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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 24, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 4. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 4 morning news it's thursday little friday friday is little robin winston let's start this morning with a check of your forecast because the weekend is right around the corner and we are in store for a major warm up john you're talking the possibility of triple digits. yeah robin, not something you want to talk about for the weekend but got to talk about it because big changes are just around the corner. >>we've been so spoiled with our weather lately having seen 70's and 80's and well at least keep that going for today and tomorrow after that though all bets are off and it is looking like a toasty one
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and then increase fire danger weekend ahead of us as well that means enjoy today as much as possible even though we do have some low clouds and fog that a push in across the bay. there are some spots of low visibility to watch out for near the coastline and we will see that through the course of your morning commute pretty great start to the morning unlike yesterday. more like we had on tuesday morning. if you remember with the fog angry that we had then we do have sunshine this afternoon and that is going make for a beautiful finish to the day after this fog in great that we have this morning air quality remains good a solid flow of marine air continues to push in across the region. coli in up that air all the way from the bay area even towards sacramento in our inland valleys, so that has been really nice for these areas to see 60's for your current temperatures, pretty mild start to the day you can attribute this to some low clouds that sheltering any heat loss from being hit seen here in the bay area and one of the reasons we are off to a much more mild start to the morning than we were yesterday when we had such clear skies
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after the 60's this morning daytime highs only rising to the 70's and 80's very similar day to what we've been enjoying so far gradually clearing skies as we work our way into the afternoon of course talking about high fire danger this weekend and that big warm up still to come in the rest of your forecast back to robin all right sounds good. thank you john. well a call for justice is echoing across the country as demonstrators protest, a grand jury's decision. >>not to indict any officers for charges directly related to the death of brianna taylor. now this is video of the protests that happened in san francisco. demonstrators gathered outside the city's mission police station projecting hashtag brianna taylor and defund sfpd now and over the east bay in oakland, a group of protesters marched right in the middle of the street. there was also a rally in the south bay in san jose. and we also heard reports of demonstrations in sunnyvale. and louisville kentucky, 2 officers were shot during a
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protest that happened about a mile away from where most of the protesters were gathered a group broke off just before curfew began and police responded with tear gas to break up the crowd when shots were fired. >>one person is in custody. now this all stems from a 6 month long investigation. brianna taylor was a 26 year-old emt who was shot and killed by louisville police back in march, she was sleeping at home when 3 officers conducting a drug investigation entered the wrong house on a no knock warrant and fired multiple shots. now of the 3 officers only one was indicted, but not related to taylor's death officer brett hankinson is charged with 3 counts of wanton endangerment for shots that went into a neighboring apartment kentucky's attorney general says it's unlikely that there will be any additional charges related to the shooting. >>the criminal law is not meant to respond to every sorrow and grief. and that is that is true here. but my heart breaks. for the loss of
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miss taylor. >>will cameron announced that he's creating a special task force to review the process for securing reviewing and executing search warrants in kentucky. and there were protests all across the country last night in the top left corner of your screen. there. that was the scene in los angeles last night in the top right, that's what it looked like in las vegas. down at the bottom of the left as providence, rhode island and then the bottom right is richmond, virginia. protesters jumped fences and marched outside of 4 police stations. several cities at officers in riot gear as demonstrators blocked roads and cities all across the country. and despite the outrage president trump is praising kentucky's republican attorney general for his handling of the investigation when asked about the case and its results. the president said the attorney general daniel cameron is called really brilliant and the star. >>and he made a statement that i'll just it just is just this
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is not often easy. it does not fit the mold of public opinion and it does not conform. to shifting standards it. it says only to the facts into the law. if we simply actor in a motion are outraged is no justice mob justice is a chess is just a side by violence is not just as. it just becomes that they heard that i said write that down from a place because i think it's it was a terrific statement. he's handling it very well. >>the president says that he will soon be speaking to kentucky governor andy bashir. democratic presidential nominee, joe biden reacted to the ruling saying quote we need to start addressing the use of excessive force panning choke holds and overhauling no knock warrant biden added that he knows that people are frustrated and that they have the right to peacefully protest violence. it's not acceptable. and this is
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appalled by biden's running mate senator kamala harris. she wrote quote, i'm briana taylor's family who still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister, we must never stop speaking brianna's name as we work to reform our justice system including overhauling no knock warrants. a bay area attorneys that have opposing opinions are weighing in on the ruling of breonna taylor's case on one end bury, a criminal defense attorney john burris says that despite being fired on on. first by briana taylor's boyfriend, the officer who fired back killing taylor, we're not justified and should have been charged with manslaughter. but then bay area attorney michael rains who defends police officers believes that they were simply following the evidence which suggests self-defense. >>how could it be that they could find somebody shot recklessly seems to make reckless late and miss late into the building. therefore i get into the whole question of recklessness they get you into
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a mass case that easily could have been done. >>i think the decision was these officers were there they were firing in defense of their own life send out. and they were firing until the threat subsided. >>well 2 different attorneys and of course 2 different opinions likely to lead to a lot more discussions about this case. well, the area families who have had their own loved ones killed at the hands of law enforcement are calling the ruling frustrating but not shocking. they met through virtual call wednesday in the news that the officers who killed breonna taylor won't be charged in her death. it's causing them to reopen and relive their own personal loans, the uncle of oscar grant was among those on the call he says that one problem is that there's no accountability for officers and the last officer convicted of a deadly shooting was right here in the bay area it was officer who killed grant john is masterly. >>look at amas. yesterday as an isolated. the most of us
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here in oakland. sadly, pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be. the officers weren't going to charge. the numbers tell us the truth. as an example since officers murdered. over 1300 bodies here in the state of california has been killed by the police not a single officer actually has been convicted except the joins ms. >>well earlier this month salient for officer jason fletcher was charged with manslaughter in the april shooting death of steven taylor. fletcher is the first officer here in the bay area to be charged in connection to a deadly shooting since 2009. meanwhile, a protest is set for this morning at 11:00am and oakland. it will be held brianna taylor mural that's located at the corner of 15th and broadway in downtown oakland. we have more coverage on the decision of breonna taylor's case on our website if you'd like to see more.
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details just head over to kron 4 dot com. you can watch the kentucky attorney general's full announcement there you can also get a timeline of breonna taylor's case as well as reaction to dust. today's decision. well the late justice ruth bader ginsburg returned to the u.s. supreme court for the last time yesterday before being brought out for the public dealing a private ceremony was held in the great hall where the 8 supreme court justices pay their respects as washington battles to replace the vacancy chief justice john roberts remembered his longtime colleague. there she won famous victories that helped move our nation closer. >>to equal justice under law. to the extent that women are now a majority in law schools. it's not simply a handful. >>well thousands of people lined up to pay their respects outside on friday morning her casket will be transported across the street to the u.s. capitol which will be the first woman to lie in state in the capitol rotunda. president
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trump says he will announce his nomination to replace ginsburg seat the saturday, democrats on capitol hill say that they will not stand by idly if republicans confirm a supreme court justice. just weeks before the election. washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports on the changes. the democrats are promising to make if republicans don't stand down. >>its leader mcconnell presses forward. the republican majority will of stolen 2 supreme court seats, democrats say if republicans confirm a supreme court justice before the next inauguration, there will be payback any and all options should be on the tape all california congresswoman judy chu says one of those options is adding more justices to the supreme court has not in the constitution and the size of the court has vary over time from bad to nevada congresswoman dina titus says the move would be justified in this court is not passing laws that are in
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keeping with public opinion i think it's perfectly just about to expand the court however i think that our focus right now has to be on the election in order to make such changes to the supreme court democrats would need to win a majority in the senate and the presidency they threatened to pack the supreme court with additional justices so that they can ensure. >>a rubber stamp for their agenda republican senator john thune dismissed the threats from democrats republicans won't be deterred. from performing our constitutional role. >>by democrats on democratic threats at majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will move to come from president trump's nominee in the coming weeks that's what senator done. >>it's our job description president trump said he will announce his nominee to the supreme court on saturday. that was alexandra le mon reporting one asked president trump says that it is important to have 9 justices. >>the top contenders for the
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vacancy or federal judges amy kanye a county excuse me amy coney barrett and barbara lagoa. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news burglaries are on the rise and san francisco we'll hear from neighbors on the alarming uptick in crime. >>michael martin in washington as the historic fight over the supreme court escalates some democratic lawmakers worry families impacted by the pandemic we'll have to wait even longer for
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>>welcome >>back everyone, the times for 14, i love the fact that our air quality drastically improved it's much better now, but i'm not looking forward to triple digits this weekend john not just too hot. we've had such a nice weather the past few days too. it's hard to let that go rob but yeah we're talking the not so nice conditions this weekend as we've mentioned. >>today will still be holding on to the good air quality as well as the comfortable weather so we're still in the good today enjoy it as much as you can definitely a lot more cloud cover this morning than what we saw yesterday low clouds and fog having streamed in across the bay so watch out for patches of low visibility. she don't have to watch out for his patches about air quality we are good across the board yet again and a good one to step outside go on that jog and enjoy some of our more mild conditions. you can blame this cold front for continuing our push of on shore, nice
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cool ocean cool the air that is sweeping across the bay area yet again couple offshore showers possible up in the mendocino in northern sonoma counties. but the rest of us in the bay just a little too far south to be seeing any sort of shower potential we do have the cloud cover this morning that will gradually clear into the afternoon. after this tomorrow you're going to have a lot of clear skies to start the morning a lot like we did yesterday after tomorrow we start to see this on shore flow, relaxing winds that have been pushing into the bay keeping us nice and clean as far as air goes a nice and cool. we'll start to come down into your friday and that sets us up for a reversal of wind direction as hot dry air from our inland valleys gets pushed back out or direction, increasing fire danger. the u.s. fire weather watches take effect saturday at 11:00am lasting through monday for eastern portions of alameda and contra costa counties all of solano county and then upper are in sonoma and napa counties. winds gusting as high as 50 miles per hour temperatures from the
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90's to triple digits and very low humidity. so heightened fire danger later on this forecast as for today, we're still holding on to the good stuff, a good day to enjoy before maybe you hunker down and take it a little bit easier this weekend as fire danger increases along with temperatures 70's and 80's for highs on the peninsula as well as into the south bay. really not a lot of changes to talk about san jose year about one degree different than where you were yesterday oakland similar one degree up from yesterday 74 to 75 today. concord one degree down from 88 to 87, so you get the picture here pretty similar afternoon to what was already a pretty good day yesterday. tomorrow will be a cool one before the heat of the rest of the forecast saturday, the warm up begins and it really kicks into gear sunday monday and tuesday are hottest days of your forecast when we're likely to see triple digits on the map for inland areas and 90's and solid 90's for bayside areas, high fire
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danger risk on these days means if you are heading outside please practice extreme caution, right well, you know for going to be the triple digits. john i'm staying inside all day not going out at all. >>all right let's check in on the traffic are taking to get 80 into san francisco looking good. moving well, no problems here so it's a clear shot from the maze right across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. we're off to 92 the san mateo bridge connecting the peninsula and the east bay traffic picking up already. it's our first bridge to get a little crowded in the 4 o'clock hour but no big problems here heading over to foster city or san matteo we'll check more more traffic more purchase coming up a little bit later. well as the fight over the supreme court escalate some democratic lawmakers worry that aid for families impacted by covid we'll get caught up in the political crossfire, lawmakers on both sides are calling on congressional leadership to continue negotiations despite historic political tension, washington dc correspondent raquel martin reports.
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>>what this decision will do high in the already toxic climate here washington, the missouri democratic congressman emanuel cleaver here's the explosive battle over the supreme court will make it impossible for congress to send more covid relief to american families anytime soon which would be one of the worst thing to not panic not likely ver in iowa democratic congresswoman cindy axne me say families and small businesses in their communities need help now we're at risk of losing up to have her child care centers. they are you troubled they are struggling michigan democrat elissa slotkin says the increased tension should sour a deal i think we should be able to walk and chew gum last week he helped introduce a bipartisan covid relief package, the bill extending unemployment payments provided another round of stimulus checks and extended financial aid for small businesses but it fell flat i was disappointed with the reaction from leadership both in the
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house and the senate. >>and i urge them both to reconsider michigan democratic senator debbie stabenow says republicans are not have yet to see. >>and the leader of the senate mitch mcconnell have any sense of urgency democrats have had months to work with us on covid relief republican senator josh hawley says democrats only have themselves to blame for the gridlock. they apparently don't want to get a deal done that has nothing to do with the supreme court vacancy lawmakers on both sides del a deal will come together before election day in washington raquel martin. >>governor newsome has announced new initiatives to fight climate change the governor says that the state will halt cells of new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks by 2035, this is huge. he says the move will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35%. he called on state regulators to come up with requirements to meet this goal. although other countries already have similar requirements, california will
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be the first in the united states. says this initiative will have a huge impact on pollution and of course the auto industry. >>the trends are in the direction of 0 emission vehicles, the trends are in the direction globally and 0 emission vehicles. if you are an american manufacturer how can you compete globally unless you're in that business unless you're pushing the boundaries of innovation unless you're encouraging that same mindset that we are trying to advance here in the state of california. >>well the governor's plan would not ban people from owning gas powered cars are selling them on the used car market but we're actually in the sales of all new gasoline powered passenger cars and trucks in the state california already house rules mandating a certain percentage of new car sales be electric or 0 emission vehicles. coming up next on kron 4 morning news, salvation army is bracing for a holiday season. >>with much more needs less
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supports. we'll have details on their plan to rescue christmas coming up. hey, my twitter is blowing up! dear jack box, bring back the spicy chicken strips, still waiting for the spicy chicken strips, so many about spicy chicken strips. wow, i hear you. so i'm bringing back my juicy 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99!
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is it the juicy 100% all-white meat? or because you can spice them up or cool them down? or because a little birdie told me you wanted them back really bad... get my spicy chicken strips combo for only $5.99. >>welcome back everyone between the coronavirus pandemic wildfires and job loss families all across the country and right here in the bay area may need a little extra help this holiday season. the salvation army says for the first time in 130 years they're going to start their annual holiday son
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raising campaign early in order to rescue christmas but as kron four's michelle kingston explains they're going to have to do more with less. >>it's a familiar sight outside malls and grocery stores every holiday season. >>but this year there will be less bell ringing with retail stores, closing less foot traffic and more people carrying plastic them cash the salvation army says they could see up to a 50% decrease in funds through red kettles in 2020, but they're expecting to serve up to a 155% more people because of the coronavirus pandemic job loss in the wildfires. we've had a lot of people are ready to tell us where. >>we're treading affected. you know, we may be looking at. you know in a couple months having to decide do we pay to keep electric bill. you know to keep the electric on or do we get our kids to get since march, the salvation army has provided more than 100 million meals. >>a 170,000 of those were
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served in san francisco. they do not expect that need to slow down anytime soon and are working now to rescue christmas by starting their annual holiday fundraising campaign early to help pay for food bills shelter in presents this year when you hear it is just very from there your ballot can you on people's nerves. if you hear too much and i want i want to remind people that this is a sounding the alarm to ask for your help. >>in our effort to rescue christmas cash and coins will still be excepted but the salvation army understands they're going to have to do more with less and they're getting creative to donate you can now use apple or google pay it any red kettle. >>you can also use alexa or text a donation on your phone we want to make sure that people are protected and we want to make sure that people are cared for michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. there's been a dramatic health improvement in
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san jose's neighborhoods, thanks to a covid community outbreak effort about 2 dozen teams are working to keep the city safe. and before we head to break how about we go outside and check in on conditions outside your door. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic looks good. no delays coming into san francisco your temperature 62 degrees right now in san francisco 67 in hayward 62 in napa and 66 in sa
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>>welcome back everyone, the times for 29 good morning and thanks for staying with us a lot of folks are wondering about the weather, i know you need specifics for your neighborhood. we have someone for that and he certified meteorologist things grateful. he has all the answers a job, yeah i've got some answers i don't think people are going to be wanting to hear for the weekend but at least today is looking good. we do have some cloud cover out there this morning different than yesterday morning. if you remember tuesday morning start out great it was. >>that's the way we're going to be kicking off this thursday. you see cloud cover over sfo right now in visibility has been affected in areas like novato san francisco will be later this morning for half moon bay in hayward so do watch some spots out there that you may be encountering some of that low cloud cover and fog making for a bit of a shorter visibility in front of you as you're


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