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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 10 starts now. raking news. a 5th night of protests across the country. after tuesday's presidential election. protests in los angeles on the right side of the screen. and portland happening right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. tens of thousands of americans on both sides of the coast are denouncing donald trump as their commander-in-chief. now with the latest demonstrations, oakland, what are we seeing? >> it started around 8 pm and
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california highway patrol are guarding freeway on ramps in oakland in case protests blocked lanes in the past -- like in the past. tonight group of people started at macarthur and 14th. frustrated protesters share the same concern against the president elect. they say he showed impulsive behavior and has sexual allegations made against them and has made racist comments against latinos and muslim americans. they refused to have a leader who in their eyes cannot lead on a platform based on hatred. and this lot -- and in los angeles tens of thousands of people taking to the streets. you can see the massive crowd from above is a snake through the concrete jungle for macarthur park to downtown la. the started at 9:30 am. they been chanting slogans like , not my president. and not deportation. this is not a tv show.
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this is a 5th consecutive night we are seeing the public take their frustration out on public streets. we will keep track of the protests and more than one month the weight we are seeing social media protests starting to plan for a nationwide demonstration. january 20 will be the date trump is inaugurated. in berkeley tonight near the scene of a possible hate crime, protesters gathered to begin an anti-trump and anti- white supremacy rally. holding signs that say people of color against drum. latinos against trump and not my president. in the same area on tuesday police say a man assaulted to berkeley students. they are investigating the case is a hate crime. hermela aregawi has more. >> reporter: they are looking for a man they say spent on 2 students and yelled racial slurs at them. people were gathered watching the election and that is when
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they say the man approached the students. the suspect is a white male in his 50s. the students we talked to say this campus is known for being inclusive but since election day, something has changed. >> i'm hearing a lot more about this since election. a lot of what trump has said has been validated since people have voted for him. that is a scary thing. these racist and homophobic things are now being given weight in our system and 5-nnnnñ was surprised to see there wasn't a lot of racial 7sñ-- racism in 1the open. if something came out into the open it was put down and there was a lot of community5v suppor and upset to see the happening here. >> when crimes happen on campus
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uc berkeley police send out an alert. but a lot of students we talked to say this is the 1st one in recent memory that t fis 'jbe investigated as a hate crime. reporting for3gberkeley hermela aregawi. in san francisco people continue to gather and rally in the streets. d story and what happened today. >> reporter: for the 2nd day in a row there were 2 different anti-trump rallies in san francisco and for the 2nd day in a row one of them ended at city hall. >> reporter: same anger and same political catalyst. and many of the same chance part of today's marches. in the castro district 60 people carried signs while getting support from onlookers. >>
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>> reporter: 1h7 marcher who wishes she could of voted in her iv7native swing state said public pedtion is important to change. >> ci ñi joined the march rando and i started crying. it's overwhelming that we all feel the same way. >> reporter: an animal rights activist noticed groups in east bay had been mobilizing. on thursday she started orchestrating this one. >> we will have to do a lot more protests that protest harmful policies. >> reporter: the group had hoped to join up with a 2nd protest so they went at it ¢id8 >> i don't know if anything will change but we have to send a message that hate and intolerance is not okay. >> reporter: after dark a 3rd rally formed as a candlelight vigil. police stood by and cleared the way iv7for marchers to keep the peace. the rallies never turned nasty. testers ass hall and talked about another
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pm. in san francisco spencer lake kron4 news. 7sñ election protests are going around the country. g# thousands of trump protesters marched to trump tower. many were carrying signs saying unacceptable and comparing him to hitler. on your right in chicago hundreds of people marched through the streets including families with children chanting no hate, no herel]ñ v-- no fear immigrants are welcome here. and a rally in phoenix were hundreds of people gathered to voice their opinion against trunk. 8 turkey is warning its 'ái us.ko2 say protests following tuesday's presidentia2election as well as increasing verbal and immigration nature prompted the warning. the recent trump demonstrations have turned violent and the
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administration noted security forces had to detain woman 9ñarrested in a triple homicide in oakland is a 61- year-old san jose woman, dana rivers. she faces murder charges. this after 2 women were stabbed to death in a woman shot to death %./inside an oakland hom bodies were recovered yest%z,8vw today authorities confirmed the suspect is dana rivers. we will bring you updates as they come in. in world news tonight staying reopened!uñóm[ the hall year after the kjkparis attack french security swarmed the area performing extensive body searches to those lucky enough to get a ticket. 1000 tickets were sold. the rest were given uto familie of the victims.
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the singer opened the show with a moment of silence. sting says nbthe proceeds will to 2 charities helping the survivors of the attacks. i e1hear in the bay area th bay bridge =turned 80 years ol this is video of the bridge when it 1st opened in 1936. he golden gate bridge%+g. it was designed by  charles purcell.7ñ among those in attendance for the reopening work herbert ÷6gú and th california. the bay bridge was the kl/larg and most expülewrbridge at a time. 2ízlwñ coming up on kron4ro don't expect trump to ease into his new job.h% the issues he zlwñplans to take action on. )o÷little boy attacked by dogs. find out where it happened.
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an elderly man tied up and robbed. police are looking for the suspect. details coming up.3me we have some clouds to the north. they are sliding our direction. we will bring you rain and talk about that next. xd#ñ ♪ ♪
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♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you. tonight out of the í'3east elderly manx tied up during a robbery.fn([o ú
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philippe djegal spoke with the son-in-law who is ñigrateful h father-in-law survived. victim's family, says thursday afternoon on the seemingly quiee day it turned chaotic for an elderly man living here. énb fremont police say at least 3 robbers, to wearing ÷masks knocked on the front l=door. and he answered and cracked open the door the victims éjon- in-law, who shared his voice with us but wishes to remain private, says the home invaders barged in. >> he is trustful. these peoplexl took advantage. >> reporter: investigators say one neighbor tells kron4 he believes that =these knocked a his door 1st. his kids were home alone and did not answer. instead the elderly man fell victim. lease say he was ki[ñtied up wh the robbers ransacked the
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>> the man was not injured. but cell phone and many were taken. >> reporter: this sergeant says the case has the detectives unit full attention. >> involves violenceq/ má5< an property. we made it a high priority. >> reporter: the victims son-in- law says the neighborhood is on alert. >> we are reiterating how we answer the door. try to identify who they are.:o never let your guard down. >> reporter: police say it's possible the robbers were seen leaving the area in a dark colored sedan. but so far no arrests have been made. in fremont philippe djegal  we're joinedoonow, did i her the possibility of rain? >> kowe have a chance. but not yet. we had a week cold front go through but that moved by without much of a raindrop. most of it is confined to the
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north. it will head that direction as high pressure builds and. you can see the track now starting to shift further to that ridge starts to strengthen we have nice weather to deal with.÷ a nice live shot. a couple patches of fog looking back toward san francisco. clear out over the bay. things will change if you're headed out the door. here's another live shot toward vqc"xhatchy fog as you make you toward the coast line. and toward the airport. tonight it will remain mostly clear inland. some of that patchy fog will creep yvjinside the bay tomorr warning clouds giving way to sunshine. very nice weather. the temperatures today 8(÷toppi out in the mid-70s. next week, a slight chance of showers toward the middle of the week.  some noticeably cooler temperatures.hmñ
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some temperatures will struggle wthe 60s toward wednesday. the moon is looking more super clear skies across much of the 6 day. the clouds will rolling as we head towards midnight. we have a storm system off the coast line but the jet stream is bouncing to the north because of the ridge of high pressure that continues to building. that is what's bringing the nice mild temperatures. this time of year. at lake tahoe, with all zomthat snow. november, it'soowé dry. partly cloudy conditions with temperatures topping in the 50s and 60s. overnight lows down to the 30s. o traveling around the state you'll see some falling temperatures. xgg checkout los angeles. 84.@
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-- fresno and bakersfield. nice weather =/all around the state. it's 0going to stick around%qñ ñ we have high pressure building overhead. tomorrow morning a couple of patches of fog along the coastline and juoóñinside the bay. but as we head through the day it should be a nice day. passing clouds. 4cñ ba little chill the numbers$xñ drop down to the 40s. a lot of 50s elsewhere. as we head toward the htday tomorrow pop --8#f mostly sunny skies with7b'ñzñ a mild afterno overtures soaring in the 70s.v: in san francisco it will be cooler. we are expecting mostly cloudy skies in the morning and partial clearing toward the afternoon. ã oakland will find sunshine with passing clouds as we head through the day. the very mild temperatures
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topping out in the upper 60s. maybe low 70s. the numbers l5break down like this. 74 in san jose. 75 livermore.gob + 73 santa rosa. 68 san francisco. as we look$q toward the next fe hpressure holding on and bringing nice warm sunshine. many spots moving up to the mid- 70s. but then things cooldown. tuesday. toward wednesday maybe a slight slant -- slight chance of showers..nb.nb low 60s on wednesday. the best chance for rain coming next weekend!-, that is when we have &ja more serious storm headed our way. tonight in covering 8ç california, the family of the missing shasta county woman is holding out hope that she still
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l&ñshe went on a téñrun on november 2. her husband reported her missing when she did not pick up their children from daycare. he is been ruled out as a suspect. it's unknown if the case is connected to the 1998 disappearance of tara smith. the 16-year-old from redding was last seen in running close to her body was never found. in tonight's news check across the bay, for shootings hurt 5 people in oakland in the last 24 hours. !.e the 1st shooting happened "gz around 7 pm across the boulevard. 2 men were injured in a few hours later 8hñanother shooting ie.c internat 22nd. another man was injured in that accident. so far only one arrest has been made in those 5 shootings. good news out of san mateo county were 2 suspects were arrested in connection with a vehicle burglary. it happened monday around noon. later that evening investigators learned that palo
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alto police have encountered "n people who were in possession of several items taken during the burglary. san nbbruno police found the suspects and the duo wasmht% arrested on kvcthe vehicle burglary, dan -- grand theft and identity theft. thanksgiving is around the corner and thousands of bay area residents are giving food back to the community. hundreds of volunteers with the san francisco marin food bank have been preparing kvcfor the vin. e this week a donation from a food company brought c hundreds of turkeys into the food bank freezer. that is not even close to the goal the organization has set. >> this time of year we set v:a goal. we set our goal for 2000 this year. /++o it's a little short. we are 1400f'd short. anyone in the community who wants to help the food bank, help your neighbors in need,
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donate a tricky or money. donate your time. we will take that as well. >> çóin addition to turkeys $x food bank encourages donation of canned goods and other nonperishable's. óomóom the police department looking for @a e&mistrial in the why many are saying the case is not over. after the break, a little boy attacked by 2 dogs. it was all caught on camera. find out who came in to save him.
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will --
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donald trump is pledging restraint on twitter as president. ñ>okvery restrained if they use it at all." he said social media helped him >4s where he was outspent.v'2 has proved where the platform can be powerful. some of his most controversial comments come from his tweets. a double whammy. that is how hillary clinton is describing the decision by the fbi director to take another ö days of the campaign. remember clinton's finance .7she placed some of the blame on him for the stunning defeat to trump. @
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he sent to congress stopped the momentum "nshe had built. the 2nd simply fired up trump supporters and helped sway5añ o the fence voters. use it to thank her supporters and fight against divisive rhetoric. a little ñ%çboy from anahei is out9 :3fmiof the hospital. he was attacked by dogs. the mother tried to save him but was also attacked. you can see in the video, the @c dog continue to biteçó is the shoot him away. neighbors were able to fight the dogs off. the family believes the k-9 dual was in a neighbor'syard and got loose. her son suffered serious injuries.ko >> he has a laceration in his face and leg. he's had to have multiple stitches. plastic surgery. there is no word to explain how you feel it and see your child
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>> neighbors help the dogs -- ÷ . after 25 years of the liberating a judge declared a mistrial m/]in a 2015 lease shooting case. former ohio police officer ray tensing is accused of e > throughout this process,éb#n the prosecutor feels about the case and írwhat is right and wrong. i expect he will look to find a way to justice -- bring justice. >> he says he hopes the prosecutor will retry the case.
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prosecutors are arguing ray tensing was not being pulled by the car and did not need to open fire. an alternative to the epipen is set to be available in the 1st half of next t-é
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31st day in office.%qñ#vñ immigrant rights groups say they are getting hundreds of the program could be eliminated. i will explain after the break. a live look at the protest in los angeles.p you can see dozens of individuaaon the street. we will update you on the situation after the break.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. we have breaking news.fá a live look on the streets of los angeles. for the 5th day in a jfrow you can see the protesters on the streets. hundreds of them are taking to the jfstreets in anti-donald trump road tests.a,iñ at times they shut down the highways inpñlos angeles. we don't have any reports of $rg
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at this point it's believed to be 8a peaceful x@á÷rally in los angeles. keep in mind this is smaller than the protest we saw during the daytime ce zwhen they wer than 8000 people on the streets. nevertheless they continue to march. if we get any updates on update you during this newscast. anti-trump protesters took to the streets in cities across the nation. our goaliee the most intense of ! one person shot of early this morning. we alive to the studio with that demonstration. áwe're seeing protests across in portland the demonstration is going on well into the night. the group has not broken out into a right. this will be their 8g÷5th night protests.1e as we just saw they are in los
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angeles. people held upçw%r placards wi slogans against the president elect. a lot of people are upset it was hillary clinton who won the ÷5-f it is trump who will serve as commander-in- chief. ÷ comments he made on the campaign trail and úf$are worried about the future under his leadership. in portland demonstrations have been calm. that is unlike early this morning when at a rally it escalated with the shooting. 2 people were arrestedwo# and y can see video of that here. a protester was shot during a march.+w3 the suspect initially drove away but an off-duty officer later spotted the car. lease pulled the suspects over and arrested them. in a conference today officials said the violence needs to stop. and told protesters to stay home. >> we have to move on. that is my message tonight.
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doing our best to keep the city safe and sound. rticipate in a protest tonight.&jñp=)añ it has been taken over by people who want to fight with the police. >> a gun was recovered in a suspect's car. hopefully we don't see an incident like this happening anytime soon. the is a protest said to take place in oakland tomorrow. ç if you thought donaldx trum would take it slow and steady on his 1st day in office, think again. over the last few months on the campaign trail he pledged an ambitious 1st day agenda. >> reporter: don't expected -- to eas new job. >> a busy rg$1st day. reporter: president-elect o-6 trump plans to take action on
10:32 pm
isis and immigration.kl/ >> on day number 1 i will swiftly remove criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> reporter: trump valley to start the process of getting rid of what he calls gangs of thugs within one hour of 6svtak office. h÷to get rid of these people. we're going to ,wget rid of the on day one. úf$ >> reporter: along with that mr. trump also plans to start work on the wall of the southern border to keep illegal immigrants out. p >> on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable physical call 2íñpowerful dutif southern border wall.z >> reporter: donald trump is aiming high. pledging to repeal all of what he calls barack obama's comesf$
10:33 pm
-- unconstitutional orders. he plans to immediately suspend immigration from syria and libya and get his generals working on isis.)w< >> were going to convene my top generals and give qvhthem simp instructions. they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> reporter: day number 1 s >> the last congress to send mew a bill to repeal and replace dvmêqr:p:uq). that bill can be passed. with 51 votes. 51. meaning a republican congress ñpresident can save america from this disaster in a single afternoon. >> reporter: vice president elect echoing those promises and more. @> he will repeal every single obama 6 @gxexecutive order tha
10:34 pm
stifling jobs 6nband tgrowth. we will appeal nbobamacare. we will and hthe war on cole once and for all. back on the 1st day of the trump administration say goodbye to gun free zones. et rid of gun free zones in schools 0cuand be happd and our military bases, my 1st day it gets done. my 1st day. there is no more gun free zone. >> reporter:$a5 if president el trump hakóh÷his way nafta could go away. day number 1 he plans to notify canada and mexico that the trade deals he g#calls a disas negotiation. 1st day -- are up for thebgl"sw more than 100,000 people are protected under an executiv
10:35 pm
order that allows undocumented immigrants to work and study in the country. but there are fears president- elect trump will revoke the action.fjelú we have more of a family living in field. 0cg -- fear. >>itbpge7mmdgfo) people living deferred action. we spoke with a family who fears they will be split ÷nçup. it's a topic that is hard to talk about for 9-year-old josi. will part of the country celebrated okkthe outcome of t election he worried. >> how did you feel the day thep donald trump one? goá >> scared. >> why? >> because of my dad. yw who were brought to the us as children. ; >> has been has been in the h?ç country since he was 15. he applied for daca 2012. 6zñ
10:36 pm
÷her husban work and study in the country legally without fear of being deported. but now immigrants rightsv'r ma be revoked by kçzdonald trump. >> the thought of going he could lose his jfstatus and be deported in our family could be separated having to leave =.5u, çó >> for now she says she's trying to keep her kids minds off the issue. they have a 4wfamily in place case ice comes to the door. now not y-2to open the door.- even if they say they are the police are ice. ãthey have toqá% slip t warned under the door.$a5 >> h"kher husband apply for citizenship$a59)dñéb but it's process and she is worried about what could é÷happen in t
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meantime.u)áñ x still ahead!&-hf%, he can' his arms or legs, but still paints works of art. the california man tells a story of tragedy and triumph.xb will have more after the break.
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a heartbreaking story of extreme animal abuse. according to the northwest spca a witness saw flames in the olive orchard last thursday. the puppy was found mutilated and unrecognizable. a 3-month-old pit bull.h%jg,ç spca officials say she may have been kicked before she was burned. she is missing a number of baby teeth. >>jnvl one and she can. with 3rd be reborn's -- third- degree burns. ñ
10:40 pm
she get stronger every day. [ñl if we sweetc -- see improvemen it's a -- a good sign. >> right eye appears to be intact. remains sweet. she is not through the woods v'r that she is remaining tough. g= the stockton mother of 6 cited for selling ceviche without proper permits will head back to court in december. she was part of a group on facebook that sold homemade dishes. she's one of 6 people cited in an undercover sting ;operation in northern california. she was in disbelief -and in frustration. the da says what she did was >> money becomes involved, it's a business. rules.p  it would be a horrible tragedy
10:41 pm
for someone to become violently ill. >> i was hopingxgg we would hav resulted today. >>qrlñ the da says she continueñ sell homemade dishes after she was cited in vçdecember of las year. they're just trying to enforce the law. wu coming up, a 4-year-old w has been drafted to a college a ñ will tell you which top school he is headed to. temperatures above the average. clouds off the coast line. 8 ?0 we're talking sports. there were some major upsets in college football1-d. highlight next./pge
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, w beautiful clear night.5ñ there was a sleeping story earlier,sms i think we've all sleeping good. >> l nbof the cold temperatures we had numbers as much is 10 degrees above average. high pressure just keeps hanging on. most locked doors we had those storms rolling by. but now that ridge is settling in. the energy streaming.iwt x>z clouds well to the north. things will start!.eáchanging directions toward the middle of the week. towards san francisco. little haze in the air. temperatures today were impressive. ñ usually were in the mid-60s, 9 degrees above the average in livermore. 75. 72 oakland.
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69 san franci,h#. 74 concord. expect similar temperatures for tomorrow. out the door, temperatures in the 50s. ÷ 60 in oakland. see the dewpoint. fog beginning to form. watch out for that if yo;ow& udirection. tomorrow it's going to be xa da with numbers above the average. well into the 60s, almost 71 in ú san jose mostly sunny skies. very comfortable for this time of year. all that energy shifting well to the north and high ó[kpressu will build in probably for dath next 2 days. we will see a lot of that mild sunshine in the afternoon. warm temperatures as well. t you to full weather but then we shift gears as we head toward tuesday into wednesday. ce
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a chance qp,ñof view more showe q)atures on the way. overnight tonight fog along the coast line.p= maybe some ground fog showing up. as we had to the day tomorrow things will clear out nicely.ed except for the beaches, maybe these temperatures are something else. numbers around the bay area tomorrow. 65 %qñtoward golden gate park. further south along the ñ mid-60s is a common rolled =) toward oo÷ñthe beaches. over the hill, 71 in men -- san mateo.÷ further to the south, warm temperatures. n the redwood city. , warm 64 in l granata. (a
10:47 pm
cupertino 71. east bay numbers in the mid- 70s. livermore 75. q concord 75.=k:éúxñ 69 richmond.qjj how about union city? a lot of goásunshine. 71. san leandro 70. in the north viobay we're looki at a lot of 70s. < plenty of sunshine.bgl 74 information.oo/ the next couple of days we will see fantastic weather. lots of sunshine and above normal temperatures. enjoyed. much cooler weather
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head toward late saturday. 3le >> keep your fingers crossed. .ob a young massachusetts bo has lived the tough life of an active one. to a college baseball team. from our partners at cnn, the story. >> reporter:ire it's official. a big day, drafted to assumption college baseball. >> how cool? >> reporter: just 4 years old but he is a champion. and athlete all around. u)áñ on the -- slopes.6 ykm he has had 3 open-heart surgeries e!kxfor congestive he failure. >> we don't know what is future holds but xd÷he is very active. he has a hf%zest for life. >> reporter: that zest and love of baseball keeps him smiling. and his parents hopeful.
10:49 pm
who taught you had to do that? >> no one. kyvj i teach myself. >> reporter: can you show me one more time? >> okay. >> reporter: for now he waits for new heart and shows us how to live. >> it's a part of anyone's development to understand how fragile life is and how amazing it can be even when you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: the littlest recruit with the biggest heart. ñ time now for kron4 sports. a big night in college football. if you yvnare a jim harbaugh 5 you may 4want to close your eyes. the former 49ers coach trying to stay undefeated against iowa. trying was the keyword.koñ michigan up 10-0. the iowa defense (a"re@gqsays not so f÷ and is stuck in the end zone. l
10:50 pm
10-2. later in the 1st half score and that's a touchdown. 10-8, wolverines at the half. last play of the game, field- goal would limit. keith duncan twisted up g=pge, running out iowa goes on to defeat michigan zo714-13. the third-ranked wolverines lose their 1st game of the season. fans ran onto the field, and ÷ nntparty a huge upset of the night. to oregon. stanford on the road taking on the docks. this was all stanford. it's a good day for the ojc cardinal when christian n6 that is just what he did. 135 yards rushing. 3 touchdowns. g/ lthre touchdowns. stanford beats a struggling
10:51 pm
oregon team. next week jgcstanford takes on in berkeley. it should be a fun one. v%k another big college football game, clemson, a 4th down late in the game. they don't get it.kl/ pittsburgh drives down the field and fáin the closing 2nd hits this field-goal. it is good. number 2 tame 7fothis team in nation. the number 2 and .n$+wnéh3 team in the country lose tonight. while. -- wow. the oakland raiders are off but the 49ers are in action. taking on the arizona cardinalsb kaepernick again. when asked about voting he said after all the protesting, he did not vote. he got"n4÷ bashed on the nation
10:52 pm
sports stage by several well- known personalities. last time he went up against the cardinals he threw for 4 interceptions. hopefully redemption comes tomorrow. one other note. the number 2, the number 3 and l the number for college football teams all lose. after the break, you are never too old$xñ to have your dream c true. find out what a 93-year-old woman did at the mall of america. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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you're never too old to cl work on your bucket list.hw following her dreams. flying to m/]the mall of americ$ she has always had a fear of heights but finally got the courage vomto hang over 50 feet above the mall of america. after the experience she says a) she should've tried the
10:56 pm
planning cdecades ago. >> it is super fun. i think it was amazing. indescribable.$6ñ more than fái could of dreamed of. follow your dreams. i can't tell you how wonderful it has been. >> the best part is watching her go.q( 93 years old will not stop her. she's deciding what her next p adventure will be. protests continue for another straight night. we will tell you 5(.÷where it's happening coming up in the kron4 news at 11. we're back in 3 minutes.
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kron4 news u/0at 11 starts now. protests for 5th straight night over donald trump being elected as president. thank you for joining us. protesters took to the streets all over the country, los angeles and here in the bay
11:00 pm
area. >> that is happening as we speak in oakland. people in oakland are ready h@wñ making sure the protesters do notp- get onto ñg'çthe highways a 5+group gathered around 7 pm macarthur and 14th. they had signs and placards ready to go and have been chp making sure the people are not blocking innocent drivers on fs?the freeway as part of th demonstration. or npd issued a warning úying freedom of speech and freeway speeds do not make sense. 80j@e here by video sent in by viewers arched from macarthur and 14th and no arrests have been made that we know of. demonstrators


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