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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 13, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. and again, if you, you know, don't have somebody in your party who wants to show proof of vaccination or isn't capable of it. >> then i would recommend that you you call the restaurant and you see if there's an outside table. going out in san francisco starting next week you are going to need to have your covid-19 vaccination card in order to enter any business that draws a crowd. >> good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday on kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm justine waltman. ken wayne is off tonight. now proof of vaccines. >> we'll just be another thing you're going have to show if you want to eat indoors or head to the gym in san francisco. but you actually need the that cdc card that you got when you got your shot. not so much conference as you in, you explains what you do need to have.
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>> this time next week. if you want to work out in a see a show, get a drink or eat in a restaurant in san francisco, you're going to need one of these proof that you are fully vaccinated against covid-19. it is not advisable to carry your original cdc vaccine card around with you. laminated copy would be a better option for more options. we turn to the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association laurie thomas, a picture on your phone and that vaccination card that you can see that you've either had 2 shots of. >> the 2 shot dosage or one shot of the j and j dosage. it could be an app like i've downloaded one called calm pass from san francisco. i mean, from california where you go in and entered in and it shows up. you know, there's multiple apps and then, you know, we also will need a picture id. a picture id to verify the person with the vaccination card is the same person on the identification card. >> a digital certificate can be acquired by visiting the state of california's digital
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covid-19 vaccine record page there. you can into your name and date of birth and then you will be linked to a qr code and a digital copy of your vaccination. take a picture of that and say that to an album on your phone. however, when it comes to actually presenting a visual reference that you've been vaccinated so there's no there's no universal. >> proof needed. >> one out because member, we're going to we're going to see different kind of. passports from different, you know, backs it. that's a nation apps or whatever from different locations getting your official covid-19 vaccination card from your local cvs or walgreens is pretty much instantaneous following the shot. >> there's no wait time you can check with your personal health care provider for any lag in turnaround time after being vaccinated. this is not rocket science is just like when we were under 21, show me your id and we're just going to add the show me the vaccination card san
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francisco's proof of covid-19 vaccination requirement goes into effect friday august 20th 2021. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> this all comes as us health to authorize an extra dose of the covid vaccine for people with weakened immune systems. this applies to millions of americans who take the suppressing medications because of organ transplants cancer or other disorders. this does not apply to otherwise healthy people. doctors are closely monitoring whether and when more people will need a 3rd shot. they say for now the vaccines continue to be highly effective in most healthy people. >> in the east bay. now these san ramon valley unified school district is dealing with more than a half a dozen positive covid-19 cases on 4 separate campuses. but as kron four's to juggle reports he tells us that the cases are isolated. >> during the first week of school. 7 students from a mix of elementary middle and high
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school campuses within the san ramon valley unified school district have tested positive for covid-19 one of those cases reported that lose serios middle school. we've been concerned about it. the actions to be increased off. job says he is confident in the school district's health and safety protocols. but worries for his 13 year-old and 10 year-old sons is vaccinated you need to be got a younger son was not vaccinated because he's too young. >> i'm concerned for him. the school district says all of the positive cases are students at the trend that we're seeing. the delta. >> you know it. it was expected live all than happy to not see it the first week that it, you know, it is what it is at this point. no positive cases have popped up among teachers or staff. from what we understand of the transmission was in the community, not in our schools. in addition to los arrows, middle school. 3 cases were reported at this the elementary school.
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>> one case at san ramon valley high school and 2 cases at california. high school when a student is identified as having covid. they must go home superintendent doctor john malloy says all of the people who are considered close contacts have been notified. he says since all of them wear masks indoors and many have been vaccinated. most are still in school or in modified quarantine. yes, we will have cases. >> but it's how we deal with them. that's important. 7 cases. we've dealt with it effectively in a population of 30,000 kids were back on campus this week in the san ramon valley unified school district. >> that's what we're focusing about. 950 districts. students have either opted for virtual learning or independent studies. >> in danville all kron 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and another big story we're following tonight. governor gavin newsome hitting the road ahead of the upcoming recall
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election next month for maureen kelly was there at his first stop in san francisco. >> governor gavin newsome came back home to san francisco where launched his political career surrounded by progressive and moderate democrats backing him up inside manny's community space in the mission district there. he told many members of the media gathered for his kickoff event. but the stakes of this recall could not be higher at a time where the state is battling yet another extreme fire season and still in the grips of a pandemic. he faces a lot of challengers. mostly republicans today he and several of his supporters said the state is better off with newsome in charge. >> not only would have better health outcomes in the last 18 months. we had better economic outcomes in the last 18 months. our economy contracted a much lower rate than texas and florida. indiana, the united states as a whole because we were led by science and facts. all of that is at risk. we could go up a cloak covid clip in just a matter of weeks. we don't take this moment seriously. in turn
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those ballots back in. we talk about turnout. this is about turning in those ballots. it's a simple thing. just vote no. and go to the mailbox despite being in a very blue state. the governor has his work cut out for him. take a look at our exclusive inside california politics poll with emerson college. 46 1% are planning to vote on recalling the governor. >> 48% want to keep governor newsom and 6% are undecided early voting for the september 14th recall election opens this monday. political analyst michael yaki says newsom has to motivate democrats to actually fill those ballots out. >> with the governors facing is is a very close race at this point. and the other way, doesn't become close he gets democrats out to vote and he's got to make sure that they understand the message is no. yes, most people think that you're voting for someone, but you're actually voting against something happening. so having
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a clear message on voting no, it's going to be keep today. newsom said both the president and the vice president are going to come out here to show their support for him in person in the coming weeks. >> newsom now heads to san diego and los angeles on saturday. maureen kelly kron 4 >> meantime, today, larry elder held his first major news conference in his run to replace governor newsom, the recall candidate front runner and the governor not mincing words for one another. today on the campaign trail force. ashley zavala has that. >> this is just the start of the campaign blitz, not just for governor gavin newsome but also larry elder and other candidates running in this recall election. this is the final weekend before ballot. it mailboxes for most california voters next week. >> i'm going to win election after recall conservative radio talk show host larry elder holding his first major press conference. virtually friday. he mainly criticized governor newsome and
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california's democrat led government reason for the part of the reason a left-wing politics. there's a reason for the rise in crimes left-wing politics. there's a reason for the rise of homelessness and it's left impalas. a lot of people haven't connected the dots. recent polls, including one from inside california politics and emerson college show almost californians are undecided on who they would pick to replace newsom. elder has the lead among republican heavy field of candidates elder condemned newsom's handling of the pandemic and said he'd throw out any mask or statewide vaccine mandate coming or mandate for masks stay for right away that i was running away with this >> meanwhile, it uses campaign event in san francisco. larry elder was the only replacement candidate. the governor mentioned by name newsome denounced elders, conservative views including his climate change denial and anti-abortion stance. i go down the list. >> is to the right of donald trump. to the right of that's
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what's at stake in this election. and don't think for a second you can have engine that will. >> we should note elder would not take any questions from any mainstream local media members or from journalists who regularly hold elected officials accountable. there are 2 debates scheduled for next week, including ours elder refuses to participate in any of them in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and coming up in less than 30 minutes no. the state's political science professor david mckeown will be joining us to talk about governor newsom and the upcoming recall. if you have any questions, you can tweet me will be sure to ask them for you and as a reminder, you can see the major republican candidates go head to head in a debate next week inside california politics is hosting the debate right here in our kron 4 studios. it airs live next thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. >> coming up, kron 4 is getting you ready for school. how parents can get prepared and have a successful start to the school year. you should an have mountains of debt. when you graduate college. cutting
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back on student loan debt. what is next for lawmakers to do in order to make community college free for all america. but first, why thousands of us troops are going back to afghanistan after being sent home details next. in a live report. and friday night we've got the weekend ahead. what about the weather? we're going to be heating up. we'll talk about it next.
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>> a taliban is continuing its lightning fast takeover of afghanistan as u.s. troops continue to move out of the region. a complete withdrawal of us forces is still set for the end of this month. and kron four's, washington correspondent kellie meyer is joining us now live with the latest on the administration's response to the escalating situation overseas. good evening, kelly. >> good evening, pena justine well, tonight, 3,000 troops are returning to the region to help with evacuation efforts at the u.s. embassy in kabul as the taliban moves closer to the capital city. but despite the gains, the white house is standing by its decision to bring the bring troops home and end the 2 decade long war. >> certainly concerned the speed with which the taliban has been moving. the defense department is acknowledging the situation on the ground in afghanistan is quickly getting worse. the deteriorating. >> conditions are a factor, a big factor in why the.
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>> the president has approved this mission. 3,000 troops are on their way to help evacuate the u.s. embassy in kabul. >> but are leaving the defense of the country up to afghan troops on the ground. this is a this is a moment for. the afghans to unite the taliban takeover comes just weeks before the u.s. is set to fully withdraw troops from the region. some lawmakers on capitol hill like democrat rhode island senator jack reed agree with the administration's decision to bring troops home. what the afghans have to do it very quickly. >> is stabilize their lives. >> others like republican, south carolina senator lindsey graham say the action could put the u.s. at risk. graham tweeted friday saying, quote, it will only be a matter of time before our homeland is again threatened from afghanistan. but george washington university professor ben hopkins says the taliban has indicated its interest remains in the region, not in the u.s. we need to recognize that the
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taliban of today is different than the taliban of. >> the late 1990's. >> and president biden today was briefed on the situation in afghanistan and the ongoing drawdown. but the white house gave no indication they would be reversing their decision to bring troops back home. >> so kelly, there are some concerns about the taliban taking over the capital of afghanistan to the pentagon have anything to say about that. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby did address questions about that, about kabul. the largest city in the capital city. he said, quote, not right now. is there an eminent threat environment there. but he did say. >> that the taliban is trying to isolate that particular city. but he did say if they achieve that, that that threat. >> and >> issue there is up to afghan leadership to handle not the u.s. military. he said the u.s. is continuing to engage in diplomatic efforts to find a peace agreement. >> kelli meyer live in
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washington, dc for us tonight. thank you. well, us senators return to washington, dc they will begin the process of debating a 3.5 trillion dollar bill aimed at tackling a number of president joe biden's priorities. one of them includes free community college, education secretary miguel cardona says that president biden's free community college plan will help cut down on student debt. i says the department of education is also working to make it easier on those who already have student loans. we. >> for given over 3 billion dollars in student loan debt already. and we're looking for ways to make sure that we're keeping our borrowers front and center. >> the plan to make community college free is supported by the national education association, the president's 3.5 trillion dollar bill also calls for free preschool for 3 to 4 year olds and paid family and sick leave republicans oppose the bill because they say the high price tag is too much for the country to afford.
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>> all week long. we've been talking about how to help get students ready to return to in-person instruction and have a successful school gear and communication between parents and children is key. that's according to my nation smith a program assistant for the first 5 contra costa program, for example, she says parents can talk to their children about the new environment that they're going to be in or show their children photos or even scheduled zoom calls or meetings with teachers. and while it can be a stressful transition for kids. parents may also be dealing with some anxiety of their own. and out. >> he thought the parents energy. so it's so important for us to appearance to remain calm model. your behavior staying calm. because they're watching the children are watching year and they're serving in their learning. how to react and respond from you and so it's so important for us to model that behavior and to really prepare. as well and support. the parents emotion.
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>> parents can take advantage of first 5 contra, costa services for free. the program has centers in both contra, costa and solano counties. well, school is officially back in session this weekend, next. but verney elementary school in richmond was already in session for some children on campus to help them make the transition from distance, learning a 3rd of the student population of elementary and rolled in a summer program that had the children back on campus for in-person instruction, principal erica cost to our process says that it was important to bring the students back to tackle any learning loss and social emotional effects experience during distance-learning. he's looking forward to the school year but he recognizes the challenges to come. >> for the staff were about experience and they really understand the social emotional impact that the pandemic has had in our students. i think we're going to see some really extraordinary need. we're just bracing ourselves to help to serve and to support. and then
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i think for the students it's going to be challenging. think there is a lot of learning missed learning to make up and we're going to try and push cart and go toward the record that we need to. we're going to support kids to get there. but there's a lot of work to be done. no doubt about it. >> first day of school for a elementary is this coming monday. all right. let's check in on our weather forecast heading into the weekend think, well, what i'm hearing is going to warm up. this is a live look outside from our camera atop mount tam testing, lawrence karnow is joining us now with a look at the hot weekend ahead on this friday, the 13th. >> that's right. i forgot that to friday the 13th friday, ricky from. yeah. it should be a fun one folks out there. now we've got a mixed bag. we've got some low clouds and fog up above. we've got some of the monsoon that is starting to stretc across our skies as well. so a couple to keep the temperatures down a little bit off the coastline. we've got the remnants of kevin that are starting to make their way up a little bit closer toward the bay area. the sierra nevada.
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yeah. more. the monsoon rolling across their thunderstorms popping up into the afternoon hours and probably see a little bit less that, i think by tomorrow afternoon, this bears watching, though, right now models are not picking up on the very well. so right now looks like most of precipitation is evaporating before it hits the service. but you see some of that moisture moving into parts parts of a sonoma county and we're going to watch it closely, make sure that it's the ground have to wait and see right now the sea breeze is blowing. it's given us a nice break that fresh ocean air rolling in the bay area at least to the surface aloft up above there kind of hazy out there. and that's because some of the smoke from the fires in far northern california temperatures around the bay area today. 64 degrees in the san francisco just a little bit below the average 71 in oakland, 80 for a high and warm in san jose than yet 88 in livermore. 86 in conquer. those temperatures knock down a bit. just some. some of the mid to high level clouds are rolled on through and 80 degrees in santa rosa all around right now. you've got warm temperatures. if you head inland still 80's in the
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concord 78 in lemore 74 right now in san jose. then you've got some cooler 60's with that patchy fog moving in along the coastline. well, that mid to high level cloud cover going to continue to stretch onshore overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. at the same time down below. we've got a surge of low clouds and fog. so starting out some great stuff early on tomorrow morning, giving way to some sunshine in most spots by the afternoon and probably some hot temperatures. i think especially inland well into the 90's getting close to triple digits in the valley, 70's 80's around the bay cooler 60's with patchy fog at the coast. thank you so much. coming up, back to school fashion trends. we will hear from the beauty director at teen vogue. >> with some cost effective ways to keep up with the ways to keep up with the latest styles. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis.
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back to school shopping doesn't always just involve pencils and notebooks. some students are already thinking about what they're going to wear on the first day of school this year. my daughter already has her dress picked out. >> but earlier today on kron on, we spoke to teen vogue's fashion and beauty director to harrison about some of this year's hottest trends and she says they are vests denim, skirts, oversize, blazers and mixing prints like strikes with animal print. don't forget that face masks are mandatory. so she says finding a cute one is also pretty hot this year. and she's also encouraging students to experiment with different sizes styles to see what works best. but her biggest piece of advice is to tie try to stay
6:26 pm
true to your own style. >> i just really feel like it's great to just like make sure again, like i said earlier, like even if you see a trend like you feel confident and that's going to be like high for your best self rather than just trying to like follow what everyone else is wearing. it's great to like keep it in. keep up with the trends. but it's definitely more. so like how you feel. >> she also says some cost effective ways to keep up with trends is to buy secondhand or even swap clothes with your friends. >> next on kron 4 news at 6. we are a month away from california's governor recall election. stay with us. we are breaking down all the candidates on the ballot as well as governor newsom's campaign push asking you to vote no on the ballot. we ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear!
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>> 4 is your local election headquarters in our top story at 6.30, governor gavin newsom's push to say no on the upcoming recall election ballot. he was in san francisco today surrounded by many democratic city officials and there are 46 candidates on the ballot. but they're only 2 questions for voters. and there's just one month left until the election. joining us tonight to break this all down political science professor at sonoma state university. >> david mckeown. professor, thank you for being with us. let's start with the fact that the governor really stepped out today for the first day of
6:30 pm
making this push to try and get people to realize that he could lose his job and that they need to vote no. if they want to keep him in office. how do you think he did in making his pitch today. >> yeah, i mean, really a different phase. that's a new phase of the campaign. it's a phase of the campaign whereby the governor is rolling out over 4 days san francisco. los angeles, san diego. you're going to see some democratic heavy hitters. the governor confirmed today that. been in contact with the white house. you should see vice president harris, we should see president biden. it's possible we could see the obamas that come to california because the newsom administration and democrats realize it's all hands on deck. this is a hugely important component and republicans still have 3 more debates so that allows them to set the tone and attacked the governor and really it is all about question one for the governor. that is should be recalled or not. which leaves open the component of question 2, what do you do if you're a democrat and you vote on question one, you vote saying no.


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