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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: she was beaten and burnt has been identified as the missing shares volunteer her body was fired yesterday at a park in oakland the victim is carlos ramirez the san leandro to my to people have been arrested in connection with her murder >>reporter: choose from salmon and the shoe the volunteer with alameda county sheriff's office
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with her connections a law forced has anything to do with her murder is all part of their investigation tonight she was beat and stabbed and burned so badly she had to be identified by her thing prince >>reporter: she volunteered and
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was excited to start a career in law enforcement that news they gathered of the body that was found in all or part of the identified was carlo we just mentioned to suspect in custody one could possibly be a girlfriend at the store develop to bring you the details as they become available.
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>>reporter: this is video from the same helicopter partnership trembling who lived in nearby it was reported missing back on october 17th he went to school with campbell it they did not always see eye to eye but he was shocked to hear the and killed
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investigators have identified any suspects in the case >>reporter: neighbor tells us to 24 hours ago there about a dozen tents set up on the corner about five this morning our police broke up the camp the
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confrontation ended at least two people being arrested one of them is berkeley city council candidate you can hear police telling them that she block the gel than during their arrest of one of the campers it continues like this for several more minutes until she is called off to jail now he is camped out at city hall to of a sore living at
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adeline and their view
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>>pam moore: decision 2016 have popped for hillary in cleveland tonight he and his wife headlining a free concert tonight a silver clinton mixer appeal to younger voters particularly african-american voters in ohio tonight ohio is tilting toward donald trump
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>>catherine heenan: they're all over the map in north carolina the protesters interrupted president obama but canada has been repeating this warning to wavering voters.
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>>grant lodes: begins with the morning news's 4:00 a.m. and starting at 5:00 to the night will be covering all of the results as they pour into the newsroom from 8 until 12 we go wall-to-wall california results all throughout the west. >>reporter:
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>>reporter: cincinnati has been waiting for all season no. 25 does not typically play on the team he is in the sideline because you're his team its their water but tonight he is to play football for montgomery high school and santa rosa
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>>grant lodes: they will only charged one former oakland police officer did tell us how
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bag of chino's took center stage during today's announcement >>haaziq madyun: snack-food in exchange for sex formerly known as celesta that was one of the un chargeable scenarios from by the district attorney among the police sex scandal cases under investigation and come to costa county however retired oakland police capt will be charged for soliciting sex they confirmed a
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retired local police captain the senate and the sex of the 81 year-old retired open the capt. spend some of the neighborhood of two hygienist $50 for sex with her is no money was exchanged and she was amazed
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>>pam moore: he was charged with the kidnapping but police also talking to neighbors to try and determine what happened to her boyfriend hist that will be
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working to they are 100 percent sure that everything they need is recovered
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>>reporter: clouds have first did receive more sunshine weeks but still little more sunshine as we get for the afternoon lost
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location barely making it into the '70s 72 and antioch in livermore 71 in san jose 67 come out with track of the 74 cast and go all the details.
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>>grant lodes: they're being
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recalled because they can explode assure political and by early pop off all laundress spending resulting in nine people task been injured >>pam moore: does start of the season is just about here recreational crabbing this begins tomorrow and commercial crab will likely begin on november 15th hist sh the same
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as the reason you may want to avoid eating certain parts of the crab this year. >>reporter: she as long as you're eating the meat in the extended is to be fired if be wary of the gut tells it could contain the low acid the one in a ball will hurt them this year she does to be saved this says
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is best to pull of the crab and before cooking sphere.
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>>grant lodes: they hope will be the norm very soon that taken in debt load and to automation was local leaders they will ease the congested road >>phillipe djegal: list of companies of are now owned by or recently completed the atomic delivery at the shuttle can
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carry a dozen people at a time
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looking ahead home automation will be ineffective first and last my option and she is not alone, ultimately the automation as a way to alleviate congestion to all sorts of automated testing been done in concord was several different manufacturers everyone than they
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will have to dedicate more automatic karsten writing unison tell it, in addition to
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the concerns about safety automation may present a threat to jobs. >>grant lodes: agree people who drive for living trout as bus drivers chauffeur's may find themselves have to look for a career high dealt. >>reporter: insanity on a lack and trust me on the right they're popular all across the
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country the she got he said he got one law working the also been picked up the san francisco and taxes on the backside and
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looks like a normal water but the four looks like donald trump faced if you have one would love to hear from you contact us on our facebook page or web site stop >>pam moore: technical so will their problems police say ride share drivers are causing in san francisco >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: the global drivers who traffic in by the way for most lyft and over i was curious to find out why they do they do task the u the passenger
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the jump off the card is used
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there you have apparently is not the ride share, according to them that it is the passenger's
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>>reporter: if you want to be
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the black friday rush you could start seeing savings.
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important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. >>pam moore: we have what is certainly the cheapest house on the market it is home of the
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station they're just a couple of minor drawbacks this some people will die worried it that is very common with home to the very easy to put that together
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>>reporter: my earlier will 4:06 a.m. temperature is right now 24-hour to the change shows your cooler and san francisco 10
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barges, mid 52 degrees in fairfield 60 in vallejo 50 died in richmond 50 is san francisco 51 degrees in san jose this start to move in for ukiah and is santa rosa as the closer to midnight by 6:00 a.m. is a quick to launch a lot of fear we will still lingering clouds 64
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degrees and 68 in san mateo 64 and babysitting such >>gary: when it took over
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there are missing a rom for the game and then it just didn't go steph curry 0 for 1013 points 11 sister and eight rebounds 20 turnovers five perry and thompson to for 20 as we said they should pretty well with the warriors their attack to bottle
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cool to an and the lakers and
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apparently in an the nfl apparently can't the players on the line to receive a family members do not the seventh
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largest gathering in human history and the giants 1 million the cubs 5 million.
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>>gabe slate: first the good news bulletin machine is not yet connected to the internet
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hackers could destroy of election day with a big internet out which one amaziah net flick's and twitter went down fifth if facebook and twitter and all the social networks that can cause confusion and that and distracted from going out to vote to give people lost the
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ability to make phone calls text message use maps boating's could drop down to the priority list task >>grant lodes: to people of th


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