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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 22, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>the memorial day weekend 2020 you can go to the beaches. >>that ye may not be able to have a backyard barbecue will explain coming up in a live report. santa clara county one of the hardest hit bay area counties by coronavirus cases we're going to tell you how they plan to move into phase 2 today. >>but i did want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. >>president trump defying the
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state of michigan and the ford motor company by not wearing a mask as he pushes for things to return to normal. thank you for joining us at 07:00am on this friday may 22nd, i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and we're heading into memorial day weekend and santa clara county. >>is heading into phase 2 of relaxing its restrictions for cod-19 today allowing retailers to open for curbside pickup. i'm really the last in the bay area to do this roll this out this relaxation also they were the worst hit in the bay and harvey standing by live in san jose with more on what we can expect coming out. >>of the south bay today reyna. >>good morning. a lot of progress being made out here and i want to show you the business behind me bella james a local boutique here they actually have signs it took a picture to show you what side they have at their establishment. so this one talks about wearing mask. another sign over their talks about the importance of making sure that you call in so you
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can order they also say you can facetime them to look at items in the store so the big thing today as you have to pick up these items not here but you have to pick them up curbside from either of the businesses today so that will be a big change from what they're used to out here now again a lot of progress like i mentioned earlier because this county was the hardest hit they have the most cases and so they've been going through the routine to try to make sure they can implement this now in addition to the stores you see here they also say that manufactures along with warehouses and logistical operations that support these retail stores can also resume business now ground 0 for the covid-19 cases here in the bay area county public health officials say there's been significant progress in controlling the spread of the virus that's one of the reasons why they're moving into phase 2 today. the other businesses in activities that can reopen today include outdoor museums and historic sites in visitors as long as they are outside of those
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spoke to one of the residents out here in san jose d this is what they had to say about businesses opening again. >>well i think it's hopefully they get to the point where they can now start allowing so many people into the stores and stuff. it's going to be a little difficult for all that the small businesses stopped they're they're so used to having people come in and they contacted step not just going to be curbside said it's a little bit more difficult for people get that's it for the small businesses. >>i just like you mentioned it's going to certainly be an adjustment for residents out here they're going to have to do things differently now at the curbside pickup. also for those businesses but you can see just like that is moneyline me bella james they're posting signs to let people know how things are going to happen and how things are going to go down today so again a lot of communication between businesses and customers hopefully we'll get a chance to talk to some of
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those business owners today for now reporting in san jose reyna harvey kron 4 news. >>fact, let's take a look at the bay area numbers we now have more than 11,000 people who have tested positive for covid-19 415 people have died around the state. a covid-19 has claimed more than 3500 lives and we also have the u.s. numbers and worldwide numbers for you you can look at them and pick out the area are interested in by going to kron 4 dot com. president trump went to michigan yesterday and toured a ford motor plant and everybody else was wearing a mask, but he did not even though he was requested to wear what for one and the governor of michigan says he's not welcome back a few dozen next time. our washington dc correspondent raquel martin has more. thank you very much thursday president trump traveled to battleground state michigan to meet with african-americans state leaders in tour for auto plant now making ventilators commission to critical state as we deal with this pandemic. >>the auto industry it once
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again shows its backbone of the american economy, th plant is in democratic congresswoman debbie dingell's district. she says the auto workers deserve recognition of the men and women who are making this product. volunteer. they wanted to be part of helping their community the president and michigan's democratic governor have publicly squabbled over federal aid and the state's reopening strategy and tensions increase this week with the president threatening to pull federal funding after suggesting the state's mellon voting plan couldn't able fraud voting by mail is wrought with fraud and we're in the middle of a panda. >>and people in michigan are dying much more so than in other states, michigan democrat dan kildee says the president's attacks only hurt the state's recovery eat what he really needs to do is have a partner state of michigan, but republican bill high zynga says the president is it to blaine i think the governor has is actually. >>help throw fuel on the fire this call to make sure that
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there's additional resources being added to be falls on deaf the air as we have and use the money that has been allocated this is the president's 3rd visit to michigan since december and a key statements plans for reelection this fall in washington raquel martin. >>and you want to see the picture because bay area congresswoman jackie grabbed a shot of trump wearing that mask though was brief and put that on twitter city could see that he did have the mask on and then removed it for the rest of the visit. >>well a new study by center health reveal some alarming numbers for african-americans with covid-19 it shows that they're nearly twice as likely to be hospitalized than non-hispanic whites. researchers looked at more than a 1000 cases of covid-19 throughout the state including here in the bay area and they found more than half of african-americans who tested positive. ended up in the hospital only a quarter of white patients were hospitalized. and out of those hospitalized nearly a quarter of african-americans were transferred to intensive care compared to just 10% of white
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patients. researchers believe these disparities are caused by a combination of genetics and societal factors in light of these new numbers though the city of oakland has declared a local health emergency for its african american residents. the emergency resolution directs the city's administrator to develop now a plan to address the health and economic impacts of this pandemic on people of color in oakland. >>while we're sheltering in place and working from home daily carbon dioxide emissions have dropped by as much as 17% globally this is according to the global carbon project which is a research group led by a stanford professor kron four's tiller sackey spoke to that professor about the findings. >>stanford drug jackson says we haven't seen a decrease in emissions this large and decades since world war 2. while the coronavirus has led to the drop in greenhouse gases. he says it's likely to be short lived as we continue to loosen restrictions we've never seen a drop like this
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it's a drop for the wrong reasons, but still we can learn something from this events. >>as rob jackson explains less cars on the road in airplanes in the sky have contributed to significant drops in carbon dioxide emissions. >>highlighted here by this time lapse in april for instance, we estimated that around the world combined the greenhouse gas emissions were down 1, 6, which is a lot. >>here in the united states there are a couple weeks in april where our missions were down by one 3rd in that enormous out and that reflects primarily the decrease driving and eric airline travel, but it's more than at its increased manufacturing and little bit of a decrease in in electricity use jackson is a stanford university professor and one of the authors of the latest study tracking the coronavirus is impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. he's also chair of global carbon project which is the research group that published the study this week we've never seen a drop like this it's a drop for the wrong
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reasons, but still we can learn something from this events jackson says daily carbon dioxide emissions fell as much as 17% globally, but we will likely see only a 7% decrease emissions in 2020. >>as the lockdown loosens people get back to work when we look at previous economic crises, what typically happens. is pollution goes down for a year or so and then it reversed back when the economy recovers. >>and that could be what happens here we're already seeing the economy open up in different states and countries around the world jackson hopes this event is different. he says now is the time to rethink transportation, how we commute and how we live the 2 biggest sources of air pollution in our country our cars and coal and i think the virus has shown us instantly. how is we stop driving temporarily we can clean up our air effectively right way we've already seen some companies make changes that will help reduce the number of cars on the road. >>for instance twitter well now at some of its employees work from home permanently. >>even after all of this is over if you'd like to learn more about this study we
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posted a link on our web site until exactly reporting kron 4 news. as we head into memorial day weekend a lot of people are thinking what can i do and what can't i go beach park bright sun there are some aprules to follow kron four's will tran live with the answers in pacifica good morning. well. >>in morning team says is not 2019. >>we went to bed woke up to a whole new world that all new set of rules so let's get right to it i'll talk about the beaches. >>look at your screen here some graphics that you need to know because a lot of people they want to get out enjoy themselves right, but it's under new management pandemic style so you can go to the beaches, but you cannot park at the beaches like in san mateo county because they discourage that run walk ride your bicycle to the beaches in marine county that's not available to you you can go to your park as well so long as
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your part. it's within 10 miles of your home you can go fishing but definitely call ahead because some of your favorite fish and places might not be available. you can go hiking so long as that trail is open to the public i know there's san mateo county is wide open for a lot of people near half moon bay. but you have to practice social distance and you have to wear a mask and get that story couple of weeks ago, and they are enforcing that you don't have to have a mask on but it to ask you you certainly have to have that in your pocket and here's one thing though you are being discouraged to have a backyard barbecue because you end up sharing food, you don't have social distance in this game, you can even eat with a mask on right so it's not illegal. but certainly discouraged in san francisco. they're doing all that they possibly can to make sure. that people practice social distance they even put circles on delores parks lawn to make sure that people stay in their so-called bubbles of they don't get too close. but i know it sounds really bad
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doom and gloom anthony fauci doctor fauci says there's still a good time to be had just do it smartly. >>go out wear a mask, stay 6 feet away from anyone to see you have the physical distancing and go out go for a run go for a walk go fishing as long as you're not in a crowd. and you're not in a situation we can physically transmit the virus and that's what i'm asking is for and that's what the physical distance. >>as far as the beaches run walk take your dog out, but don't bring your beach blanket because they're not letting people just but a beach town and bask in the sun it's almost keep moving along keep moving along as far as the barbecues go of course you can do it for your immediate family members spent block parties and inviting people over know that's a no no he's definitely discouraged. and then you know just a home that's the way it is for 2020
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hopefully 2021, it would be be a little different james i think you've been home all this time as well just order a pizza or something like that for memorial day weekend. and i've always still james, if you don't slice it up it's just one >>i agree. they don't like the whole pie you just hold the whole thing and that's your slice yeah fold it in a pizza taco and just now down on a will that's advice. thank you very things i learned about eating from you guys, you know we're going to be back with more in a minute a quick reminder we've got more coronavirus coverage on our website kron 4 dot com. >>we've got the whole front pages are dedicated to it and keep updating it minute by minute as new stuff comes in to check it out. speaking of updates want to give you a quick look at the bay bridge and a reminder that if you're heading to the toll plaza you're going to be stuck in a backup for now. it is gradually clearing, but we did have an accident on the upper deck a car that caught fire between a year but one island in san francisco. the backup was solid right up to the
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accident scene which was about midway. between the island in the city, but it looks like it's at least pull back now to the island itself and eventually up all the way back to the toll plaza to but if you're get it if you're heading out there now give yourself a good maybe extra 30 minutes just to get through this backlog. >>before you finally get on the we'll be it's totally normal to have constipation with belly pain, straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation. maybe it's not. it could be a chronic medical condition called ibs-c, and time to say yesss! to linzess. linzess works differently than laxatives. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have
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>>7.16 right now let's check out said john this couch,
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yeah, his what his big plans are any pizza in your future for memorial day. >>no pizza a big memorial day haha too hot for peace, i the real warm up starts monday right. yes, definitely monday going to the hottest one at least a memorial day weekend a tuesday to wednesday will be just as water. >>so yeah, you got to enjoy today as much as possible today's probably pizza day. monday and more so ice cream buy anything cold day is you'll be wanting to cool down as temperatures rise as much as they well, the golden gate bridge beautiful this morning, no cloud cover certainly no fog we do have a pretty steady breeze, especially closer to the coast though that's going make these 40's 50's that you're lookg at on the map feel-good more brisk as you're stepping outside for your morning walk as we make our way through the day you'll notice that breeze continue
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through the afternoon as a air mass settles and the bay area this is going to keep us nice mild today so deftly relieving us from the heat that we have felt and are about to build these next couple of days you can see that cloud cover is already starting to diminish and yes, sunshine is really going to be seen not just this morning but through the day today. author tomorrow sunday and monday to so not a lot of cloud cover to be blocking out abundantly sunny skies that are going to help to work temperatures up in the days to come. today, you're most comfortable one for sure 70's for most areas will see it the 60's once you head out the coast. now to 78 for the i conquered an antioch up to 79. well, san jose oakland the word in fremont at a range of low to mid 70's today as for tomorrow we see a few 80's on the map it but even hotter. yeah come sunday, but monday tuesday and wednesday is when we are going to have some early scorching hot temperatures for inland areas,
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hard enough that you want to get yourself to will place on these days definitely get those windows open at night close them on up during the day and make sure the house state school. they cited one areas are not spared from the heat either as temperatures will be warming up these days too near 80 degrees of the coast and near 90 degrees right alongside the bay. back to you guys. >>thanks a lot john 7.19 right now for your money, another retailer starts to shutter stores in california has one of the lowest jobless claim filings in the nation. jane king is live in new york with those stories. hi jane. >>heidari a good morning. i think a lot of the tech industry has to do with that they stay pretty much intact through all of this so california 34th in the nation in terms of weekly jobless claims filings last week throughout this crisis, california is 48. now nearly 4.6 million californians though have filed for unemployment claims since march, 12 well, millions of americans are missing the payments to credit cards and
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also carloads as the coronavirus quizas people's wallets. trans union says nearly 15 million credit cards about 3.2% the nation's accounts were in financial hardship status in april 3 million car payments were not made last month either about 250 victoria's secret and 50 bath and body works stores are expected to close the 2 brands became the latest business is facing cutbacks during the pandemic parent company l brands says it may be just the start of store closings at the company and amazon scheduling its annual prime day shopping event for september this year says normally in mid july, the wall street journal says the companies concerned about being able to meet all the shipping deadlines have been overwhelmed with the the online shopping has taken place during quarantine so they want to try to regroup after that live
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>>the some breaking news from overnight a pakistan international airlines flight crashed in the city of karachi with 99 passengers and 8 crew members on board. at least 11 bodies have been recovered so far it was an airbus a 3.20 apparently crashed right next to the airport. all the airline has said so far is that the plane's pilot reported some sort of technical problems shortly before the crash will update you as we find out more. >>in national headlines democrats are pushing back against president trump's opposition to mail and voting for the president thinks it will lead to voter fraud while democrats call it a necessary
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safety measure during the pandemic with washington dc correspondent joe khaleel now with more on the story. >>we don't want to take any chances with fraud president trump says he'll fight to stop states from allowing more americans to vote by mail in november. it's going to lead to total election fraud. so we don't want them to do mail in ballots. wednesday, the president suggested he might cut federal aid to michigan and nevada after their secretaries of state mail ballot applications to all registered voters there but other republicans like kevin mccarthy stop short of the president's view that mail in voting leads to fraud. we don't have a problem the summit votes by mail the problem that we had is that you try to federal lies an election newly elected republican mike garcia says vote by mail does present challenges even though he just won a special election with mostly male in voting. it's concerning and that it's there is a significant chain of custody challenges with voting by mail voting. >>is under assault. speaker nancy pelosi says there's no
7:25 am
evidence that mail in ballots lead to voter fraud. she says vote by mail is an important safety measure while the coronavirus still threatens people should not have to choose. >>between voting and preserving their good health democrat adam schiff says opposition to mail in ballots is purely political all part of the same. >>strategy by the republican trying to get fewer americans to vote. >>house democrats last week approved billion to help states pay for mail in ballots, but republican senate leaders say that plan will not pass the senate in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>and a quick reminder to tune in next wednesday may 27th, that's what we're going to have our congressional town hall special call the road to reopening politicians from all over california will be answering your questions live on air and you can submit a video of your question for our website kron 4 dot com or you can use twitter and the hashtag reopening ca.
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>>again this inside california politics special will air live from 7 to 8 o'clock in the evening on kron 4 and on our kron on app which is free to download right now get those questions in and we'll ask them of those politicians that will be joining us we'll take a quick break we'll be right back.
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>>in the state are prepared to defy governor newsom's stay at
7:29 am
home order. and opening their services next sunday capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more now on their efforts to reopen the doors to religious institutions. >>planning is underway for pastors across california preparing to hold their first in person services in 2 months a group of 1200 pastors signed a declaration deeming themselves essential with an agreement to open their congregations may 31st the attorney representing them robert tyler says because some pastors lead multiple churches, an estimated 3,000 houses of worship will move sooner than the state wants them to us really easy for people to just say well you're just looking for legal fight, you're looking there you stand on the constitution and declared your rights and as that was happening to the secondary effects are so enormous and people are time important a suicide people. i've been to crest and using citing their own back on opioids and drug addiction an alcoholism, the best decision
7:30 am
percent we have to get back to the declaration comes as the u.s. department of justice this week said california's order puts an unfair burden on churches in his most recent update governor gavin newsome said his administration was working with faith leaders to come up with new safety guidelines for places of worship amid the pandemic newsome has said the state is weeks away from reopening for in person services, but critics say many don't want to wait that long and so many of them are are looking at standards and they're saying you know we might only about 25% of our total occupancy, maybe 30% of our total want to multiple services so there's a social distancing. >>there's going to be a lot efforts mean to. protect the health and safety of congregants as of thursday newsom's office didn't directly comment or respond to the group's letter and declaration group leaders say they would like to work more collaboratively with the governor in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>here's a big story for students that are college
7:31 am
bound you won't need to take the a c t or s a t anymore. >>to get into a you see schools, the leaders of the university of california system voted to suspend the s a t and a c t testing requirement for the next 4 years and maybe never use them again. this could mark a turning point in the national debate over whether standardized test discriminate against disadvantaged students or if they even provide a useful tool in evaluating college applicants, here's what a local college application adviser says about it. >>they're going to be able to look at more of your leadership qualities things that are involved in on campus and those are all more transferable skills that say more about you and your potential for success than how well you can set for an 8 arts and your income level really determines or access to get test prep materials so think all together those make it not the best representatives, a ol for admissions.
7:32 am
>>again younger and younger right but he probably remembers the ctn s a t i don't and it could be just the thing of the past there been a lot of questions about the validity of the test but then again without that s what about grades how important will they be and will there be problems with judging students on that. meantime we've got all these high school seniors that are going to be graduating with no big usual commencements except. >>redwood high school in marin county they seem to be the first in the bay area to a fig red out a way to have a full-on in person graduation they're going to do it at them are in civic center. at the lagoon park. you can see it's a sprawling facility and they've worked out a way where they're going to have they divide the 500 class 500 and a 3 different times. you show off the senior shows up in one car so they could have themselves their family, whatever just that one car. and so that's a 160 kids per
7:33 am
shift james, so they're going to 160 cars and it could have a big screen and we'll feed in the audi a like a drive-in through the fm radio your radio randall have speeches performances all the kids will have their caps and gowns on and the seniors can actually get our nobody else can and they can do the deal and this has to take idea because now they feel like they're. they're in something with their fellow class right graduating, it's that sense of. >>i don't know well it's real as opposed to online where everybody is in their home seeing something on a screen right, i mean they're still separate but they're together right experiencing this graduation certainly so well as i read what we'll see if other schools follow suit sure find out and how will schools come back to class. what's a school gets back into session later on this year. well, california's top educators says the state right now is working on some guidelines on how school should reopen teachers are weighing in as well they'll be a. >>an important part of this whole process as they'll really have a big vote on how
7:34 am
this is going to work kron four's jonathan mccall reports on what some of their concerns are right now a blueprint to reopen california schools is close to being completed can i do this unless we can provide for the safety of our students and those who serve them. >>and so in that respect know that while we're dealing with some unanswered questions around the fiscal impacts know that we're not going to ask anyone to open a school we cannot safely do that for weeks members of the state's reopening schools task force has been working ideas that could be implemented for the first time thursday we finally got a chance to hear some of them. >>elementary school students need to be back at school. >>different seating configurations with the cash room, smaller classroom, sizes and what that means for school facilities for the instructional programs. there's been discussion around blended learning models such as students attending in person instruction a few days a week, maybe certain grade levels, some worry that even more distance learning could put some students even further behind the pack.
7:35 am
>>others say they want nurses and counselors in every school across the state because the pandemic is still in our communities and we need to stop it from spreading. state health officials say they'll be working with the department of education to offer guidance not rules to see the use of masks and other personal protective equipment will likely be required for students and staff. >>but school leaders are wondering how to implement the millions of dollars in changes while budgets are being slashed. >>we cannot absorb a 10% cut in a sea of funding at the same time that we're trying to do more. >>to reopen safely some superintendents now one money from the state's rainy day fund given directly to the districts to help offset the cuts without the help others worry that a number of teachers could be left out of the plants we need some really creative thinking that's going to have to occur in order to make this happen jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>in the east bay alameda county officials have seen a spike in crime related to the
7:36 am
inmates who are released from the santa rita jail in dublin, yeah, the inmates were let go to make room for physical distancing of the most hardened criminals within the facility. crawford says you can do and has more. >>we're catching people with guns. storm vehicles and we're turn around and release them out the door. hours later and they're doing it again. >>it has been about a month since the state of california ordered as the role bell schedule releasing thousands of low level offenders from jail for health and safety reasons due to the covid-19 pandemic now officials here at santa rita jail in dublin say some of those former inmates are responsible for recent crime wave to the east bay and at least in allegheny county we're seeing a lot of car thefts. >>we're up to 3, 4, 5, vehicle pursuits per day and of the burglaries and thefts are through the roof this so it in effect for about a month now since we've been dealing with the pandemic we've been keeping track of 3 offenses.
7:37 am
we have 50 people be rearrested we have one individual a lead the pack probably nationally with 7, 3, arrests that distinction belongs to mister was seen a boom whitey who has been arrested cited and released the list of crimes you see ridiculous inmate advocates in favor of 0 bill due to covid-19 see it differently because of what they say is the high risk of infection in the often overcrowded jail conditions. >>however, santa rita officials say the jail has been transformed to accommodate inmates with covid-19 the jail it is a safe space to to weather the covid-19 pandemic theirs 24 hour access to health care. our jail stop stenson almost long long held. >>and our medical provider in jail and keeping the environment safe. and all of the patients that have had covid-19 have recovered the 0 bell schedule will remain in place for an additional 90 days after governor gavin, newsome is the
7:38 am
shelter-in-place order. >>how is it that you kron 4 news. >>our coverage of coronavirus is there for kron 4 dot com any time of day we're updating it constantly as new information comes in news stories new guidance so make sure you check it out kron 4 dot com. we'll take a quick break time now 7.38. this is one.
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so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. becae home is what unites us. >>the death of ahmaud arbery the man who filmed the
7:41 am
shooting. they grabbed the nation's attention is also charged with murder russell colburn has more. >>a 3rd arrest in a case that has swept the nation 50 year-old william roddie bryan joins gregory and travis mcmichael behind bars now also charged with felony murder. ryan is also charged with felony criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. bryant shot this video of a deadly confrontation between the mcmichaels in amman arbery back in february in an exclusive interview with action news. jax bridgette matter brian said he was receiving threats since the video was released and he wanted to clear his truthfully. >>need to be cleared of this because i had nothing to do with it earlier this week bryant's attorney kevin gough came to his defense saying a polygraph test he took proves his innocence if there was only to mop or posse in satilla shores on february 2320 20. mister bryan was unaware of it tonight attorneys for the arbery
7:42 am
family son action news. jax a statement reading in part we called for bryant's arrest from the very beginning of this process, his involvement in the murder of mister arbery was obvious to us to many around the country and after their thorough investigation. it was clear to the gbi as well. >>the bus drivers and t's custodians and other essential workers told members of congress they still don't ha the proper equipment to
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>>some 44 is the time and we're heading into memorial day weekend which i like to call just another day right these days, yeah, but hopefully be a good day at least maybe do some backyard barbecue and don't invite anybody over here just for your own personal this little warm on monday, how john. >>yeah, maybe just invite a nice stand that mister definitely a hot memorial day around the if you feel like celebrating the backyard today with the family or whether sheltering-in-place what might not be a bad idea and then just stay inside on memorial day as it's going to be really toasty today look at the sunshine that you're seeing across the bay area, san francisco looks pretty good has does the rest of the bay area this morning temperatures still on the cool side of things so as you're stepping out there, i recommend a jacket we've got a pretty steady breeze this morning which makes those 50's that you're seeing for most areas feel just a bit more brisk as
7:46 am
you're stepping out for your morning walk that breeze is being ushered in by this cool air mass that's settling in across the pacific northwest all the way down into the bay area now keeping things mild for the beginning of this not so holiday weekend. i guess to skills like any other days ahead about says daria mention lots of sunshine right now after cloud cover moved overhead during the overnight hours tomorrow will be just a touch warmer than today, but also just as clear. after tomorrow is when things get really hot. come sunday and then memorial day on monday that's when 90's are seen for some of our inland areas. and temperatures really boost after that to on into tuesday and wednesday. today's highs sticking with the 70's for most areas conquered in antioch each at 79 degrees plato at 76 with low 70's and oakland san francisco. hayward and fremont as for tomorrow daytime highs in the 80's are inland spots. sunday a few more 80's close to 90 and by
7:47 am
monday tuesday and wednesday it's solid 90's inland. near 90 alongside the bay and near 80 degree ious for some of our coastal areas, some big changes in the days to come today are caused a if that's what your piano and a if you're a fan of the heat we do have plenty of that in the days ahead of us back to you guys. >>very good john. thank you quick check of other roads again this morning the bay bridge has been our big problem spot. for the morning commute we had a carr fire earlier on in the upper deck right between treasure island and san francisco. that has since cleared and we've steadily scene slowly. but steadily seen the backup begin to alleviate on the span it's now back towards the toll plaza now or you can see still backed up here, but i wouldn't be surprised if in by our next update 1520 minutes from now we'll see traffic flowing a lot smoother so at this point maybe give yourself an extra 15 minutes just to get through that. backlog what's left of it anyway, here's a live look at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll, plaza camera different story traffic moving well, no problems to report here as you make your way into
7:48 am
marion county from richmond down across the golden gate bridge shep i want to one right in the san francisco looking fine as you can see traffic moving at the limit this morning, no issues to report there as you make your ride from on 1 one really from santa rose all the way down into the heart of san francisco. >>because of the reopenings happening around the country it's likely to be a memorial day weekend like no other. no one is really sure how many people are going to be hitting the road for the long holiday weekend. pete montana has a holiday travel preview. >>i set out on i-ninety-five toward virginia beach it along with some beaches in new jersey, delaware and maryland are open for the holiday weekend. >>this is like always the big the linchpin in 95. we're breezing through right now this is easy. >>but university of maryland, researchers say road trips are nearing pre pandemic levels last weekend climbing 18% in
7:49 am
maryland and virginia alone. travel firm inrix thinks typical traffic will return in some spots this weekend, a driving holiday that's become difficult to forecast for the first time in nearly 2 decades to plays not releasing a travel forecast because economic data has just not readily available for studies >>researchers do say that the car is about the safest way to get around right now, but it's one you stop where things get more difficult to see what this is like. the rest stops are open in virginia but that can vary state to state the cdc underscores wearing a mask and washing your hands, one traveling. here crews are cleaning bathrooms every hour we want people to be reassured that if you come in here and they can have a place it's that is going to be clean for them of course an essential part of a road trip is a snack and triple a says be mindful of the buttons that you present a vending machine maybe use a card instead of cash. they say especially after you something like that make sure you hand sanitize
7:50 am
afterward. >>the weekend gas prices are the lowest in more than 15 years, according to triple a one more thing to think about on your road trip all of the things that you touch at a gas pump, the nozzle. >>the keypad one researcher telling me maybe use a knuckle to hit these buttons or use it on a touch screen that's better than your finger tips. they emphasize make sure that you wash up afterwards or maybe touch all of this with a paper towel or even gloves. >>well, i don't think people understand the risk of what he well the big concern from health experts that quarantine fatigue will lead to more travel and spread coronavirus even further i think people are just getting that fed up with being pulls in all when termites and now to get now going to be traveling from now stand on. >>researchers are going to be looking at smartphone data to track how many people hit the road for memorial day. no one is quite sure what to expect we've never done this before james. >>well a touching moment between a grandfather and his
7:51 am
grandchildren after they became the first 2 members of the family to graduate college. they wanted to share it. >>with their grandpa the pandemic made that difficult but not impossible kimberly chang has the story. >>the nurses were surprised to be a part of it saying we're coming so they put it right by the front door and emotional surprise reunion through class a proud grandpa sees his grand kids for the first time in months in their caps and gowns, 25 year-old ever he me graduated from loyola law school sunday and her brother graduated from medical school. a momentous occasion that they had to share with one of their biggest supporters he takes off his mask and i just start crying like his smile and their 86 year old hire a cab news was on lockdown at a lock percent a nursing home where visitors haven't been allowed since march due to the pandemic at the nursing home before corona we were there every single day hours in. >>and it was just like we wanted to make it feel like we're all together in this the
7:52 am
siblings are the first in their family to graduate college so we're an immigrant family were ringing in her grandparents and parents escaped war in iran and eventually made it to the u.s. in 1993 they had little to nothing then so seeing their grandchildren accomplish the american dream it almost felt like we did it and like we did it together we call them later >>my grandma doesn't speak a lot of english but all you hear in key thing is i love you so. >>that was a great feeling they couldn't celebrate in a traditional way, but this moment was a silver lining with the pandemic there's obviously good and there's bad and i think the good is you're able to be more intimate and have more meaningful relationship with the people around you us. >>i don't even know how many times i watched it myself like. it's a moment, but like i know i will hold >>kimberly chan reporting the siblings had virtual commencement ceremonies. they're hoping to celebrate together as a family in person
7:53 am
sometime in the future as we all are. all right 7.52 is the time and a reminder our coverage is always there for you on our website at kron 4. >>dot com with the very latest information, including this memorial day weekend. what can you do what can you do we'll talk about the various rules around the bay area you can find that story there and all the others as well a it's totally normal to have constipation with belly pain, straining, and bloating, again and again. no way. more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation. maybe it's not. it could be a chronic medical condition called ibs-c, and time to say yesss! to linzess. linzess works differently than laxatives. it helps relieve belly pain and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain,
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tell your doctor is is one. so is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us. >>2020 and this morning, we're shining a light on to wreak
7:56 am
jamerson bullock yet to wreak is graduating from june jordan high school in san francisco. he says he's interested in pursuing a degree in mathematics maybe even becoming a local math teacher and future that be great. >>congratulations to read to you and to all of your fellow graduating classmates, you can add your graduate to our kron 4 yearbook and we'll talk about them here on the kron 00:04am morning news just go to kron 4 dot com. >>and we're also shining a light on people and organizations making a difference in their community and today, it's aydin wong he's an 8th grade student who's been donating toiletries 2 shelters on the peninsula and in the south bay. he began doing this i'm in his own neighborhood in menlo park and then with the help of a go fund me campaign. he expanded to get enough supplies that he could help out shelters with all of that stuff that you see right there and he wants to keep doing this throughout the rest of the year. you can tell us about your kron 4 hero by
7:57 am
going to our website at kron 4 dot com slash features slash kron 4 heroes. we'll take a quick up on 7.57. >>in the next hour santa clara county hardest hit by the coronavirus is now finally entering phase 2 of reopening. we'll have more on that coming up in a minute plus some church leaders say they're going to fire the governor's orders and hold in person services by the end of the months more on that as well and teachers are weighing in on the state's plan to reopen schools. we'll talk about what their you're
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
watching this. >>one morning news >>it's memorial day weekend 2020 style coming up, i'll break down things you can do and things you can do. in a live report. >>santa clara county the bay area county hit the hardest by coronavirus cases will tell you how to day they start phase 2. >>the press, the pleasure of seeing it. >>president trump defying the state of michigan and the ford motor company while touring a plant by refusing to wear his mask, the entire time he was there. more on that story in a minute. thank you for joining us on this friday may 22nd, i'm james fletcher and i'm darya folsom and we are going into the ar


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