of the east bay tomorrow afternoon. 86 degrees in fremont should be about 84 degrees in union city 87 in moraga hot 90's in a walnut creek and concord by tomorrow afternoon, 77 in oakland, 78 degrees in richmond in the north bay. those temperatures soaring to 91 and feel about 83 in the
8:36 pm
napa valley and some of that smoke moving in by the middle of the day there as well. so be prepared for that tomorrow. be a little more hazy around the bay area. and i think as high pressure builds overhead, i think we'll see a lot of the smoke kind of get trapped here iver the weekend. friday and saturday. not a real strong onshore. push temperatures getting near triple digits over the weekend before cooling down next week. >> person breathing right now. >> still ahead a day. why an ohio woman suddenly stopped breathing and how those around her were so well prepared to give her life saving support and the bear euthanized after raiding a chicken coop in southern california. why it had to be put down and what neighbors are so upset.
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southern california. a bear was shot by a homeowner in the san gabriel valley over the weekend after. >> the animal was caught raiding his chicken coop tonight. neighbors are speaking out after fish and wildlife officials euthanize the bear kimberly chain has the latest. >> they come pretty close to this. but hill community at the base of the san gabriel mountains bears have been spotted in swimming pools and trees and who could forget the viral video of a teenager. also in bradbury who shoved a mama bear to protect her dogs back in june. here's some more video from neighbors. this one of a mama bear and her babies walking along a street in june. most of the time. residents say they just leave on their own without any problems. but early saturday
8:40 pm
bradbury resident reported a vicious there. according to the california department of fish and wildlife. a mama bear got into his chicken coop in the 1400 block of linden avenue. he heard a noise. he went out to investigate but not before arming himself with a rifle. >> and he. walked out into the backyard. there was a bear in his chicken coop in the process of killing his chickens and actually have killed 9 of them by the time he made it out there. he fired one shot at that. there and then retreated inside his house and called 911. fish and wildlife ended up euthanizing the bear because they say it was mortally wounded. >> after an investigation. they concluded that the shooting was justified essentially the there's a specific law that authorizes this man in this case. >> to to shoot and kill the funding as it is in the process of either killing were threatening to do harm his livestock. the bear has to juvenile cubs. >> they're pretty decent size. so it's pretty easy to tell on camera that these bears were
8:41 pm
probably in the 17 to 18 month old category and that they were probably are right about ready to be weaned off of the south and therefore they should be just fine. making on the road from here for many residents. the news was upsetting. if you leave them alone, generally, they leave you alone. you know, i get a little scared, but i just walk away. >> we chose to live here. they didn't choose for us to live here and i've never seen any of them be aggressive. just hungry. >> that was kimberly chang reporting for us tonight. fish and wildlife officials say bear sightings. of course not uncommon in that area, but since the one they use an ice was not tagged. the officials say they're not sure if it has shown up in neighborhoods in that area before. >> next the race to get americans and allies out of afghanistan by the end of the month. among them dozens of students and parents from san diego. >> his force jets go for 2 straight wins in new york. sports director jason dumas has the highli
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>> well with just 6 days remaining to get all americans out of afghanistan by the biden deadline. there are upwards of 1500 still waiting to be evacuated that's according to secretary of state anthony blinken. lincoln says 4500 americans have been flown out of the country so far that includes 500 in just the past. 24 hours. pentagon officials say the u.s. military led airlift of americans and others from kabul will continue until the
8:45 pm
final hours next tuesday. but democratic congressman seth moulton took an unexpected trip to kabul and tweeted out it's clear to him, not everyone will get out on time. more than 20 students and a dozen parents from southern california are among those americans stuck in afghanistan. >> they are from the home valley union school district just outside san diego. the group went to afghanistan to visit extended family members for a summer trip. the school district is now working to try and help those families get back home. >> they all had passports and everything and they were scheduled to come back on an airplane that flight and everything scheduled and then everything occurred in afghanistan. now we're working with congressman ice's office and directly with him and his team has been absolutely they've been supporting us and we've been giving them information and they've been working to try to do their best to get them of our family's home. >> the office of congressman darrell i said who's in temecula issued the following
8:46 pm
statement, congressman ice and staff are aware of the location of several american citizens in afghanistan. and we have been in direct and consistent contact with them. they are scared and stranded in the kabul area so far they have been unable to reach the airport. meantime in the east bay preparations are being made to receive afghan refugees who are trying to escape the desperate situation in that country. kron four's haaziq madyun talked with the university of san francisco professor who is leading the effort. >> we have all seen the disturbing images of people in afghanistan. frantically trying to reach the u.s. air base desperately trying to board a plane, leaving the country. it's a very emergency situation and that's we want to get involved and offer help is the high number that, you know, this weekend, emergency help for afghan refugees will be coordinated right here in the bay area at the noor islamic cultural community
8:47 pm
center in concord. university of san francisco, professor of applied linguistics addict. but paul is also the president of newer and leading the effort. >> we tried to but once these refugees come from what could be attorneys. they're only given a few hours leave the country. they couldn't bring anything with thing of the do not bring so that's why we need to be prepared to help the first step will be formulating a list of those basic needs. the in creating care packages to be distributed at a moment's notice because you don't know how many refugees are coming and another thing is you don't know when they're come. >> both of and notes. one thing that professor does know. that's what it is like to be in afghanistan refugee. that's because he fled his country back in 1980. following the soviet invasion. so 5 million afghan invasion and brutality left the
8:48 pm
country. >> i was one of those 5 million people and we can share those experiences we can empathize with them. we can show them the way that we can also be good examples. >> if i could do it. >> you can do it if you want to be among the people helping afghan refugees when they arrive here in the bay area. you are invited to attend a refugees preparations meeting this sunday at 10:00am that noor islamic cultural community center in concord. the meeting is open to the public. >> all americans regardless of their political affiliations are affected by what the see on their tv screens and they're prepared to help. >> has it made you kron. 4 news. >> we have more coverage on the evacuation of afghanistan on our website. kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen, you will be taken straight to our web page there. you'll find more on what's next for afghanistan along with local reaction.
8:49 pm
>> crew members from the u.s. coast guard were in the right place the right time over the weekend when a woman suddenly collapsed. they were at a restaurant near cleveland when it happened. they say they found a woman with her eyes closed and turning blue each coast guard member assumed a role in an effort to try to revive the woman. >> checking for a pulse. another crew member when grab their first aid kit. another one had called 911, to talk to paramedics pass information to started doing chest compressions. until she started could become responses and start bringing the dan. we train so often that it just becomes second nature like driving a car. >> that no matter what the situation is. we're prepared in boot camp. you really learn. >> that snapped. switch from just normal talking with someone too. it's like saving mode. >> it's believed the woman was unconscious issue related to being diabetic. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:50 pm
>> the giants back at citi field trying to make it 2 straight wins against the mets and their 9th consecutive series win been on fire. johnny cueto, nice to see it first start since august. 8th. he gave only an urn unearned run and. kris bryant. things going. >> with the home run. for a solo shot. it's one nothing giant bryant's 23rd of the season. but top of the 7th. brandon crawford. does it again. right there that puts them up by one run. alex dickerson scored. it's a 3, 2, lead bottom of the 9th. we have a high fly to left center. >> looks like your routine play, right. alex dickerson, austin slater. >> some miscommunication. they
8:51 pm
run each other. it met with runners on first and second. now. now we've got the bases loaded. 2 outs. jake mcgee squaring off. with the home run derby champ. pete alonso when he gets jammed hit the flare right to tommy lastella for the final out. the guys hang on to win 3 to 2 after the game gabe kaplan was thankful for when despite some sloppy in order to to win the biggest games going forward for the rest of the season out to play. >> clean fundamentally sound. chris officiant baseball. we've done that for for most of the season, which is why we are where we are. that said, it's a win on the road against a really hungry team. and as i mentioned, it wasn't the prettiest whenever but just like always win or lose. we're going to turn the page and get ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> out in santa clara all the focus is on the 3rd and final preseason game this sunday.
8:52 pm
today with the first niners that the niners first day back on the practice field since returning from la and they got some good news safety to cross key tart and left tackle trent williams were both back on the practice field after missing some time. tara had been on the p upi list with turf toe. but as usual, most of the attention was on jimmy garoppolo and trey lance kyle shanahan. it spilling the tea on which quarterback will start. but today he admitted that decision is close to being made in his mind. >> i got a pretty good idea. but as you guys can see with everything i don't. i'm not a big on our schedule. couple days from so i got to always had a pretty good idea. but you know, there's lots days between now and then. every position because it is pretty good to starting quarterback. we want go >> yeah, i >> mean >> it's whatever he i pretty
8:53 pm
good pretty happy where i'm at right now. everything. >> just the offense as a yeah. cows of off. >> all right. that's your look at sports. back to you guys. >> thanks, jason. coming up harvest days here. dozens of bay area wineries getting to work picking grapes when we could see th make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve. the summer of hauling happiness by the ton. and bringing home hardware by the handful. where traditions were passed down on the tailgate. and the only thing more powerful than the feeling was the truck that took you to it. make this the summer of ram. right now, get 0% apr financing, or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪
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>> today was for grapes in livermore valley. more than 50
8:56 pm
wineries picked grapes and got ready to make wine for the year there are 4,000 acres of planted vineyard son. these wineries are finding ways to survive through the pandemic. >> time for the wineries here because we were shut down for several months. but fans of livermore valley wine are really supportive. and so we survived really with curbside pickup and online sales. >> each grape is handpicked that las piscinas vineyards and then turned into wind that could be on your table by thanksgiving. first great for planted in livermore valley back in the mid 1800 surviving the prohibition era. wow. those look like your like the certain age that most mike, those most of the haha. >> that wraps up kron 4 news our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour is grant vicki. hi, guys. you'll save some grapes for us. we're not talking table. >> right now. we know that thanks, guys. here's what's coming up next on kron, 4 news
8:57 pm
at 9 bottle. rock returning to napa. plenty of grapes up there. it's going to be the first major festival in the bay area since the pandemic. >> we're asking a bay area. doctor, what sort of risks, if any concert goers are assuming. >> plus, last year's wildfires are being linked to a rise in covid hospitalizations and even deaths how the 2 are connected in the lessons we can learn those stories and more coming up on kr
8:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at night when they expect them to be terrible super spreader events, but they have the potential to be. >> now at 9 festival season is here in the bay area and 2 major events are expected to pack in thousands of people. but tonight some health experts want to make sure people attending know the risks. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at night, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. you know, thousands of people are expected to attend the bottle rock a concert napa next weekend and then there's the outside vent that's in late october. and even though both events do require proof of vaccinations. doctors are cautioning. there are some risks out there conference. jonathan mccall live for us with the warning. jonathan. >> yeah, you grant vicki, even though we have seen plenty of folks who have been fully
9:01 pm


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