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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> all right. a live look outside looking out over san francisco and the bay. you can clear sky line tonight that doubts morphed by the fall under a very nice very clear. and let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, we're going to see a lot of fog coming up. so let's enjoy this nice clear evening so far. >> as we're going to really see the marine layer. i think deep into the middle of the weekend. think taking up the room talking about drizzle all along the coastline. going to be very, very wet in spots. but out there right now looks very nice. if you're stepping outside sunset at about 8.17 this evening can that's going to be a nice one out there to going to see a beautiful skies
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out there and it looks like just some mid to high level clouds kind of streaming up above me start to see some of the serious come in and you get that sunset, that's when you get some of those beautiful colors out there. and certainly we're seeing some of the group out there right now. couple patches of fog along the coastline. half moon bay, though mostly sunny at this hour looking good. as far as the monsoon is concerned, the most of that has moved out of town. a little couple thunderstorms as you make your way into nevada. a look at this, though. we've got the temperatures that are kind of heating up along the coastline. the very latest out toward the beaches. you got some waters right along the coast there near ocean beach and 63 degrees. they get inside the bay. of course, much shower water. look what happens. the temperatures. how about that? 71 degrees. as you make your way into parts of the south bay that is on believably warm out there and that's exactly what we're seeing at this time of year. and that's why things start to feel a little muggy around the bay area. as we look toward tomorrow. those temperatures going to be running into the 60's in the san francisco 61 in the sunset clouds and patchy fog along the coastline about 58 in pacifica 61
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degrees in half moon bay, you get inside the bay. of course you're going to find a little more sunshine. those warm waters to egypt as well. 73 in millbrae about 75 degrees and burning game 76 in san carlos 75 degrees in palo alto and warm there, too, in the south bay looks like one of those are really a nice afternoon as the temperatures going to be comfortable about 81 in santa clara. you had to saratoga about 86 degrees. 85 a scout going to be hot in some spots. well, inland, maybe up to 95 degrees in morgan hill and about 80 in san jose. now, this is that time of year to we get that wide range of temperatures. of course, along the coastline you got that patchy fog and the cool 50's and 60's. you drive a good 30 miles inland or so. we're talking 90 plus degrees in places like pleasanton and livermore about 91 in dublin to get inside the bay. it will be breezy and hayward about 7476 in union city should be about 71 degrees in san leandro. then you get over the hill again about 91 in
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danville. 91 also walnut creek and then you start to get a little hot. you get torre brentwood, discovery, bay start and are in the central valley. that's where the triple digit heat starts to make a return. as you make your way up toward the richmond. you're looking at 71 beautiful sunshine all afternoon 70 little breezy and brooklyn lot of part of the day and kind of a wide range of temperatures as you make your way through the delta. you're looking about 78 lail, but then you are up to 85 in benicia. then you turn and some 90's in places like pittsburgh in antioch, maybe even a hot 102 in vacaville by tomorrow afternoon and a gorgeous 80 degrees in the napa valley. back toward the coastline. those temperatures are going to be running a little bit cool tomorrow. that's because of some of that patchy fog that on shore, sea breeze about 62 point reyes 60. it's stinson beach now about 85 warm in mill valley. 82 degrees in nevada, 81 in petaluma about 84 degrees in santa rosa. over the next few days. this where things begin to change just a little bit. we're looking at some of these temperatures running up to the
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90's for tomorrow. but we're going to see this trough begin to die. then along the coastline here really along the western half the united states and that's a good sign. we have that huge dome of high pressure camped out almost the entire summer along the western half of the u.s. that has kept the temperatures very warm. that is going to start to break down a bit. i think that allow for some cooler air to work its way well inland. so back in the 80's on wednesday and thursday a little bit below the average through thursday as well. friday, we may get a little bump in the temperatures as we head into the weekend. but then i think we watch those temperatures cooling down next sunday and monday, 2 guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you, lauren. so back to our top story tonight. health officials in san francisco and 6 other bay area counties announced today they are reinstating a mask mandate for all indoor settings that's as covid cases surge because of the highly contagious. delta variant joining us now to talk about this our doctor peter chin. hong from ucsf to infectious disease expert thanks for joining us. give us
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your assessment of what do you think of this new mask mandate returning to mask indoors and what you think about the 2 counties napa. >> and so who are not participating in this. >> well, you know, it's a complex landscape by the end of reason why it's changed her recommendation to mandate. it's because hospitalizations assigned to go up. and of course, that's what we fear the most hospitalizations are you know, and the order of more than a 100%. so i not knowing where that crew is going to go. most of the health authorities and politicians decided to make it a mandate. as you know, in terms of solano on and i you know, if people can wear their mask. that's not a minute. and they still a prudent about it. it's a good idea. but i think we really need to have that pause button right now. i think things are going up to and too much.
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>> so doctor, is there a chance that if the numbers don't turn around quickly that we could be looking another lockdown. >> i don't think we'll get a lockdown because of the area so highly vaccinated and the lockdown is really when we see like deaths and a lot of people using ventilators because more than 85% seeing home residents regardless of county in northern california is vaccinated. i think that's going to hospitals. but again, i'm nobody's really sure. and that's the reason for the pause button and the mask mandate and reiterate the danger level of the delta variant. even people who are fully vaccinated can carry this disease and. >> my understanding is there are many hospitals where everyone who's an icu with covid is on vaccinated and that's why it's particularly important for the masks to be in use. exactly. i think that
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that key point last week thursday that changed the whole country around. >> is the finding that vaccinated individuals have as just a high of viral load in and noses when they are infected compared to unvaccinated folks. of course they're going to diverge very dramatically after infection. unvaccinated folks are really going to good to the hospital and get serious disease. fox folks. it will just feel like a cold, a new sense, but it has a lot of meaning. >> so when also talking about people going back to schools and we reported today brent woodhead, 13 cases show up in the last few days as the young people are going back to school. of course, many of them aren't even old enough to qualify for getting any vaccine just yet. what is your concern for parents who are worried about this issue. >> it's still a very safe environment in schools. in fact, it's safer than the
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community. the brentwood outbreak was really did from the community and the way we can protect our kids is really to form a wall of vaccinated adults around them. we know that adults of the main reasons why kids get infected from the previous outbreak investigations in schools across the country. and again, that brentwood outbreak is comprised of both staff and students. so i think, you know, it is not spies that as it sounds on. if you think about the rates in contra, costa county. you know, having a handful of students in 15 school to him positive 11 school districts is really not ice biggest what's going on in the community. >> are you concerned about icu bed over overworked positions such as yourself and other medical staff. as we start to see these numbers go up. >> yes. so that several things that different about this particular compared to previous, you know, because all of us are of well, less
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protected in right after reopening because we didn't know this was going to happen. they include health care workers from the community. so g when you have infected health care workers, even though they have mainly vaccinated, you still have to do contact tracing and keep a lot of other health care workers out of the we're dealing with a temporary potential workforce. is he right now. but at the end of the day, you know, more all i think everyone's just you know, are we doing this sounds like a broken record. a 9.5% of deaths is still an unvaccinated folks and it's vaccinations, not lockdowns. that's going to get us out of this. do you feel like science is getting a handle on this delta it's moved so quickly. >> it spread so fast. but i understanding and better. and is there a chance that eventually it could just died die out. >> yes, i mean, just like with any even serious outbreak in
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unvaccinated times is the shape of the curve. i think in the country most people think that will hit the peak in. so like october or which sounds like far away, but we may be able to hit that peak the bay area because again. >> we have more vaccinated foods to compare to the rest of the country. the shape is you have to have. a lot of people getting infected all immune from vaccinations. and then you have that sort of temporary good immunity because we already have a high a set point here. hopefully with a little more having immunity that will put us in good shape. but again, nobody really knows. hence the pause button and some awesome yeah, doctor out of time. the real quick. i'm just curious if you've had any personal experiences, we've been hearing these stories about. >> doctors having these frustrating conversations with unvaccinated patients who many of whom are younger, who in icu and are not going to survive in these conversations
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were people have said if i had known, i would have been vaccinated or have you had any of those conversations. yes. >> yeah. i mean that 2 groups of people i would those those who i still firmly believing that they didn't have covid it's flu or something else. but the other group is really interesting. which is not a regret. particularly in families where the whole family decided not to get vaccinated and not somebody a loved one has covid. i think they're going on social media and encouraging folks to get vaccinated. >> doctor peter chin. hong if esch infectious disease expert at ucsf. we know we always appreciate your insight and analysis to help us help our audience understand what's going on. thank you as always. >> my pleasure. thanks having me on. >> and still ahead, a new requirement in the fight against covid. now in effect for state workers why the state's largest employee union is resisting the new policy.
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sign up today. state workers are now required to submit documentation that they have received the coronavirus vaccine. this went into effect today and he say the employees not vaccinated will be required to produce a negative covid test at least once a week. >> health care workers have until next monday to provide the proof of vaccination, health care facilities will have to be in full compliance
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by the 23rd. coming up next in sports day before the forty-niners go to full pads. jimmy g and trey lance continue to work out in santa clara. >> first director jason dumas has details about who took reps with the first team. we come back.
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karnow aren't. yeah, looks like a nice evening around the bay area. a little bit of a sea breeze going to be gorgeous sunset. i think tonight can want to check that out as we head through the evening sunset about 8.17 this evening. so here we go. not a bad start to work week will watch the temperatures cooling off over the next couple of days. still clear at the golden gate bridge. no fog to speak of there. but overnight tonight we'll see some of the fog return. you see mid to high level clouds. those going make for that gorgeous sunset out there tonight. so get those cameras ready should be a nice sight to see. we are seeing some of those high clouds streaming up above some of that monsoon still kicking up in the deserts of nevada. but for the most part, california staying clear of all those thunderstorm. remember, we had all those dozens upon dozens of lightning strikes over the sierra things calming down now and the fog has moved in along the coastline. thunderstorms will give way to some clearing. i think the next couple of days that sea breeze will be kicking in tonight. going to diminish overnight into early tomorrow morning. only to pick up again by tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll see a more healthy sea breeze in the coming days and
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a deepening of that marine layer, which is going take the fog low clouds. the places they haven't seen for quite a parts of the east bay. so that trough of low pressure off the coastline. that's going start to slide a little bit closer and that's going to deepen the marine layer bring back the low clouds and the fog to help cool down the temperatures as we head toward the middle of the week. tonight, some of those high clouds streaming up above by tomorrow. those those begin to clear out and low clouds and fog kind of left behind along the coastline. that's going bring those temperatures down just a little bit. co side put on some 50's 60's up near the beach is still some warm 90's inland, but that will be the last day for some time as we cool down those temperatures running a little bit below average wednesday and thursday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> there was a visitor at camp today. stanford head coach david shaw came out to check out trey lance. there's david shaw right there with talking to john lynch reports came flooding into twitter and the radio airwaves on saturday after trey lance apparently look amazing on the field and
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get this significantly better. >> then the starter jimmy garoppolo the first day of pads is tomorrow and i will be there to check out all the hype in person. i will report back and despite the flashes from lance. it was still jimmy garoppolo getting all the reps with the first team. something shanahan said today he does not plan to change in fact, shanahan wasn't thrilled with anyone today after practice. >> i think you're a little rusty today, just several got a day off yesterday. and i thought, you know, i think the defense chris, but their calls and stuff. we change or motions and stuff. it seems like there's a little bit of hesitation with everyone. >> you get a day off when you're when you're grinding every day and then you can relax for days, sometimes your minds a little too relaxed. and i thought the d started out that way. i thought those a little bit sloppy. also everyone's working hard. but i think it's christmas practices. we've had the previous 4. got to keep him humble. >> free agency starts it started today at 03:00pm. and as of now, the warriors haven't been in contact with their top free agent. kelly,
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you break it appears that the 2 sides will part ways. searching for a clear role in a place that he can call home. he's also looking to cash in. that's probably what's most important. the warriors they're kind of strapped for cash. so it will be interesting to see how they navigate the free agent market. of course, we will keep you updated every step of the way. right here on kron. 4 sports. meanwhile, the dubs harsh while the dubs are strapped. other squads are just printing money today. kyle lowry is joining the miami heat in a sign-and-trade deal. the former toronto raptors will reportedly sign a three-year contract worth 90 million dollars. the raptors are receiving precious achiuwa and goran dragic in that sign and trade deal. the heat are also bringing back restricted free agent duncan robinson on the five-year 90 million dollar deal. get this. this deal is the largest ever for an undrafted player that kids started at the 3 now
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we make a 90 million dollars in the nba. that's how you grind the heat also resigned. jimmy butler to a max contract. now the chicago bulls, they competed a sign and trade with the pelicans to bring in lonzo ball. the 2 parties agreed to a four-year 85 million dollar contract. the 23 year-old had his best year behind the arc. he shot 41% from deep. so. first day of free agency and nba guys, people are getting paid. this is what i wish i was like maybe 6, 5, instead of maybe i got in on some of that just talk about them getting life changing money. definitely like a yes. all right. thanks, jason. coming up, the family that finished their goal of visiting all of the in and outs in the nation.
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>> the news as the south here. we have a full hour ahead on kron on sanaa's to her live foh us in the newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7 >> thanks, pam and ken tonight at 7 masks are back in the bay area but only some parts 7 counties are now telling everyone to mask up indoors, even if you're vaccinated so grab your phone. get ready, you can watch that many more local stories in just a few minutes at 7 o'clock, which isn't just a few minutes away on our kron on app and it's now even easier to download just scan the qr code you see
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on your screen right now. it will take you directly to the kron on app in i tunes or google play. pam and ken, back to you guys. all right thank you for that. >> well, one california family has visited every single in and out restaurant in the country. the family lives, new pismo beach and during the pandemic they made it their mission to visit all 366 in and out locations in the country. they just finished their 7 state trip last week at a restaurant in riverside at the peak of their journey. the father and his 2 kids would visit 20 different locations a day. that's a lot of burgers has a lot of burgers. a lot of driving doesn't like in and out. but that's 20 a okay. they put the miles on good for them. >> that's it for us tonight at 6. see you again tonight at 8 o'clock. >> we'll see you then. have nice night.
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♪ ♪ >> who just got vaccinated for the third time. >> how did you get a third a vaccine shot? >> how he got a booster shot when nobody can. speak of fake vaccination cards. stop that scooter. it's happening all over the usa. >> these are not the sedate little scooters you remember from your childhood. >> getting in, getting out. >> terror on the beach. it's a coyote. plus, simone's big


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