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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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lifetime accident. but listen to this 'ths same house was hit by a sliding dump truck in april whoosh on the peninsula, a deadly accident interrupts caltrain service we are live at the scene. whoosh if santa brought you a new cell phone, you might be wondering what to do with your old one. tech reporter gabe slate has the answer. whoosh a versace outlet in the east bay is the target of a lawsuit of a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. we'll tell you about the secret code allegedly used for african american customers. you're watching kron four news in prime time tonight a cement truck remains overturned in an sausalito homeowner's yard. crews are askng drivers to avoid this area. good evening- i'm vicki liviakis.
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i'm steve aveson. this is not the first time a truck has crashed in that yard. kron4's chuck clifford joins us live now with the latest on the clean up. >> reporter:just before 2pm tuesday, the driveway under a cement truck working along lower crescent road in sausalito gave way. the truck rolled onto its side and came to rest at the rear of the home. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partenership with abc 7. at the time of the accident, there was a driver in the truck and one tenatn in the house but fortunately no one was injured. sot the truck never made contact with the residence, but because the truck is on it's side and they are trying to move it we have had the house evacuated for the time being everyone's safety. crews had been pouring concrete at the house to start work on
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rebuilding a garage that was damaged in a very similar accident last several months ago. back in april, a dumptruck driving along lower crescent road started o slide backwards, lost control and smashed into the home's garage. the driver of the truck suffered a broken arm. since then the owners of the home had demolished the garage and were planning to rebuild it. at this point, it's unclear why the exactly why the driveway collapsed but lower crescent road is very narrow and construction here can be tricky. sot there roads were constructed a long time ago. anytime there's heavy construction equipment, they are mindfull to take precautions but you never know when things may happen such as this. the owners of the home were apparently out of the town at the time but are returning to sausalito to inspect the damage. jeff pierce also sent in video. we have sky7 too desk has info. we don't know much. push the web for updates on this developing story major police activity earlier this evening in west oakland. as police searched for a suspect. near 39th street. and martin luther king junior way. which is
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near the macarthur bart station. >> steve:details are limited. but oakland police tell kron four news. that they're looking for someone who has a warrant we do not know who the person is. or what crime it is related too. the neighborhood is blocked off with dozens of police vehicles throughout the area. we will continue to update you on air and on kron four dot com. as more details become available. >> reporter:one person died after getting hit by a caltrain near the burlingme station this afternoon. kron four's spencer blake is live there now. spencer, what do we know? not many details from caltrain, but i talked to some people who
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were around about the time the deadly collision happened. at about 2:30 tuesday afternoon, caltrain sent out an alert letting people know a person had died on the tracks. that same announcement was repeated on the various trains running at the time. "right away they told us that there had been a fatality and that there may be a delay, that they would keep us informed as it happened." it was less than a block south of the burlingame station, near howard avenue. the southbound tracks were closed while the san mateo county coroner's office and sheriff's office were on scene. "they told us that th trains would be taking turns on the track. we were really only five or six minutes delayed." that rider was on a train at the tail end of the closure. but many passengers who were on trains when the fatality happened had to take shuttles to get around the scene. one man who lives nearby didn't want to go on camerabecause he saw the person die. >> reporter:he was distraught, and says he's positive it was a suicide other riders have seen people get dangerously close before. >>:"i see three days ago a homeless guy on the railroad track. the train was really close, so i told him to move out." "crews were collecting evidence and cleaning up the tracks hours after the incident happened." train service was just about back to normal by about 4:15.
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though any train track can be dangerous, some people feel this section of track has gotten safer over the last few years. "it's better now. with that division now, it's better. much better." so far, we haven't been told the killed. live in burlingame, spencer blake, kron four news. >> steve: we first alerted kron 4 viewers about this breaking news just after 3 this afternoon. you can be the first to find out about breaking news by downloading the kron 4 mobile app. it is free for apple and android devices. a man who fatally beat his mother with a baseball bat on christmas morning is now behind bars. sheriff's deputies say 39-year- old matthew salewske is the main suspect in his mother's death. >> steve:on sunday authorities were called out to a domestic disturbance in gilroy. that's when they arrived to find salewske's 70-year old mother suffering with significant head trauma.
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she did not survive the attack. reports say her son has been booked on suspicion of murder. the investigation into the death is still ongoing. picture is in the today folder. it all happened at around 9 in the evening on monday night. >> vicki:shots rang out at the crossroads shopping center parking lot.across from the starbucks coffee shop. luckily no one was hurt.although people were still in the area shopping when it happened. witnesses told investigators they heard several shots fired.and multiple shell casings were located at the scene. another person told police they saw at least one car speeding out of the parking lot. no information on the suspects have yet to be released. anyone with information is being asked to contact pleasant
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hill police. one of the most iconic fashion brands in the being sued.because of how it allegedly used a 'secret code' at its livermore outlet store.
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grant lodes is here to break down how versace is being accused of racially profiling customers. a former employee is suing the italian based company.citing unfair business practices. christopher sampino says during his training period. he was instructed by a manager to casually say "d-410" to alert co-workers when a black customer entered the store. sampino says he told the manager that he identifies as african american. sampino claims he was treated differently and not given proper training after he disclosed this information. according to the lawsuit. he was fired after just two weeks because he didn't "understand luxury." in court documents. versace denied sampino's allegations and asked a judge to dismiss the case. a case status conference is scheduled for march. a big story today -- the death of actress and author carrie fisher. the 60-year-old had suffered a heart attack just days earlier on a flight from london to los angeles. she played a number of roles through out her career. but perhaps none bigger than princess leia in the star wars series. kron4's jr stone is live in san francisco at a memorial for the late actress. >> j.r.: and one of the
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locations where they had that fountain. flowers and the location in san francisco as well out here and the cal trans into the candle was lit set says made of may the force be with you. >> vicki:ahead at eight. trump tower evacuated today- beacuase of a suspicious package. we'll explain what that package
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actually was. history was made in hawaii. we'll hear from president obama and the japanese prime minister following today's meeting. plus we'll explain the controversy surrounding a fundraiser for a crash victim. why her family is receiving backlash tonight. a lot of tributes have been coming in. actor mark hamill, perhaps better known as luke skywalker from star wars, tweeted a picture of the two of them in character.
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>> vicki: driver 25 year-old jessica had been drinking ago found the account has been set up to help her daughter of families receiving insulting messages planning and the mother and parents for the deadly crash two peope were killed in the san jose christmas morning. the 14 year-old boy in the other car. >> vicki: a police officers' union giving asking the judge to
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the dismissed the changes. after the fatal shooting of mario with the public call for the demand of use of force policy one of those changes is to prevent officers from firing at moving vehicles without allowing exceptions to rules. chalazion it would officers as well as the community at risk. zero of lowhis message "no
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words. devastated." and anthony daniels had this to say. he played "c3-po" in star wars. but the judge rejected halting implementation of the use of force police.saying the city does not have to confer with the union before making these changes. there was a brief scare at trump tower in new york city this afternoon when a suspicious package was discovered in the lobby. you can see people running to the exit in this video taken by a bystander. the new york city police bomb squad and he secret service were called to the building to check it out. they gave the all clear just after five p-m eastern time. turns out it wasjust a bag of chidren's toys. president-elect donald trump was not in the building at the time. he's at his mar-a-lago estate in florida for the holiday. >> britteny: and there is too weak systems that we're watching for the end of your work week closer look at what to expect first thing is warmer temperatures through thursday
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then what we'll see in the past few nights. and it dry days the thursday night in the south of the main area stretching its latest the servants. antony years we start to move a new year's eve and track in 40 years states. plus a chance of rain saturday sunday into monday. and if the clubs moving in slowly starting to clear and sunshine tomorrow and that even moderate purchase of the next couple days. it's a tool status of the for the chance of showers are coming from thursday night little bit of showers move been
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and center fell 39 and we're up to degrees in about two in san jose in most locations are warmer than what we saw it yesterday. has drawn the region. and 60 concord 59 high in sat sun rose the 56 year high in san francisco-day.
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>> grant:now to hawaii.where today.two world leaders visited the pearl harbor memorial. it marks the first time a japanese leaders has been to the memorial. grant lodes is back.with the unified message from presidnet obama.and japan's prime minister. >> grant:pearl harbor, hawaii - the latest on president barack obama and japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to pearl harbor, hawaii: 12:25 p.m. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is offering "sincere and everlasting condolences" to the u.s. service members who died when his country attacked pearl harbor, sending america into world war ii. abe is paying a historic visit to the site with president barack obama. he's the first japanese leader to visit the uss arizona memorial and the first to visit earl harbor with a
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u.s. president. the prime minister isn't apologizing for the attack, but he's paying tribute to the "brave men and women" who were killed. abe says "we must never repeat the horrors of war again." the japanese leader says it's important to show respect even to a former enemy. he says that's the spirit of tolerance that americans embrace. coming up- we're hearing from the family of a hayward stabbing victim. who they say should be held responsible for the man's death. if you just got a new phone or tablet for the holidays and are trying to decide what to do with your now "old" device. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate is here to talk about how you can repurpose that used gadget
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but there are also apps like "dayframe" that will automatically pull pictures from facebook and instagram and display those as your family and friends post them i know there are a lot of other uses out there that i didn't show. or think of if you are re=purposing your old device in a creative or unique way please share it with me i love talking about this stuff. back to you guys. ahead at eight. we're hearing from the mother of a man who was brutally stabbing in front of his children inside a hayward target. and it's been a rough year for police departments in the bay area. we have a rundown of all the scandals that hit the san francisco department in 2016. plus how you can get starbucks for free this week.
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tonight, for the first time, we hear from the girlfirend of a man.who was stabbed to death in front of his son. while christmas shopping inside a target store in the east bay. we will also hear haunting words from the victim himself speaking about life and death. the words were recorded on thanksgiving eve in a video. kron4's haaziq madyun brings us more on this story. >>:"so i want to say man look, keep your head up, count every day as a blessing, every second, moment, hour, because you never know when your life can be taken from you" tyrone griffin's words spoken a month ago seemed to foreshadow his own fate here inside of this target store in hayward this past christmas eve "we had been shopping all day" griffin was doing some last minute christmas shopping with his girlfriend tondaleaho davis and his two small children. "we still needed wrapping paper and bows and his son josh and one more toy than his daughter
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jade and he was adamant about getting that one more toy" she says to speed things along, the two split up inside the store, each taking one of the children with them. she says at one point she saw one of her friends in the checkout line. when did you know something was wrong? "she said, somebody got stabbed up back there, and i was like in target and she was like yeah" she said she immediately called his cellphone but there was no answer "so now i'm scared" she asked a man standing near by if the man injured was black,
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white or latino? "he said, no, he was black and he was with his son and i just ran to the back" when she got there tyrone griffin was bleeding profusely "i was going crazy and he was like, josh? still worried about his son, still worried about his baby, the only reason they did anything to him in the first place" witnesses told davis that griffin got into an altercation with two men after asking them to turn down some profanity laced music playing in the presence of his son. the two men were arrested and remain in custody, yet to be charged you want these people to go to jail? "yes! i want them gone" davis says tyrone turned his life around after becominga devout christian and was a joyful person "he was a very happy man when he left this earth, a very happy man in hayward haaziq madyun kron4news this week kron4 is highlighting some of the biggest bay area news stories of 2016. tonight: pam moore looks back at the tumultuous year at the san francisco police department. >> britteny: livermore 3832 unconquered settler in our chart shows we will see clear it
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conditions as we go would to the rest of this evening. as we go in through wednesday and overnight into friday and the states to the south of our region moderate even fresno native the south bay's zones gil better rainfall the rate is rainfall shows it to our region one thing we are watching for as they get into friday. and then you really determine these to weather disturbances. as far as that's concerned down to 33. vallejo and the conquered 54 and
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antioch 40 degrees in mt. view and 42 in san francisco. 67 map tomorrow 58 mission district and our high tomorrow in some detail 59 redwood city 6 in petaluma. 61 fairfield 68 real this the end at 5961 in union city. that is not a bad set up at all in lots of sunshine in the mid 30's we see a few changes. by the time we see it roll around temperatures a chance of showers many south south of the south bay even and saturday's slight chance of showers same thing sunday possibly monday and temperatures in the high fifties into the second half of your weekend. more details in your weather coming up and the show. according to california
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this year in nevada snowpack is that a 72% the normal rate for this time of year >> steve: altman believe that makes up about one-third of the state's overall water however forecasters say they cannot make a call official typically the deepest and lettuce.
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>> pam: of six people killed in 2015. 2016 mayor ed lee with sword and the from protesters in city hall it would cut through the months ahead. mayor declared even as new evidence emerged against the text messages.
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>> reporter: officer of all short thursday homeless man with a knife was shot. >> pam: and counterstrike at the mason district and the weekend. as for achieve crags there his time as san francisco top cop in late may after officers believed
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to be driving a stolen cars. 29 year-old jessie williams died. mayor li was out. >> pam: outline his in the interview with kron 4. became an early july a man of god and heart of downtown. instead of rushing and police up a perimeter. in negotiating. 24 hours flash bang grenades being
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backgrounds he suffered only minor injuries. more change as required racial profiling merely announce the the search for a tournament chief was over and
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they take effect in 2017. starbucks is giving out free, free, across the country what you need to do to get some. in
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world wait to see the big ball dropped in the york city times square and they had him give the famous trials and the ball 288 triangles to be exact making it weigh more than 11 fouls and pounds. this year's ball has new crystal design called the gift of time as symbolized unity at an estimated 1 million people will go to times square to watch that ball make its last drop. >> vicki: and fun on the run. and this in staff and parents making this year's success. coming up credit-card
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>> reporter:
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always check your bank statements report if your card number information stolen. he says--- 'surgery couldn't have gone better. received great news. already started the recovery process. thank you for all your prayers as i heal up.'
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reports say the rehab time remains 6-to-8 weeks. in the meantime, carr's teammates are back to work,
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preparing to clinch a division title this sunday in denver. it marks matt mcgloin's first start since his rookie year in 2013 and the raiders. are ready to rally around the new man running the offense. the 49ers. finish the year this weekend
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against the seahawks, but the more intriguing
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storyline is what will happen once the offseason begins. in addition to the multiple reports forecasting a shakeup in the front office, there's the conversation of what will happen with colin kaepernick. the quarterback can decide to enter free agency, so this could very well be his final game with the 49ers. in today's session with the media-- he says that he's not thinking about anything beyond this sunday, he just wants to end the season with a victory. one player's season has already come to an end. running back carlos hyde has been placed on injured reserve. after a taking a direct hit to the knee in saturday's game against the rams. he suffered a sprained mcl.but
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won't require surgery. the 3rd-year player has yet play a full season. and this coming monday is usually when nfl teams part ways with their head coaches, but the buffalo bills are getting a head start. the franchise announced today that rex ryan has been fired. over two seasons, he went 15- and-16. and failed to end the team's 17- year playoff drought. offensive coordinator anthony lynn has been named interim head coach. time to talk some warriors-- a day after the nba announced several calls were missed in the game against the cavaliers, kevin durant offered a surprising and fiery response to the league's officiating process. the last two minute report revealed that durant *was fouled while taking a potential game- winning shot.
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despite that, kd feels that the nba should get rid of those reports altogether. basically, the superstar thinks they're pointless because the results don't change. and the blame doesn't fall squarely on the officials.
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after today's practice, durant >> britteny: and that's the
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whole plan. the deal is there's supposed to happen the exterior of the toy and the hatch will instead will respond with lights and sounds after 30 minutes of playing with a hatch will a supposed to hatch.
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if >> grant: did contact them on twitter some tweet they're indicating that they enacting back to them so >> britteny: just a few degrees and the next couple days a couple six days and a drop back down. a and weather disturbances a chance of showers friday and saturday. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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