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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 9, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you're watching kron on streaming bay area news, 24 7. on that positive news today noting i see you hospitalizations are a key indicator for health care workers and for medical supply needs. >>california has nearly 20,000 confirmed cases of covid-19 and more than 550 people in our state have died. globally
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there are now almost 1.6 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus with the global death toll so passing 95,000. these numbers according to the johns hopkins global coronavirus tracker. >>at the u.s. at the center of the pandemic the one world trade center tower in new york's which the colors of their lights. 2 blue tonight to this part of the light it blue campaign honoring essential workers on the front lines in the coronavirus pandemic this comes as the state reported a record increase in coronavirus deaths for a 3rd consecutive day. more than 7,000 people in new york have died. but officials say social distancing and stay at home orders do appear to be working today, the labor department said another 6.6 million americans filed for unemployment benefits last week and that to the 6.8 million who filed for unemployment, the previous week, a staggering 16.8 million americans have now lost their jobs in just 3
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weeks as stay at home orders have force businesses to lay off american workers. >>the first coronavirus stimulus checks are reportedly being sent out today. ahead at 08:30pm tonight. we will explain what that means for you at the daily white house coronavirus task force briefing federal officials talked about unemployment. >>and how the paycheck protection program is there to help the record number of americans now facing little or no income at all kron four's theresa has details the american people making it difficult sacrifices that is included being furloughed. >>the laid-off are a small business struggle. >>united states secretary of labor eugene scalia on how the u.s. is attempting to help out workers now facing no jobs due to the coronavirus this as the president talked about how americans are showing great efforts to participate in fighting the spread of the highly infectious virus begin by expressing my sincere
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gratitude to the american people millions of americans are making. >>profound and difficult sacrifices in their own lives because they know. >>that will save the lives of countless others and that's exactly what it's doing you see what's happening in. >>where we are where we stand how awesome state show a leveling on slowing down of infections. some states are still very much in an aggressive battle. >>but the newer ones that we talk about in washington and our feel it off yet and baltimore. it looks like they're attack rates in the attack rates in denver and some of these other states that we have been talking about are much lower. that new york and new jersey and this gives us hope about really understanding how to integrate this information together. >>and doctor fauci adding as predicted this week is turning out to be quite tragic for the country with record s adding we need to continue to social distance, a message echoed by the vice president. >>the reality is that we see new projections from the
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experts and if the projections are it's because it's working america because the american people are putting into practice. the social distancing. the caring for their neighbors and their loved ones and their family members and putting their health first, we just want to urge every american continue to put those principles and guidelines into practice every day to recess stasio kron 4 news. >>good news for anyone with student loans in an unprecedented move. the federal government is automatically suspending payments and waving interest on federal student loans for 6 months. the move provides immediate relief for more than 20 million people who are currently paying off their debt. if you have student most of forbearance is automatic most people with federal student loans qualify for this private student loans are excluded from this suspension in the midst of all the economic turmoil, wall street actually close out its best week in 45 years the s and p 500 finished the week up 12.1%
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which marks its best week since 1974, the dow gained even more this week rising 12.7% while the nasdaq rose 10.6%. >>but economists do caution don't let these numbers fool you too much all 3 indices are still down significantly from their values just 2 months ago the markets will be closed tomorrow in observance of good friday. >>the city of berkeley has now reported its first coronavirus related death berkeley's health officer says the person was in their 40's and had underlying health conditions. health officials believe the person contracted the virus somehow through community spread in the bay area there are now more than 4,000 confirmed cases of the virus 115 people have died are also plearning 12 inmates and 2 employees at the santa rita jail have tested positive for the virus. >>here are the latest numbers on those who have died and those cases with a breakdown by county 47 people have died in santa clara county san
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mateo has had 21 deaths, 10 people have died from covid-19 in san francisco there been 8 in contra costa 17 in alameda county which includes the first in the city of berkeley as we just mentioned 10 deaths in moran to and napa and solano counties and one death in sonoma county. well this new normal of sheltering in place has been difficult for so many people it can be a real risk for others, a specifically victims of domestic abuse to that end of san francisco has secured special housing for domestic violence victims force and current reports on that. >>while sheltering in your home is simply an inconvenience for some for victims of domestic violence, it can be downright dangerous domestic violence is is an escalating pattern of so if you're locked inside for i you know a month or month and a half or however, long i mean things could get pretty bad and san francisco city officials are concerned this
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type of violence is on the upswing we saw a really sharp increase in requests for services from our victim services team from domestic violence victims and then we saw those requests drop off as this pandemic continued district attorney jason be dean says that indicates those at home with abusers are having a difficult time reaching out. >>that's why he along with the mayor's office were able to get real estate investment manager verot us. >>to donate 20 furnished apartments for survivors of domestic violence. >>i think this is like an amazing start really when you talk about 20 sir, ernest units that are going to be made available and it's for 90 days which is a really lengths of time and a lot of work to be done to help people you know figure out what their next steps might be. >>and while 20 units like this one will help the dean says it won't be enough. >>talking to increase those
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even as we got soaked in communications. with a very different city agencies we have very good communication with the hotel council they've been phenomenally generous in this period and we're looking forward to working with our partners to ensure that every victim of domestic violence as a safe place to be. >>these 20 apartments should be available by week's end survivors and their families will be able to stay there rent free for up to 90 days in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>san francisco will extend emergency child and youth care until the end of the school year mayor london breed announced today the recreation and park department well keep centers open until at least june the 2nd for the children of health care workers first responders and other essential city employees emergency care is provided throughout the city to children from k through 8th grade from 00:30am in the morning until 7.30 in the evening california is also
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trying to expand extra benefits to health care workers on the front lines of covid-19 our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the latest from the governor. >>california health care workers on the front lines of covid-19 now have access to travel vouchers and stipends governor newsome announced thursday the state will reimburse lower wage workers 100% of hotel costs and provide vouchers to others who need to sleep away from home for work so that they're allowed to stay closer to their patients. >>and provide them the opportunity not to worry about being out of pocket or worry about exposing their families or god forbid worried about another night sleeping in their car. so they can stay closer to the needs in their communities. >>the 150 hotels that are part of the state's bulk purchasing plan will be available on a state website called cal travel store dot com starting friday newsome said fema will help fund this program along with a million donation from mark zuckerberg provide the
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kind of support. >>that increasingly is needed a for a workforce that is deeply stressed out deeply stretched enhancing staff throughout the state's medical workforce, california now has more than 86,000 applicants for its health corps newsome said thursday, the first 350 people have been picked to help launch the program to help health corps members get to their destination newsom announced a handful of airlines stepped in to offer free round-trip tickets to their temporary workplace. no matter where they are at any point of the globe, not just across the united states. >>are within the state of california, the state trying to put resources in place ahead of its predicted patients surge in mid-may in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic continues on kron-on the 24 hour local news streaming service is free to download right now so you can stay informed and updated during this health crisis lgbt rights activist phyllis lyon
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has passed away lion and her wife for the first same couple to marry in san francisco back in 2004. >>california governor gavin newsome officiated their wedding when he was mayor of san francisco. the california supreme court voided the couple's union n others from that time, but lyon sued for marriage equality and the couple wed again in 2008 maryland and bring released a statement on lions passing that reads in part. phyllis changed countless lives for the better she was at the forefront of the lgbtq rights movement fighting for a world in which people can marry who they love and live without fear of discrimination. phyllis was a symbol of hope and courage for san franciscans and people around the world was 95 years old. >>no more polling places that's a possibility and it's not an act of voter suppression instead one bay area counties thinking months ahead about how to handle the general election want details coming up the vote of educators in the east bay
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working overtime to make sure distance learning is not taking a back seat and after the break any state journalists is going above and beyond to help his community what he's doing that
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>>thank you for sacrificing yourself to make in his trips for office. >>well you might recognize him as a bay area journalist. we recognize him as bad as well as a friend, but right now and
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east contra costa county he is known to some of his neighbors as a hero hard to recognize the money to mask, but over the past several weeks, bob butler has been waking up at the crack of dawn to grocery shop for those who are unable to get to the stores. his selfless acts of not gone unnoticed in tonight. he's featured as our kron 4 hero. our michelle kingston reports. >>compassionate. and loving he's a hero. he's an angel all he is a saying here this is bob butler dropping groceries offer neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic throughout contra costa county waking up almost every day before costco opens its stores to buy whatever items his neighbors say they need items like toilet paper and eggs and grocery store items that are flying off the shelves are told the paper here today there are paper towels. >>this will open 7, 7 15 7.30
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and if you need something be judicious but good to me on messenger and i'll do my best to get up and get it to you today these are just some of his posts on a neighborhood facebook group letting people know what's available at the store son asking what people are looking for is super humble and all he wants help those who can't get out very very humble for sure, i mean you really just feels like he's doing what anybody else would you which clearly isn't sure there's not everybody else doing it bob doesn't even ask people to pick up the items, he's purchased he drives all over the county to deliver them straight to your front door all he asks is you pay the price he paid for your groceries. some days, he's delivering top to 25 families children leave him notes and pictures to say thank up its bates yet you know i mean and on. >>he's just so willing to help and just felt like. >>he deserves a little bit of a shot out more than 20 people wrote in asking us to feature
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bob butler as a crime for hero people who had never even met bob before, but were so inspired by what he was doing in his community to their i do this. >>or sit in my recliner and watch bad tv and eat snacks all day. this is much healthier to be doing this plus. >>i like helping people thank you bob like thank you for making office possible for us thank you for sacrificing yourself making his trips for contra costa county, michelle kingston kron 4 news mobs also a proud navy veteran you can nominate a person in your community doing great things to help others go to kron 4 dot com and look for kron 4 heroes we look forward to hearing about amazing people. >>in your neighborhood thank you bob. >>the very base amy's kitchen is known for is organic foods and during these tough times the company is weathering this storm and also helping out first responders at the restaurant's drive-thru location in rohnert park bay area medical staff members and first responders can get meals for free. the company also did
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this for victims of first responders of the sonoma county fires back in 2017 and now the santa rosa based food maker wants to give back again. >>for us as long as a long-armed joys now there are really helping us fight this they don't have much time and they're hungry we're just thrilled still in the >>amy's has also donated 150,000 meals to various food banks and 6,000 masks to medical workers the company is also hiring in order to fill positions and food production maintenance and sanitation school teachers and staff with the antioch unified school district are spending their working days to try to continue. learning while school campuses remain closed schools of course making hours available fat for families without internet access. >>or the ability to use computers to pick up hard copies of homework and lesson plans. teachers are also doing their best to keep students
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engaged. >>it's hard because we don't get serious students every day. and we miss them, i think it gives that scheduling inconsistency and things to keeping them busy. >>school leaders are also passing out laptops to students who are now learning from home, one laptop or tablet is allowed per district family and they're being passed out at antioch middle school laptops will continue to be passed out through friday tomorrow. >>south bay officials are taking action to head off any potential effect the coronavirus pandemic might have on the general election this coming fall as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now santa clara county is looking as a holding an election where everybody votes by mail. >>majority of santa clara county voters already vote by mail but this fall voting by mail could be the only way to vote the board of supervisors has called on the registrar of voters to explore the possibility. each so we want to make sure that no matter
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what happens in the fall that we're prepared if covid-19 is still a significant part of our lives and we want to make sure that the registered voters and has a plan to let everybody vote by mail. >>planning your look at the impact of doing away with polling places there will be outreach to ensure that hard to reach people those in the hospital or a nursing homes or in jail are not left out part of the reason we're doing the research is they want to make sure we understand all the unintended consequences every day from cost to maybe even disenfranchising somebody accidentally the board's action comes in the wake of this week's primary in wisconsin where the u.s. supreme court refused to extend the deadline to postpone the primary forcing people to vote in person amid the coronavirus pandemic enough people in this country have died for the right to about whether your in the military whether you're a rights activist whether you were suffrage activist and the most important thing we can do
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is make it easy for every single person in our entire community. both and not risk their lives to do it. although most registered voters currently cast their ballots by mail thousands, still ahead for vote centers to fill out a paper ballot or vote by machine doing so this year could be risky says chavez i think what we can see is what happened in wisconsin, which is people literally went out and risk their lives to we shouldn't have to do that here the registrar's office is expected to get back to the board with some preliminary findings next month. meantime assemblyman marc berman of memo park announced today that he's going to introduce legislation that all registered voters statewide be mailed a ballot for the 2020 general election. >>rob fladeboe kron 4 news. concerned drawing at the hayward nursing home after a coronavirus outbreak. >>and food and medicine offer from man's best friends special help for
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lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
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while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery. >>well these are stressful times no doubt about that and one of the biggest concerns for some is getting enough food to eat that includes food for people's pets, a north bay animal sanctuary is stepping up to ease some of that stress by providing free food and even medicine to those who are struggling to take care of their pets. it is even setting up donation bins at napa area
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grocery stores and has been giving out thousands of pounds of pet food. jamison animal rescue ranch is also delivering pet medication to seniors. >>who are especially wary of leaving their homes and exposing themselves to coronavirus while trying to care for their pets. >>very concerned interacting with the general public. and so they don't want to go out and say trust us and we're following all come in 19 protocol, so they give us a call. they've heard about to see this friends or your face and then they give us a call and we help them with either like food medicine and it's really a nice service because you know otherwise i'm you know their neighbors are all seniors, they're all paranoid about getting the virus. we're not actually. >>knocking on doors just because we want to limit all contact. so we did call ahead ruth knows we're here. so
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we're going to step back and >>to our medications farm, i know you still had enough for one with everything going on not enough for now for any so on here at brown's family market for the 4th time just this week alone and to the head. >>the collection been that they have. >>every day we get calls and comments are over. located around napa county 7 bins and she picks up. hundreds of pounds of food a day. i think right now when we we shot that we are at 3,000 now it's 4500
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just a week later and we're bringing those directly to our napa valley food >>actually that that really supports the community during these tough times i think we're in a really delicate situation folks love their and p o ye we understand suffering and so our goal is not to have any suffering up people losing their pet >>jamison animal rescue ranch says it's willing to donate pet food to any family in need in the bay area and will even deliver it to find out more we put a link to their website on kron 4 dot com. >>coming up fast food employees among those called essential, but now they to a protesting and calling for protection, so they can stay on their jobs. >>plus another tradition without an last suffer mass at the vatican delivered to and
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empty saint peter's basilica. >>and the government says the check is in the mail but not every american will get one up next we break ♪
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in nearly 100 years serving the military community, we've seen you go through tough times and every time, you've shown us, you're much tougher your heart, courage and commitment has always inspired us and now it's no different so, we're here with financial strength, stability and experience you can depend on
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and the online tools you need because you have always set the highest standard and reaching that standard is what we're made for ♪ >>washington post is reporting the first irs coronavirus stimulus checks were sent out today and that's good news for taxpayers who are eligible to
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get those payments how do you know if that includes you kron four's haaziq madyun answers that question. the first wave of coronavirus tax relieve checks could soon be on the way. >>eligible taxpayers who file tax returns for either 2019 or 2018 will automatically receive an economic impact pay but according to the irs taxpayers who file electronically will have to do anything but take a look at their bank accounts to see if they deposit has been made those who did not file electronically will have to keep an eye on their mailboxes where their checks to arrive at a later time if the irs does not have your direct deposit information in the coming weeks, the u.s. treasury department says it plans to launch a web-based portal for anyone who would like to provide their online banking deposit information to the irs if you are a taxpayer who typically does not file a apreturn you'll need to submit one did order to get paid the payout breakdown is as follows individual taxpayers only less than $99,000 will receive up to $1200 very joint filing
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taxpayers only less than $198,000 will receive up to $2400 and parents will also receive an additional $500 for each qualifying child aged, 16 and among those not eligible to receive stimulus checks are many college students and disabled adult dependents, lawmakers are hoping to cover those groups any future round of payments. now anyone who has a tax filing obligation but did not file a return in 2018 or 2019 can still receive a stimulus check however, the irs encourages you to file right away and that you include your direct deposit banking information on the richard. >>these economic impact payments will be available throughout the rest of 2020. has it made kron 4 news, the federal reserve continuing efforts to prop up the economy in the wake of the pandemic the central bank announced a new trillion round of loans
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today that includes a billion main street lending program. it is aimed at households as well as small and medium size businesses which make a reasonable effort to keep workers on the payroll. >>the fed is also lending billion to struggling state and local governments, the fed has not yet announced how that money will be >>fast food workers around the state of california are demanding better safety measures and better pay amid the coronavirus pandemic workers gather today at this mcdonald's off mission boulevard in hayward protesters stayed in their cars to respect social distancing guidelines. a summer of protests that took place on monday workers at a san jose mcdonald's walked off the job demanding that the company provide them with gloves and masks, they say so far they've had to bring their own workers at other fast food chains, including burger king popeye's and poile loco also
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participated in the strike in the east bay, the city of fremont has teamed up with the health department and try city health center to offer a free walk in testing site in order to be tested you need to have an appointment and have symptoms of covid-19 it will take one to 3 days to receive test results. the goal is to make people aware of whether they have coronavirus so they can isolate others right now the site can only do a test per day but they are planning to get that number up to 50. >>if you want to make an appointment call the number on your screen. it is 5, 1, 0, 252-6808. >>british prime minister boris johnson is out of intensive care after he was hospitalized earlier this week for complications linked to coronavirus the prime minister was moved back to another ward where he will be monitored in the early phases of his recovery. meanwhile, the british government's initial 3 week run a virus lockdown is due to end on monday. but
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restrictions to slow the spread of covid-19 are likely to continue beyond next week as the uk's death toll continues to rise, social distancing has put a halt to many traditions, including at the vatican for the last few years pope francis spent holy thursday, which is today, washing the feet of worshippers but that didn't take place today. and the pope delivered his last supper mass to a mostly empty basilica. lockdowns have prevented almost all travel and congregating in italy leaving saint peter's square. empty of this is the holy season for 3 of the main religions of the world last night i talked with the rabbi about the difficulty is celebrating passover in the middle of the coronavirus tonight as christians prepare for good friday and easter and muslims for ramadan. >>i want to know how faith leaders are helping their communities honor their faith in this time of separation. >>i made was not a not late
8:36 pm
trump challenges and but it gives us what we need to be able to making the room. >>trying to encourage our members to see is although we're not able to get there and although we're not able to have traditional washington marion eastern resurrection is about and so even though we're in the middle of the time and this that and despair all around that's the bulk of our message encouraging people to know that the hope lies in the relationship that we have want to do something to help the bait and >>i wouldn't. >>in cares. individuals boss will have the convictions and those our brothers and sisters in that look we need this to bond this is if there's anything that to of light is that we can scene it is a lot of ability to actually have unity without actually having to be physically there. and as
8:37 pm
we enter into this ramadan in a very difficult moment for the human family. this is the moment for us to express to the utmost generosity. >>most churches, including allen temple are streaming their holy season services all encouraged their followers to call to skype to tax just to check on others during this time of separation good friday and easter this weekend ramadan begins april 23rd for one month and passover continues until april the 16th on sunday i will have more from these faith leaders as they offer hope and inspiration to their communities. frontline health care workers wear protective equipment for long periods of time so one moraine county sheriff made the ppe more comfortable to wear. >>doctors at ucsf are making critical parts for face shields what they're using and how much it cost california leaders stepping up to the
8:38 pm
plate in the midst of the coronavirus while the white house has dropped the ball at least that is the assessment from se what we do now will forever change our tomorrow. so let's do the right thing, today. let's stay at home. let's wash up. let's always keep our distance - please, six feet apart at least. let's look after ourselves, as well as others. it will all be worth it. we can all do our part. so those on the front line can do their part. and when this is over, we will all, continue, to thrive.
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lowe'to supportitted frontline workers, and our more than 300,000 dedicated associates. thank you for everything you're doing. >>a dozen 3 d printers at ucsf have been buzzing churning out critical parts for face shields this effort started 3 weeks ago to address a growing concern about the supply of what has quickly become a very necessary piece of protective
8:41 pm
equipment orthopedic surgeons at ucsf found a way to print the face shiels online that require components which are now difficult to find here is on. >>calls for a laser cut a shield which i see a little bit better, it's a little bit clear but the bill billion that is actually quite difficult to right now. >>it cost less than $2 in materials to make each shield and they are held together by rubber band some elastic is also becoming more difficult to get more than 300 face masks or shields are being produced every day the frames can be cleaned and reused and the front face plastic can be swapped out as needed. >>in the north bay, a marine county sheriff's deputy is helping frontline healthcare workers by making and sharing some personal protective equipment for in health medical center nurse and investors posted this picture on her twitter account last week she says the tenet nina snyder made headbands and make protective masks more comfortable to wear for longer
8:42 pm
periods of time, there are buttons on the headband said hook onto the mask, so the mass don't have to go around the ears. those helpful mass have been distributed to health care workers battling coronavirus and more in the and san francisco. >>she was the face behind a major medical movement to help make a drug considered dangerous into a treatment option. but sadly the 13 year-old has passed away next at 8 a look into the important legacy. the child 3 behind and after the break an east bay outbreak the coronavirus hitting a e face adversity,
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your service appointment online. it's just our way of doing our part. >>time now for our foes our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at the embarcadero and sitting joint, you know some home our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow taken >>on the way low pressure still spinning around in southern california break. look good though was his mouth kind of hang in with the we're going to see some on the right. and he's got to get all let's get out of lawrence we're just going to try to think that a little bit later, there is continued concern tonight surrounding senior
8:46 pm
care facilities. >>in alameda county after an outbreak at one center in hayward tonight we've learned of another coronavirus related deaths kron four's kate rooney has the latest. >>after alameda county health officials confirmed an outbreak of covid-19 at gateway care and rehabilitation center in hayward the number of cases ru on thursday, 25 staff members have been infected along with 40 residents and 7 deaths among residents. so the county is working on containing the spread we've been emphasizing, you know everything from the importance of personal protective equipment and really trying to cut co waiting and then any patients with symptoms and alum. >>making sure that they're isolated as many people know a lot of recommendation the around making sure that no nonessential visitors come in think activities we have a long checklist recommendations to ensure those recommendations will be met going forward alameda county is partnering with the state health department to establish
8:47 pm
a task force for quote additional oversight and outbreak response as the task force gets up and running will be able to do even more. >>i'm interviewing and has the on side is it to try to ensure that the staff and the administration have the resources they need in the training they need to really and other facilities part of the problem has been staff who work at more than one facility and could spread the virus that way gateway is also facing criticism from some family members who say they haven't been able to get updated information on the health of their loved ones. the facility had no comment on these allegations for kron 4 as of thursday for kron 4 news, i'm kate rooney. many have praised california leaders for their swift action in responding to the coronavirus senator kamala harris is among them. >>at the same time she is extremely critical of the trump white house's handling of the crisis. >>i have to tell you that i hoped hopefully not with bravado and certainly with deep right is the daughter of california leaders have really
8:48 pm
been doing an extraordinary job and have been models for the rest of the country. i think there's been a under vacuum of leadership at the white house. we have a president united states was also the commander in chief and has is his responsibility to lift up the american people and our country in a time of crisis yet in this president we have had somebody who has it has misstated the facts and in fact live we have someone was dismissed the seriousness of this calling it a hoax we have someone who tries to shift blame from himself instead taking full control of the moment and leading in a way that is about lifting people up in terms of their condition and in terms of their spirit. >>ahead at kron 4 news tonight at 9 o'clock more of my conversation senator harris weighs in on calls for her to run as the vice presidential candidate for the democrats 13 year-old charlotte figgie passed away this week, charlotte had a rare form of epilepsy but medical marijuana change her life and in the
8:49 pm
process charlotte change the world. doctor sanjay gupta covered some of her story in the past and he reflects on the extraordinary legacy. she leaves behind. >>the last 20 years i have straddled the world of medicine and journalism. and in both professions i'm always reminded. stay objective. do your best work. but don't get too close. ablett little charlotte figgie that was impossible. she just had this way about her that smile that giggle just got you captured your heart. army. that was june 2019 have the last time i saw charlotte away and she was great. pretty good sweet hurt. >>i can't imagine back then imagine she be 12 years old and seeing her 12 years on what that would look like she was dying working really well when i first met charlotte. it was 2013. for our first film on medical marijuana we now
8:50 pm
call the lead. >>petr patter pitter pat to toe in the cave. >>we heard about this amazing 6 year-old from colorado who had a rare form of epilepsy. she had a seizure every 30 minutes everyone potentially fatal. no treatment had worked and then one day desperate tactics parents gave her a non psychoactive ingredient from the cannabis plant called canada or cbd with this is charlotte's web. she didn't have seizure that day and then she didn't have a seizure that night just to watch right. i thought this is crazy. >>it was at that moment, people started to see that marijuana which had been considered dangerous. it could also be a therapy change my mind oh yeah, and opened my eyes to the possibility that this was a legitimate medicine and something in the process been here she changed the world. >>by the most important thing i'll ever do was was to help
8:51 pm
my own child and then have share that information help others. charlotte fee. >>was the entire cbd movements wrapped up into a sweet little girl with a big smile. in an even bigger heart for her story changed policy about cannabis states were inspired by the story of charlotte figgie and made cbd more accessible around the united states to treat epilepsy. in turn. scientists around the world wanted to study charlotte special cbd oil. the for charlotte. no one really seem that interested in doing i was begging researchers and physicians. >>to work with us and help us understand the phenomenon that we were seeing and they absolutely would even talk to us were left out of rooms. now they bagged 2 research our product. >>it's her into short life to the and while she was almost
8:52 pm
as he missed the miracle she was also just a little girl love to go tandem biking with her mom. >>and while the last month was not easy. she had symptoms of covid-19 while never testing positive. she eventually develop pneumonia which once again unleash or seizures. her mother paige says charlotte was still smiling and happy. until the very end. when a seizure became more than her fragile little body could handle charlotte's life ended just as it began. in her mother's arms surrounded by family who loved her cherish are and protected her. all forever changed by this little girl who forever changed the world and everyone like me who are caught in her glorious orbit. please rest in peace charlie. lately, i've discovered that while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of.
8:53 pm
so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
8:54 pm
while keeping safe and staying in, we can still go out! -sort of. so while you're discovering new things to do in the box, we'll be here for you... at the drive-thru, on the mobile app, and with delivery.
8:55 pm
>>a shining a spotlight on dancing without limits it's a nonprofit organization based in danville that's dedicated to serving bay area children, living with down syndrome. it was co-founded by for high school girls attending san ramon valley and money mister high school campus is closed because of the coronavirus the
8:56 pm
group wanted to continue to give children living with down syndrome a way to express themselves while social distancing so. >>for the last several weeks advancing without limits has been hosting free online classes through zone. if you are interested in learning more you can find a link to the nonprofit's website on our website at kron 4 dot com you can nominate a person in your community doing great things to help other go to kron 4 dot com. look for the kron 4 heroes tab we look forward to hearing about amazing people in your neighborhood and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 and here's what we're working on for kron 4 news at 9 we'll have a live town hall meeting with san jose mayor sam liccardo we're going to talk to him about the city's response to the coronavirus pandemic plus and senator bernie sanders is out joe biden is now the top nominee expected for the democrats but who will be his vp talk with someone who could possibly be that candidate senator kamala harris kron 4 news at 9 starts next.
8:57 pm
a lot has changed in the last few weeks. but one thing hasn't: breakfast.
8:58 pm
and, if that feels like a little bit of comfort, it's thanks to... the farmers, the line workers and truckers, the grocery stockers and cashiers, and the food bank workers, because right now breakfast as usual is more essential than ever. to everyone around the world working so hard to bring breakfast to the table, thank you.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>watching kron 4 news. is ben been bending in the state of california, it's also stretchy. >>and at any moment if we pull back you can see that curve. >>go back up. >>now 9 governor gavin newsome says the actions taken in california have bent the coronavirus curve but health officials warn that deadly days are still ahead good evening. i'm ken wayne and i pale more in a news conference today governor newsome said the number of intensive care unit beds needed dropped yesterday by 1.9%. >>the governor did emphasize of course this is not a trend but a bend in the curve in california tonight. the total number of cases is close to 20,000 the number of deaths more than 500. globally there are more than 1.6 million coronavirus cases and more than 95,000 reported deaths.


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