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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 25, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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at 6. >> and thanks for joining in at 6 o'clock on a wednesday. i'm darya and james and we are yes, halfway through the week so we can be thankful for that. we're on the downhill slide towards the weekend. now, unfortunately sliding into some kind of that air. yeah, winds that blow in. and it's going to start sliding our way tomorrow. so this really is the last fresh breath are going to be taking today. you can expect good air quality, another comfortable one for your wednesday. >> tomorrow. temperatures rise. air quality likely to be on the hazy or side too. now, if you've enjoyed monday and tuesday today is going to be perfect for you looking out there at the bay bridge. you can see visibility is okay. any sort of cloud cover that we have this morning is sitting well above the bay. there are a couple of spots in the north bay in the east bay hills where we are running into some low gray that is low enough that if you are crossing some hillsides, you'll be seeing it radar otherwise is dry. it's just that low gray overhead and a
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really nice forecast for the afternoon. one skies clear out just as they did yesterday. it will be sunshine and some pretty comfortable weather this morning. keep the light jacket on with most of us still in the 50's reyna. tom, thanks for that. we have 2 hot spots out there. this one in san pablo 80 westbound. >> pablo dam row. you have a motorcycle and a vehicle traffic collision there blocking at least 2 lanes there. now you can wait in traffic because not all lanes of lock. there are 2 of them open or you could go around and take richmond park way to get around down here in gilroy westbound highway one 52 west of one. oh, one northbound all lanes closed right there because of a traffic collision and a spill. he could go over head and hop on highway 25 to get around that heading into the city this morning. no major delays. that's the good news here as you're traveling to that fremont street exit. you can make that in a little under 60 minutes, the san mateo bridge. also pretty light for us a little under 14 at a richmond. you can make that drive and we'll have more
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coming up. the darya james, back to you. thanks >> so it's 6. oh one. let's talk about our top story this morning. the city of benicia now unanimously passing an indoor mask mandate. despite the county of advocating against it. right. so it's not necessary the county, but it is of the city and kron four's will tran. is there live in the nation now with more on this mandate. >> i will. >> james darya there striking out on their own. so this is not a group decision. it has been nice just decision. if you're going to any of the stories right behind me this morning. bringing your mask. it's not just at commercial buildings were talking city and county buildings as well. so long as you're in benicia, they voted 5 to nothing to pass this mask mandate despite the solano county health department. not for this. in fact, the health director he was at the meeting saying there's really no evidence the set that says to him that it's really effective to wear the mask. but if you talk to the city council members and the mayor, they believe it's
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better than nothing despite you know it. because what they're seeing the covid-19 cases going up. in fact, it seems like 4 out of 5 people in binney said they are in full support of this. they actually have the backing of a doctor who is in this particular area. there's a lot of concern, obviously by businesses will be people be turned off that they might just say i'm not going in there because i refuse to wear a mask and the fear is that could ultimately hurt the bottom line. according to a doctor, she believes that's not the going to be the case. >> as physicians are concerned the public health and doing the right thing. however, i appreciate concerns about mask enforcement. and but i do believe that most people will follow a mask mandate and the once you wouldn't wouldn't follow any kind of mandate anyway. and also that there are concerned about potential economic effects on
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businesses. however, i think at keeping people well will help all businesses stay open. >> because the f apparently if you're a healthy shopper, you will continue shopping as opposed to coming down with covid-19 and not being able to walk into the restaurant. so a little bit of inconvenience now. but in the long run it will help the businesses according to the doctor and not just the businesses but also the front line workers. she went on to say that people have no idea how stressed out the doctors and thn nurses are that they're working day and night and they're exhausted. so if you don't do it for yourself at least do it for the front line workers. as far as the enforcement, james and darya. well says benitez doing it on its own. they're not getting any county help. but issa says they are not going to ticket people, but they will try to focus their attention on trying to educate people why is better for them to wear a mask then not. i was kind of thinking about this guys and the best analogy is say solano county is a group,
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but is breaking off being a solo band. if you want to a group. if you want put in those phrases. all right. thanks a lot. we'll get a look at it. yeah. >> what we have some developing news from johnson and johnson regarding its booster shot. the companies announced this morning that his booster shot provides, quote, rapid and robust increases in antibodies when used and people have already received the one shot dose. in fact, the company says the people who get the booster 9 fold increase in antibodies to covid johnson and johnson that working with the fda and the cdc to get booster shot approved for the public. >> time. now 6 '05, in the south bay san jose city leaders voted unanimously to approve a vaccine mandate. if you want to get into a big event inside any city own building. you're soon going to have to prove you've had your shots. but not everybody is happy about it. dan thorn has the latest. >> if vaccine and masked protesters come out against san jose city council. their
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signs, calling the pandemic government tyranny as the city w ll now require proof of vaccination for large indoor events at city owned buildings could be a break here. >> the people are mandating inoculate do this. that are a criminal probe like this are the mandate affects places like the s ap center, the convention center and the san jose center for the performing arts attendees of events with 50 or more people will need to show proof of vaccination. >> public comment at tuesday's meeting included several people sharing their frustrations with the plan. >> is not your job to tell me. what i need to do with my body. that's between me and my doctor. we should have the right to choose and country in the land of the free and this is not free for to be mandated. there were far fewer people who spoke out in support of it before the city council. i 100% support a vaccine mandate and passport. >> and look forward to the day that i can safely go out of my house and not be surrounded by anti-vaxers religious
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extremists and conspiracy theorist. a new indoor mandate comes as covid-19 continues to spread key indicators continue to head in the wrong direction. the goal is to cut down on rapidly rising infections by encouraging people to get vaccinated. mayor sam liccardo responding to those who are not on board with the new rule. there's obviously no sure fire way of eliminating risk. >> covid we don't live in that world. we live in a world in which. we need to take. reasonable measure. second reduce risk. >> this new vaccine mandate does not go into effect immediately. mayor sam liccardo says that he will allow venue operators time to adjust to this new rule. meanwhile, city council is considering a vaccine mandate at other business such as restaurants, bars and indoor gyms. but that will be discussed at a later date reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>> 6 or 7 other developing news that we're following county employees in both monterey and santa cruz counties are going to have to be fully vaccinated against covid. >> yeah. workers in monterey county have until september 30th to prove that they've received their shot. santa cruz county employees 30 days to comply with the mandate and those who do not get the shot. we'll have to be tested for the virus every single week and and it comes just one day after pfizer. >> got full fda approval. >> if you are going to outside lands this fall. well, you're going to need to be either fully vaccinated or show that you have a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours of attending the festival is going to be packed and outside lands just like other major events. bottle rocket chela. they are all starting to require that people prove their vaccinated before they. >> crowd into these daniels. it all packed in there. and and we've noticed that. >> businesses events as more more community start requiring vaccines restaurant owners in san francisco say they are
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seeing. >> a little drop in sales and a rise in cancellations of reservations as people are now having to switch plans and get vaccinated. >> when the city mandated this going to be proof of vaccination for indoor dining and went to mask were also for indoor dining. we saw huge drop in our a spike in cancellations no shows i would probably venture to say it's about 50%. that's the first couple days. so coaster honestly, before the delta variant came along, everything started opening up again. we had a lot of tourists from texas, from florida, from even international and then once the delta really start taking over the news and all the california really is really started to get really affected by it. and that's when everything started slowing down again. >> yeah, of course, business is still nowhere near what used to be before the pandemic. in fact, open table shared some of its data and it found the dining is down about
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60% this month compared to last and overall business is down 66% compared to the levels we saw back in 2019 before the pandemic decimated. the industry despite the drops that we're seeing business owners say they are still hopeful, though. that things will get better as more people get vaccinated. >> it's 6. '09, and a civil lawsuit now been filed against san quentin prison officials and state corrections authorities because of the death of a prison guard. 55 year-old gilbert polanco died last august of covid months after an outbreak at 10 quinton the lawsuit accuses prison officials of irresponsibility in their transferring of more than a 120 inmates in the san quintin and that triggered it and lost it as the covid outbreak. >> basically the cdcr officials created a covid cesspool and require their inmates and employees to marinate in that they want him to go like that. >> and then i asked not to, you know, that. let someone
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else take that of the ship. and he would tell me there's nobody. they have no one. >> according to state data 28 inmates at san quentin have died of covid that's the highest number in the state in february. cal osha fined the prison. more than $40,000 for failing to prevent the spread of covid. the california department of corrections has not commented on the lawsuit. >> we do have some encouraging news from doctor anthony fauci. the white house chief medical adviser says that the u.s. could be back to normal by spring of next year. but that would only happen if a majority of the roughly 90 million people who still haven't received any shots get vaccinated, local health. experts agrees saying that there are already signs that the bay area's latest covid-19 surge may be slowing, but they added vaccines alone won't be enough to beat this pandemic. >> facial being sensible about not coming to work and were sick. physical distancing
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where we can manage that women. things outdoors around the north. those are all still critical elements of controlling transmission. >> experts say if we want to have long-term success with this pandemic. we cannot let our guard down too quickly. even when the data shows that the surge is over. we'll take a break. it's 6.12 now. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news growing concerns in south lake tahoe as the caldor fire. >> inches ever closer. we'll have more on that coming up. >> and we are looking at low clouds here over sfo blocking out your view of san bruno mountain as we work our way into the afternoon. west the clouds. more the sunshine and more of what we've enjoyed so far this week which is mild temperatures. more day talking changes in the rest of your forecast and middle of the week. we're already off to a pretty rocky start. have several hot spots to tell you about some accidents. and also get a look at your drive
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. for the front lines on the wildfires. president biden has approved california's request for a major disaster declaration in lassen, nevada, placer and plumas counties. however, that does not cover the fight against the caldor fire, which is now torched. >> an area larger than the city of san jose, when you look at the size of it all this morning, crews in el dorado county we're focused on stopping that fires progress along highway 50 as it continues to march toward south lake tahoe and the fire
6:16 am
is less than 15 miles away. >> from south lake tahoe. but there are no evacuation orders or warnings right now for that area. lonnie wong has more. >> we're focusing our attention to the eastern front, the eastern edge of this fire >> that's because it's headed toward summit on highway 50 which down into the south lake tahoe basin. it still has 14 miles to travel and there are lots of rock outcroppings and ravines where there's very little to bird years ago. i would've never thought that we'd be having tahoe as a threat of the last couple now we're starting to realize that. >> anything's a possible special because so-called amber cass burning debris carried by the wind can help a mile ahead of a fire finding dry feel along the way. >> the steep canyon directing the south fork of the american river is capable of creating its own microclimate mild breezes down below an intensified greatly in
6:17 am
mountain canyons here in the south fork of the american river. winds are gusting and benefits. fire behavior making flames fresh quicker toward highway 50 we ran across several spot fires along the steep canyon walls fueled by dry education firefighters could do little. but watch. they can either burn themselves out or create a whole do fire. this is where the head of the fire has been spreading because that southwest. >> wind flow that's been sweeping at this way. the threat to lake tahoe meant more federal firefighters deployed along highway 50 among their jobs. protecting evacuated homes from burning as well as key power lines and communication lines. a few miles west of khyber as the flames that actually reach the banks of the south fork of the american river. >> highway 50 just 50 yards away. firefighters had hoped that the highway without is a far break. how likely that is is now uncertain. in several places amber cast started small fires north of the highway fires like these threaten to grow or produce more windblown embers complicating the firefight. and highway 51 e one fox 40 news.
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>> and that air is going to get bad here in area. now the winds are going to bring some of that are way beginning. you're thinking what thursday, john tomorrow. so it does look like tomorrow. the shift in wind direction will allow some of that smoke to filter back our direction. something that hasn't happened is much the past few days because of a westerly wind, which is help to actually sweep things out and help us out to start this week. we've got another day of good air quality. we've also got another day of mild temperatures. so today really is the day to enjoy as much as you possibly can. your view outside at our berkeley hills camera does show you the view down below. obviously cloud cover sitting right above us. so the worst of wildfire smoke is right around lake tahoe in fact, it was the worst air quality in north america yesterday right around the lake tahoe basin air quality in the bay area, far different from that looking still at some good conditions for the bulk of the bay. if you head south of morgan hill down to gilroy. there's a moderate pocket to know and a couple of
6:19 am
moderate pockets. much as we've seen so far this week will pop up at times across the rest of the bay low pressure area. and this dip in the jet stream is offered us that nice cool down that we've enjoyed thus far. the high pressure ridge sitting just behind me, though, is going to build back in allowing some of that smoke to settle back into the central valley and eventually pushed back into our region. so just expects an increase in hays and also an impact. if you do have respiratory conditions that may keep the end side more so than not as we work our way into the tail end of this week. today's daytime highs pretty familiar at this point. some 60's near the coastline 70's for most of our bayshore cities. that includes millbrae southward. all the way down into the south bay. we're daytime highs for the most part in the south bay hold on to 70's again, santa clara. nice. 75 san jose at 77 east bay temperatures anywhere from the 60's in areas like oakland to the 70's to 80's further inland danville at 84 conquered 83 today, very warmest of temperatures being
6:20 am
vacaville again, a little warmer than yesterday. 87 still no 90's and today's forecast. we're saving that for almost the entirety of the rest of this forecast. tomorrow we see highs rising back into the low 90's inland. the return of some haze and friday, saturday and sunday being are very hottest. today's with high temperatures mostly rising and peaking in the upper 90's inland. reyna. john, thanks for that. so we have some hot spots to tell you about in some >> right here. 80 westbound at san pablo dam road multiple lanes were blocked they just were able to open that up. another accident. popping of 80 westbound west of appian way in pinole. they just were able to clear that. so you are going to see some delays along 80, the good news is things are open down here in gilroy westbound highway one 52 west of one. oh, one northbound all lanes still close. alternate 25 for you into the city. we go a little under 14 minutes. you see traffic is building there near the toll. so give yourself a little more time headed across towards the peninsula under 14 and another
6:21 am
accident union city. 8.80, northbound south of all the raw dough niles road. you see just a slight delay along 8.80 stay on top of your traffic and more. but daryn, james, back to you. >> in national news, house lawmakers made progress passing a voting rights bill named in honor of the late representative john lewis. and they also cleared the way for congress to take action on both the infrastructure bill and budget plan. we've got anna wiernicki standing by in dc with the latest on all of this. good morning, anna. >> good morning. that's right. a lot of movement in the house yesterday. democrats were able to push through parts of president biden's domestic agenda. but republicans say that the focus right now should be abroad. >> the house of representatives went straight to work tuesday. the resolution is adopted approving the 3.5 trillion dollar budget plan setting a september 27th deadline for an infrastructure vote. the bill is passed and passing a sweeping voting rights bill
6:22 am
that will restore voting rights. that was stopped. the plethora voting rights. voting restrictions that we see passing and so many different states. democrats praised the progress as the john lewis voting rights advancement act now heads to the senate where its fate is uncertain and we pray. >> this bill will land on joe biden's the senate will do the right thing. president joe biden says he's ready to sign it. applauding the house for pushing through key parts of his agenda house representatives taken significant step toward making. >> historic investment is going to transform america. but republicans like leader kevin mccarthy say right now the sole focus of congress should be afghanistan until every americans out. we should not be working on anything else. >> there's still a lot of work left to do congress needed. it needs to decide what exactly is going into this 3.5 trillion dollar budget plan and how exactly they plan to pay for it for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. all
6:23 am
right. >> so we'll take a break here at 6.22. coming up on the kron 4 morning news evacuation flights out of kabul are picking up. we're going to have the latest on the efforts to get americans out of afghanistan will be right back. 6.25. is the time the
6:24 am
6:25 am
supreme court has ruled in favor of a controversial immigration policy enacted by former president donald trump. so the high court ruled in a
6:26 am
63 vote that the biden administration has to reinstate the policy that forces migrants to wait in mexico while u.s. officials process their asylum claims president biden had asked the court to intervene after an appeals court ruled his administration improperly halted the trump era. immigration policy. the president has argued that restarting the program would create a quote, diplomatic and humanitarian crisis. the department of homeland security issued a statement saying it regrets the court's decision and we'll continue to challenge it. but for now it will comply with the order. >> it's 6.26 and let's give you the latest on the mass evacuation underway in afghanistan. president biden is sticking to his august 31st deadline. the president says the huge airlift operation is dangerous because terrorists threaten the lives of americans and u.s. troops in kabul so far, 71,000 people have been evacuated since the taliban took over on august 14th. the administration says that every american still in
6:27 am
the country has been contacted and told to get to the airport. >> well, earlier this morning, vice president kamala harris paid tribute to the late senator john mccain on the 3rd anniversary of his death. she visited the monument in vietnam where his plane was shot down in 1967 mccain died 3 years ago after a long bout with brain cancer. harris served in the senate alongside became for roughly 2 years before his death. this is harris's final leg of her asia trip. >> it's 6.27. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news with 3 weeks to go down before the recall election. we go one on one with caitlin jenner will tell you what she has to say after the break.
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they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. >> 6.30 is the time right now. take a look at walnut creek traffic. pretty light snaking through there the visibility looks pretty good. yeah. a little brighter out there. let's get an update on the forecast before you step outside. john with that. good morning, john. yeah. a little brightness between the grey this morning for sure. it's a pretty familiar scene. we've seen the low gray so far this week, a sign of the marine layer, which is certainly contributed to 2 nice things about this forecast so far which has been the cool feel of it and also the better air quality that we've been enjoying your view outside of the coin tower right now is definitely showing a little bit more of the same. some brightness piercing through the gray but definitely loud cover still hanging out above
6:31 am
us nevado napa in the north bay seeing some of this low gray low enough that it's blocking out visibility in pockets. most of us, especially a bridge level are doing just fine with your view, though current temps are mostly in the 50's right now. a couple low 60's like in oakland, where you've been enjoying those low 60's pretty much every morning this week, one of the more mild spots consistently later on this forecast. things are getting hot and hazy. so do enjoy today's weather. what we've got it reyna. tom, thanks for that. we've already seen multiple hot spots this morning. >> we're looking at the bay bridge right now as you're traveling into the city. see traffic building just a bit. a little under 13 minutes for your drive time. 5, 1880, moving along nicely at this hour headed across towards the peninsula under 15 minutes keeping a close eye on things. there. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond down to under 9 for your drive time. there heading down to gilroy where we still have that spill earlier accident. so westbound highway one 52 west of one. oh, one northbound all lanes
6:32 am
still close. look at alternate for you would be highway. 25 darya, james, back to you. thanks a lot rain. >> so we are just 19 days away from the recall election and happening today we've got 2 of the rough and candidates to replace governor newsom. >> here in the bay area. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer is going to be in oakland and caitlin jenner is going to be in san francisco. lot of people ino jenner for when she was on the kardashians reality show. so she's been touring the state to let them know where she stands on the issues. she sat down with kron four's. ashley zavala, my head. >> in this race. caitlyn jenner is no longer only taking aim at governor gavin newsome, but also on the front runner of the replacement candidates. larry elder, she talked about how she would do things differently. compared to elder and newsome. >> we need a pr person that's more inclusive. and that's me with exactly 3 weeks until election day. former olympian and reality tv star caitlyn jenner wants to prove how she
6:33 am
could be a champion for california for latest move as a recall replacement candidate. >> calling on conservative radio talk show host larry elder to drop out of the race for his disparaging remarks about women and allegations from his ex fiance that he brandished a gun at her. if that is true is not the type of person that we want governor of this state. what would you do to support and protect women. should you take office. the reason this. >> recall is happening. it's because of the women of california, the mothers. kids have been out of school. for a year. we need to give them the best opportunity to succeed. and right now the tax structures. we are the worst state in the nation. as far as a business friendly environment we need to change those type of things. jenner has declined to debate other republican candidates, all who have signaled they would drop statewide vaccine mandates or covid-related rules jenner would not directly say if she
6:34 am
would do the same. so yes, i am for the vaccination. >> i think it's a good day, but i'm also for. personal freedoms. this is a free country. what's left. but it is a free country. few to make your own decisions and i respect the decisions that you're going to make that decision to take the vaccine should between you and your doctor. >> i asked general how she has a republican would work with california's overwhelmingly democratic state legislature. she responded by saying she would push to make the legislature part time as a means of saving taxpayer dollars at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> thank you, ashley. now, meanwhile, former recall candidate doug oc is endorsing kevin kiley in his bid to oust governor newsome, the former congressman says that kiley has all the qualities of a leader. he is intelligent. >> it is curious. and he has the temperament. necessary to listen to the feedback from people.
6:35 am
>> see announced that he was dropping out of the race last week after he suffered a heart attack. and our coverage of the recall election continues on our website at kron 4 dot com. don't forget you can scan that qr code. it will take you right to that special section where you can read up on with the very latest on the candidates. details about how to cast your special ballot. all of that. there at kron. 4 dot com. >> 6, 35 and in the south bay, a man is under arrest accused of exposing himself to a woman in sunnyvale yeah. he's a registered offender. police believe there may be other victims out there and we've got crawford. julius evans live in sunnyvale with more on the story. you know it. >> yeah, james, what his name is. richard cruz garcia and he is in police custody right now. let's show you a picture of him garcia was arrested for indecent indecent exposure. for violating his registry status. now back in august
6:36 am
15th around 2.15 officers did respond to report of a person who exposed his genitals to a 40 year-old woman while she was waiting for the elevator. let's show you the map where this occurred now. this was in the 1200 block lakeside drive in sunnyvale, not the suspect who we now know is richard garcia fled on foot in an unknown direction. but the senate bill sunnyvale police. we're able to identify him and ultimately arrested him. and during there interviewed with garcia, he said that when he gets stretched stout, he finds himself. he finds relief by exposing himself to someone. and he also admitted that he had previously exposed himself to at least one additional person. but wasn't able to recall the location or the approximate date when he did it now, this is why based on garcia statements, police believe they may. there may be additional victims this is
6:37 am
why, you know, they want people to take a look at his picture. if you recognize his picture to please call the sunday belt the police department or you can go to kron 4 dot com. but we will have information on who to contact. if you believe you are a victim of mister garcia. back to you guys. all right. thank you, ali. >> time now 6.37 and the van ness improvement project when it's don is supposed to give san francisco its first bus rapid transit system. but it's also coming under fire from a high-profile media personality kron four's, maureen kelly takes a closer look at the complaints. >> fox news host laura ingram once again takes aim at san francisco shooting out to back to back tweets, calling out of an escort or transit project. this one labeling it the war against cars. another calling it a debacle on day one. the project which broke ground in 2016 is running nearly 3 years behind schedule and roughly 37 million dollars over budget. it's been causing
6:38 am
people to avoid the major artery because van ness has been of esta drive. the reasons behind the delays are recently examined in this civil grand jury report calling the project a case study in how mistakes can compound during a major project. we're not trying to say the transit is bad. we will put some of desperate to do better delivering these projects. >> the report says the delays were caused by avoidable setbacks and replacing the sewer and water lines underneath the roadway and that sf mta should have done a better job at assessing what was underground before construction started because once digging began, they found things. >> that were planned for exploratory pa tolling is a way that the city can do a little bit of an exploration underneath before digging up the entire roadway and almost none of that happened by the time the construction started a spokesperson for the transportation agency says they're trying to do better. we are actively working portrayed those into our lessons >> for the other projects throughout the city. this project is about 78% complete.
6:39 am
all the major underground sewer and water work has been completed. >> one car, free resident who lives off. and that is looking forward to what's been promised to make transit safer faster and more reliable. personally, i think the the project's important to the city pretty much every big project that happens in any major city. it's going to have delays. they're going to be obstacles bus. rapid transit service is expected to begin on van ness avenue. >> in 2022 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and 22 okay. 6.39 is the time. let's go to the south bay now where this meat week marks 3 months since the mass shooting at the vta railyard there in san jose. 9 vta workers were killed back on may 26 by a co-worker trains as we know, been out of service since then. but we're now learning that all 42 miles of the light rail tracks have been inspected and more than 300 employees now have been retrained and certified trains will begin running tests routes this week. and if all
6:40 am
goes well service could be restored sometime within the next couple of days after that, the current plan is for limited service by sunday for the forty-niners raiders preseason game at levi stadium. now to the north bay where police in petaluma are warning residents to be on the lookout after a mountain lion was the mountain lion was spotted late last night was right near ridge view drive officials are warning that if you do encounter one while you're out for a walk, don't turn and run. don't turn your back on the mound line and instead you want to face it. want to make a lot of noise look bigger than you are by waving your arms and throw rocks and other objects to if you're with small children, pick them up and for dog owners. you should keep your dog on a leash close to use that you can scoop them up if you come across a mountain lion. >> 6.40 and happening today, scott peterson will appear in court for the final arguments in his case alleged juror misconduct is at the heart of whether peterson could get a whole new trial after final
6:41 am
arguments, the judge will decide whether or not to hold an evidentiary hearing where the juror in question may testify. peterson was convicted in 2002 of killing his wife lacey and their unborn son, connor, while his death sentence was overturned by the state supreme court last year. he is still on death row. scott peterson is expected to attend the hearing remotely from prison. >> u c berkeley is being ordered to freeze enrollment at the current level indefinitely and alameda county superior court judge ruled the growing number of students is affecting neighborhood housing and causing displacement and creating on acceptable noise. the judge also found the school failed to look into whether reducing enrollment would improve the surrounding neighborhoods. a spokesperson for the school says it will fall documents aimed at allowing them to enroll more students enrollment at u c
6:42 am
berkeley increased by about 6500 students between 2010 to 2020. >> we'll take a break at 6.41. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news brandon belt. it's 2 home runs for the giants in their win against the mets last night. we're going hear from him about why that win. >> it was so emotional. >> today is the annual grape harvest livermore valley valley. we're live from the vineyard right now. coming up in a live report we will show you picking the grapes. you learn more about how the industry survived the last year and a half. >> and we're back to the low clouds this morning. as you can see from your sfo camera here after the grey clears out its back to sunshine and comfortable temperatures just for one more day. got big changes on the way for tomorrow. but you've got your forecast. already started this morning with some busy heavy traffic. we had a hot spot in san pablo still have one down in gilroy and your drive times
6:43 am
starting to tick up. we'll have a look at that when we get back.
6:44 am
woman: from our classrooms... man: the playing fields. maybe more than ever before, we are ready for this school year.
6:45 am
i'm so excited to see all of my students. we're doing all we can to make sure our schools are safe... woman: make sure our schools are safe. i want to thank parents and families for working with us. and continuing to be our partners. thank you so much. we can't do it without you. we can't do it without you. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california... man: ...for all of us. >> 45 and happening now, the 2021 grape harvest is on her way vendors in the east bay have begun harvesting this morning. yes, is a fun time of year. kron 4 sarah stinson live out there in livermore with more on the. >> activity. that's beginning
6:46 am
the beginning to pick up their sarah. >> oh, it sure is. i mean, they're busy when it's dark outside. and now finally there's some life for them their loss seats as vineyard. take a look show you right here. they are quick and picking grapes. i mean, we had to move several times because they are so fast to get those greats in the bins that they can be pressed. joining us live now has tammy kelly from the livermore valley vineyard wine growers association is the annual harvest what does this mean to you in this industry. >> well, it's a really exciting time every year when the grapes are picked. it's kind of the start of a new unlike or the wineries in here. and we have more than 50 wineries here. so it's an exciting time today is the blessing of the graves where we really kick off the season. we're going to have a pastor, rabbi and a priest all they are to us. one of the first bunches of grapes. it's coming up. their minds tonight. >> that will be really special and talking about livermore valley as well areas because
6:47 am
we know napa valley, livermore valley it actually one of the oldest wine regions in the state. you're a creative way back in the mid 1800's and they're actually more than 50 wineries here before through this >> and after prevention. there were only 2.20 and concannon. but we've slowly built back over the years and we're back up over 50 again. wow. and tell me what someone can experience coming out here and going one case, really fun thing about livermore valley wine tasting. is there such a there's more than 30 different types of grapes grown out here in valley. so when you walk into a tasting room. >> there's really a lot to taste try these groups are in such a interesting region. talk to me about that being close. the in this valley you have someone who country grows greats. well, because we are an east-west oriented valley. that means of cool air from the bay comes right in and 6 over the grapes in the evening and that really is good for their development of warm days, cool nights. it's good
6:48 am
for yeah. and then william unit. can you pan over and show what's happening behind us. what we continue. tell me the last year and a half, it's been really difficult when you're part of this association. >> how are wineries doing out here. it's been a tough year, but i've been really happy resilient. all the wineries have been. >> it was time that we had to close down about we're able to continue selling wine online and curbside pickup was really a success because the fans of living without wind will really support >> that's good to hear. and so how are feeling today is on very positive day and with these winds moving forward overall. >> think it's a great day for valley wine country. here picking taking place in starting off an even eye with the smoke. had to spend high up in the atmosphere. so hasn't affected our >> is good to hear now they're going to a blessing. so we will be talking about this for the next hour or 2 hours to make sure to continue to join
6:49 am
us. we're going continue to be out here in the venues. as you can see it's very busy. it's fun to be out here. so. >> look forward to report about an hour. >> you get to take your shoes off like do isi very good. all right. let's bring it back in-house. and they were talking about how it's nice that the smoke has been nice and high and really not. i affecting the of the vines too much, which is great. yeah, but we are seeing that smoke move in later this week. john. yeah, it's really nice to see them doing all that work today because it really is a good day to be doing it ahead of those changes that will allow some smoke likely to drift back into the picture for us now. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning isn't showing smoke, but it is showing gray that's marine layer out there. >> that has been pushing pretty consistently into the bay so far this week. and as you can see from your berkeley hills camera it is pretty evident sitting right above the bay area. smoke rather has been brushed out by that cool marine layer that is pushed in
6:50 am
consistently since late this weekend. obviously they're still wildfire smoke being seen around those other fires burning around the state, including around lake tahoe, which actually had the worst air quality in north america yesterday due to so much smoke being put up there now. as for the bay area. another day with green for most areas. do expect moderate pockets to pop up as you check your air quality throughout the course of the day. but we're starting off with some really good things out there now high pressure is slowly going to be building back in. this is going to be contributing to that change of pace that we've got starting tomorrow. so rather than being cool and clear like we have been hayes has a chance to drift back in and with high pressure pushing in that means sinking air and usually some still air across the bay doesn't contribute to get air quality, that's for sure. we still have this westerly flow was just helping that sweeping effect cleaning things out for us. also resulting in the morning gray that we're in the midst of for sure. 50's 60's for highs in sf as well as some 50's 60's near the coastline on the
6:51 am
peninsula. it will be back to 70's for a lot of our bayshore cities burlingame at 73 redwood city and san carlos beach at 76 south bay daytime highs in the mid 70's upper 70's to low 80's depending on where you're at. as for the east bay familiar scene here, too. whether you're in the 60's right along the shoreline from richmond to san leandro to the 80's in walnut creek concord. our warmest 80 today being in vacaville 87 degrees. no 90's just yet but brace yourselves for the 7 day forecast because it is showing plenty of them just around the corner tomorrow starts our warm-up in also starts the process of some haze pushing back into the picture friday saturday and sunday are your hottest days of this forecast. and i know that smack dab in the middle of your weekend. not necessarily when you want hot and hazy conditions. we will see cooler weather by the middle of next week. but do note that it will be hotter and hazy or into the weekend. reyna. thanks for that. if you are taking any of the caltrain trains.
6:52 am
>> they're delayed up to 60 minutes in san francisco due to some earlier police activity. so keeping a close eye on that heading into the city under 15 minutes, but still traffic is building here. also starting to pick up a bit as more people get on the roads. haven't seen any reports of any accidents along the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge. the richmond sandra fell bridge the down here in gilroy. there is a spill westbound highway one 52 west a one. oh, one northbound. so all lanes closed there. so traffic trying to get around to that should take 25 as an alternate. linda, the richmond sandra fell bridge a little under 12 minutes for your drive time and out here in union city. 8.80 northbound south of all rado niles road an accident down near the cars. some slowing along 8.80 daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's talk baseball. the giants off to a great start on the road against the mets and the story of the night was brandon belt. he played with a heavy heart because his grandmother died of covid. so he dedicated the
6:53 am
game to her and look at this hit a home run in the first inning. >> and another homer. >> he hit in the 4th and then the other players they contributed at the plate to and in the end, the giants beat the mets 8 to 0. here's brandon belt on his emotional night. >> i did want to dedicate this game to my grandmother who obviously love very much. and you know, it's been spinner. pretty tough day. you know, kind of in a daze all day you know, just glad i come out here and do that for her and so in a dedicated rest of the the season to or as well. and she was a huge supporter of mine. so this really does mean a lot. >> benji with his strike. all the giants play the mets again today with first pitch at 4.10. >> meantime, the open days. we're hosting the mariners out of the coliseum. they got one run in the first inning. so it's a nice start, but that the all they get from the mariners would come back, taking the lead in the nba's
6:54 am
really didn't have an answer for it. so they went down to defeat final score in this one was 5 to one the a's have the day off today. they'll host the red-hot new york yankees tomorrow out of the coliseum will see what they can do there. we'll take a break. it's 6.53. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news, a new mask mandate now in effect for the city of benicia, not the rest of the county, but we're going to take a look at how that's going to work. >> and if you want to get inside any city building in san jose for a big event. you're going to have to prove that your vaccinated. we'll have more on that also are following the latest on california wildfires, including the outdoor fire, which is now threatening which is now threatening southlake topple does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us at 07:00am on a wednesday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. and on this wednesday morning, we're waking up to again a day of fairly nice skies and air quality now. pretty good today. but what about tomorrow always the the big questions today, especially as today looks great. tomorrow looks different. say it's going to be hotter. it's going to be hazy or less ideal for spending time outdoors. so think back to what we've had so far this week monday's been beautiful tuesday brought us more good weather today is going to continue that trend. but it is our last one of our cooler in clear days see, really do want to enjoy it. >> as for conditions outside this morning, brightening up. you do see the low gray that's sitting over head.


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