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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  May 5, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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high school at the football slash lacrosse stadium on friday august 7th, the ceremony will be from 5 to 6. they're also be a senior breakfast on thursday august 6 from 9 to 11 were assembling at graduation committee. throughout our district made up of middle school elementary and high school administrators teachers and students need to create a plan that. >>encourages social distancing while being able to recognize and celebrate our graduates fister says the feedback and the community has been positive since the announcement we have a really wonderful support of our community and the model highs of the parents of have done a great job and of course everyone wants to see their can't walk down the aisle and grab the diploma and get the photos with mom and dad and grandma and grandpa so we're just going one day at a time to try to create a celebration for seniors reporting i'm jason dumas scrum for news.
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>>officials at marin catholic high school in campfield they say they are moving forward with senior graduation plants. there will be a virtual ceremony thursday may 28th and zoom but it is not intended to replace a real commencement ceremony one is scheduled for the end of july celebrations will include a senior ball and awards dinner and will conclude with commencement ceremony. august first at the moran civic center. a new strain of the coronavirus has emerged one that's even more contagious than the original strain. this is according to a new study by a team of scientists, others say the strain first appeared in europe in february then migrated to the east coast, scientists say it's now dominant and they're warning it spreads faster and could make people more vulnerable to a second infection. last week the fda approved the emergency use of remdesivir and antiviral drug that's being
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used to treat virus patients. the trump administration's top officials for medicare and medicaid. they say more help is on the way for nursing homes hit by the virus washington correspondent trevor shirley has the latest. >>the centers for medicaid and medicare services administrator seema verma says the government is taking action to stop the spread of covid-19 in the nation's nursing homes we've been putting out regulations almost every couple of weeks working with the cdc. the administration is shipping additional protective equipment and nursing homes initially a 2 weeks supply i think fema sent a great job in getting supplies to the folks that need them verbal also says $81 million from the cares act will go towards improving infection control at nursing homes. it's a good thing that they're not now talking all putting more of the compound but illinois representative jan schakowsky says unfortunately the
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administration spent the months before the pandemic trying to water down infection control standards many ways i think they've been taking in bringing on their way new beginning to the other thing that we need the administration's also created a new regulation requiring all nursing homes to report cases of covid-19 to the cdc says going to increase transparency much accounts. he says the administration's renewed focus on nursing homes comes too late if they are starting to come now that the thing that we have been dealing with the >>a special white house commission of industry experts health care professionals and patient advocates to focus on nursing home safety plans to meet later this month. >>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>people around the country are recognizing the inevitable mental trauma caused by the pandemic and taking a big toll on frontline health workers just last week for example, an e r doctor in new york
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committed suicide. kron 4 sanaz tahernia talked to a local author and a psychiatrist she says we should be bracing for an epidemic of mental health problems. can you explain to our viewers why the pandemic why this time. >>is is so different from any other time in a in a physician's career. >>so i this moral dilemma, a lot line commissions face that you know of course they want to take care of the patients, they're trained to do that that's what they bay, you know look to do. but it's dynamic between okay i want to take care of my patients that does that mean i'm not taking care of myself, i'm putting my life in danger and something like and ange at putting the lives of my loved ones in danger that kind of moral quandary i think brings its own really on unique stress and you could affect to die. as opposed to a time when we didn't have a pandemic and that's what makes
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it quite unique the stress of the situation you know we think to be 10 years old to battle a close a major trauma that many tumors can lead to we know from research that was done after the opponent and then making 2014 that health care workers, the vast majority he'll actually on psychological wounds of something on this front lines. a substantial minority will develop ptsd we know from research that was done after 9.11 that 20% of first responders on the ground to ptsd it ended up being quite funny to many many of them. and we also know from disasters like hurricane katrina that you know the people who write in end if you can t s d because of a consequence of what they did and saw during those times. >>california hospitals they've lost as much as billion they say because of postpone surgeries and procedures in anticipation of a flood of coronavirus patients which never happened. the california hospital association wants
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state lawmakers to immediately approve a billion dollars in financial aid. the california medical association says medical practices have lost more than half the revenue. adam as many as 15% of practices could close their doors for good. let's go back abry sir roderick ascend another look at the forecast which is a could be record-breaking hot weather of recent. >>yeah, it really could be catherine and we're going to notice some pretty mild temperatures though leading up to our possible record breaking heat heading its way into the bay area. >>as early as thursday, so let's take a live look outside from the south bay and you can see that camera let me readjust up a little bit because san jose deserve better we need to see that life will shop in today's daytime highs downtown denver, this does 61 degrees a little bit cooler in san jose morming up to 76 degrees so most cities in the bay area above average and here's that gorgeous shot, but i wanted to show you out of the south of
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san jose and you could see some high clouds overhead but overall better clearing as you make your way inland but we're going to see the return of that marine layer right along the bay area coastline tonight in future cast is actually going to show not only dense low and high cloud cover but also patchy drizzle right along the san francisco peninsula, better clearing during the overnight hours on wednesday. we're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine and dense low clouds and fog tonight during the overnight hours a better clearing lifting by around 2 o'clock wednesday morning, waking up to crystal clear skies by around mid morning on wednesday. and that's all because of that ship from westerly winds northwesterly winds that on shore flow pattern is going to start to clear out the bay area as far as our marine layer goes and temperatures out there right now starting to see some widespread 60's but a few 70's as you make your way inland still toasty temperatures there and overnight lows tonight very similar to last night upper 40's and low 50's. tomorrow's
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daytime highs, widespread 70's and 80's so we're going to be well above average about 8 to 15 degrees above normal even happen bates morning with 70's at 69 degrees. but it's really going to get harder from their warm temperatures will remain along the coast, but scorching heat in line with widespread upper 80's and low to mid-nineties possible record breaking heat in the forecast. so keep that in mind but the good thing that is working in our favor are those meek offshore breezes and warm dry mount winds not going to be as gusty. so that's why we're out of that high fire danger territory for the upcoming days taking a look ahead though at the extended forecast cooling down this weekend with a slight chance of possible rain returning to the bay area starting as early as monday night with scattered showers on tuesday. so going to keep an eye on that in the coming days back to you catherine. thank you bree some. >>coming up california wineries so they've been forced to find new ways to reach customers during the
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pandemic what a berkeley winery is doing this weekend the forty-niners foundation was giving back to the community this giving tuesday. also when we come back the
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usaa was made for right now. and right now, is a time for action. so, for a second time we're giving members a credit on their auto insurance. because it's the right thing to do. we're also giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can take care of things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. right now is the time to take care of what matters most. like we've done together, so many times before. discover all the ways we're helping members at
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discover all the ways we're helping members wineries of course have not been immune to the impact of the coronavirus as many look for ways to continue courting customers. many are already
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looking forward to what life will look like after the lockdown the owner of one berkeley winery talked about that to kron force. jonathan mccall. >>as you mentioned once this is all over things are going to be drastically different what are you planning for in the future. >>preliminary plan is implemented right now is we've already in situ temperature checked being and obviously mask was at the winery. we are very blessed that a large backyard area so we're going to talk a perfect 10 tables are going to 96 that distancing me think that maybe he's we want to be extra safe so we're going to 10 foot distance inbetween animals. and then we're going to be is. from a walk in business to reservation customers on on saturday and sunday and possibly fries will be others in the table for 90 minutes. it will be up to 8 people. >>this weekend, the donkey and goat they're going to be hosting a pickup party
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customers can order wine ahead of time. drive to the location, somebody will deliver it to your car sounds good. still ahead how the forty-niners is helping the community of the we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden. and usually follow cyber monday, but because of the pandemic this is giving tuesday kron four's kate rooney tells us how the local
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nfl squad is getting involved. >>everyone in the bay area knows the forty-niners winners of 5 super bowl rings reigning nfc champs, but not everyone knows the forty-niners foundation right now as we speak we are actually working on a new lesson plans new online webinars and forms that we can roll out for people to participate. >>and still feel connected to the organization tour work in the community under normal circumstances, the foundation works with 100,000 students and teachers in the bay area during the school year. >>providing support of steam curriculum and they're prep program to encourage physical activity during the health crisis they're turning their programs virtual and also urging 49 ers fans to participate in may 5th giving tuesday now campaign is our way of connecting with their fans in through the giving tuesday movement really encouraging our fans, yes would be nice to be logged on to our web site which is 40
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niners dot com slash and giving tuesday made a donation but at the end of the day we really want you to help and help the community in any way that suits you best not everyone has the means to donate especially right now so the foundation suggest acts like face timing a friend or buying groceries for neighbor can be contributions that are just as meaningful you can guess what could be. >>i mean you can get out there and make positive change in your community and that's what we're really encouraging folks to do and that's what our partners lead by are encouraging people to do as well. >>it's still unclear when or if the 49 ers will get back on the football field this year, but for now they hope the foundation's scores a touchdown with giving tuesday now in san francisco kate rooney kron 4 sports. >>let's take a last look at the forecast this hour here is my brief sir roderick a smart person. >>either gather. yeah, let's take a quick check out your microclimate wednesday forecast because it's going to be the start of a big warm-up heading our way with the biggest warm-up heading for
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those of you along the coast tomorrow warming up about 10 degrees compared to today on account of that cool sea breeze really cool down along downtown, san francisco, 61 degrees. tomorrow though warming up into the 70's and the reason why we were noticeably cooler today because of that strong sea breeze even pushing and that murray maryland, the san francisco peninsula coastline. at times throughout the day we did see a mix of sun and clouds but clear and warm conditions still as you made your way in with that sea breeze, not really extending to most of our interior valleys but temperatures noticing that widespread cooling cooling down into the 60's and 70's for most of our interior valleys and overnight lows tonight, very similar to last night upper 40's and low 50's and you're microclimate wednesday forecast is going to show overall 5 to 10 degrees of warming for most cities in the bay area downtown san francisco warming up to 72 degrees. how were they trying to or with 70's that 69 degrees for your wednesday afternoon highs with
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widespread low to mid 70's for brisbane of burlingame brisbane warming up to 73 degrees as the san carlos, but cma tale 72 degrees or your wednesday afternoon and 10 degrees warmer than those of you in san jose warming up to 82 degrees in cupertino not that far behind 81 degrees by your wednesday afternoon and also that warm up extending to the east bay livermore 84 degrees. he worked in the low 80 so we're going to see those northwesterly winds. most of the coastline in the bay area and even in the east bay shoreline temperatures warming up into the low 80's for richmond but upper 70's for those of you in oakland with the widespread northerly winds for most of the north bay. they warm up for those of you not to 83 degrees and 85 degrees for santa rosa. nearly 15 degrees above average in tomorrow's not even going to be the warmest day. we going to get harder from there on friday. we're going to see widespread upper 80's and low to mid 90's for most of our inland spots on friday, 10 to
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20 degrees above normal still going to be mild along the coast that thing so that slight sea breeze influence for going to warm up into the 70's and 80's along the coast and along the baby and cooling down this weekend. a slight chance of showers early next week back to you catherine. >>thank you bruce, a. time now for our rundown of today's top sports headlines and mark carpenters here to tell us about. >>the warriors a sizable donation marked a coronavirus relief efforts. >>thank you very much catherine yeah, the warriors season is on hold. but the franchise is stepping up for bay area communities. the warriors community foundation teaming up with hewlett packard to donate $250,000 to the san francisco and oakland unified school district's a 100,000 of those funds are from head coach steve kerr the contributions will be used to 8 schools in buying laptops and internet connections as classrooms shifted to a distance-learning format. >>to the nfl 49 ers fan, the next chapter in such a storied
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career. the 36 year-old is entering his 16th nfl season and just signed a one-year deal with the new york jets. >>gore still holds the record as san francisco's leading rusher with more than 11,000 yards. he is 3rd on the all-time rushing list behind emmitt smith. and walter payton and finally an update on a story we first brought you last night here are some images from opening day for the korea baseball organization, the country's top professional league, the 144 game season. starting in empty stadiums with full safety measures in mind teams wearing masks their regular temperature checks. and fpinstead of spectators. the league has some form of fans set up in the stands and they are covering their faces as well as you can see games can be viewed in the united states that is a rundown sport for the day catherine back to you. >>all right i kind of like those fake friends all right, thank you mark. coming up next we recognize the local fire department where we have been saluting
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the class of 2020 today. we are congratulating treasure bender treasure graduated from mission high in san francisco with a 4 point oh she's now on our way to sacramento state university, you're looking at some of the photos people have been sending us. you can let us know about a graduate and your life just go to kron 4 dot com find salute to grads
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2020 it's under the news tab submit a photo and we've been using a lot of these let us know which high school the graduate attended and what's coming up next for them. during the school and public health crisis. we've also been honoring people doing good things in their communities today, it's san francisco firefighters. they have stepped up to help feed a local community during the pandemic helping to give out bags of free food to people in the mission district, volunteers and families are watching also treated to a marriott chain performance. you can spotlight, somebody making a difference in your community we have a section on our website called kron 4 heroes. you can fill out a quick form let us know about your hero and find the page on kron 4 dot com. well get ready for online graduation ceremonies with the obamas over the last month, the former first couple they've been getting requests from all over the world to address seniors who can't have their regular graduation ceremonies.
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now the obamas are scheduled for several virtual commencement celebrations may 16th at 05:00pm local time. they'll be on major networks and social media and then on youtube june 6th. the obamas will offer advice and messengers of inspiration to new graduates. another to our commencement dedicated to historically black colleges and universities that will be live streamed may 16th at 11:00am local time. that's it for the news at 6 our coverage of the pandemic continues on kron-on you can download our app free or watch on kron on dot tv and we'll see you tonight at 10 on channel 4. on your bay area's local news station.
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usaa was made for right now. and right now, is a time for action. so, for a second time we're giving members a credit on their auto insurance. because it's the right thing to do. we're also giving payment relief options to eligible members so they can take care of things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. right now is the time to take care of what matters most. like we've done together, so many times before. discover all the ways we're helping members at
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where is the beef? >> no burgers at some wendy's. >> then, putting on the ritz? >> could homeless people be moved into one of the swankiest hotel negligence america? >> and it's war. president trump versus morning joe. the feud boils over. >> you're not well. >> plus, dr. phil, coming to "inside edition" to set the record straight, after this controversial remark. >> we have people dying 360,000 a year from swimming pools, but we don't shut the country down for that. my point is we live with risk every day. >> then, ghost ship. >> here's video from insi


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