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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 7, 2017 1:45am-2:01am PST

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lots of people are still talking about the superbowl today. one of the biggest topics - the halftime show. there are reports today that part of the show was pre-recorded. not live. the beginning of the show - when lady gaga was on the stadium roof-top -- that was reportedly recorded on another day. some videos taken from the stands show her already suspended on wires and being lowered to the field when the video cut off on the jumbo-tron and the lights went up. there's also the issue of the drones- which are illegal to fly over a live audience. break out the umbrellas...the wet weather has returned to the bay area.thanks for
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joining us at eleven, i'm steve aveson.and i'm catherine for pam moore.high winds, intense rain and flooding in some parts...that's what we're expecting from this storm.and that could cause some problems out there on the roads.let's check in with chief meteorologist brittney shipp who is tracking the wild weather...brittney? lots of rain tonight into tomorrow. flooding concerns for us.
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the rain is coming down hard in the north bay...and that could lead to flooding in some parts.kron 4's j-r stone reports from a very wet san rafael. the rain is coming down and coming down hard on drivers trying to get home.sot i am ready for it to stopare youyesbut it does not appear as though this rain will be stopping soon. at least not over the next couple of days. bad news for those like vicki kalabokes.sot our house is sufferinghow soit's starting to leak.we haven't had any leaks for years.for some the
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wet and windy conditions aren't the end of the worldbut a bit frustrating to say the least.sot somebody says would you like to go to the ballet i think oh do i want to drive for an hour in the rain then get wet going into the ballet and then sit there for two hours wet.sot my car is starting to leak that's about it. they can't find the leak so that's not good but other than that i'm enjoying the rain.and others are enjoying the rain too. at least for now.sot doesn't bother me i'm from the south sot tire of this rain or whatnot reallysot i'm looking forward to the sunshine but i know we need the rain it's a tough balance. our friend vicki is just hopeful that balance would involve a few more sunny days. sot i like rain and then a few days suni can handle that and straight down rain and not windy rain sooo
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make sure you have the kron-4 app to track the storm. we'll keep you updated about severe weather or traffic problems in your area with breaking news push alerts. it was a tough evening commute for a lot of people in the east bay -- and not just because of the rain. the hayward bart station was closed for hours, as police investigated a suspicious package. kron 4's alecia reid talked to passengers who say it took them hours to get home. the trains were delayed for hours, and passengers were trying to keep it together.pkg sot - people with frayed nerves. it's the end of the night. we just want to get home for about 3 hours, the hayward bart station was closed due to
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a suspicious package. trains heading south had to turn around at the bay fair bart station. and those heading north had to get off at the south hayward station.sot - people are just more upset, frayed nerves because it's a monday night, it's raining, end of the workday, people just want to go homesome folks had to take a-c transit shuttle buses to get to their stop. others decided it was best to get off the train and catch a cab or get picked up. that led to traffic in and around the bayfair bart. sot - in my opinion bart isn't taking care of its passengers. they dump us off on the local bus system and over here it's ac transiteven after tracks reopened, there were risidual delays. this is video of the crowded train station courtesy of our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. what would normally be a 15 minute ride from union city station took a hour and halfsot - the bus was packed, it was going slow, the rainy weather, the bus was packed more than usual and with the rainy weather had to go slower
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now to the president's controversial travel issue now in federal court in san francisco. president trump's administration's has filed an emergency appeal for reinstatement of the travel ban. and tomorrow afternoon at three... each side will argue its case. three federal judges will hear oral arguments tomorrow in the challenge to president trump's executive order on immigration. the hour-long hearing will take place by telephone...the judges are with the 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco. they will determine the immediate fate of the nationwide temporary restraining order áagainstá the president's travel ban....after a federal judge in seattle halted the ban last friday. and today...97 tech companies, including apple google facebook and twitter filed a brief...opposing the ban, calling it unconstitutional and bad for business and the economy. the white house
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says its confidnet the ban is constitutional. i'm gl, k4n.
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the rain is really coming down in parts of the bay area...and it's not going to let up. meteorologist brittney shipp is back with what you need to know..before you head out the door.
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lots of rain tonight into tomorrow. flooding concerns for us.
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