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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 2, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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to anyo. she says she's just thankful her daughter quickly jumped into acon to prevent the situation from. to scott
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sanders house. pounding on our front door. >>then after the gentleman ran anthony bleedinghopping fences hoping for help when he hit jerry's ring doorbell just as the phoenix fire fighter was waking up guy that took a very pessmistic approach jerry though immediately calling 911 andatchi anthony closely i can tell he's hurt. >n some way shape or form. >>couldn't see any blood showing up are about starting to see it show up in random spots on the patio the young man told he told methat he had been shot 7 times that was his best guess how many times somebody had shot at him the suspects a 1617 18 year-old the oldest roderick
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smith in alreadconvict felon who allegedly confessed to carjacking anthony dring him to a t m's then shooting >>extremely i'm glad to hear is ok. i'm glad years the righteous dude. >>doctors were able to remove the bullet which was stuck in the victim's stomach hillbe atthe hospital for several moredays for covering what story about tonight at 5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stories he a look what's going on in your neighborhood right now and will starin the south bay where the san jose bomb squad wascalled to an apartment complex late last night. to evacuate kron 4 sarah ple stinson reports. >>it was a chaotic scene here at le tear apartment complex in san jose a bomb squad had to come here and respond to a from a device, a suspious canister. those actually releasing some odor and that's
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what made everyone el take a look at this video you can see apartment complex are here on the rossa circle this happened at 1017 on new year's ay a bystand was able to extinguish the fire before fire crews acally arrived, however crews located as i said 2 suspicious devices decribed s an it known canisterthat's when they decided to call the san jose fire department arson investigator and they were here for hours investigang the scene when they got here they were able to explode the device, they said that was the best course of action and they dove they exploded ina controlled manner before doing sothe building was evacuated due to the carport being located below the apament building once the device was rendered safe. the evacuation order was lifted and the scene was cleared around one 51 in out here you've seen the video lot of people who ve here were standing outside having to wait patiently until it was
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fe to go back inside this is what it looks like the day after you can see e car port is charred and ere's remnants of the fire still there obviously th investigation is very much ongoing as they continue to try to figure out why it was left and who left the suspicious devicein san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>to the north bay now to summit county sheriff's deputies have been injured in a crash in sant rosa happened on highway 12 right leader road while they were responding to a domesti violence call. these ar photos from the scene at one of the puties was hospitalized with moderate injuries >>all right time for weather check it out there tonight we're going to see beautiful night how abou this shot this coming from tehran in that gorgeous golden skies. there's thsun sets on the bay area see a fehigh clouds up above we may see a few patches of dense fog in the valleys tonight otherwise going stay mostly clear now this is where it gets interesting torrow
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looks like a nice day a lot of sunshine coming your way should be a gorgeous afternoon around the bay area but late in the day you starto see those clouds forming off the coastline staying dry on friday but overnight friday night into saturday morning there you go very rly in the morning just after 4 o'clock in the rning. the entire cold front lines across the bay area bringing with it se light rain as it moves through maybe a few 107 inch of ai as it pushes by if you sleep in you may just missed the whole thing and then it is back to some sunshine and a few clouds on saturday afternoon. temperatures tomorroshould be nice cool in san fransco, mainly in the 50's your goes low 60's along the coastline in pacifica 63 in san bruno about 61 in foster city 63 woodside 67 degrees pretty mild in the sunnyvale 65 degrees and sn 62 in dublin, 61 walnut creek you'll find sunshine up some patchy fog in the morning in benicia about 58 degrs in the afternoon 58 sam repellent 60 degrees and petaluma next couple days to return to a chance of some showers early on saturday morning, the dry
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weatheafter that. a large started to work it out for your health may be getting fit is one of your 2020 resolutions if so january. >>is the bet time they say to save on a gym membership. that's because ght now ealth clubs are offering promotions and some deals to win over the new year's a resolution crash had today's consumer watch meredith wood tells us how to save on fitness in the new year. >>getting fit this year c expense but if you mmitted to getting intoshape in 2020. experts say you don't have to overspend ju choose wisely a gym that is not hoping that but hoping that you come all e time d if you don't it work consumer of words has these tips to help you pay less number one. for a tri run most clubs offer free classes try out the gyms e equipment locker room and e if you like e communi. number 2 research prces and search for deals online
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discou websites you ziad major deals on fitness classes, trners and local jens someere that's. >>gives you an oppornity to try to mount a try to offer free. doesn't ofr you any kind contracts. exper say this forces gems to work hard to keeyou coming back numbe 3 negotiated deal consumer reports suggest you go straight to the gym'smanager. >>and some of the cel person they may be more likely to work out a better membrship price and most gym owners ar there in this because they want to help people for consumer watch i'm meredith wood ok, another tip you can join with a group. >>many gyms actually were lower thr monthly rates for a large group makes sense to either get a group of friends. they sato join or maybe check with your employer or your health insurer to see if they have any deals with any local gyms. doesn't hurt still to come. australians are horrified and in some cases frustrated with growing wildfires across that country.
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why they say their ime minister is not doing enough. bars after a deadly discovery on new yeaeve. but the mother of the victim
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>>a group of teenagers in texas is facing murder charges tonight after a 17 year old's body was found on new year's eve police say a these 5 teens knew robert duncan and they were the last ones to see him alive duncan's body was discovered in miand tes on tuesday. >>nearly a week after he wt missing. his mom is still searchingor answers about what really happened to her son. >>trying to give a different ory to divert. eyes when
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say otherwise and they're the last ones. >>this is therobber. >>to thteens havebeen charged with pital murder, which means that they could get thedeath penalty. another one is facing a le serious murder charge in the othe2 were booked on unrelated charges. >>stl ahead tonight unfinished marijuana business will ll you why supporters of the safe anking act say passing the law will make
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>>in national news tonight, a bill that uld provide %king access to marijuana businesses was one of the items congress left finished in 20 19 r the us senate has not even voted on the measure washington correspondent alexandra le mon tells us about e bill's prospects now in 2020. >>33 states ha legalized the sale of medical or recreatiol marijuana. but the booming indtry does not
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have access to bankg because marijuana sales are illegal federally in an industry frankly that i think. >>the drifts tord problems anyway, but if you make it all cash. you do highly increase the bad things that can happen republican missouri senator roy unt and democratic oregon tor jeff merkley burke supportthe safe bankg act which was passed the us house last year. >>they say having a cash based industry creates a lot of problems lot souls because operators to break into stores becase >>changing your voice your taxes to the red birds but the bill also faces stiff opposition in the senate the chairman of the banking committee for example says he's concerned that giving the marijuana industry access to making will also make it sier for drug cartels to under money with thiis
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really about is federall lelizing rijuanalooking doses with smart approachesto marijuana, a group which lobbied hard to stop the bill the states that have said we don't want to have ite legalized will still deal with the consequences never otto's the new big tobacco and says his organization will fight any bils that helped th industry grow in washington alandra leigh mound. >>tragedy in indonesia where severe floodi here in jakarta has left a large part of the capital under water at least 30 people have ed. torrential rains have been pounding the greater jakarta egion since new year's eve. among the dead 17 people wer swept away by flood wate 5 5 were elctrocuted the heavy rains are predicted to continue for at least a few more days. >>and in australia, many residents are furious with the prime minister's response to the growingwildfires there today prime mister scott morrison went to visit with pele living in the middle of
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the danger zone and was met was shouting and demands for acti one woman says that sh would only shake his hand in der to get more money for the rural fire service while another group screamed atim to leave their town. australia is facing the worst wildfire have been fires burning in e every ste there across the country at lst 17 people have died and nearly 1300 homes have been destroyed. >>tragedy there as we turn our forecast fortunately we got rain e past month or so and we don't have those fire concerns now it's hard know what day of the week it is this time of year you know, itl still feel number but recovering from the celebration. but i think the weekd's coming it is break for people right out gets out of school behind me still treling about so hers what we forecast if you're still heed around california to the monterey bay. you find some sunshine and some high clouds temperature going to be
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in the 's and 60's southern california fine a little more sunshine and some wmer weather 74 downtown los angeles 70 in anaheim in pasadena at 70. >>insan diego about skiing up there on the slope should be very nice 51 degrees south lake tahoe watch out. there's weak weather system coming in on saturday that will bring with it a little more snow across the sierra. how about a gorgeous sunset tonight what about that look at all the colors in the sky tonit, the reds, the oranges the yellows just a gorgeous sunset outside as we begin this new year the and looks like it is going to be a bit cold out there for tonight but here's the good news. you like the dry weather the high-pressure holding on it will bud in for one more day kind of rolling in right across california that will keep things a mostly clea and sunny and bright for tomorrow, these temperatures n be very nice up on the south they can see some warmer temperatures mid 60's and a san jose out 61 in oakland and about 0 degrees in san francisco. on laura's forecast though things do change tomorrow looks okay
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things change though as we head le friday night into saturday morning storm system comes and brings with it a chance some showers now the weak system ki of schools by the bay area on sunday evening. th another week one after that to really no major orms on the horizon that being said wewill keep things fair status. quo there's a
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>>an unexpected sight in the atlantic just off the coast of but seeing it up clo a group was reeling in a hu cah on news 10 yesterday wn they spotted this great white in marco reports. >>and guys when they setout on their fisng trip wednesday morning, the people on board the out of the ue ver expected to see rod tweaked over and man it was on. as works for a fishing at quarters, the company that was running thnew year's day
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charter. he ss he's been doing this professionally for what happens we're all like at in the world is that we had no idea was going on the day actually started out pretty slowly. they say they spent out 3 ours whout any real bite and then all of the sudden there it was. >>is wild one. we didn't know it was for while and mped out of the water that was crazy pretty much the entire boat start yanking down so we know we have the big one the great white put up a prettod fight it took the entire both working inturns over an hour to get up close. but eventually they were able to tag and asure it saying it was 13 feet long it was like seeina unicorn or just all blown away never started a ye like this one at's for sure. well that's quite a fish story is actually butthat's a goolook at that time. >>you know getting any give us an 13 feetwow. >>in margot reporting ere the great white did not have a tag on itbut again the
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it once they found it and reeled it and that was scientists will now be able to folw its journey. gathers apps for that too that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time. the meantimeit time for kron 4 news at 6happy new year pam oran, n weight right grant vicki thanks to you both coming up tonight at 6 o'clock a local civil rights attorneys suing the oakland poice department for an alarming incident that happened 2 years ago by he says cannot stay quiet any loer shocking video released of a car going ver the side of a cliff near half moon b where the search for that missing vehicle and iver stands tonight. and more than 400 restaurants in the bay ar have closed their doors how some small binesses are suffering they say due to th many expensive taxes and
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as president. mrb: i'm mike blmberg and i appre this message.
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