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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 27, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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that getting the economy back on track depends on one thing and the only thing that can really push the economy is the consumer. 70% of the economy. he says congress has to do more to generate consumer confidence with an extra $600 in unemployment benefits set to run out for out of work americans at the end of july. ross was worries that it could be a recipe for a long-term covid hangover business and can schoolers are going to wait and see what happens medium term here they're very uncertain about the future and when business and certainly just don't invest and consumers are uncertain as they don't go out and buy cars and they don't buy homes and they don't do a lot of big spending in san francisco jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>and stay tuned tonight for our congressional town hall special the road to reopening here from california politicians is they answer your questions live on air. the special will air tonight right after our news here in 30 minutes from 7 until
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>>if we do the kinds of things that we're putting in place now identification isolation contact tracing. we can prevent this second wave that we're talking about if we we correctly. >>we have passed a major more, but milestone in the coronavirus pandemic more than
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350,000 people have now been killed by the virus worldwide this as the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci sends out a warning and also deliver is a possible glimmer of hope about america's battle against covid-19 nadia romero has the very latest. >>we're going to see upticks of cases even under the best of circumstances doctor fauci warning there will be a surge of coronavirus cases in the united states. >>now that all 50 states are in their own phase of reopening despite this fall, she is striking an optimistic tone saying there's a good chance. the u.s. will have a vaccine by the end of the year and believes we can stop a second wave to have the workforce the system and the will to do the kinds of things that are the clear and effective. >>identification isolation contact tracing. we can prevent this second wave that we're talking about if we we correctly now in an effort to
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resurrect tourism in florida famous worldwide attractions like disney world and seaworld are planning to re open over the next 2 months. >>face masks are mandatory and guests will have their temperatures screen a day after reopening the new york stock exchange and meeting with president trump at the white house wednesday afternoon governor cuomo says the rest of the state reopening will be based on science facts and numbers you would phase it by. >>the most important business is the most essential businesses that pose the lowest risk first in states like california. they say they're nowhere near a day like that this pandemic is not behind us. >>we're not into a second wave. we still haven't got through the first wave. >>in washington nadia romero kron 4 news. >>we will switch things up to talk about are very hot weather forecast as we take a live look outside of the very pretty picture here in san francisco. temperatures have been warned the past couple days, but things are. >>still hot but not as hot.
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but not cool just yet joining us working from home as our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at. >>which way temperatures are going now if you had a pretty much describes the bay and you know how it is you can have that huge temperature difference, maybe sometimes in summertime, maybe 40 even 50 degrees cooler within about 30 miles here the bay area there you go outside this evening. we do have a low clouds and fog. >>that are moving on shore just like a breath of fresh air finally the seaway started to crack just a bit you can just see the tops of the towers there of the golden gate bridge so coming in garage about 742 feet but that will begin to fill in inside the bay and deep in overnight tonight is a ridge. continues to weaken up above that being said still going to be hot in some parts the bay area but not in san francisco tomorrow you'll find a variety of temperature only 70 downtown briefly, 60's as you make your way into the sunset 61 degrees with some fog and pacific and cool 61 degrees in half moon bay get inside the bay will
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finds warm sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon mid 70's in the male brain also the burning game that 75 in foster city 74 degrees much more comfortable in san mateo 84 degrees in redwood city about 81 palo alto the south bay gusty right of temperatures, you're looking at 90 degrees in morgan hill about 89 in san jose rob 84 degrees in campbell further inland still on the hot side is going take a while that cool marine air to work its way all the way to the injury of aliso i think tomorrow we're pushing near a 100 degrees again in livermore almost that again in pleasanton about 98 in dublin 81 in hayward 76 degrees in castro valley, 77 in san leandro 96 and hot in danville about 94 in walnut creek in 91 degrees in concord that delta breeze will be a little bit stronger by tomorrow so i feel nice in the afternoon but still see those temperatures. that's love right in the 80's in the blaze also into pittsburgh about 99 in vacaville 86 degrees in santa
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rosa of cool 58 at stinson beach so looking out over the next couple days we're going to see a huge change in the weather one more hot day, especially inland. already much cooler along the coastline and just inside the bay that everybody is going to really cool down some partly cloudy skies on friday a source here really interesting this weekend we've got all that hot air in place. now you've got storm system not to roll over the top so not hot new trap other down below us and colder air above that usually is self possible bring the possibility of some very unstable atmospheric conditions certainly could see that maybe some thunderstorms and some showers as we look for saturday just the fact that we'll be keeping our eye on the weekend. thank you lawrence. >>they were coming up officially has officially history has officially been put on hold find out when the members of the latin next
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an african american communities have seen higher rates of covid-19 infections. hospitalizations and deaths around the country. our washington correspondent alexandra le mon reports today, doctors and researchers testified before congress about the problem and the needs for solutions. >>data shows covid-19 is disproportionately impacting minorities around the country, the grotesque despair and soon in terms of african american
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communities certain during oregon's in sonoma county is the hispanic community accounts for almost 60% of the covid casings well they make up only 27% of our population in austin travis county while about a 3rd of the population is let next they account for 3 fourths of the cold hospitalizations in a house hearing on the topic doctor alicia fernandez told lawmakers the lot next community. >>is also disproportionately impacted in other ways, 90% of those testing positive or unable to work from home compared to about half of the entire sample why are black and latino people less likely to be working from home. >>less likely to be ensure less likely to live in an polluted neighborhoods, the answer is racist policy doctor even candy said we need short-term solutions like more testing in minority neighborhoods texas republican kevin brady said the disparities didn't arrive with
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the pandemic the people of color are impacted reveals what we know for 2 law. >>that our health system does not serve all that's why experts said long-term solutions are needed to improve the school in minority neighborhoods, so that those neighborhoods are better equipped to deal with future public health emergencies reporting in washington, alexandra, not. >>hundreds of protesters clashed with police on tuesday night demanding for justice for george floyd find out the very latest in the investigation and we'll go back to our we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day.
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stay well and keep it golden. will talk we will go back now to our breaking news. that's happening in los angeles these are live pictures of protesters blocking the one o one freeway. you can see hundreds of people that are out there right now the camera zooming out to show us the traffic situation. but these protesters are out there in the name of george floyd a black man who died after being pinned beneath a minneapolis police officers knee. this large group got on to the one o one freeway around 6 o'clock they have blocked traffic during rush hour as the los angeles police department and also fire department units have responded. we see from these live pictures some of it is what's happening right now from the sky 5 camera in downtown la and then earlier the picture showing a man on the ground and people as they swarmed the chp cruiser
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smashing and also damaging 2 different chp cruisers this now the live picture showing us protesters standing out on the street a lot of them. we saw from earlier images are wearing masks and trying to stay 6 feet away from one another and also holding signs. the notice here on the bottom says police have move the protesters off the one o one freeway. so we're still monitoring the situation and will continue to bring you breaking news updates throughout the hour here. but we want to go now to the latest on the situation and omar jimenez has the latest now from minnesota. >>the protests intensified overnight in minneapolis 4 police officers were fired after their involvement and the death of george floyd police lined the streets throwing tear gas and nonlethal projectiles to disperse crowds after thousands flooded the streets tuesday. anger boiling over in
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the community when a cell phone video was shot monday night showing a police officer with his need to floyd's neck while he's on the ground handcuffed for several long minutes george floyd told the officer he couldn't breathe as bystanders pleaded with officers the floyd were struck it. and protesters echoed floyd's words in the pouring rain last night huh. >>every fire only to be watched this. well please watch as the officers say they were responding to an alleged forgery in progress and were initially told the suspect was sitting on a car seemingly under the influence. police said floyd physically resisted and they placed him under arrest. heard. minneapolis mayor jacob fry supporting the decision to fire the officers for 5 minutes. when you hear someone calling for help. you are supposed to help. this
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officer failed in the most basic. human sense. cnn has obtained new surveillance video from a nearby restaurant, the shows 2 police officers crossing the street and approaching the car at 08:33pm monday night. >>the officers are talking to the passengers in the car for a few minutes before 2 passengers emerge from the car. george is then taken from the car by one of the officers and is handcuffed florida sitting against the exterior of the building on the sidewalk on another police car arrives eventually 2 cops pull george up from the ground and walked back across the street. ford's family saying they want the officers charged with murder, he's great mom. a mom i can't breathe i can't agree. >>it's a camera. >>it's really no words to a i. i. i don't feel for her beating her my family.
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>>minnesota senator amy klobuchar are calling on an outside investigation to be conducted to explore possible criminal charges against the officers, this was not a sudden mistake or a procedure gone bad. >>this was over a period of time you got to look at all the evidence but to me this evidence is just crying out for some kind of a charge. that was omar jimenez reporting for us and body camera footage from all 4 officers has not yet been released. >>the county medical examiner says the cause of death is still pending further investigation. moving things in a different direction now and we'll check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with a look at the weekend forecast. i'm curious about that rain you have put out there for saturday. >>yeah could be a really big event i think it depends on where all lines up exactly what certainly major changes coming our way now and you can see some of that. outside of the fog has begun to move back on shore finally, snapping
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that heat wave at least in part of the bay area for tomorrow we see that fog moving in to san francisco right now more that come in the coming days, temperatures today though still sizzling up to 100 degrees that was a record and conquer 100 in livermore 94 degrees and san jose 94 amount due 80 degrees in oakland 87 degrees and hayward certainly couple records coming down, but only 2 today, it's an rose at 96 100 degrees that was a record in caulk or heat advisories remain in effect for at least one more day away from the immediate coastline in the bay hot interior valleys and just really not much time to recover night temperatures stay very warm even during the nighttime hours temperatures right now even 86 degrees and san jose 94 degrees and live more in 93 degrees in cloverdale temperatures on the toasty side right now and that's the way it's going to stay for moving it along the coastline we're going to see more than on the wane changes for the weekend though some much cooler weather. even a chance of thunderstorms once that happens you're just in
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high pressure slides the east. so that heat is going to get rocked by this low that's coming up out of the south and that's going make the atmosphere want to turn as well so upside down this weekend leading to a chance of showers and maybe even some thunderstorms that >>thank you so much lauren said what was supposed to be a historic day turned into a little bit of a disappointment. find out why what was
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supposed to be a historic day turned into a little bit of a disappointment. the first-ever manned space x flight has now been postponed. darryl forges has more from the space coast of florida. >>history has officially been put on hold. the first-ever manned space x launch has been postponed to saturday may 30th 2 rounds of storms sweeping through the cape canaveral area president trump first lady melania and vice president pence where they're hoping in bracing for takeoff. >>this is something the first lady and i look very much forward to seeing. >>if the launch happens this weekend it will be the first time in almost a decade that 2 american astronauts will launch into space from us soil and the first time ever that a commercial company will carry humans into orbit. the 2 astronauts at the helm, colonel bob behnken and doug hurley their destination the international space station we've long to be a part of a test mission into space flight i are lucky enough to get that opportunity. nasa part of the law must privately owned
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company to build and design the space craft. >>and while excitement has been put on hold. it's still brewing for the big day. and the pandemic's impact is being felt i needed >>try some changes in how we were conducting our operations and preparing for this mission we've been tested at least twice so far and never has it we might be tested again before we go even with the impact of covid-19 this space team is determined to launch themselves. >>into the history books where there's a will there's a way and there's been well to make this happen and we're just proud to be a part of it in titusville florida, i'm darryl forges. >>here at kron 4 we're saluting the class of 2020 and every day we have been shining the spotlight on graduates and tonight, we're highlighting athena sure robbie she is graduating from prospect high school in saratoga and will be attending stanford with plans to major in economics so congrats to tina. she looks ready there to go to stanford and congrats to all the graduates in the class of 2020
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and we still want you to submit your graph just go to our website kron 4 dot com find the salute to grads 2020 under news. submit a picture of your grad and let us know which high school they attended and what is next for him or her. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 i'm justine waltman don't forget to wash your hands our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic continues right now with our congressional town hall special the road to reopening politicians from all over california will be answering your questions live on air. this is a special inside california politics. and it starts right now.
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>>the state along with tough decisions about our health we just want to do it in a very deliberative and thoughtful way and we need to go back to work impacting 40 million people we hold the powerful accountable getting answers to your questions from yo congressional leaders inside california politics, the road to reopening starts now. >>and welcome to a special edition of inside california politics. i'm nikki laurenzo live in sacramento. well the u.s. has crossed a grim milestone more than a 100,000 coronavirus deaths in tonight, congressional leaders in from both sides of the aisle. they are here for a straightforward


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