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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  June 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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francisco has seen an increase in opioid overdoses and deaths just this month. and especially last weekend that is why there's this new warning for people, thanks for joining us. everyone, i'm grant lotus and on the killer aca's core fours. taylor psaki spoke with a drug safety advocate today. >>she joins us now live taylor. what's the reason for this recent spike. >>well the dough projects says that the city's fentanyl supply is higher than normal meeting that the 3rd that there's a higher concentration in previous samples now i also talked department of public health today, and they confirmed that there was at least 8 overdose deaths last week. >>this warning posted across streets in san francisco after the city saw spike in overdose deaths we knew that something was happening. we knew that the drug supply of most likely shifted kristen marshall is the manager of the drug overdose prevention and education ordo project the group that posted this overdose advisory her mission is to ensure that people who use drugs have the supplies they need to have the supplies
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resources and information they need to stay safe and to keep each other alive. so specifically where the program that insures naloxone access we've been doing it for 15 years in the city the department of public health confirms there's been at least for us sandisk only lose about 200 folks a year to drug deaths. >>marshall in the dough project believe it has to do with the city's fentanyl supply sandals a really strong synthetic >>you defend all that out on the street is i'm usually cut with a lot of different things so it to that strength and kind of potency differs in very really very across the city right now. >>project says the city's fennel and drug supply contains more fennel than sables they've previously tested. advisory in are distributing more harm reduction supplies street drug supply will always be inconsistent and unpredictable on it changes all the time it's never just one drug. so people who are engaged with
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that street drug supplier constantly making decisions and adjustments. >>to keep themselves safe. that's why we distribute naloxone in the city. >>marshall says the overdose numbers are now starting to normalize we're also waiting on the official toxicology results to confirm that fennel causes deaths reporting live in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor. well you can breathe a little easier and maybe even soon grab a seat if you're a by writer yeah, the federal transit administration announcing today it is giving bart. >>hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding to ease congestion kron four's gayle ong live in the city tonight she spoke with bart and writers about what this means for commuters gail this is like a lifeline. >>jagr and good news for bargain writers and bart as they're trying to do you can just all the traffic across the bay area on the roads and in the train. thank you guard initially at as for one billion in federal funding so
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this grant announced today. it's considered a down payment. >>everyone breaking news from washington dc now was bart general manager grace chronic in thursday talking about the million bart will receive from the federal transit administration we got the grant we're going to be let into engineering and i want to thank speaker pelosi and senator feinstein for working with the administration to make this happen. thank you very much. >>the money will go towards the transbay quarter core capacity project the goal is to run more trains through the transbay tube and lengthening peak hour tracks to help relieve crowding in the transit system and those driving on a clogged roads bridges and tunnels. >>that would be wonderful and now they've been trying to fix the transbay tube for a while there's a lot of backups in the 2 i think going to be great for our city. >>especially services go oakland a lot of you know jobs are out there for us so we'll be able to network and get places without driving cars. they be a great experience for the whole >>according to bart 2310 car trains and one through the
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trans the 2 per hour each 10 car train can carry about 2000 people with the 1000 commuters going through the to each day. >>barr wants to make it 3010 car trains per hour which is why the federal grant is vital it's going to allow us to safely run trains closer together. >>if we do that that allows us to read more trains during the day that really increases our capacity. >>bar is also planning to use the grant money to improve the electrical system add additional vehicles installing new train control system and new train storage. >>mark also says by february 2020. all trans a peak trains will be 10 car trains live in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>big story we're following for you tonight tonight, the sacramento police department is mourning the loss of one of its officers, 26 year-old tara o'sullivan had been on the job for only 6 months before she was gunned down night east bay
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native such a sad story police say they do have a suspect in custody. khan for sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala reports. >>why would he do that neighbors in north sacramento, still trying to make sense of what happened here wednesday night police say they booked 45 year-old adele some but i know ramos on murder charges after shooting and killing sacramento police officer tar o'sullivan's that's a gator say ramos began firing at o'sullivan as she helped the woman grabbed belongings from a home after domestic incident, investigators say ramos continue to fire rounds from a rifle for hours until finally surrendering to police early thursday morning, some neighbors say they thought ramos was kind of jury still at the gate gentleman, but sothere's always more to the pitcher than meets the eye so. >>messed up standing in solidarity with police a community member tied up blue ribbons in support of the rookie officer and the police still processing her murder scene thursday. >>she gave her young life
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while protecting our community sacramento's mayor shaken by her death to tar as parents and family inter as fellow officers. i am so sorry. that was ashley zavala reporting for us tonight. coming up at 9.30 we will hear from people who went through the police academy with tara. a man who barricaded himself in the sand and selma home for 7 hours has been identified as a 33 year-old brian diego goes used furniture to block the door of his room in the home at about 11 15 last night after his roommate called police and accused him of vandalizing his vehicle. this happened in the 200 block of butterfield road which is near brookside elementary school. police thought that they heard guy a ghost loading a shotgun so they evacuated the home now one point. police say a goes allegedly brandished a knife from his window and threatened to harm himself. davis finally surrendered to police just after 7 o'clock this morning. he was booked into the gregg
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county jail. >>and he's bay tonight, a community has come together to protest a concrete a swastika placed prominently and guys front yard we've been following the story now for weeks and people who are hoping this man will see how hurtful it is in remove it rally here tonight. kron four's justine waldman takes us there where she also had an interesting encounter with that homeowner. exactly what this an art well wants to have. at a busy intersection. >>it's not to stumble in their community. the group's petition to get rid of it has now been signed by 15 1000 people. it's scary that is a scary you build a concrete monument to 8 in your front yard. they've it over tear get out of it. when del drive the
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swastika is now covered with blankets but a parked truck. >>homeowner steve johnson has said he built a tibetan symbol as a way to prevent but he was not interested in talking to kron 4. but taking it down. >>think that stone and say this was dug out i believe in what pride i believe in killing people were like me. he's like get like tumbleweeds. babers have offered to pay for its removal. >>and help destroy it. >>we don't feel that the swastika sculpture represents our community it's our hope is that he will honor this request from his neighbors. up to help. >>the group is considering legal action and have the swastika declared a public
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nuisance that is if the homeowner does message without it. also projects. >>police arrested 3 men in connection with a string of car burglaries in santa clara there are pictures of the man 2 are from oakland, one is from sacramento as you can see there police say that they burglarized cars in mountain view sunnyvale palo alto and cupertino the trio were arrested without incident this week, a burglary tools and stolen property were found inside the car they were driving. >>parents of a man who died in pleasanton police custody. last year have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and the police department jacob our died when officers responded to a complaint about him causing a disturbance at the rallies grocery store on snow boulevard the alameda county
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coroner's report. states that the cause of death is a mess overdose, but the family argues he died at the hands of police the lawsuit alleges officers restrained shakeups hands and legs put a spit mask over his face and used a stun gun on him several times without a legitimate reason. another face today as the first defense witnesses were called to the stand for the dairy cow minute. trial that's the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland. >>yeah, a burning sofa outside the warehouse is the link they say between the 3 witnesses and the defendant. harper says it made unit has details. >>go ship president a childhood friend of the master to did and an unlicensed contractor who installed a still fired or the worked on the electricity being supplied to the warehouse that is the first line up of defense witnesses called to the stand for derick almena here at the goal ship trial in oakland, something the witnesses have in common all 3 testified that they saw oakland firefighters
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taking a tour of the go shipped led by derick almena after firefighters responded to a couch fire incident outside the warehouse back in september 2014 2 years before the fire that killed 36 people it called if it did that here is each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for their deaths alamein as lead defense attorney tony serra talks about white decided to call these witnesses on day one. >>our witnesses were put on today for one reason and one reason only. to show that there were fire. personnel. shebaa teeny included that went into go shipped. in the first or son in 2014. they have and the more plea that 9 day when in. and we at the end of this case will point to 3 who said not only is they go in they took a tour and on one occasion they would then
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changed. >>the defense also called oakland police officer j fact or a he testified responding to a child protective services welfare check on a man has 3 children. he also testified that he personally only with 5 feet inside the front door, the warehouse and he did not see any signs of people living there. >>he. i completely agree. he didn't add anything new probably to some degree her >>the next witness for the defense. there are calm and his wife. she's anticipated to take the stand next week in oakland haaziq kron 4 news. >>homes in the city of mill valley could end up looking a lot different if a new ordinance meant to prevent wildfires is adopted that city is considering require homeowners and not the wild land urban interface which is about 75% of the town from having any vegetation other than succulents within 3 feet of their homes. their proposal would also ban certain types of plants like a kaisha bamboo
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italian cedar and juniper from being used in landscaping within 30 feet of homes because they're so flammable the court nader, a fire safe moran explains how certain species of plants are dangerous during a wildfire. >>when you look inside the bamboo we find a lot of dead material it's built up in here dead leaves that are packed in its this is a flammable hedge that's going to potentially burn the house down and impede the roadway when people are evacuating right next to it as juniper with this is one of our great concerns when we look inside the jennifer. it's all dead wood inside. >>you can find fire safer into list of fire resistant plants on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>information there as we take a peek outside and check on the 4 zone forecast looking at shade of blue during this twilight hour. first day of summer tomorrowyo for a sandwic know you really notice, there's a little breeze out there joining us now meteorologists. >>of recent rodriguez those winds could be a problem when
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it comes to fire danger. yeah that's right because i am tracking northerly winds right along the coast right now in the bay area. >>still to the south though for those of you in the north bay, but it's going to switch to the north right around midnight tonight, so anytime we see those northerly winds. if those gusty offshore winds that we worry about especially when you see wind speeds around that 20 mile per hour range in the north bay but fortunately tracking. calmer winds speeds out there right now, especially for those of you in napa still a little bit breezy with sustained winds around 20 miles per hour. for those of you in fairfield but we could see gusts upwards of about 35 miles per hour or less in the north bay mountains specifically in sonoma napa and even marine counties so it's critical fire weather danger right now for sacramento valley and even parts of lake county. but fortunately for us in the bay area were out of the woods as far as that high fire danger threat goes. but still close enough with that's certainly something we want to keep an eye on hear from the kron for weather center just because
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any time you see gusty wind speeds from the north of those warm dry mountain breezes that don't spark fires, but certainly helps them spread. and we are going to keep an eye on that here in the coming days because we're expecting that same pattern tonight and also for your friday night as well, today's daytime highs though we're right about average so beautiful spring-like temperatures in the bay area with the exception of santa rosa, 10 degrees below average but you're going to warm up into the mid 80's by tomorrow afternoon and that's also the start of summer solstice the warming up just in time here in the bay area but a very clear calm night. a little bit breezy out there right now and that's why we aren't seeing that marine layer right along the coast. due to those northerly winds really pushing that marine layer out of our coastline and because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover to really start our day we're going to warm up very nicely by tomorrow afternoon, but temperatures right now widespread 50's along the coast 60's as you make your way inland. overnight lows in the low to mid 50's so still relatively mild but tomorrow's
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daytime highs, a few degrees above average not just along the coast, but in our interior valleys as well 60's throughout the san francisco peninsula 70's right along the east bay shoreline and then widespread low to mid and even upper 80's as you make your way into the interior valleys and only getting warmer and hotter from there all weekend long 2 we start to cool down early next week with no rain in sight for the next 7 days they can grant back to you. >>thanks for bruce said just a week after their failed championship bid those same words looking to rebuild there roughed up bras are and with tonight's 28th pick in the draft to worry ism the university of michigan, aim to remember her yet the move a shows the focus on helping their hurt offense for the. >>next season, but the team is also focused on getting guys who can help out right away right away. kron four's dan thorn is live the warriors training facility tonight where there was a draft party
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of sorts dan who knows really whether this guy's going to be. >>a good player, a great player, whatever what's the vibe there at the headquarters. >>we actually just got some breaking news of the 39th overall pick in the draft by the new orleans pelicans on the warriors just traded for and they're looking to bolster a on their big men lie in this in this offense right now john allen smiley keach is a guy that they just picked up a knee has some bay area ties having played for the g league at the santa cruz warriors who's on the youngest players never do that in 18 years old. but this team as you mention is beating up right you have tree must use the clay thompson who's down right now you kevin duran who is down right now on this team is really looking to focus on on improving on on really finding a way to battle themselves back and just get these players fully out there on the court entrapping jordan poole in the first round to get a solid shooter, his biggest a highlight came in the 2018 to double a tournament or pull in a game winning three-pointer
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as time expired against houston to help michigan advance to the sweet 16 with their second-round pick which they bought from atlanta the dubs to karen pascoe a power forward from going over he's been recognized as a good defender in a well-rounded player is also been compared to another golden state warrior and draymond green's you can see they're looking at these guys they're hoping not only shoot but also play on both sides of the court but this warriors team has a lot of uncertainty kevin duran possibly leaving via free agency and that doesn't happen is out for at least a season because of his achilles injury by thompson who is expected to be back with the warriors next season will also miss the huge chunk of the season because of his torn acl the warriors are showing their seriousness in this trap by picking up strong players like i said who could play on both sides of the court. the general manager bob myers has maintained that winning is the primary goal of this golden state warriors team. one of the more interesting reports to come out today and this is from espn on is the warriors considering a sign and trade scenario with kevin durant meaning that the warriors with
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and make sure that the rain gets paid by signing him to a multiyear deal making rehab for the year and then later on when a team is looking to sign probably the second best player on the planet through kevin duran warriors come and collect some serious assets to continue to build on their future of course if this isn't an option it would have to be based on trust and we will see what ends up happening with that warriors also have a another pick that is coming up very soon on number 58. overall and we will see the end of picking with that is the latest here live in oakland dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>lot of good words information thank you dan live for us tonight, other news now pg e is building temporary transmission lines in southern marin county because it's wild fire safety inspections have identified 10 towers that need replacing those transmission towers dot the southern marin hills and wind their way through that golden gate national recreation area
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during fire safety inspections. the utility identified 10 of 11 that need to be replaced trails of already been shut down so that pg can start putting in the temporary transmission lines so the lights don't go off in sausalito while the towers are line should be in place in about 45 days, the new towers will take a year or more to complete. >>president trump is reacting to iran shooting down a us drone in the middle east and giving some vague answers about the american response abby phillip has more. ron made a big mistake. >>as tensions with iran reach a fever pitch president trump meeting with canadian prime minister and sounding a very different tone than his military and diplomatic advisers collyer on downing of a us drone a mistake. >>i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was a loose and that did it. >>as for how the us might respond the president saying wait and see. earlier trump
9:21 pm
huddled with national security and military advisors about the incident as defense and state department officials briefed lawmakers on capitol hill. one trump ally who spoke with him earlier today is urging the president to take action. i would encourage >>forceful action to stop this behavior. before it leads to a water. the conflict doing nothing has its own consequence if you do nothing the see us as weak. >>but a short time later trump emphasized that this attack did not cause death or injury us person now. we had nobody in the drought. >>look what made a big difference. let me tell you. >>this coming after sources told cnn the president privately downplayed last week's attack oil tankers in the gulf of oman which his military leaders say iran was behind because they did not involve us ships. today as his hawkish secretary of state and national security advisor
9:22 pm
looked on trump tonight that he's being pushed into combat. in fact in many cases since the opposite but i will say look i said. >>i want to get out of these endless wars i campaigned on that, but with iran's provocations increase a look the president acknowledging that this attack may change his calculus. >>this is a new wrinkle this is a new fly in the ointment what happened shooting down the drone. >>and the country will not stand for that i can tell you. >>iran's foreign minister tweeted today saying iran does not seek war with the us, but. .
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>>money rideshare drivers are asking for better pay and employment rights yeah bill is making its way through the state legislature that would make it harder for companies like lyft and uber to classify drivers as independent contractors. this video is from a rally in la yesterday, the drivers are asking for a $30 an hour wage. as well as better working conditions, a rideshare driver advocacy group says classifying them as employees would make them eligible for minimum pay safety protections in certain benefits lyft said in a statement that most of their drivers value, the flexibility of the current set up and one it preserved if you will your new tesla e to pay extra that's according to a tweet from seo elan musk.
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>>starting next month black paint will cause buyers an additional $1000 that would bring black in line with the costs for silver and blue paint musk did not explain the reason for the price hike and tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment. you can still get a simple white tesla at no extra charge. acted to protect and serve, but they allegedly exact opposite white several dozen police officers have been taken off the streets and put on administrative duty. >>one of the country's biggest cities. >>plus a man goes the extra mile to get away from police at a las vegas resort how police responded after he jumped nearly 20 feet from the bridge and heavy hearts for the rookie sacramento police officer killed last night in the line of duty. tonight we're hearing
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>>now at 9.30 we continue our coverage of the sacramento police officer who was shot last night. police say tar o'sullivan was shot and killed while answering a disturbance call at a home. the man into the home and just started shooting with a rifle, a sullivan was rushed to the hospital in serious condition after being shot cross forcefully to go reports now from the east bay. >>where officer sullivan grew up. >>before officer tara o sullivan joined the sacramento police department last year she grew up in pleasant hill where her parents still live both her mother and father are too broken up to speak.
9:30 pm
neighbors also shocked to hear about o'sullivan's passing we stopped by college park high school where she graduated in 2011, several of her photos are found in the yearbook the first senior year tara o sullivan was a member of the women's varsity soccer team she was very busy throughout high school having served in the explorer program for the martinez police department from 2008 to 2011 in a statement. martinez police say quote the tar o'sullivan will always be remembered as a vibrant energetic and passionate community servant who rose through the ranks as an explorer sergeant and serve the community with purpose. in 2011 she also participated in the pleasant hill police departments explorer program in o'sullivan's honor. pleasant hill police flying the flags at half-staff same goes for college park. o sullivan also took general education classes at diablo valley college in 2011 before transferring to sacramento
9:31 pm
state university. in a statement, the v c says quote we are proud of her success and of her choice to serve and protect and give back to her community. we are heartbroken that her life was taken at such a young age and behind the college police department. o'sullivan remembered for her brave service. in pleasant hill felipe took all kron 4 news. >>this is the second time this year, the sacramento area has lost a young female rookie officer back in january 22 year old davis police officer, natalie corona. you see here was shot and killed in the line of duty. she was responding to a traffic accident in downtown davis when a gunman opened fire on her and took off he was later found dead inside a nearby home from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >>in fremont police are investigating a hate crime that happened at about midnight in a parking lot near son dale drive police arrested 55 year-old john maddah they say he threw rocks at 2 men,
9:32 pm
anyone who was wearing a muslim cap after that the victim in his friend confronted matter. and that's when matta flashed a wooden stick that of commented on the victim's ethnicity. the stated something similar to you are not allowed to be here. the suspect fled on a bicycle and the victim and his friend called 911. police later found matta and arrested him a short time later. >>the san bruno fire department secretary has pleaded not guilty today to charges of propositioning a teenage boy for a at a peninsula high school last month. police say 68 year-old gary carson passed a note containing pornographer e to a 16 year-old student who was sitting in his brother's car in a parking lot at school. carson was arrested and has been placed on administrative leave. he was off duty at the time of the alleged proposition he'll be back in court next month. he's currently out on $50,000 bail. show 90% of americans support
9:33 pm
universal gun background checks yet, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is blocking the bill. >>by refusing to call for a vote. the bill hr 8 passed in february. it requires background checks on all firearm sales in the country. currently only license gun dealers must perform background checks for anyone seeking to purchase a firearm democrats, including house speaker nancy pelosi have made this a top priority in the nen congress and it's also personal for former arizona. a congresswoman gabby gifford who was shot in 2011. >>stopping gun violence takes courage. courage to do what's right. courage you ideas, i've seen great courage. one my life along the line. now is the time t ce gether and simple. democrats republicans everyone we must never stop. >>mike.
9:34 pm
>>republican leadership and gun grounds have not reacted to the latest push from democrats and show no sign of changing their positions. >>but a man pulled out a gun while walking down las vegas boulevard a police chase started and it ended with a man throwing himself off a pedestrian bridge. that was this morning see aerial pictures here. the man fell about 15 to 20 feet was taken into custody and taken to a hospital. police say they also found the gun the suspect had thrown into the bush is storing the foot chase. police departments in 2 major us cities have launched investigations into some of their own accused of making online threats to citizens expected to protect and serve. >>greg argus report. >>i understand it's the world but it makes me sick to be honest with you it really makes me sick because we are in a position to know better. >>a passionate police commissioner richard ross telling reporters wednesday. this department is thoroughly working to identify and
9:35 pm
investigate officers who may have made racist and violent public facebook posts 72 officers have been placed on administrative duty. status as a result of the initial. investigation the commissioner says those officers have been pulled from duties where they would interact with the public. their department issued sidearms turn did we have the responsibility to make sure that we absolutely have the right officer. >>assigned to the appropriate. >>this update on the investigation comes about 2 weeks after the plain view project released thousands of controversial derogatory and racist posts they say came from police officers. departments throughout the country. every pose is being looked at everyone. ross says out of the 72. a few dozen will likely face disciplinary action after an outside law firm determines whether or not the posts fall and are protected speech and not prepared to tell you at this point. >>who's being disciplined and
9:36 pm
how many may be terminated, but i can tell you with a degree of certainty there are some people who will meet with that feat. >>it's premature and irresponsible for the commissioner to tell the public that police officers will be fired without a complete investigation in 2 officers, social media use responds fop lodge 5 president john nick knows be in a written statement, he continues. our officers are entitled to due process just like any other citizen. >>and i'm tracking mild temperatures tonight, but then warming up starting on friday, lasting all weekend long more coming up in my microclimate forecast and this weekend in the east bay and aviation event trying pilots and plane months from all across the west. we have a preview coming up. >>and get those reinforcements in here with klay thompson and kevin duran out with serious injuries. the warriors tonight, start to reload they need help offensive read
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>>alright errigo draft night means it's a critical time for the golden state front office trying to find the next group of warriors who will make an impact with the 28th overall selection the team went with michigan shooting guard. jordan poole know regardless of klay thompson or kevin durant. ou be so golden state address is a serious need exactly that from 2 years with the wolverines average 37% from beyond the arc said to be
9:40 pm
real real good real consistent. >>the words an amazing in the there they want their state to be that people apply to something this is a game in i'm being a with a suit that is the state of mind and find a way to come in and make an impact and the numbers to learn from the is something deflation the side of >>warriors have been busy at the back into this draft. they also took villanova forward eric pascual 41th overall scouting reports say he's a solid player with great versatility extremely effective around the rim. golden state also drafted alen smailagic at 39 power forward with the santa cruz g league affiliate now as for the first player to have their names called tonight. no surprise here. what's been expected for the last several months finally became official duke superstars ford's eye on
9:41 pm
williamson and this year's number one overall pick going to the new orleans pelicans after treating anthony davis to la the pals now planning for his eye on to be the franchise's next cornerstone the 18 year-old consider generational talent was a walking highlight in his freshman season averaging more than 22 points a game and 9 boards in nearly 2 blocks we're out to player of the year honors. let's finish up in france team usa in sweden, women's world cup kicking up in the 3rd the minute may get repeat up on the corner kick. so lindsey horan slopes in for the finish. and in the 2nd half check out this play tobin heath a one on one situation what a shot and slices into the net actually ruled an own goal by sweden's keeper regardless it counts team usa wins 2 zip advances to the knockout stage up next spain in the round of 16 coming up on kron 4 sport to 10 we check in with our bay area baseball clubs, a's and rays at
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>>were you in this weekend's pilots and aviation enthusiasts are getting set to bring together a big show it's called the livermore flying. >>just like fun takes place at the livermore municipal airport this friday and saturday and it's open to the public. our first ken wayne talk to the event organizer about what you can see and do. how many people are going to be there you have to be a pilot to go and what's going to be at that event in
9:45 pm
livermore. >>e really looking forward to this friday and saturday june 2122. at the livermore municipal airport we're going to have pilots and aviation enthusiast a recreational fliers coming from all over. the southwest united states to join the cement to 2 day event it's free it's open to the public. you don't have to be a pilot to come in fact we really encourage non pilots to come out because it's a great way to it to see aviation what we call general aviation really up close and personal on saturday we're going to have a program a saturday afternoon a seminar called you can be a pilot which is specifically aimed at non pilots to learn about the potential careers in aviation as well as just even flying for fun recreation. so a lot of different things for families will have a whole kids area a lot of social stuff happening. by the evening. we have we call the flight line cookout which does require tickets in advance to get on our website it's a great chance to just hang out hamburgers have a drink and and as a part of that we're
9:46 pm
going really cool area aeronautical demonstration happening right there. after dinner store or dinner right on the flight line just don't know few 100 feet away from the runway. so some neat things that people can do who are not aviators to get up close and experience aviation appreciate it was shoe all the best this weekend in livermore so if you have any interest in aviation whatsoever if you just want to look around. >>it's the place to be and find out more at a o p a dot org or on our website kron 4 dot com. >>yes, something tells weekends going to be there quite the aviation enthusiast's again it's the livermore flying in to find out more about the event just visit kron 4 dot com. >>well, no rain here, but drivers along the new jersey shoreline dealing with major flooding officials spent part of the overnight hours rescuing people from their cars after thgot trapped some parts of the region, receiving as much as 5 inches of rain in just 24 hours. >>come outside and it's up to her front door. there's not an ounce or to see end to our
9:47 pm
basement is completely flooded shows coming in through there. that goes right in the kitchen to the whole house completely flooded. >>that's bill maher one of the shore resort towns storms are still sweeping through so be doing so this evening before drier air moves in tomorrow. >>and that our 4 zone forecast yes, as we take a live look at san francisco's embarcadero beautiful. >>casey the and the wind apparently those trees sometimes are blowing those. france is on the right side of the screen left side of the screen but not so right now tomorrow is summer as we welcome immigrants arrive reagan is i know a lot of different parts of the bay even tahoe are going to see a lot of folks out about. >>yeah, warm temperatures whoa this weekend and also for the bay area we're going to be well above average just in time for summer which kicks off tomorrow morning at 00:54am in the morning. that's when summer solstice begins storm tracker 4 already tracking those changes out there northerly winds really reducing that marine layer very shallow right along the
9:48 pm
coast of the bay area. dry and calm conditions at least for now for those of you out south lake tahoe. there is a wind advisory though that is just about to expire we did see wind gusts upwards of 40 miles per hour. right along south lake tahoe today which was very dangerous conditions. 4 boaters out there, but your sierra forecast for the next 3 days calling for cool temperatures on friday and then warming up just in time for this weekend. the warmest day of the next 3 days will be sunday with daytime highs in the upper 70's for this year. here closer to home, golden gate bridge right now dealing with a very shallow marine layer, some high clouds overhead but we are going to notice that marine layer diminishing day by day because of these above average temperatures. temperatures right now already cooling down into the 50's widespread 60's though as you make your way inland. and overnight lows tonight, we'll be on the mild side low to mid-fifties with the exception of antioch 61 degrees. let's take a look at your microclimate friday forecast first full day of summer and with that
9:49 pm
temperatures already looking and feeling very summer like upper 60's for downtown san francisco in pacific and the low 60's for you, half moon bay, afternoon highs. some light to breezy northerly winds around 20 miles per hour or less giving us mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures with burlingame warming up into the low 70's. palo alto mid 70's for you in redwood city fording with a tease and widespread low 80's for those of you in the south bay santa clara and san jose 81 degrees. cupertino 83 degrees for your friday afternoon highs and even the east bay hills could see some gusty northerly winds at times livermore 83 degrees hayward 75 degrees. and widespread 70's throughout the east bay shoreline, ille mid 70's for you for those of you in the north bay tracking widespread 80's there napa 82 degreein santa rosa, warming up into the mid 80's and let's take a look at your allergy outlook for your friday medium
9:50 pm
amounts of these top 3 allergens and the warming trend will continue all weekend long until we start to cool off by early next week back to hugh grant and bank humid very seen a sometimes we do these stories. a new study says for your health club above the bottom line with this one. >>the older you are if you're an adult the more likely you are to wear deodorant. >>okay, ok, here's a setting 39% of 18 to 24 year olds. they say they haven't worn it or an upper sprint in the past 30 years americans 30 days, 48% say they haven't bought those products in the past year that half. those numbers go down steadily as age increases however, 31% of 25 34 year-old and 16% of points on numbers there but basically they just reported going without the product allman, there's no explanation for exactly why the young folks are shunning the owner donate it. they are they do need it
9:51 pm
that's the thing no just you i guess the school not to any way they appear to mirror other generations on issues of id like washing your hair day to see i think it's not cool not to wear dealer. >>more pregnant mothers never are apparently smoking pot. a new study found that in 2017 7%, a future moms in the us admitted to using marijuana. while expecting that's more than double compared to 15 years prior the pot usage is the highest in the first trimester when a fetus is most vulnerable and the vast majority of those women use pot without a doctor's recommendation. there's no clear cut answer as to how pot affect the fetus but the cdc says marijuana could lead to developmental problems and low birth weight. >>on the subject of pot cannabis sales are going up on a global scale this due in part to canada's recent legalization of marijuana. the world cannabis market could hit billion this year. that is according to industry insiders, it's up 36% for
9:52 pm
2018. that includes the sale of cbd based pharmaceuticals revenue from medical and recreational dispensaries hemp derived products and non psychoactive cbd the annual the state of the legal cannabis market report. it was released today. taking on a
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>back a songwriting team is
9:55 pm
su nbc saying they stole a song and used it to introduce sunday night football >>that lawsuit was filed in manhattan federal court over the song game on. singer heidi merrill says that she pitched a song carrie underwood's producer back in 2016 who passed on it fast forward to 2018 merrill says the sunday night football tune is a direct copyright violation of the song that she says she wrote. so she's suing carrie underwood the nfl and nbc her lawyer says quote this is a blatant attempt by a celebrity singer to rip off other artists work and it won't be tolerated. no comment from nbc underwood or the nfl. >>angelina jolie has a new job time magazine has hired her as a contributing editor. the academy award winner is justice anonymous these days with human rights activism as her acting career. and she's going to right about everything jolie will pen a new article onth are writing is expected to tap
9:56 pm
into your experience traveling the world and serving as a special envoy to the united nations high commission on refugees julie's first article titled what refugees is now available online and will appear in the july first issue of the print magazine. >>some people drunk dial other people drunk purchase one such person would be russell crowe they're a during an interview on howard stern's serious x and satellite show the actor says that he bought it dinosaur head from being caprio like you do. 10 years ago the 2 stars just hanging out they were drinking vodka sounds like copious amounts of vodka when cap real mentioned that he had the skull but he was going to sell it because there was another one that he wanted to finish. so crow offered to buy the dinosaur tha head was later sold at an auction to pay for his divorce is getting complicated divorces can get expended can i'm so we tried to get ahead of the deal. i sold the skull
9:57 pm
turns out it was a fossil relative of the monitor so there you have it. >>well that's a lot of money but a lot of vodka think it happened interesting story that wraps up kron 4 tonight. >>our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore in cannes winner here with pride. >>they can grant thanks evolve next at 10 o'clock a spike in opioid overdoses in san francisco with city officials and drug safety advocates are doing about it plus relief on the way for some hard passengers. how a new federal grant will help the transit agency ease congestion on their training and tonight we're learning more about the sacramento police officer killed in the line of duty last night we visit her home town in the east bank don't go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.
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>>san francisco saw an increase in opioid overdoses and deaths this month, especially last week. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore that increase in overdoses is why there is a new warning tonight. >>kron four's taylor the sacking talk with a drug safety advocate earlier today, she joins us live now taylor what do they think is behind the spike. well the dough projects as of the city's fentanyl supply


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