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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 24, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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slowly pass it, and as he does he hears a loud bang."another freeway shooting in the east bay.this time the driver got a look at the gunman. whoosh richmond's mayor tells kron four why he's not happy with bart's response to a mob attack outside his city's transit center.whoosh crash people getting their cars stolen and window break insthe east bay community plagued by dozens of car burglaries.whoosh natplus the latest on that central valley teenage driver who live streamed the crash that killed her sister."i f---ing killed my sister, ok? i know i'm going to jail for life, all right? i understand thatyou're watching kron four news in prime time. (pam) now at 8. a driver shot at .. while on an east bay freeway. tonight a gunman is still out there ... after the latest in a long series of highway shootings in contra costa county. thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson. this time it happened in concord just before the concord avenue exit on highway 242. (steve) kron four's spencer blake is live where
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the driver pulled off to safety. and spencer this victim narrowly avoided being hit by bullets fortunately it wasn't like other major ones that have shut down the entire freeway in recent months, but the victim in this case started noticing trouble back on i-680. (adlib live)the victim told c-h-p he noticed a white mercedes zipping in and out of traffic recklessly7 after it passed him, he decided to call 9-1-1 to give a description.7 by that time, both had gotten onto 242 northbound.7 mercedes came to a stop abruptly on the right shoulder near clayton road.7 there, with one car stopped that the shooting happened. "as he's pulling up next to the suspect vehicle, as he's passing slowly to get an observation of what this guy may look like, he gets enough of a description, and then
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bang, he hears a loud noise and that's his rear window shattering and then the mercedes takes off."(vo)7 victim thinks the white car took off down concord avenue7 no cameras along this stretch of highway, c-h-p hopes businesses on concord avenue might have caught something.7 man is fine.7 met up with c- h-p here at this gas station.7 they found bullet lodged in upholstery of car. asked how this ties in to other recent freeway shootings in the east bay.officer brandon correia tells me a high percentage of the others have been gang-related.this one, however, appears to be completely random from what they've heard so far.the shooteris still on the loose. live in contra costa county, spencer blake, kron four news. (steve) thank you spencer for that report (pam) over the past few
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years.... we have seen a fairly regular series of freeway shootings in the bay area ..(steve) grant lodes expands our coverage now with details on that part of the story. (grant) the numbers are startling...more than 100 freeway shootings in the bay area since 20-15. the majority of them...on east bay least eight people have been killed....dozens of others...injured. one fo the most high profice cases was last year....when a mother of four was shot and killed on highway four. 25-year-old shanique marie was in pittsburg when she was gunned down. and that's just one incident. most are on highway four or interstate 80 between richmond and antioch. the california state transportation agency has agreed to build a surveillance network to help deter the violence. the network could have wireless cameras, license plate readers and shot spotters. meanwhile, the c-h-p is hoping the addition of more officers,
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more patrols, more investigators and zero tolerance gang enforcement operations will help turn the tide. (steve) new tonight at 8. tonight the richmond mayor is calling out bart for their lack of concern after a man was attacked outside the richmond bart station last thursday.(pam) no arrests have been made in the case and no video of the suspects has been released. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story .. he joins us live from richmond. j.r. you talked with the richmond mayor tonight and those at bart... what is everyone saying now? ((j.r.))i did and both sides had different things to say. one thing is accurate. neither richmond police or bart police have made any arrests or even put out any video or images of the possible suspects.this past saturday we introduced you to landon sims. he is the victim who was attacked by a group of people thursday just after 11 in the morning. you can see
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the cuts and bruises on his face. the richmond mayor saw the end of the attack, which happened outside the richmond bart station. the mayor's 911 call was sent from richmond dispatch to bart dispatch. he takes blame for that mistake but says according to his police department those at bart have been off no help when it comes to fixing this jurisdiction problem and working at getting these attackers. those from bart say they have been working with the police department. they tell me the suspects were not bart riders and had been hanging out outside of a market that is in richmond's jurisdiction. that being said those from bart are currently getting all video from surrounding surveillance including officer worn camera video to share with richmond. they say that should be completed by tomorrow.(j.r.) again no arrests have been made in this case. more from both the richmond mayor and bart tonight at 10. live in richmond, j.r. stone kron 4
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news. (pam) thank you j-r for your report. now we have been reporting on mob- style attacks on bart passengers
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since april. you can track all of those stories at kron-4 dot com. and stay connected on breaking news... with push alerts from our mobile app (steve) a berkeley babysitter was sentenced today... for violently mistreating a six month old baby last year. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with details. (vicki) yeah steve... the really alarming thing here is that this is a long-time nanny who had worked in berkeley for more than 10 years. but that's put to a stop - all because of a nanny-cam and what it showed. 44-year-old, ingrid johana perez - sentenced to five years probation and a year in jail for violence against a baby. the parents of the infant reported perez to police... after their video surveillance system caught the woman hitting, slapping, throwing, dragging and forcing the boy's head into a bed, causing the baby to cry uncontrollably. she had been working for the family for two months when the video came to light. other families she worked for are being contacted. as part of her probation -- perez will not be allowed to take care of
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any minors or the elderly. pam, steve? (steve) new at 8. construction will restart on an oakland housing project destroyed by a massive fire. the buildings developer annoucned today that crews will begin cleaning the alta waverly housing project located on valdez street. debris on the street level has already been removed...and the remainder of debris is expected to be removed over the next few months. meantime --- valdez and 23rd streets are closed due to falling glass from windows on 180 grand avenue. a massive fire on july 7th forced around 700 nearby neighbors to evacuate. but the cause of the construction fire is still under investigation. (pam) chevron says.. it will make 20- million dollars in upgrades as part of a setttlement with the state of california. the settlement is over a 20-12 refinery fire that injured three employees... and sickened hundreds of people in richmond. the settlement follows an appeal by chevron of citations connected to that fire... now, state
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regulators dropped nine violations... and downgraded five others .... in return for safety upgrades. they include replacing all carbon steel piping with more corrosion resistant piping .... and specialized training for fire department personnel ... working at the richmond refinery. (steve) as more and more people take to living on oakland's street, the number of encampment fires is rising. there have been two more fires... in just the last two days. kron 4's dan kerman is in oakland ... with more on what the city is doing about the problem. monday fire broke out at this homeless encampment at martin luther king and west grand fire officials believe it was caused by someone cooking you can see the charred remains of someone's personal items and that has those who live here concernedsot myiesha/live in homeless encampmenton sunday another fire, this one at 5th and market, one of the city's larger encampments. this one
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may have been intentionally set.sot melinda drayton/deputy chief, oakland fire deptin fact fire officials say there have been 60 encampment fires since the beginning of the year.soteducating meaning talking to the homeless about how to keep their areas safe from fire the city is also taking a role, creating a task force to manage the encampments and allocating several hundred thousand dollars to keep these tent cities cleaner
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( steve ) brittney is here and has the weather..
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an area of low pressure off of the northern california coast will maintain seasonably cool temperatures with widespread night and morning low clouds through tuesday. warmer conditions return for the second half of the week as the upper level ridge california. above averages temperatures are forecast late in the week and will into the upcoming weekend.
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new ahead at eight.. the hunt for a man caught on camera .... abandoning a baby in a parking lot. plus. a big win for president trump. as a judge rules states must hand over your voting information. and next. in just hours --- more than a dozen car break-ins, the latest east bay neighborhoods being targeted. putting news first. pam moore. steve aveson. brittney shipp. and gary radnich. the kron4 news at 10 every night.
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(steve) a shattered car window tells the story. multiple vehicles .. burglarized or vandalized in two bay area cities within a matter of hours... and police suspect the cases are all connected.(pam) one vehicle was stolen during the crimes.. and investigators think it was used to go from one city to the next one... where the crimes kept going. (pam) today kron4's haaziq madyun went to both cities and shows us where the crimes occurred. 17-vehicles broken into in the town of brentwood, followed by 35-vehicles either vandalized or burglarized in the city of livermore, all reported within a hours timethe auto break-ins started in the hampton inn parking lot around
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4am friday. this is where brentwood police say 17-autos were targeted and one vehicle a white 1999, 4-door, lexus was stolen. a half an hour later reports of 35-more auto burglaries started coming in, this time from the tiger lily common and tiffinay common nrighborhoods in livermore he is referring to his neighbor maria perez delaveaga who is showing me the damage done to one of her vehiclesseveral car alarms alerted sleeping neighborslivermore police say 4-suspects were spotted in the area driving a
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white-4-door-lexus similar to the one stolen from the hampton inn in brentwood...lic ense plate number 4jpx560. investigators in both towns say it appears the same suspects are linked to the 52-auto break-ins between cities. in the livermore haaziq madyun kron4news (steve) a solano county city...left in total disbelief tonight...after police discover an abandoned infant . (pam) police say, a man drove up behind a suisun city strip mall parking lot... dropped the baby off...then hit the gas. take a look... the incident was caught on the video surveillance cameras of nearby businesses on sunset avenue. witnesses noticed the infant ... after the car drove off...and contacted police officers estimate the child... is a few months old. the infant has been transported to a local hospital... he appears to be in good health. suisun city police are leading an investigation . (steve) happening today... bart is giving the media a sneak peek into the new bart trains called the 'fleet of
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the future.'(steve) k-r-o-n-4 was at the south hayward bart station this morning going on a test ride on one of the new cars. bart officials say the new cars have undergone nearly 4- hundred tests over the past year. the new sophisticated trains will carry more riders... 2-hundred and 60 to be exact. ten train cars will be on the track starting in september... a total of 35 by the end of the year. (pam) a live look outside at s-f-o (steve)brittney has the forecast an area of low pressure off of the northern california coast will maintain seasonably cool temperatures with widespread night and
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morning low clouds through tuesday. warmer conditions return for the second half of the week as the upper level ridge builds back over california. above averages temperatures are forecast late in the week and will likely continue into the upcoming weekend.
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doubt in my "there was never
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ahead at 8. a mom talking about the arrest of her ex- husband in the cold case murder of her 13-year -old son. (pam) and next.. a federal judge rules --- states must comply= and reveal voter data. what information they will turn over. ((gary sports tease))"coming up a little bit later in this broadcast, we got a san francisco giant, a well regarded one, saying 'move in the fences'. we'll chat about that in a little bit, we got an 8th grade football player already being recruited by alabama, and a six year-old santa rosa native with a hole in one. we go old, we go young, we go straight down the middle. coming later in this broadcast." ((steve))here's what we are tracking tonight at information on the case of jahi mcmath...the bay area girl declared brain dead
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following routine surgery three years a judge will determine whether to revoke her death certificate. the new evidence her family claims...she is indeed alive. we'll have that story tonight on kron 4 news at ten...
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(pam) a federal judge gives the go-ahead for the trump administration .... to collect voter data information. a privacy group had sued to stop the election integrity commission... from gathering voter data. the initial request asked for data that is publicly available under each state's laws. that could include including voter names, social security numbers, voting history, and party registrations. privacy groups sued on constitutional grounds-- but justice department lawyers claim, there is no privacy threat because the information would
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be uploaded via a secure military website... and then transferred to white house computers. ((steve - landing vo)) our digital life goes with us now on the road especially for those long road trips trying to keep the kids entertained with tablets or phones.. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you some helpful accessories that can make these devcies easier to use in the car. ((pkg)) gabe slate tech reporter says: "mounting a tablet so your kids can watch a video in the back seat of the car can be a pain in the wazoo.. i've gone through a dozen that are not sturdy or take to long to install this one is good.. made by okra. it's $25 and easy to hook up"you just clip these hooks either end of the front head rests and tighten it that's it the tablet is held firmly in place. and you can angle it for kids. this is a good option if more than one kid is watching because it centers the tablet
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for the back seats. but then they need to share the audio of the tablet coming out. that's where headphone jack splitters come in like this one that splits into 2.. or this one that let's five different headphones share audio coming out of a device at the same time. gabe slate tech reporter says: " it can be a challenge keeping all the devices running in a car charged on those long trips." this is the belkin road rockstar it let's one car lighter port charge 4 devices 2 usb ports here in the port for the front passengers and then it has an extension box with 2 more ports that can stretch to the back seat for the kids back there gabe slate tech reporter says: " for mounting your phone on the dash. i've been through them all spent a lot of money this is the best i've found and it's only $8 and you get two of them it's a magnet mount for the vent you just attach it to the vent on the back of your phone or phone case you stick on this magnet strip it's so thin you don't even know it's there that's it just place your phone on the magnet when your
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driving goes on and comes off easily.. no hassle and you can quickly change to landscape mode with your tech report gabe slate kron 4 news (steve)for more closer look at the products gabe just showed off visit his tech page on our website, kron 4 dot com, or through our mobile app. ahead at eight.. police make a horrific discovery in a parking lot... what the driver of the 18-wheeler is saying... about ten victims found dead inside. plus. what new personnel records are revealing about the officer who shot and killed an australian woman and next. a california teen accused in a crash that killed her sister. and it was
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all live- streamed .. what the teen said when police arrived.
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obdulia sanchez/driver:"i f---ing killed my sister, ok? i know i'm going to jail for life, all right? i understand that. this is the last thing i wanted to happen, ok? all right? i don't f---ing care, though, i'm gonna hold it down." (steve) chilling a central valley teenager apparently live streams the after-math of a car crash...which killed her sister.(pam) police say ... that 18-year-old was behind the wheel... and a recording of her instagram livestream shows.... she was recording while driving as well ... before the crash. grant lodes is tracking this story. (grant) investigators say obdulia sanchez was under the influence when she live streamed the car ride. the 18-year old from stockton was driving...two 14 -year-old
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girls were in the back seat...not wearing seat of when was sanchez's sister. investigators say she rolled her car over into a barbed wire fence and then a field in los banos. jacqueline sanchez was killed in the crash when she was thrown from the car....she was supposed to celebrate her quincenera sunday. a 14-year-old girl from fresno was also in the car and badly injured. family members confirm the video was shot by obdulia sanchezobdulia sanchez is now in the merced county jail for charges of vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence... and d-u-i.sanchez is refusing to talk to investigators--they don't know what substances she may have been under the influence of. her family says she graduated high school last year. (steve) two more people have succumbed to heat stroke and
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dehydration ... a total of ten people are now dead after a horrific two hour journey in an airless 18=wheel trailer in the midsummer texas heat.the big rig was found in a walmart parking lot in san antonio. (bam vo) the driver is facing possible death penalty charges in federal court.he claims he had no idea he was hauling undocumented immigrants. catherine heenan has new details on the victims, the truck and the driver. sixty year old james bradley junior did not speak in court today.but he told investigators he didn't know anyone was in the trailer until he parked and got out to relieve himself.after hearing voices inside, he opened the door and was knocked to the ground by a rush of what he called spanish people.he did not call 9=1=1 even though he
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knew there was at least one dead body in the trailer. bradley had been hired by an iowa trucking company to deliver the big rig to its new owner in brownsville, texas. for a reasons still unexplained, he instead went to laredo , where he says he had the truck washed and detailed.then he headed north again to san antonio.again, no explanation for that detour. the truck was discovered parked in the 100=degree plus midsummer heat.inside, the trailer was pitch-black, crammed with as many as 1=hundred people, and so suffocatingly hot that one passenger said they took turns breathing through a hole."our paramedics and firefighters found that each one of them had heart rates over about 130 beats per minute, which, again, they were very hot to the touch."the immigrants were from mexico and guatemala.four of them were younger than 18. they said they'd been smuggled over the border to laredo and held there for 11 days before being loaded on the truck. "checking the video from the store, we found that there were a number of vehicles that came in and picked up a lot of the folks that were in that trailer that survived the trip. we're looking at a human trafficking crime here ."one authority on trafficking says the border crackdown has had a deadly consequence."even though migration has decreased in recent years the death toll of migrants has actually increased because the risks are harder for them" (pam) we're learning more about the officer who shot and killed an australian woman who was calling police for help.. in minnesota.(steve) that officer's personnel
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records are now released. they show officer mohamed noor was hired as a cadet in march 20-15. then passed the exam and was sworn in as an officer. noor took multiple training courses, but there are no details about his performance. previously released records show noor had three complaints against him. one was dismissed with no discipline. two others are pending. noor is on paid leave after shooting 40-year-old justine damond after she called 9-1-1 to report a rape. (steve) in response to the most recent shooting a fake steet sign reading "warning: twin cities police easily startled." was seen at a college campus. this is the sign and it was snapped by a macalester college employee yesterday. the college is near the city of minneapolis. it is unclear who put up the fake street sign. many people are condemning police for the shootings of justine damond and philando castile by minneapolis police. "coming up on kron 4 news former vice president al gore unveils his second documentary
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regarding climate change here at the castro theater in san francisco. we'll have his interview tonight at 10." (steve) live look outside at the golden gate bridge (pam) brittney has forecast an area of low pressure off of the northern california coast will maintain seasonably cool temperatures with widespread night and morning low clouds through tuesday. warmer conditions return for the second half of the week as the upper level ridge builds back over california. above averages temperatures are forecast late in the week and will likely continue into the upcoming weekend.
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ahead at 8. people told to get off a plane----then that there won't be another flight for days. we hear from the stranded passengers and next. a father arrested in the cold case killing of his son. now we are hearing from the boy's mother --- her reaction to the arrest.
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whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late.
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even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (pam) new and stunning developments in a cold case from colorado. a man has been arrested in connection with the the death of a 13-year-old boy. that man... is the child's father. vicki liviakis is here with reaction now from the boy's mother. (vicki) yes pam, you can only imagine the pain and anguish she must feel. after five years - an answer
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to what happened to her son. and who is under arrest for his murder. 13 year old dylan went missing from his father's hometown of vallecito in november of 20-12. the boy's remains were finally found by search crews. elaine hall, formerly elaine redwine, says she feels some relief after her ex-husband -- mark redwine-- was taken into custody in washington saturday. (elaine hall/mother of dylan redwine) sadness, just, you know, how could you do this to him. there was never any doubt in my mind ever, from day one. i knew that mark had something to do with dylan's disappearance and then, unfortunately, his murder. redwine is currently being held on a one million dollar cash-only bond. he faces charges of second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. dylan would have been 18 years old, this year. pam, steve? about two hundred passengers were left stranded in las
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vegas sunday night... after a flight to oklahoma city was canceled. allegiant airlines told the frustrated passengers... it did not have another flight to put them on... until thursday. mechanical problems stopped the flight from taking off... after just minutes on the runway. passengers say, they were asked to get off the plane. gate agents had them wait, gave them soda and then told them there were no other flights out.. until later this week. the airline only offered 300 - dollars, that would not be awarded to passengers for another week. "no money to eat, no flights, all of the cars are gone, no rental cars. we have no hotel room." "they locked the doors, they said, we asked to speak with somebody higher up they said that she is on vacation. we asked for phone numbers for someone corporate anything and they said that there's nothing that we could do and they were gonna call security, we needed to leave." allegiant airlines says it will refund tickets for passengers that book with another airline. (pam) in
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sports... we will update you on the efforts of matt cain and the giants... as they host the pittsburgh pirates... (steve )... and the a's get some mightly power from a rookie... but was it enough for a win north of the boarder?... gary has the highlights... and all the
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the a's on the road in canadathe toronto skyline that's the "cn tower" in the backgroundtp 5th/ 3-1 jaysmatt chapman with his 3rd home run in three games this one into the restaurant in the 2nd deck of the rogers center but it was one of only two hits for the a's 3-2 jays bottom 7th/ 3-2 jaysjosh smith walks justin smoak to
8:47 pm
force in a run one of three wls the a's gave up in the ining 4-2 jays bob melvin denied his 1,000 career win for the 2nd straight game final: 4-2 blue jaysa's have lost 9 of 10 games in toronto giants hosting the pittsburgh pirates...right now... giants shortstop braddon crawford says bring in the fence in right-centerfield at at&t parkit's better known as triples ally 421-feet from home plate and for the first time a giants player has publically said it should be changed... the giants have struggled to hit home runs at at&t for two seasonscrawford speaking at a youth baseball camp friday said when asked about major league fields "they vary in size. ours is one of the bigger ones, 421 feet to right-center, which should be changed."
8:48 pm
former nba mvp derrick rose has agreed to $2.1 mil deal to join lebron james and the cleveland cavaliersrose's last season with the knicks ended abruptly after the oft- injured guard suffered a torn left meniscus..rose could provide much-needed security for the cavs, who are still shopping trade offers for their current all-star point guard kyrie irvingexpected to officially sign his contract as early as tomorrow he was in chengdu (cheng-doo) on the 2nd leg of his 4-city tour of asia to promote under armoursteph will visit one more city on china then goto soul south
8:49 pm
koreathe highlight in chengdu was going to get some "hot pod" and taking in all the festivities that came with it here's curry on enjoying the chinese culture(sot: curry) "we tryna get even more immersed in the culture of each city and try different things in our down time. last night, going to get some hot pot, and things like that where you can understand exactly the characteristics of each city that you go to and really get that experience while we're here"
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8th grade football player jameim oatis... has already been offered a scholarship by alabama... and that's just the start...oatis hasn't even finished middle school... but the man-size 6-foot-4, 286- pound prospect has received a scholarship offer from every college camp that he's entered this summerhis offers so far have come from alabama, mississippi state, and ole misshard to believe that's still going to be at least five years until he csan play college ball... about a month ago hawaii offered a scholarship to a 5th-grade quarterback
8:51 pm
are you ready for a 6-year-old with a hole in one?... this is dillon stefani at oakmont golf course in santa rosa saturday nat sound of family screams when it goes in"good shot, dillon.... go in! go in! go in! go in! yeah! áscreammingá dillon's dad jeremy sent us this video of his son sinking the hole-in-one it's a one- camera shoot so you don't see it go in but the reaction says everythingyoung dillon has been golfing since he was four years old he is a menber of the bennett valley golf team in the pga junior league he also likes to play baseball
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tonight at 10 it may look the video is in reverse but trust me that is not the case . i'm in the town of . well actually it's actually on the outskirts of colma and daly city but to some drivers this intersection is invisible i'll explain in the next edtion of people behaving badly (steve)law and order s-v-u ... is next then, we are back at 10:00 with the day's big stories...including people behaving badly gary has sports.. and your four zone weather forecast with brittney shipp. it's the kron 4 news at ten ... right here on the bay area's news station. last weather and goodbye
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[ male narrating ] in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives... who investigate these vicious felonies... are members of an elite squad... known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. [ elevator bell dings ] don't forget. it's family night tonight. i don't wanna watch that dumb show... where celebrities do the tango. dad wants to play a board game. not again. i have homework. me too. look, kids-- [ sighs ] [ whispers ] great. [ keys jangle ] bill? you here? [ sniffling, panting ] [ gasps ] oh, my god!


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