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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 23, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight .... upon approaching the area where the student was, we found a loaded east bay school officials headed off what could have been a campus tragedy.whoosha fiery crash kills the driver of this tesla ...the c=h=p had to call company officials to deal possibly dangerous chemicals in its batteries.whooshthe flu season making a comeback ... what the c=d=c says about the new strain that is making people sickwhooshlo siento tristeparents in redwood city react to learning thei will lose both their local school and afterschool care as soon as this summer.gonna be a heartbreak if they do it (pam) now at 8. frightening moments for students at one east bay campus. police swarm a
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classroom looking for a student with a gun. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. this happened this afternoon...whi le class was still in session at arroyo high school that's in san lorenzo... close to interstate 8-80. the school was put on lockdown as police investigated.(pam) kron-4's hermela aregawi joins us live tonight from the high school.. hermela do we know why the student brought the gun to campus? police say.. they are looking into whether it is related to an incident that happened yesterday... in which a student was stabbed near the school. it is unclear if the 15 year old arrested today has any connections to that. right now police are just asking a lot of questions. what did the student intend to do with the gun? did he bring it to retaliate for something ? did he bring it because he was afraid of being a victim of violence? what we do know is around 2:30 this afternoon.. police received a call about a student in a classroom with a
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gun. so they enforced a lockdown. secretely called the teacher in that classroom to let them know what was going on.. and then deputies were able to make their way into that room and arrest the student without incident. authorities tell us they found a loaded gun near him.. they believe he hid it there. and are investigating why he broguht it in the first place. we spoke to parents and students here that say.. they were prepared for the worst. jorge flores/ concerned parent "well i was shocked i didn't receive a phone call for anybody. my son just told me about it completely completely upset about what happened. i just feel like at this point.. all the parents will need to get together to find out what the district can do about this.. you know what was the problem where are the problems coming from, a problem from home from the school. christopher yalung/studenti had to first figure out what type of gun it was to really think if it was going to be a mass shooting but i was fearing the worst to be honest. everybody was really scared for their lives and everything. everybody seemed to be getting ready for a fight in case somebody was going to come in with a gun. (hermela aregawi)that student told me he grabbed a fire extinguisher and hid behind a door just you can imagine absolutely terrifying.again, the 15 year old was arrested. two other students that appear to know him. were also detained for questioning. we will continue to follow this story... and bring you the latest coming up at 9. reporting live in san lorenzo hermela aregawi kron 4 news.
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(steve) new tonight at 8. some sad news for students attending a redwood city elementary school.(pam) the superintendent is recommending shuttering the school due to decreasing enrollment. kron 4's dan kerman joins us with details.. dan (steve) in the south bay, new details on a story we brought to you last night on kron 4 news you last night brought to on a story we new details bay, in the south (steve)
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(steve) in the south bay, new details on a story we brought to you last night on kron 4 news at 8, it is about the teenager san jose police arrested for assault, after he was in a fight with 3 adults.(pam) the boys parents believe... police wrongly arrested him because
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he was defending himself. san jose police say, the teen punched an adult in the face. now, a witness is talking with kron 4s justine waldman.. about what he saw sot he came from behind and started choking the little kid dangeling him all crazy so i went over there and he said the kid started things but im like that ain't the way to handle it he's a kid man guillermo rocha says he witnessed the adults attack 14 year old ernesto mirabal... at los paseos park on monday.san jose police only arrested the teenager and his parents recorded the aftermath. the video has gone viral.nats"it really appears he was the cause of everything. so if someone is expressing their first amendment rights, you are telling me that someone can punch him in the face? yes officer nods.the mirabal's and police agree .. a woman questioned the teenager while he walked to school, and he responded with foul language and refused to answer. guillermo says he stepped in when one of the men put the kid in a headlock.sot i am helping the kid he is crying and cursing at them and the guy comes back again the caucasian guy started choking
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him grab him and i am holding him and the youngster gave him too good ones in the face you knowpolice claim the teenager is the aggressor.cops arrested him for assault and battery.he spend 24 hours in county juvenile hall.his parents say ernesto, and has never been in trouble before. was wrongfully arresteddad sot i felt like they were real bias toward the situation no one should hit a kid i don't care what he saysso i felt disgustged because i felt like if you are going to take one take them allthe family say the man who attacked their son is an off-duty police officer. san jose police told kron 4 news the officers followed proper protocol.the family says the teen tried to defend himself and thinks police are protecting their sot it was horrible i seen my son be arrested for something he didn't dothe family wants justice and is now considering legal san jose justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(pam) another big story we are monitoring: demonstrators are taking to the streets of sacramento this evening... for the second straight night.( steve ) they're protesting the deadly police shooting that killed a young black man...who was not armed. grant lodes has been grant lodes has been closely tracking developments. (grant) another big crowd tonight...marching through the streets of the capitol. not dramatic as last night... and mostly....mostly... peaceful. (sound of man breaking window with fist) there were some isolated ugly moments like that...tensions with drivers. the day with drivers.that...tensions like ugly moments some isolated there were with fist) there were some isolated ugly moments like that...tensions
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with drivers. the day began at the tower bridge...continued to the capitol...and then through the streets of downtown sacramento. mid-afternoon...they arrived at the i-street entrance to interstate five...but the c-h-p kept them off the freeway. te black lives matter demonstrators were mostly peaceful. that was also the case last night...when they shut down i- 5...before linking arms outside the kings arena...preventing most fans from getting into the game. as of tonight...protesters are showing no signs of slowing down.
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(grant) demonstrators are outraged that stephon clark...who was suspected of committing car burglaries at the time...was shot in his garndmother's back-yard. police thought the 22-year-old had a turned out to be a cell phone. (steve) (steve) friends, family members and fellow officers gathered to honow a fallen deputy sheriff in marin county. ryan zirkle died last week when his vehicle hit a tree while he was driving on a wet, winding road in west marin. (pam) the deputy had been on the force for two- his memorial today he was remembered as a natural for his job.
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bagpipe nat "my name is dan falzon. i am the father of ryan's beloved stefanie falzon, my oldest daughter. our hearts are broken and we grieve with all of you. ryan was perfect for law ennfrocement, he cared deeply for people. he had empathy and humor. and he loved getting the bad guy."(music for 30) coming up at eight.. flu season may be winding down... but there is a new strain of viruses springing up... and they can take a toll, particularly on children. coming up at eight..
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flu season may be winding down... but there is a new strain of viruses springing up... and they can take a toll, particularly on children. plus. counting down to opening day. the changes fans can expect to see at a-t&t park when they go to see the giants and next. a driver dies in a fiery crash involving a tesla. why it
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took hours to clear the scene of the crash.
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(pam) a deadly and fiery crash in mountain view... involving a tesla. it caused a major back-up along highway- 101 earlier today. (steve) it happened just before 9-30 this morning at 101 near the highway 85 carpool flyover in mountain view. but the scene wasn't cleared until more than five hours later.(pam) and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports... law enforcement postponed towing the car, until they were certain it was safe to do so. (philippe) crushed during the collision... this tesla sedan barely recognizable... after slamming into the median on southbound highway 101 near the highway 85 flyover... . flipping in the air and then hit by two other cars on the landing . ofc. art montial/chp- "the entire vehicle caught on fire. so, it pretty much was fully engulfed." the california
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highway patrol says the driver of the tesla... a man in his early thirties... was pulled out of the car by witnesses. he was taken to stanford medical center where he later died. officer art montiel says the two other drivers involved were not seriously hurt. he says it's unclear why the tesla lost control... but that investigators are looking into it.ofc. art montiel/chp- "we have seen in the past as people are traveling southbound on 101, on the left lane, which is gonna be the one that's gonna be the flyover to state route 85 southbound and suddenly, they try to change lanes and go into the, uh, to try to stay on the 101 southbound." the c-h-p says because the battery of the electric tesla was exposed... officers chose to wait until tesla engineers showed up and checked the car battery to determine if it was safe or not to move. the fear was that the car might explode. ofc. art montiel/chp- "all the other vehicles they have their batteries, you know, that's usually not an issue, uh, but because we don't know too much about tesla batteries, that's why we contacted tesla."
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initially, the c-h-p says the tesla engineers determined the battery was 70-percent charged and needed to be weakened before the car could be taken away. just after 2-15 in the afternoon... about five hours after the crash... the battery was deemed safe. in mountain view philippe djegal, kron four news. (steve) flu season is winding down ... but the latest report from the c-d-c says that b-viruses are being reported more frequently than the a-strain that had been dominant recently. during the week ending march 17th, nearly 58-percent of all confirmed cases of the flu were caused by the b-strain. the c-d-c says b-strain flu viruses tend to be more severe for younger children. experts say it's possible for those who've already been sick with the flu to fall ill again with a different again with a different strain so they recommend everyone who is unvaccinated get a flu shot while strains are still circulating. now to our four zone forecast... taking a live look outside at s-f-o. (steve)kron-4's chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the forecast (mabrisa rodriguez)expect showers to continue across the north bay this evening and gradually spread southward as weak cold front moves through the region. latest model guidance has the cold front bisecting sf bay saturday morning and then moving farther south through the day. compared to recent storms this system will feature much less moisture and cold temperatures. snow levels will generally be above 3k feet then gradually drop behind the front on saturday. the cold air aloft from the north will help to destabilize the atmosphere on saturday afternoon with daytime heating. there will be a slight chance for
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thunderstorms across the north bay. another weak surface boundary will be quick on the heels of the cold front keeping lingering showers through early sunday. rainfall amounts from today through sunday will be generally be 0.25-0.5" north bay (locally higher in the mtns), 0.10-0.25" elsewhere, except
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(steve) baseball season is almost upon us. today is the last spring training game for the giants.(pam) and fans will be heading to a-t&t park for the home opener ... in just over a week. kron 4's maureen kelly got a preview of the kinds of changes they will see ... when they walk through the gate.. the giants organization showed off some of the fun merchindise that they'll be giving away during special promotional a baseball hat with barry bond's number which they'll retire on august well as bobble heads celebrating current and former giants greats....this year's slogan...."it doesn't get more sf"....all of these things recognizing the team's 6oth anniversary of the team's arrival in the city.the giants it just feels it is part of life here in san francisco and we don't take that for granted
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and we been drawing 3 million fans here ever cents every year this is our 19 season i think you got a step back we really want to appreciate the fans and appreciate the players of come through and it's sort of a mutual admiration societya change some in the stands might part of a mlb move to improve safety...netting has been extended to the outer edges of the infield....but ceo larry baer doesn't think it will bother fans.the technology of the net now it's with the gray hugh it doesn't feel intrusive there's a bunch of new food options as the company that has been feeding club level and suite patrons is taking over the rest of the offerings include poke....more plant based and healthier options like this gluten free califlower pizza..and for a guiltier pleasure....check out the juicy lucy burger...named after mascot lou seal ...stuffed with cheese. it it's really juicy it's very indulgent kind of thing and i think people are going to go crazy for it(maureen) but for you purests out there don't worry you'll still be able to buy a hotdog at the ball park and the garlic fries are going anywhere maureen kelly kron4 news
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new ahead at 8 letting your kids stay in the car ...or walk home alone. it's part of a controversial parenting method....that just became legal in one state. and next. the new proposal that could make neglecting pets during travel... a federal crime. ((gary sports tease)) "coming up a little bit later in this broadcast when alicia's alongside ... usually the tilt in popularity boosts for this segment, how does this make you feel?" "okay, i'll take a usually tilt, okay.""alright ... went from a 1 to a 2. but the real story, bumgarner ... uh oh. giants fans ... uh oh. currys back, how's he doing? in a couple of minutes." ((steve)) here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine...a california man is lucky to be alive after his vehicle was
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turned on its side by rising flood was all thanks to quick thinking from a passerby -- whose heroic rescue was caught on video. that story is new tonight on kron 4 news at nine.
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(pam) a new bill is introduced in congress-- and it is designed to keep your pets safe. (steve) the bill would make it a federal offense to leave a pet in a car or other confined space... when it could result in injury or death.(pam) washington correspondent morgan wright has the story.. morgan wright reporting: congressman tom marino says he doesn't care if it's a dog, cat, fish, or hamster - we all have a responsibility to take care of petscongressman tom marino, pennsylvania: it tears me apart to see an animal hurt. mw reporting: congressman marino's bill says - if the animal could die from excessive exposure to heat or cold, lack of ventilation or lack of water - the offender could face a fine, 1 year in
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prison, or both for each violation.kitty block, president and ceo, humane society of the united states: it does well because it works with complimentary with state and municipal laws. mw reporting: kitty block the president and ceo of the humane society of the united states says the incident on that united airlines flight where a woman was forced to put her french bulldog in an overhead compartment - where it ultimately died - was gross negligence.kitty block, president and ceo, humane society of the united states: i don't think you have to be the president of the organization to be upset when you see thismw reporting: block says pets deserve protection.kitty block, president and ceo, humane society of the united states: these are members of our family and they deserve and need to be kept safe and treated in a way they will not be injured.morgan wright standup: united airlines stopped flying pets until they can evaluate their policy. ceo oscar munoz said the airline made a mistake.oscar munoz/united airlines ceo: we got it wrong last week when a terrible event happened on our planes with a family pet. mw reporting: reporting in washington, morgan wright.
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coming up at eight.. a family of four on vacation .... found dead in mexico. what police are saying about the horrific discovery. plus. arming teachers and students ...not with guns. but with rocks. the controversial plan at one school district. and next. students across the country are getting ready for the "march for our lives" rallies. but before the rally... students appealed to lawmakers. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist mabresa rodriguez.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. big story we're following.
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thousands of protesters are planning to take part in what organizers hope will be a massive rally in support of gun control.(pam) some of the students from marjory stoneman douglas high school ... are already in washington d-c ... ahead of saturday's "march for our lives" .. they are prepping for tomorrow, and meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill. camila (prono: kam-ee-la) bernal has this report from washington. students from across the country are flooding into the nation's capital to fight for stricter gun control laws. lizzie eaton / junior, marjory stoneman douglas high school: there is still changes to be made, but this is one small step through a big journey. survivors of last month's deadly school shooting in
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florida organized the march, hoping their activism would inspire thousands of others to join them.lizzie eaton / junior, marjory stoneman douglas high school: i'm expecting us to have our voices heard and for them to start making small steps to ban assault weapons and to make us feel safe again.and to get their point across, some students from marjory stoneman douglas high school made their case to lawmakers on friday. sen bill nelson / -d- florida: that's just a first step in a road of a very long journey. but the students want more. they are asking for a ban on assault-style rifles, a restriction on ammunition sales, and stricter background checks.dimitri hoth / senior, marjory stoneman douglas high school: to you the politicians in washington for not hearing our cries for justice, enough is enough. in addition to the march in washington, organizers say there will also be more than 800 events across the u.s. and overseas. lizzie eaton / junior, marjory stoneman douglas high school: i think it is great to see the unity from all over the country and all over the world, just for our school. i never imagined this would washington, i'm camila bernal. (steve) new tonight at 8. as the nationwide debate continues over how to keep children safe in america's schools ... ... one school
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superintendent in pennsylvania has come up with a plan that has earned both praise and ridicule in his district.peggy lee reports. david helsel:"every classroom has been equipped with a five-gallon bucket full of river stone. if an armed intruder attempts to gain entrance into any of our classrooms, they will face a classroom full of students armed with rocks and they will be stoned."that was doctor david helsel testifying to the house education committee last week in harrisburg.the superintendent of the blue mountain school district was explaining his unconventional form of protecting the students in their school in the event of an active shooter situation.give them rocks. david helsel:"at one time i just had the idea of river stone, they're the right size for hands, you can throw them very hard and they will create or cause pain, which can distract."helsel says teachers, staff and students were given active shooter training through a program known as alice,which stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate ... and they routinely hold evacuation drills for active shooter simulations.but if a teacher decides to lockdown a classroom, there are rocks in a five-gallon bucket kept in
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every classroom's closet that a student could throw if a shooter gets inside.still. helsel says the rocks are seen as a last resort.david helsel: "we have devices installed in our doors that help to secure them, to make it very difficult to break through. we also have, we train kids and talk about barricading the doors."this teenager is a senior at blue mountain high school. he and other students like the plan.teen:"it matters because it will help protect the schools, anything helps, rocks are better than books and pencils."parents do as well.dori bornstein:"at this point, we have to get creative, we have to protect our kids first and foremost, throwing rocks, it's an option."but not everyone thinks this is a practical line of defense.student:"i think that's rather comical." parent:"it's absurd, arm the teachers."doctor helsel says the district has no plans to arm teachers, however, blue mountain does have a maintenance employee who is trained and certified to work as school security and is armed.and the district plans to have more support staff get the same training to act a security.
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(pam) the idea is not being well received by everyone. a president of a national school security consulting firm..... called the idea irrational.. and says, it could possibly cost lives. (pam) the storm that drenched california this week... brought much needed rain to the state.(steve) it may help keep california from slipping back into a drought due to an otherwise dry winter. preliminary data shows some stunning totals for the three day storm. including more than 10 inches of rain at some areas of the sierra nevada. and 31 inches of snow in parts of the sierra. (steve) now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us with a look ahead (mabrisa rodriguez)expect
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showers to continue across the north bay this evening and gradually spread southward as weak cold front moves through the region. latest model guidance has the cold front bisecting sf bay saturday morning and then moving farther south through the day. compared to recent storms this system will feature much less moisture and cold temperatures. snow levels will generally be above 3k feet then gradually drop behind the front on saturday. the cold air aloft from the north will help to destabilize the atmosphere on saturday afternoon with daytime heating. there will be a slight chance for thunderstorms across the north bay. another weak surface boundary will be quick on the heels of the cold front keeping lingering showers through early sunday. rainfall amounts from today through sunday will be generally be 0.25-0.5" north bay (locally higher in the mtns), 0.10-0.25" elsewhere, except
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snow will be minimal. the bay area finally begins to dry out late sunday into monday with a gradual warm up. latest medium range models show ridging over the west with warming daytime temps. maximum temperatures next tuesday and wednesday will be in the 70s for much of the region, which is well above normal for late march.
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(pam) new tonight at 8. a mystery surrounding an american family in mexico.. an iowa family, vacationing there, has been found dead inside their condominium.. according to police. the bodies of the parents, 12 -year old son and seven - year old daughter ... were all found during a 'welfare check'. they were staying at a vacation rental in tulum, mexico... a city that is about two- hours south of cancun. autopsy results have not yet been released. but police say, there was no sign of traumatic injury. a relative says, the sharp family was supposed to return from their vacation on wednesday. the extended family waited until thursday night to call authorities, in case the sharps had
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problems with their flight. that is when local police in iowa, made contact with the u-s state department... and mexican authorities checked on the family at the coastal caribbean condo... that is where they were found dead. still ahead at 8 americans are travling more than ever...and that means coming in contact with germs on planes. how you can avoid getting sick. plus.. the big name that just deleted their facebook page in the wake of the companys' data scandal. and next. how much united airlines paid a passenger to get off one of its planes.
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(pam) a passenger says... she scored a large travel voucher.... after getting bumped off an over- crowded flight. allison priess (price) tweeted, she was trying to fly to texas for a bachelorette party, when united airlines asked her to
8:41 pm
give up her seat. she says, united picked her because she was the lowest paying customer. at first, a united employee offered a 2-thousand dollar voucher -- but priess wanted cash. that's when united responded with the big offer of a 10- thousand dollar travel voucher. (steve) a missouri man is in jail and charged with assault over what happened while he was being arrested. the body cam video captures the scuffle. police had pulled over a truck the suspect was in. and found out he had an outstanding traffic violation. shortly after...punches were thrown. and an officer's nose was broken. the man is now facing assault, resisting arrest and property damage arrests. (pam) in sports -- gary and his lovely wife alicia join us to answer viewer emails.(steve) also -- it wasn't a good day for the giants madison bumgarner fractures his pitching hand in his final spring training game.
8:42 pm
our sports director, gary radnich tells us how long mad bum is expected to be sidelined he has all the sports coming up next at 8 a controversial method of parenting becomes the law of the land. why utah lawmakers legalized "free range parenting"
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(pam) new tonight at 8. it is called free= range parenting. and it will soon be the law of the land in utah.(steve) the governor there just signed it into law. the idea behind free range parenting .... letting children do things on their own to foster self-sufficiency. the bill that was signed specifies that it isn't neglectful to let kids to things alone. like travel to school, explore a playground, or stay in the car. utah is the first in the country to pass such a law. lawmakers say they were prompted to pass it after seeing cases in other states where parents had been investigated over cases like letting kids walk home from school. but there are still limitations to the law. it states the child must be mature enough to handle situations. but purposely leaves the age open-ended. it goes into effect in may. (pam) how likely are you to get sick on your next flight?according to a new
8:46 pm
study, that depends on where you sit, and what you do during the flight. (steve) in today's health minute-- reid binion has a closer look at the study and what you should do to avoid catching a cold or the flu. stuck at 30,000 feet with just inches of personal space, airplanes can be the perfect incubators for germs and disease.according to a new study in the journal "proceedings of the national academy of sciences," the best way to avoid getting sick is to book a window seat. the study found people with a window seat were less likely to get up to use the restoom or check the overhead bin, meaning they were less likely to come into contact with germs.researchers say lavatories are covered in germs, since there's usually only two of them on a flight of about 150 passengers. reasearchers also analyzed passenger movements and studied air samples. they found passengers sitting within two seats or one row away from sick person have an 80-percent chance of catching an illness, compared to passengers sitting further away. but for most of the other passengers in the cabin, the risk of catching anything is minimal.still you can lower your odds even more, by not
8:47 pm
touching your face, and keeping your hands off the aisle seats.for today's health minute, i'm reid binion. bad news for the san bad news for the san francisco giants-- madison bumgarner fractures a bone on his pitching hand in his final spring season game. in the third inning against the kansas city royals a line drive hit mad bum's hand manager, bruce bochy pulled him out of the game immediately. the giants has not provided an official prognosis on bumgarner's injury according to a source -- mad bum will be sidelined six to eight weeks last season he missed nearly three months after injuring his left shoulder in a dirt bike accident he was expected to make his fifth straight
8:48 pm
opening day start against the dodgers on thursday. to make matters worst -- the giants lose another starter an m-r-i revealed that jeff samardzija revealed that an m-r-i starter lose another -- the giants lose another starter an m-r-i revealed that jeff samardzija will miss up to a month with a pectoral strain steph curry is back after missing the last six games with a sprained ankle kevin durant, klay thompson, and draymond green all out against the atlanta hawks. quick update from oracle arena-- right now -- atalnta up 51-43 at the break
8:49 pm
eric musselman took off his shirt and you call that good coaching? former warriors head coach, eric mussleman is a players coach he enjoys the moment. he celebrates wins with his team
8:50 pm
slow down! you are making richard sherman sound like chris rock. richard sherman is bringing his personality with san francisco 49ers. it will help the niners in the long run. why is charles barkley covering the ncaa tournament? he doesn't know the players.
8:51 pm
charles barkley is on national television because he entertains viewers. he keeps ratings up why play curry, durant, or any of the other stars now? save them for the playoffs. the warriors need their all-stars to get some playing time before the playoffs
8:52 pm
five years ago you told me to worry about the giants when i graduated from santa clara university. i will call you in may. tonight at 9 san francisco needs a place safe for pullover of drivers.. no place
8:53 pm
for pick-up or drop off funny part is i'm not in san francisco, but i am near the airport behaving badly where i think i found the apex of scofflaw i'll explain in the next edition of people
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit tesla and space-x have left facebook. (steve) c-e-o elon musk deleted both
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accounts today from the social media platform. his move to do so comes after a challenge on twitter ... in the midst of backlash against facebook this week. the site is under harsh criticism after discovery that data from 50 million of its users was harvested by a political analytics firm. musk replied "what's facebook?" to a tweet calling for people to delete their facebook pages. he admitted in another tweet he didn't know space-x even had a facebook page. by midday, that page and tesla's were both gone. (pam) that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(steve) but our primetime coverage continues....grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9. ((grant))that's right pam and at nine...thousand s of people expected to flock to san francisco.for tomorrow's "march for our lives"a nationwide event organized by high school students aimed at demanding safer schools and more gun control.tonight we speak with one of the local organizers. plus...tense moments at an east bay high school after authorities arrest a student in class..who was armed with a
8:57 pm
loaded gun.reaction tonight from frightened parents and students who feared there would be a mass shooting.a live report..coming up. ((grant))and...more protests in sacramento...people there outraged over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man. what they're demanding tonight.keep it here...kron 4 news at nine starts right after the break.
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want lawmakers and policymakers and politicans to hear us. it matters. a change needs to happen. this can't happen anymore. enough is enough.">(grant) hundreds of thousands of students are flooding to the nations capitol... to call for stricter gun control in saturday's massive "march for our lives." all over the country, kids walked out of class to show their support ... ahead of the big event. (grant) thanks for joining us, i'm grant lodes...(pam) and i'm pam moore in for vicki liviakis... students remained outside for 17 - minutes - one minute for each of the parkland, florida
9:00 pm
victims.(grant) kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san francisco-- where he spoke with one of the organizers of tomorrows march. charles . . . well, there are nationwide marches planned for tomorrow and one of the largest in teh bay area could be here in san francisco sotfor me this is a public health issue and we are in crisis moment in this country. dr shoshana ungerleider is the lead organizer for saturday's march for our lives in san francisco. she says that in the wake of recent school shootings such as the one in parkland florida last month, it's time to take a hard look at gun control nationwide.sot the purpose of the rally and the march is to let everyone know that the time is now. we are interested in common sense legislation to reduce gun violence in our public places and in our schools.the march is scheduled to begin with a rally in front of san francisco city hall around 1pm. then at 215 the march will move wn


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