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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 27, 2018 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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breaking news in concord. a police chase and a crash near port chicago highway. >> and "kron4" has been following it with will tran. >> reporter: it's a burglar really being handled by the concord police department and this is the exit port chicago off of highway four. for the past 3-4 hours it's been shut down because during the pursuit there was a rollover a short distance from this location and you can see the chip officer they are not allowing anyone to access port chicago highway and causing a problem as far as the commute. it is the counter commute but you can see the left side of your screen and now people are traveling more on highway four
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you can see this accident involving three cars 50 minutes ago and the chip officer and i heard it and we swung our heads back and saw it and no major injuries and port chicago highway can be accessed over here on 242 and that is being shut down by chip. it looks like this investigation is ongoing and from what i can tell by talking to my horse -- sources, it's not a fatal accident and we know the suspect was fleeing the concord police department and go allowed -- go around here and they rolled the car. that suspect is at the hospital and according to my sources his major injuries and at least now is alive. the investigation is far from over. i see no tow trucks arriving but more chip officers are coming to the scene as this is still an ongoing investigation. >> thank you, will.
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we will continue to give you push alerts so make sure you have our mobile app and stay tuned because we have team coverage with robin as well. robin, first off, this is impacting who this morning? >> folks coming from 242 and highway four. since most of the activity is parallel to highway four in port chicago it's not having a huge impact and if you come from 242 trying to merge onto highway four or port chicago the off ramp is closed. for those of you on east four that ramp shut down as well and that's creating a backup. westbound getting off at port chicago which is the commute direction, that's taking a heavier hit because of the activity and everyone is slowing down to take a look and some of it is commuter traffic and right now we call it 37
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minutes from westbrook from antioch to concord and eastbound here a minor delay to 42 coming from east bound for a minor delay but the off ramps are close and keep that in mind. bay bridge stacked up from the oakland maize and jam from all connectors you sure 580 and the nimitz and a right across the upper deck and averaging 16 minutes and we have another look at traffic in 15 minutes. rebecca? i'm tracking sunshine around the bay area and look at the sunrise with our live camera overlooking downtown san francisco. a nice clear shot of treasure island all the way across the bay bridge over to our east bay hills and it's chilly now so make sure if you get the little ones ready bundle them up and we are tracking 40s, 50s by the 8:00 a.m. hour and we see a lot of sunshine and then they peel the layers off by the afternoon. this afternoon mid to upper
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70s. some of our warmer inland vocation upper inlet -- upper 60s and upper 60s at the coast and temperatures get warmer for the rest of the week and i have more details coming back to the news. 7:03 a.m. and east bay students will be met with annotated protesters. >> the westborough baptist church protesting transgender issues and we are joined live with more. lydia. >> we spoke with the school district official who told us their main focus is student safety in the westborough baptist -- baptist church is expected to be here between 8:00 and 8:00 a.m. -- 8:30 a.m. and they are located on 130 him avenue in alamo and they will faithfully provoke their neighbors to obey god's plans.
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they are infamous for picketing groups they disagree with and for using vulgar signs and known for their inflammatory anti-gate -- anti-groups and it was canceled and instead the aclu is asking people to make donations to local organizations that serve trans youth and the focus is student safety and they are expecting counter protesters this morning. westborough baptist church expected to be here between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. reporting live from the alamo, lydia pantazes. "kron4" news. california attorney general filed a lawsuit against the trump administration over a
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white house administration to include a question -- question on the 2020 census and the question would ask people to disclose whether they are in the country legally and they said this will derail the integrity of the census and says the question is it illegal in california. the question on citizenship has not been used in the census since 1950. more breaking news from overnight. a man in jail after he led police on a pursuit on bay bridge and here the police are arresting this man driving a van. the chase started when he almost hit a chip car while driving through a construction zone and the chase lasted 15 minutes and police are trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol were involved in another chase involved a woman driving leading police on a
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chase that ended when she crashed on the high street offramp. 7:06 a.m. and another big story out of sacramento where the family of stephan clark who was fatally shot by police is putting pressure on city leaders to hold the officer who opened fire accountable and they held a news conference with benjamin crump, he represented the families of trayvon martin and michael brown and asking for an independent autopsy and investigation into the shooting. >> we will speak up for it stephan and fight for stephan until we get justice for stephan. the california chapter of the naacp says the d.a. should charge the officers broke the naacp is talking to the department of justice about launching a federal investigation. san mateo police need your help finding a missing 15-year- old, cannot lovett smith last seen march 16th when she left
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san mateo's children receiving home and police call san mateo police with any information. 7:07 a.m. and a man who threatened to shoot a bay area school is in custody and this is from surveillance at big five in san mateo that is where police say he told an employee he wanted to buy a gun and he threatened to shoot up a school and when sin matteo police talk to him he admitted to making the threat and said he was joking and apologized and he is now in the hospital going through a mental health evaluation. the deaths of two people found in lake merritt. an suv pulled from the water yesterday afternoon and here is the video. it was spotted by the sheriff's department drone 75 feet off shore and 8 feet underwater and registered to michael grace. grace drowned on march 15th
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after getting into a fight with his girlfriend diana johnson. her body was pulled from the lake but police believe she was murdered because her body had injuries. a gilroy company believes they were robbed by thieves pretending to help northbay fire victims and we showed video last week of these two people ripping off a business in petaluma and they were trying to help the wild fire victims and now the con artists were spotted again using a stolen credit card to buy $7000 worth of generators from a shop in petaluma they said they needed them for the food trucks for wildfire victims. they were spotted doing this a -- same thing at seagram's rv and gilroy. >> an individual gave a credit card and came in and showed id and the credit card and took off with one large generators in two small ones and one of our employees recognize the guy
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from the surveillance video you showed for the peace you did for "kron4". according to the guy that works here he looks just like him and we would not have any idea had you not run that piece. >> seagram's rv said they had surveillance video that showed the same scenes but deleted it before they made the connection. please tracking down -- clamping down on drugs. one is carlos miguel cutrer is a fugitive out of colorado. he is accused of trying to sell heroin, cocaine and meth and also behind bars is and joked around. they say durand was found with more than 500 been jewels of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. a former teacher accused of child endangerment.
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the crowd stood outside the pretrial hearing and parents standing in support of andres towbar charged with felony child endangerment for an incident that happened back in december. he dangled the student from the second floor balcony and initially put on leave but later resigned and his attorney called it a playful mistake and parents said he's one of the best teachers at the school. again he's pushing for the charges to be dismissed or reduced and the trial will continue on april 12th. 7:11 a.m. and the a's are rooted in oakland and making it clear by putting their money where their mouth is. they will pay $135 million and that is the city and county debt paid off for the entire coliseum. they been working to find a location to build a privately financed ballpark for the last two years but why not just stay home and build it there and so
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they are negotiating with the city. >> if there is no other location. there is no other location where a site like this exists. >> they have transportation and park there. if they can work out the logistics it would be a fabulous place to be. >> the oracle would be included in the purchase deal in the warriors in the readers as we know are out of here and leaving oakland in the next few year and it would be nice to have a hometown team. still ahead on the "kron4" news. a father recovering after a pine tree fell on him and we will tell you what may have caused the tree to topple. and embattled judge fights to keep his seat and what the court told him. what the chip says could have happened if this driver lost control. cooler temperatures around the bay area and 40s and 50s on the board and sunshine and a warming trend set to hit the
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bay area and i have more details coming up. is crowded out there and 80 west stacked up from oakland and a brush fire causing delays in the south by air -- south bay area and more details after the break.
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coming up on 7:15 a.m. and a fantastic shot from heavenly. we've been enjoying all these pictures. it's nice to see what folks will have to enjoy come spring break and i know my kids are off. >> tahoe is a favorite spot. >> and last week it was still snowing. >> we got a ton of snow but not the case now this week it will be springlike condition here and also in the sierra and here is a peek if you're heading to high country over the next
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couple of days. 50s and near 60 as we get closer to friday and sunshine and all the fresh powder and it will be nice skiing conditions if you are heading up to the sierra and sunshine for the next couple of days and spring and summer like weather and here in the bay area great visibility here and you can see the sun nice and bright and shining here at the airport and delay free for inbound flights at sfo, oakland and san jose and it's chilly and not as cold as what we have been seeing and bundle up as you make your way out the door. 57 in san francisco now and we are tracking 45 in downtown oakland and 45 degrees in downtown san jose and things are changing as we get into the afternoon hours in satellite and radar images showing us high-pressure and that's what we're seeing around the bay area and we will see that and all of that keeping the wet weather away from us and
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bringing us sunny conditions and really nice temperatures and we will see later today warmer than yesterday and that's the trend as we get through the next couple of days. 67 in san francisco for the high and 70 degrees for oakland and 7 degrees topping out for downtown have this done home -- downtown san jose and your three day planner is gorgeous. pushing 80 degrees in some spots as we get closer to thursday and i have more details on what your friday looks like and the weekend ahead and they give you a hint it's looking good so take advantage of going outside and enjoy your lunch outside because it's going to be beautiful and let's check out the roads. >> thank you, rebecca. i made the issue on 280 and cupertino hotspot. i've just learned that chip decided to go ahead and issue a special traffic alert here in cupertino northbound 280 and wolf road where we had brush
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and trees on fire here on the right hand shoulder. they have the two right lanes closed and they are getting the fire out and it's having a huge impact on your ride and major delays on northbound 280 heading into cupertino backing up through san jose and beyond the 101680 split. a whopping 69 minutes from north to 80 to san jose and cupertino and stay away and consider taking 101 instead of 280. here is your drive on 101 and you can see is slow and pockets and moving better and you are roughly 50 minutes from san jose heading into menlo park and it can be used as an alternate to save time. bay bridge backed up and slow on all connectors and crowded on the upper deck but under 20 minutes which is a good drive time. highway 92 across the san mateo bridge has now thinned out yet. packed from hayward and 23 minutes from 880 to highway 301 and i just heard from will tran
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this high speed chase, port chicago opening up the ramp from 242 north and east four and both off ramps were closed and will tran unseen and they are picking up the cones now and the only slow traffic going west and it's the typical slow down. 38 minutes antioch to concord and still jammed and i got word of an overturn on east four, excuse me it's 80 east at pennell valley road. the right lane is blocked and you will see delays there too. james? a big story and 7:19 a.m. a wild and dangerous sideshow caught on camera and shows traffic coming to a complete stop in the passengers leading out of the car window could
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have been ejected easily and chip says they do their best to stop the sideshows but the spontaneous nature of them makes it hard to get to them in time and kron4 says dozens of cars took part in it allowing it to happen. meanwhile sideshows have been getting dangerous in the bay area and in the most recent case and officer hit by a car and guns have been fired in the air and this is video of sideshows in oakland. alameda is aimed at deterring the sideshows in participating with the task force and here is video from 2014 the sideshow that broke out on the golden gate bridge and traffic was stopped and the pedestrians and tourists on the sidewalk were in danger is the sideshow was going on. and alameda man recovering after a pine tree crashed down
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onto a table while a man was watching his daughter play softball. the city believes it was the recent wet weather plus the sloped angle on the tree caused it to come down and while checking other trees staff chop down one tree as a precaution and they say they check on the trees on a daily basis and that tree that fell down seemed healthy when they looked at it. >> i hope everything is okay with him and you never know what happens or what -- when a tree will fall. arborists will be checking out all the other trees and the park department will assess all of the trees all across alameda. and uber got stuck while driving downstairs in san francisco. police calls it a freak accident and here it is.
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it happened on market in front of the safeway there. >> that looks like it's going downhill with this one. >> that is something you don't see every day. >> do you think he could have kept going? >> i'm sure he would've hit the brakes. >> a senior citizen was behind the wheel and baby took a wrong turn and only one person was stuck in the car. >> you never know what you see in san francisco. this is outrageous. i don't know what to say about this. he must not be looking when he was driving. >> only in san francisco. >> i don't know. you follow the gps and it can take you anywhere. >> nobody was hurt. >> 7:22 a.m. in the bay area music festival making a comeback and see how it is changing and how much the
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tickets will cost. second wave of flu coming. mercy. why you need to be extra careful with this round.
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welcome back to the "kron4" morning news.
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stay away from 280, it's not looking good. crews have been dealing with the brush out -- brushfire and they have the two right lanes closed. northbound 280 closed and chip issued a traffic alert and the backup is growing as more of you hit the road and it's all the way through san jose and way back from the 101 288, 680 split under one hour from san jose into cupertino and you may want to stick with north 101 or north 85 to get around this nasty back up and i will keep an eye on it and check more slowdowns and just a bit. back to you. 726. the flu season is winding down but the cdc is warning parents about another flu strain that could be more dangerous to children. it is not uncommon for there to be two waves of the virus but it says it's not clear exactly how serious the second wave might be and it may not be as bad for adults but as we mentioned it could be worse for
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children and so far 133 kids have died from the flu this flu season and if you have not been vaccinated it is still not too late to go ahead and get as much protection as you can. we are taking a look outside and look at this gorgeous shot of downtown san francisco and all of that sunshine and we -- we see things warm up in my complete weather check is coming up. we continue to follow breaking news out of concord where a police chase and with the suspect rolling his car in port chicago highway would be shut down for hours and i have the rest of the details coming up in a live report. nike for your family - kohl's cash for you! only at kohl's!
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7:30 a.m. and thanks for a walk -- waking up with the "kron4" morning news and we are ready for a fantastic weather here in brazil or hawaii. i hope we don't have bad news and let's start with traffic. trees on fire and we talked about this earlier. chip issued a late traffic alert and they are trying to get the fire out and it's having a huge impact.
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look at that long stretch of red. >> this is something you don't see every day. a truck on fire and trees are in fire. northbound 280 at wolf road and cupertino and they are working with the scene and the two right lanes are closed and it is really impacting the ride. you are stuck in traffic back from the 101, 680 split and that's a major delay. stay away from 280. 53 minutes from san jose to cupertino because of this fire activity. a stretch to avoid. let's compare alternates. you can take 101, 62 minutes and not as bad but heavy and then your second option is north 85 and not as bad but heavy from san jose into cupertino and or alternates will only save you a little time and only 41 minutes from
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san jose in and it's packed throughout the south bay. bay bridge ride to san francisco looks normal. no unusual crashes or stalls and you are backed up into the maze but it's a decent ride and just under 15 minutes and that sun is beaming down over the traffic and hello, sunshine. >> i love that and it will heat things up as we get into the afternoon hours and another sunny shot here in the east bay and the camera on top of the berkeley hills showing great visibility and sunshine and temperatures on the chilly side. 40s and 50s and it heats up well into the afternoon and 70s and maybe upper 70s and some of our warmest spots and 80s as we get through the wreck -- rest of the week and i have more of those details coming up and now back to the news. breaking news we are following out of concord where
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there was a chase. it ended in a crash that closed down parts of port chicago highway. >> we want to go to the scene and it looks like the highway is reopened. >> reporter: port chicago highway reopened 15 minutes ago and clearly moving but it was shut down as far as the freeway traffic for about 3-4 hours and let me show you a map. it happened in the overnight hours starting at around 4:00 a.m. and chip came down and shut down highway four in the eastbound direction of chicago highway and drivers cannot access it and around 715 they picked up their cones in both routes are available and what we sow -- show you video from earlier this morning around 6:00 a.m. when the chp came out to the
7:34 am
scene to offer traffic assistants to the concord police department who is primarily handling this investigation and my sources tell me it started off as a burglary and there was a pursuit in the suspect loses control of his car during the off ramp and rolls over and the suspect in the hospital with major injuries and they had to bring a tow truck to remove it and investigators were here and that person with major injuries and as far as the name of the person not being released and no fatalities at this point and anything could happen as far as his condition but the good news is as far as traffic and i thought i sought -- there were a couple of fender benders and at least traffic is open in all directions. 242 and four four port chicago highway. >> thank you very much, will. don't forget we shared this
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breaking news story with you and we sent out an alert at 5:05 a.m. it's a great resource for news and end -- as it comes in we send it out. 7:34 a.m. and anti-gate protesters are gathering. >> we seen them come to town before and often protesting against disenfranchised people in society and they are taking up issues in front of an elementary school, lydia? >> i'm in front of the elementary school and when they get here, they -- people coming will see rainbow colored umbrellas from the interfaith council and parents who came on their own and coming here to counterprotest the westborough church who are protesting trans
7:36 am
youth located the -- world -- located at 180 ham avenue and they said they will provoke their neighbors to obey god's commands and they are infamous for picketing and using vulgar signs and known for their inflammatory anti-gay protests. here we have counter protesters here with the see of rainbow umbrellas and one of them -- tell me why you are here, peter. >> i am not here to counter protests. we have a transgender daughter. it is important to us that we show support and love for all people and acceptance for everyone no matter who they are. >> what do you want for people to know as they see you out here with the rainbow umbrella and obviously it is hurtful to you because you can see a child at home, right? >> our trans child is older.
7:37 am
but yeah, we really just want everyone to know that whoever you are inside should be accepted and it is not difficult to accept someone and understand who they are when they tell you who they are and we want that message to get out and people to understand supporting other people. >> wasn't shocking to know they were going to protest? >> i've seen them in the news across the country and it's not shocking to me when they show up somewhere and i was surprised to have it in my own neighborhood. >> thank you so much and you will be here until they leave? >> until everyone else goes we will be here. >> thank you so much. again the school officials we talk to say their main priority is student safety and they are working with law enforcement to make sure students are safe. reporting in alamo. lydia pantazes.
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"kron4" news. the recall against judge persky, the judge to stamp -- sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner for six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he argued the campaign should have filed with the california secretary of state and that was denied so the recall goes on and voters decide on june 5th. the creators of bottle rocket napa valley hosting a two day festival for the first time in three years in the first time it's the sonoma harvest music festival at the winery in glenallen in september and they say since it's at the winery it's a more intimate experience overlooking the vineyard. two day pass go on sales -- sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and general admission is $225
7:39 am
and platinum passes $1200 apiece. 738 and still ahead on "kron4" morning buzz. one piece of the injured warriors could be back tonight and the giants in the 80s have one more game before they get their regular season started and adventures in traveling and why i won't be cheap anymore. let's take a look also coming up after the break. we learn more about the end of prints and what happened to him. the big mystery after he was found. grab your coat and sweater because it's chilly. 40s and 50s but you switch into short sleeves and come to the afternoon tracking warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine and i have more details coming out. a traffic jam 80 west into san francisco and crowded at the eastern span and traffic is recovering from an earlier brush fire in cupertino and 280 is a must in those details after the break.
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welcome back to the "kron4" morning news. 280 a mess recovering from an earlier brush fire that was northbound 280 at wolf road. the fire is out in major delays out of san jose and backed up to the 101680 split and on to do 80 as well and you are looking at a whopping 47 minutes to get from san jose to cupertino but they have the fire out and under control. the nimitz northbound jam leaving hayward all the way up
7:43 am
to 238 and your southbound ride is slow on the hayward slide -- side continuing into fremont so you get it on both sides of the nimitz and 42 minutes into little pieces and recheck the bay bridge coming up next back to you. 7:42 a.m. in the very latest on new information coming to light in the death of prints. a toxicology report says he had exceedingly high levels of sentinel and his body and back in 2016 prince was found unresponsive in his home and information released six weeks after show he died of an exit -- an accidental overdose and after his death police found pills in various containers and lab reports say they did test positive for fentanyl and the prosecutor will make a decision on weather to charge anyone in the near future.
7:44 am
rebecca? bring on the sunshine. this is our live camera and you can see exactly what awaits you as you make your way out of the house and warm temperatures and tracking them and i will be back with my complete with a check after the break. stay with us.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. visit 7:45 a.m. and we are looking for quite the warm up. >> it's warmer today than it was yesterday and that will be the trend as we go through the next of the week. near 80 by thursday. >> barbecue weather. >> james is like barbecue weather and flip flops and it's enjoy going outside. try to have your lunch outside. the sunshine is not going anywhere and sticking around through the weekend into next week. our live camera overlooking downtown san francisco you can see city hall right there behind me and quarter shot a nice clear skies and you can
7:47 am
see the sunshine i've been talking about in warmer conditions for the afternoon i had picked the warming trend is continuing through the rest of the week and we see the dry conditions and even into the weekend it will be beautiful as we get into saturday and sunday. temperatures outside not too bad. 40s and 50s and on the chilly side. long sleeves are needed but not for long. thanks to others high-pressure we are seeing, we are getting sunny and warm conditions. spring to summer like especially as we head through the rest of the week. today's high 67 topping out in san francisco. 73 in san jose expected for the afternoon and things get better as we get through the next couple of days and it's warmer as we get into thursday and a bit of a cool down as we get into saturday and sunday and take advantage of it and go
7:48 am
outdoors. speaking of outdoors let's see how the roads are doing with robin. it's slow and leave early so you can leave -- pack up early and everything is crowded but no big hot spots. 92 the right here still moving in slow mo as it will continue to do right through the 9:00 hour. 24 minutes to the peninsula and that is normal. a normal back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. a decent ride across the upper deck. at least it's quiet and just upper -- just over 15 minutes. raphael bridge crowded and backed up beyond castro but we had no major issues so far into the north bay and let's keep it that way. 13 minutes from the totals to 101. an earlier brush fire in cupertino at wolf and all lanes open and traffic alert canceled
7:49 am
and won a mask on san jose backing up to 280 with a whopping 49 minutes to cupertino and hold off on that commute and the nimitz jammed in both directions through hayward and northbound stall near washington has traffic calming from 92 and southbound 92 all the way to fremont and fill up the tank and pack your patience. >> i missed the bay area buzz so let's get caught up. >> the warrior's convalescent continues and draymond green may be well enough to play in tonight's game against indiana. first it was a bruised pelvis and then all four of the warriors all-stars missed with injuries and the warriors lost. green is the closest to returning. kevin durrant could be back for thursday's game and we are waiting to hear about klay thompson coming back from the fractured right thumb and now
7:50 am
we know steph curry is missing the final nine games of the regular season and the first round of the playoffs with that sprained left acl. three basketball bluebloods go to the final four. the blue bloods powerhouse villanova taking on cancer -- kansas and monstrous michigan favored to beat chicago loyola presented by the non-, born in san francisco. before sister jean became the team chaplain or played for that college she grew up in san francisco and played ball for st. paul high school, back in the 1930s. she's 98 and she's a march madness sensation. she has her own bobble head doll and custom sneakers but do you know what? michigan also has a granny on
7:51 am
their side. it is on. >> be careful, san antonio. the ramblers are on their way. >> that was the 100-year-old care -- grandmother. you have to choose. i'm going with the hometown granny. >> i love that they are upping the stakes and did you hear the steady tone in her voice, it's over on saturday. it's on. that makes it interesting. what about when you care about both teams from the bay area and i'm torn. the split hats are not cool and you know who you are rooting for and last night it was crazy
7:52 am
tied two racket two forever done -- until the 10th inning when the a's scored seven runs to win the game. the last game of the series is tonight at at&t park and in the meantime at the coliseum the a's are trying to buy their own ballpark and they said they are willing to pay $135 million of city and county debt for the entire oakland coliseum site and the biggest news and missed was mad bomb has a bomb hand. he had surgery and he's out until at least june. >> one quick note on the giants. >> yeah. >> giants organization wishing buster posey happy birthday today. >> buster. happy birthday. no reason for me to sing. >> no. >> does beyonce has a secret endorsement deal with target? here she is at target.
7:53 am
queen bee herself at target. do you think she shops in those fluffy heals? she's there with an assistant and you can see her there with blue ivy and it looks like they are buying easter stuff. >> it looks like plastic eggs. it was christmas and i don't think she is giving the photographer the hand. it's got to be set up. do you think she's like hey, jay z. i'm going to target. >> i don't care how much money you make, everyone loves a bargain. >> i have to tell you if i am rich and famous like beyonci the first things to go is no target or cvs or safeway. >> i hope that is real because it means we all have a chance at standing in line and there you will see beyonce. we have a shot.
7:54 am
>> speaking of standing in line i did a lot of that. i don't think i'm a big fan of cheap travel and i'm cheap. after what i went through in barcelona it was fun and the adventures started off well and i took norwegian air nonstop to barcelona in 12 hours door to door you wake up you there and i'm there with my daughter having a great time and on the way home. first of all we take off an hour late and i look up and this is what i see. the in-flight map on the back of the seat. i think james, you are not supposed to fly in the triangle. you should go from barcelona in the right corner all the way up -- we get four and a half hours to greenland and they say we have to turn around and we are going to norway and there it is out my window and we are
7:55 am
landing in have to stay overnight me and 400 of my new best friends waiting and waiting long story short, 48 hours and we are all back home. as they say in oslo, have a nice day. >> we will be right back. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &.
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it is going to get warmer from here on out. i will talk more about that coming up and just forget.q9, it is barely moving at all,
8:02 am
it is a mess coming out of castro valley and dublin, we have m6na stall on the freeway is backs up on bound northbound 238, it is definitely a domino effect. once again, this is right at í&# 880 n. at washington. it is blocking the two right lanes causing gridlock on 238 and 580. bay bridgeui slow from the maze a decent ride across the upper deck. happening now, students are being met at their d2school wi anti-gay protesters this morning. >> we will go live at the scene, people are beginning to assemble and protest transgender issues.pknç
8:03 am
>>reporter: i wanted to show you the church just got here and you can see the crown of less than we do not want to get too close because of some of the speech on the signs. here we have the counterprotesters. a sea of rainbow flags. people and parents that have come out here. earlier we spoke with parents, one who has a transgender child at home. they told me it was important for them to come out here. >> why are you here? >> i am here for my kids. >> what message do you want the kids to take away on the counter protest? why was it important for you to come out here? >> i think we are here because we care about our kids and the messages displayed to them. this is all about inclusion.
8:04 am
you know what,oñ i tell you wha i don't think i want to be on camera. >> that was a live interview, actually. i am sorry. umbrellas. we are live in alamo. thank you. the offramp in concord has reopened. it was close because a police chase that ended with a car crash that all started about four hours ago. police responded to a burglary. that turned into a pursuit. the driver of the car went to >k the hospital for major injuries suffered in the crash. we told you about it when it was breaking news at 5:00 this morning.ço[ be sure to download our mobile app. more breaking news, the
8:05 am
california attorney general 7tm filed a lawsuit against the trump administration over the white house is decision to include a citizen question on this will >>reporter: derail the integrity of the senses. the question of citizenship have not been there since 1950. a man is in jail after leaving police on a pursuit that started !ion the bay brid and ended on wendy drive with police arresting him. he was driving a van that going through a construction zone. there was also another chase reported around midnight. that chase involved a woman who ended y#ñup crashing on the hi
8:06 am
street offramp. a man behind bars for shooting two people at random, injuringm7! one. the first happened monday afternoon at the intersection of schofield and capitol avenue. the victim was sitting in traffic when a man pulled up in a silver suv and shot into his car. the shooter then drove off. minutes later the shooter fired at a woman walking outside. she was hit in the arm. 1 the first victims often help a woman and shortly after police found the shooter. we will keep you updated. san mateo police need your help injy finding and missing 1- year-old girl. she was last seen on march 16 when she left the san mateo county children's receiving home. if you think you knowu+" where is, please, give police a call. the man who threatened to shoot a bay area school is now
8:07 am
in custody. we have a picture of the man, as inside the big five in san mateo. this is an update to that array. police say the man told an employee he wanted to purchase a weapon and then made a comment that he wanted to shoot up a school. police say they have tracked him down and interviewed him. he says he made the threat, but told police he was joking. he apologized and is now in protective custody undergoing a the deaths of two people found in lake mary. an suv has been pulled from the water. we have video of the tow truck. the suv was spotted by a sheriff's department drone sitting about 75 defeat -- 75 feet offshore. police say the registered owner drowned in the lake after getting into some sort of a fight with his girlfriend. her body was also found in the lake.
8:08 am
police believe that she was murdered. still ahead, the ;s man killed by police demanding justice. judge aaron persky appealed his recall, but things don't go his way. i am starting to see temperatures move. we are seeing more 50s. they will soon turn into upper 60s and 70s. a whole lot of sunshine on the way. my complete weather check coming up. i am tracking and lot of slow traffic. mcarpool out in the k[ lane, i just got a word of a stalled big rig causing major delays on the 238, 580, those details after the break.fs.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
we are tracking major delays, look at this traffic on 880 heading northbound. it is gridlock out ofvp union city into san leandro all because of a stall truck. it is right it washington in a really bad spot. that is shortly after the 238 merge. chp has issued a special traffic alert, no estimated time of clearing. traffic aler in all directions.
8:12 am
it is backed up just about into fremont, a whopping 61 minutes weather northbound ride to get into san leandro all because of that stall truck. it is also impacting 238 580 w. backed up onto the dublin gray. major delays on all three freeways. i will keep an eye on this and have another check in just a bit. by robin, 8:12 is the time, thank you, robin. officers now making 45 arrests in the last five days. one is carlos miguel contreras, a fugitive out of colorado who is accused of trying to sell drugs. >> also behind bars is a man accused of trying to sell the same drugs. police say he was found with more than 500 bundles of heroin
8:13 am
cocaine and meth as well. i am tracking a lot of sunshine, look at this shot, nothing but sunny skies and really clear out there.wfae we are overlooking downtown san francisco, alcatraz. this is our live camera from the bay area. my complete weather check coming up.ukgd get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere.
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step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. robin has an update on the hotspot. >> it is kind of a hot mess. a stall box truck has three freeways backed up. major delays. it is san leandro north 880 to washington. it is being cleared, but not good news if you have to take the nemitz. a traffic alert issued and they are clearing it now, but what a mess.
8:17 am
if you have to take 880 n. it is backed up through union city . it is backed up just about to 84 coming out of fremont. you are looking at 61 minutes for the north bound drivetime. leave as early as you can. look at how it is impacting 238 and 580, solid between 580 and 880 onto the dublin grade. almost into the city of dublin. you need to leave early. traffic is at a crawl. the bay bridge thinning out, we are down to 11 minutes from the bottom of the base to fremont. 12 minutes from the told out to 101. the rest of the bay area doing okay. you are at 25 minutes to sunnyvale. we are looking at a lot of sunshine outside, including
8:18 am
here at san francisco international airport. this will await you as you make your way out of the house. temperatures are still a little bit on the chilly side. once we get into the afternoon we are going to see things a lot warmer than you today. things are definitely climbing. tomorrow the warming trend continues, dry conditions. we will see the sunshine continue. once we get into saturday and sunday a quarter weekend on tap. we are seeing 40s and 50s out the door right now. not as cold as what we experienced yesterday at this time. 87 in san francisco, 49 in downtown san jose. high pressure building around the bay area. it will be this way for the next week or so. no rain in the forecast, a whole lot of spring and summer
8:19 am
like temperatures. 77 in concord, or going to be. we are tracking upper 60s to low 70s along the shoreline. 68 in downtown oakland, 72 degrees in san jose, 60s for san francisco. at the coast for half moon bay 60s. we are going to get about the same tomorrow. even warmer as we get into thursday. some spots could be reaching near 80 degrees. i will have more details in my seven day around the bay forecast coming up. one of the big stories this morning, two people accused of ripping off a business helping fire victims apparently struck again. another company believes they are the same thieves who scammed them. >> we would love to do what we held -- what we can to help. >>reporter: what is heartbreaking is that somebody
8:20 am
would take a credit card from fire victims and then exploit the loss to take more from those who are trying to help. >> some people are good. you want to trust people and you try to do the best you can and this is what happens. >> last week we reported how the people in the surveillance video allegedly used a stolen credit card to purchase $7000 of generators breeze trailer shot. it turns out the same thing happened earlier here in gilroy. >> my understanding is the individual called over the phone and gave a credit card, came in and show the id and credit card and took off with one large and two small generators. one of our employees recognize his face in the surveillance video you showed. according to the guy he is the same guy. we would not have any idea had you not run that piece.
8:21 am
>> in this case the convoy -- con artist that the generators were needed for a fundraiser to generate help for fire victims. gilroy's rvs have also donated the fire victims, adding to the outrage. >> what we hear the fact that might be the same people taking advantage of the tragedy, i am telling you it is heartbreaking. >> small generators like this easily resold and invaluable to fire victims, both for about $1000. segrins is out a little over 6000, including a larger and more valuable unit that have to be special ordered. there may be more victims. the folks here are convinced they had surveillance video of the same suspects, but that it was deleted before they made the connection. they are hoping that video is shown far and wide in the hopes
8:22 am
that the suspects will eventually be caught. now a big story out of sacramento, the family of stephen clark who was fatally shot by police now putting pressure on city leaders to hold the officers accountable. they held a news conference with their attorney, benjamin krumpt. he is now asking for an independent autopsy and an investigation into the shooting.>> we will speak up and fight for stephan until we get justice. >> the california chapter of the naacp says the district attorney should charge the officers. the naacp also talking to the department of justice about a federal investigation. a second wave of the flu is coming. they say this one you really need to watch out for. we will tell you why.
8:23 am
>> this segment is sponsored by rich royalty.
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back to the kron morning news. a busy ride around the bay area. so much heavy traffic, and that includes the bay bridge. everyone sitting in traffic and it is backed up into the maze.
8:26 am
speeds will pick up on the upper deck. just got word of a new crash in berkeley. 80 w. at university, still pretty clogged up. 44 minutes or your drivetime, i have seen drive times over an hour without major incidents. that crash definitely not helping. good news about the stall truck in san leandro. it finally cleared. 880 n. and washington, a traffic alert at the two right lanes block. the damage is done. what a mess out of union city, even impacting 238 and 580. majorñm delays, leave as early you can. the flu season is winding down, but the cdc is warning parents especially about another strain that could be more dangerous. doctor say it is not uncommon
8:27 am
for there to be a couple waves of the virus, but they say it v clear how serious the second wave could be. they do know it is not as bad for adults as children. 133 kids have died this season. doctor say if you have not been vaccinated it is not too late to get yourself or your children protected. speaking of kids,+ei÷b a w creek couple has their hands full. the quintuplets that were born are back home to their home near tracy. the babies have been in the hospital in walnut creek. the final baby what home over the weekend. the parents say all of the babies are happy and healthy, but they have÷hxh a long way t i hope they are okay. in case you forgot their names, i remember lincoln. there's no well, grayson, preston, and gabriella. keep in
8:28 am
mind, rebecca, who has one, they have these five babies,çce but already have two dollars. that is seven kids they are taking care of. >> so many babies. how do you rock them all to sleep?>>fv)ñ i want to know how the parents sleep? you can't with that many. out the door a whole lot of sunshine awaits you and really nice temperatures as we get into the afternoon. my complete weather check coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 am, checking out your weather on a tuesday morning. things are looking pretty good.
8:31 am
really warm. can we second that? >> not in the traffic room.9>$sg >> you might have to use the air-conditioningw3!d in your ca this afternoon, it is expected to get into the 70s, maybe upper 70s in some spots. you can see our camera '7çon tof the berkeley hills, nice and clear conditions. here is how your day will be shaping up, 40s and 50s out the !40s and 50s, especially in. at the coast we might see a couple of 60s scattered around. it is going to get even warmer as we get through the next couple of days. i will have those details coming up. for now hit the roadway and see
8:32 am
this commute. >> you will need a full tank of gas heading to work this morning. traffic has not recovered from the earlier issues. the bay bridge is okay, a pretty decent ride backed up. earlier it was through the maze. the 880 over crossing is thinning out, south -- about 40 minutes to take it over to fremont. it is flowing go from the parkway, the start of the slowdown. checking in on the 101, it is going to be heavy through third street. it clears up right before the entrance to the lower deck. northbound 280 is crawling all the way over to the north 101 merge. about of heavy traffic heading into san francisco. i will have a complete check in just a bit. students are being mad at
8:33 am
their schools with anti-gay protesters this morning. we are talking elementary school students. the westboro baptist church back in town protesting itime around.>> what are the kids and the parents making of this? >>reporter: the kids to  a few minutes ago. they are about it to be here between eight-8:30 am. you can see behind me the they are still here. the school is located in alamo. in a press release the church that they will " faithfully provoke their neighbors to obey god's command. " the church is infamous for picketing. >> it looks like we lost her signal. but as she said they were there for half an hour.
8:34 am
she did talk to some people and some parents who were there on the scene. here is what some have to say. >> because this school is nationally known for teaching little children who cannot even read yet, they use graphic images to teach themte>÷to rebe against god. >> that was from one of the westboro protesters. again, they were only about the half hour window. >> it sounds like they are gone before the kids arrived. that is the latest they are. another big story we are following, gas prices. gas prices expected to see the price of climb as we get closer into the summer. >> the summer blend. we already pay more here in the bay area. we are following the numbers in walnut creek. >>reporter: the numbers are right behind me, that will seem like a bargain in a week or so as prices are expected to
8:35 am
continue to rise. i am at a quarter where i see three gas stations. his year than at the same time last year with a seven since increase over the past couple of weeks. it is headed in the wrong direction. in san francisco we are paying the highest prize in the continental 48 states. right now the average price in san francisco is $3.64. $3.48 in oakland, san jose $3.48, and alejo $3.37. these prices will obviously change. and a lot of the cashiers are running in and out to keep those numbers going up. when it will end, nobody knows. we do know the cause for a barrel of oil continues to rise. according to industry experts that is the reason we continue to pay more.
8:36 am
not to mention living in california we have that california summer blend. >> thank you. a court is rejecting a appeal of ali the recall election against him to move on. he is the judge that sentence brock turner to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he argued the campaign should a file with the california secretary of state, that was denied. the recall goes to voters on june 5. in the south bay we know the name of the driver killed after his tesla sedan crashed in mountain view. officials say he was the driver and the crash happened last friday when he lost control on highway 101 near the flyover. witnesses pulled him from the car after it caught fire, but
8:37 am
unfortunately he died at the hospital. another driver killed in a car crash has been identified as jared ned. he died when he lost control of his camry. it ultimately crashed into a retaining wall. that happened early friday morning. he died at the scene. no other cars were involved. one person killed in a small plane crash in monterey county yesterday morning at the marina municipal airport. the pilot was the only person on board. the cause of the crash still under investigation. two people who went missing in a flash flood that hit central california have been pronounced dead, even though their bodies have not been found. deputy say they were unable to find them after a large-scale search. there is not much left after the flood waters swept through the foothills.
8:38 am
as you can see the people who died, a 72-year-old woman who never return home after she went to check on from horses, and a 67-year-old man who did not come home after a substitute teaching job. a dangerous sideshow, camera, what the chp says could have happened if the driver had lost control. why this dog treat could be harmful for your pet. we will tell you about it after the break. in your noise cancelling trheadphones?ry
8:39 am
maybe not. maybe you could trust you won't be next to a loud eater. (eating potato chips loudly) or you could just trust duracell. (silence) ♪ pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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8:41 am
when it welcome back, it is a little crowded we have the bay bridge thinning out, looking really good here. the cash lanes and the carpool lanes are looking a lot better, still often on slowing can be expected. 12 minutes for the drive in. we will check back in on 238 and 580. those details in just a bit. by okay, a warning for dog owners. certain dog treats being recall. they are under the labels milo's kitchen brands. the state grillers are being recall and the grilled burger bites. sounds good, the company says
8:42 am
they could contain elevated levels of be thyroid hormones. >> that could make dogs severely sick if they are consumed over a long amount of time. there have been three reports of dogs getting sick. if you want more information go to our website, this is our south of market camera, all the sunshine you could want. we are seeing it really nice across the entire bay area. temperatures will start heating up, my complete weather check coming up. stay with us.
8:43 am
8:44 am
my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives.
8:45 am
together, we're building a better california. sayonara to windsor for now. as you can see it is going to be warmer around the bay area. near 80 degrees. if this doesn't prove it i do not know what else to tell you. so much sunshine, temperatures are not reflective of the warm weather quite yet. not too bad, it is going to be so beautiful no matter where you are heading and it will look like this well into the weekend. try to take advantage of it. we are not only feeling the warmer weather, the rest of the state is as well. 76 in la later today. and look at this, upper 70s as we get into northern california, pushing near 80.
8:46 am
76 expected in sacramento. middle to upper 60s like santa barbara. temperatures are beginning to move, not as chilly as before. 40s and 50s, 58 degrees in san francisco, 59 in redwood city, 51 in mountain view. a chilly 51 in livermore, but that is set to change. we are going to see this the route the rest of the week because of high pressure. high cloud cover is keeping things warm and dry around the bay area. highs today topping out at 67. a whole lot of sunshine in san francisco today. 73 degrees expected in downtown san jose. things only getting better, tomorrow pretty much the same as today. another beautiful afternoon in store.
8:47 am
maybe some 80 degrees temperatures that we could be seeing around some of our warmer inland valley locations. getting into saturday and sunday dry and sunday, just a little bit cooler temperatures. it is going to be gorgeous to spend some time outdoors. that is a look at the weather, let's switch over to the traffic. things moving very slow and very congested. the backup continues to stretch out to richland parkway. it has not improved much. right now you are averaging 14 minutes from 880 to 101. the bay bridge looks a lot better, we do not see this very often, thinning out in the cash and carpool lanes. the fast track and cash lanes look a lot better, 60 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont. very good for those of you who have to
8:48 am
101 a little crowded, and a lot of people getting stuck in the north bay slowing. the left is southbound 101 to san francisco."9l roughly 42 minutes, still pretty high without any major problems. this is what you should stay away from, 580. pñn we had an earlier stole. the backups spill onto 238, 580 is looking like a parking lot to castro valley. it ióñis really off and on into livermore, back from 800 -- back from 84. a tough right through union city because of that earlier stole. leave as early as you can. if you take the guadalupe parkway it is roughly 30 minutes. 18 minutes from 280 out the 237. 8:48 am the time.
8:49 am
a wild and dangerous sideshow % on the bay bridge all caught on camera. it brought traffic to a stop sunday. chp says a passenger that you see there could easily have been ejected if the driver had lost control. chp says they do their best to stop these sideshows, but because they are spontaneous oftentimes the people are gone by the time officers get there. witnesses say dozens of cars took part in stopping the traffic so this sideshow can take place. byivo&z sideshows have been get a lot more dangerous. a recent example was the officer hit by a car. guns reportedly fired.npb this is video of various sideshows in oakland. the sheriff's office now working with the regional task here is video we poor from the archives back in 2014 of a
8:50 am
sideshow on the golden gate bridge. it stopped traffic, putting all of those people in danger as both , pcars spinning. >> they have just a small railing they are. the a's are making it clear they are staying in oakland and announced they are willing to pay for it. that they will pay off for the -- debt they would pay off for ñ the entire colosseum. they have been working on a privately financed ballpark for the last two years and it seems to be nowhere to go. >> there is no =+?nother locati that i can think of in the east bay where a site like this exists. >> they have transportation right there, they could work out the logistics. i think it will be fabulous. >> it is a great place to be. they need to fix it, the sewage
8:51 am
problems and the food and the concourse. i guess they would purchase this, redo it, and then what would they do? they do not own oracle, will that be a part of it? as we know the warriors and the raiders are already gone. our libby shaft says she is willing to work with the a's on this. heading to the north bay, the creators of the bottle rocket festival in napa valley will be hosting a two day festival for the first time in three years. it is called the sonoma harvest and it will be hosted in glenallen in september. organizers say the winery will offer a more intimate festival experience. it should be fun a>ftñnice to to. a two day pass goes on sale tomorrow at 10:00. general admission is $225. that pales in comparison to the platinum path, if you want that
8:52 am
you will fork over $1200.@é0x an over driver to stop driving -- uber driver stop while driving down a flight of stairs in san francisco. let that sink in. >> were they going over a roadway?>> there you see it. on market, right in front of the safeway. officers say there was a senior citizen behind the wheel and apparently made a wrong turn. you call it? you are stopped and the stairs hit you in the undercarriage and lifts the wheels off the ground. >> okay. speaking of cars, the governor of arizona fifth by %adriv cars in the state. the governor sent a letter to the by ceo after one of the
8:53 am
companies self driving cars hit and killed a woman in tempe. police and the ntsb is looking into the accident to see if it could've been avoided. the victim stepped out in front of traffic. authorities say she was not in a crosswalk. the governor called the video disturbing and alarming. until they do a complete investigation there pulling the cars off of the role. by doing that for all cars nationwide. a pair of wheels turning heads. we will have more of these pictures coming up. ross spring shoe event.
8:54 am
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♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. if you have ever been out well watching and you have seen nothing, here is the payoff. you do not have to feel like you need to be on a boat. two whales spotted, this is in orange county. they want to make sure they do not get stuck in the shallow water. they appear to be making their way up north and heading out to deeper water. they typically swim closer to shore. oftentimes they will bring their babies with them and they want to keep them away from predators. that gives us a chance to catch a glimpse every now and then.
8:57 am
typically you have to go up to pillar point or someplace along the coast. >> you have to get the right time. a couple of times that i have gone i do not see anything. >> i never see them this close. still ahead, the infamous westborough church and the protesters in the east bay. why they are protesting at an elementary school.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good tuesday morning.
9:00 am
>> it's 9:00 am. we have rebecca on weather, robin on traffic. a quick check of the commute. >> it's been tough and it's slowly improving. >> it's so great, sunny out like that. can't beat it. >> if you are stuck in traffic, it might as well be pretty. you might even have to turn on the air conditioning inside of your cars later today. we are expecting some nice temperatures around the bay area. look at all the sunshine. our live camera is overlooking downtown san jose, bay bridge, treasure island, east bay hills. this is our camera on top of the tower in the city. you can see all the nice clear conditions. even behind me on top of our berkley hills area overlooking the east bay, sunshine no matter where you are looking. currently we will be seeing temperatures mostly getting to the 50s finally, still a little bit chilly but not too bad. 70s are on the way for the
9:01 am
afternoon. it looks like things are going to get warmer through the rest of the week. i will have more details coming up in my full weather check. tofor now -- for now, let's head to the traffic center. >> it's clearing up in some spots and other spots are not easing at all. the good news, those heading into san francisco there is a minor wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not see this often unless it is a friday or holiday. you are getting emergency basisy clearing, 16 minutes for the drive in. checking on highway 101, it is backed, starts in south san jose and it is pretty much a parking lot all the way to palo alto. 280 is a tough ride, started with a brush fire in cooper
9:02 am
tino hours ago. leave early. that traffic is very thick. >> thank you. in the east bay a short time ago, students were met at their elementary school with antigay protesters. >> you have probably heard of the westboro baptist church. they have been in the bay area before. lydia is live with more. >> reporter: all the protesters have cleared out. there are a few counter protesters as you see behind me left here in alamo. you can see the protesters on the sidewalk. the school is at 180 hemi avenue. the church says they will faithfully provoke neighbors to obey god's commands. the church is infamous for picketing religious and secular groups they disagree with and for using vulgar signs. they're designated as a hate group by southern poverty law
9:03 am
center. there was a counter protest that was scheduled here, definitely out numbered the westboro protesters. they were all holding rainbow umbrellas. we talked with a representative from the church about why they came here. >> this school is nationally known for teaching little children that can't even read yet. they use graphic images to teach them to rebel against god. >> reporter: the school district actually delayed the start of school so kids won't be here until after 10:00 this morning. >> thanks. breaking news just into the kron4 newsroom. facebook sources say that ceo mark zuckerburg has come to terms with the affected that he will have to testify before congress within a matter of weeks.
9:04 am
facebook is planning the strategy for his testimony. insiders believe that his willingness to testify will put pressure on ceos of google and twitter to do the same thing. senate judiciary committee has invited all three ceos to a hearing on data privacy on april 10. in the east bay, off ramp at port chicago highway and concord reopened. the ramp was closed until earlier because of a police chase that ended with a car crash. that started earlier this morning in the overnight hours. there was a pursuit, police were chasing a burglary suspect. the driver of the car ended up going to the hospital for major injuries. we told you about this and the shut down of the highway at 5:05. download our mobile app and that way you will get important breaking news, weather, traffic that you need to know before you go. breaking news in earlier this morning. a law suit against the trump
9:05 am
administration over the white house decision to include a question on citizenship in the 2020 census. that question would ask people to disclose whether they're in the country legally. but the quote would derail the integrity of the consensus some say and he says it is illegal in california too. the question hasn't been used since 1950. ended on windy drive in pleasant hill where police pulled the man out of the van he was driving. police say the chase started when the man almost hit a chp patrol car while driving through a construction zone. it ended 15 minutes later. they're trying to determine if drugs or alcohol might have been a factor. another chase too is reported around midnight on south 880 in oak land. that ended when the woman behind the wheel crashed on the high street off ramp.
9:06 am
police haven't released details about that driver. a man is behind bars after shooting two people at random injuring one in east palo alto. the first one was monday afternoon. the victim was sitting in traffic and a man pulled up in a silver suv and fired a shot at him. the shooter drove off. the victim followed him and he saw the shooter fire at a woman outside. she was hit in the arm. the first victim pulled over to help the woman. police found the shooter and arrested him. they haven't released his name at this time. police need your help finding a missing 15 year old girl. here is her picture. smith was last seen on march 16. she was seen leaving the san mateo county children's receiving home. if you have any idea where she is or if you know anything that might help police, call san
9:07 am
mateo pd. here is a picture of the man who threatened to shoot. he told an employee he wanted to buy a gun and then threatened to shoot up a school. police say when they interviewed him he did admit to the threat but said he was joking and apologized. now he is in protective custody at the hospital waiting to go through a mental health evaluation. we are learning more about deaths of two people whose bodies were pulled out of lake merit. an suv was pulled from the water yesterday spotted by a sheriffs department drone about 75 feet offshore and 8 feet down. it's registered to michael grace. grace drowned in the lake on march 15 after getting into a fight with his girlfriend. johnson's body was also pulled from the water. she had injuries and police believe she was murdered. san francisco police are cracking down on drugs in the tender loin district. officers made 45 arrests over the last five years and one of
9:08 am
the men they picked up is a fugitive out of colorado. he is accused of trying to sell heroine, cocaine, meth. also behind bars, a man accused of trying to sell the same drugs. he was found with more than 500 bundles of heroine, cocaine, and meth. a court is rejecting appeal by a judge and now allowing recall election against him to move forward. he is the judge behind the controversial sentencing of the stanford swimmer brock turner. he was given six months for sexual assault convictions. it was argued that the recall campaign should have been filed with california secretary of state but the judge denied that. so the recall will be decided by voters and that will be on the june 5 ballot. we'll take a quick break. 9:08 is the time. coming up, heineken facing
9:09 am
backlash from critics. the family of an unarmed sacramento man killed by police are demanding justice. you will hear from the attorney on behalf of the family. >> a live look outside, a nice light commute from the bay bridge, oakland into san francisco. there is not a lot going on here. robin will update us on the commute in just a moment.
9:10 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we are checking on this traffic heading into san francisco. it's not bad at all. i'll take it. usually it is backed up through the maze. you are getting a break. a lot of folks are headed in early and it's not going to be a problem. a minor back up in cash lanes and fast track lanes down the middle. 14 minutes is a really good drive time to make it to
9:11 am
fremont street. a stall right before the 24 split, has traffic heavy out of pleasure ants hill, but it is winding down. 18 minutes to danville. very good. when you merge over to highway 24, that is still quite slow leaving walnut creek, lafayette, even coming out west of the tunnel. it's still a slow ride heading into the oakland maze, just under 30 minutes. >> thank you. a big story out of sacramento, family of stephon clark is putting pressure on city leaders to hold the officers accountable. they held a news conference with their attorney. crump also represented families of trayvon martin and michael brown and he is asking for independent autopsy and investigation. >> we will speak up for stephon
9:12 am
and we will fight for stephon! >> naacp is talking to department of justice about launching a federal investigation. checking the markets this morning, the dow is positive by about 200 points. s&p and nasdaq also trading positive. next financial expert rob black will join us and we'll talk winners and losers on wall street. we'll see where things stand. we'll be right back.
9:13 am
9:14 am
welcome back. thanks for staying with us. we are checking on your commute. it's still crowded in a number of spots. this is 92, san mateo bridge. it's very congested as it has been all morning. no major issues in your way. you can make it to the peninsula in 23 minutes. i am surprised by the clearing at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks really good. i double checked, is there
9:15 am
anything in the maze holding folks back? so far, it looks good. a minor wait at the toll plaza, 14 minutes. it is a little crowded at the upper deck but it's nice to see early clearing in san francisco. sometimes we don't get that until friday or a holiday. take a look at 101, the the south bay commute is tough. we had problems on 280, minor problems on 101 so it is a whopping 83 minutes to make it north from san jose. you definitely need to leave early if that's your commute. checking on 880, it's okay, slowing stretches for the south ride. 43 minutes from 238 to 237. things continue to get brighter and brighter outside. sunshine and the temperatures are starting to move now. we are looking at conditions at the san francisco international airport. it's nice and sunny.
9:16 am
we are seeing no delays for inbound flights at sfo, oakland, or san jose so far. looking ahead we will see temperatures warmer today than yesterday. the warming trend does continue into tomorrow. that's really going to shape up for the entire week. through friday, we will see dry conditions and warm temperatures, especially as we get into wednesday and thursday. then we are going to have a little bit of a cool down over the weekend, but not bad. temperatures are really moving. we are seeing 50s and 60s on the board. definitely different than we saw yesterday at this time. it's already 61 in downtown san francisco, 56 in downtown oak land. san jose is coming in at 55. high pressure will be sticking with us throughout the entire week and into the weekend bringing us the dry conditions and the spring to even summer- like weather that we will be seeing over the next days. the temperatures are not too bad. we have upper 70s for concord maybe today and liver more
9:17 am
coming in at 77. upper 60s along east bay shoreline, 69 hayward. we are pushing the 70-degree mark. low 70s for the south bay today and then mid to upper 70s it looks like for much of our north bay zone. tomorrow will be beautiful, very similar to today. then it looks like thursday might be the warmest day of the week pushing near 80 in some spots that we could be seeing around the bay area. i will let you know what friday and your weekend holds. all of that is coming up in just a bit. time for winners on losers on wall street. rob black is walking us through some of the big newsmakers. we want to talk about home prices as we look at 2018. it looks like we are off to a fast start with home prices, faster than economic growth. are they out pacing people's ability to afford homes? >> that's why i call it a loser for sure. it's been a great nine years on the stock market and housing
9:18 am
recovery but we start beating economic growth as we are and it's a flag. when it's a bad year, it will happen. across the nation it's a 6.2% rise. out of the cities surveyed, these are all big cities, most of them were up pretty significantly. home prices are rising twice as fast as economic growth. that's a problem. top three markets, seattle, does that not have amazon stink, everyone is moving to seattle. las vegas is a big winner, up 11.1%. san francisco up 10.2%. vegas is interesting. it's telling you it's noncalifornia let's get out but not too far away. you can commute from vegas and fly into san francisco every day and fly home and live way
9:19 am
better you could in the bay area, peninsula. >> twice the home for half the price. >> it's not going to be better any time soon. any time inventory is under six months, prices go higher. it's a sellers' market. >> doesn't look like any light at the end of the tunnel on that either. b of a apparently cutting facebook's stock forecast. is this all still more dominoes falling from the cambridge analytica. >> yeah. i am doing this story for the third time in the last three appearances and it feels repetitive. bank of america is saying not only do they have the data leak to 50 million people but they have a credibility leak because zuckerburg and sand berg didn't come out guns blazing, "we will fix this." they said we're sorry. it's crazy. you see significant risk of
9:20 am
civil penalties, data privacy violations. is facebook a media company with 2 billion eyeballs or 4 billion since it's 2 billion people. or is it a media company? they're regulated on alcohol ads, cigarette ads, on fake news. what are they? social media? they can get away with anything? i like the stock for the longterm patient investor but ftc investigation means 12 months before you get out of jail at facebook. >> it looks like zuckerberg is set to testify before congress. we'll see what happens. >> he did say no to english parliament. college students, applicants, this are parents -- their parents, getting nervous about how they're going to pay for college tuition. it seems to go up every year. >> i saw a report where they
9:21 am
talked about students stressed and the level of stresses rising. there are also other costs of college that are crazy expensive, just getting in. at private public schools tuition is 54 to 71% in the last ten years. that's bigger than the economy. the total college debt now stands about 1.4 trillion. 75% of students and parents starting college say they're stressed about financial obligations coming out with a minimum of $35,000 of credit card debt on average. some students pay $700 just to give applications every year. when they're seniors in high schools they apply and it's $700 in fees. stanford has the the most expensive application in the united states at over $100 per application. they make over $2 million saying no to people. not too shabby.
9:22 am
small colleges like vassar, maybe $400. housing deposits are 100 to 500. tuition 50 to 500. sat tutoring, $125 an hour, college admission counseling, 95 to $300 an hour. the cost around college loan makes my stomach stressed so i can see why the parents are stressed. >> interesting. we'll end on a viewer question. this is coming to us from rich. i didn't know you could do this. can i trust costco to buy a new car? >> i saw the coolest things cost cosells. you can get a custom painted pet portrait. your dog looks glamorous. you can get $1500 of rib eye. you can get a custom wine cellar, $5000. two gallons of massage oil, for
9:23 am
the guy who likes to oil up before the olympics. caskets are a good deal. the cars i like too because if they get you 10% off at a local dealer. you still work with the local dealer. costco just introduce you to the local dealer if you want a red pinto four wheel drive whatever. that's a classic for me. also if you don't want to buy a car from them and save 15%, consider a vacation. i use their vacation packages. you have to go somewhere like disney, hawaii, mexico, caribbean, but there are amazing discounts. they even send you a guide every couple months of great packages. they have a lot of good stuff. their gas is the secret weapon. there is a company now in the bay area that will come to your
9:24 am
house and fill up your tank for you. i bet amazon buys them down the road. >> thank you very much. keep those questions coming in. you can e-mail him, find him on twitter, and on our website at
9:25 am
9:26 am
welcome back. heineken is facing accusations of racism for this ad. it had the tag line sometimes lighter is better. >> right. on the surface it doesn't seem racist but as you watch the ad you will see it features a bar tender sliding the heineken to a light skinned woman and it passes by several black people before arriving at the woman's hand. so there is kind of that impression. >> that's the impression hip hop star chance the rapper got. he talked about it on twitter and called it racist. others started agreeing. heineken ended up pulling the ad last night. we are seeing a lot of
9:27 am
sunshine outside. this is san francisco. our camera is just south of market. you can see how nice it is. the temperatures will start warming up now as we get closer to the afternoon hours. i have 70s that i am tracking. >> gas prices are on the rise across the bay area. we'll tell you how much more they'll likely go up as the summer gets here.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:28. we are checking out weather and traffic on a late tuesday morning. >> it's looking a lot better compared to the last hour. i will check the bridges. >> let's talk about this summer weather on tap for the week ahead. >> flip-flops, t-shirts and shorts is what you will be able to bust out now. a lot of water and of course sunscreen always helps. we are going to be seeing some areas pushing near 80 as we get through the rest of the week. this is what you are going to see right outside of your home.
9:30 am
we are going to be seeing a lot of sunshine and crystal clear skies. it's nice and blue out there. this is our north bay camera over looking tim ron. a perfect shot of the golden gate bridge towers up there on your screen. we are seeing 70s for the afternoon, could see upper 70s in warmest spots. it's going to be a little bit toasty around the bay area and that's going to get more and more so over the next days. i will have all the details in my seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. the roads are looking not so bad. >> a very nice improvement. here is a live look, a minor delay in some of the cash lanes down the middle. a decent ride across the upper deck. your average drive times looks great. we don't see this very often, early clearing, unless it's a friday or a holiday.
9:31 am
leaving san francisco, 280 at ocean heading to daily city, an accident is still working. it looks like they have two lanes blocked, two left lanes. one of the cars involved may have overturned. south 280 at ocean, two left lanes blocked by a fresh crash. the 280 extension is jammed from the beginning to the end from the 80 split all the way to city street. it is slow with a lot of folks heading to work. it's still packed trying to get into san francisco. >> thanks. president trump is staying relatively silent on the stormy daniels scandal. >> trump is talking to his aides about the controversy behind closed doors. >> reporter: president trump, a self declared counter puncher, remaining uncharacteristically quiet about alleged affair with stormy daniels and purported effort to cover the story. >> you had sex? >> yes. >> you were 27 and he was 60.
9:32 am
were you physically attracted to him? >> no. >> behind the scenes, washington post reports that the president attacked daniels asking confidants if the episode is hurting his poll numbers and even griping daniels is not the type of woman he finds attractive. the post is also reporting that the president watched daniels' 60 minutes interview and didn't think she appeared credible and has been asking aides what they thought. >> i am not going to get into what he saw. there are clips in the morning news shows. >> reporter: sources say mr. trump knows the stakes and is resisting commenting and making this worse. >> the president has consistently denied the claims and the only person inconsistent is the person making the claims. the president doesn't believe that any of the claims are accurate. >> he doesn't believe she was threatened? >> he does not.
9:33 am
>> reporter: white house continuing to insist that the president was unaware of the $130,000 paid by michael cohen. >> false charges are settled out of court all the time and this is not out of the ordinary. >> daniels lawyer filing suit against cohen. >> he made statements whereby he basically said that the affair never happened, in not so many words, and made my client out to be a liar. >> the president has kept in touch with a different controversy, rob porter. he resigned amid allegations that he physically abused both of his ex wives. new york times reports that the president has told some of his advisors he hopes porter returns to work in the west wing though he acknowledges he probably can't bring him back. >> the friend of stormy daniels claims that daniels saved a
9:34 am
dress from her date with donald trump. gas prices are expected to climb. >> the summer blend. the bay area is already paying more than they pay in the state. here is more from walnut creek. >> these numbers will seem like a bargain in a week or so as gas prices are expected to continue to rise. i see three gas stations. behind me is $3.67, $3.69 and across the street $3.69. we are paying $.32 more this year than at the same time last year with a $.07 increase over the past weeks. it's headed in the wrong direction. in san francisco we are paying the highest price in the continental 48 states. so right now the average price in san francisco you are looking at $3.64. in oakland, $3.48. san jose, $3.48. the prices obviously will change. a lot of the cashiers are
9:35 am
running in and out with the new plastic cards to keep the numbers going up and up and up. when it will end, nobody knows. but we know that the cost for a barrel of oil continues to rise. according to industry experts that's the reason why we continue to pay more. not to mention living in california with all the famous california summer blend. 9:35. new, heavenly ski resort announces they're going to extend ski season. they already know they're going through april. >> how about that? it looks like people are already on the slopes enjoying the snow out there now. we are joined live via skype. coop has more on what's going on? >> reporter: hi. it's a beautiful day. spring time is what it feels like. the sun is up here heavenly to
9:36 am
extend the season to the 22nd of april. great skiing and riding conditions. it looks like there might be another storm system or two maybe into april. great conditions right now on the mountain. >> i am going wait, april 22. does that take us through spring break? >> it does. i was going to ask that. do you think the snow will hang around? >> reporter: you know, it depends on how warm it gets. today we are supposed to see 60. that 22-foot bay, there were a lot of layers that came in with the last storm. so there is some warm heavy pack and that takes a lot of sunshine. our mountain operations team will do the best that they can to keep this ready to go and keep it going. we have pond skimming, live music, it's going to be a good time. >> i am going to be a mom. two things mom says for spring skiing. you have to wear sunscreen.
9:37 am
number two, i hate seeing people that shed all the layers and the helmet. you have to keep the helmet on even though it's hot out there. >> reporter: helmets definitely are key. you will go into a freeze thaw cycle. the snow in the morning can be hard. never shed the helmet. >> thanks a lot. you can't beat those conditions. thanks, coop. i love fresh powder but when it's warm out, it's very enjoyable. >> to hear him talking about the music. there is a lot more up there than just skiing. still ahead on kron4 morning buzz, at least one piece of the missing puzzle for the warriors could be back tonight. >> adventures in traveling and why i may not fly cheap-o air
9:38 am
as if there was a thing. i will tell you which airline i might not fly again. we'll tell you which dog food to watch for this morning. these treats could make your pet sick. >> a lot of sunshine on the san mateo bridge. we have a check of weather and traffic here in just a few moments.
9:39 am
9:40 am
welcome back. it's time to check on traffic. it's easing up, not a bad ride across the san mateo bridge. it's crowded but the drive time is going down, only 21 minutes from 880 to 101. we have the bay bridge with early clearing, minor delays in the lanes down the middle. 14 minutes to make it to fremont street. 101 across the building gate was never a problem. it's looking smooth, 26 minutes
9:41 am
to the toll plaza. richmond bridge is still crowded but at least we don't have any major issues. we'll check on 580 in my next report. we quickly want to go live to sacramento where we have california's attorney general joining the police chief, mayor, and other officials concerning the investigation into the shooting death of stephon clark. >> extremely high emotions, anger, hurt in our city, i felt it was the best interest of our entire community including the members of our police department to ask the attorney general to be independent part of the investigation and he agreed to be that independent body. our city is at a critical point right now and i believe this
9:42 am
will build faith and confidence. there will be full access for the department of justice investigators during the entire investigation. they will also provide independent review of our policies and our training as it relates to use of force. i again would like to thank our attorney general for dedication to the sacramento community through willingness to be an independent part of the investigation. i would like to speak to recent events in our city. protests have a rich, positive place in our nation's history and definitely in our state and city's history. as the capital of california we often see rights of protesters exercised in our city. as a community, we exercise calm and don't have more tragedies, injuries, property damage as that does not help us move forward and improve the city for all. with this in mind i thank the
9:43 am
leaders in the community that are here with us supporting our city and being safe. fraternities, sororities, pastors here today. i thank all of them for being engaged in ensuring everyone in our city is safe and has the opportunity to thrive. the police department will continue to be transparent and continue with the information that we can with the investigation. we provided updates on some of the evidence in the case as we obtained it and we will continue to do so. we want to be a leader not only in our state, but our nation, in regards to what partnerships with our community look like and what transparency looks like because that's what's best for our sacramento community. i would like to thank men and
9:44 am
women of the police department who have been working many long hours over the last week. they have shown tremendous professionalism, patience, dedication to our city. they have truly provided a tremendous service to our city during this very trying time. with that, i would like to turn it back to the attorney general. >> i think and respect the chief and i thank and respect everyone in the community who made this possible to come together this way. they'll now provide independent oversight of the investigation into the shooting of stephon clark. my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that the investigation
9:45 am
is fair, thorough, and impartial. i want to thank and respect the chief for agreeing that the involvement in the matter will extend to include a review of the policing policies, procedures, and practices at the sacramento police department. although we will continue to coordinate with the sacramento police department, we will retain our independence as we conduct this review. our independent over sight and separate review of the department will be based on the facts and law, nothing more, nothing less. at this time it's hard to say more about either assignment because one involves ongoing investigation and the other has
9:46 am
yet to commence. we take this with the full recognition of the importance of getting it right because it is about respect and trust. it is about identifying ways to achieve public safety and safer outcomes in the future. the california department of justice is here to live up to its name. we work with law enforcement and communities across california every day. and we work to uphold justice every day. today we take another important step to strengthening respect and trust that we need to keep california safe. let me turn the microphone over to our mayor of sacramento now. >> good morning everyone. i want to begin by thanking my colleagues for being here, the
9:47 am
fraternity members, the pastors. i want to acknowledge all those in the community who have kept the peace on the community side and the men and women of sacramento's police department who helped keep the peace in real ways over the past week. i want to thank the chief for consistent outstanding steady leadership. thank you to our district attorney who you will hear from in a moment for not making this about turf when so much is at stake. a big thank you to our attorney general for stepping up big time and providing our community and all communities in california that extra assurance that the stephon clark investigation will be fair and impartial. you did not have to say yes. you did so.
9:48 am
that is leadership. i am appreciative of the fact that attorney general will help us review policies, protocols and training -- arise from the public's view of the stephon clark video. we appreciate this help. the city working with police chief and police department is on a parallel track to begin a look at the policies, protocols, training practices. as mayor of the proud city of sacramento, i recognize that we have difficult days ahead as we grieve and confront the death of stephon clark. for all that's in our control, these days, weeks, months can also become the moment when our city and country asked and answered the most important question. isn't there a better way?
9:49 am
that question resounds not only in the interactions between law enforcement in our communities but in every aspect of civic life, how we treat one another, and how we go about creating genuine opportunity for all people in sacramento. how we answer this question together around stephon clark's death will determine whether we divide and despair or whether we heal and hail justice and change. today's announcement makes me even more confident that we will in fact achieve the latter. like the chief, i call for peace and nonviolence everywhere, every day in our community. violence must not be get violence. the country is watching us. let us show how a city in pain together with all of our partners in fact achieved
9:50 am
better way. thank you. i you saw live comments from the mayor of sacramento. we also saw the state attorney general talking as well. it looks like police are going to ask the state attorney general to conduct a separate independent investigation into the police shooting death of the victim here. >> stephon clark. >> that's the very latest. >> we'll be back with more in just a few minutes. don't go away. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we are bringing you a lot of sunshine right now. this is our live camera overlooking our east bay zone. it's going to be beautiful as we get through today and the rest of the week. a warming trend, you can see it on my seven day run. upper 70s for some spots today and tomorrow, pushing near 80 possible for thursday. we'll have a slight cool down into the weekend. nonetheless, try to spend your time outdoors. it's going to be absolutely
9:54 am
beautiful. that's a look at the weather. now it's traffic time. >> thank you. i am still tracking heavy traffic across the san mateo bridge. it's really clogged up here. no big problems, under 20 minutes, but it has not thinned out yet. so you need to leave early. this is stretching to the end of the lot but that's still a nice improvement for your ride into san francisco. we are hot spot free and you can make it in in just under 15 minutes. leave early if you have to take 580. you are backed up all the way through dublin beyond the dublin interchange. leave as early as you can. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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9:56 am
9:56. every mom waits to take the babies home from the hospital. >> babies.
9:57 am
>> like you have five. the ones born in walnut creek, the quinn quintuplets. they're now home. we were talking about can they handle it? yeah. they're all happy and healthy. but can the parents handle it? >> every night they're rocking one to sleep and they're crying and you can't get them down at the same time. >> you know who cries most? >> parents. >> mom. >> congratulations. >> that's it for us. don't forget we have great weather for the week ahead. that's what rebecca has been talking about. enjoy. >> see you back here tomorrow for the sunny weather. >> stay connected. bye.
9:58 am
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