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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 21, 2020 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>news at 5. >>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us it's thursday, sometimes we call it pre friday or little friday may 20. i'm robin with everybody i'm martin gonzalez pre friday our top story. this pre friday morning happening today we could learn more about what schools will look like when students do return to the classroom. >>education leaders from across the state are expected to lay out a blueprint for what could be required in classrooms on wednesday state school superintendent tony thurmond said that access to personal protective equipment will be required for schools to reopen he also emphasized that districts will make their own decision on when and how to reopen and that could include a hybrid learning system, a combination of traditional classroom teaching along with learning from home. >>but john sasaki with the oakland unified school
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district wonders how effectively schools can practice safety. while coping with a million cut from public schools because of the pandemic. >>we have just can't fall extra cleaning disinfecting during the course of any school day. so you know we really want to know what that's going to look like some that the state erspective. the federal government needs to step up that they want this economy to return to normal in any way shape or form they need our schools to do the same and the arts do that we need a lot more money. >>members from the school reopening task force are expected to share their early findings today during a virtual meeting with state education officials and leaders from californians a california, it's 1000 school districts. >>developing news, this morning, the university of california says that campuses will be opening in the fall despite the covid-19 pandemic that currently is shut down most campus activities across the state. joining us live now from ucsf with more on how this might look in the fall kron four's reyna harvey hire a good morning.
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>>good morning marty will like you mentioned a lot of planning going into this situation because it definitely is a big decision that they have to make now ucsf is one of those universities also trying to make a very smart decision about how to protect their students. now you see administrators are saying it could be a hybrid deal here that means you could have some students that are on campus taking classes and online at a mixture of both. so wednesday, you sees board approves standards that each campus must meet before starting in person activities. >>that includes screening along with testing contract tracing also universal masking measures so you could see students on campus if they're taking classes have were masked also making sure physical distancing is in place that could be having classroom chairs separated inside of classrooms. also they need to make some plans
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on how to corn teen students and isolate them if anyone on campus contracts. the virus. now wants campuses have done this still have a better idea of what steps they can take next schools and universities have been closed since mid-march when the governor issued a statewide stay at home order. you 7 other you cesar keep in mind that a surge in covid-19 cases is a potential reality now and also in the fall and fall semester begins again. the university's biggest priority is keeping students and faculty safe, so they're not going to rush into anything. now again after they make these decisions they're hoping that on all 10 you see campuses they're going to have some sort of universal decision by mid-june but again they have to do testing they have to make sure they have those different practices in place make sure that they can make the campus just as safe. as other places marty. >>all right reena thanks a lot for that live report from ucsf will be checking in with rain throughout the morning. well now let's go ahead get a check
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of the weather forecast because we're turning the corner and heading towards memorial day weekend. a lot of folks wondering what the weather is going to be let's turn to dave spahr who has all of that for us hey dan good morning. >>hey good morning marty good morning, everybody and it will be a toasty one when we get there now before we do we do have a little front that's going to come across the kind of that delay the affects just a touch. here's a live shot. we have of alcatraz in the foreground san francisco behind it may recall yesterday you can see the city too well, or even the bay bridge that well so the fog isn't as intense this morning as we saw from yesterday, here's the glaze up close and personal of the golden gate bridge, not as much traffic we actually saw more last hour. speaking of that fog it may actually get a little worse in the next hour before it starts to improve as the sun joins us and mixes things out problem area looks to be half moon bay, typical along the coast there like that. sometimes some fog tends to hover a bit. temperatures for us around the bay looks like the 50's cover large part on the east bay shoreline upper 40's up there the north bay 55 conquered 57 per 51
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meanwhile for san jose. and your breakdown today see some light just making its way over the east bay hills just a touch in the background 60 at 09:00am by high noon we're talking 72. not too bad today got some 80's going on in london elsewhere it's going to be the 70's. closer inspection your forecast coming up in just a bit robin back to you. >>all right, thank you dave. well this morning. we're also covering the latest bay area coronavirus cases and deaths there is now more than 11,000 confirmed cases take a look at the numbers on your screen we have the numbers broken down by cases. by county. alameda now has the most cases with over 2500 infections and 88 deaths we're also seeing more than 2000 cases in santa clara and san francisco counties and all together there are more than 400 deaths you can find these numbers broken down by county and city on our website kron 4 dot com. well 2 more people have died from covid-19 at the windsor vallejo care
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center brings the total deaths there to 13 people so far 99 residents and 33 staff members there have tested positive. >>now this is video of protesters yesterday just outside the nursing home they're demanding that that facility shut down an inspection last month by the health department found 23 health citations at the care center. and gave it a rating of much below average the state has sent out an infection construct control strike team to assess for exposures and monitor the outbreak. >>the san francisco man is back home this morning with his family after 2 months in the hospital battling battling covid-19. a huge ovation be a developed a cough and fever in mid-march after he returned home from a trip to europe. he tested positive for coronavirus and was on a ventilator for 40 days. well now following his winning battle against covid-19 ron is finally reunited with his family.
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>>i spoke with them a nurse that you know this and she said that. it was not only the ventilator that was we did this we did that we did this week that we were down to our last. our last option. my legs. we're like 2 trunks of the biggest sequoia trees that you could imagine i never thought it would wind up like this never last among wife number 2. there's no question if i was in another hospital, i would not be alive today. well what a story. >>temple has prostate cancer, but he says he's still pretty active. he is resting now but has some big plans when he recovers and he senses very sincere, thanks to the medical team at ucsf for saving his life. >>the to the east bay now help is on the way for small businesses and antioch the city council is working on an economic stimulus package to support local stores hammered by the pandemic mayor shawn wright says that the city is brainstorming a few ideas and
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as antioch and contra costa county they work through face 2 of reopening the community. he also says that the city has up to $400,000 in reserves already included in the budget that money was originally designated for any ox re branding campaign. mayor right says that that money could be used to reduce or eliminate license fees for the city's more than 300 small businesses. >>they're running just like you know people going paycheck to paycheck there one month to month. revenue house to pay their bills and when you go 2 months without revenue how do you get that through that process. >>well the city council will look into the stimulus package at its next meeting that's going to happen on to say they are hoping to vote on a plan within the next 3 weeks. well our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website just go to kron 4 dot com. we have so much information for you there. the latest on the outbreaks an interactive map and lots of information on ways that you can stay safe. you can find all of this and more on our website kron 4 dot com.
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>>we have developing news out of the east bay where hayward police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that turned deadly. police made a traffic stop in the area of wildwood and kelly street when it happened kron 4 s taylor bisacky has more. >>texted me and said the police are out front i heard shots. i said how many and he said about 12 shots told. and then he and i called him and he told me it was a series of 8 shots with a brief pause and for more. this is what he said neighbor nicholas jerry says shots rang out in his hayward neighborhood wednesday afternoon. hayward police say it was an officer-involved shooting that left one man in his 20's dead. >>police say the man was a suspect in another case and they were performing a traffic stop in the area of wildwood in kelly streets when they fired their that was a man being sought in the shooting death. civic street. during
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the contact officers discharged his service weapon at this point we're still investigating to determine what led to that now police say the man died on scene. >>neighbors say they also saw police focusing their efforts on a home known for causing trouble. >>in the neighborhood wasn't i had a lot of incidents with that house officers have been been over there lot including mine because they tend to try to run from there into my yard and escaped police still haven't released any more information about the man who died and per protocol they place the officers involved in the shooting on paid administrative leave if you have any information about this incident asking that you contact the police department in hayward taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>we're just getting started this morning. still ahead the unique way the city of san francisco's making sure that you're going to keep a safe distance from others while you're out of park. plus the coronavirus isn't the only major health risk in the south bay right now. we're going to look into a recent rise in fentanyl use in santa clara
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county. and after the break safety concerns are growing after all 50 us states have now somewhat partially reopen their economies will have more on this when we come back. and we have a new page on our website kron 4 dot com is called yes we're open it's a list of restaurants and dining options that are open for takeout or delivery in the bay area and restaurant owners can submit their businesses to be added to the list and viewers can also search the list to find out plac ♪ ♪ when you need it, jack delivers: order on uber eats, postmates and grubhub. when you need it, jack delivers: tso is this. and so are these. they all represent something more. the feeling of home. that's why we're here. to help make your home be everything you want it to be. because home is what unites us.
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>>welcome back everyone, the time 5.13 thanks for staying with us we appreciate the company. a little foggy out there i guess in some spots so we're waiting for the sun to make it apparent let's check in with a foreign c. how long the fog will stick around because we want to see more sunshine, warmer temperatures were a little spoiled now dave. >>okay, yeah, good morning rob, good morning, everybody. yeah off to kind of a cool start with all of that too and yes, the cool weather will not hold its going to be quite toasty this weekend. we'll have a front that's kind of the lane things a little bit. if you squint will carefully here near the label you can kind of see the outline of where the clouds are this is going to drive help drive some onshore wind so temperatures not too bad today and really tomorrow either doing a couple live shots for you some of the fog robin is talking about a little bit. zena sought to the distance there with the city is there's all trust in the foreground the bay bridge off the left-hand side of course
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and a little bit closer here, here's the golden gate bridge but oh look at that ice patch of blue to the distance, the right hand side so that's a nice side to help makes out this fog which we'll get a little thicker perhaps in the next hour or so and then before the sun joins us to really mix that out problem areas down around places like half moon bay for example, though temperatures right now we're in the upper 40's that's a nice a cool treat. mid-fifties off to the east bay well east bay shoreline little bit off to the east bay to delay or 55 to have conquered if people are livermore in 51 for san jose we have 50's also down the peninsula to a 50 to 53 rather for san francisco. and it's got a sliced in half by the northern end is a little bit warmer today down the south a little cooler this morning. we were yesterday in some cases like san jose some half a dozen degrees behind where we were this time from yesterday. there is some of the blue skies off to the distance today, we're talking mostly sunny mild is the word. we're going to use 70's for the bay
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a few 80's going on in london memorial weekend this is a while after a little front here, sunny and turning hot, coastal temperatures in the 70's 80's covering the bay and 90's inland. now this is talking about saturday sunday and monday which will progressively turn hotter. each day. and we're looking at by monday. some east bay shoreline locations may even pop near close to 90 like freeman, a word. now for next week. wednesday, there's a slight cooling at the coast with 80's back inland by late in the week, so this heat wave spike may last a while in the to even wednesday potentially a not we backtrack until we get to around thursday and friday central valley. it's going remain ot. all next week 67 san francisco, 72 for oakland 77 san jose noting a little bit of the way some breezy conditions for san francisco today across the wider bay, our temperatures are coming in like this some lower 80's around the delta 81 also up to santa rosa. see some red starting encroach there, but it's going to be
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held at bay, no pun intended for a little while as that front comes by through tonight into tomorrow as we have a delayed in the heating action but after this weekend away we go. coming up a little bit here we'll check in your 4 zone forecast and certainly at that extended one as well. robin what's going on the track we like to thank you. dave traffic looks good and we don't have any major problems right now we just have the usual crowding. >>on the san mateo bridge and this is becoming our new normal right a lot of folks are returning to work and it's been pretty busy during the early morning hours you can see all the brake lights on the right that's going west that's leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. but i don't see any problems on the bridge or even want to make it into foster city or san matteo are connecting with one oh one our 2.80 so so far to get commute from the east bay to the peninsula. let's peek at some more bridges, we have the bay bridge. the traffic looks good here through the pay gates across the upper deck right on through downtown are off to a fantastic start we'll check more coming up in a bit
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marty ok robin will for the first time since march 3rd since march all 50 states have now at least partially reopen their economies. but there's still some concern over whether states are doing it safely and they're wondering how long before workers feel safe enough. >>to head back into the office nadia romero has delays. >>as all 50 states now partially reopen concerns over how to do it safely. the white house coronavirus task force assuring states will have better testing capabilities. our goal is to ensure that we can find a son. >>and i think that's really our focus right now working with every state to really help them identify it where these clusters came from his start early and then proactively going for those clusters identified them early to guide the reopening the cdc released the detail road map for places like schools what we realized is what's different is that we've had more people die more people are ill. >>we have the same staff that are now older and still no vaccine or widespread testing
5:19 am
so we're struggling with. those data points that would indicate that we could safely have some type of reopening honestly a crucial aspect to the cdc guidelines state should only open if covid cases have gone down for 2 weeks. >>the cases are up and at least 18 states if we say. >>dramatic increases then yes, the way we're doing it. we can pause at the white house president trump still deciding if he will hold the g 7 summit in the u.s. in person america's real thing, the world's reopening. >>and what a show of strength and optimism to have all of the leaders of these countries come together at the white house and pursue business as usual and as we move forward through this pandemic in washington, i'm nadia romero. >>back here in the bay area there's a brand new look at dolores park in san francisco's officials have drawn social distancing circles on the grass there you can make them out it's a very common sight at many parks around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic
5:20 am
earlier this month mayor london breed threatened to close dolores part because of all the crowds. those circles are intended to keep people 6 feet away from each other. washington is warning governor newsome that his plan to reopen california discriminates against churches, the head of the federal justice department's civil rights division argues that despite the pandemic the governor should allow some in person worship church services are mostly limited to online but governor newsome says religious institutions could start welcoming parishioners on services in the coming weeks. >>a developing story that we're following for you out of the north bay we're working on getting more details on a 2 alarm house fire that happened in sandra fell check out the map here is last night happened last night along 5th avenue near california avenue no word on how the fire started or if there was anyone inside. another fire in the south bay is under investigation. it broke out in an abandoned strip mall in san jose. now this was the scene
5:21 am
yesterday along bascom avenue and southwest expressway see that thick plume of smoke and flames there luckily, no one was hurt. and no word yet on what sparked the flames. well coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning news, a high-profile child molester suspect in the east bank could get out of jail, even though authorities warn that he poses a serious safety risk to the public. >>and before we go we'll leave you with a peek outside of the bay bridge, the sun's coming up, traffic looks good. no problems into san francisco will be right back.
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>>in the east bay this morning, the suspected child molester could soon get out of jail, he's asking for a bail reduction because of concerns over the coronavirus but the alameda county sheriff's department says that there's a danger to the community if the man is released kron four's haaziq madyun reports. >>sixty-year-old walid holmes is accused of multiple child molestation crimes, including continuous abuse and lewd acts upon a child this person is a prolific serial child molester. >>oh i don't know how much more dangerous an individual you could have released into the community. >>however, hobbs he will be in court later this week seeking a bail reduction he is currently being held without bail here at santa rita jail in dublin after being arrested and charged with child abuse back in 2090 alameda county
5:25 am
sheriff's deputy sergeant ray kelly says if the attorneys plan to use possible exposure to covid-19 as the reason to reduce his bail to 0 the court should take into consideration. the low number of inmates with covid-19 currently inside the jail right now there are currently there are 4 active cases, those cases are mild to moderate those. >>patients are expected to recover we have yet to have any serious case for anybody's the u haul why there's been no loss of life i hope the courts take that into account. >>when you're making these decisions. so let very dangerous individuals our jails while the times is a dublin resident, if you are to be released. this is where he would likely be placed on home confinement, according to police the close proximity to several neighborhood parks and schools as a major concern for dublin mayor david how we are up in arms were really not only 0 bail and got early release when they started letting people out with crimes
5:26 am
of this nature, it's very concerning for the public safety and residents park community then there are the actual child survivors sergeant kelly says any decision to release an alleged child molester cannot be made without considering what it would mean to and she's tremendous amount of courage. >>or the child victims to come forward and tell their stories. the release of this individual for victimizes them. >>homs is bill reduction motion is scheduled to be argued in court on friday. haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >>and coming up from kron 4 morning news, a north bay county wants permission to reopen restaurants, pubs and wineries will find out how city officials are reaching out. and nfl players are repairing to return to their plane cities but there's a lot of questions still out there. we'll find out what 49 ers
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>>5.29 welcome back to kron 00:04am morning news, let's go to the north bay with sonoma county wants permission to reopen its restaurants breweries and wineries those businesses are trying to reopen their patios also as soon as this weekend. >>and in downtown petaluma city officials are reaching out to local restaurants to see how they like to go forward with reopening the city says it is planning to weigh seas. we're looking at ways to speed up permitting so that businesses can revamp as soon as possible. the city is also offering no interest loan so owners can afford to make changes. but one business owner told kron 4. they're going to take it easy despite
5:30 am
help from the city. >>you know neither of us want to get sick, we don't get our staff sack we don't want our staffs families to get sick and the fact of people taking our masks off and eating and drinking. i'm not crazy about that yet in allen so we are going to baby steps we may not go as fast as some of the other businesses. >>well the city of helena says as much as they'd like tourists to come back for now this is could be available for locals only. tesla's dropping a federal lawsuit against alameda county. the lawsuit was filed 2 weeks ago after tesla accuse the county's health department of overstepping federal and state restrictions when it stopped tesla from restarting production at its fremont factory alameda county of it eventually gave the longest permission to restart after he threatened to move operations out of state tesla's fremont factory employs about 10,000 workers and can make roughly 40,000 cars a year. >>this year's pride parade is
5:31 am
canceled the covid-19 won't stop san francisco from celebrating the event's 50th anniversary it's going to be online instead. festival organizers release the details of what's being called pride 50 now instead of the typical flag-raising ceremony. the festivities will start on friday june 5th with a live stream this hosted by san francisco mayor london breed. but the sa pride president says the real celebration will be on june 27th and 28th. >>i was like, but it as if i was still going on record to basically take pride that you knew and put it into a gradual warm so we're going to be programming 13 hours with the constant. i'm going from saturday to sunday. >>well you'll be able to watch celebration on the organizers organizations website sf pride dot org. the coronavirus isn't the only public health health officials and police are sounding the alarm about a dramatic increase in fatal doses overdoses rather of
5:32 am
fentanyl highly available fake opioid pills and other street drugs laced with fentanyl have been linked to 19 deaths so far this year compared with 7 a year ago, 10 of those people were between 1625 years old santa clara county to deputy district attorney brian bucklew says that some users know that they're taking fentanyl all others do not. a recent fe fatal overdose led to the county's first fentanyl related murder charge. >>have a great concern that young people now being out of eir board and i'm there i'm looking for new experiences, we have a drug dealer knowingly selling fentanyl aware of its dangerous properties to someone who doesn't i know that they're purchasing settled a thing for purchasing oxycodone and so they take it accordingly and they overdose and die. >>well among the more common forms of fentanyl are fake percocet pills like the ones on your screen stamped with an
5:33 am
am on one side and the number 30 on the other. >>the students parents and teachers have all had to adapt to distance learning during the covid-19 pandemic the national education association says that many students and teachers, our technologically and are equipped for online classes. but now there's a push for congress to find money to help close the technology gap, washington dc correspondent morgan wright explains. >>education officials say the covid-19 pandemic is increasing the digital divide technology is becoming more and more important in the education of our students lily eskelsen garcia, the president of the national education association says some students don't have the technological tools needed for class online depending on. what technology you have in your home. the teacher may not have seen you for 2 months and she says the higher the poverty level, the more frightened teachers are of not meeting student needs
5:34 am
their parents counted for wi fi dad doesn't have a laptop says lawmakers have the opportunity to fix this now and connects students with their teachers, no matter the circumstance we need to. >>address this digital divide now new york senator kirsten gillibrand has a bill that would provide $4 billion to help close the gaps provide universal wife, i mean at the ipad you need peters if you don't have access to. >>the internet and then your child may be in a falling behind in texas senator john cornyn says he recognizes how vital internet access is but it will make sure we're doing it in a are reasonable and efficient sure what cornyn is one of several republican senator jill a brand more need to win over in order to get her plan added into the next coronavirus relief package, reporting in washington, i'm morgan wright. >>the new iphone update is making it easier to unlock your phone while wearing a mask, the latest iowa's update
5:35 am
includes a modified version of its face id feature. so if you swipe up once while you're wearing a face covering you'll immediately be able to enter your passcode the previous feature force you to wait a few seconds before entering it. the new i o s also lets you use apps created by public health agencies that will send you a notification if you've been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19. >>the oakland a's are reportedly refusing to pay its one million rent for the coliseum essentially the teen doesn't want to pay for a stadium and can't use because of the pandemic the a's released a statement saying that because of the ban on public gatherings of more than 1000 people at city facilities that include the coliseum the organization in charge of the coliseum has been unable to make the stadium available. the team says it supports the health directives by both the city and the state. the start of the baseball season has been delayed because of the virus and are still no word on when or where they'll play ball. this year. the future
5:36 am
looks promising for nfl teams getting back on the field, but there are a lot of unknowns as to how it's all going to look when it does open 49 ers running back raheem moster does innovative with his home workouts but he's ready to head back to the field. he recently signed a 3 year and million contract with the niners and he's expecting his workload to increase. >>a life has been concerned she's actually you've cried, i'm you know a couple times just because she wants to make sure not only myself but on those 90 guys are in the locker all be safe and their families as well so only had tossed about in you know. she understands that no matter what you know this is my this is my job. >>if and when sports duke kickoff, it's going to look very different as as it's unlikely nfl teams will be playing. it looks like they'll be playing in empty stadiums. >>kron 4 morning news more businesses are preparing to re open see how offices like
5:37 am
cells force tower in san francisco could be different when workers finally return. and next a grim announcement for hollywood as production on numerous films and tv sets are put on hold with no restart they clear after the break we'll hear from film leaders. and a peek outside all of us better and better the sun is coming up a beautiful shot from the bark and arrow in san francisco, it's not still cloudy out there and 53 degrees right now in san francisco across the bay waking up to 58 in oakland down south 51 in san jose a little bit cooler in the north bay we're at 48 in napa and 47 in santa rosa, but high pressure will stay in control as we head into the weekend. we're in store for a warming trend with lots of sunshine specifics for your city coming up in just a bit.
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>>good morning, welcome back leaders in the tv and film industry met with state officials to talk about how the industry is navigating the pandemic among them was hollywood director ava duvernay netflix executive ted sarandos and union leader danny stevens. >>who is raising concerns of the necessary but high cost of making production safer. he suggested california consider more incentives to keep productions and state. >>it's april this and so there's a very fine line in the middle of all this of having is safe to her cause
5:41 am
possible if everybody is safe as possible. but also keep it within the constructs of financially the question remember us and just all of us that work is when are we going to be able to shun. >>well governor newsome says on monday he will release more guidelines for some counties meeting requirements for further reopening including tv and film production. but the governor says that hollywood is likely not included for now. >>they work for big time warm up getting into that holiday weekend before we do however we have a little system our backyard that's going to kind of allay some of those effects. what's it like for your thursday. yes, it's 60 by 09:00am at high noon we're at 72 under sunny to mostly sunny skies to speak aloud to the distance there in the east bay hills stick around to get your 4 zone forecast and that
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>>welcome back everyone the time is 5.44. thank you for waking up with us on this thursday morning or friday eve, let's check in with dave spahr and get a peek at the forecast 8th. friday light, yeah. >>good there robin good morning, everybody on off to a pretty good start we're waiting for a little frontal boundary to got a drop on past a little bit over the next 8.48 hours or so gives us a delay in terms of temperatures climbing now, thanks to you we have the bay bridge toll plaza as we watch the side and join us over the east bay hills of the light lease coming up we're caught in the silhouette
5:45 am
of some of the darkness as you can see all the cars coming in 50's 40's pretty much a hodgepodge we have right now upper 40's up there in the north bay 57 off to conquer checks in at 55 mid 50's along the east bay shoreline with fremont the cool spot 51 along with san jose and 50's to the peninsula looks like as well as we take a look at some of the winds again with this front kind of close pie will get a bit of an on shore when cooking and here in the afternoon. and though actually pick up in some locations in a good risk their 20 some miles an hour as you can see and that will hold probably until your friday morning at least the coastal locations as well this delays the warm-up however until we get that weekend going on in earnest. there is in the backyard of mild break before the heat spike gets here. i pressure will be in control. providing the warmth that we're going to get through the weekend and early into next week and really in places like the central valley which today lower middle 80's, whatever. but next week is going to be sailing through the 90's to around 100 all week long next
5:46 am
week 67, san francisco, 63 for moderate today. we've got some 70's cooking down there in so cal 77 san diego 73. la x back in the home front the 4 zone forecast 67 today, san francisco sunset district at 64. 66 checking in a daly city pacific at 6166 also for half moon bay. northern end of the peninsula upper 60's with burlingame checking in at 70. down south foster city at 71 along with san mateo 74 for palo alto mountain dew in redwood city at 73. morgan hill, the one standout at 81 everybody else pretty much upper 70's, 77 for san jose santa clara 76 by the way from cupertino east bay shoreline to the south lower 70's, 77 pleasanton livermore still 70's today for the last day of it well maybe we'll squeeze another day out or tomorrow, 80 for concord 78 for a walnut creek, 72 san leandro with the richmond at 74 in a pure the
5:47 am
north bay we're looking at the at 68 81 fairfield 82 per vacaville any arc of 82 that will be a delayed right now because you're not really gog to be taking off until we get into saturday and sunday 78 for sonoma. now that 7781% a rose with lower 60's for the north bay coast, mid 70's, heading down south a long one. in your 70 forecast again here comes that front and little hiccup there for your friday. then we start warming up and quickly we do saturday in the 80's but boy already in the lower 90's by sunday we continue to warm from there. monday into tuesday. mid-nineties you know put that corridor that goes off the east in contra costa county, particularly up the solano county expect the middle 90's as money in the bank and that will be as late as wednesday. by that point on thursday will probably break the back of the heat spike from the standpoint of the far east bay locations over in central alley, it's still going to be roasting until next weekend. robin check a bay area bridges and roads how
5:48 am
we do it and looks like the drivers are behaving so far dave it's a smooth commute into san francisco. it's been clear so far through the maze the east shore 5.80 the nimitz across the upper deck. >>and over to the skyway even want to wanted to 80 are looking good so come on in for now you don't have any interruptions are problems to worry about into san francisco that speak it's a more bridges around the bay area we have the richmond sandra fell which is calm and quiet and easy commute to the north bay just under 10 minutes for your drive time off to highway one o one and what i want to cross the golden gates movin out the limit no problems into or out of san francisco. >>now to some breaking news that we're following for you this morning, the naval air station in corpus christi texas says an active shooter on the base has been neutralized the base was placed on lockdown about an hour ago. >>that about 10 minutes ago the base posted on facebook that the shooter was neutralized and local law enforcement was there on scene that's a developing story. no other details right now about
5:49 am
this incident have been released, but we will keep you updated. >>more news this morning with more and more businesses reopening across the country. many people are wondering what their office might look like when they return clare sebastian takes a look at how officers like the sales force tower in san francisco are preparing to protect workers. >>this from the movie office space is what this is the student like confined spaces moment contact. over the past few decades they've evolved to this open plan social hubs like the sales force tower in san francisco we look to come together we love to collaborate left at least a face needs new love to the offices where sales force has spent the last 8 weeks turning those principles on the head. >>inspired by this model from real estate firm cushman wakefield dubs the 6 feet office. it's not exactly a return to cubicles eerie similarities entity, sequestered fighters between work stations on the open
5:50 am
floor plans and then even meeting rooms full happy capacity sites because they are not able to hold as many people as before it's really about. >>he people visual cues now remember about the physical distancing plans still being finalized but mosques will and a tree. >>shifts will be stag it's temperatures checked and of 8 is in the company's many towers socially-distanced across the corporate world high rise office is present the particular challenge with changing technology to be able to use youtube to go touches into the elevators. >>scott wrecked lebron's rxr realty the 4th largest office and wrote in manhattan. >>he is reevaluating every detail of his buildings. >>all the systems have been changed so that they had filters the highest grade filters that cookbook that the small particles where possible. we are changing. locations like for penn trees and and printers that usually earn corps were get congested
5:51 am
to more open spaces and technology also critical to his plan. we'll have an app that for the income the work they'll be able to actually look to see what the health index of the building is you go into your space is going to be a 2 under at that she will monitor your social distancing at the end of the day you'll be able to see that i was 8.70% 75%. >>the missile that changed there's one part of this new office reality it's already here and that's a working from have many companies planning to start to shift others that aliso can work from home. >>they can keep going twitter has even told its employees if they want to they can work from her forever. it's clear this wild weather virus. it's still a threat, the ultimate trick to keeping officers safe. is having fewer people in them. plus the best in cnn, new york. >>kron four's happy to be saluting the class of 2020 and this morning we want to congratulate daniel kerr eddie
5:52 am
daniels graduating from doherty valley high school in san ramon, he plans on attending you see santa cruz in the fall go you banana slugs he can let us know about a graduate in your life just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grants 2020 end of the news tab and then upload a picture of your graduate. let us know the high school the graduate attended and what's next in store for them,
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>i welcome back during this public health crisis kron
5:55 am
four's been honoring people doing great things in their communities. >>yeah this morning want to highlight a bay area veteran who helped deliver face shields to a palo alto health care facility, he's former marine officer michael mcnally along with volunteers from the nonprofit based in menlo park. well together they donated the final batch of face shields the va hospital in palo alto now in the last 45 days 260 bay area, residents, businesses and nonprofits all came together to designed by and make more than 30,000 face shields very nice shout out to michael and all the volunteers out there we see you we recognize you we appreciate you. >>and remember you can spotlight when making a difference in your community we have a special section on our website called kron 4 hero. so you go to our side you fill out a quick form let us know about your hero you can find that page on kron 4 dot com. >>and we're looking at a weather situation of warming temperatures right now a live shot coming in from the golden gate bridge you can see the
5:56 am
beautiful sunrise over a off to the distance there, but he's going on with the leftover fog that will be improving probably from this point onward bay area temperatures middle 50's across most of the region upper 40's going on up there north 49 for redwood city 52 for san jose, let's break it down pretty all that's a nice shot there the bay bridge toll plaza. we're at 60 at 9 by high noon 72, temperatures behaving themselves for today. and tomorrow with that front nearby we do a quick flip on the weekend. it's going require totally different wardrobe as we go forward to the holiday weekend. more on that coming up in just a bit back to you. >>sounds good dave, thanks. a lot coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:04am morning news. you see says that campuses will be open in the fall, we'll find out how they plan to make sure the orders will be obeyed. parents students and teachers were all thrown in the distance learning as the pandemic took over and many of them were not prepared technologically. we'll find out how officials are pushing to close the online tech and learning
5:57 am
again. and a deadly officer-involved shooting is under under investigation this morning in the east bay, we'll tell you what we know so we're all doing our part by staying at home.
5:58 am
that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
5:59 am
>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us early on a thursday morning may 20th i'm robin wins, good
6:00 am
morning. everybody, i'm marty gonzales will get right to our top story, happening today, we could be learning more about what schools will look like when students return to the classroom, this fall, education leaders from all across the state are expected to lay out a blueprint for what the new normal in classrooms will look like kron four's jonathan mccall takes a closer look. it's now been 10 weeks since california classrooms were forced to close because of covid-19 concerns. >>as the current school year comes to an end leaders are now focused on what happens in the fall and the new lessons on social distancing that will greet students parents and educators lots of personal protective equipment to have to be masked. >>and hand sanitizers and the ability for hand washing and other resources for our schools, wednesday state superintendent tony thurmond said that access to ppe will be required for schools to reopen. >>he also emphasized that districts will make their own decisions on when and how to reopen the things that we've


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