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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight: do you recognize this man? police say he's responsible for a major heist at an east bay mall. jewelry in excess of 200 thousand dollars stolen. whoosh only on four. a north bay mother's story of her son's terrifying encounter with home invasion robbers. they kept asking where's the momen whoosh the search is on for the s=u=v driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in a crosswalk on the peninsula. an encounteri pol tonight what we are learning about the distu of you're watching kron four news in a holiday heist out east bay. ood evening and thanks for joining us. i'm vicki tonight for pam liviakishis heist was at th seas store was about t kron4's hermela aregawi is live at the mall with the latest details how this robbery went down. hermela, what do you know? >> reporter: and police say
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that the suspect went inside hidden side. at one point washed away $18,000 or the jury. . routine response to an alarm at sun valley mall. if you know
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the man in the photo acid called concord police. while you're shopping this holiday season.
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a few of them: police say to always be aware of your surroundings especially when you are carrying packages. always shop with friends or family members. report anything that looks suspicious like someone acting out of the ordinary. those and more on kron4 dot com. thieves are doing their best to spoil the holidays for residents of one neighborhood in san jose. in just 12 days. nine burglaries have occured in the cory avenue neighborhood.north of the westfield shopping center. officers have since posted flyers in the area.warning
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residents to stay on high alert. a neighborhood watch group.has been set up by residents on social media. but police admit their struggling to deal with all those burglaries.because of a lack of staffing. now to a violent home invasion robbery in the north bay. a mother says guys wearing masks.holding a gun.forced her son their vallejo home last night. that mom described it all to kron4's haaziq a story you will only see here on kron4 >>:"my computer is over there, that's the safe, they pried the safe open" "what do you think they were looking for?" "money" >> reporter:laura jefferson is showing the mess made of here guest room during a home invasion robbery tuesday night. it is just one of several rooms ransacked here on the 300 block of cimarron dr. in vallejo. she says she left for work at 10:40pm, 20minutes later her adult son came home.that's when it happened >>:"he went to get the trash cans, that's when they came up on him, they kept asking where is the money? where is the money? where is the money?" her son told her, 4 masked men with guns demanded he show them where the money is located in the house "but he didn't know" that is because there are no large sums of money in the house or anywhere else for that matter says this single mom making ends meets on a nurses salarly "you know you work so hard for your things and then somebody just comes and does whatever they wany" her son told me off camera that the home invasion lasted nearly 30 minutes. he and his mom both think the 4 gunmen mistakenly chose their house
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"you know, maybe whoever they we really looking for deserved this, but i didn't, i just go to work and come home and keep to myself, it's just not fair" with no money to steal, laura jefferson says the thieves settled for taking some personal items before leaving. she says she reported the incident to the vallejo police department but so far there has been no word of any arrests of suspects in this case. in vallejo haaziq madyun kron4news uber autonomous vehicles-oncam vo uber has pulled its self- driving cars from california roads. this after the d-m-v revoked the vehicles' registrations. earlier today...the dmv announced its action... they told uber that the company had to stop testing the vehicles because it didn't have a permit. uber officials met with d-m-v lawyers and the state attorney generals office. a statement from an uber spokesperson was released shortly after...
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"we have stopped our self- driving pilot in california as the dmv has revoked the registrations for our self- driving cars. we're now looking at where we can redeploy these cars but remain 100-percent committed to california and will be redoubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rules." >> grant:new tonight at eight. a taxi driver is behind bars.accused of sexually assaulting two women. and police believe there may be more victims. us marshals arrested 30 year- old julio sanchez. authorities say on october 29th, an intoxicated woman got into a cab and blacked out. she says she woke up to sanchez sexually assaulting her at his home. authorities say surveillance video helped them identify sanchez. while investigating, police say another woman came forward claiming sanchez assaulted her as well. sanchez was booked into the santa clara county jail on suspicion of rape. we will have a live report from
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campbell on this story tonight on kron 4 news at ten. >> vicki:also new tonight. the san mateo county sheriff's office is looking for answers following a fatal hit and run tuesday evening. the victim in this case is a thirty year old man who was struck while crossing a busy street in millbrae. the driver of the vehicle is still at large. kron4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in millbrae with details. charles... >> reporter:around 840 wednesday evening, san mateo county sheriff's deputies responded here to the intersection of el camino real and ludeman lane in millbrae on reports of a vehicle striking a pedestrian. sot
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when they arrived on scene they found a 30 year old male suffering from major injuries. one at the hospital he did not survive his injuries. upon further investigation, deputies determined that the victim had been walking alone in a crosswalk when he was hit by a car traveling southbound on el camino real. authorities are now searching for a small silver or light colored suv similar to a toyota rav4. , the vehicle is probably damaged. sot there's going to be visible damage on the vehicle because of the victim suffered major injuries. there's no way the driver didn't know he hit someone. investigators are also looking for additional witnesses. sot during this time el camino real is a busy street so we are hoping the people saw something and in the south bay.police are searching for a driver who hit a 3-year-old boy. and then took off. it happened last night around 11. police say the boy and his grandparents were walking on
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roehampton avenue. in the mount pleasant north neighborhood. the family was walking with a dog. when it ran into the street. the dog ran into the street.the young boy chased after the dog. and was hit by a silver sedan. possibly a honda. the car was going about 30 miles per hour. when it hit the toddler. he was taken to a local hospital. for moderate injuries. anyone with information is asked to contact police. fairfield police are looking to
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see if alcohol played a factor in a head-on collision that killed two people early this morning. it happened on peabody road around just after midnight. the people who died were in a lincoln sedan.and were apparently trapped in the car. a man driving a ford s-u-v was badly injured. police aren't detailing yet which driver might have been driving while intoxicated. the collision closed peabody road for has since reopened. eurosiren for 04 >> catherine:monday's terror attack in berlin has claimed another victim. one of the 48 injured people died today, raising the number of dead to 13 german police now say the man responsible had been previously arrested as a suspected terrorist. and he was due to be deported. today. this is the face of europe's most wanted man. there is a reward of more than 100=thousand dollars for his capture. police say he left his identity papers behind in the cab of the truck he steered into a crowded christmas market. catherine heenan has more on the onetime asylum seeker known as anis amri. we want to arrest that person and question him 26 year old amri has been on the radar of german security forces since he arrived from italy last year. >> catherine:he's a native of the tunisian desert town of tatouine, famous for being the inspiration for luke skywalker's home planet in "star wars." amri spent four years in an italian jail for burning down a school. german authorities turned down his request for political asylum last year and he was ordered deported by the end of this year. he was able to delay the process by posing as six
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different people from three different countries. but his time was about to run out. polish truck loaded with 25 tons of steel, killed the german police reportedly had amri under surveillance for four months as a suspected terrorist, but gave up in september. the security slip-up could prove disastrous to chancellor anhela merkel's hopes of winning an unprecedented fourth term next year. she's been an outspoken advocate of open borders. ahead at eight.
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a place that usually offers help. is in need of help of its own this holiday season. we're live a 2nd harvest food bank.where donations are dwindling tonight. plus. bart police accused of using excessive force.
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>> vicki: other kollek franciscodetails on where it's happening now. after the break. what caused the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland that killed 36 people. but we're seeing fall-out in the bay area. as other collectives are being put on notice. >> grant:in san francsico.renters of a similar style warehouse. have received a 30-day eviction notice. warehouses like "bernal haus" in the cities bernal heights neighborhood.provide live work spaces for bay area artists. recently these commercial buildings have come under
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greater scrutiny. since the deadly ghostship warehouse in oakland. but those who live here. don't think the response should be wholesale evictions. ,. resients who live here say they plan to fight the eviction. in fact they plan to speak with the tenants union tomorrow. another big story tonight. >> vicki:bart police are being accused of using excessive force by the san francisco public defender. the public defender is * *now releasing police body camera video showing an incident at the embarcadero bart station back in july. kron4's maureen kelly says the public defender and the police have different accounts of what's being shown in that
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encounter. the videos showing the july 29th incident come from station surveillance, police body cameras, and witness cell phones. a 911 call from a rider reporting that another persnon threatened to rob him.and might have a weapon on him.b brought bart police to the embarcadero station with their guns drawn on the man matching the callers describtion. the situation escalated quickly.police say the suspect michael smith spit , bite and kicked officers.and was eventually charged with seven misdeamnors. but.the public defender says the 911 call was bogus.coming from a rider who had been in an eariler altercation with smith and his girlfriend.and no weapon was found. the public defenders says the actions of the officers are examples of excessive force.including this officer hitting smith in the face after being spit on. he also questions the tactics used on smith's girlfriend.who can be seen with an officer's knee on her back.even thought it can be heard several times that she and smith told them she was pregnant.
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>> reporter:she ended up losing the baby a few weeks later. andrea appleton says she had been in the very early stages of her pregnancy at the time of the incident. it's not fair that we had to lose our child. the public defender says he want bart pd to look at this incident as a way to improve bart police conduct. bite >>: police officers have a difficult jobs but question becomes how come we prevent this from happening. it is under way as barclays deputy chief jeffrey jennings believes the actions are lawful and in light of the fact they were told that the suspects they were looking for could have been armed. a smith had resisted he would eventually unlike co and place smith's girlfriend was treated.
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>> reporter:a jury ended up finding smith not guilty of many of the misdeamors and deadlocking on the rest. the public defender wants the da to stop presuing those charges. the san francisco d-a's office is still reviewing the decision to refile three counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of resisting arrest against smith. maureen kelly kron4 news. another nice day for shopping then rain on friday and snow in the sierra in world news tonight. an update to a major story out of mexico. this is video of the devastating scene.looks like a war zone.after explosions rocked a fireworks market. the blasts - left dozens of people dead, and many more injured. this happened yesterday at a market just north of mexico city. the town of tultepec is known for its pyrotechnics industry. and the popular market was packed with people.many buying fireworks to use during the upcoming holidays. 32 people died. dozens others injured. >> britteny: want to be very careful as we go into the rest of tonight clear skies sunshine tomorrow and increasing
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temperatures for us while we're tracking friday and saturday night. it will be attempting once again to fire up the fireplace however with winter's spare the are alert which will say in effect through thursday illegal to burn wood fire logs or even use your outdoor firepits. we see a cold front as well as additional moisture moving and this is what it will like as we get closer. >> britteny: as far as the
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winter tomorrow salt lake tahoe affected can decrease visibility likely getting to the high 30s.
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some people are being transferred to the u-s for specialized care. the cause of tuesday's explosions is still being investigated. still ahead. christmas is just a
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few days away and some people are still looking for gifts. we'll tell you some gift ideas you can get on a budget. plus. the holidays are here and so are the treats. the wickedly delicious holiday treats you need to know about in tonight's dine and dish. and they are called "freeway jumpers" and they look for ways to avoid being stuck in traffic . but is it legal? we'll take a look at this in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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according to triple - a, the average driver spends 17 thousand 6 hundred minutes behind the wheel each year although some will say they find shortcuts to make their drive shorter at least that's what they think. in one east bay city, some drivers have found what they believe to be a shortcut. but is it legal? stanley roberts explains >> stanley:look at this big rig driving across powell street in emeryville, to the untrained eye it's just that a truck getting entering the freeway the same for this commuter bus, also crossing over powell street to get on interstate 80 the interesting part both have commercial driver's licenses so i'm perplexed as to why they ignored this black and white regulatory sign which reads no through traffic or this one telling driver's right or left only not to mention all the green directional arrows oh, and in the street there are also painted directional arrows. nats: ambiance whenever freeway traffic backs up, drivers look for the path of least resistance. which is usually an off-ramp, especially when there is an on- ramp directly across. it's called freeway jumping it's not illegal unless there are signs saying you can't. that being said despite the signs saying otherwise it was a stream of freeway jumpers trying to avoid the traffic and driving straight across like this driver nats: ambiance and these drivers nats: ambiance and this driver nats: ambiance now that interstate 80 has smart signs people see the travel time and want to shorten it, the truth is they really only shorten the trip by 30 seconds if that because they hit the metering lights so they still get stuck in traffic nats: ambiance now if the chp or the emeryville police were do some targeted enforcement on freeway
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jumpers, the fine with court fees around 229 dollars now that you know that the question is do you still want to travel the path of least resistance, and save a whopping 30 seconds oh and by the way, i shot all this video in 20 minutes if that gives you an idea just how bad the problem is nats: ambiance in emeryville stanley roberts kron 4 news
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ahead at eight. a woman goes on a racial tirade against two hispanic women at a j-c penney store. find out what she said and what's being done to prevent this from happening again. and after the break. the second harvest food bank needs your help this holiday season. we'll tell you how you can help.
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>> reporter:now at 8:30. over 250-thousand people may soon be without the help they need. the second harvest food bank is at risk for cutting some of it's services. they need more donations to keep the annual holiday food and fund drive, going. kron4's alecia reid joins us live from one of their centers tonight. how low are the donations this year? >>alecia: if the mixture of their not cut services a hundred
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families. its $16 million as of today $7 million short of where they need to be taken and cashflow is lacking.
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jackson believes he could be heading for potential the food crisis in here and silicon valley.
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another nice day for shopping then rain on friday and snow in the sierra >> britteny: with the organized as we go through the day tomorrow we stage rights march i'll end it will start to see heavy rain out kron 415 and the morning and contra any act hayward said details and was a gap but and then we see here that it is a winter storm warning in effect daughter and on all major cities will be affected by this heavy smell which will start by at least 10:00 in the morning and
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continue to get the entire day and then as it pushed into saturday quite not a bit and it pledges of elevations near fair value anywhere between two to 6 in. of snowfall. either way it will be a system that will bring a lot of snow to the region. that george will
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bathroom bell it comes as the city of charlotte repeals a city ordinance and public really dare ship for recalls appeals a six month hold on any miscible nondiscriminatory revisions as h.p. two signed in march. north carolina lawmakers
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gathered today to vote on repealing the state's controversial bathroom bill. the state's legislature was called into a special session today... all to consider repealing the h- b-2 law. the law... among other things requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in many public buildings. ne-013we ky: jcpenney viral racist shopping rant reaction walmart has agreed to pull certain "black lives matter" merchandise from its website-- this after a complaint from the fraternal order of police. the t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale read "bulletproof. black lives matter." the police union says the word "bulletproof" could start and allow violence. a third party merchant, old glory, is the seller of this merchandise. a walmart spokesman says they will continue to sell other black lives matter, blue lives matter and all lives matter merchandise. let's call the holiday season what it is - license to eat really delicious things that are usually off limits for many of our diets. tonight on dine and dish - we're giving you a taste of some of what some of the best bakers here in the bay area are whipping up for the holidays. >> grant: as to pose a vast and j.c. penney as a bystander and discriminatory absolutely did not go on to our stores. and the video with the racist read.
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there's nothing quite like hand made baked goods. complaint from the border police the t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale. the police union says it corbeil prove could start an all-out violence and the third- party market is the seller wal- mart spokesman says they will continue to sell other all lives matter merchandise.
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>> vicki:santa's elves are working round the clock baking up a storm to satisfy our sweet toothes. oakland's pie lady is filling orders from both the williams sonoma catalogue. and here at the pietisserie shop. here at san francisco's new tartine manufactory - where lines are always long and bread sells out fast. they're firing up their famous levain loaves by the hundreds each and every day with secret ingredients like love. yes, show up at a holiday meal or party with one of these precious loaves and you're sure to be popular. manresa bread in los altos and los gatos is stocked with kid favorites like monkey bread. and a seasonal specialty. and this flaky divine party- sized kudoman for some of your best friends. avery bakes breads with freshly milled grains, local ingredients, and treats it with care. speaking of relationships. this
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customers husband is on a meat- only diet. more baked goodies for the rest of us. the president-elect is once again defending his election victory. but trump's latest tweets on the subject come at an odd time. and just as attention is moving away from his win in the electoral college. and toward bigger questions about his business interests. from our partners at cnn. jim acosta reports. it's donald trump's favorite subject at his post-election rallies. not his upcoming agenda. or his cabinet. but his victory. donald trump, president-elect: "by the way, as soon as the real polls came out, we won it in a massive landslide."
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but it wasn't a landslide. trump's electoral win is modest by historical standards. still the president-elect is pushing back on any critics who note he came up nearly 3 million voters short. in the popular vote. "i would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote - but would campaign differently / campaigning to win the electoral college is much more difficult & sophisticated than the popular vote. hillary focused on the wrong states!" voice of gingrich, former speaker of the house: "this is the football season. a team can have more yards and lose the game. what matters is how many points you put on the board. the electoral college is the points."
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but democrats aren't buying it. and accuse republicans of inflating their election win to justify a broad mandate. former clinton campaign spokesman jesse ferguson wrote in time magazine: "if we don't fight back against unfounded claims of a mandate, or navel- gazing that this election was a total rejection of our party, we will be wondering why the republican agenda has gained momentum in just a few short months." trump is restarting the debate over his election win. just as questions are being raised about his business interests. the trump family is distancing itself from a fundraiser that had been scheduled one day after inauguration. seeking donations of up to one million dollars. in exchange for hunting outings with trump's sons. nats transition officials maintain the sons won't be involved despite the fact that the group holding the fundraiser lists trump's sons don jr. and eric as two of its directors.
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jason miller, transition spokesman: "there is no involvement of this with don jr. or eric. nor do they plan on being involved with it." and, other questions about conflicts of interest are being raised. like the kuwaiti government's decision to hold an upcoming event at trump's new d- c hotel. just steps from the white house. top trump supporter. newt gingrich says the president- elect doesn't even like his campaign catch phrase. drain the swamp. anymore. voice of gingrich, former speaker of the house: "i'm told he now just disclaims that. he now says it was cute, but he doesn't want to use it anymore." and today. the officials results were released. and hillary clinton topped donald trump by 2-point-8 million popular votes. clinton supporters are using the results to call for changes in the voting system. the c-e-o of boeing says he's working to get donald trump the best air force one jet possible, without a hefty cost.
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the president-elect met the exective of boeing company earlier today. the future commander in chief.recently criticized the cost of their aircraft. but boeing officials say the price will be pocket change.for businessman trump that is. the project will come in at less than the rumored four- billion- dollar estimate some have been throwing around. when they meet the cavs, a key player will be out of cleveland's lineup. j.r. smith expected to miss at least the next four to six weeks. after suffering a fractured right thumb, an injury that will require surgery. it happened in last night's game against the bucks. the guard.who's usually the team's more reliable shooters.has been firing 35-
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percent from three. tipoff set for 11-30. there's another chapter to report in the eventful career of demarcus cousins. last night-- we told you about how the kings fined him for berrating a sacramento columnist. and then hours later, he provided another headline. as he was in the middle of one of the most bizarre games of the nba season. kings were playing the blazers. cousins had 54-points.then, he was thrown out of the game for spitting his mouthpiece at the portland bench. that was his second technical of the night, hence the ejection. then-- after reviewing the foul, the refs determined the mouthpiece fell out of his mouth. so cousins returned, hit a late free throw and then made a key defensive stop. and the fun didn't stop there. afterwards, he provided two drastically different postgame interviews. here he is on the officiating.
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for as much as the raiders have done this year, they know the work is just beginning. and next up on the list of priorities, sealing a division title. the silver and the colts this weekend. if they win and kansas city loses, they lock up the afc west for the first time since 2002. raiders have won 7 of their last 8 games, but indy is on the rise as well. despite being 7-and-7, they are still very close to a playoff spot.and andrew luck has been one of the hottest quarterbacks with 8 touchdowns and 2-picks in december. but let's remember, raiders have an nfl-high 7-pro bowlers. jack del rio.on the record- number of all stars on his team. to the 49ers-- their matchup with the rams can be billed as 'when losing streaks collide.' the niners have lost 13- straight. and l-a has yet to win a game since jared goff took over as starting quarterback a month ago. but the former cal standout has a great chance to end that skid this weekend. the rookie was a full- participant at practice today, despite being in the concussion protocol.
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goff left last week's game against seattle.after being rocked by richard sherman on the sideline. he's faced some tough teams in his first five starts, including the patriots, falcons and seattle. so it will be interesting to see how the novato native fares against the niners.his childhood team. here are chip kelly's thoughts on the young signal caller. finally, ravens receiver steve smith.preparing in his own special way. for their pivotal division matchup against the steelers. smith, dressed up as buddy the elf, for today's media availability. just a few weeks ago, he also donned a yoda onesie, so he's open to making fun of himself. he predicted there will be joy in sunday's game, but no peace.
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see you at 10. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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