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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news our community. search team has never wavered. never given up. >> out so we're all pretty heartbroken, but lead us to believe that that it's likely that we did find philip up there. on the rich. >> breaking news tonight at 6 police in the east bay give an update on the missing runner. investigators say they believe the body of philip kray-chick was found today. >> at pleasanton ridge regional park. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. >> i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. crater has been missing for nearly a month. kron foui's. dan thorn is live in pleasanton tonight. he joins us with more on the tragic discovery. dan. >> well, pam, and ken, police are telling us that somebody found a body that was matching creigh chips description around 2 o'clock this afternoon. it was a community volunteer. this body was found
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about 250 feet off of a game trail, which trails in animals used to navigate throughout the woods in this was at a a pleasanton ridge regional park, very remote area. northern part of the park on there had been an extensive search for create check since he was first reported on july 10th reported missing. i should say, on july 10th he was known as an avid runner. and this search drawing the interest of thousands of people here in the east bay alameda county deputies. the pleasanton police department as well as hundreds of community volunteers in paychecks. family were involved in the search from the air to the ground over the past few weeks. many people putting signs out. i'm searching for creigh in an update that was just given here at the pleasanton police department short time ago. investigators say they were. i'm really sad and they believe that it's unfortunate that they had to share today's news. take a listen. >> we're very heartbroken here today are our teams, our collective. a group of law enforcement partners as well
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in our community. search team has never wavered. never given up. we believe that philip was located in a very remote area of the park. it's not a designated trail. it as our partners with pleasanton alluded to is a game trail. he was located about 250 yards off of that trail near a tree and that's what we know at this point. we are going to be looking into further details on what transpired. but at this point it's a very preliminary investigation. and i just want to reiterate that our hearts and thoughts go out to the crash of >> plus, you heard right there from investigators. they say they're still working on positively identifying the body, but it is believed to be philip kray-chick com. they're also working on the cause of death. and if foul play was involved in this. police say they will be sharing more information as it becomes available. critics obviously heartbroken tonight. they also are still searching for answers on in this case. and
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just last weekend more than a 120 search and rescue crews were out working to find create check and then today it appears his body was found. ken and pam. >> all right. and not the ending we wanted to hear. but thank you for that report. another big story we're following tonight while surging cases of the delta variant to push much of the bay area into an indoor mask mandate, new york city is going a different route and that's right. today the mayor of new york announcing proof of vaccination will be required to enter restaurants and gyms performance and entertainment venues. the question tonight because something similar happened here on 4. dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more on that possibility >> well, i've been speaking with local lawmakers as well as state lawmakers and they want to get behind this idea of vaccination mandatory requirements. they say it's what's needed now. >> to put a stop to the delta variant surges. right now. there's no county or state
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requirement that those entering fitness centers or restaurants or entertainment venues. >> let's show proof of vaccination. but the surge of the delta variant has some local and state lawmakers considering it. we need this kind of call to action to really combat this virus east bay state assembly member buffy wicks says she's looking to see if there can be state legislation mandating this. >> if you don't get vaccinated, you have that right. but you don't have the right infect me or my child who cannot get vaccinated or others that people are just doing not wanting to get the vaccine and are in that in that situation going in indoor close crowded areas and potentially getting other people sick. that's not something that we can afford to allow right now. san francisco supervisor. matt haney says he would support health officers in san francisco and the surrounding counties ordering a vaccine requirement, at least on a temporary basis. >> if we go back to where we were last winter in terms of cases and hospitalizations and deaths. we're going to have to
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look at additional closures and shutdowns. nobody wants that and we have a vaccine right now that is available and so people should be vaccinated if they're going to be indoors around strangers, knowingly putting other folks at risk. they should be required the vaccine at least for the short term that several reasons to vaccination requirements into bars. ucsf infectious disease. specialist doctor peter chin-hong says. >> the delta variant has changed things and a vaccine requirement could really increase the number of those vaccinated. >> and at the same time make those who enter these type news, more comfortable. >> i personally i'm less and less safe in the middle of a big surge right now. even as a vaccinated person to go indoors. >> now san francisco's public health director says he is looking into this. he says many businesses are already doing this on their own. he
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says they are considering the possibility of whether a mandate is necessary. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. stan, thank you. distance-learning appears to be on the way out as many schools prepare to welcome students back to the classroom. but. >> what remains to be seen is how students and their teachers will cope with the mandate requiring everyone has to wear a mask kron four's. rob fladeboe has more on the plan taking shape in the south bay's largest school district. >> officials here in the san jose unified school district tell me that any resistance so far to the mask mandate is far l outweighed by the desire to do whatever it takes to get schools open again and keep everybody safe. >> just as they did last spring when in-person classes resume to read books in elementary and across the san jose unified school district masks will be required amid a surge in the covid-19 delta variant, what worked in april can work again says superintendent man, see all the ron. we know that the factors that we used to that
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covid-19 virus that worked in the in the spring because we were very successful. and so we're going to continue. >> to many of those things as school opens. lebron says a handful of parents have objected to the new mask mandate. >> which also requires masks in outdoor settings with exceptions for lunch, sports and special needs. but most agree masking is the best way to keep their kids safe says the superintendent and we always handle every case a very respectfully and have conversations with individuals to help them. >> adhere to the guidance. we believe everybody in our systems committed to keeping everybody safe. the district has stockpiled thousands of masks and other ppe in the 27,000 stutent district the south bay's largest. >> classrooms here at willow glen middle school will seat 4 students per table instead of 5 amid a 3 foot social distancing protocol principal paul slayton spoke about enforcing the mask mandate. the trick is getting a kid or student to understand. i have
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to wear the mask. >> it's to protect the community is to protect myself. if i don't, i won't be able to participate at the school in a classroom communicating that in a way that doesn't become a power struggle. that's how you work with students in school. well, some families welcome a return to classes. others want to retain some type of distance learning. >> it's all about adaptability. we know that again, this spring with successful. we have half of our students. they were able to to come back. and so now we're going to all of our students that have that option. but again, we understand that some families might have some concerns. >> and ther 's an option through the independent studies program. so i do think people understand this is kind of the normal we're in right now. >> and it's the way to get this all over with as quickly as possible. principal slate. and so, so far no parent is valled to say they would keep their kids out of school as a result of the mask mandate. and again, few problems were reported during that six-week reopening last spring. >> officials hope to build on that and adapt the policy as time goes on in san jose. rob
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fladeboe kron 4 news. >> with the delta variant the south san francisco unified school district is stepping up efforts to reduce the risk of catching it very, very elementary has installed new air filters in every classroom and stocked up on hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies students arriving on campus next week will also be required to wear a face mask and if they do not have won, the school will provide one. the school has also been using uv light machines. officials say those machines can kill up to 99% of viruses in the air and on surfaces and teachers have been asked to keep windows open as much as possible during the school day. >> some tense moments over masks. force. the delayed start of the boards of board of education meeting in danville today. police were called to the san ramon valley unified school district board meeting after advocates against mask mandates rallied for more control over whether or not their students should wear face coverings on forcefully call tells us what happened. good morning,
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everyone. >> this morning we're friday. >> the first san ramon valley unified school district board of education meeting of the new school year got off to a rocky start tuesday morning. i think that we're going to have to recess time eating until. parents who refuse to wear masks for the meeting were asked to leave and watch it online or give their public comments outdoors. the board hosted the meeting in danville for about an hour until order was restored. the danville police department was called in, but no arrests were made. we need to do better for children. unlike last year all but about 750 districts. students will be returning to campuses for in-person instruction. >> but some parents are angry that the school district will follow state public health guidance and the contra costa health services mandate that
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everyone regardless of their covid-19 vaccination status. >> wear face coverings well, indoors reading in the wrexham and all day long. it's not natural. we didn't grow up with this the demonstration is a part of the grassroots. let them breathe a movement. families across the states pushing for students to attend class without masks. these parents say families should have a choice, not obstruct. >> any of their airways for their brain to for the brain to process to not silence people. when addressing the board superintendent john malloy says his district. >> is simply following public health guidance will not see those requirements. >> you decide we will certainly i don't think that the environment created when kids are a mask is conducive to socialization and learning. i think it is an environment of fear. some parents say they will consider enrolling their students elsewhere schools open next week in danville. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news.
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>> a brand new inside california politics emerson college poll is showing support for the recall of governor gavin newsome is growing and the governor is losing ground with one of california's key demographics. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. is that state capital and has the poll results. >> this latest poll shows just within the last couple of weeks more and more california voters are indicating they'll support recalling governor gavin newsome. this latest inside california politics and emerson college poll went out into the field over the weekend to 1000 california voters in this poll. 46 1% said they would vote to recall governor gavin newsome versus 48% who say they would keep him in office. the amount of voters supporting the recall has increased 3% since our last poll just 2 weeks ago. obviously the momentum based on these numbers are going in the wrong direction for the but there's so much happening on the ground that it's not that surprising considering everything happening with covid the opening of schools. there's a lot of anxiety among
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to voters in generally they take it out on the politicians. >> while voters are still split on whether to recall the replace him among the candidates, the front runner here remains republican radio talk show host larry elder. >> now at 23% of voters saying they would pick him up 7 points from just 2 weeks ago. that's where we see that huge number of democrats truly undecided of what to do. nearly 70%. >> don't know who to vote because there's really not an alternative for them to choose our pollsters found. governor newsom is losing support from hispanic voters. 54 1% of latino respondents to the poll said that they would vote to recall the governor. this is the only racial group with the majority indicating that they would do so he's going to have to make a large impact with that group of voters. now, with that said, he's really struggling with less educated voters. and i think that's for the covid pandemic really separates the society. so if you don't have a college degree, you seem to be more upset and you seem to want to
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recall the governor with a college degree less the case. you want to keep the governor to give you a breakdown of the party affiliation of those who responded to this poll. >> 46% identified as democrat about 23% identified as republican and about 30% said no party preference at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> in response to this poll. governor newsom's campaign spokesperson nathan blix click rather said in a statement it reads in part, quote, democratic voters are beginning to wake up to the reality that if they don't vote by september 14, we could have a trump's supporting republican as governor of california in a normal election. this republican recall would have a snowball's chance in death valley. that's why republicans are trying to force this special election. they are banking on democrats not turning out californians don't want a republican takeover of our state. but if democrats don't vote, that's what could happen. coming up at 6.30 political analyst michael yaki will be joining us live to talk about this new poll and for more local
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politics, you can tune into inside california politics. it airs right here on kron 4 every saturday night at 6.30, and sunday mornings at 6.30. >> coming up tonight at 6, if you are thinking that the need for covid testing sites was a thing of the past guess again, how county health officers are responding to the increased call for more. plus, a $20,000 fine for san francisco mayor london breed. what city says she did and how she's responding to that tonight. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. the fog is on the way. in fact. >> you see a whole l
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>> the delta variant of covid is surging. we've been reporting on that. and now so is the call for more testing kron four's haaziq madyun takes a look at what health officers say is needed here in the bay area. >> if you are thinking that the need for covid-19 testing sites was a thing of the past. guess again. >> is county experiencing an increase in the demand for tests. >> yes, you know, the county has noticed in a large increase in the demand for testing. there are definitely seeing an increase in testing. it started around 4th of july and it's been on a steady increase since that is the case. even though a growing number of people are vaccinated here in the bay area. in fact, health officials say the vaccinated population are the major contributors to the rise and
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testing of vaccinated individuals. certainly can carry the delta variant. and it seems that they can spread it as well. so people want to know. maybe because they know somebody that contracted covid-19. and so well, i wonder, maybe i was exposed. we're really watching it very closely and we're prepared to if the demand meant and 2 at hours or and sites. most bay area health departments say at this time they filled their available testing is sufficient to handle the current demand. >> they will continue to monitor the situation again. we're looking at options to potentially expand testing. it's not just dph testing but encouraging our other partners kaiser cp cn ucsf to expand testing. however, san francisco supervisor matt haney says that he would like to see a return of covid-19 mass testing sites in the city. >> our department of public health really believes that providers private providers and hospitals need to do more of the testing which is important and great and we need to know really call on them to do that. but we also
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need to restore some of these mass testing sites that were there previously. what is clear is that rely solely on private providers isn't going to be enough. hasn't met you in kron. 4 news. >> new at 6, a big fine for san francisco mayor london breed. she's agreed to pay almost $23,000 to the city for an ethics breach while in office. the city's ethics commission says the violations include asking former governor jerry brown to release or rather from prison back in 2018 and accepting a gift in 2019 from the former public works director mohammed nuru. you may recall new rule was arrested last year on public corruption charges. the commission foend breed misused her title as mayor for personal gain. she said in a statement today that the fines are fair and that she takes responsibility for her actions. >> check in on our 4 zone forecast with a look outside from our camera atop mount tam opi us. it was cloudy start to
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the day, but it really get pretty as the day went along and it's it sure is pretty out there lawrence. you've the fog. any. yes. yeah. okay. good. other for he said go, there's going to be a problem but looks yeah, we're going to see plenty of this the next couple of days that marine layer starting to deepen just a bit. nothing extent that is going to i think by tomorrow really going to start lifting move further on shore. so yeah, if you like the fog, you're going to see a little more about the next couple of days. here's and the look from sfo some that moving over san bruno mountain right now. the sea breeze kind of kicking in temperatures today. a cool off a little bit. just inside the bay and along the coastline. still a little bit warmer i land. but the numbers. yeah, they break down like this 67 degrees for a high in san francisco today 71 right at the average in oakland, 81 of the average there in san jose above normal hot 96 in livermore, 94 in concord and 89 degrees in santa rosa. the monsoon has moved out now more the common westerly wind is kicking in now and that will
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bring with it more low clouds and fog. there's a trough of low pressure off the coastline as it moves closer to the bay area's could help to deepen that marine layer that means more fog and low clouds and a stronger sea outside right now. clouds already gathering just a bit. we'll see more than on the way for tonight. temperatures still hot as you head inland, 90 degrees and live more but only 58 degrees in pacifica with the fog 93 in concord. 62 in san francisco. 77 in the napa valley and 72 degrees in petaluma right now. overnight tonight we're going to see some increasing low clouds and even a couple patches of coastal drizzle tomorrow morning. they will see some sunshine in the afternoon. but foggy early on and then really cooling through the middle of the week. these temperatures going take a bit of a dive as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. so a little relief from the heat. not going to be cold by any means, at least inland. but much more comfortable mid 80's instead of mid 90's in place like concord and live more. lots of 70's inside the bay and continuing those cool 50's 60's out of the coast. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up next, a scale morning for potential bay area renters
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what you need to know about properties listed online. new
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tonight at 6, a warning tonight for potential renters. the contra costa county district attorney's office is sharing some important tips to help you avoid rental scams. and these really apply across the bay area. >> the district attorney says that there are 3 different kinds of rental scams. the
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first knockoff listings listings that have been copied and pasted from a legitimate listing but then offered at a lower price second illegal sub lists. scammers will list a property and then show the unit as if the unit is their own property or as if they have authority to rent it out and 3rd ghost rental scams properties that are not for rent nor do not exist. how do you identify them? well, the district attorney's office says the scammer will request money prior to signing the lease with the excuse that the property is in high demand. the scammer will also claim to have a list of other possible renters and the scammer will say that they are out of the country alleging that they have an agent or a lawyer working on their behalf. remember, you can always visit your county recorder's office to verify any legitimate property rentals. so you can avoid these scams coming up next kron 4 news at 6. we're talking to political analyst michael yaki about a new poll just released today about governor gavin newsom.
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>> we'll break down the governor's approval rating and the c
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>> as we mentioned, the top of this newscast. kron 4 news has a new inside california politics emerson college poll on the recall election effort against governor gavin newsome support for the recall is continuing to grow and that poll shows the governor is also losing ground with one of california's key
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>> to help break down the results of the latest. paul, we're joined by our political analyst michael yaki. michael, good to see you. first of all, are you seeing the prize at how close this is. 46% in favor of a recall. 48% say keep them 6 undecided. most of those are democrats. what's your reaction? i mean, i'm a little surprised. i would think >> to be in the year. no one would have thought it would be this close. but they've been again. just a month ago. none of us are going to be talking about this thing called the delta variant and the fact that we're all putting on masks and that's a real danger for the governor going forward is is is if the covid issue becomes more and more prevalent again, i asking because more important, especially around the school as school year begins. if there's uncertainty, there's indecision those kinds of things. all will make a difference because right now he is it is really too close to call. and in key constituencies. it's really too close to call as well.


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