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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 21, 2020 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, it's thursday may 21st i'm robin winston. we start with developing news out of the east bay hayward police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that turned deadly. police were performing a traffic stop in the area of wildwood and kelly streets when it happened kron 4 s taylor bisacky has details. >>texted me and said the police are out front i heard shots. i said how many and he said about 12 shots told. and then he and i called him and he told me it was a series of 8 shots with a brief pause and
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for more. this is what he said neighbor nicholas jerry says shots rang out in his hayward neighborhood wednesday afternoon. hayward police say it was an officer-involved shooting that left one man in his 20's dead. >>police say the man was a suspect in another case, and they were performing a traffic stop in the area of wildwood in kelly streets and they fired their out was a man being sought in the shooting death. during the contact officers discharged his service weapon at this point we're still investigating to determine what led to that now police say the man died on scene. >>neighbors say they also saw police focusing their efforts on a home known for causing trouble. >>in the neighborhood wasn't i had a lot of incidents with that house officers have been. bent over their lot in including mine because they tend to try to run from there into my yard and escaped police still haven't released
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any more information about the man who died and per protocol they place the officers involved in the shooting on paid administrative leave if you have any information about this incident asking that you contact the police department in hayward taylor sackey kron 4 news. >>this morning. we're also covering the latest bay area coronavirus cases and deaths there is now more than 11,000 confirmed cases. take a look at your screen right now we have the numbers in cases and deaths the broken down by county. alameda now has the most cases with over 2500 and sections of 88 deaths. we're also seeing more than 2000 cases in santa clara and san francisco counties altogether there are more than 400 deaths you can find the numbers broken down by county and city on our web site any time and that's a kron 4 dot com. well 2 more people have died from the covid-19 at the windsor vallejo care center bringing the total deaths there to 13 people so far 99 residents and 33 staff members there have
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tested positive now this is video from protesters yesterday just outside of the nursing home. they're demanding that the facility shut down in april inspection by the department of health and human services found 23 helped citations right there that care center and gave it a rating of much below average. the state has said since an infection control strike team to access for. >>exposures and also monitor the outbreak. >>well a san francisco man is back home with his family after 2 months in the hospital battling covid-19 and the emotional reunion was caught on camera kron four's michelle kingston reports. >>the moment on tenneco has been waiting for for 2 months. >>there must have been no less than a 100 people in this hall ways as i walked through with signs clapping cheering, i mean it was. >>it was unbelievable.
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>>seeing his family after winning his fight against covid-19 a battle that started in mid-march after returning home to san francisco from a trip to europe, he was coughing had a fever in tested positive for coronavirus the 69 year-old was on a ventilator for 40 days when i just spoke with them a nurse that you know this and she said that. it is now in the ventilator that was we did this we did that we did this week that we were down to our last. our last option. and you came through temp go is now home quarantining in his room for the next 2 weeks. >>he's still testing positive in working with the physical therapist to regain his strength was legs. we're like 2 trunks of the biggest sequoia trees. >>but you can imagine i never thought it would wind up like this never last. >>temps go as prostate cancer, but says he's a pretty active guy who loves to walk and play
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golf. he's resting for now, but has big plans when he recovers i call in 6 months is to a u.s. get back and wins money on the golf course he thinks the medical team at ucsf for saving his life. among wife number 2. >>there's no question if i was in another hospital, i would not be alive today. and i owe it to them. >>in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>the santa clara county is now increasing testing for the coronavirus in fact they're now offering free testing to all residents people can get tested at the police athletic league stadium that's an east san jose officials say that they chose this location because about 40% of the current covid-19 cases in santa clara county have been found in east san jose but only about 20% of testing has actually been done there. officials say that they want to ramp up testing in this location to get a better picture of how this virus is spreading. >>this is where so many of our residents are working every
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day in essential industries. providing the food that is sustaining our community in kitchens, either frontline healthcare workers, they're doing all that they possibly can to put food on the table for their families and sustain our community and as a result they are at greater risk and so we need to ensure there's more testing here to say to ensure that we are doing right by our entire community. >>well in order to be tested you must be 18 years old or older sign a health authorization form if you want more details on how you can make an appointment just head to our website. we have a link there for you just go to kron 4 dot com. well help is on the way for small businesses in the city of antioch the city council is working on an economic stimulus package to support local stores hammered by the pandemic mayor shawn wright says the city is brainstorming a few ideas as can the county work through face 2 of the reopening of the community. he says that the city has up to $400,000 in
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reserves already included in that budget was designated for its re branding campaign right also says that that money could be used to reduce or eliminate license fees for the city's more than 300 small businesses. >>they're running just like you know people going paycheck to paycheck there one month to month. revenue house to pay the bills and when you go 2 months without revenue how do you get that through that process. >>well the city council will discuss the stimulus package at its next meeting that's what happened on tuesday, then hopes to have a plan to vote on within the next 3 weeks so we'll keep you posted. well happening today, education leaders all across california can lay out a blueprint for what could be required in classroom when students go back to kron four's jonathan mccall takes a look at what could be included. >>it's now been 10 weeks since california classrooms were forced to close because of covid-19 concerns as the current school year comes to an end leaders are now focused on what happens in the fall
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and the new lessons on social distancing that will greet students parents and educators lots of personal protective equipment to have to be masked. >>and hand sanitizers and the ability for hand washing and other resources for our schools, wednesday state superintendent tony thurmond said that access to ppe will be required for schools to reopen. >>he also emphasized that districts will make their own decisions on when and how to reopen the things that we've heard include that many schools are likely have smaller class sizes in order to accommodate the need for 6 feet of space between our students in their classes, hallways. >>and in common spaces. >>that could also include hybrid learning with some students in class while others learned from home. answers in guidance could come thursday during a virtual meeting with state education officials and leaders from california is 1000 school districts numbers from the school reopening task force or expected this year the early findings john sasaki
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with oakland unified schools will be watching we imagine this is going to fall, you know pp for everybody's can imagine a physical distancing for everybody is going involve extra cleaning disinfecting during the course of any school day. >>so you know we really want to know what that's going to look like some that the state perspective. psaki says the district is working on a plan of its own but is looking for leaders to step up to provide more guidance. so lucky says with $35 million cut from the budget because of covid-19 on top of the $20 million cut in the spring. >>he questions just how effective schools can be practicing safety on a shoestring budget but the federal government needs to step up if they want this economy to return to normal in any way shape or form they need our schools to do the same and arts do that we need a lot more money. >>in san francisco jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>the principal of an elementary school and moran counties ross valley school district email parents preparing them for what a
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return to school in august could look like while nothing has been decided just yet. there are 2 scenarios that could transpires so one would be distance-learning instruction similar to what people are doing now for part or all of next school year another option would be a hybrid model with some distance learning and some in person instruction. the district believes that for now and you know maybe as for as long as the pandemic continues schools will not resemble what it did before the pandemic well that's for sure the university of california says the campuses will be opening in the fall. the use the president said that every campus will be open and offering instruction this fall despite the covid-19 pandemic that is currently shut down most campus activity all across the state. now it's unclear how much instruction will be done in person versus how much will be done online. the president says that she anticipates that most campuses will operate and what she calls a hybrid mode. that means you know some in person. schooling and then some remote
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teaching as well. well our coverage of the coronavirus continues on our website kron 4 dot com you'll find the latest on the outbreaks in the bay area. there's an easy to follow interactive map that's been set up for you and lots of information on ways that you can stay safe. you can find all of this and more on our website kron 4 dot com. well coming up next on the kron 4 morning news in north bay county wants permission to reopen restaurants, pubs and wineries. >>how city officials are reaching out. and nfl players are preparing to return to their playing cities but there are still a lot of questions to be answered what 49 ers running back raheem mostert and his wife are worried about. and also after the break the president is threatening to withhold funds from states tour making it easy to mail in their ballots will have an update coming up in just a bit how about a little bit outside san mateo bridge where traffic is crowded as usual. so leave a little early here on westbound 92, but no problems to the peninsula.
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some or all it's going to feel very much like that good morning robin good morning, everybody. we saw some of the traditional morning fog going off at just a little bit of it it's not too intense. there's the shot of alcatraz we can see in the foreground behind at san francisco yesterday was kind of covered up a bit and the bay bridge off to the left-hand side jumping over the golden gate over that morning, the ladies were negotiating through but nothing too major here. speaking of this here's what to the models tell us this morning. it actually will intensify a little bit more so over the next couple of hours before as a son joins us that will start to mix out maybe a little problem area down around half moon bay. but we're really setting up for a sultry weekend coming our way there's a look at the area temperatures here for you mid to upper 50's across most of the real estate. now that's coming in at 4849 santa rosa 53 san jose and 58 there up to any aac and a comparison of where we stood 24 hours ago we had a little bit more thicker fog you may recall yesterday little cooler this morning that we saw yesterday sepp
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santa rosa and about over just by a few degrees difference with all of that. shares were talking about today, mostly sunny mild has rocketed to use that we're going into the weekend 70's for the bay a few 80's happening inland, okay moral weekend, however, sunny and turning hot coastal temperatures getting into the lower 70's 80's cover that they we may even brush by some 90's too. and some places like a word by monday. 90's going on inland and at that we may even see the middle to even upper 90's as we approach into tuesday, potentially. next week. wednesday, some slight coastal cooling you can see it chipping away a little bit along the coast and then spreading out over the bay come thursday to be slow going though inland but we'll see some 80's back as we get to thursday into friday of next week central valley will be hot pretty much all next week ahead, we're looking at 67 little bit breezy conditions for san francisco 72 for oakland 77 meanwhile for san
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jose. coming your temperatures for today got the red starting to encroach a little bit here lower 80's up there to can concord a cool 68 for the late show with lower 70's going on east bay shoreline, 67 for san francisco, san jose you're checking in at 77 for today. coming up a little bit here will have a course that 4 zone forecast and not as dramatic as what we're going to see coming up in terms of the temperature to coupling here bigger bigger decoupling happening tomorrow and the weekend. and also take a look at that extended forecast for those roasting temperatures coming our way coming your way right now undergo a bay area bridges and roadways profit full sun and it's picking up quickly we're checking in on some of our bridges checkout 92 were just talking about how busy it is every day you'll notice we have more more traffic. >>more more folks returning to work so it's not a bad commute, but it's definitely crowd in a little bit under the limit here to expect that only on the flat section just west of the toll plaza overall it's a nice trip heading into foster city and send details
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still under 30 minutes for your drive time all right, here's the bay bridge 80 west also a popular bridge during the morning drive. we're looking good here to smooth on the upper deck clear on the skyway i don't see any problems on the central freeway to 80 are one on one so so far we're checking in trouble free will pick its more bridges coming up a little bit later. the covid-19 pandemic has some americans concerned about standing in line to vote this november. that's why some states are taking steps to make it easier to vote by mail. president trump isn't pleased. john lawrence reports. >>president trump once again blasting the vote by mail process. >>there's a lot of illegality they send in ballot said there. they harvest balance you know about harvesting and they do lots of bad things all eligible voters in michigan which is in the middle of a flooding emergency who will be sent in absentee ballot application for the 2020 election. the president took to twitter wednesday threatening to hold up funding to michigan. if they want to go down this voter fraud path.
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>>we are take politics out of this crisis moment and remember we're all americans owned by mail system is secure. >>they are fined by or signature so really as we know the data shows butterflies and contests mall, another swing state president trump lashed at his nevada. also hinting that he may hold up farms as station can't be going down that path because it's a very dangerous path to go down states have a legal right to make electoral changes. >>and republicans have repeatedly been against federal intervention into elections. president trump cast a ballot by mail earlier this year with regard to the president doing a male and vote on the president is after all the president which means he's here in washington. he's unable to cast his vote down in florida, his residence state of residence, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>there's a lot of finger pointing between the white house and the centers for disease control and prevention over who botched the handling of coronavirus testing a senior administration official said that there are now informal conversations about
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doctor robert redfield future as head of the cdc. >>another source said that redfield who privately dismissed concerns about his job security last week. it's now worry that he may have a target on his back after a top white house official took the infighting public. >>early on in this crisis. the cdc which which really had the most trusted brand around the world. in this space. really what let the country with with the testing next it set us back. >>well the question mark over redfield comes as the cdc released 60 pages of detailed reopening guidelines without a word from the white house. it's a common virus is putting a spotlight on inequality as many americans under the stay at home orders. they rely on the internet and you know for working for school another services, some communities are at a disadvantage washington dc correspondent joe khaleel reports. >>the pandemic is forcing
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americans to move online for work school even doctors visits but many people don't have the reliable internet service that requires all buses are actually running down. >>in kern county my district. but not to the students. but the mobile hotspots that some of the ball tj cox as students and families in his rural california district have been neglected on investment in broadband internet. >>electricity. absolutely necessary house democrats included 5 and a half billion dollars for broadband investment in the heroes act. >>now on the package is unlikely to pass the senate building broadband infrastructure does have wide bipartisan support well, it's just it's really important for telemedicine telehealth as well as education republican doug lamalfa supports a major broadband improvement for his rural northern california district. he says even new farming techniques rely on internet service protection act.
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>>that's what it comes from and so it's important that have there so there's a positive test for the people we have a big girl digital opportunity fund coming up a jeep, i chairman of the federal communications commission says his agency is putting billion toward connecting millions of rural homes and businesses to high speed internet. yes spectrum is there for wireless carriers to extend the reach the pie says the fcc's efforts will be spread out over the next 10 years in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a high-profile child molester suspect in the east bay could get out of jail, even though authorities warn that he poses a serious safety risk to the public. and before we go a little peek outside at the golden gate bridge traffic looks good. no problems into or out of san francisco will be right back.
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welcome back everyone to the east bay, a suspected child molester could get out of jail soon. >>well lead hamzy is asking for a bail reduction because of concerns over the coronavirus the 60 year-old is accused of multiple child molestation crimes, including continuous abuse of lewd acts upon a child and he will be in court tomorrow seeking a bail reduction is currently being held without bail at the santa rita jail in dublin after being arrested and charged with child abuse back in 2019 authorities say it ham the israelis the community should be concerned.
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>>this person is a prolific serial child molester oh i don't know how much more dangerous an individual you could have released into the community. >>will hams he is a dublin resident and if released he would likely be placed on home confinement in close proximity to several neighborhood parks and schools. well developing news that we're following for you this morning out of the north bay we're working on getting more details on a 2 alarm house fire in sandra fell take a look at the map here it happened last night it was along 5th avenue near california avenue no other details no word on how that fire started or even if there was anyone inside but we'll keep you posted as we receive more info well another fire in the south bay under investigation, this broke out at an abandoned strip mall in san jose now this was the scene yesterday right on bascom avenue in southwest expressway. luckily, no one was hurt and no word yet on what sparked the flames. well still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news from the virus is not the only major
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health risk and the south bay right now we'll tell you about the recent rise in sentinel use in santa clara county. >>and a peek at the bay bridge. the drive to san francisco looks good so far the weather looks pretty gets to go into warming up today and as we head into the weekend self to pretty nice temperatures on i welcome back everyone
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sonoma county wants permission
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to reopen its restaurants, beer pubs and wineries. >>and its health offices, making that plea to the state enforcer in kelly got reaction from downtown petaluma. >>so this means it's possible that restaurants wineries and breweries could open up their patios to customers as soon as this weekend and that's a big deal for those operating here in downtown petaluma where it's been a ghost town. even though retail stores are now open to curbside pickup. the city says they're now reaching out to local restaurants to see how they can make things easier for restaurants that don't already have outdoor seating the way. >>allow for expand expand outdoor dining whether in the public right away like sidewalks or. some open areas that we haven't had a little laugh. or intentionally even in and some parking spaces there are. there are that you can actually serve install a small that. and


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