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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight lower lake. this in lake county. and you can see the flames structures burning crews working to try to quickly put out the fire and limit the destruction. this fire started this afternoon in clear lake city in the lower lake area. it has burned at least a 100 acres and is 0% contained, though that number has now been updated in some time now here's more video of the fire was taken to the cache creek mobile home state. you can see. >> structures are burned, but we are hearing that firefighters were able to save some that mobile home park is located just off dam road not far from the clear lake campground. >> here's a look at evacuation orders and warnings right now the areas highlighted in the red are those under an evacuation order. the yellow indicating evacuation warning sen you can see the close proximity to clear lake there. there is an evacuation center at kelsey ville high school that has been set up high highway. 29 is close from
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highway 53 to spruce grove road. as we zoom in even further, you can see some of the areas that were hardest hit. you have that 2 mobile home parks that were. decimated you see the creekside mobile home park on the left in the cache creek mobile home estates on the right. this is a satellite view from obviously before the fire. but those 2 areas certainly in the center of the path of destruction of this fire. and according to state senator mike mcguire, the fire started within that residential area was in south a little bit. you can see how close the heart of the fire is to to schools, lower lake high school, lower lake elementary. obviously kids just getting back to school. apparently there is a fire drill. this morning for a traditional building fire. and then this afternoon kids were that
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scrambling to get out of there. they were known suffering any injuries. but imagine that her you just starting school, especially the little kids there in the elementary school reportedly a field right across from the school was on fire. so they got everybody out. but what a harrowing afternoon as they scramble to get folks out. yeah. for sure. and that we are in the peak of fire season. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> joins us now to a breakout them yeah. we're talking about that being a residential area. but you can see all the trees really all the fuel around that area where that fire can spend versus spread rapidly in. they're not done. we've got some more winds that will likely pick up overnight and they're seeing some blustery winds right now. so that could carry some the embers from that fire and shirley spread that now most those winds coming almost of due north right now gusting to about 26 miles per hour. so taking for a closer look, bill you can see in and around that area there's plenty of places. there's plenty of homes all along here. so not only the dealing with the fire. you're also dealing with the smoke
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got smoke spreading toward dam road. you see that right here. and then some of that making its way in the lower lake. folks in and around this area want to close those windows be very lot of smoke likely to come your way for some time. that's still a very active fire. and those winds are going to ramp up over again tonight. we could see gusts, maybe to 35 miles per hour in some of those areas overnight. so red flag warnings are up across that area. much of the north bay again, humidity maybe not quite as dry and the winds maybe not as gusty but when you have an active fire really doesn't matter. you can spread that fire rapidly. these winds wrapping up, especially after midnight tonight. maybe gusting as high as 35 miles per hour. not as strong as last night. with that fire already burning that can spread those embers in a hurry. i know a lot of firefighters will tell you those wind get anywhere near 40 miles an hour. they really can't stop it. so keep our fingers crossed that they can really get a handle on that fire before these winds ramp up again tonight. i think after midnight between about midnight about 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. that's where experience the strongest winds and then by the afternoon tomorrow, more of a sea breeze
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kicking in that will bring up the humidity that will slow down the spread of that fire. thanks a more coverage of the fire there in lower lake as we progress for now, though, some politics. and although governor newson considers this. >> recall election of republican led effort. there are democrats on the ballot financial analyst and youtube star kevin path working to convince voters that he is a serious democratic option. >> he spoke one-on-one with our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> the california democratic party does not have an official backup candidate on the ballot. should governor gavin newsome lose the recall. but democrat kevin paffrath also known as meet kevin is confident he's at least the parties viable plan b avenue says branding is all about stop the republican recall. our argument is so california recall people are fed up. meet kevin paffrath, a political outsider and democrat in the wide field of republicans running to replace governor gavin newsome, the 29 year-old
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financial analyst youtube star and father of 2 boys describes himself as a jfk style democrat who wants to apply his economic expertise to state government. my career teaching folks about finances and wealth building has been all about being efficient with my time but also helping train others to be official with their time so they can build their wealth to invest in people in education, in health care, mental health, education so that way the cost and burdens on government are actually lower. we then spend less money on medical on welfare and on social programs. and instead we can lower taxes in his first 60 days. paffrath promises to immediately focus on the state's homelessness crisis by working with the national guard to identify 80 facilities to be used as shelters. he also plans to craft an infrastructure package that includes working with the federal government to boost wildfire prevention. >> increase water access by building a pipeline from california to the mississippi river and speed up the legal immigration process. on top of housing homelessness wildfire prevention and state spending.
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>> paffrath says newsome has also failed on covid-19 while the democrats as he is vaccinated and believes in science based solutions fred says he does not agree with statewide pandemic-related mandates. i believe mandates are the responsibility of individual businesses or local communities. i don't believe a governor can blanket say for the entire state. we should or should not have mandates with recall ballots now in the hands of voters. governor newsom has urged his supporters to leave question to blank and not pick a replacement candidate, but pat frat says it's nonsense and it's either really stupid or it's sabotage that they don't have a backup. and this is why we think towards the end of this election. it wouldn't be a surprise if they look for hail mary backup option democrat. >> and based on polling. we expect that to be right now. the democratic party endorses us in the back door when i speak with individual representatives from our federal government when i speak with senators or assembly, men and women. they say, look. we're voting no on
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recall, but we're voting on the best backup democrats because leaving a ballot like doesn't make sense that tells us regardless of the outcome of this race. he says he still plans to run for governor in 2022. >> at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> short time ago. the prospect of governor newsome losing his job seem very unlikely. but things do change now both the new son team and the leading republicans who want his job are in overdrive. kron four's. catherine heenan is live in our newsroom with more on that part of the story catherine. political analyst david mckeown. he says that if the recall were held today, gavin newsome would lose. he is expecting the team to start really piling on republican front runner. larry elder, among other things, suggesting elder as a dangerous extremist. but the queue and says we'll probably also see more the very same from the other republican front-runners starting with kevin faulkner. >> at tomorrow night's debate here at kron.
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>> he's really going after moderate republican voters republican-leaning independent voters, those voters that we call no party preference to claim the state voters, the purple people. if you will. that's really his avenue moving forward to do that. he started to attack larry elder, who isn't it, that the bay is not likely to be at any of the debates who isn't even accessible in some ways to the media because of this emphasis that larry elder is kind of running outside and late it places people like kevin faulconer, and even kevin kiley who wants to have a coup by kind of let's all be on the same page are for the state republican party. it challenges all of them to cut through with the guy who isn't there. it's not just gavin newsome wasn't there, but larry elder, so watch for the degree to which the attack a larry elder continues trying to paint him as an extremist that's exactly what the new some team wants and democrats nationally want to see that happen as well. mcewen is also expecting team newsome to begin bringing in what he calls the big guns with big names.
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>> possibly. he says even the obamas coming to california to give newsome. i hand grant. >> thank you, catherine. by the way, crowd for, of course, your local election headquarters and tomorrow night, you can see that republican debate. the candidates hoping to replace governor newsom going head to head inside california politics will host the debate in the kron 4 studios. don't miss it airs right here on kron. 4 tomorrow night. august 19th at 7 o'clock. still to come, tonight to return to the classroom ruined by road and sallow students will have to wait before they can go to school. >> plus the a's all-star pitcher who took a line drive to the face during yesterday's game. >> we have an update on his condition tonight and we'll keep the out the rest of the season. and controversial south bay airport. one step closer to closing down its runway for good
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>> santa clara county supervisors are unanimously approving a measure to close the reid-hillview airport 2 weeks ago. a study found elevated levels of lead in children who live near the airport. the airport serves small private planes which produce far more lead pollution. the new larger commercial aircraft and this airport is much closer to homes than most airports. the vote comes after a decades long effort by nearby residents to get the place close the soon as the airport could actually closes january
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and it will require also the approval of the federal aviation administration. >> still ahead, a quick moving fire is burning near clear lake in lake county, evacuatio
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> a big story tonight as the exodus of refugees continues from afghanistan. hundreds are expected to be headed for a new life right here in the bay area and elsewhere in northern california as our kron four's,
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rob fladeboe reports now various organizations are mobilizing to help the refugees get settled. >> we provide housing. we provide employment opportunities the international rescue committee says afghan the refugees will arrive here soon with the $1200 federal stipend in their pocket. but that won't go far in the pricey bay area. so the irc hopes to raise at least another $250,000 to help them get settled. >> the folks who are right here are already they've gone through a lot. i mean, they've got 2 wars. they've gone through violence. they've got to contemplate and they've got to get iraq expects between 1702,000 refugees may be headed to northern california eventually. >> since 2010, the oakland and san jose based irc has already help settle thousands of afghan refugees by way of the special immigrant visa program
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soon. as the family comes is we settled in the bay area we provide housing. we provide employment opportunities. we we we provide out what's called the home set up in the south bay to los gatos base jewish family services of silicon valley is also mobilizing says ceo mindy berkowitz new arrivals at the airport, transporting them to their first doctor's appointment signing them up for benefits getting their kids in schools, helping them learn english berkowitz says the greatest need in biggest challenge by far will be finding temporary and eventually permanent housing. we do have some people who will come and how's newly arrived refugees for a month or 2 while we're helping them get settled and get their first job so that they can go get a little market rate apartments. the bulk of the refugees may be headed for existing afghan the immigrants settlements in sacramento.
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interlock. but many will settle in oakland and san jose as well. northern california has stepped up before in the irc is also famous or a expects. it will do so again when we send. >> our army to those are the people who stood by our people and stood by soldiers and helped our soldiers in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> well, it is video that will no doubt make your skin crawl. rats were caught scurrying around classrooms at sure. high school it's in southern california. no thank you. the infestation has led to a delay to the start of the school year for thousands of students come for us. carlos, a set of has the story. >> a star of rat makes a run for it after jumping from a high school cabinet. this video was taken in may at your high school in montebello. but instructors say the rat infestation only got worse.
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>> last monday when i return. you know, setting of a computer. and, you know, getting getting ready to prepare for opening schools. i mean, i heard that sent mice and rats. >> elk one of us teaches government and econ and has documented evidence of rodent droppings around his classroom among other things. >> with rats. there's there's other season, other airborne things that can come from from rats. it's it's not safe. health issue for for students instead of reopening the campus for in-person learning on monday. school and district officials delayed the start of the new school year. >> by 2 weeks. montebello unified school district sent emails, text messages and phone calls to all students and parents last friday, informing them of the last minute decision. >> unfortunately, that school was not going to be opening on the 16 s plan. >> kathy rodriguez is granted was supposed to start his
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senior year. this week. kids are home already. almost a year and a half and that's good distinction to make it more in their attention before these kids came back school. the infestation was found ensure see building which houses the library and many of the classrooms. school officials say they're evaluating h vacc systems after finding rodents throughout the building. the interim superintendent put out this statement saying, quote, the district took immediate action and is working with industry experts, including an industry high genna's west created the specifications for the work that is underway out of an abundance of caution. it was determined that the best course of action was to delay the start of school for everyone safety. >> it's a big problem. it's a big issue. 2 weeks. doesn't sound like. you could be enough. >> carlos to settle reporting there. meanwhile, a's all-star pitcher chris bassitt is recovering tonight after a gruesome injury took a line drive to the face during last night's game in chicago. some good news, though to report today. the team says bassett
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has been released from the hospital to pass at and suffered a broken cheekbone which will require surgery. that's set to happen early next week. but there does not appear appear to be any damage to his eye or any type of brain injury anything neurological. so that's the great news. the a's trainer says vision is normal and he's resting comfortably bassett was placed on the 10 day injured list. it's unclear if he will return to the field this season. wish him all the best, all the raiders. meantime, they're getting ready for their second preseason game this weekend. >> crawford's jason dumas has an update for us from training camp. the raiders had a joint practice on wednesday against the rams ahead of the 2 teams is pre season game on saturday. >> facing matt stafford would be a huge test for this newly developed raiders defense and guess what, they passed with flying colors. the raiders defense largely stuck to its nickel package and had consistent success against the
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rams offense. the rams were able to generate many chunk played either on the ground or through the air. the raiders couldn't really tackle because this practice but they were extremely physical at the point of contact. we will look to see this continue on saturday when the 2 teams face off for real. >> 4 is your bay area home with the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the la rams this saturday on kron 4. it all starts at 6.30 pm with a crime for raiders. pre-game show followed by game 7 different pole by the game at 07:00pm and then analysis of all the action on kron 4 raiders post
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♪ mmm...award winning. ♪ try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. now to our breaking news this evening that fast-moving headed back away shuns in lake county broke out this afternoon in clear lake city forward progress has been stopped but not before burning. some 2 dozen homes and it burned about 75 acres so far. >> yeah. this is in the lower lake area. the regions in red are still under a mandatory evacuation order. the yellow indicates evacuation warnings. the wind is blowing from north to south. so that is a factor as we keep an eye on the forecast. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. we'll be tracking that and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 this evening to keep it here. kron 4 news at 6 is right around the corner and we will be
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speaking live with the sheriff in lake county. that is at the top of the hour. so stay tuned for that. >> plus, smoke from that fire and several others enveloping the bay area ash on cars, schools rethinking their plans as the new school year starts. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the strong winds and low humidity.
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>> the bay, area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> now. it's 6 o'clock. a fast-moving fire prompted evacuations near clear lake and lake county. you can see in this video structures burning earlier today. and even at this hour, crews working quickly to try and put out as many flames as possible and limit the destruction. we do know at this hour, forward progress has been stopped on some of the blazes in the area. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm pam moore. and i'm catherine heenan for ken wayne tonight. >> this fire broke out this afternoon in lower lake. it has burned 75 acres at last count, 0% contained that containment number, though, has not been updated. state senator mike mcguire says the fire began in the residential area that obviously has been hardest hit. you're looking at part of the scene. and this is from the cache creek mobile


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