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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 21, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thurmond said access to personal protective equipment will be required for schools to reopen. he also emphasized that districts will make their own decision on when and how to reopen. >>that could also include a hybrid learning that's a combination of traditional classroom teaching along with learning from home. but johnson psaki with the oakland unified school district wonders how effectively schools can practice safety. while coping with a $35 million budget cut from public schools because of the pandemic. >>we have just got involved as for cleaning disinfecting during the course of any school day. so you know we really want to know what that's going to look like some that the state perspective. the federal government needs to step up that they want this economy to return to normal in any way shape or form they need our schools to do the same and arts do that we need a lot more money. >>well members from the school be opening task force are expected to share their early findings today during a virtual meeting with state education officials and leaders from california's 1000 school districts.
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>>the developing news this morning, the university of california says its campuses will be opening in the fall despite the covid-19 pandemic that is currently shut down most campus activity across the state want to go live now to ucsf with more on how this might look kron four's rain harvey good morning, rain. >>the morning marty and what i can tell you for certain is that things on the campus going to look very different i just spoke to some ucsf student's we're getting ready to graduate this year and they told me they do so much physical work. they can't even imagine students join that online mixed with the on campus work. they said the students are really going to be at a disadvantage but they're trying to make it work here at the u c system so what that could potentially look like it could look like classrooms with less student could be classrooms with physical distancing in place with the deaths you could see campus staff and faculty wearing mask along with students on campus. all these
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things are on the table for consideration, what the use the system is doing carly is they're partnering with the governor also local health. offices across the state of california to try to come up with some solutions they're all looking over guidelines to make sure they're following those leads. now wednesday you see board approved standards at each campus has to meet before starting in person operations. those include screening and testing contract race scene, universal masking measures and the physical distance scene plans for how to quarantine if a staff or a faculty member or student was to contract the virus what to do there. now once campuses have done this. we'll have a better idea of what steps to take next now, you know schools and universities have been closed since mid-march when the governor issued a state wide at home or on the ucs 7 other you cesar keep in mind that a surge in covid-19 cases as a potential reality now and in the fall when the
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fall semester will begin here now the university's biggest priorities to keep students in faculty safe. what they're doing right now in this whole planning process as they're trying to come up with that streamline plan so the other 10 universities can all make sure that they're following those same guidelines because the biggest thing for them now is allowing students to focus on their education and making sure that they can keep the students faculty and staff i come to this campus safe. for now reporting in san francisco urena harvey kron 4 news all right reena thanks for that report from ucsf we'll check in with rain the next hour to get an update but now it's time to check out the weather forecast as we're heading into the holiday weekend. >>taking this live shot see some hazy skies from sutro camera san francisco, let's check in with dave spahr who has the forecast for sunday. >>hey good morning marty good morning everybody off to a pretty good start you know not fighting with the fog like we did from yesterday so pretty much mostly sunny as we expect throughout the day today. another shopper you have coming in from timber on as we can see mace basically blue skies, it's a little bit. he's off to the background just a
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touch there winds they're not going much this hour. we expect a little bit on shore flow going on later on today tonight and tomorrow morning that's all company this front that's going to delay this warm up until later this weekend. progress thus far with temperatures we have the 50's up to the north bay 60 bill a 60 ish or a good chunk of the east bay shoreline 52 for fremont 57 san jose 63 antioch already we expect 72 at high noon at 3 o'clock at 76. now later on in this forecast period temperatures are going to be climbing in a big way we'll be talking about that big heat up coming up for memorial day holiday back to you. >>thank you david this morning. we're also covering the latest area trying to virus cases and deaths. there's now more than 11,000 confirmed cases take a look at your screen. we have the numbers of cases broken down by county the number of deaths as well check out alameda alameda now has the most cases with over 2500 and sections and 88 deaths we're also
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seeing more than 2000 cases in santa clara and san francisco counties altogether there are more than 400 deaths you can find these numbers broken down by county and city on our website kron 4 dot com. well 2 more people have died from covid-19 at the windsor vallejo care center. that brings the total deaths there to 13 people so far 99 residents and 33 staff members there have tested positive. this is video of protesters yesterday outside the nursing home. >>they're demanding what they say should be a shutdown they want the facility shut down an inspection last month by the health department found 23 health citations at that care center and gave it a rating of much below average the state has sent an infection control strike team to assess for exposures and monitor the outbreak. >>to the south bay where santa clara county's increasing testing for the coronavirus in fact now they're ordering free testing for all residents now people can get tested at the
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police athletic league stadium. that's in the san jose. officials chose that location because about 40% of the current covid-19 cases in santa clara county are in the san jose but only about 20% of testing there has been done. officials say they want to wrap up ramp up testing in that location to get a better idea how the virus is spreading that is where so many of our residents are working every day in essential industries. >>i'm providing the food that is sustaining our community and kitchens. their frontline healthcare workers, they're doing all that they possibly can to put food on the table for their families and sustain our community and as a result they are at greater risk and so we need to ensure there's more testing here nice ever say to ensure that we are doing right by our entire community. >>in order to be tested you must be 18 years old or older and sign a health authorization form for more details on how you can make an appointment all you have to do
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is head to our website at kron 4 dot com. >>help is on the way for small businesses in the city of antioch the city council is working on an economic stimulus package to support local stores hammered by the pandemic the package could include relief on business license fees grants and loans kron forcefully to call reports. >>she has reduced her hours going as far as cutting a day from her business schedule, but crystal phil brook feels fortunate the bakery she co owns with her sister in downtown any aac rivertown suites has remained open during the pandemic though it's unclear her shock for the others around it will survive, i think we're ok right now, but if there is a second wave. in the end of the year. >>and we miss. thanksgiving christmas. i don't know i don't think he will she applied for federal stimulus released the first week it was offered but phil brook has yet to receive any money i just and i invested everything we had.
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>>we have for this business and we've grown up in the attic and we wanted to have. >>you know help bring the downtown back together the city of antioch is exploring its own stimulus package to help business owners like phil brook are their businesses that are not going to reopen that is definitely going to happen. mayor shawn wright says the city is brainstorming a few ideas as can the county work through phase 2 of reopening the community. >>he says the city has up to $400,000 in reserves already included in the budget that was earmarked for any ox re branding campaign. wright says that money could be used to reduce or eliminate license fees for the city's more than 300 small businesses grant's micro loans and help with marketing are all proposals under consideration there running just like you know people going paycheck to paycheck there one month to month. >>revenue house to pay the bills and when you go 2 months without revenue how do you get that through that process the city council will discuss the stimulus package at its next
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meeting tuesday, then hopes to have a plan to vote on within 3 weeks in antioch phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>and there's a new look at dolores park in san francisco. look closely officials have drawn social distancing circles on the grass there. it's a common sight at many parks around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic well earlier this month, san francisco mayor london breed threatened to close to laura's part because of huge crowds. those circles are intended to keep people 6 feet away from each other. and our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website at kron 4 dot com where you'll find the latest on outbreaks in the bay area. also an interactive map and plenty of information on ways you can stay safe. you can find it all and more on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>developing news that we're following for you this morning out of the east bay hayward police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting. it happened wednesday afternoon while police were performing a traffic stop in the area of wildwood and kelly streets.
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police say the man was in his 20's and was a suspect and another chase, the man died on scene neighbors say they also saw police focusing their efforts on a home. that's known for causing trouble in the neighborhood. >>man being sought in the shooting death. during the contact officers discharged his service weapon at this point we're still investigating to determine what led to that now that i had a lot of incidents with that house officers have been. >>been over there a lot and including mine because they tend to try to run from there into my yard and escaped. >>police still haven't released information about the man who died and per protocol, the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave. >>new this morning, according to court documents actress lori loughlin and her husband will be pleading guilty in the
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college admissions bribery scandal. loughlin and her husband were accused of paying across the country and also involved several bay area parents and a coach at stanford loughlin and her husband agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, she'll be serving 2 months in prison her husband will be sentenced to 5 months. still ahead this morning, some big changes coming to us airports will tell you how the tsa screening process will look. >>the next time you fly. some lawmakers are saying new rules from the trump administration are making the pandemic even deadlier will have
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>>welcome back everyone the time now is 8.14 thanks for staying with us before you head out for your morning walk or run, let's check in with dave spahr who has a look at the forecast good morning dave. >>good morning robin good morning, everybody and off to a pretty nice start we are you know lots of sunshine not much dealing with is much the way of fog that we get from yesterday we're still fighting to those fog clouds the shopping temper on just gives us some hazy sunshine off to the distance so a pretty good shot there. up close and personal shore little intrusion of some cloud cover fog clouds you can see off to the distance there in a bit on shore wind but that's going to become more apparent later on today and to tonight as well. numbers 55 san francisco, 60
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for oakland. got 62 bill a whole was 63 for can 50's up to the north bay and upper 50's down south where san jose. in comparison sake we're now getting ahead of where we were this time yesterday but don't forget this time yesterday were still had all that fog. cloud cover which to cut a deal with a little bit was keeping temperatures down a bit for comparison's sake. so look ahead as what's going on here, it's mostly sunny and mild today isn't a done that we would should mention some winds picking up a little bit tonight or late this afternoon overnight tomorrow morning we had 70's for the bay a few 80's and what you can expect that pretty much tomorrow and maybe even as late as saturday so sunny turning hot. but then by sunday coastal temperatures in the 70's already 80's covering the bay and 90's and look we only build on that for memorial day proper. and lower 70's at the coast and some spots in the east bay shoreline may be popping near about 90 as early as memorial day. we see a pullback
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happening by mid-week there wednesday. perhaps the coast on tuesday, maybe on that. 80's not getting back to the inland areas until we get late in the week in the central valley not recovered all till next weekend 67, san francisco. there is that when we're noting late in the afternoon and evening, 72 for oakland, and 77 for san jose, high teaperatures projected today got some reds encroaching air a little bit around the delta shuttle notice antioch at 82 80 for concord 81 up to santa rosa was 70's for filling most of the region 68 meanwhile for that's going to be a bit of a stalemate for the next 48 hours with the frontal passage giving us a little bit of a break until it will finally win the battle we look for big time heat up happening or check out that in your extended forecast along with your 4 zone forecast to robin how those area highways story looking good so far the bridge is starting to clear out we had a bit of a crowd here on the san mateo bridge earlier this morning. >>it's still a little busy but it's not bad so most of the
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early birds have made it across the bay you can make it in under 25 minutes from the nimitz off to one o one let's check in on the bay bridge 80 west into san francisco. that's looking good to your clear through the maze to become out of berkeley, you're clocking in at 12 minutes from ashby avenue in berkeley to downtown san francisco. so right on time we'll check more coming up a little bit later marty. >>ok robin, the man in charge of the environmental protection agency is under fire for the agency's rule changes during the pandemic democrats say that that will lead to more pollution which will make the impact of covid-19 even worse washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has the details. >>democrats say the trump administration could be making the coronavirus pandemic even deadlier you're throwing gasoline. >>on a burning building senator ed markey says communities in massachusetts with high asthma rates has much higher rates of infection and death from covid-19 the trump administration. >>is waging of full out
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assault on air quality standards during this respiratory and now the new trump administration rules allow oil or gas producers to skip required reports on how much they pollute and automakers to avoid stricter emission standards, those regulations do not make air quality worse epa administrator andrew wheeler defended the action saying automakers will be able to build cheaper cars allowing more americans to buy newer more environmentally friendly vehicles cafe will and will improve air quality wheeler said energy producers can't meet reporting requirements during the pandemic because of stay at home orders and other restrictions and he argues the epa is protecting the vulnerable and sent 1 million in grants to help environmental justice communities address covid-19 concerns from low income and minority communities, the administration also says the relaxed federal rules help
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americans. >>by allowing businesses and industry to spend less money meaning government regulations and spend more money hiring workers. >>in washington, alexandra le mon. >>happening today president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen will be released from prison. he's expected to serve the rest of his sentence at home. cohen's early release comes as the coronavirus continues to spread through the prison system. cohen was sentenced to december of 2018 the charges against him include lying to congress and making hush money payments, 2 adult movie actress stormy daniels and former playboy model karen mcdougal. they both claim they had encounters with the president which he denies. the tsa is changing some screening procedures in response to the coronavirus passengers will now need to hang on to their boarding passes rather than handing them over to a tsa officer officers will look at the boarding passes without touching them and that will help prevent cross
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contamination when a bag does not pass as x-ray screening. passengers could then be responsible for an packing the bag and then sending it through the machine again rather than having an officer searched through the bag by hand. the agency is also encouraging passengers to could put smaller items like a water a phone in their carry on luggage before they go through the screening area. >>developing news that we're following for you out of the north bay we're working on getting more details on a 2 alarm house fire in sandra fell. it happened late last night right along 5th avenue near california avenue. no word on how the fire started or if there was anyone inside. another fire in the south bay investigation and broke out in an abandoned strip mall in san jose. this was the scene yesterday right along bascom avenue at southwest expressway, see that big plume of smoke and the flames luckily, no one was hurt and no word on what sparked the flames. coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a high-profile child molestation suspect in
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the east bay could get out of jail, even though authorities warned he's a serious safety risk to the public. >>while the pandemic has forced many americans to go for more school and how many don't have the internet service to supported i'm joe khale
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>>in the east bay as suspected child molester could get out of jail soon he's asking for a
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bail reduction because he's concerned about the coronavirus but the alameda county sheriff's department says there's a danger to the community if the man is released kron four's haaziq the new reports. >>sixty-year-old walid holmes, he is accused of multiple child molestation crimes, including continuous abuse and lewd acts upon a child this person is a prolific serial child molester. >>oh i don't know how much more dangerous an individual you could have released into the community. >>however, hobbs he will be in court later this week seeking a bail reduction he is currently being held without bail here at santa rita jail in dublin after being arrested and charged with child abuse back in 2090 alameda county sheriff's deputy sergeant ray kelly says if the attorneys plan to use possible exposure to covid-19 as the reason to reduce his bail to 0 the court should take into consideration. the low number of inmates with covid-19 currently inside the jail right now there are currently there are 4 active cases,
8:25 am
those cases are mild to moderate those. >>patients are expected to recover we have yet to have any serious case running buddies. these there's been no loss of life i hope the courts take that into account. >>when you're making these decisions. so l very dangerous individuals our jails while the times is a dublin resident, if you are to be released. this is where he would likely be placed on home confinement, according to police the close proximity to several neighborhood parks and schools as a major concern for dublin mayor david how we are up in arms were really not only 0 bail and got early release but when they start letting people out with crimes of this nature, it's very concerning for the public safety and residents park community then there are the actual child survivors sergeant kelly says any decision to release an alleged child molester cannot be made without considering what it would mean to and she's tremendous amount of courage. >>or the child victims to come forward and tell their stories. the release of this
8:26 am
individual for victimizes them. >>homs is bill reduction motion is scheduled to be argued in court on friday. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a north bay community wants permission to reopen restaurants, pubs and wineries how city officials are reaching out. and a peek outside this time we're taking a look from hayward a live look at the san mateo bridge, nice and sunny right now in hayward and see if i get a current temperature is 59 degrees we'll be right back. home. it's not just where we live.
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it's where we make a life. this memorial day, and every day, we honor those who gave everything to keep our home safe. lowes. home unites us.
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[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
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>>good morning, welcome back kron 00:04am morning news sonoma county wants permission to reopen its restaurants breweries and wineries those businesses are even trying to reopen their patios as soon as this weekend. >>and now the health office is making that plea to the state crime for spring. kelly has reaction from business owners in downtown petaluma. >>so this means it's possible that restaurants wineries and breweries could open up their patios to customers as soon as this weekend and that's a big deal for those operating here in downtown petaluma where it's been a ghost town. even though retail stores are now open to curbside pickup. the city says they're now reaching out to local restaurants to see how they can make things easier for restaurants that don't already have outdoor seating the way. >>allow for expand expand outdoor dining whether in the
8:30 am
public right away like sidewalks or. some open areas that we haven't had a little laugh. or potentially even in some parking spaces there are. there are that you can actually serve install a small that. and allow for outdoor seating in a parking space. the city says they're planning to waive fees and looking at how they can speed up permitting so businesses could revamp in days versus weeks and they're offering no interest loans owners can afford to make changes. the owner of cafe zazzle says business is down dramatically since they cut their hours and went to take out only because of the pandemic even still they say. >>they are not going to rush into putting tables out here on the sidewalk. right away, you know, neither of us want to get sick, we don't get our staff sec. >>we don't want our staffs families to get sick and the fact of people taking our masks off and eating and drinking. i'm not crazy about that yet in allen so we are
8:31 am
going to baby steps we may not go as fast as some of the other businesses but at this point there is no indication that a new sonoma county health order would open up travel so if these establishments are able to serve out doors in time for the upcoming memorial day weekend. >>the city of petaluma says as much as they'd like to see tourists come back here for now this would be for locals only maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>well this year's pride parade is canceled but covid-19 is not going to stop san francisco from celebrating the event's 50th anniversary it's just going to be online festival organizers released the details of what's being called pride 50 now instead of the typical flag-raising ceremony. the festivities will begin on june 5th with a live stream that's hosted by san francisco mayor london breed, but the sf pride president says the real celebration will take place on june 27th and 28th.
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>>i was like, but it as if i was still going on record to basically take pride that you knew and put it into a virtual warm so we're going to be programming 13 hours with the content. i'm going from saturday to sunday. >>and you can watch the celebration on the organ it organizations web site that says of pride dot org. viruses and the only public health crisis the bay area's dealing with health officials and police are sounding the alarm about a dramatic spike in fatal overdoses of fentanyl it's widely available fake open opioid pills and other street drugs that are laced with fentanyl have been linked to 19 deaths so far this year compared with 7 a year ago, 10 of those people were between 1625 years old santa clara county deputy da brian buckle lou says that some users know they're taking fentanyl but others do not. a recent fatal overdose led to the county's first fentanyl-related murder
8:33 am
charge. >>have a great concern that young people now being out of school have free time their board and i'm there i'm looking for new experiences, we have a drug dealer knowingly selling fentanyl aware, it's dangerous properties to someone who doesn't i know that they're purchasing settled a thing for purchasing oxycodone and so they take it accordingly and they overdose and die. >>well among the more common forms of fentanyl are fake percocet pills like the ones you see on your screen there stamped with an am on one side. and the number 30 on the other. >>tesla's dropping a federal lawsuit against alameda county. the lawsuit was filed 2 weeks ago after tesla accused the county's health department of overstepping federal and state restrictions won't stop tesla from restarting production at its fremont factory. the alameda county are alameda county eventually gave the long must permission to restart after he threatened to move operations out of state tesla's fremont factory employs about 10,000 workers and can make roughly
8:34 am
40,000 cars a year. in many ways the coronavirus is putting a spotlight on inequality as more americans under stay at home orders rely on the internet for work and services some communities are at a major disadvantage washington dc correspondent joe khaleel reports. >>the pandemic is forcing americans to move online for work school even doctors visits but many people don't have the reliable internet service that requires all buses are actually running down. >>in kern county my district. but not to the students. but the mobile hotspots that's a mix of all tj cox as students and families in his rural california district have been neglected on investment in broadband internet. >>increased electricity. absolutely necessary house democrats included 5 and a half billion dollars for broadband investment in the heroes act. >>now on the package is unlikely to pass the senate buildin broadband
8:35 am
infrastructure does have wide bipartisan support well it just it's really important for telemedicine telehealth as well as education republican doug lamalfa supports a major broadband improvement for his rural northern california district. he says even new farming techniques rely on internet service protection act. >>that's what it comes from and so it's important that have there so there's a positive test for the people we have a big girl digital opportunity fund coming up a jeep, i chairman of the federal communications commission says his agency is putting billion toward connecting millions of rural homes and businesses to high speed internet this spectrum is there for wireless carriers to extend to reach the pie says the fcc's efforts will be spread out over the next 10 years in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>it is a new change is going to affect millions a new iphone update make it easier for you to unlock your phone while you're wearing a mask, the latest i o s update includes a modified version of its face id feature. if you
8:36 am
swipe up once will you wear a face covering you'll immediately be able to enter your passcode now the previous feature force you to wait a few seconds before you could enter the code. the new i o s also let's use apps created by public health agencies that will send you a notification if you've been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19. and our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website at kron 4 dot com where you'll find the latest on outbreaks in the bay area. also an interactive map and plenty of information on ways for you to stay safe. you can find it on more common for dot com. the break famous vacation spot. caesars house is preparing to reopen right around the corner, but things are going to be a just a bit differen as you might imagine. >>we're going to take an exclusive look inside and how the hotel will operate. plus nfl players are preparing to return to a 3rd stadiums but there's still a lot of questions to be answered to find out what 49 ers running back raheem moster and his
8:37 am
wife are most worried about. and let's take you outside for a peek at the san mateo bridge this time around traffic was jammed heading to the peninsula earlier today, looking pretty good now both directions will be right we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden. the 2:20 back-to-back calls migraine medicine it's called ubrelvy the migraine medicine for anytime, anywhere a migraine attacks without worrying if it's too late or where you happen to be.
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as the nfl is inching closer to uproot potential return some players are preparing for a return to the gridiron. >>kron four's jason dumas talked with 49 ers running back raheem mostert about
8:40 am
eventually getting back on the field. >>as the future looks promising in terms of nfl teams getting back on the field, the reality is that there are still a lot of unknowns as to how it will all work human life has been concerned she's actually you've cried, i'm you know a couple times just because she wants to make sure not only myself but on those 90 guys are in the locker all be safe and their families as well so only had tossed about in you know. she understands that. >>no matter what you know this is my this is my job and i have to do my job, i'm you know requires me to do after being able to do that job at a high level like last season most are has been getting innovative with his homework out i got a 49 alon is stripped >>fortunately vincent dollar from the coaching staff to know they want to work more on the importance for all my fans
8:41 am
for one game in sight want to point out there and and on those 2 things as well as runner out some stuff that's you know, i'm trying to elevate my game. >>no i don't want to be just want to mention most are recently signed a 3 year million contract and he expects his workload to increase the is added muscle to be able to get more of the 137 carries he got last season john incorporate those on monday and workouts lonely. >>i'm a you know take those hits i can mention be you know, i'm one of those guys aren't in 200. >>carries iou know i got to get prepared for that in only way i know how it is this a good ball, multi strong in san francisco, i'm jason dumas scrum for news. >>leaders in the cripple tv and film industry met with state officials to talk about how that industry is trying to make its way through the pandemic. >>among them was hollywood director ava duvernay netflix
8:42 am
executive ted sarandos and union leader danny stevens, who's raising concerns of the necessary but high costs of making production safer. he suggested california consider more incentives to keep productions and state. >>it's april this and so there's a very fine line in the middle of all this of having is safe to her cause possible keep everybody safe as possible. but also keep it within the constructs of financially feasible question the members of this all of us that work is when are we going to be able to shoot. >>he was governor newsom says on monday. he will release more guidelines for some county meetings requirements for further reopening, including tv and film production. but the governor says that hollywood is likely not included for now. >>i feel is right however, hot temperatures coming our way by the weekend, here's a nice beautiful shot of a bridge for some puppy left over faulty clouds look at your 4 zone forecast and
8:43 am
the new house is amazing. so much character.
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>>good morning welcome back dave spahr has been busy sharpening up his red and orange crayons to put on the weather map because it's going to get hot. hi dave good morning. >>good morning. marty good morning everybody in the red means business this holiday weekend we're temperatures here if you want to feel like some of the unofficial start up. they want to make it official is what's going to happen for this weekend, even though it's not even the start
8:46 am
of the media logical summer that's going to really be the week after really bay bridge shot for you is you can see some puppy clouds left over from the fog just a touch there, but nice blue skies. temperature progress thus far we're already seeing some 60's break in here to the north bay 63 palacio nevada what about 6160 oakland off to the east bay antioch at 6355 look for work after coming in at 5957 meanwhile for san jose. we do have some winds coming our way because this heat up is delayed by this little front passing over somewhat uneventful outside of pete keeping the temperatures down bringing in some winds as it does so this goes out hope tonight and then tomorrow morning you might have some breezy like conditions fighting a little bit it will be an on shore wind so if you're an early riser and off to work. coming in from the east bay it will be fighting a little bit coming in from the bay bridge or a richmond center fell too. so it's a it's a mild break that we have before the heat spike begins a high pressure behind it's going to do it. and this affront against going to drive some breezy conditions for us
8:47 am
in the meantime. highs today very modest as you can see central valleys looking at the mid 80's to lower 80's baker still a 2 along with sacramento, central coast 67, san francisco monterey at 62 but warmer down south with 77 san diego and 73. for la x back on the home front of the 4 zone forecast rated district attorney 64 san francisco, 67 mission district coming in at 68. what is 66 for daly city pacifica at 61 air sixes for half moon bay to the but the only spot may be fighting to some fog belt, 70 per burly game with the upper 60's it worked there for the bay side of the peninsula down south. foster city and san matteo at 71 but 74 form out to do in palo alto redwood city at 73. and most of the south bay is still in 70's territory. morgan hill 81 but 77 san jose opie to 7677 for santa clara east bay shoreline to the south of these are areas they're going to probably push to near 90 when we're done
8:48 am
with all of this on and say tuesday or so but for today lower 70's, 77 pleasanton livermore to dublin coming at 76 by the way 78 going on for a while the creek with 80 conquered 71 for a berkeley up to the delta here peek at that 82 for course are going to be looking at upper 90's with that about 6 days or so back in the 80 to 78 for sonoma and for a santa rosa at 81 with more 70's heading down south one to one. beaches today, not bad a lower 60's be going up front is coming or direction and we have a onshore wind that's pretty modest. ok so we'll get up to about 82 or so saturday, whatever and then sunday gets here up to 9197 by monday cc this high means business and again and again we expect the central valley to be hot all next week. it will probably crack from the standpoint of the bay area expected on wednesday to the beaches and get to those in the valley certainly by
8:49 am
thursday and into friday to back off of that the bear prefer a pair for summer. coming our way. during the holiday weekend and early next week back to you all right we're ready to bring on the heat. >>little peek outside wee checking in on traffic which looks good this morning into san francisco, a live look. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza it's been an easy drive so far so let's keep it that way under 10 minutes off to fremont street a look at some more bridges around the bay area we have the richmond sandra fell which is hot spot free as well your drive time looks good with no problems into the north bay so get on out there and use it now just remember watch your speed. what i want to cross the golden gate doing just fine we are clearly being nevado sausalito on into san francisco with no problems for northbound or southbound one on one marty back to you. >>i'm robin a lot of folks are looking forward to that first vacation once this pandemic is over and you know the one of the more popular dennett destinations is going to be las vegas. absolutely but what wilson city look like what it starts welcoming guests peck
8:50 am
that's a big question or one of the big questions. he's about as sat down with the general manager caesars palace to get a look at how the hotel is preparing. >>it typically this is a bustling lobby that out any debate one of the most iconic. really in the world and now when we walk in you hear echoes that. and that's something this lobby probably has never heard echoes because there's simply nobody here and that's what 54 year history for your history, an industry brought to its knees now struggling to get back on its feet. >>just about every corner of caesars palace will undergo upgrades. >>the gaming floor, the half dozen pools and nearly 4,000 rooms. las vegas has a lot riding on a safe and healthy return and leading the charge at caesars general manager sean mcburney its. >>a sad to walk for a business that's completely empty. certainly. a sad experience to see the company have to
8:51 am
furlough 90% of its employees and that's certainly none of us would ever want to do unless absolutely necessary. >>so is the goal to bring back those 90% or maybe it's only going to be 50% in the beginning that we will bring back as many and employees as we can based upon the demands of the business so the occupancy it when we first opened won't be what it was when we closed so we'll bring employees back based upon the demands of the business once you have consumer confidence i think that translates to consumer demand. now i think you're exactly right. we you know we hear there's a lot of pent-up demand whether hosts are calling customers a lot of research indicating that there's pent-up demand but what customers also make it very clear that they want to know is what are the safety protocols that are going to be in place they want to know when they do come into an environment that it's going to be appropriate so they want to come. but they also want to make sure that it's safe and secure. >>but there's also something about the energy of you know you want that energy of other people around you when you see
8:52 am
someone doing great at the table you want to see what's going on how do you keep that energy going but as a safe distance right. i think you still feel the energy you mean, obviously there won't be concentrations of people and we have to do a very very good job policing that. >>but i think naturally there will be a lot of excitement when you talk to employees employees are excited to get back to work when you talk to customers are excited to get here. so i think that there's going to be just a lot of excitement. despite the fact that you may not have people congregating in a way that these 2 in the past. >>well those studies valdez reporting from las vegas while no exact opening date has been given caesars palace is preparing for june 1st. >>kron 4 is a happy to salute the class of 2020 and this morning we want to congratulate me on helmet there us. the eye is graduating from lincoln high school that's in san jose and she'll be attending san jose state university she wants to be a business entrepreneur or you can let us know about your graduate in your life and just go to kron 4 dot com to find
8:53 am
salute to grants 2020, you'll find it under the news tab and then you can submit a picture of your graduate. let us know which high school year she attended and what's next in store for them. >>what's next in store for us is a live look outside at sfo this morning now where skies are starting to clear just a little bit but no delays we'll well during
8:54 am
8:55 am
this public health crisis kron four's been honoring people
8:56 am
who are doing some great things in their communities and this morning we're highlighting the pepsi co foundation. >>which is helping families of color in the east bay, it's partnering with. >>when you told us in hayward clip and so far they've donated $80,000 to provide food for seniors. dekalb medical care testing and economic help pepsico initiative comes as unemployment and infection rates among african american and latino communities continue to spike for more details on programs like this you can check our website kron 4 dot com. >>and you can spotlight, someone who makes a difference in your community it's a very easy to do we have a special section on our website called kron 4 heroes and then you will have quit fill out a quick form to let us know about your hero. you can find kron 4 dot com. >>coming up in the next hour, the use the system says its campuses will be opening in the fall, we'll find out how they plan to make sure health orders will be obeyed. and a deadly officer-involved shooting under investigation
8:57 am
in the east bay this morning, we'll have the latest information for you.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>you're watching kron 4 morning news at 9. >>good morning, everybody,
9:00 am
thanks a lot for joining us on kron 00:04am morning news on marty gonzales happening today education leaders across the state could be laying out a blueprint for what could be required in classrooms when students go back kron four's jonathan mccall takes a look at what could be included in that plan. it's now been 10 weeks since california classrooms were forced to close because of covid-19 concerns. >>as the current school year comes to an end leaders are now focused on what happens in the fall and the new lessons on social distancing that will greet students parents and educators lots of personal protective equipment to have to be masked. >>and hand sanitizers and the ability for hand washing and other resources for our schools, wednesday state superintendent tony thurmond said that access to ppe will be required for schools to reopen. >>he also emphasized that districts will make their own decisions on when and how to reopen the things that we've heard include that many schools are likely have smaller class sizes


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