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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 12, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>when prime time. news station you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>hoping that process is running quickly. but clearly like i say it. we have to have
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it verified by the alameda county health care professionals. >>and now at night as we speak alameda county health officials are reviewing a site plan tesla submitted they would allow it to officially reopen its production plant in fremont thanks for joining us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis tesla ceo elon musk. >>already restarted production at the facility on monday against county orders. today production continued and now the president is chiming in to allow tesla to stay open kron four's taylor bisacky reports. >>production at tesla's plant in fremont continued tuesday after the alameda county health department ordered the car giant to shut down its operations president trump got involved on tuesday tweeting quote california should let tesla and elon musk open the plant now it can be done fast and safely. soon after tesla ceo elon musk responded thanking the president i guess it was from doctor fauci i
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would probably pay attention a little bit more than. >>somebody told us a drink disinfectant alameda county supervisor scott haggerty who helped bring tesla to fremont reacted to the tweet on tuesday he's been in conversations with the county the last few weeks to get tesla reopened will also following the health department's orders. he says the original plan was to get the facility reopens next week to stop before that date was certainly unfortunate. >>i'm doctor bond has been transparent that may 18th was the date she would like to see major employer open up again since march 23rd, the county deemed the fremont plant non essential. >>and while tesla continues to defy local orders haggerty believes tesla's plans submitted late monday night will be approved soon can speak specifically to the site plan that was turned in late last night what i can say is that the dialogue that i was involved there. going very well. some early plans that
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i'd seen they looked really good others are also hopeful, i do think the tesla does have the means and the to run a plant safely. >>i think they can do that but this plan does have to be verified by the alameda county health professionals however, fremont city council member the bacon or just has led to be patient with the process think safety must come first. so i think that you know the tesla does need to and you know take direction from alameda county more than 10,000 of tesla's factory workers continue to show up for work. >>the alameda county health department says they're addressing this issue and hope that tesla will comply without further enforcement measures in the meantime they're reviewing the company's site plan. and so they will issue an update as soon as they have won. taylor bisacky reported kron 4 news, the alameda is one of 6 perry a county still in phase. one of reopening the economy. >>many parts of the state are in phase 2 and today governor
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newsome is expanding which businesses can open back up kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the changes. >>state leaders announced indoor and outdoor malls can reopen for curbside pickup and office work can resume under new guidelines released tuesday washes and pet grooming facilities can also reopen the governor says a healthy workforce is key is california gradually restart its economy. i think there's a deep desire for people to come back to work not everybody is going to come back right away, but some counties are prepared to come back at a faster pace than the state health officials announced tuesday view and el dorado counties are the first to approve to go further in the california space too. both counties met testing and contact tracing criteria set by the state. >>along with mandates requiring no deaths and no more than one confirmed covid-19 cases per 10,000 people within the last 2 weeks the counties are now allowed to open dine-in restaurants and in-store shopping with
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modifications along with outdoor museums and schools, the guidelines we put out today. >>are not static that recognize that we're going to hear from folks saying well what about this circumstance that you never and we by definition want to be considerate the state guidelines say these county still cannot open gyms personal care salons and parlors or resume religious services or weddings in person the governor anticipates more counties could soon be added to the list of those allowed to go further than the state. >>in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news, okay model is increasing its projected death toll from the coronavirus a here in the united states. >>the institute for health metrics and evaluation at the university of washington is now projecting 147,000 deaths my early august that's 10,000 more people than the model estimated over the weekend. the institute says the reasons behind the latest increase vary from state to state but it's pointing toward some common factors like a changes
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in testing and reopenings the university of washington model has often been cited by the white house. the new estimate is also projecting thousands more deaths in north carolina, new york and massachusetts the death toll estimates for georgia and indiana have been revised downward. >>as we wait for covid-19 deaths in case is the kind of level off before restaurants actually reopen. we now know what that reopening will look like new state guidelines for dining in were announced today mostly focusing on physical distancing and sanitation they include using disposable menus eliminating shared condiments 7 customers wait in their cars if there's a line and no more preset tables while the changes are designed to allow restaurants to welcome back customers once counties give the green light kron four's dan kerman spoke to one san francisco restaurant owner, who says the changes could actually make it harder to stay in business. takeout delivery become the key
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buzzwords of restaurants across the bay area. >>now that shelter-in-place orders prevent customers from sitting down inside. but tuesday. the governor released a set of guidelines eateries will have to follow should counties decide to ease restrictions. >>not to come out and provides no real concrete guidelines it just creates more uncertainty and that is not what when he's right now. >>mourad lalu on san francisco's move rotten disease or restaurants. he says removing tables to allow for 6 feet of physical distancing among customers is doable but virtually impossible for cooks in the kitchen is possible to expect a kiss and that is. >>you know 10 feet by 10 feet with with for cooks to be able to operate and cook the foods that is necessary for them to survive into circumstances, the answer is not is not ultimately though he worries even with the guidelines there may not be enough customers who feel comfortable enough to come in and enjoy a meal until there's a vaccine for
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covid-19. >>so when you sit and youe don't even think about it that's called lake socializing that schools going out and enjoy yourself. >>but if you have to think about everybody coffee nor everybody sneezing around you whether they have the flu or they just got something stuck in their throat and you can get paranoid there's no enjoyment is no says that's not a slice of that just like been paranoid and freaking out about every single little thing i think that's the bigger is just a psychologically she as well. >>a vaccine is said to be 12 to 18 months away and most restaurants can sustain themselves and delivery and take out a loan that's why loveland believes there must be somn financial assistance for restaurants. >>i don't know of any restaurant that operates. time margins that they can afford to lose most of their revenue as so keep and the same brand keep and the same insurance premiums, keep him and his family tells the bills. the same minimum wage and at the end of the day come out of it ok. >>of course the concept of dine in restaurants is the
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second part of phase 2 in the 6th area counties, including san francisco aren't even in the first part of phase 2 san francisco's indicated that could happen as early as may 18th and that depends on the number of hospitalizations related to covid-19. in san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>new poll says californians are not ready for things to go back to normal just yet the poll is from our parent company next our media group and emerson college. more california and said they'd rather go to a restaurant then a gym to work out, but nevertheless nearly 65% of people who responded say right now they'd be uncomfortable dining in a restaurant, we also asked california's how they feel about several issues including how excited people are to support president trump and who people think should be joe biden's running mate for vice president you can find all the results on our website kron 4 dot com. >>the stay at home orders for los angeles county will be extended through july the la county public health director making that move today because
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of the rising number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the county. there are some initial confusion over what extending the order actually means so la mayor eric garcetti had to clarify that it simply means to the restrictions will not be 100% lifted by the end of july. there are more than 67, confirmed cases in la county with more than 2700 deaths. we're learning more about plans for the fall semester in california universities, the cal state system has announced that its 23 universities will mostly offer online courses. there will be some exceptions for students who need to be on campus. the 4 bay area campuses affected our san francisco state sonoma san jose and cal state east bay in hayward. >>tonight a bay area social media giant is giving employees the option to work from home forever. >>but some business leaders and city officials are voicing their concerns over what that could mean for the local economy. our chris has he made
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union has details. >>san francisco, bay's twitter was one of the first companies to adjust their business operation with employees working from hold in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic that adjustment just became a permanent option for twitter employees, the ceo of the social media company jack dorsey is now allowing twitter employees who would like to continue working from home, the ability to do so indefinitely. yes certainly the covid-19 pandemic obviously force us all to shelter in place to leave our our physical workplaces and it's going to have certainly shorter events already seeing and you know likely longer term effects like those we're seeing with the announcement from twitter roof is jeffrey's is the spokesperson for the bay area council a business sponsored public policy advocacy group he talks about some of the possible implications for downtown sf that could follow twitter's decision many a local businesses that rely on one of
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those workers a work in those areas. >>the whether they're going to live and not only is that there's real potential downsize for many of those kind of businesses but the tax revenue that that that the law says the workers and that the u.s. from russell's bases generate san francisco supervisor assess out by voices his concerns with twitter's talk of a forever work from there was a significant amount of money given to these businesses to locate in this. >>in this location. we gave a lot of flexibility in terms of allowing them to have internal cafeterias and a tax break on their payroll. and then them to them ultimately to decide they would then go uh telecommute. without waiting for there to be a final decision on how the economy will evolve. i think is is the wrong direction to go according to this twitter blot employees who want to return to the business office will find it warm and welcoming with some additional precautions with the company
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feels it is safe to return. >>has it made you kron 4 news. >>ifill if that occurs. it is a real risk. you will trigger an outbreak. you may not be able to control. >>real talk today from doctor anthony fauci who along with other experts told senators that their states could face serious consequences if they reopen their economies to quickly tom doctors say the pandemic is far from over kaitlan collins has more now on the battle between the physicians and the politicians. >>as the president pushes for the nation to reopen one of his top health experts had a dire warning about doing so too soon if you got adequate response. we will have to deleterious consequence of more infections and more deaths doctor anthony fauci was one of 4 top health experts who testified virtually before a senate committee today where he and others were pressed on whether the country is ready to reopen it's important to emphasize
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that we're not out of the witcher. >>that'll contends we months, but we are more prepared. >>more than 80,000 people in the united states have died from coronavirus well the president has privately question whether that number is inflated doctor fauci said it's likely higher i don't know exactly what the entire. >>but almost certainly is higher. one day after trump claimed the u.s. had prevailed on testing. democrats and one republican on the committee pushed back this administration has had a record of giving us broken promises that more testing supplies are coming and they don't i find are testing record nothing to celebrate whatsoever trump's testing court date or said the administration hopes to have significantly ramped it up by september. >>we project that our nation will be capable of performing at least 40 to 50 million taps for months. >>if needed at that time last week the president told reporters that the coronavirus might go away without a vaccine. but doctor fauci
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testified today that that won't happen that is just not going to happen because it's such a highly transmissible virus. trump is often contradicted his own officials in public. though all tonight having a tense relationship with him when asked today there's certainly not a confrontational relationship between me and the president were there to give our best public health advice. >>and that's what we do have not had relationship with the president we have a very productive working relationship with each other and also a with the president vice president at one point fell. she did clash with senator rand paul when the president's allies who recovered from coronavirus earlier this year as much as i respect to doctor fauci. >>i don't think you're the end all i don't think you're the one person against to make a decision of a scientist a physician, a public health official i give advice according to the best scientific evidence at the white house of president trump remain behind closed doors today after one of his top aides tested positive.
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>>vice president mike pence who showed up to work in a mask will now distance himself from the president for the next few days and the vice president has made that choice and to keep his distance for a few days. >>that was kaitlan collins reporting fauci also told senators not to expect to vaccine or a widely available treatment for covid-19 by this fall. developing news tonight police in san francisco are investigating a shooting it happened just after 3.15 this afternoon. at the intersection of jewels and ocean avenues that's right near a valero gas station at a target store in the angle side area. when officers showed up they found one victim had been shot that person was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police are still at the scene investigating tonight. it's not clear. if there is any suspect info or what led up to the shooting. we'll bring you more info as soon as it comes into the newsroom. now switching gears as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast taking a live look outside the water
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glistening along san francisco's embarcadero for 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining now with a look ahead at the rest of the week 100%. >>i there yet it's great to see some scattered showers icons in the next 7 day forecast. we did have that danger possible fire weather concerns as far as wildfires go. but this rain much needed especially after our dismal drought conditions really got about half the rain that we should have gotten during this wet season. but first let's take a look outside downtown san francisco city hall lit up in gold to honor frontline workers this evening. so big shout out to them on this tuesday night may 12 friendly reminder bay area and stormtracker 4 tracking dry and clear conditions out there right now future cast for is going to show that drying trend continuing even through tonight, but changes by wednesday morning around mid morning, going to see some light scattered showers off the coast making its way inland to your wednesday afternoon but then drying out by later wednesday night so it
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is going to be light scattered hit or miss showers and then by wednesday night into thursday we're going to continue with that drying trend but rain totals, not looking too impressive about a quarter of an inch of rain or less of the highest amounts for those of you in santa rosa. everyone else murray just getting traces amount of rain so the highest rain totals will be along the bay area coastline. thanks to those showers coming out of the pacific path and bay getting upwards of a 10th of an inch of rain and temperatures out there right now mid to upper 50's for most of the bay area and overnight lows cooling down into the upper 40's to low 50's for tonight. tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to today so we're going to remain near average along the coast and along the bay with widespread mid 60's, but upper 60's and low 70's as you make your way inland so we're going to be about 5 degrees below average for most of our interior valleys because you should be in the mid 70's for this time of year. but i am tracking a second. late season spring storm set to arrive as early as saturday night through
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monday rate about half an inch of rain to the north bay but for the rest of the bay area about a quarter of an inch of rain or less which widespread light showers on monday becoming spotty and scattered in nature by monday. it will be dry out completely on tuesday, so nice to see some much needed rain making its way back into the bay area after tomorrow. thank you grant vicki alright san francisco company is helping hundreds of thousands of families. >>across the state including here in the bay area with a valuable tool in the coronavirus fight our first jonathan mccall explains what they were given today. >>it was back to school tuesday for students in pittsburgh. for the first time in months they return to campus but only to pick up the items left behind in their classrooms. but they do drive away with more than just pens and paper 2000 families also took home digital thermometers. district officials say the small devices will provide a big boost for families in the coronavirus fight these are really amazing thermometers they provide helpful tips.
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>>for our families and there's an app can next to the phone. >>to provide tons of information back to the families of these 2000 thermometers are just a fraction of the 400,000 being donated to school districts across the golden state. >>for free. all courtesy of san francisco based in to help the thermometer is especially in these very challenging called the times and allowed a family to track. the temperature of their family members in that household, so if they you start to notice a. >>spike in a in their temperatures. you can react quickly school lucy bigger thankful to finally get their hands on these hard to come by items anyone who's been out trying to get a thermometer. >>had drugstore will know that it's very very challenging to get so this is a huge benefit for our community told them a call for a cause for tonight we know some california families with students eligible for free or reduced school lunches make it more state funding. it's part of the pandemic emergency
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benefits transfer program, it's announced by governor newsome eligible families will get a one-time payment of up to $365 for each child. payments will be uploaded on to debit cards that should arrive in the mail any between tomorrow and may 22nd. the cards can only be used to buy food they are accepted at most grocery stores, including walmart and online amazon for more information on how you can apply visit our website at kron 4 dot com. >>today house speaker nancy pelosi unveiled the trillion economic stimulus proposal. the latest one it's called the heroes act and it would include hazard pay for essential workers in a new round of cash payments to regular people but senate republicans are already calling that bill dead on arrival karin caifa has the latest now from washington. >>what nancy pelosi is proposing will never pass the senate a warning from senate republicans to house democrats on their next proposed
9:22 pm
coronavirus stimulus bill. >>the price tag more than trillion making it the largest relief package in history. it's got so much. >>unrelated the coronavirus it is dead on arrival here house speaker nancy pelosi jab back saying time is of the essence of the families who are suffering know. >>that hunger doesn't take a pause the rent doesn't take a pause the bills don't take a pause. >>the hardship of losing a job or tragically losing a loved one doesn't take a pause now facing an outbreak in the white house vice president pence is distancing himself from president trump and vice president has made that choice and to keep his distance for a few days and i would just know that that's his personal. >>decision to make that across the country in the nation's largest county los angeles, stay at home orders are expected to be extended through july with a gradual easing of restrictions are hopeful, we says that. >>we're able by using that data to be able to lift restrictions. slowly over the next 3 months in washington
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karen caifa kron 4 news coming up with something expected moms are pretty concerned about coronavirus and their pregnancies that questions ucsf researchers hope to answer by studying 10,000 women from all over the country. >>it's not just rattlesnakes the hikers on a popular local trailer being warned about mountain lions. >>and high and home sales in the bay area are picking up during the pandemic will
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>>for your money tonight zillow is reporting a resurgence in listings for higher end homes here in the bay area economists say they are seeing a similar trend that is despite an overall drop in all homeless takes during the pandemic her first political reports that it appears sellers are getting more confident as more buyers are interested in making a move. >>zillow economist skyler olson says the nation is seeing more high end homes listed on the market than any other kind possibly a sign sellers believe more buyers are looking to make a purchase. olson says new listings are still down 39% overall from last year a dramatic drop its celebrated by the novel coronavirus pandemic but overall new listings have been rising for 3 straight weeks and higher end homes appear to be outperforming what's considered more affordable our national forecast has a steady recovery projected into the future of roughly 10% growth
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in the number of sales every month which would put us back to february numbers which honestly we're looking. >>very a much better than in previous years old at the emory numbers around mid and of 2021 zillow an online real estate database company defines high end in the san francisco metro area has million and above in the san jose metro area, the threshold for higher end homes as million. last week in san francisco, there was a 12.4% increase in high end home listings and the 13.3% increase in more affordable listings during that same time period in the south bay. there was a 76.7% increase in expensive listings compared to a 25.1% increase in more affordable homes from frustrated shopping seasons with low low inventory. there
9:28 pm
are probably an not buyers reaching major life stages of home ownership people who come to at least look this all son says despite the paralyzing effects on the housing market caused by the pandemic home prices have stayed mostly steady, though she expects home values may fall some 3% nationally by october. >>felipe told kron >>it sound as the coronavirus in fact pregnant women say we should know if you're expecting a baby. plus a different way to celebrate high school graduation how san mateo county is modifying its shelter-in-place order for it a vehicle based get. results in from georgia state investigators they revealed new motorcycle riders love the open road. and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, so to help even more, geico is giving new and current customers a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies with the geico giveback.
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and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead.
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>>new newly released autopsy results show ahmaudarbery was shot 3 times once in the hand and twice in the chest. there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system. this news comes as the justice department is determining whether the fatal shooting of arbery should be charged as a federal hate crime. little seem to take place for more than 2 months right after that incident. but that changed after a video came to light the man who recorded our bree said death is now speaking out john lawrence reports. >>the investigation into amman arbery's shooting death was drastically altered by william roddie brian if that was the
9:32 pm
tape in. >>we would know what happened. are y'all won. >>would brian recorded the video that shows the confrontation. that led to arbery's death in south georgia in that it. >>in the end brings justice to the family and pieces the family less than 3 days after the video was posted online the georgia bureau of investigation announced the arrests of travis mcmichael. >>and his father greg. the mcmichaels are facing murder and aggravated assault charges. the case has sparked protests and calls for justice, even reaching the white house i'm speaking to many people about it. >>looked i saw the picture of him in his tuxedo it was so beautiful, i bet he looks like a a wonderful young guy i am very sorry to the family. >>i pray every night as well as my own family, i'm john lawrence reporting. >>according to a police report and george's glynn county greg
9:33 pm
mcmichael told an investigator that brian was involved in trying to block our berry. bryan's lawyer disputes that saying that there is no relationship whatsoever between roddy and the mcmichaels a group of researchers at ucsf they're looking for pregnant women to participate in the study with just a handful of donations and small grants they're working to find out how covid-19 could affect women who are pregnant. our first michelle kingston has more. >>we made the biggest benefit we get from the people might be that we find that there isn't a risk and then people who can be a less frightened. >>heather huddleston is one of 6 investigators at ucsf working on a study to find out of covid-19 affects pregnant women or their developing babies. we just don't know this is a new virus we're learning new things about it every day that are surprising us and then lastly really rigorously look at what happens. 2 pregnancies and and especially to develop their development and babies. we're
9:34 pm
we're not necessarily going out huddleston says not enough research has been done they plan to look at 10,000 pregnant women and their babies focusing on the first trimester they hope to answer questions like is it safe to get pregnant now are pregnant women at higher risk for severe illness if they get covid-19 are women exposed during the first trimester at higher risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery and even if women don't get symptoms could the virus affect their pregnancy. >>women who participate in the study will submit symptom tracking reports and collect finger stick blood samples from home at several points throughout their pregnancy we're hoping it's that babies. >>to really passing in the first year light so we want to make sure we're really i'm not just looking at what happens at delivery but looking how these turned up and just making sure that there really isn't hasn't been significant.
9:35 pm
concerning thing happening in the east bay, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>tonight, the cdc says airport screenings in california it didn't do much to prevent covid-19 from spreading in the state. this year's video from sfo back in january when health officials started screening passengers arriving from china state health officials checked more than 11,000 travelers total people arrive from china and eventually iran and found only 3 people infected. the cdc says traveler info was incomplete and people who were infected, but didn't have any symptoms may have been missed the report also notes passenger information was often entered incorrectly. >>on the peninsula hikers on a popular trail are being warned to keep an eye out for mountain lions, this after multiple sightings. just the past week were charles clifford has details. >>well right now, i'm sitting at the trailhead for sweeney ridge which is part of the golden gate national recreation area and this trail
9:36 pm
has remained open during the coronavirus pandemic so it's become very popular because other trails and parks in the area have been closed down well in the last week there have been multiple mountain lion sightings and one person got some pictures of a mountain lion now this was from last friday, the person said that the mount line actually came towards them and then darted off into the bushes. there was another mountain lion sighting a couple of days earlier so the san bruno police department has been out here they put up some signs also posted some information on their facebook page and they're asking people just to be careful. i talked to a couple of hikers on tuesday morning this couple so they've changed their a schedule outlines are normally seen in the morning. so they've been going hiking a little later in the day so we tried to calm lead in after they have a breakfast and then go take command, yeah, know not everyone is concerned about mountain lions also talk to a woman who actually wants to see one i always wanted to see about to i don't know why i am fascinated with big cats and so i've always wanted to
9:37 pm
see one in person i just want it for my kuffar just want to see it. >>now if you do encounter a mountain lion couple of things to remember don't run away a that could trigger the mount lions instinct to chase you. >>you want to stop make as much noise you can try to scare it away also keep an eye on small children and pets and walk with a partner if you can. but for now in san bruno charles clifford kron 4 news. >>still ahead as lawmakers get ready for the next coronavirus relief package health care officials say it's seniors who need the most help right now, but they're doing to make sure they get all the funding they need. and pro sports leagues trying to figure out how and when to reopen after a. >>the break and we'll take a look at the
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>>pro sports leagues and the college ranks are weighing their options when it comes to starting back up her first cave or any takes a look at the financial toll a year without sports might take. on tuesday major league baseball met with the players union to discuss revenue sharing a crucial step in the league's plan to start the season in july. >>but what exactly is the financial impact of a shortened or canceled season for leagues that bring in billions in revenue it really varies a lot from league's elite i do think advertising will be down a little bit that you have a lot of big. >>like i see sort of sponsors when you're talking about pro sports that the league level and the team was level and i think sponsors who have been
9:41 pm
with you for a really long time are going to stick with you but advertising isn't the only revenue source, major league baseball has said 40% of its profits are from gameday revenue like tickets and concessions in college football. that number is closer to 75 or 80%. >>but even without fans the financial incentive to play looms large at least if you can resume you can get tv money and that scene is still a huge source of revenue in pro sports and in college sports. so i think that's why it's one reason why you see the big push to come back even if we can't have stands there if games do resume without fans, it is just the leagues and teams that will be missing out on revenue stadium employees radio stations and many more already feeling the financial loss seeing layoffs across sports radio. >>and you have that trickle down effect you know with people who work in hotels and we're used to big events coming to town you've got you know the valley who relies on tips for big events like that you've got the small restaurants that are around the stadium that rely on people coming out to games
9:42 pm
whether or not sports are able to resume in 2020 and whether or not they do so without fans the economic toll will be significant and widespread for kron 4 sports. i'm kate rooney. >>i mean a warning key in washington as congress gets ready to vote on the next coronavirus relief package, 7 group's ad americans
9:43 pm
[music] [music] especially in times like these, strong public schools make a better california for all of us.
9:44 pm
>>new healthcare research
9:45 pm
reveals that long-term care facilities like nursing homes make up a 3rd of the coronavirus deaths in some states they actually account for half i can see groups are calling on congress out help older americans when we have this next coronavirus relief package. our washington dc correspondent anna werner key reports. >>it's heartbreaking and really gut wrenching what we're seeing happening in nursing homes right now bill sweeney with a or p says for most states at least a 3rd of coronavirus deaths are in long-term care facilities in some states, it's more than half of the deaths in sweeney says those numbers are only going to get worse. he says nursing home residents are on the frontlines in the fight against covid they are older and most of them already have chronic health problems we need to be made a priority so that we can win the battle mark parkinson with the american health care association says all of the money congress has appropriated so far has only helped hospitals and you know
9:46 pm
that made sense they were the focus of all of the battle so we're being bought. >>that nursing homes were left behind parkinson is asking congress for billion in the next coronavirus relief package to go specifically to assisted living facilities. >>that's enough to get the facilities for the summer was buying the additional equipment additional testing texas republican senator john cornyn says he's working with his colleagues to make sure the next round of funding goes directly to seniors it is older americans it is people with underlying chronic illness that are the most vulnerable and so it makes sense to me to the 7. >>put the money where it's needed most the house could vote on the next round of coronavirus relief as early as friday. >>in washington, i'm anna warning key a merger between uber and grub hub could be in the works the ride-hail company reportedly already made an offer to buy the competitor. but while neither company is confirming a deal. >>grub hub stock surged 35% on
9:47 pm
the news. the company halted trading of its stock and issued a statement admitting the merger could make sense but insisted is focused on its current strategy. wall street journal says a deal has been in the works since earlier this year. >>county has modified its shelter-in-place order to now allow for what they're calling vehicle based gathering at kron four's maureen kelly reports that a that's what's driving this change its to allow for graduation ceremonies. >>students picking up their caps and gowns at san mateo high school say at this point the plan for their class of 2020 is to have a virtual graduation ceremony. >>you know they made a hard decision to close the schools down and you know let us be saved, so i'm grateful for what everyone. >>and i just want to graduate. but now the san mateo county public health officer has signed a modification of the shelter-in-place order meant to give students a way to celebrate this rite of passage together. >>sort of the new order allows
9:48 pm
for of ends in san mateo county like high school graduations to take the form of a drive-in movie but unlike a tailgate party, there's a lot of rules to these now allowed car gatherings. the events would have to be held in place is large enough like parking lots for there to be enough social distancing room between vehicles only people from the same household could be in a car together. gatherings of 10 cars are more require private security or police presence. and there's a limit of 200 vehicles per event. >>one part of the time people can get out to for example walk across the stage for their photo op and collect their diploma. >>and take some nice pictures but then they have to get back in their car. >>and when are people need to make sure they have their face covering on. >>the chief deputy county counsel says they wanted to give students a way to celebrate their achievement and give them a sense of closure for what's been a
9:49 pm
challenging year while this order was written with graduation ceremonies in mind it's not limited to them. church services for example could be held in this manner. what it does not allow for our impromptu parking lot parties plans need to be submitted in advance another thing not allowed under this order any type of parade which is still not considered essential travel. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>interesting times we are living in, but hey try to get creative right is. we go outside right now get a live look above san francisco all lit up on this tuesday night but no place to go to alex later some moisture in the air crew for meteorologist mabrisa gives him about what more rain to come. >>yeah more scattered showers expected to come for your wednesday afternoon. but tonight we're going to remain dry. but we are noticing the return of that low cloud cover some pretty dense low clouds and fog will hug the north bay coastline tonight at near 0
9:50 pm
but some limited visibility elsewhere in the bay area right now up to 6 miles visibility for those of you in downtown san francisco and even along golden gate bridge out there this evening in current wind speeds in the teens so noticeably. calmer today, temperatures for the most part widespread mid to upper 50's low for oakland and the lay hosts a little bit mild air. but we are noticing overall a colder air mass tonight for your tuesday night and overnight lows tonight cooling down into the upper 40's to low 50's for overnight temperatures and tomorrow's daytime highs not really going to budge all that much especially in downtown san francisco warming up just a touch to near average at 64 degrees light scattered showers will return to the bay area by early wednesday afternoon until we clear out and dry out by wednesday night when they also warming up into the mid 60's, widespread mid 60's from brisbane into burlingame with some gusts year winds out of the southwest along the san
9:51 pm
francisco peninsula could see gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour or less and 65 degrees for those of you in san mateo low 60's for palo alto berm out of you learning the 70's, the 69 degrees or your afternoon highs and in the south bay widespread low to mid and upper 60's, san jose though warming up to 72 degrees low 70's as well for livermore so about 5 degrees below average for most of our interior valleys conquered 68 degrees in berkeley 64 degrees or your wednesday afternoon in napa also in the mid 60's and santa rosa 66 degrees order wednesday afternoon highs and as we take a look ahead at the extended forecast, drier weather on thursday and then a slight warm up on friday, it is going to be the warmest day of the next 7 we're going to be about 5 degrees above average. but by saturday. that's going to be a transitional day because i am tracking widespread rain on sunday with a stronger storm that is going to bring us some light to moderate downpours at times and widespread rain and
9:52 pm
scattered showers linger into monday until we dry out from the wet weather by tuesday granted to keep back to you all right theresa up next a mom teaches her kids about the pandemic bite. >>recreating their favorite
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>a new york mother is helping other moms explain the covid-19 pandemic to their kids and pretty funny she's doing this by recreating covers to classic kids books
9:55 pm
like doctor seuss stephanie trilling says she needed a way to explain the pandemic to her own young children and decided to paint the covers of the books. instead of green eggs and ham it's green eggs and wash your hands or cloudy with a chance of penn, according. >>i started car to defy coronavirus cases. oh my daughter had been talking a lot about what coronavirus meant shoe. her what it what it means for her life that she knew at that time. >>chilling says by doing this you can document the important time in which we're living she's also working with a nonprofit to publish or covers for charity. kron four's honoring bay area people who are doing great things in their communities. today its design tech high school in redwood city. it's found a way to celebrate its graduating seniors. teachers and administrators surprise that recently at their homes with
9:56 pm
little small graduation ceremonies and high school officials say they'll continue to find ways to try to recognize their students in these wild times and by the way you can spotlight, somebody making a difference in your community we have a section on our website called kron 4 heroes. we love it when people engage in so many of you have we have to do is fill out a quick form let us know about what the person is doing you can find that page again on kron 4 dot com. >>and coffers also saluting the class of 2020 and tonight, we congratulate key on a burnett get a graduated from deer valley high in antioch she's going with 10 list madonna's college and then transferred to the university of arlington to study psychology let us know about a grad and your life just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads 2020 under the news tab then submit a picture of your grad let us know which high school the graduate attends and what's next for them. >>congrats to everybody and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9, but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. clearing up for covid-19
9:57 pm
confusion. the web site a group of ucsf student's created that's a one stop shop for coronavirus related questions and businesses in santa clara county are being traced tonight for overwhelmingly following the public health order. >>what the district attorney says is being does there that is convincing everyone to fall in line those stories and much more just minutes away on kron 4 news at 10. i wanted my hepatitis c gone.
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>>when prime time. news station you're watching kron 4 news at days, the biggest catastrophe in our nation's history. setting aside how we got here we must approach this tragedy with the deepest humanity as we go into the future. >>now attend the covid crisis in america has prompted house democrats to unveil a trillion relief bill. making it the largest relief package in history. good evening, everybody thanks for being here tonight at 10 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis the bill which democrats are calling the heroes act would provide nearly a trillion dollars for state and local governments. a billion fund for essential worker hazard pay an additional $75 billion for covid-19 testing tracing and isolation efforts in a new


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