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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 22, 2020 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and we're back at4.30 the labor department is set to release new jobs numbers today that will paint a clear picture of the economy during this pandemic. >>president trump though is optimistic about the economy bouncing back as more restrictions are eased nadia romero explains. >>tale of 2 perspectives economy will recover it will take time clearly the economy is not going to snap back come july jobless claims released thursday showed 2.4 million americans filed for unemployment benefits last week bringing the total nationwide to more than 38 million since mid-march. but the president believes the jobs are only temporarily
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lost. thursday touring a ford plant in michigan by very much wearing a face mask for parts of his visit while continuously touting optimism and slamming states sticking with strict stay at home orders instead of reopening their economies i think the center. >>first >>i don't think people understand. >>but some workers paints a darker picture of the nation's economic future, fearful states are opening up too soon and businesses aren't prepared to do it safely. the labor department set to release a full jobs report friday. and washington i'm nadia romero. >>they are a congresswoman jackie spear tweeted out this photo of the president wearing a mask while he was on a tour of that ford plant, a ford spokesperson said the company encourage him to wear that
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mask when he arrived however, the president later removed the mask for the remainder of the visit he said he didn't want to wear it in front of cameras and reporters. california's top educator says the state will soon release guidelines on how to reopen schools. teachers from across the state that were weighing in on what they think the process should look like crawford. jonathan mccall reports on what some of their concerns are. a blueprint to reopen california schools is close to being completed can i do this unless we can provide for the safety of our students and those who serve them. >>and so in that respect know that while we're dealing with some unanswered questions around the fiscal impacts know that we're not going to ask anyone to open a school we cannot safely do that for weeks members of the state's reopening schools task force has been working ideas that could be implemented for the first time thursday we finally got a chance to hear some of them. >>all elementary school students need to be back at school. >>different seating configurations with costs room, smaller classroom, sizes
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and what that means for school facilities for the instructional programs. there's been discussion around blended learning models such as students attending in person instruction a few days a week maybe certain grade levels, some worry that even more distance learning could put some students even further behind the pack. others say they want nurses and counselors in every school across the ate because the pandemic is still in our communities. >>and we need to stop it from spreading. state health officials say they'll be working with the department of education to offer guidance not rules to see the use of mask and other personal protective equipment will likely be required for students and staff. >>but school leaders are wondering how to implement the millions of dollars in changes while budgets are being slashed. >>we cannot absorb a 10% cut in oc of funding at the same time that we're trying to do more. >>to reopen safely some superintendents now want money from the state's rainy day fund given directly to the districts to help offset the
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cuts without the help others worry that a number of teachers could be left out of the plants we need some really creative thinking that's going to have to occur in order to make this happen jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>well leaders at the university of california voted to suspend s a t and a c t testing through 2024 and to eliminate them altogether by 2025. the action would mark a turning point in the national debate over whether standardized tests discriminate against disadvantaged students or provide a useful toolat all to evaluate college applicants. a local college application adviser agreed the change is for the better. >>they're going to be able to look at more of your leadership qualities things that are involved in on campus and those are all more transferable skills that say more about you and your potential for success than how well you can set for an 8 arts and your income level really determines or access to get test prep materials so think all together those make it not the best representatives, a
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tool for admissions. >>well others though did can express concern about getting rid of these tests believing it to lead to grade inflation admission of less prepared students and backlash over different entry standards for different classes. in the east bay alameda county officials say that there's been a recent spike in crime related to released inmates from the santa clara, or santa rita jail in dublin. the inmates were released to make room for physical distancing amid the pandemic car forces june takes a closer look. >>we're catching people with guns. storm vehicles and we're turn around and release them out the door. hours later and they're doing it again. >>it has been about a month since the state of california ordered a 0 bell schedule releasing thousands of low level offenders from jail for health and safety reasons due to the covid-19 pandemic now officials here at santa rita jail in dublin say some of
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those former inmates are responsible for recent crime wave to the east bay and at least in allegheny county we're seeing a lot of car thefts. >>we're up to 3, 4, 5, vehicle pursuits per day and of the burglaries and thefts are through the roof this so it in effect for about a month now since we've been dealing with the pandemic we've been keeping track of the re offenses. we have 50 people be rearrested we have one individual a leap pack probably nationally 1, 7, 3, arrests that distinction belongs to mister was seen a blue whitey who has been arrested cited and released for the list of crimes you see ridiculous inmate advocates in favor of 0 bill due to covid-19 see it differently because of what they say is the high risk of infection in the often overcrowded jail conditions. >>however, santa rita officials say the jail has been transformed to accommodate inmates with covid-19 the jail it is a safe space to to weather the
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covid-19 pandemic theirs 24 hour access to health care. our jail stops almost job long health. >>and our medical provider jill and keeping the environment safe. and all of the patients that have had covid-19 have recovered. >>the 0 bell schedule will remain in place for an additional 90 days after governor gavin newsome is the shelter-in-place order. how is it that you kron 4 news. >>the frontline healthcare workers at stanford hospital have been told that they're going to have to take a pay cut and now they're fighting back kron our's jason dumas has their story. second time this month health care workers at stanford hospital in palo alto protested against pay cuts for frontline workers. >>in april the hospital announced that it needed to make temporary workforce adjustments which will result in a 20% pay cut for part-time workers at california state assembly member ask how protested alongside the health care workers this gesture that
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they should be the ones sacrificing although he called them. >>heroes are essential workers. recalling or as a part of me and so i can't stand by andy seiler. instead to share that as much as well for reserves. it's 10 for health care push race. further our to our health care workers. the protesters told cholera that this outbreak won't end anytime soon so the pay cut will significantly affect that. >>cowra believe the hospital has plenty of monetary resources for health care system here billion in assistance to this the economic crisis. health care workers poll. and he had one last message for stanford hospital before he left we need to make car parts for we asked our workers our healthcare heroes make sacrifices so we can do the right thing. i make. >>all of this crisis and i
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guarantee. come through for us as they always do people get out of this crisis in one piece workers deserve that much reporting in palo alto i'm jason dumas scrum for news. >>well san francisco's oldest bar, the study is permanently closing its location in the south of market neighborhood, the owners blaming a closure on the pandemic but they're hoping to reopen somewhere else down the road kron four's phillipe to call has more. >>my months and the stud farm will no longer have a home in san francisco. >>the venues collective of owners share during a virtual news conference in the afternoon that their land. >>has allowed them to break free from their current leaves the owners say the move will save them. 10's of thousands of dollars since israel. >>there is no plan currently too. news it to another venue we don't have any contracts in hand, but the owners are hopeul that at some point down the road they will be capable of reopening at
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another location they intend to continue raising funds for that effort the project that could cost up to million the shelter in place policies which we fully agree with and support the sciences very real and very cool we have not been able to draw an income like many bars, many restaurants and some are just going to cross the nation. >>and this has made it. impossible to keep up with a the bills that we have just being an even being an empty building the start has operated in san francisco for 55 years, it's been at its current location in the south of market neighborhood since 1987. >>local elected leaders joined the news conference thursday vowing to help bring the bar back at some point this is a community that's way too tough to of the virus are cause permanent damage we're going to bounce back we will find a new location. >>and we will raise whatever money is necessary. we will do the construction is he said that he will change any zoning
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or or addressing the barriers that exist, we'll make sure that even in the age of social distancing. at this time will return sooner rather than later the study will say goodbye on its final day may 31st with a virtual dragged funeral that will be streamed live to the public. >>in san francisco fleet of all kron 4 news. >>the research indicates that if the u.s. had acted faster with social distancing policies. thousands of covid-19 deaths may have been avoided. the first u.s. cases were reported at the end of january but the government didn't urge people to avoid large groups until mid-march researchers from columbia university found that if social distancing it started just 2 weeks earlier. 84% of deaths in 82% of cases could have been averted. president trump pushed back on these findings, however. >>i was so early i was there earlier than anybody thought i put a ban on people coming in from china. everybody thought
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here that they didn't want it nancy pelosi a month later was dancing in the streets of san francisco in chinatown so that people wouldn't believe what's happening in i don't even blame that. but i was way early. columbia is an institution that said very liberal. it's i think it's just a political hit job to one another to. >>was important to note. the study has not yet undergone the typical scientific peer review process and all models are estimates and they are subject to jane a change with new information. still ahead, it's not something you see every day but many are welcoming this bay area unicorn spreading joy during this pandemic more on that coming up. plus we'll have details on the unintended benefits of a global pandemic will tell you what a new study found about the positive impact.
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to loosen restrictions we've never seen a drop like this it's a drop for the wrong reasons, but still we can learn something from this events. >>as rob jackson explains less cars on the road in airplanes in the sky have contributed to significant drops in carbon dioxide emissions. >>highlighted here by this time lapse in april for instance, we estimated that around the world combined the greenhouse gas emissions were down 1, 6, which is a lot. >>here in the united states there are a couple weeks in april where our missions were down by one 3rd in that enormous out and that reflects primarily the decrease driving and air airline travel, but it's more than at its decreased manufacturing and little bit of a decrease in in electricity use jackson is a stanford university professor and one of the authors of the latest study tracking the coronavirus is impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. he's also chair of global carbon project which is the research group that published the study this week we've never seen a drop like this it's a drop for the wrong
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reasons, but still we can learn something from the suspense. jackson says daily carbon dioxide emissions fell as much as 17% globally, but we will likely see only a 7% decrease emissions in 2020. >>as the lockdown loosens people get back to work when we look at previous economic crises, what typically happens. is pollution goes down for a year or so and then it reversed back when the economy recovers. >>and that could be what happens here are already seeing the economy open up in different states and countries around the world jackson hopes this event is different. he says now is the time to rethink transportation, how we commute and how we live the 2 biggest sources of air pollution in our country our cars and coal and i think the virus has shown us instantly. how is we stop driving temporarily we can clean up our air effectively right way we've already seen some companies make changes that will help reduce the number of cars on the road. >>for instance twitter well now at some of its employees work from home permanently. >>even after all of this is
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over if you'd like to learn more about this study we posted a link on our web site until exactly reporting kron 4 news. >>well let's get a check of the weather in the forecast as we take a live look outside here our sutro tower camera in san francisco looking out over the city. one of the buildings are lit up with a heart and as seth love, san francisco. we do and we hope we can all get out and enjoy things normally at some point just not today or not this weekend's restrictions still in place john trimble joining us with a look at the forecast if you're planning on being outside what can we expect john. >>well it's going to be a pretty pleasant start to the weend james that's the finish of the weekend memorial day itself. and it's really going start to bring the heat so if you do want to get outside the backyard. do something with family or whoever you're sheltering in place with good day to be doing so and enjoy some comfortable weather. well we do have it still sticking around because it's not going to stay with us too much longer it's going outside of the golden gate bridge. much
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like you saw the view james that on the screen a second ago, nice and clear skies not talking much fog this morning and a pretty mild start. open europe, 57 right now with san francisco now for a cuddle him a covering a little closer to the 40's not in the 40's this morning. so i think that the jacket on we do have a brisk start to the day with the west southwest flow on into the bay area and a pretty strong wind right up the coastline, this is going to help to keep us mild today as opposed to the hotter weather that will help later on this forecast. a few clouds passing overhead this morning but really by the time we work our way towards afternoon clouds are thing of the past and we've got abundant sunshine to expect on through the course of your friday into your saturday sunday and eventually into memorial day 2. now during this course of time under all the sunshine we're about to get temperatures will really start to kick into gear and from the 60's and 70's that you're seeing on the map for forecast highs today are eventually going to see a lot
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of these areas that are 70's today rise into the upper 90's by tuesday and wednesday of next week with memorialday being our first day in the 90's on monday. so this means some of our hottest weather so far this year is just around the corner and you're looking court system more comfortable conditions maybe to enjoy a walk or activity with family. today and tomorrow really are the best states to do so after that getting really hot for the foreseeable future and the start of next week that's your forecast james also to back your way all right thank you john now to something you don't see every day. dancing unicorn. >>in pleasanton that's what you're seeing and talk there find me. the dancing but did brighten up the day for a lot of families have been stuck inside because of the shelter-in-place orders we have kron four's michelle kingston now with more on what made this possible. >>well they didn't take me very long to find a pleasant hint unicorn she says she's spreading joy and not germs downtown.
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>>sometimes she dances alone. but on thursday a dinosaur bone on a sidewalk on main street. >>i have about 12 or 14 signs night i to say different things some of them might spread joy. and be the light. smiles are contagious to my favorite one is strangest vacation ever the pleasanton unicorn is been waving to cars dancing on street corners and even pushing young children happy birthdays for weeks now. >>all during the shelter-in-place bringing smiles to the faces of people driving or walking by. >>a lot of people want to want to be that spark of joy in their neighborhood in their community and they're just afraid to be the first person to do it the woman inside the unicorn is gina marie woodard she owns her own massage therapy studio and has been out of work because of coronavirus. >>began to hit she decided to dance it off one day even
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getting to move alongside the city's mayor is uncertainty anxiety as all the stuff that goes with it but i find that the best thing i can do to combat a windy and the sadness that the question. >>the blast site. is to connect with other people and the snow in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic the related stories even the the fun ones like you just saw all there on our website kron 4 dot com just want to remind you that we update that throughout the day as new information comes in so you can always rely on proper dot com for the very latest information when it comes to the coronavirus make sure to check it out we'll take a break we'll be right back. and
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we're back for 55 kron 4 is saluting the class of 2020. every morning we like to shine a spotlight on a graduating senior, and bring them at least a little bit of recognition even though they can't walk across the stage and today we are honoring and recognizing to rick jamieson bullock to wreak is graduating from june jordan high school in san francisco. he says he's interested in pursuing a degree in mathematics and possibly becoming a local math teacher in the future would not be awesome to wreak congratulations to you and all of your graduating classmates, you could submit a graduate for us to feature on our website at kron 4 dot com just go to the salute to grads 2020 section under the news tab.
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submit a picture of the grad let us know what high school they went to and what their plans are next and if we can like we just did will also feature them on our broadcast as well and we also like to shine a spotlight on people in organizations that are trying their best to make a difference in your community during this pandemic and today we're honoring 80 and wong. now 80 and is an 8th grade s udent who's been donating toiletries to shelters on the peninsula and in the south bay. he's been with weld began doing the work in his mental park neighborhood then with the help of a go fund me campaign he expanded in order to help local shelters, running low on supplies. he wants to keep helping through the rest of the year. well done a 10. and you can spotlight, someone making a difference in your community as well we have a section on our website called kron 4 heroes with a quick form to fill out that lets us know who that person or organization is find that page on kron 4 dot com. we'll take a break coming up in the next hour santa clara. the county hit hardest
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by the coronavirus is finally entering face to have details coming up in a live report plus some church leaders are defying the governor's orders and will be holding in person services this weekend. >>we'll tell you what consequences they could face and teachers are weighing in on the state's plan to reopen schools will have details on we're here for you and we're open. wow. i'm an original. one of a kind. you feel me? love ya'. oop! you look cute! better than you? pop my 100% all-white-meat classic or
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memorial day weekend in the midst of a pandemic i can tell you you can go to the beach but you can barbecue at home all explain why coming up in a light. >>one of the hardest hit counties when it comes to coronavirus cases live in santa clara county this morning with an update as they move into phase 2. >>but i did want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. >>president trump defying the state of michigan and ford motor company while touring a plant without a mask as he pushes for a return to normal. thank you for joining us on this friday may 22nd, i'm james fletcher. >>and i'm darya folsom, thanks for joining us on a friday, it's a holiday weekend but it's all the same isn't it. we are though and santa clara county finally entering phase 2 they're the last in the bay area to join the slow reni


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