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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  April 12, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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temperatures this past week haven't been all that bad with a lot of sunshine beside yesterday which is cloudy. >>obviously the sun back out today this morning bethel island looking really good lot of blue to the skies and that's something you're going to see all across the day, not just for this morning, but also the course here day today. this is a look at satellite and radar not a whole lot to be looking at out there. now temperatures are chilly this morning livermore sitting at 41 hayward at 46. and once you factor in winds that are still breezy. it is definitely a a brisk wind chill that you're facing as you're stepping outside the door so do through on that extra layer this morning take a look at san francisco blue skies overhead as well off towards the coast. temperatures in the 50's for the most part to start the morning as you noted, there are some 40's out there, especially for inland areas, coast bay and inland areas, 50's and 60's by noontime it 60's and 70's by the afternoon. >>so a really nice day to look forward to get this tomorrow's going to be even better i'll get to that still to come.
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>>well, traffic checks all across the bay area if you're heading into san francisco from the bay bridge yanks bu bumper. >>cars are crawling to the toll plaza but the good news is. according to sensors from the maze across the span and down on to fremont street you're looking at approximately 20 minutes from the bay bridge, let's head to the richmond san bridge is slowing go as well in that particular area. i just checked the sensors it looks like 19 minutes from richmond on to one on one from the richmond san rafael bridge. the 7 tail bridge probably the best of them all so far this morning. yes, the right side of your screen looks pretty heavy, but at least it's moving along 21 minutes if you need to cross that spanned a quick update. there was an accident earlier at 2 38 5.80 and hayward area that was a hot spot, but the chp they work very quickly and they removed it, so you won't have any problems if you're avoidi and clear frankly are also on the at the
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golden gate bridge 19 minutes from novato and to san francisco. >>on morning an elementary school teacher in fremont is under arrest for having child-porn he teaches at jones elementary school crowd for us christine a teacher is live at the school with the very latest on the arrest christina. >>3rd and 4th grade combination teacher gerald true ju has been arrested for downloading and having possession of child born in his home over in contra costa county now again he's a 3rd and 4th grade teacher right here gums elementary school has not started some administrators just got here to the campus. so far this morning school is planned as normal so if you're a parent, still bring your kiddos here but you will not be here because again arrested for downloading and having possession of child pornographer he now we haven't detected that fremont unified school district who does tell us that ju luckily should not have any student victims with
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any of the actions that happened in his home in contra costa county. so right now they're being told no students were in danger, however they have been in touch with the contra costa. da's office who is in charge of this investigation and they did say they are abiding by anything that they're needing during its investigation and also sentiment that they do have is they're devastated that was actually done by one of their teachers because for them they say student safety is up most important and again, you will not be here on campus. this is going on during the investigation he is has been put off on administrative leave. and right now his employment is pending on this investigation that we have reached out to da's office and we also have reached out to the superintendent here we're looking to speak with her in the 7 o'clock hour or so in 8 o'clock hour we're going to have some more updates for all of you on that as well so go ahead and stay with us here at kron and again the is a 3rd and 4th right combination teacher. gomesa elementary name is gerald ju, reporting live christina tetreault crown
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court. >>ok thank you very much chris. other big story that we're following this morning president trump now says he wants to release detained immigrants to sanctuary cities like san francisco as a form of retaliation to democrats who oppose his border wall crop for saracens and joins us live from san francisco with the very latest details on this sarah. >>we're learning that president trump personally pressured homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen 2 make sure that it though those detain immigrants would be released right mere to san francisco. he's targeting nancy pelosi's district now this is all coming from sources that were close with these discussions. source says president trump's goal was to retaliate against democrats who opposed the border wall but nielsen who is forced to resign just days ago was against it. she the legal team resisted in came up with an analysis that basically killed the plan altogether. now
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according to this source teaches lawyers of this proposal was likely a legal white house staff were pretty much angry that the legal team would not assist them with this plan. house speaker nancy pelosi has responded calling the reporting scheme despicable and in some cases criminal. she also accused the white house of trying to use undocumented immigrants, including children as pawns now the dhs spokesperson told us that this plan has been floated it has been rejected and it is not being discussed anymore. nielsen however is not going to be theirs as soon as you will not be there anymore so it could come back on the table. nancy pelosi says that nielsen most likely had to resign because she's not extreme enough for the trump administration will continue to follow this. we have reached out to pelosi's off office to see if they could give us an updated statement this morning. we're also going to out on the streets and see what people of san francisco think of this notion free immigrants right here to o stay tuned
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for that i'm live in sam's of cisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you very much sir for that report. also it was a young oakland boy who accidentally shot himself in the head is now awake and apparently making significant progress in his recovery great news, you and our parents this is fabulous just weeks ago 4 year-old avon jackson there is right there was a life support showing no brain activity now he's moving his eyes and showing awareness but he still. >>as a long road ahead of him in a van will have to undergo extensive physical therapy. >>wearing a protective helmet and using a wheelchair. but for now his family is just celebrating this great progress. >>everything the doctors same guys is there for a rather his i d live in hands each of us next god's love the time it takes the light kamal it's a blessing. he's strong. making will improve.
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>>at this point there's no timetable for an avon physical therapy or when he might be released from the hospital. new this morning 2 people are injured after a shooting clean police say the shooting happened shortly before 9 o'clock on 5th street, a 21 year-old victim was shot in the chest and an 18 year-old was shot in the leg. both were rushed to the hospital and only at this time only the victim who was shot in the leg has been released. police say they're still searching for the male shooter. new this morning bar plans to close the tracks between pleasant hill in concord for several weekends starting later this month for 4 weekends crews will be closing the tracks for maintenance the replacing tracks and other equipment in the area. the delay will add about 20 minutes to your bar commute the first closure will happen on the weekend of april 27th and 28th, bart will have bus bridges in place for those who rely on those stations. >>manager grace chronican announced that she will be leaving her job this summer after leading the transit agency for 8 years, she'll
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retire on july 6 and this comes just weeks after bars police chief carlos rojas announced that he'll retire in may. bart board members didn't discuss when they'll start looking for replacement general manager, but we'll keep you updated. a fatal police shooting in the east bay, a home invasion where a father stabbed his estranged wife and son. the man's been identified as luke tom cl, his family had an active restraining order out against him. police say he broke through a window though, and then stabbed his ex-wife in the head. and then slashed their son in the face and that their teen daughter. when the suspect didn't follow commands and actually came towards police with a knife that is when officers opened fire. the officers were wearing body cameras were told that video will be released at some point soon. the officers involved are on administrative leave. >>new this morning robbers take office some cash from discovery bay this happened on a bank near state highway 4. sheriff's officials say 2 men ran into the bank with a gun they dropped a bag to the teller's counter and demanded
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money. they were last seen getting into a car that was heading northbound on bixler road. the suspects are still on the loose this morning. the peninsula thieves broke into an apple store in palo alto and stole about $12,000 worth of apple products, the burglars still on the run this morning it happened on wednesday on university avenue and police say 2 men broke through the glass doors. still 9 laptop computers and in their haste to get out that actually dropped 2 of them at the door. police so far have not released any surveillance video they looked at it and they said one of the men there and that man was wearing a halloween mask and the other was wearing a ski mask. >>in the east bay oakland's mayor libby shaft will not testify at the ghost ship warehouse, trial least not for now. a judge rejected a subpoena from the defense. the judge said the defense didn't present sufficient evidence to show that shaft has any relevant knowledge in this case again we're talking about the fire back in 2016 that killed 36 people the judge
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will consider the matter again though if attorneys bring evidence the warehouse master tenant dairy cow met up at creative director max harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each of the people who died. jury selection in the case is scheduled to begin next tuesday. the trial itself has been still scheduled anyway for april 30th, we'll see if it begins on time. we'll take a quick break at 7.10 coming up a tragic end to a woman who lost her daughter going find out. >>what happened to her puppy when they discovered in san francisco. and police in oakland are stepping up efforts to solve a 3 year-old cold case murder will have the latest in that for you and it's an issue of bringing republicans and democrats together that's refreshing will tell you how they're looking at fighting against robocalls. >>and skies, nice and clear for this friday just in time fo
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me♪ fo new tattoo brow pomade. only from maybelline new york. >>7 coming up on 7.15 now we have wills always check in the camp for and so study because he picks the nice has come easy today, it is easy today, there's a lot to look at you can actually see stuff on like monday when it was so far that that makes my job really easy get and a jews which side you want because they all look the same not so much this morning you can see out there in the horizon things do look really good. we're ending the week on a really nice know after what was a rainy and foggy start to it so this is the way we like
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to see things san jose also looking really good for your friday and there's the east bay right there. we can really great to this shadow cast of the east bay hills on berkeley right now. as we look out across the region on satellite and radar you do see much clear skies and yesterday, weak system that pushed through now making its way on into the northern rockies and back here at home what we have to expect a sunshine and increasingly warm temperatures. still breezy at times today but especially calm day compared to where we have been so we are seeing an end to at least the windiest of conditions ahead of us as we move into tomorrow you're going to notice a lot more sunshine sunday is going to come along with just a few clouds not enough to keep indoors. but a little bit of a change from the crystal clear days today and tomorrow are going to be seen as today's daytime highs, 60's up and down the peninsula, not bad at all non tear up to 60 degrees itself, san bruno up to 63 brisbane up to 64 further south those warmer
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temperatures are now being seen with mountain view out of the 60's and into the 70's, a warmer day as well for the south bay and not just the south bay but much of the east bay back into the 70's after year stint in the 60's yesterday, upper 60's still in morocco in orinda while elsewhere in the east bay at 70 is like in concord at 74 and walnut creek at 73. yeah bill today, 72, same number for you in valais how well antioch at 71 out towards the coast. some 60's wall on one oh one from sandra fell to santa rosa. you've got 70's to look forward to an even warmer 70's for tomorrow with calmer winds to boot. come sunday, temperatures start to cool down just a touch setting us up for the coolest day. the cloudy a stay and your best chance of rain which will be on monday after that temperatures will rebound again and by thursday, they're flirting with the 80's across much of the day. james, all right, thank you very much john quick check of the ride this morning a few bridges for you beginning with the bay bridge approach where you can see traffic is. >>stacked up a bit but it's
7:16 am
nothing too terribly out of the ordinary fact is only 60 minute drive from the maze into san francisco. so no problems on the span for you there. an expert we have on tap the rich when sandra fell over again traffic is busy but moving right now it's about 21 minutes to get from richmond across the bay in december fell this morning. so that's one of our longer drive times. but again nothing too much for you this morning, here's the san mateo bridge traffic on the right hand side is your commute direction from hayward out to foster city and that bridge now it's about 19 minute ride from one end to the other all's well there and then our final check this morning, the golden gate bridge, where it's a nice comfortable 21 minutes from nevada down into san francisco as you can see the cars are moving along without any issue on the span this morning. >>back to the news now robo calls are annoying. >>and relentless with seniors being targeted the most democrats and republicans can't agree on anything but they can agree on this is for is washington correspondent alexander lee known explains. >>lawmakers are finally
7:17 am
working on legislation help stop those annoying robocalls. >>congress is finally dealing with an issue republicans and democrats agree on. a mobile calls and those unsolicited calls are not just annoying they can be a real problem as illegal robocallers scam steel and defraud their victims. i got a text from my mother. >>on tuesday, i reaching out to my senator i just got spam calls hawaii. senator brian shots as robo callers should not be able to fake caller id ease there are resources and technology to help block robocalls like do not. >>hollis and apps but some scammers are finding ways around that technology and now congress seems ready to step in south dakota senator john thune introduced the traced act which would crack down on illegal robo calls to create a credible threat of prosecution and prison. for those who intentionally violate the law but companies who use those
7:18 am
types of calls for legitimate purposes like sales pitches and debt collection are fighting back saying current and proposed laws could prevent them from doing business. we want to ensure that the bad illegal robo calls are stopped, are blocked or mitigated and the legal legitimate calls will go through. >>then there's the cost to consumers. lawmakers are worried that phone and internet providers me raise prices to pay for the technology to block the calls in washington, alexander lee mount. >>for your money this morning, disney's new streaming service is officially unveil and boeing says it is getting closer to fixing its 7.37 max problem with a popular bell now standing by live to nasdaq to explain morning body. >>good morning. james somebody is chief executive said 96 test flights have been conducted with updated software as the manufacturer tries to get the 7.37 max back in the sky boeing is trying to fix a software issue where the
7:19 am
angle of a fence or mistakenly think the plane is about to stall and then therefore automatically pushes the nose of the plane down. his new streaming service disney plus will launch on november 12 for $6.99 a month. our 6999 a year the company says it will be available to stream through smart tv's web browsers on tablets, mobile devices and game consuls and it's going to feature content from disney pixar star wars and national geographic. many americans have the korean recent years to save money on cable bills. savings may be shrinking the wall street journal says a youtube tv is raising monthly rates to $50 t mobile says it's going to start selling. a $100 a-month home tv service with more than 275 available channels. the average time spent $107 a month on pay tv service in 2018. according to a life spans survey live from the nasdaq market site and bobby rebel back to you all right, thank you very much body.
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>>coming up a flintstone themed home now involved in a countersuit with the town of hillsboro the reason why the owner is fighting city hall and after the break new video showing police officers dragging a teenage girl down a flight of stairs, tell you what led up to encounter. round 4 is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you have not tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills.
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>>as we work our way through the morning you're seeing more and more that sunshine out there and more and more of those clear skies that we're going to enjoy not just today but on for the rest of the weekend too bethel island. it is chilly out there don't let that blue to the skies to see v a it's not warm just yet but we'll get there later today a lot of 40 showing up this morning livermore just above the 30's of 41 degrees napa not much above that you've got a look at these numbers and subtract a couple of degrees because we do have a wind chill factor checking in this morning with some pretty breezy conditions. now winds are going to come down through the weekend but we're still going to look at some high pollen levels medium to high levels yet again today and for saturday high levels across the bay area. this is not
7:24 am
ideal because obviously tomorrow going to be one of the better days in your forecast. so take those allergy meds keep some kleenex is on hand and just enjoy the weekend. so really is looking nice back to you looking nice. all runways open sfo that's what about to mention they was at paving problem that we had. >>yesterday that forced 2 runways to close down we first broke that story yesterday morning right here on the morning news that the situation temperley shut down. and triggered what more than 200 flight delays and cancellations all started after inspectors found a 12 inch payment depression on the runway. so the depression was located at the intersection of another runway and so that one had to be shut down. it took a couple of hours to fix. but officials say the pothole is likely due to some just normal wear and tear that same area by the way scheduled to close for 20 days in september. delays are expected to be in after 9 in the morning, each day of that closure and both domestic and international
7:25 am
flights might be affected. during that time again that's not to later this year. new video service. >>police officers in chicago hitting and dragging a 16 year-old girl down the stairs now charges against girl being trucked in the video you can see the officers grabbing the girl and throwing her to the ground. there is they have a little tussle and then she falls down and then she goes all the way down the stairs. her father was already at the school to pick his daughter up after she was removed from class for refusing to put her cell phone away. >>i can leave a scene no. 2 sworn police officer the chicago of these in my daughter like this been like they're watching them. >>do this and came anything going choke or out maybe she lose consciousness of sunlight that they had to put a lot says she has as much to tell him she came briefed. she's turning to read it. a sea of ames, the canal >>thofficers tased the girl 3 times when this incident for stopping the girl is charged with 2 felonies for aggravated
7:26 am
assault against the officers. those charges have since been dropped in the officers. no longer work at the school. still ahead on the kron four morning eugenie customers, the plans to make sure the effects of the california wildfires don't hit us in the pocketbook. here's a live look outside at they bridge slowing go at last check it's about 21 minutes if you need to go from the maze across the span and down on to fremont street. at kohl's... the savings add up!... with 25% off select under armour and adidas! save on women's under armour tops... and men's under armour tees - only $18.75. and - men's adidas shoes are just $48.74. plus - get kohl's cash! right now... at kohl's. lwho treats yourselfa diyby treating your we do it right, too. with the right plants for your region. so, you stay a step ahead of spring all season long.
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>>our 7 30 is the time john with us once again to look at the weekend forecast not keep loving what i'm here and it's hard not to like us forecasts still a bit breezy. i know that's can sound like a broken record now. >>but less breezy than yesterday tomorrow even less so yet. it's a postcard. i imagine anywhere, francisco right really nice out there and you always mention a postcard view right isn't about this. so the golden gate bridge perfectly timed. yeah it really nice out there at the bridge a lot clearer than yesterday when some cloud cover was overhead. keeping it from being as brightly lit as you're seeing this morning a sunrise time this is your view across the bay area not too many clouds in the sky yesterday was just the opposite we had cloud cover across the bay from the coast or inland areas. now it is clear skies overnight. we've also seen some chillier temperatures livermore you're just above the 30's right now napa right there with you say at 41 and with winds factored
7:30 am
in we are off to a cool start this morning. so a mix of 40's and 50's to kick things off by the time we work towards noon, it's mostly the 60's still sunny and still sunny by the afternoon 70's for your daytime highs for most of the bay today, coastal areas will stay with the 60's. i'm talking even warmer temperatures tomorrow and one chance of rain in the forecast, not let you know when to expect that still to come back to you. >>great news, if you need to head into san francisco by way of the bay bridge chess check their sensors believe it or not yes, there are a lot of cars on the roadway. but it says 15 minutes from the maze. down onto the streets of san francisco. so is great news on this fabulous friday morning from there bay bridge, let's head to the richmond san rafael bridge is still holding steady wish i could tell you a little bit better news, but it's still around 20 minutes, but the bottom line is no accidents. so you won't have any problems going from richmond on to one oh one from the richmond san bridge. the san mateo bridge 19 minutes
7:31 am
from one end of the bridge to the other usually sometimes receive backing up at this time 19 minutes for 7.30 are approximately 7 30 in the morning that is great news and then finally the golden gate bridge look at that john just showed us that wide view the long shot a little bit closer you can see 2 cars are moving just fine in both directions, those cars heading write to us on your screen that's from novato into san francisco, you're looking at about 21 minutes. >>another wildfire. in california may not just devastate the communities engulfed in flames, but it could also affect how much everyone pays for electricity. a new report sent to the governor suggest pgd rates could double if wildfires continue in california with crawford's dan kerman to explain. >>if california's new normal of ongoing devastating wildfires continues and utilities like pg e or found to be liable electric rates will skyrocket this costs are passed on to ratepayers so says this memo to the
7:32 am
governor's office from the u c berkeley energy policy expert, teaching these current. >>annual revenues are about billion. over the last 2 years there have been. 2 very that players as everybody knows and cumulatively the estimated liabilities or 30 billion dollars. so if an average you have a $15 billion hit in a given year. and you've got to 13 billion dollar revenue requirement, even if the double rates. in that first year just to be able to pay off the liabilities from one fire that of that magnitude. >>you see berkeley steven weisman says those rate increases will end up hurting the state's push towards clean energy if running an electric car proves costlier than using gasoline. it could also impact california's tech economy. >>if the companies in california continue to be burdened with very high electric rates. it's going to make make them much more vulnerable to either move to other places or expand the place is a than california.
7:33 am
>>to prevent skyrocketing rates ratepayers would have to be removed from bearing the burden. >>one way to get out of a rape care bailout. is to develop a california catastrophic wildfire fund like they have in florida 4 hurricanes. and that fund would rely on property insurance surcharges to pay for wildfire property damage. well that can work. >>weissman says long-term the state must develop better standards and enforcement policies to reduce the risks of these types of wildfires. >>to better job of managing the fuels that are on site on the property, the plants shrubs trees that are feeding these fires says it's on board to discuss solutions. >>the governor is expected to present some of his ideas friday. the jihad for the frais >>let's stay in san francisco where workers are demanding
7:34 am
equal pay unlivable wages, public service workers and activists, they all gathered at city hall yesterday to get the message out and they want a pay raise the concern is more wealthy people will move in to push them out. sand neighborhoods that already too expensive for them to live in the first place. workers also what billion dollar tech giants like uber and lyft to do some of the heavy lifting. >>we need the big corporations like uber and left with these billion valuations and new i p o's to pay their fair share in taxes so that the citizens can get the services that they need so that nurses like myself can work and lived in san francisco. we should choose not have to drive from tracy or fairfield or any on. >>at one point police ended arresting 22 people who sat in the middle of the street and refused to move all were cited and eventually released. these fail claim police have
7:35 am
released the nation regarding a cold case murder from 2016. police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot and killed brian bowl and there's his picture right there. police are not saying bowl excuse me police are now single was shot to death at close range during what appears to be an attempted robbery. it happened april 3 years ago as bowls, walking to his home on richmond boulevard it was a health care worker and a former nasa scientist investigators do not believe the shooting stemmed from a personal incident between bowl and his shooter. >>now after her dog was found dead in a suitcase at the corner of bay and mason streets in san francisco. the owner who you see in this picture says she became homeless in february and a friend offered that she and her dog could stay with him. but the owner claims that her friend then stole her dog and wouldn't give it back unless she paid him $2000. after weeks of trying to get that dog back the owner apparently threat to call authorities.
7:36 am
the dog was then found dead on wednesday animal control says it appears the dog may have been dead for up to a week that woman filed a police report after that dog was initially stolen. in the south bay, the san jose police and is investigating a fatal hit and run police were called to the scene of a body at the intersection of neiman boulevard and led the way that is where the woman's body was found she was pronounced dead at the scene. they say the suspects stopped left her vehicle approached the victim who was still alive but then decided to drive off and leave the scene. officers later identified that driver is 65 year-old delilah you see her picture there she's been booked now into the santa clara county jail for felony hit and run. >>in san francisco, a pedestrian hit a car. struck by is his main pedestrian struck by a car punched the driver after he was hit from following the collision 25 year-old john nixon there's his picture right there arrested on suspicion of assault aggravated with force
7:37 am
as well as elderly abuse. it happened on geneva avenue and london street makes an he got hit by a car. but after the driver got out to check on his condition. police say mix and then turn on the driver and attacked the driver. the driver was left on in life threatening condition. nixon was apparently in a crosswalk when he was hit and he told the officers he was upset, which is why he punched the driver. the owner of the so-called flintstone house is getting ready to counter sue the town of hillsboro this after the town says the additions made to the home were done without proper permits. florence saying filed a countersuit saying the loss of violates her first amendment rights of freedom of expression. and among many other things saying who bought the home back in 2017 lives in another home in hillsborough but she says she uses this one here the flintstone home for entertaining. she claims she was told she didn't need a permit to do her landscaping. >>there's a very young 85 years old. and this city just
7:38 am
comes where they had no right to even they have no right to tell what she called part this is not a public nuisance. >>this is not that i saw. >>thanks attorney is not specified the amount of money, she's looking for in damages from this counter lawsuit. she says this is not about the money. it's about freedom from harassment. >>coming up in the 8 o'clock hour president trump space force is one step closer to becoming a reality. we'll tell you about the pentagon plans to use in existing military branch as a launch pad. and after the break one california police department is now using drones as first responders and officers say it could make the streets a lot safer for everyone. >>and you're looking at another nice day out there today after yesterday's partly to mostly cloudy conditions the skies have cleared back out and are off
7:39 am
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there's more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze odor remover in every fling! gain. seriously good scent. hey, did you know gain comes in dish soap, too? >>now it's 7.41 controversial police shootings around the country sometimes escalate after police mistake and in the innocent object for a gun as we've seen one police department and southern california says there might be a way to protect citizens and police officers and those very tense moments. police in chula vista which is just near san diego. they're sending out his drone ahead of officers responding to a call. the
7:42 am
officers are able to use the department issue follows and then seal life e from the scene before the officers actually didn't get there. if someone is suspected of having a weapon the drill can actually take a look officers say that what they see from the live stream is crucial, especially given how much scrutiny is on law enforcement right now. 911 callers are often panics they've never called the police before they don't understand. >>what's going on is it not a weapon is it a pencil is it something different and i mean the zoom capability of these cameras, you can see a license plate from 2 miles away. so that to me. when officers can make better informed decisions and strategize what's the best avenue of approach. >>police say the drone is not authorized for surveillance or to invade people's personal space. >>still ahead on the crown for a morning news, the president's transgender military ban is now in effect a look at how it's impacting those who want to serve our country.
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>>john here with the forecast on this friday checking out what's on tap and what i like is not only is it going to be sunny like it's been but the winds get less and less. and to the weekend. >>really nice forecast take grilling i mean mid 70's that's what you dream about all year round and that's what we get a lot of the year here actually took over so we're lucky of we're making our way into the time of year where we
7:46 am
start to see a lot more sunshine at least for inland areas for for the fog does move in this is your look outside at some of that sunshine that we're looking at this very morning across the keley right there and brent in san francisco out in the distance all income the same nice and clear plenty of sunshine all across the bay area and the state across the state today. yesterday's storm system that was impacting the pacific northwest now moving into the northern rockies and back here at home after a cloud cover yesterday we're still looking at some breezy conditions but a lot clearer out there high pressure continues to be built up in a building back in today that's going to help to keep temperatures warm and increasingly warm in fact as we move into tomorrow a little less breezy into tomorrow too. think we're all ready for because that's really been the only catch the past few days to what has otherwise been a really nice week. tomorrow like i said still nice and sunny and so will be sunday just not quite as clear you'll see a few clouds working overhead still staying dry for sunday though before a few
7:47 am
showers looking likely into monday of next week. temperatures today up and down the coast in the peninsula in general all will be in the 60's. we'll have san bruno at 61 burlingame at 67 today for areas further south like redwood city palo alto just below that 70 degree mark with mount view just above it south bay back into the 70's all across the south day today after yesterday's 60's, same for much of the east bay hayward and fremont egypt to 71 berkeley oakland, san leandro and richmond all right up to 70 degrees, north bay, some of our warmest spots include vacaville fairfield in pittsburgh. as well as napa all in the mid 70's and out towards the coast. some 60's employer is stinson beach and over towards mill valley. there's next 7 days. we start with temperatures, nice and warm today and tomorrow they start to cool a little bit into sunday in cool further into monday again that chance of rain looking sunshine
7:48 am
too. tuesday temperatures begin to warm and by wednesday and thursday, it's back to the 70's we go with thursday numbers flirting with the 80's. james, all right. thank you john quick check of the commute this morning actually traffic not looking too bad not following any hot spots out there and the. >>bay bridge show it's a pretty good drive times to as you can see here it's not all that terribly full we've got commuters driving from the maze in the san francisco area about 15 minutes so not bad crossing that span. here's the richmond center fell bridge that would not bad either 22 minutes to get from the east bay in the marin county so you're moving fairly well and as you can see here at the toll plaza people are getting through without too many headaches. for the next stop for you the san mateo bridge lot sunshine coming down right now it could be traffic on the right hand side from hayward out to foster city and you're making that drive and about 20 minutes, so all in all pretty typical and our final stop this morning, the golden gate bridge always a nice ride we're looking at commuter so far on the traffic front on this friday.
7:49 am
new era. president trump's transgender military ban is now in effect. the pentagon says those who want to serve in the us military must adhere to their births x this change comes nearly 2 years after president trump tweeted that he wanted a transgender ban. back in january remember me you may remember the policy made its way all the way to the supreme court where it was allowed to go into effect. activists though say the ban is discriminatory cruel and irrational. >>implementing a ban again will not stop americans from wanting to serve their country and some of those americans have to happen to be transgender. >>the national center for transgender equality says that roughly 15,000 transgender individuals are currently the military. >>now it's a bay area baseball, let's start with the giants a good day for both of our teams they were hosting the rockies at oracle park, the eye and the highlights were great. it was scoreless right to the bottom of the 7th. that's when giants center fielder kevin paul r crushes the ball deep to left center.
7:50 am
>>to hear the home run putting the giants up by one and it would stay that way right up to the end giant with the wind won nothing the final score. they're going to host the rockies again tonight first pitch at 7.15. >>let's talk about the a's gang green there in baltimore wrapping up the series with the orioles top of the 6th in the a's already with the lee when chris davis. >>as about that often criticizing are the same thing. it's the second homer of the game for him is on pace for like us 1000 home runs and then later kendrys morales smashes one to write. that's also a home run making it back to back to yours for the a's, final score 8 to 5 for them. they play there's 6 team game in 16 days. >>tonight, they'll be in texas that hope to play the rangers. i should so. is set the warriors hosting the la clippers at oracle tomorrow warriors hoping for a long playoff run that ends in a three-peat game one is
7:51 am
saturday evening 5 o'clock tipoff time. >>see what is the tip of time for a 5, 4, o 5 tipoff time. >>and then gave to will be monday and 3, 4, will be down in l a if the warriors get past the clippers. they will see houston en route to a rematch of the western conference finals. >>today's the second day of the masters and tiger woods and phil mickelson are still in contention. yeah, but today one of the men sitting in the crowd will be a member of the us air force and he says that the tour of the trip to the masters is a a dream come true barclay bishop is gust of georgia this morning with his story. >>good morning to you today is cut day for the masters that means the top 50 players with the best score will head into championship weekend. but let's talk about the patrons who are watching them. we caught up with one yesterday who normally is thank for his service saying to us he's just thankful to be at the masters. >>jeff reply all walk to the
7:52 am
gates of augusta national for the first time and says tear down an 18 like he was a regular to so was a lifetime experience. if this were an assignment he be dressed differently. technical sergeant lyle is a member of the united states air force and stationed at fort gordon just got lucky and this part has got some of his friend a little envious i've had some friends for my last assignment there are huge golf fans and i saw my to the masters they were. >>they were a bit jealous to say the least. >>he says he's grateful that because of his service he was also able to fulfill a dream just to catch a close a few of the golfers, the famous ones are yet see tiger woods. he was a room eyes watering 100 front of me so i was like whoa >>to see some the food i heard nothing but great things about egg sandwich and of the men to sandwich. >>actually experienced a course to walk around and see this i mean this is a gorgeous course. >>reporting outside of augusta national golf club barclay bishop back to you. >>all right as we head to break his quick live look outside the bay bridge
7:53 am
approach again a great ride here where people are making thefriday. like w to simone, i leave the van gogh.
7:54 am
7:55 am
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. >>box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well let's talk about the weekend. we've got 4 new movies opening up in wide release in theaters, hoping to noxious and from the top spot david daniel gives us a preview.
7:56 am
>>the hellboy reboot starring david harbor as the unlikely big red superhero figures to lead the new entrants in the box office race. analysts predicted to debut with 16 to million it will likely require the top of that range, take the top spot from says am i was tore my a 10 at >>little is hoping for a big opening weekend. the comedy starring regina hall or marsay martin is tracking to debut with 14 to million. >>what exactly do hugh jackman and zach lead the voice cast of the animated adventure missing link. >>which box office watchers expect will open with up to million. >>i think that it's better. she made >>finally after is based on a best-selling novel tracking suggests a wide range for the college romance, anywhere from 3 to million in hollywood. i'm
7:57 am
david daniel coming up on that. >>find out how a family is doing after strange husband breaks into his ex-wife's home plus a push for fair wages and san francisco as employees take their opinions to city hall. lowe's knows you're a diyer who does spring right.
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who treats yourself by treating your yard. we do it right, too. with the right plants for your region. so, you stay a step ahead of spring all season long.
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that's an aggressive yellow. pretty great, huh? if you're a banana. i find it very... appealing. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya.
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>>good morning, everybody thanks for joining us. i'm james fletcher and well trained in that area fulsome and this man right here is john trouble with the good news for the weekend talking good news guys love it. that nice week behind us, but an even better weekend ahead. that definitely going to be a good one to get out there do some grilling do anything outdoors really your view of mount diablo looking nice and clear this morning can see the sun on the left side screen over there rising further in the horizon on this nice sunny start to the day we do have clear skies overhead but don't let that fool you as you're stepping outside you're still going to need your jackets for your morning hours. temperatures are continuing to boost for the most part we're in the 50's right now but livermore berkeley nap and fairfield are all holding on to the 40's saying only in a most notably just above the 40 degree mark itself. now as we push into the afternoon more sunshine and guess what the return of some 70's for your


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