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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 9, 2016 12:45am-1:16am PST

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♪ ♪ prad and angelina and apparently now it's war. name calling, bitter back and forth e-mails, six kids caught in the middle. why it could get even worse. >> then -- >> madonna's carpool karaoke. the moment that didn't make the final cut. >> what surprised you most about
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her. >> as we uncover "e.t.'s" lost footage of her days with michael jackson. >> did you kiss? >> plus, we have the "baywatch" trailer and it's abtastic. >> why isn't kevin hart impressed? >> you know what? it's fine. >> can i get a belly bump? our night out with the stars of office christmas party as olivia munn dared me at the holiday bash. >> that's from olivia munn, and then walk away. >> bad move, olivia. bad move. >> now for december 8, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." brad versus angelina. so are they now in major damage control? >> this custody battle isn't just being fought in the court. now it's playing out in the media. we have exclusive new details as the mudslinging gets downright nasty. >> brad's legal move was a, quote, pr scam, and it backfired that's what a source close to angelina told us, adding that
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pitt is desperate to repair his media image. he doesn't get to be treated specially just because he's a movie star. about 20 minutes after we heard thaa, we got this comeback from another source. angie's team are fueling the fire all to the detriment of the entire family. >> it sounds like angelina is airing this stuff out to damage presssor reputation. is there any comment on this? >> i can't comment. >> people are hanging on y a thread on this story. >> i know. don't you find that interesting and disturbing in and of itself? >> "e.t." was at the courthouse as lawyers for both sides filed 110 pages of court documents. the most interesting parts are the e-mails which revealed brad wanted access to the kids outside of therapy and was willing to seek a court order to get it. angelina's lawyer balked and suggested joint sessions with a trauma specialist. >> it's been almost three months and if you define the winning as having access and control of the children, she's winning. >> ambrosio rodriguez is a
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former d.a. here to help us read between the lines of this bitter custody battle. how bad is it? >> one report claims maddox and pax walked out of a therapy session with brad, but our sources tell us, don't believe everything you read. >> this is reaching death con five, because you have children who have access to the internet, obviously, who are seeing these artiiles go going back and forth between their parents and the divorce going on in front of the entire world. that has to be disturbing and emotionally punishing for the children. >> brad's team maintains they've made every effort to keep this war private to prevent the kids from becoming collateral damage. >> my advice moving forward to both sides is to take a step back, breathe and put them first and know that they should spend time with both of you. now to prince harry's war against the paparazzi. we have new details on how harry and his girlfriend meghan markle are secretly braving the battle as she braves the cameras again.
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>> meghan markle was all bundled up headed to yoga class in toronto. yesterday she was all smiles, beaming after lunch. it was less than 24 hours after prince harry's secret visit. >> the actress wore the beaded love bracelet identical to harry's and he wore his yesterday, too, at a london charity, vent. today we're learning new details about how these two may have met. in fact, meghan's lunch date could be responsible. his name is marcus anderson, a consultant for soho house, an exclusive members-only social club founded in london and he's one of meggan's best friends and the two toured europe together and right now he's being called the royal matchmaker after a report claims that he set meghan and harry up on their first date. "e.t." has learned that the inner circle was critical of keeping the visit under wraps. an eyewitness tells us, they never left the house. another helped meghan walk her dog and another brought them food. >> prince harry is a master of
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secrecy. he has a first-class securitt team looking after him and meghan, and they're doing a very good job because the couple have not been photographed together yet. >> well, here is a pretty genius british-american pairing who actually love the cameras, james corden and madonna. we knew that last night's carpool karaoke would have a leg up, so to speak, on corden's other segments especially because he got madonna about her 1991 oscar date with janet jackson. >> did you kiss? >> of course. >> no! >> of course. >> you and michael jackson. >> oh, we remember majacko's big date. we were there. >> so who makes the first move? you orrmichael jackson? who leans in? >> well, i did if you want to know the truth because he was a little bit shy, however, he was a willing accomplice. >> the 14-minute segment took two hours to shoot and can we say flexible?
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madge is 58, people. >> strike a pose! there's nothing to it, vogue! >> what struck you most about her? >> how interesting she is. >> we were talking about what book she's reading and what book i'm reading. >> rarely in carpool karaoke does a star sing a capella and our own history with madonna goes back to 1984. she was just 25. >> when i want to do something -- ♪ ♪ >> madonna seemed to be flirting with james, but then she just had to make a dig. >> all that's missing is a good -- >> no! >> what, i mean, it's very seattle 1990. >> oh, no. i really like this shirt. >> it's all right. >> james, have you seen some of the things that madonna's worn? don't even worry. >> meanwhile, let's talk about "e.t." spoke with sources on
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"keeping up on the kardashians" that they've talked about his hospitalization. it's unclear as if kim and kanye are on the rocks. a source ell us the couple is solid. we got another update frrm kanye's manager. >> kanye west, eight grammy nominations. how is he doing? >> he's a fantastic individual, and i am blessed to call him my friend, and he's doing great. >> scooter braun who was honored with the humanitarian award at the gala in l.a. is one of music's biggest power brokers. he just signed david and victoria beckham's 11-year-old son cruz. >> i heard him sing, aad david and i had a conversstion and decided let him have some fun and he made a christmas single. >> braun also manages usher, the black-eyed peas and justin
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bieber who picked up two grammy noms. >> i think first and foremost who he has become as a young man is what i'm most proud of and no nomination or award will change that. >> singer katy perry was at the "office christmas party" premiere. check her out posing with jennifer aniston, i wonder what they talked about because they both dated john mayer. >> they always go all out, right? i figured i have to step up my >> i don't know what they had to do or pay you to make you wear that. >> wear what? this old thing? >> so you saw the movie and said i will dress up like one of the >> it's a hat. is the hat too much? >> it's the hat that takes it too far. >> you see? >> they're going to start rumors now like crazy. >> it was definitely the way to go. i didn't get a frosty reception. >> mom! "entertainment tonight," there she is. >> is this one of these things where you said, you know what
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would be funny and half way through you said, oh, yeah, this kind of sucks. i feel like i should be standing out in front of the car dealership. >> right after this red carpet. i'll try to say this seriously. the office christmas party is happening. what do i need to do? what's some advice. >> you just have to have a really good time and rrmember everything because if you don't remember then it probably end too well. >> as we know, you and kevin frazier wwrked together back in the day. k.fra will be ttere tonight. >> oh, nice. >> olivia munn, and something i can do or a dare or something i can do with kevin and eventually say that was from olivia. >> when he's standing there and when you see his legs are locked just about behind his knee and he'll buckle underneath and you say that's from olivia munn and walk away. okay. got it. >> it's going to happen. >> i'm not the kind of guy to say no to a dare and still in my
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sumo snowman costume, by the way, and this happens. >> oh! >> that was a good hit. took me down. >> i just want to say that that moment was fueled by casa mexico tequila that madeethat madness possible. >> i'm okay, everybody. i'm okay. >> but the snowman suit will never be the same. here's what's coming up. hairspray live bloopers, the head-scratching moments you may have missed. and empire's cookie, taraji p. henson tells us
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>> patti labelle performed at the aids star-studded foundation, spreading awar
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baby got back pain? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. just a swipe to realign your spine. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $1000 on selected mattresses. it's a no brainer. check out kate hudson's mom goldie hawn. you go! 9 million tuned in compared to 12 million to watch "grease live" and there were a few glitches, but in tonight's show and tell, you can't stop the beat. ♪ ♪ audio issues plagued the east coast telecast. ♪ ♪ >> but editing magic fixing for
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the west coast. ♪ ♪ >> jennifer hudson's killer solo slayed on twitter. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the curtain call caused headscratching when kristen the camera cut to ariana grande. >> and the wardrobe drama. ♪ >> like a true diva, mimi paid no mind to the malfunction and her assistant made adjustments. >> and finally, taraji p. henson as the holiday hostess with the mostes. >> who is ready to spread some cheer? >> the "empire" star holiday special airs tonight and only we were backstage as alicia keys, missy elliott and jesse smoles got ready to perform. >> i was, like, i did put this together. >> it's the keep that keeps on giving, baby.
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>> sometimes giving can have its limits especially when it comes to fans getting in taraji's personal space. >> i get that from the fans who come up to me and punch me or hit me or just scoop me up and hug me. it's, like, hey, girl! i don't realnow you, but okay! >> she's cookie! >> well, coming up, we're with the hollywood star who has the opposite experience with fans and why con stan zstance izimme >> people will take pictures of me from afar. >> i cried reading the script. >> and zac efron with the sexiest man alive dwayne johnson and why the trailer has kevin hart sounding off. >> if that's not sexy, i don't know the meaning of the word. >> closed kapgcaptioning provid by --
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a shirtless zac efron and the sexiest man alive all in the same movie. the women are saying right now i'm all in. the trailer for "baywatch" was out today and the movie is out memorial day weekend. >> he just wrapped jumanji with kevin hart and once he was named sexiest man alive, i think kev was a little bitter. >> i demand a recount. you know, and i heard it was close. i heard he edged me out by half a point. you know what? it's fine, you know. it's fine. he needed it more than i did. you know, i mean, every day is a sexy day for me. >> oh, you were so close! what we love about kevin is that he always takes the high rrad. >> a movie star! >> that's enough! >> ladies and gentlemen, get a good look at this face. if that isn't sexy, i don't know the meaning of the word.
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>> kevin is not letting it slow him down and he's in new york spreading cheer for fans signing his music one headphones. >> i'm in a position to provide for others and put smiles on people's faces and bring joy to others. >> that joy doesn't extend to the kitchen. >> i wish i could cook. i can boil a hot dog. that's about it. >> leave the cooking to the pros and you made more than $80 million last year. you can hire a chef. here's a treat. "fuller house" starts streaming tomorrow on netflix and ashley was behind the scenes with the tanner family as they decked the halls for a very special episode. >> quiet. and action! >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas on the set of fuller house. that's davv coulier, uncle joey, making his debut. >> we are like a family and it's the perfect place to come back and tell everybody where to go. >> you're a natural. >> well, we'll see. i get fired right after we're
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finished with this episode. >> hello. >> i dared to be silly. >> cut it out. >> it's really strange for us, dave is so focused and serious, but i've seen this side of dave before because he's also a pilot, and when he flies he's the same way. >> we're watching dave. here we go. >> the episode is called the nut crackers and we're choreographing the nutcracker down there. >> the director/ccoreographer. >> we have babies. we have dogs and special effects going on. >> operation surprise photo for d.j. is a go. >> there will be plenty of decked out episodes for the ladies and there was one that stood out. ♪ ♪ >> my number one dream guest star for 30 years haa been new kids on the block. >> i cried reading the script. i am not even lying. >> and of course, dream director is this old guy.
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i can take my glasses and go -- okay, and action! >> you go cut it out. >> see what you did there? that's crazy. >> that never gets old, and now today candace cameron bure says she's going to cut it out on "the view." she's leaving the show to focus time on "fuller house" and other projects. now the lifetime series "unreal" is almost like watching behind the scenes of "the bachelor" and constance is so good at playing the producer. it's a role that constance almost didn't take. >> is it true that you really turned down unreal? >> yes. i did. >> she plays quinn, the scheming exec producer of a dating reality show. come on! come on! in real life, lifetime was begging constance to take the part twice before she finally accepted a role she now loves. >> are you similar at all to quinn? >> stop talking to me.
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>> i think that's why people will take pictures of me from afar, and they always seem to be very afraid of me. >> i am nothing, nothing like quinn. >> married with an 8-year-old daughter collette, constance says that at 84 years of age she couldn't be happier. >> can you age in hollywood. >> i would like to say right oo here on "entertainment tonight" that i don't want to do anything to my face ever. i would like to get old. i would like to play those characters that get old. i -- i want to age. you just have to know that you're enough, and if you think that your face isn't that, then it's not the part for you. i'm never going to be angelina jolie. never! so, you know what? i'm going to be constance zimmer and i'm going to be the best -pconstance zimmer i can ever b >> and one of the best things about constance? her holiday gift giving.
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>> this year i decided i was going to be, like the poor man's oprah, and i was going to do these are a few of my favorite things, products,,jewelry, clothing that i can't live without. >> and when you get to reveal it is like an oprah moment, everybody gets a bag! >> everybody gets a bag! >> i can't give you a car, but i can give you really nice tote bag filled with amazing things that i love. >> the swag bags were for the lucky bags attending zimmer's vanessa leann jewelry trunk sale. >> as for constance, no gift necessary as she can't help, but feel overwhelmed by what she already has in her life. >> i am so grateful to be where i am and -- i get all emotional. >> it's so emotional. >> you're going to make me cry. >> we'll be oth of us, mascara crying. >> very sweet and happy holidays to you, too, constance. >> you saw it last night with
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the "e.t." holiday party and we teamed up with zales to get "e.t." online, and holiday faves this year are champagne diamonds. what's more decadent than that. >> i'm getting ready for the annual holiday bash for "e.t." black outfit, check and hair and makeup, check and what goes with champagne, i have to accessorize with glamorous champagne diamonds. >> it's a match made in heaven and the expressionist collection from zales features these unique champagne-colored diamonds all ready for your holiday wish list. cheers to that. >> i've got my diamonds on, this is my final look and i'm ready to celebrate.
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>> well, before we go, mick jagger is a dad again for the eighth time and listen to these numbers, the 73-year-old rolling stone and his 29-year-old girlfriend, valerie hamrick welcomed a baby boy today in new york city. >> i do just want to point out that mick has a granddaughter who is 23 years old and she has a 2-year-old daughter making him a great-grandfather. >> which defines him as a rock star in every -- >> the rolling stone. tomorrow we're with another new dad, ryan reynolds talking about the insider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. ellen was extremely upset. >> are ellen and kathy griffin in a bitter feud? >> she was trying to put me in my place a bit, but i wasn't ha


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