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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 20, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> plus josh duhamel's love life after fergie. >> i have a lot of butterflies going on. >> hue serious is it and what does fergie think? >> then are selena's friends sabotaging her romance with bieber. kids for harry and heg man? >> want landed jimmy kimmel in a hospital bed and -- >> i'm losing everything in my life. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> welcome everybody. well britney spears could be heading toward a court battle that involves her young children. >> it's all about the money. brittany is making more than ever and kevin federline wants a bigger cut. ♪ >> brittany's ex kevin federline wants more child support at least double the amount he's currently receiving. he could take the singer to court if he doesn't get it. >> federline turns 40 tomorrow was spotted out in l.a. running
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errands. the part time d.j. has full custody of their two boys. he currently receives about $20,000 a month from speers in child support. why does k-fed want more? >> it's all about the kids. that's what it's for. >> that's what k-fed told vlad tv about his original agreement. his attorney calls an increase appropriate given the significant increase in her finances. ♪ >> brittany reportedly grossed more than $135 million from her long running las vegas residency. her finances remain under the control of her father who receives $130,000 a year as her conserve tore. brittany's empire just got bigger. in addition to her 24 fragrances the singer landed another endorsement deal. kenzo revealed today brittany
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will be the face of their new campaign. in july the fop star kicks off her piece of me concert tour. a source close to brittany fired back the fact that brittany may be making more money doesn't change the needs of the boys. the source said the singer covers most of the boy's expenses. we want to know where the 20 k is going. according to the source federline's expenses add up to about half of the 20 k he's getting. how are brittany and kevin getting along? we're told it's a cordial relationship. >> everybody is cool. both of us have moved on. our kids are doing great. i've got a wife and two more kids. very happy with my life. >> brittany and boyfriend sam azghari celebrated a year together in february. a source tells "e.t." he's good with the boys and wouldn't be
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surprised if they got engaged. about the same time brittany suffered a break down lindsay lohan was going through her troubles. >> she's connected with a new website that connects people with lawyers. >> let's not present i didn't get a dui or two or three. >> she's also an investor in the websites. >> that's making lemonade out of lemons. >> on to josh duhamel. we've discovered more about his new romance. josh and 28-year-old baby driver star eiza kogonzalez are hot an heavy. we're told josh met eiza in february and is head over heels for the actress. he wants to be respectful to fergie. so he's kept the relationship
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very private. >> i'm very ride or die. i have you. if you need me i'm there no matter what. i'm that girl. i have not gotten very lucky but you know what i'll get my ride or die eventually. >> who is josh's new girl. she got her start in tell leno cell las and makes out with justin timberlake in his new video. in 2013 she was snapped kissing liam hemsworth. in 2016 she was linked with calvin harris. ♪ >> as for what fergie thinks our source tells us fergie knew he was ready to move on. next is bieber being black balled by selena's friends. the answer is yes. quote a big crew of people don't like justin. they think he's a bad influence. she becomes really dependent on
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him. ♪ >> how does selena deal? she keeps love and friendship separate. this weekend she was spotted out justin and posted this video surrounding by her friends having fun on a yacht in australia. finally are their wedding bells for gwen and blake? not so far. no reason for them to rush into marriage. they aren't. good thing because blake might need that time to learn gwen's music better. check out his fail last night. >> all i know is blake is in a lot of trouble right now. >> i'm losing everything! >> blake got some explaining to do. speaking of blake it's announced he would perform at the academy of country music awards airing on cbs. >> mark that on your calendars. mark may 19th. it's when prince harry and meghan markle say i do.
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it seems expanding their royal family isn't too far behind. >> one step at a time. we'll start a family in the near future. >> it's sweet seeing how they love being around kids and some of their own could happen soon after the royal wedding. >> he's made no secret about having children. that moment kicked in for him when his brother settled down with kate middleton. they have two children with one on the way. katie is the author of hair life loss and love. she writes that harry introduced meghan to charlotte and george early. >> you marry into the royal family doesn't mean you can't have a regular family with cute children. i think that's really important to him. >> the soon to be newlyweds did most of their dating in secret.
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although she was not spotted at pippa middleton's wedding she attended the reception. >> it was meghan's decision because she didn't want to up stage the bride. >> the under cover began living quietly at nottingham closet. she kept clothes in his closet and they became homebodies. >> they love nothing more than cooking and catching up on netflix and watching "the crown". >> once it became clear it was headed towards marriage the palace launched into princess. >> there was a real lockdown. her closest friends do not talk. do not talk to the press. it's all a concerted effort to prepare her for this very must be lick role. >> may 19th can't come fast enough. now to the big "sex and the city" news. keltie joining us from new york
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with more. >> nischelle, here is the big question is all hope lost for a big screen reunion now that cynthia nixon announced she's running for governor. we got cynthia as she hit the campaign running. >> now that "sex and the city" is shelved was that the final push? >> not at all. >> no? >> people have been asking me to do this for nine year. >> i'm running for governor because i love this state. >> only "e.t." was by cynthia's side computing through brooklyn as a candidate for new york state governor. >> how was the commute? >> should have taken 30 minutes. it's taken an hour and ten so far. >> good morning everybody. >> good morning. >> the 51-year-old mother of three is a well-known new york personality thanks to her role as the strong willed sharp tongue lawyer miranda on "sex and the city." >> do you know there are no available men out there? >> we're at my date's wake so
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yes. >> sint in a announced yesterday with a video featuring her children and wife of six years. >> how excited are your kids about this? >> i think they're excited on a certain level and dreading it on another. >> 30 minutes after the announcement close friend kristen davis tweeted her announcement saying i am so proud of cynthia nixon she'll be an excellent governor. chances of a session and the city three is pretty much zero. >> what about your foreign policy? >> we got a lot of abu dhabi to do! >> still ahead mariska hart they's rules to a hollywood romance. >> our sit down with the "law and order, svu" star and her hubby. >> plus our exclusive with
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bachelorette becca. >> then -- >> was there a time when kwhyou wanted to get as far a
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>> look, she is 16 years old. best case scenario she pet a guy and ran out of time. worst case, let's not go there. >> that's a neek peek of "law and order, svu." i'm guessing it's the worst case scenario. >> that's a pretty staf bet. meanwhile mariska hargitay and peter hermann found a way to keep the drama out of their real life. >> there's no secret. >> we're laying it all out there. >> it's fundamentals. listen and fight fair. >> and peter knows i'm always right. >> i do. >> i bet you didn't know she engaged in this office romance. mariska and peter met and fell in love on "law and order, svu"
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17 years ago. they had their first son in 2006 and then adopted two more. >> some days in making it work we look at each other like we got this. >> we got this. it's all doable. >> and other days we're like there's one wheel on the car. >> mariska and their tv show families are celebrating peter's new children's book. it's the first project the kids can share with the kids. >> do they get to watch svu? >> are you out of your mind? they get to read this. >> they won't watch svu until they're 40. >> peter gave us a private reading of the book. we want to know when mariska will make a guest appearance on his show? >> i have so much free time. i would love nothing more by the way. >> i'm working out the pitch. >> still ahead -- >> i want to be the best
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bachelorette i can be. >> we're with becca as she starts over in her search for love. what she thinks about this. >> i heard he's going to be watching your season. >> is drew barrymore thinking of a music career. >> then at home with henry wring her. >> i said i want to be an actor. an actor? you're crazy. >> closed captioning provided by -- sorry. i can't make it.
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♪ >> madeline and renata are back. production has begun on "big little lies." reese witherspoon and laura dern posted this on instagram. watch out monterey here we come. meantime becca's journey has just begun. we were on set for her photo
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shoot. >> i'm told he will be watching your season. >> i could comfortably watch. >> how do you feel hearing that? >> i figured. we had conversations when we were together. >> becca expected that. what she didn't see coming was arie's excuses for the most cringe worthy event in bachelor history those 25 uncut minutes of him breaking up with here. >> you're really [ bleep ]. >> i feel like doing it on camera would let everyone know that decision was totally mine. >> he claims he had another reason to do what he did. >> i wanted her to have the opportunity to be "the bachelorette." >> that's news to me. i don't know. >> becca is currently in production of her season on the
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bachelorette. we know she's wearing a beautiful white gown. there's a guy in a chicken suit and there's one date that needs protective gear. is she ready for another go around. >> i want to be the best dam bachelorette i can be. >> let's talk about a tv legend. henry wring her. he shows no signs of slowing down. he's executive producer and stars on better late than never. he's an e.p. on mcgiver. he made it clear he's living the dream. >> oh, my god. >> 44 queers ago henry became a cultural icon as the fonz on
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""happy days"." >> was there a time you wanted to get as far away from the fonz. i thought i could stop people from identifying me as fonzy if i just said it often enough and for ate years, nine years, i didn't get a lot of work. so i became a producer. >> henry showed me around his home. he keeps scrap books from every production he worked on. >> these are all the 255 episodes. >> add to that his latest project playing acting coach in hbo's "barry." he's a hit man who goes under cover only to fall in love with the craft. >> i watched him on saturday night live. he makes me laugh.
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>> clearly he's still got it. not bad from a kid from new york who grew up and was dyslexic. >> what did your parents say? >> my parents escaped nazi germany. they wanted me to take over the business. i said i wanted to be an actor. they said an actor? you're crazy. i never let go of my dream. >> thank goodness he didn't. >> henry is very supportive of his children. his son max has a new movie come out called flower. >> drul barrymore had the support of her family. >> while promoting her new movie on the late show she couldn't help bring it back to her most infamous moment. >> i did something in particular with mr. letterman. it's like a distant memory that doesn't seem like me. i'm like a mother of two.
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i'm completely such a different person. >> drew is co-parenting her girm olive and frankie and she's a fierce business woman with her own production company. she has her own tv show and is expanding her fashion and make up line. what's her secret? staying true to herself. >> her instagram is full of self deprecating throw backs. we teamed up with drew and crocs for everyone to come as they are. they transitioned from an envision to one of a kind to a celebration of uniqueness with drew showing off serious singing skill. >> when you're trying to express joy and freedom and an ability
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to be comfortable with yourself, i think the musical is perfect for that. ♪ >> drew is certainly comfortable in her own skin. that's why we love her. >> someone else feeling comfortable these days. jimmy kimmel. why he and katie couric found themselves in the hospital. that's next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: an explosion injures at goodwill worker in austin texas... the same day two more package bombs are discovered. now authorities are assessing if these latest cases are all connected.and back here at home....rain slicked roads for the evening commute, as a strong spring storm pummels the bay area.our chief meteorologist tells us what we can expect for the rest of the night. i'm steve aveson i'm pam moore.those gary radnich is here with sports. the news -- at eight -- is next. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands
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>> i've met some real perverts in my life. you take the cake katie couric. >> i bet that's the first time katie was call add per vet. she take it is talk show host to get a colon so pi. >> jimmy makes sure his procedure is a laughing matter. >> if we find policy lups we'll remove them. >> then i can have them?
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shell=shocked texas has been rocked by yet another blast today. the work of what police believe to be a serial bomber.(pam) the explosions have austin, texas, and nearby cities on edge tonight. this, on the same the day, authorities announced they are widening their investigation. kristen holmes joins us live in texas with the latest.- these bombings started march 2nd.-so far two people have been killed.. four others seriously injured.-the fbi and other federal agencies are on scene.-no arrests have been made..


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