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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 28, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning and happy friday to you. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. hope your day starting off. well, we'll get to some headlines in a minute. but first, we do want to get caught up on your memorial day weekend. the weather forecast a holiday weekend and it looks like a lot more people are going to be out and about enjoying things, john. yeah, a lot of people going to be out there and they are going to be in for really hot weekend for any sort of activities that may be planned. >> especially sunday and monday to the days off that so many people do have stuff planned for and 2 over hottest days of this forecast. so today and tomorrow, you're easier days to be stepping out there not worrying so much
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about the heat before really builds in and a couple of days souter tower cam above the clouds this morning. we do have ample low cloud cover that is streamed into the bay during our overnight hours. we can be thankful for that because it's one of the reasons that today is it going to be such an excessively hot one that cool marine layer having pushed in resulting in low visibility at times. but that sparing us the heat that we are going to be seeing later on this weekend that wind that pushes in from the coast, it's going to relax and in the process. temperatures inland are about to be climbing, especially as i mentioned on into sunday and memorial day. on monday. 40's and 50's for most of our current temps. pittsburgh are the obvious exception standing out right at 60 degrees right now. i've got the numbers on how hot it will get come memorial day as well as how long it will stay hot for still to come first, though, on over to rain. we go. we have already had a hot spot this morning. what's the latest situation? so that's clear. that was out in seminole. and again, for the most part, traffic is really
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light this morning had which is some good news. let's hope it stays that way as you're heading into the city this morning. a little under 9 minutes on track in any high winds. >> across the bay bridge for you. they also have the flags at half-staff because of that tragedy we had on wednesday, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula under 40 minutes for your drive time. so no major delays there heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell. you can do that in under 8 minutes. we're looking at conditions along one. oh, one to 80. we had some earlier accidents there. those have since been cleared out a little under 30 minutes as you're traveling towards menlo park. so we'll have more of a for now. let's get back to the news. >> today. we're here together. as one community. we're here to share a pain. we're here to share a lot. the share support for each other. and the difficult days ahead. >> our top story how the community is mourning after the mass murder at vta in san jose. there's a growing vigil.
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as you can see at san jose city hall. yeah. all for the 9 victims of that rail yard shooting. >> we have pictures of the people who are kill all of the early wednesday morning as we reported ranging in age from 29 to 63. and as we mentioned, a lot of folks came out to participate in that memorial and growing vigil at san jose city hall. hundreds of people from vta employees to families and friends first responders members of the community who felt compelled to come out and remember the victims. >> city leaders and religious leaders where they're offering their comfort and support. and we heard from family members sharing their message of unity. >> he was a great friend, simon mentor to all. he was so proud being an at a vta and all the commencement be made here. >> gun to my best to sue and i
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wish home i love you. >> a tease them about it that i go to jamie should bill some muscles. he said, you know what, your muscles don't matter. what you need is a lion's heart. and that's what my brother had. we need to support each other going forward. show the unity to guard the race color. we're gonna. so where we come from, show the unity going forward that we stand together. these things don't occur ever again. >> again. a lot of people who should have been even know the victims. but. >> felt obviously the pain that the families feeling a lot of city leaders that were there said that the vta services. but really a key part of the community. it impacts a lot of people. so the shooting is hitting very close to home for a lot. >> i rode the bus and was like a young a kid. you know, the loss of these people serve our community and they don't get enough leg. they have to do with the lie, especially
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during this pandemic with solidarity you know, the families of the people who lost their lives and for the people who sacrificed some people who are on the front lines. >> many of us had the fortune to be able to work from home. you know, during some of the pandemic and many of our colleagues are not able to. and our, you know, sacrificing them putting themselves on the line every day. >> the american red cross has set up an assistance center. >> it is on first street in san jose. and we have that address as well on our website and heat right here on the screen, but go to our was at kron 4 dot com for everything that you need. >> and all the last night's vigil provided an opportunity for healing families of the murdered workers or ups is still struggling with the overwhelming grief. leonard mcgee says that his 42 year-old son paul was a wonderful man. there's his picture. paul started the team back in 2000, 2 initially as a bus operator trainee and then later became an assistant superintendent in the service
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management. and leonard and fact thinks his son's role as a manager may have played a part in why he was targeted. >> i think my son was a target. he was not supposed to be that he was supposed to work at home, but that cold people. the wonderful 10. and a good and a good son. he does everything for his family. we smith pitched. >> paul leaves behind 3 children and a wife. >> another one of the people killed was michael redneck and then he was a lifelong friend of san jose city council member terrell has yesterday parel as express the grief that he feels. >> i unfortunately get to know. personally. these 9 families have felt this past night. this morning. just a sense of disbelief. with a
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hope that your loved one. it's still going to come home. and knowing that that's just. never going to happen again. it has been. painstaking and heartbreaking. and i and i truly feel. all of the victims. families. all of the survivors. the friends, the loved ones and our community as a whole. is morning. this tragedy. >> not that it's going to make anybody feel any better. but the fbi is trying to get to the bottom of why the shooter did what he did because the hope is that, you know, when they tracked down sort of where there were holes or cracks in the system. the something like this won't happen again. >> maybe those answers will come from what they find in the shooter's home and that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is live for us this morning. is that part of the investigation continues. sarah.
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>> this is the closest that i have gotten to the gunman's house here in san jose on angmar court. you can see a lot more now that we're closer, including this busted out car. there's a lot of debris from the fire that happened here just minutes after shots rang out at vta, the 57 year-old samuel cassidy lived at this home for years and he worked vta since 2000, 12, at least you can see his belongings in the driveway. it's kind of eerie to be here. this is the gunman's home and they think, you know, they're finding some of the answers as to why he would shoot up his own place of work, killing 9 of his co-workers. take a look at this video that we have of him walking out of this driveway. and in 2, one of his cars. you can see the 57 year-old with a large duffel bag. this is early in the morning and we now know there was semiautomatic handguns inside with magazines full of
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ammunition. the guns appear to be legal. but the sheriff isn't sure if they were modified in any way. this home caught fire as i said 3 minutes after shots ring out at the vta railyard about 8 miles from here. so they're not sure how cassidy said his fire, but they believe he set his home on fire before the rampage. we have new video of him walking on the grounds of the vta facility that morning. the shots rang out at 6.34 in the morning. now we have new information as to maybe why he did. this was he planning. we know he planned this. but for how long and what we're seeing. what was thoughts, a biden administration official confirms that while being detained by us customs officers back in 2016 during a trip to the philippines cassidy had books about terrorism and notes indicating he hated his workplace this is in 2016, we're talking this massacre happened in 2021. so this is been a long time coming after interviewing witnesses from the scene.
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sheriff's officials say cassidy targeted specific co-workers. let's hear more now. >> that he said to one of the. people there. i'm not going to shoot you and then he shot other people. so i imagine there was some kind of thought on who he wanted to shoot. i think it was deliberate well planned. i think he was moving quickly. it certainly was well planned because he walked into his business i duffel bag that firearms and ammunition. >> fbi and bomb squad have been searching. emily, the vta railyard but also cassidy's home here so far, san jose. police say they have found explosive devices at the home bomb making materials were also found in his work locker at the real yard. now they say there's no threat from the any explosive devices at the vta or here in san jose at his home. the investigation is ongoing as to why he was
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targeting specific co-workers. but a lot of answers have come so far from here. and we have, of course, don't know half of what they found because in an investigation. sometimes thcy keep things close to them. i'm sure we'll learn a lot more in the coming days. for now live in san jose. sarah stinson, back to you. >> thanks a lot. we're already learning a lot more about them. and from his ex-wife personality. yet his demeanor. she says that it's still hard to comprehend. >> that he actually did what he did shooting and killing 9 people. but looking back, she says there were signs she had anger problems, she said and depression. >> they were married for 10 years and divorced in 2005. his ex-wife says that. >> they shared some good times like her sister's wedding where that photo was taken. but she says his mood swings just got worse and worse. and he became verbally abusive and that's when she says it was time to go. he was extremely upset. >> after, you know might go
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back to time swing. he was crazy. so. so i'm like. you know what to do. so i i just felt i have to get that out because that. out of control. >> she says that even while they were that he was not happy working at the rail yard. and she doesn't recall him him owning any guns, though. >> well, right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a section on our website with everything we put together so far from our coverage of wednesday's mass shooting just scan that qr code. it will take you right to it. if you want to look at more of the surveillance video that's come to light here in the last 24 hours and more about what we know about the gunman now >> a more clear picture is being painted of them and also information on how you might be able to help the victims get through this. all that for you there. cropper, dot com. the cure co take you right to it. we'll be right back.
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>> all right. well, we've got a live look at golden gate bridge behind us here looks like it's a little bit foggy kind of hard to see the tops of the towers. but otherwise it was not foggy for me. oddly enough on the way. and it full
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as tunnel my bubble. and here i you need to have an app where people guaranteed good weather wherever you well, it is definitely a great one out there to start greater than we've been pretty much all week long up to this point as we've seen marine layer treading further and further inland. you're seeing most of our cloud cover staying right above the bay. that means bridges like the golden gate bridge actually pairing. all right. it's our hillsides like here at the berkeley hills where you're running into some of that low cloud cover actually making contact with the ground. and that's having an impact on our visibility high pressure is building back in now this results in that change of pace that we're in for this upcoming weekend. that's going to result in temperatures climbing as much as they will in the meantime, high pressure was also going to keep a little bit of fog closer to the coastline and streaming into the bay that's going to keep our coastal in bayside areas. free of the heat that by sunday and monday are inland. areas are just right in the heart of as of
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right now, excessive heat watches are going to take effect for solano county, other bay area counties don't have any watches or advisories, in effect just yet. but we'll be keeping an eye on that because many of our inland east bay cities like out towards antioch down into the tri valley are also going to be excessively hot futurecast of wind gust shows that we will be in for a calmer day today. that means less marine air transported inland and thus today will be a touch warmer for inland spots, not a whole lot of changes near the coastline and really or coastal areas are going to be spared the brunt of this heat wave all the way into next week. those your spots to get to if you want to escape some of our hotter inland temperatures, south bay cities today. not quite in the 80's yet. so we're still well into some really comfortable afternoon highs hayward on up thro'gh oakland as well as berkeley and san leandro only in the 60's in the meantime, conquered through solano county on over into napa and sonoma counties back into the
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80's today. hot but not near as hot as we're about to get some of the same spots tomorrow's temperatures rise just a couple of degrees sunday is when we'll start to notice things starting to really warm and by monday and tuesday, not just warm but downright hot the hottest days of the year so far with inland highs well into the triple digits for a few spots. this means as you plan out your memorial day festivities please practice. first of all, extreme fire caution and second stay hydrated. maybe cooler location like near the coast or the bay itself make sure to check on those that, you know, our heat sensitive like your neighbors or your or their family members. reyna. john, thank you for that. so earlier we had a hot spot out and signaled that has since been cleared. >> as you're heading into the city. you can see traffic is definitely moving a little under 9 minutes and they still have not turn the metering lights on as you head across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. they are so no major delays. and i'm tracking at this hour the richmond sandra fell commute heading out of
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richmond under 8 minutes for your drive time and still looking at the south bay here long 1 one to 80 no major accidents or delays. it will take you 28 minutes as you're traveling in the park. so we'll have more on that for now back to the news. friday. june 4th on friday, june 11th the state of california will be. >> conducting a drawing everybody that has been vaccinated in the state of california. we'll have their name put into this trying. >> finally a lottery that i can play. and you actually have a better chance of winning javon the normal lottery. so don't worry. you've been entered. you have to anything if he's gotten the shot you're eligible now to win up to 1.5 million dollars next month. all part of a larger announcement by the government trying to get more and more people get roll up their sleeves. and it's not just one person that wins one ride. 5 million. it's 10 people who win 1.5 million. then you've got the $50,000 friday's price. in fact, the
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next 2 million people that vaccine from this point on are going to get a $50 virtual prepaid gift card or grocery cars, even little prizes like that right off the bat and that's to inspire a lot of people to get fully vaccinated ahead of the june. 15th reopening of california and that's when they're expecting a lot of people to be out and about. they're hoping the vaccinated. this is all in an effort to incentivize and build momentum and put a date was some expectation that by june 15th will move north of that 70% threshold for adults. >> so to tell you again, just by getting vaccinated even just one shot. if you get one shot in because you know, we're coming down to the wire here before june 15th. you're in the pool and people are going to win and your odds are fantastic. james, unlike the regular lottery which you always you lose. you don't have to buy a ticket or anything. and the $50,000 on every friday. they get the winner will be found not to be 30 of those. yeah. so 30. that's all i can't get your shot and get interred. now. i
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don't worry. you can stay anonymous too, to claim your prize money off to worry about, you know what their friends coming out of the woodwork. i will still come to work it less. it will if i win the one and a half mill. you won't see yesterday was just a sick day and national news. senate republicans have come back with a counteroffer now to president biden's infrastructure deal. you have the road to a compromise. now they're 928 billion dollar offer does include money for roads and bridges and internet improvements as well. but it is a a far cry from the nearly 2 trillion dollars that the president was asking for. we have our dc correspondent kelli meyer standing by with more on this. yeah. passed to a compromise. can they get there? that's the question. good morning, kelly. good morning, james and ariel. i like how you put that road to compromise and. >> white. the white house knew this counter proposal was going to be coming. and the president said he's already going to meet with republican senators next week to discuss it. so working on that compromise. but he didn't shy away from addressing the
6:22 am
elephant in the room during his remarks on thursday. >> president joe biden is issuing a stark warning to republicans who stand in the way of his infrastructure goals. we're going to try to take credit. >> you've done. don't get in the way. what we still need to do. his response comes after gop senators issued a 928 billion dollars counteroffer to his one 0.7 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. we're trying to get to that common goal reaching a bipartisan infrastructure agreement the republican proposal includes 506 billion for roads and bridges. 72 billion for water infrastructure and 65 billion for broadband. a big sticking point for gop senators is sticking to core physical infrastructure. republicans made clear the president's plan to raise corporate taxes is a nonstarter writing in a memo to the president. quote, we made clear as a conference. we will not revisit the 2017
6:23 am
tax cuts and jobs act and they billing us to achieve the best economy of my lifetime. republicans want to pay for the plan by repurposing unused covid-19 relief dollars. the white house doesn't feel there is any money left to spend. >> we do believe that this money is available. if if they've got a different there, they need shows the numbers. >> and today the president is expected to unveil his 2022 budget which would include funding for infrastructure as it's going to be bigger and top former president trump's 4.8 trillion dollar proposal from last year. reporting live here in washington. i'm kelli meyer. alright, thank you very much, kelly. >> 6.23. is the time. and after the break, the a's blow out the angels last night at the coliseum. why the angels big player didn't even make it on time to the game will have the details coming up.
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6:27 am
on the bus to go from san francisco to oakland. got on the bay bridge got traffic turn around. go to the hotel to not bart's fall. they have gone bar which time. but when you're that late seriously and like. but they're still late, right. which was only good for the a's. absolutely. because as we can see here in the highlights. the a's scored 5 runs come the 6th inning. and that was often more than enough to win because it was a shot out 5 to nothing was ohe final 2 teams play again tonight. first pitch at 6.40, the coliseum the age is just an oakland. >> it would make things a little easier. yeah. here's a hack. a lot of great hotels open oakland. then you'll have to go over the bay bridge. >> it's going to be a busy weekend for a lot of people who are going to be going over the bay bridge and going all over the state. yes, specially out the sfo will. >> all over the people at sfo. >> can pandemic is behind them. they're hitting the airport terminals coming up,
6:28 am
i'll show you video just how busy it is and have reaction
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are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low. and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪ >> 6.30, and the big story heading into this holiday weekend is where everybody is going yet going to be busy on the roads. going to be busy in the skies on this memorial day weekend. fact, we've got team coverage to cover all of that. let's take a look. we are posted at the airport at sfo. you can see will tran wave will there's will play a little plan to i i don't know what that
6:31 am
>> filler up. if you're not going to be in the skies are going to the road. we're live in burlingame. look at those prices out of control. skyrocketing gas prices and skyrocketing temperatures. yeah. we've got camila barco standing by congress will talk more about the high fire danger. but let's talk about those temperatures, john, because calm. >> memorial day monday. you're talking triple digit heat potentially. yeah. triple digit heat for some of our for this inland areas memorial day monday and again on tuesday as you head back to work too. >> which honestly after sitting at home. maybe without air conditioning may be a welcome change of pace today and tomorrow are going to be are more mild days before the heat builds just around the corner and our hottest days of the year. now, just a couple of days away. right now we are seeing a blanket of cool. coastal air pushing on in some of this low cloud cover that we're seeing pushing on even into our inland east bay areas. we could be super thankful for this great start to the morning. it's one of the reasons that we're not going to be excessively hot today and tomorrow are also backing off the heat after
6:32 am
that, though, all bets are off. that's when temperatures really start to rise for inland areas. we're going to see a relaxing on shore breeze, which means that our areas further from the water are already going to be a bit warmer today. but as i mentioned, nothing compared to where we are about to be 40's 50's for most of our current temperatures. it's cool. it's a big grey to start this morning. for most of us talking the rest of today's forecast and the hot memorial day forecast all still to come, reyna john, thank you for that. the good news, no major delays are hot spots at this hour. >> as you're heading into the sea. you can see they still don't have the metering lights on to traffic is flowing little under 10 minutes for you to make it from so that fremont street exit golden gate bridge. you can see those little pockets of fog. and while there's no fog advisory, you still definitely want to take your time as you drive. it will take you 90 minutes to make it into the city. we're checking out conditions along highway 80 milpitas as you're traveling to san leandro 2 3820 minutes for you leave you with a look. the richmond, sandra fell coming out of richmond under 8 minutes.
6:33 am
we'll have more on your drive times. you're traveling out of town this weekend. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. well, let's talk more in our team coverage about the big story which is memorial day weekend and the heat. yeah, but we're talking 80's 90's and as john was saying by monday could be in the hundreds. these high temperatures. obviously prompting. >> worry on the part of firefighters. nobody else because the higher fire danger. hence we have the glow with the sky on fire because that's what could happen. barco is live in concord with more on how they're preparing high camilla. >> good morning, daryn. james, so yeah. memorial day weekend. it's the unofficial start to summer and the temperatures on monday and tuesday are going to feel like it is actually summer. but as people make their way outdoors, they're going to want to be a little cautious and might want to plan ahead. the temperatures inland are going to be above normal and along the coast somewhat above normal already the national weather service is warning people, especially the older population to be
6:34 am
careful if they go outside on monday and tuesday. there is a possibility for heat exhaustion. heat stroke and dehydration as we talked about there is also a concern for potential wildfires high temperatures with dry conditions only amp up the negative effects of the drought. several bay area counties are still under an extreme drought or in the exceptional drought category now contra costa county firefighters were at at and other counties have already responded to multiple vegetation fires this year. fire officials are asking people to be cautious when enjoying outdoor activities memorial day on memorial day. is a time to be careful when you're mowing the grass or any other activity that could potentially spark a fire. but take a look at this. it's going to get warm on memorial day. some people might head to the beach. and that's a just a reminder that the water, while it is warm outside. the water is in the lower 50's this time of year. so be careful because there could be a potential for cold water, shock and rip
6:35 am
currents. now the temperatures are forecast to peak memorial day and the day after. so some areas, especially inland could see temperatures in the triple digits. now, i spoke about the national weather service earlier and they've already come out with some tips about how you can be careful this weekend so stay hydrated wear your try to walk around when it's not as hot, especially between the hours of 10:00am to 06:00pm. and of course, don't forget about your pets. if you're watching it, you might want to do so early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not blazing hot back to you. yeah. move before the pavement gets blistering hot. those poor. >> pets. thank you very much. camila. >> lot of people are going to be traveling by plane this memorial day weekend. way more than last year because of covid. apparently people feel more comfortable. >> 37 million americans going to take to the skies, which is a 60% increase. >> from last year. kron four's will tran is live at sfo. we
6:36 am
have seen already behind you. a lot of people taken bags. all there's a guy taken or woman taken bags out of their car. i hope bags fly free. goodness. >> daria. i i mean, during that to you, you walking look like michelin man because i know you don't want to pay that. so that's how you roll, right. because people would pay. but. they walking like this viewers layer. it's all is not going to pay. >> even if you go to hawaii, you look no man could you don't want to pay. but people are traveling because they feel safer, right. and last year area you could lay down in traffic and not get hit today. you will not only get hit before you get hit. you'll get yelled at by people saying get out of the roadway because it is so busy. now we show you some video that i shot a little bit earlier is indicative of what you can expect pretty much throughout the day. look at this. the line already snaking at the
6:37 am
tsa checkpoint because you talked about this 37 million americans across the country. we'll leave their home on memorial day and go 50 miles or more. yes, it's not 2019, but certainly i huge step from last year. and with so many people feeling comfortable of traveling now don't expect that during a member that we did this story like i live at sfo. remember that you can have plenty of space between you and the other passenger last year. that's not going to happen. most flights are pretty much full or near full this memorial day weekend. a lot of people excited. don't believe me. listen to this man. i think it's also i think everyone should get back out there and start traveling. >> i think you know, the perfect time i back native. i the city looks like it's about to pop june. 15th is right around the corner. let's go.
6:38 am
>> let's go. and when he said to 15th, that's when california kind according to governor gavin newsome will open up in the tier system. we'll go away. you don't have to prove that you're vaccinated. but you will have to wear your mask and he has no problems with me telling the world he's not a big believer in masks area. but he understands if you have to fly, you will wear your mask. and if you don't like it, you're gonna have to get used to it because if you don't wear your mask vax or not. you're not going to be able to board the plane. but get here early. a lot of people will be traveling sfo. consider the 9th busiest airport for a memorial day travel on memorial day weekend with the busiest time. little bit of a law now 7.45 this morning. how they figure that out. i'll never know. but it's a lot busier than last year when last year it was a ghost town. i think i saw tumble weed go across sfo last year. where that there was literally one car by doing the shot back thank you very much. and you
6:39 am
know, what of notices that some of the plates are costly. yeah, it's really going to cost you more than airlines are flying less 5 feet. fewer hiking of the prices. and if you drive know better because gas prices are. >> if you're not flying, you are driving. if you're going anywhere this weekend, it's we've got crawfordsville have a standing by. >> talk about that part of the story which is in fact, we're going to dig a little deeper this memorial day only. >> app. that's right. you can see these prices are pretty high that what i'm showing you, ed, despite the memorial day weekend. gas prices being so high experts don't expect that to stop people from traveling. and i spoke to a couple of people off camera. and there's one guy saying, yeah, i hate the prices, but i'm going up to talk about today in spite of all those prices spoke to this one woman. she doesn't travel much, but yukai prices aren't changing her behavior. let's take a listen. >> is close this complaining. when this system was down. that gas is up $0.10 a gallon
6:40 am
and i'm thinking that's not because it's gone up a in the month. >> has it how often you getting your car. i don't know. >> pretty much, you know, just to work. i don't do a lot of traveling. if you want to get poll. >> that take a look at your screen. according to aaa gas prices in san francisco or $4 and $0.33 a gaylon can $4 and 25 and samara fell. you've got $4.35 and in san jose, $4 and $0.25. now after more than a year of caution during the coronavirus pandemic. there's a lot of pent-up demand for travel. and because you have the vaccination rate increase scene and coronavirus cases going down. some people are
6:41 am
really seizing the opportunity for a change of scenery during what we consider one of america's busiest holiday travel weekend. so the experts are suggesting that you fill up before you take off on your vacation because gas prices can be high around the popular tourist spots. so you know, go to go to where, you know, you're going to get the cheap to get cheapest gas and let me just zoom out here. it really does make a difference even if it's a penny less where people go. there's really not a whole lot of people in the chevron. >> a gas station but just across the street, there was quite a few people going in and out over on this one just because it's just by $0.5 cheaper. so people are trying to get the savings wherever they can. >> back to you guys. know getting all right. thank you very in. of course, if you are planning on heading out. i think we did the story earlier this week that tonight between it was like 5 45 6 for how it
6:42 am
could be the busiest for was saying the airport is early but driving is later. and as we saw one simple accident could gum up the works and just take it forever getting out of town. so download the kron 4 app, if you can or better yet to scan this qr code. it will take you to kron 4 dot coms traffic page. and there we've got live traffic updates. we'll tell you all the hot spots are so that you can plan your trip before you set out come later on today. we'll be right
6:43 am
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hiv medicine is one part of it. >> 6.44 right now. and with the heat this weekend. california energy leaders say we don't have to worry yet about any rolling blackouts yet. no forced power outages just yet. the president, the california independent system operators. >> says that the system seems to be in good shape for this week and the one that follows last summer. course we saw our own heat waves and but the poor planning back then that led to several power disruptions. but luckily they think they're doing a better job of planning this time around. >> our analysis, indicates that if we get into another big west wide heating events like we saw last year. our numbers tell us the grid will be stressed again and we know will be leaning on this new this new set of you know, batteries that we have all the
6:46 am
generation resource, but we will be reaching out very actively to consumers and industry to surrender. >> state energy officials say it's always a good idea to try to conserve energy as turn off the lights when you're not in the room. just that little act helps out a lot. all right. let's get over to the weather center. john following the hot weather forecast as we're heading into the weekend, although the live pictures behind us. but it doesn't look it's mother nature's ac still on for now. yeah. so don't have to use that extra power just yet. but that hot weather indeed just around the corner. so. >> actually enjoy or gray weather that we're still in the midst of that's what sparing us. the hottest of temperatures, at least for the time being. today. tomorrow. these are the cooler days of this next 7 day forecast right here. so even though it's not the prettiest. it's high and it's definitely not super uncomfortable out there. we're not just going to be hot this weekend, but we're in the midst of this continual stretch of dry weather in our latest drought monitor just released yesterday showing now even more exceptional drought
6:47 am
gripping more and more of the bay area. that's that most severe category of drought that's in that deep into deep in red for almost all of the north bay and an expanding portion of the east bay. now all of contra, costa county now affected portions of san francisco and alameda counties, too high pressure building in isn't just going to keep us dry. but it's also going to result in this shift that we have around the corner, which is going to bring hot weather to our inland valleys. well, keeping our cool coastal areas on the fog east side at times, you know where to go. if you need to escape some of that high in heat coastal areas will be the place to be specially come sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday right now we are looking ahead at an excessive heat watch taking effect for solano county. then up and down the central valley. these areas will be in the upper 90's to low triple digits and i am expecting a few more advisories to likely pop up by the time we reach late weekend for portions of napa eastern contra, costa and alameda counties, too. wind gusts not going to be as much of an
6:48 am
issue as we work our way through this forecast. without that increased wind from the coast. we start to see temperatures varying from coastal to inland areas with cool. coastal highs. but inland areas not tapping into that coastal air. and that's starting to get warmer and warmer today will be a touch warmer than yesterday but not a huge change just yet. and even with a few more 80's on the map. it's still going to be feeling. all right. south bay not in the 80's just yet. although you're close aim for you in livermore at 79 hayward san leandro oakland and berkeley in the 60's while from concord, north into much of solano, napa and sonoma counties. we will have a mix of 80's in there from petaluma down to mill valley. that's a range of 70's tomorrow's highs will stay steady very much so like today. so today and tomorrow days to enjoy. we've still got nature's ac kicked into gear. we turn that off into sunday and things heat up quick highs in the 90's by sunday afternoon monday and tuesday, the hottest of the year so far. and that includes
6:49 am
on memorial day on monday. so as you do venture out there for your memorial day plans. first of all, be very fire where second of all, keep hydrated. we're not acclimated to this heat just yet. they want to find yourself getting a little closer to the coast as that's where going to be a lot more comfortable reyna. john, thank you for that. traffic. for the most part looks great. but we do have some problem areas. >> like there's a report of a fire, 8.80, southbound just south of 80 eastbound here just off the freeway and that's low in some folks down as they're looking at that. but as soon as you reach the maze headed into the city a little under. let's go back to that 11 minutes for your drive time there. so no major delays as a traveling from the east bay into san francisco headed across towards the peninsula. a little under 15 for your drive time. no major incidents. the richmond sandra fell bridge. what looks like it's low. it's just under 9 minutes to make it across towards sandra fell and highway 4. we're starting to see some delays here. you're slowing down a bit. 20 minutes as you're traveling towards
6:50 am
conquer to 42. so we'll have more coming up next. darya and james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6.49 and during the month of may. we're celebrating and honoring asian americans pacific islanders who are breaking barriers today. we want to introduce you again to san francisco a father. >> who is a business owner who is now living a double life on the internet has you're korean dad kron four's. vicki liviakis gives us a look. >> maybe you've seen him on tiktok a new korean dad got me to order some food he's your korean dad, nick chubb. you're korean dad is an internet sensation with billions in we followed nick to san francisco and his charming coffee house called wrecking ball coffees. fantastic off is about people. and since it's been a wrecking ball of the year. teams only fitting to down a cup with nick and talk about. >> coffee food. what makes your korean dad so wildly popular. my followers are from. >> every walk of life. every
6:51 am
race gender curry is no orientation and even like international. i think that there's something about what i'm putting out there that appeals to people. i got to admit like i don't understand all my favorite meal time secrets. it's a super easy kareem barbecue. >> for me saying that i'm korean. i'm really trying to kind of giving away the the the secret in a way that i'm trying to really normalize the idea of every american. comes from somewhere. >> people look at you like you are the new mister i'm a huge mister rogers fan. >> and i think that this really seriously, that's a big responsibility. even if i don't completely accepted a 100%. but i know what people mean by that. you know, if it's a certain sort of figure that people haven't seen there and why it just worries me that so much social and political conversation is really about what we're against. we're not for that. we're not for this one off of
6:52 am
that and the whole like what are you for? i just want to say i'm so proud of you. i start on most of my videos go like this is like a little head. pat. i like being touched on the head. i something that i was like my parents did. and so it's just a little sign of affection. just virtually green. >> your korean bags shows you how to make curry rice for instance. i'm a curry rice. he dispenses fatherly advice and friendly encouragement something we could all little meal time. >> it could become popular in korea call finger hearts to make. take a little heart shape if you can imagine it over your fingers as a tiny heart, you can do hand hearts bigger, making sure your granddad might teach you how to make a good cup of coffee cut chicken nuggets. that's right. i think chicken nuggets that he secret recipe. >> his sincerity that feeds the soul. >> offering myself up as your korean dad is really for me. it is an act of love i it's
6:53 am
rewarding in terms of the feedback that i get. but for me, i'm really just focus on like what people what people want, what people need. you know what they need to feel what they need to hear and figure out different ways of delivering that it's a lot like being a parent. >> in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. you join us sunday may 30th at 06:30pm, right here on kron 4 for an asian pacific heritage month. special show our 30 minute special features inspiring stories of bay area people making an impact in the asian community. you can also check out the stories online at kron. 4 dot com again. join us
6:54 am
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so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap. >> 6.55 the time. coming up in the next hour for kron 00:00am morning news remembering the 9 victims of the vta rail yard shooting. we'll have a live look at the vigil to honor them and hear from family and community members. plus the fbi trying to piece together a timeline of the shooting to figure out a motive. we'll have a report from the shooter's home and new video of the gunman's moments before he killed those 9 people. we have to pay for. everybody has been for. but i just i just. i just can't move. s. and we'll hear from the gunman's ex-wife still trying to comprehend the tragedy. she'll tell us more about his temper that ruined their marriage.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> thanks for waking up with us on a friday. happy and
7:00 am
daria. and it's not just any friday. i'm james it is the friday kicking off the memorial day weekend. a lot of folks are going to have travel plans, maybe outdoor plans with family and friends. now that we're lessening of restrictions with. yeah. and all that. i know this makes a lot of people feel yeah. you know that looming june 15th reopening like suddenly are a 100%. >> but a lot of people still can wear masks and everybody feels more comfortable, i guess to travel because we're seeing it at the airports were live. we're seeing it on the and it will and hopefully that see. that's all i have to say about the i don't mask and sunscreen mask and sunscreen. yes, you'll otherwise experiencing one of those mask stands on your face. >> is definitely going to be a hot finish to your memorial day weekend. sunday, monday and then well into tuesday. and wednesday of next week, the hottest weather of the year so far. so we can actually really appreciate


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