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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> some democrats and advocates for abortion access are now urging californians to keep governor gavin newsome in office. kron four's. ashley zavala explains their warning to voters ahead of the recall election and how candidates running to replace newsome are responding. >> want to be clear access to abortion, healthy quality and health equity. >> it in this recall. the president and ceo of planned parenthood affiliates across california urging a no on governor gavin newsom's recall that group along with nero pro-choice, california and some democratic lawmakers warned if the republican replaces newsome it could roll back the state's progressive reproductive health care law's as some conservative states work to restrict access to
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abortion and request the u.s. supreme court overturn roe v wade planned parenthood officials said of last year's one 0.4 million visits to california clinics. 7,000 of them came from out of state patients. we need to not take anything for granted as it relates to california's leadership. >> and the impact that california has across the station in his first year as governor newsome doubled california's investment for reproductive health services funds that go to clinics like planned parenthood. he also signed a proclamation on reproductive freedom. even welcoming women into california from other more restrictive states needs to continue this work. >> and california needs governor newsome to stay in office. so that he can do so. >> the group monday pointed to anti-abortion statements or actions. republicans running to replace. the governor have said or done in the past, including those from larry elder, assemblyman kevin kiley and john, their campaign websites do not say what action they would take if any, on reproductive health republican candidates. we
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reached out to monday would not comment on this story in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news starting today. california state workers will be required to submit proof that they have received the covid-19 vaccine. >> state workers who are not vaccinated will be required to produce a negative covid-19 test at least once a week. health care workers will have to provide proof of their vaccinations by next monday, health care facilities will have to be in full compliancec by august 23rd in state health care facilities along with workers at state hospitals will be required to show vaccination proof or produced negative covid test twice a week. health care workers in outpatient settings like dental offices will be required to take a covid test weekly. >> senator lindsey graham has tested positive for covid-19 the republican from south carolina tweeted that he began having flu like symptoms saturday night he tested positive this morning and he was vaccinated. he also said
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he will be quarantining for 10 days and wrote i am very glad i was vaccinated because without vaccination, i'm certain i would not feel as well as i do now, my symptoms would be far worse. >> for your health tonight. new cdc data shows that more than 99% of all americans who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death. these new numbers highlight with many health experts across america have been saying for months the covid-19 vaccines are indeed effective at preventing serious illness and death from the virus. the cdc has also reported more than 6200 breakthrough cases where a fully vaccinated person has been hospitalized in just over a 1000 cases that result in death that's out of more than 163 million americans who are fully vaccinated. 70% of american adults have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. the country reaching that milestone one month after president biden's goal of july
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4th the target marks the low end estimate of what would be needed for the country to reach herd immunity that number has since changed because of the fast-spreading delta variant the country, though still short of its goal of 165 fully-vaccinated americans nearly all deaths and hospitalizations of covid-19 are among the are among unvaccinated. >> israel has not started giving its citizens aged 60 and older a 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine. the country has seen cases rise in the past month, even though more than 56% of the population is fully vaccinated. most new cases are from the delta variant like here. the debate over whether older people need a booster shots. that's still really hasn't been decided while most studies indicate pfizer and moderna provide long lasting immunity. israel is arguing its research shows
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declining efficacy, 2 american travelers to canada are each facing $16,000 in fines for providing fake covid vaccination documents. health officials in canada say the travelers had phony vaccination records including negative coronavirus test results and they could face more then find some more serious penalties. they could include 6 months in prison up to $750,000 in fines since january visitors to canada have been required to provide a negative covid test before boarding a plane and travelers need to stay at a government-approved hotel for 3 days or until they get a negative covid test. the united kingdom is welcoming back fully vaccinated travelers from the u.s. and the european union. >> these are pictures of families reuniting at heathrow airport in london starting today. vaccinated travelers from places on britain's amber list will no longer have to quarantine for 10 days. but
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some of the uk hospitality industry say they're not optimistic about american travelers who are now flocking to the uk anytime soon. the white house confirming last week that it has no plans to change existing travel restrictions for travelers coming from the uk and other european nations last month. both the u.s. state department and cdc issuing their highest warnings against travel to the u k because of a surge in covid cases. let's switch gears now to talk weather. this monday evening. a live look outside at coit tower really couldn't ask for a more better weekend of weather around these parts. so it's beautiful as talk to a lawrence karnow again. but you said it's going to cool down a little bit. but okay. yeah, which is great thing. i think actually the 1st half of august may actually see a cooling trend which me. >> very, very the help of the firefighters on the fires. other fighting around the state and other states as well. >> up there this eveningr though, beautiful sight. they got some great clouds out there to enjoy. i think it's going make for a very pretty sunset this evening as the sun
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sets all those colors, those reds, those yellows oranges go to fill those clouds are with some beautiful sights to see. we're seeing some of the mid to high level clouds streaming on through see right here that some of that moisture moving on by things are quiet in the sierra nevada have been able to say that for some time as things were pretty explosive up there. but now they have pretty quiet and looks like it's going to stay that way. now as we're seeing the monsoon kind of give way to more of a general westerly flow here. westerly winds kind of kicking in around the bay area. now that breeze is going to cool you down the temperatures up toward the beaches near got to make sure 50's and some 60's co side, 65 degrees and sunny in san francisco right now. 71 in berkeley. still hot 94 in fear fairfield 90 in concord and 79 degrees in the napa valley. all right. overnight tonight, we're going to see a few more of those high clouds kind of streaming up above. but i think as we get through the day tomorrow. those going to move out of town. the fog and move back in along the coastline. our temperatures will start to cool down. lawrence, thanks. don't lead
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back to school shopping break. the bank. >> i will show you how you can save big on tech purchases. >> let's take a live look over tokyo team usa racing to get the most medals before the closing ceremony where they stand right now. plus, if you're planning a trip to south tahoe and could cost you more than you expect explain why
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>> we now know the names of 4 people killed in a helicopter
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crash in a remote area of calusa county, the calusa county sheriff's office says william and suzanne van, bobby keaton and charles wilson died in the crash yesterday that helicopter went down that tomato field. you're looking at the area here near highway 45 and reservation. road happened yesterday afternoon. no survivors officials have not said yet what caused the crash. the ntsb and the faa are investigating. lake mead, the largest reservoir in the u.s. is at historically low water levels. experts blame the lack of rain and we're getting, of course, a lot less snow melt. federal authorities are considering plans to conserve and store water for the future. the reservoir reportedly has not been entirely full since the late 90's the federal government expected to declare water shortage this month that would mean less water for parts of california. arizona, nevada and northern mexico. for your
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money tonight. you may have to park more pay to park more at a popular beach in south lake tahoe. >> nevada, transportation officials are trying to fix overcrowding parking lots in incline village leading to hidden beach. according to reports, parking fees will soon cost 6 or $7 an hour depending on the day and time visitors arrive. officials say they want to see a visitor's patterns can be changed. so not everyone arrives at the beach during peak hours. meanwhile, some spots on south lake tahoe are temporarily closing after some chipmunks tested positive for the bubonic plague. keep a beach in parking areas will be off limits through friday during that time. the national forest service will be conducting vector control treatments. a spokesperson for eldorado county says the chipmunks that were tested did not have any contact with any people officials with the forest service. expect the facilities to once again open by the weekend. the eldorado eldorado should say county public
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health office says that the plague is naturally present in some parts of the golden state. and some >> it's still ahead to shoot back from the games. the latest on simone biles decision to compete again in the olympic games.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. some breaking news to tell you about. you're looking at 5.80, at high street in oakland. and as you can see, traffic in >> shut down just the commute.
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our is basically upon us. i'm not good news for commuters. that's right. right now we are working to get more details. we do know that oakland police on the scene of some type of activity in that area near 5.18, high street, which is once again shut down both both sides of traffic east and west. if you're trying to get to oakland further on in inland. you may want to find yourself another route to get around this mess. there's still no word on how long this area will be closed. we'll continue to follow the scene for you throughout the evening here on kron 4 and bring you updates on air and online at kron 4 dot com. meanwhile, the goat of gymnastics is back. simone biles is finally making a return to competition on day 11 of the tokyo games out of people will be watching a crime for sanaz tahernia has the latest on biles decision to compete again. >> it's official. the go is back. us gymnast simone biles will compete in the summer
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olympics. this after withdrawing from nearly all of the final events that she qualified for. >> kron four's. andrew martin joins us from tokyo. andrew, when can we see to get well soon as it will be tonight here in tokyo. not exactly sure what time that is packed in san francisco. but we will see her one final time in tokyo, which has a lot of people here excited simone biles came to the tokyo olympics as the face of team usa her and katie ledecky simone biles was projected to win as many as 5 gold medals. but as you mention, she withdrew from the team competition. she had a case of the twisties. she has since pulled out of each of the individual apparatus finals except the balance beam on the last day of gymnastics competition here in tokyo. we will see. simone biles will also see sunni lee and certainly don't want to discount what she's done for team usa. she already has 3 medals here at the tokyo olympics. but of course, the big storyline simone biles will see how she does on the balance beam to not. do we know how simone is getting ready for the team competition. well, we haven't
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been privy to those a closed door session sanaa's. but we do know that she has stayed in tokyo. she has been around team usa the entire time, specifically the gymnastics team. she has been training as well. and she's been supporting her teammates. we see her in the crowd of every single competition matter of fact, the cameras show her all the time because she's a big supporter of her teammates and vice versa. they have been supporting her through this ordeal that you've been going through. so simone biles. we hope that mentally and physically, everything comes together. but she has been training. she has been ready for this moment. >> you she had the twisties. you obviously took some time off to focus on her mental health. any updates on how she's doing now. >> we do not. she has kept that information close to the vest. but obviously if usa gymnastics is releasing a statement that she is back and that all those go oh, jeez have been a part of social media since the announcement you have to assume that she's in a good head space right now to be able to compete at this level. the olympic level and
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of course she dominated in rio and the hope is that she can come come away with a gold medal in the balance beam. but either way, she's leaving with at least the silver because she won. that is part of the team competition when team usa won silver last week sent i'm sure her as are the rest of us are so excited to see her back and see her compete in the olympics again. and thanks so much. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team now out of gold medal contention after losing to canada in the semifinals. >> final score one, nothing. now the u.s. women will contend for bronze against the loser of the semifinal match between sweden and australia. it's the second time the women have been knocked out of medal contention at the olympics that the 2016 games. they were defeated by sweden in the quarter finals. >> and here's a look at where the tokyo medal tally is now standing. this is a close race to bring home the most medals the u.s. is in the lead. but china just nipping at our
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heels team usa. 64 medals overall. china 62 total medals. the russians are in 3rd place with 50 a great britain has soft 40 in 4th place actually japan and australia tied for 5th place. and we might have the most medals. but we are falling behind when it comes to having the most gold china has a significant lead on team usa right now coming in with 29 medals. 2 or 22 gold medals. but we've got a pretty good lead over 3rd place for the most gold host country, japan. the next highest 17 top prizes followed by australia with 14 gold medals. the russian athletes with 12. >> still to come next at 5 saving on shopping will let you know why you want to look at possible refurbished items. when you're planning your next big purchases.
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>> if you're hoping to cut costs an electronics. you can save a pretty big by buying refurbished gadgets, not be a bad idea. rich demuro shows us what you should be looking out for in today's tech smart. >> if you don't necessarily need the latest and greatest gadgets. you can save a lot of money by buying refurbished. many of the top retailers have special programs. here's how to find them and what you need to know before you shop. >> a top of the line. roomba
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substantial savings. even apple has a certified refurbished store which stocks everything from laptops to iphones with savings up to 15%. ios devices have a new battery and exterior everything comes with a one year warranty finally e-bay certified refurbished sells items from big brands including samsung microsoft and roku. everything comes with a two-year warranty and a money back guarantee you may not necessarily see the. top of the line newest products that are out in your shopping refurbished, but you're going to see some pretty good deals between 2570% off. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. for staying on top of breaking news this monday at 5 o'clock. we want to give you another live look at the scene unfolding in oakland as. >> both sides of interstate 5.80, shut down and high street due to police activity right now. no one getting in through that area. you can see that traffic back that wow.
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that's a so for folks who are trying to get in that area if you know that they're trying to get in that area, make sure you just give them a call the find another way to get around. right now. there's no word on exactly what is happening there or how long that area will be shut down. we're staying in contact right now with oakland police to get more details. still a lot. still, we still don't know why it's happening. but as soon as we do, we'll pass it on. >> that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 o'clock. but we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6 pam moore can weigh in here with what's coming up, catherine. jonathan, thanks to you both. coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock we continue our coverage of the mask mandate in the bay area 7 counties now telling everybovy to mask up when indoors even if you are vaccinated, we'll talk live with ucsf doctor peter chin-hong about the new requirements and the health of but not all bay area health officers are on the same page. napa and solano counties are not requiring masks indoors. >> why they say it's unnecessary hurts businesses. i'm ken wayne. i'm nam moore.
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with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> from the bay, area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6.
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>> a mask mandate will be in place for everyone. >> that's a good run next however, when eating or drinking obviously a person can't be clearing. now. >> now at 6 time to mask up once again in the bay area. however, not every county is deciding to implement this policy. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, 7 of the 9 bay area. counties will be requiring everyone to wear face masks indoors regardless of your vaccination status. they are alameda contra, costa marin san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties solano and napa counties are not following suit. the order is in effect tonight at midnight as part of today's announcement health officials encourage people to limit indoor gatherings saying if you have a choice between indoor and outdoor activities choose to be outside kron four's. rob fladeboe has more.


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