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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 12, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: and before joining as let's begin with a quick live look outside as we take a check
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of the weather in san francisco. >>reporter: but alongside the and you conceive not all whole lot it starts to mix out except along the coast is where it will hover that will be a problematic since to wish by 12 noon we're talking about 67 by 3:00 p.m.
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where talking 74 our area temperatures in the upper 50s near 6057 for concord and the war. >>reporter: 55 going on with the in the spot where top and 67. >>rebecca: that is the good news you're looking at about a 10 minute drive times as you make your way out of the open side on to west about 80 it will be a straight shot into san
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francisco. >>rebecca: richmond san rafael bridge is pretty empty it will be yours at this hour for the westbound 580 ride getting into the tapes. >>james: hillary clinton canceled her trip she was supposed to have a fund raiser this comes after the presidential can then fell ill during a and 911 ceremony. >>reporter: delivery clinton and donald trump took a break from the campaign trail sunday attending an unleavened memorial ceremony in new york city she
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left the event early saying she was not feeling well this video showed her stumbling as she walked away and too long for officials at the site said as she appeared to faint this quarter grout and to produce or daughter apartment she was seen walking out of the apartment smile surely after the doctor said she didn't plan on antibiotics to treat pneumonia a campaign spokesperson released this statement on her condition.
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>>james: the doctor says she is recovering nicely those are his words the republican rival has not said or said anything about her diagnoses. >>reporter: if the election were held today based on reporting
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and our analysis he will pick a wisconsin and florida something is resonating and wisconsin clinton has an edge in a while because the previous primary wins the total of the election were held today billerica's and one of 281 vote, trump 257 they are deep in the bay may be critical to the race that is the morning for this monday >>james: she is out on build this morning she of from pleasanton and the driver of an s u v beverage recommended a black toyota camry friday night on interstate 680 in san ramon it killed the three-year-old eliza as to his mother to the hospital the one your sister and 11 your brother was also hurt
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the family and pour over after running out of gas. >>james: 200 people staged of prison strike during the demonstration one protester spray-painted the outside of the bank have been to save the 49 open the regular season against the rams and levi stadium santa clara police principle to fall after his refusal to stay in
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>>reporter: 57 woman whether the comments about police were called a boycott of security at the rice stadium and that means offices will continue to were volunteers ships then a little like santa clara police was write his meeting with a police officer association and the naacp last week at at one of green the officers would not skip out on stadium security they will be present are 70 or so will be working security when they come to town.
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>>james: fast for the oakland raiders there was no laughter are come-from-behind thriller against the new orleans saints. >>james: behalf 47 seconds to
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win the game with a kicker as you see here cannot connect on the 61 yd field goal to win, we will have a look at surveys video the help lead to arrest meanwhile woman is sexually assaulted in oakland will have details on what happens.
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>>reporter: we are dealing with to get things started a much cooler with all of this everyone will be experiencing this fall like weather of this is more likely fall here is a live shot of the bay bridge picked heavy happening a change of season happening how the server to now we have pretty much upper 50s lower 60s and work.
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>>rebecca: come definitely get
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out there there is no problems right now at the golden gate bridge we're looking at the traffic coming out of san francisco definitely this
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morning. >>james: happening now san francisco stepping up efforts to protect the depopulation. >>reporter: san francisco border to the allies expected to vote on a proposal that will make the city one of 30 across the country that pledge to protect them they say the designation
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will mean people in the bay area may seem more of them and they say that is a good thing they're targeting people who work and private property. >>james: an antidote for certain drug overdose in saving lives in san francisco they have used the kick 12 times to save lives since 2015 also had with them the antidote is called markham panicked helped revive people that over dole's some police
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carl knobkerrie and often are trying to administer the and the bill which comes in a nasal spray a man suspected of stealing packages of people home and elsa rios is behind bars this morning some changes but in the work to fix the problem
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>>stanley roberts: the patrol parts of golden gate park of the conduct the speed enforcement with tolerance from speeders' instead of ever since a bicyclist was killed in part because of the speeder with the
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driver did not know it always will form over was not always unwelcome speeding despite the slowdown sion the speed limit sign of the speeds are increasing wheat and if we will
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>>reporter: for the movie opening friday joseph gordon flew to moscow and spend four hours with and without observing
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small details she plays an adoptive mother in lyon and of course in real life to the dock of the other of two to talk about at the film festival according to the reporter she told a press conference when you have the glove you floors however become the way it will come.
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>>james: santa clara county police have threatened to patrol the games demonstrators' free
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pending the outside of the bank of america branch also did not say who was protesting what a person on the web site it is going down the about two when the people staged a prison stripes solidarity march but for your boy is dead and the woman arrested in the crash they killed him is out on bail the 39 year-old from pleasanton was the driver of an s u v never ended a black toyota camry it killed the three year-old elijah in since his mother to the hospital with major injuries.
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>>reporter: you concede all along the bay picking up in the evening hours into the high teens approach in the '20s and
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the next and owls 55 at 8:00 a.m. at 67 will take a look at extended forecasts if you're traveling this morning south 68 or no. 680 south 680 is the commuter direction.
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>>rebecca: the san mateo bridge checking in problem free at this hour was about 92 on the right- hand side of the screen not to pack as cars and making their way over to the 101 connecting richmond san rafael bridge is pretty quiet that is one to give a minute drive times
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>>james: after her help scare in new york she has apparently known since friday she suffered from pneumonia of the incident with a lot of focus and we was for the campaign has been uncharacteristically quiet. >>andrew spencer: clearly unsteady on her feet hillary clinton stumbled trying to get into a van as she left early from a memorial service on sunday she would appear outside of her daughter's apartment a couple of hours later looking and feeling much better she posed for a fall of what she said very little not until much later did the doctor police a statement saying she was after the idols with pneumonia on friday
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>>: to skip the chance to comment on sunday the running mate cab gov. mike pence a distance the silence is perhaps surprising from the campaign whose arrogance have the time types of questions about her health and the pass was sources in the campaign say they've been told to be respectful and they're told to keep quiet and not say anything negative about what happened. >>james: they said the single engine plane crashed on takeoff airport officials say people on a plane at the time know one of ronald carver to concede there was some damage the victim has
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been identified in the 400 man he was pronounced dead in the scene they're trying to find the cars involved that left the scene.
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program released the phone and pay them around $32 a month forever and every year you trading your phone and get the new phones, with the + was off as an extended warranty for a your screen fixed for $29 if you crack. >>james: people in the east today can expect delays on board this week because of track maintenance his refusal to stand up for the national anthem comes during the question and as a part of the miss america pageant.
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>>james: the doctors say she became overheated dehydrated but she is recovering well + in the east of a suspect package because behind bars this morning the senses) of efforts
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to protect the depopulation in the bay area of water supply is expected. >>reporter: to see a fall cause many problems today right now nothing but we're having to deal with a little bit more bad and some calls the result thing of cool temperatures the spar with the fall of the liquid down the
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peninsula is still 60 look- alike the coal somewhat tempered by all of that a dozen move much temperature rises you concede davies city's 61 popping up in the north than 70 lives like heading over to the napa valley and even vacaville quite chilling.
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>>rebecca: hear the high wind advisory this chp had issue for the benicia bridge only 13 minutes on westbound 80 from hercules to the maze that looks good dublin into fremont a commute through san jose and that is what the problem free
4:49 am
under 10 minutes on 87 and making your way to a battle won all one connector. >>james: they're working firearms excepting guns from anyone who lives in marin san francisco contra costa and sonoma county in abandoned doll said to have a permanent home because of a police dispatcher takes a look somewhat before and after pictures police found the animal and mountain view the dog was inside of the cave is covered in food with his own waist the offices brought him back to the station to be reinstalled and the police dispatcher fell in love with him better radar will make its
4:50 am
car safer when in all pilot mode the software upgrade will be made available to all current tussle old owners in the most recent weeks >>james: 20 years later the brother is breaking his silence and given his first interview ever he says republican was time
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to talk about his sister's death two decades after they first warmer on to the quiet street in, rattle of vincent despite being cleared many people still speculate that the parents or her brother and responsible for her death he admits he know people think the he didn't that the parents did for the first time she reveals what happened the day his sister was from dead in their basement he was 9 years old when she was murdered the is 29 today.
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>>rebecca: it is close to the problem free out of the macarthur maze taking into san francisco a 10 minute drive times the midseason of matt more continues to pay off for the giants. >>james: both teams observing a moment of silence on the fifth anniversary of the 15th anniversary of 911. >>james: the aids observing a moment of silence, the victims of the non 11 attacked they're
4:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: here is a live look
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at the bay bridge the fog and pay the when you get near the coast there was some drizzle to get some days started and to make notable in the trouble that may be hard to clear 59 on for open hey would at 60 concord checking in at 57 livermore those picked a big warmup for today compared to the coastal areas >>rebecca: if you're traveling out of the open side the macarthur maze and westbound 80 not going to be an issue so far this point the reader realizes
5:02 am
don't turn on a rather are around 530 you still have an half an hour as you make your way across the span into san francisco with no back off at the pace--pay gates. >>rebecca: this is been a fact of since 330 this morning be very careful as across the span for both hands on the steering wheel >>darya: it turns out on friday she had been diagnosed with pneumonia
5:03 am
>>reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump took a break from the campaign trail attended a september 11th memorial ceremony in new york city and she appears to fainted they escorted her out and took her to her daughter's apartment she was seen walking out of the apartment all smiles the doctor says she is and put on antibiotics to treat pneumonia the campaign spokesperson released this statement on her condition secretary clinton x attended the september 11th ceremony for one hour and 30 minutes to pay her respects increase some of the family of the fallen during the ceremony she felt
5:04 am
overheated she suffered a coughing fit during a campaign speech last monday in cleveland but she was able to turn it around and into a deep and donald trump donald trump now responding to her diagnoses for. >>mark: he hopes that she gets will soon three your boy was killed and at crassus two siblings also injured.
5:05 am
>>jackie sissel: she is in critical condition after the tragic accident that took the lives of for a three year-old son on friday in the person who was arrested is the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy issue be charged with driving under the influence in vehicular manslaughter off for people inside of the black family were taken to hospital three children including a 11 year-old one- year-old and three-year-old unfortunately the three-year- old died of his injury the mother was also taken to a local hospital where she remains in critical condition.
5:06 am
>>jackie sissel: the debbie's office sent out their condolences to the family and said they obviously understand what they're going through she has built herself of of the jail at this point there has been a goal from the pace set up for the three year-old.
5:07 am
>>darya: the victim was hospitalized this is expected to be ok they believe one person was involved in the attack but the have not police a description of the attacker wrecking the from overnight prepared for dead after a small plane crashes this morning we learn the plane was headed to the bay area investigators say a single engine plane crashed on takeoff about 615 yesterday evening you're looking at new video from the scene does into the news room and airport spokesperson said three people died what all on the plane no one on the ground was hurt but airport officials said it was headed to the san carlos airport >>james: to begin the process figure out the cause the plane
5:08 am
to go down. >>will tran: they will play right behind me at 720 they would take the field also taking the field will be the santa clara police officers there were very upset with the forty-niners especially when they saw event he was wearing socks that
5:09 am
depicted police officers as pigs they're still not happy but they will be patrolling tonight mr. leeson video of games over the weekend we all know yesterday was 911 that was the topic nationally there was a kansas city player that raised his fist jumblatt power so what he started a few weeks ago has caught on with many players across the nfl there is no huge backlash over the weekend regattas chance to talk to fans on the opening weekend sunday about the games it was what they have to say about the protest. >>: if he is illegal in was right and he needs to do with.
5:10 am
>>will tran: he would have done better had they played yesterday on 911 a couple of things you need to know. and down to tonight's game there are signs that they will be shut down in the certain parts that run right through or in front of levi stadium it will be shut down sunday at 920 in the morning of course there signs of all around this area living you know there is an event there will be a lot of traffic before tonight's game
5:11 am
>>darya: howe about the raiders they host the coliseum on sunday kickoff is set for 125 city leaders and first
5:12 am
responders and san francisco, the men and women who were killed september 11th attack were even see a piece of the world trade center and pay tribute to the victims his approval to stand for the nasa apple, but during the question and answer. what does washington have to say after the great time is running out as congress tries to agree and will face a shut down president president obama of what he's doing to prevent that from happening. we will be happening.
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>>reporter: still remaining from a little bit during the days not given to the fall part midmorning still working at the
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7:00 a.m. >>rebecca: mecca with down's a southbound 680 and to the fremont area rocard on the right-hand shoulder not a huge delay here is a peek at your drive times still not bad 12
5:18 am
minutes for was about 580 out of the livermore valley morgan hill looks good valving 22 minutes from san jose getting into the '80s seven connector of and that it will be smooth sailing all the way across the span into san francisco. >>mark: president obama meeting with the top four congressional leaders ahead of the deadline to form the government or face a showdown at the end of this month also on the table president obama pushing to ratify the pacific partnership.
5:19 am
>>mark: behalf in a home else arena at the end of august saturday morning they spotted the man who looks like a person in the video their arrest the man and they found evidence of hidden involved in the package left an antidote has phased in
5:20 am
least a dozen people in the past 20 months people remembering transgendered actress and she passed away yesterday morning she was known for her roles in the moving the wedding singer the transition was the focus of a film titled she is my brother of which is released in 2007 she was born not in transgendered active is there some word about how she died she was assembling
5:21 am
she was 47 years old >>darya: are remnants of the world trade towers is not an san francisco it was unveiled during the ceremony is a piece of steel for one of the twin towers it will eventually be put on display at the san francisco fire department headquarters >>darya: of visual memorial to those lost a lot of september 11th the tribune are the insulation was switched on just after sundown yesterday they were first put into a place six months after the attack and had become a yearly tradition a health warning and the south river to lake circles people in the east of recon expect delays this weekend because of track maintenance will tell you how to go around them
5:22 am
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>>darya: pia's ignited a national debate are refusing to stand for the national anthem and protest of racial inequality and police brutality the first thing with the senses or in the black wives matter is persius.
5:26 am
>>: all lives matter in this situation i do not support the fact that he sat out by the respect he took in the if you for joining in continuing to focus on the resolution of this problem a week to come together and have everyone fill = society. >>darya: she not only knew the he sat with them later took and the baby she is watching football is started back in 1921 >>mark: next concerns about hillary clinton held after she was diagnosed with pneumonia
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>>darya: it is still early monday morning
5:30 am
>>reporter: general forecast to 59 of morning fog and drizzle and a chilly day all day today for open 65 opening. >>rebecca: they're going to be waiting of the middle and lives not a surprise but a gain of going to have to make extra time the drive times stands at about 15 minutes to the pays and across the span is one to be just under the speed limit into downtown san francisco
5:31 am
>>mark: she is known since friday's is suffering from pneumonia the stumbling time to get into a van as she left early from anonymous memorial service she appeared outside of the daughter's apartment a few hours later and early this morning he hopes the she gets better and that he will release results over recent physical of them.
5:32 am
>>reporter: the race for president is tightening here of the battlegrounds on many more battleground states on the map in a race them look like it could be landslide.
5:33 am
>>darya: happening now chp offices asking for help in investigating the death of a motorcycle accident he died at the scene identified as 40 year- old steven lee investigators think he may have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident that asking anyone who saw anything to come forward and help with investigation.
5:34 am
>>james: a boiler exploded next to call the fire at the factory and top official said cause skin irritation and people and it can't kill dogs the parks are located are still open the lakes are close to reopen the bacteria this shows is a safe level for about two weeks.
5:35 am
>>darya: passages on from fremont to san francisco may need to transfer and south hayward. >>mark: police said one business was damaged in the protest and open city hall this spray- painted the outside of a bank during this demonstration still ahead of bad news at the pump find out why they're headed in the wrong direction.
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>>rebecca: be very careful both hands on the steering wheel of the drive times we are following on south 680 from concord not bad a 60 mannes and the nimitz freeways stop and go but we're still green as far as the drive times those 22 minutes making away from to 38 down to milpitas getting out of san francisco from the summer a rather santa cruz of tool the 85 split.
5:40 am
>>mark: the higher crude oil cause will bar above their prices with the average price right now still a 23¢ a gallon fuel the debate there gas prices ignited idea.
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5:44 am
>>darya: she is out on bail on non he was killed in the crash on north from interstate 680 friday night they're arrested the driver of a 39 year-old investigator save this she crashed the car had pulled over a because the car on the side of the road had run out of gas. >>mark: the game comes a day after more nfl players join his protest of racial injustice.
5:45 am
>>rebecca: the action careful as a major way across the span the drive times under 15th will the
5:46 am
more valid commute on westbound 580 morgan hill out to highway 87 vincennes and about half an hour. >>reporter: yes it does start to mix out if the clock still working you conceive the east ave inland spots you get the son of it will be chilly today and the return flow you concede it will bring this back until midnight partly cloudy morning cloud cover we're talking about mid to upper 60s then we move off to the east bay hills the in
5:47 am
an spots and to lower seven days of for seven days as begin october and would everyone a feeling a chill going on today heading to the south bay's 68 paulo out so down to the south bay most readings and lower 77 jose 72.
5:48 am
>>darya: you could turn in guns for money with the buyback even in marin county the d.a.'s office johnson and the buyback in bonds from 11 a.m. tomorrow until 8:00 tonight
5:49 am
>>: inside her family, while a mansion on christmas day 1996 the night that your sister was killed there with three people in that house that we know the identity of and you are one of those three you your mother and your father. >>: but in the 20 years your the one of that has never spoken to
5:50 am
eiffel like it was time to talk about his sister's death two decades after an bay for swarm onto the quiet street in colorado despite being cleared by dna evidence many people still speculate that the parents for her brother could be responsible for her death he admits that he know people think he did it well for the first time he reveals what he says happened the day his sister was found dead in their basement he
5:51 am
was 9 years old when his sister was murdered is 29 today the interview is the first with three part series will also include the father he speaks to dr. phil and witnesses of one to be his final interview and the last time you comment publicly on his daughter's murder.
5:52 am
>>mark: striking out 11 giants go on to win this game five to three sweeping the diamondbacks back knobs three games behind the dodgers and the national league west the game tied going into the ninth with the mariners winning on the rbi single more kids are getting sent to the emergency room because of soccer related injuries the reason for the spikes the parent should do about it after the break the
5:53 am
weekend box office find out whether captain sully had what it takes to take the top spot.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>>darya: and he scored $35.5 million the of one of the five a september opening of all times it was not only an exciting movie but you was the clinton eastwood was the director the
5:56 am
city leaders in san francisco tried to protect the population today marks one year since the deadly bombing fire broke out and accounting will take a look back at the devastating fire in the recovery efforts alive with the san mateo bridge showing up this morning will have a lot of fault overhead is causing some heavy drizzle will be out of the delta more on the forecast for the work we
5:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>reporter: starting to see some great going on for the illegitimacy is starting to john lennon's 67 in and win 74 for
6:01 am
the pickup at around 70 will take a look in with the forecasts >>rebecca: the metering lights were turned on about 530 will be waiting in the drive time is about 20 minutes out of the macarthur maze across the span of just under the limit this all the way into downtown san francisco to the richmond san rafael bridge is pretty quiet a couple of the pagans are open on the left-hand side
6:02 am
>>james: because short the attendance at the nine of the ceremony here is the video you saw her briefly.
6:03 am
>>darya: woman alive at the
6:04 am
medical center in walnut creek. >>jackie sissel: 0 weekend at the woman that was a rested in charge with the d wide is the wife of an alameda county sheriff deputy driven by the 39 year-old to slam the to the back of the car all three children and 11 year-old and a three year-old were taken to local hospitals that department says
6:05 am
they were devastated sad and it had very close to home. >>mark: about a block from the
6:06 am
east oakland fire elementary school the victims hospitalizes and expected to be located believe this one person was involved officers have not released any description of the attack tonight football season begins for the san francisco forty-niners. >>will tran: here is what you need to know the santa clara police officers will be here inside and outside there were talking before the season began over the past two weeks there are possibly going to boycott being at the game because
6:07 am
they're very upset with the san francisco 49 for not disciplining off, and for his refusal to stand and the national anthem this comes about police brutality as well will set them over the edge was when they saw a picture of his socks that depicted police officers as paychecks he is not the only ones taking in the over the weekend many players they staged their protests they took and need as well not all of them. >>will tran: we had a chance to talk to some of the fans over the weekend he was what they have to say about his stands
6:08 am
the pleas of a system of said even though this is voluntary is always been on a voluntary basis one quick thing to unknown it will be shut down
6:09 am
starting at 930 in fact this certain stress to allow the security sweep if you need to come down here after that you go round. >>darya: 1 when another raiders build it was a risky move and it paid off and he says that he will call that no matter what the 35 to 34 the fans and they have high expectations for the team everyone was pretty excited
6:10 am
they now have the site said on the falcons they will host them this sunday kickoff and 1:25 p.m. president obama meeting with the top four congressional
6:11 am
leaders at of the deadline to form the government or face a shutdown of the u.s. government lawmakers and allows also maneuvering toward a deal for funds to fight the violence president obama splits to ratify in the pacific partnership he invited the gop leaders and their democratic counterparts where you can go to see a piece of the world trade center towers and pay tribute.
6:12 am
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6:15 am
>>rebecca: is also building the drive time for the westbound 92, of hayward and the nimitz freeway the drive times fans and about 20 minutes to make that connection the richmond san rafael bridge you can see is building in the past lines on the left-hand side of the screen five minutes drive times to make your way across the span into san francisco. >>reporter: the core temperatures we have that would tree into the early part of the weekend 59 going on for open 64 hey were that will help the fall
6:16 am
of mix out a little bit the coastal clouds and drizzle going on chilly temps we're clearing valine when but it will be a problem along the coast and " looks like coastal clouds in a blender mile inland with that speak of that even on the east bay hills lower '70's 73 full presence and a little more pop
6:17 am
and a little bits of bread with 7972 next eight hours to go to a 60. >>mark: a fire breaks out at the mosque and the night club shooter attendant they are investigating the fire as possible arson fibril got just after midnight there is surveillance video shows someone approaching the mosque wall was for a flash is seen in the fire is started they say it he worshipped here at the islamic center he killed 49 people injured 53 others san francisco
6:18 am
stepping up efforts to protect the depopulation the water supply is expected to pass this week a measure that will make san francisco a designated the sitting timmy san francisco will take measures to support the species like encouraging to limit the use of pesticides of around home there's an important reason the city is pushing to protect them 30 cities across the country already declared themselves the city's >>mark: they say they found evidence that he'd been involved in pakistan after the
6:19 am
suspect identified as 36 year- old from hayward of remnants of the world trade center towers is now in san francisco it was unveiled during a ceremony for the anniversary of the non 11 attack is the piece of steel you see that came directly from one of the two towers and it is one to be on display eventually this is a visual tribute to those who lost their lives the tribute in lights are installation was switched on just after sundown been from 88 searchlights represent the twin towers. >>mark: the south korean defence
6:20 am
refused to say what evidence pointed this is south korea and u.s. intelligence believes north korea does have the ability to designate another atomic the vice anytime the news agency reported and there is evidence showing the north has finished new test preparations and one previously and you cite a, a high-school football team was traveling home after playing the game in los angeles when the bus veered off the road and crashed into a well at the denver international airport the driver was killed nearly 20 students and coaches will hospitalized students and faculty stopped by a high school to support the victim's.
6:21 am
several half of the coaches are in critical condition of police are trying to figure out will cost the driver to lose control and crash. >>mark: still ahead expect delays all week because of the tracks will let you know which stations are affected.
6:22 am
6:23 am
>>rebecca: 50 taxes on westbound 80 the macarthur maze will be available blind because of metering lights turned on the bay bridge about 530 this morning that is when the big back upstarts' and now it is in the maze the speeds are at the
6:24 am
women we are still talking about high when devising this chp still have an affect the extra careful as you cross 680 in either direction the other
6:25 am
thing they have to do the judge on tile and the appearances and downs the question and answer session during the session the presidential election payment.
6:26 am
>>mark: to help people suffering from overdoses like heroin and prescription pain pills there are equipped with mark canton and they're trying to administer the antidote.
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>reporter: deafen the outlook will start negotiating some of the fall of the golden days still covering or the sun early arrival but that will mix out for as little on for today here is how to remedy shakes down 59 going on for san francisco 65 for 0: 72 for san jose and will have a look at the forecast for the neighborhood coming up. >>rebecca: if you're ride takes you into san francisco expect
6:31 am
about as a 15 minute wait at the pay date a couple of drive times bevill is slowing down and some parts of the bay area up and hillcrest out to conquer that stands at just over half an hour. >>james: we have some video to show you this morning it's new to the news room you can see
6:32 am
several cars in the parking lot damage in the crash emergency crews and no one on the wrong was heard all three people died of on board the plane returned to figure out if those people will come home from the bay area.
6:33 am
6:34 am
>>reporter: 50 election were held today trump would pick a wisconsin and florida something is resonating in wisconsin.
6:35 am
>>jackie sissel: is hard to believe there was a saturday in and specifically it was a warm and windy day.
6:36 am
>>jackie sissel: harvesting locks of fires announcing loss of brush fires have never seen anything like this for an entire community is really nothing the firefighters can do we talk about that is exactly what was it was generating and it was
6:37 am
leaking from house to house to house fire fighters are completely helpless in you conceive >>jackie sissel: unfortunately of that house burn down the house next to a burn down in the house next about one burn down it was absolutely nothing that
6:38 am
we can do with that point
6:39 am
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>>reporter: the speed and the 30 mi. an hour expect half an hour commute into the concord area as a mecca with don juan of crete you will see about 20 to 25 minute drive times into the 680 connect your
6:42 am
>>mark: there was what you can
6:43 am
expect to pay with the vallejo averaging about 268 to 74 in santa rosa a penny more open to 76 in san jose as usual the highest in the nation.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>mark: have been diagnosed with ammonia on friday and. >>darya: she is out on bail this morning elisa done died in the crash on north from interstate
6:47 am
680. >>reporter: heading over to the south of a numbers for mountain
6:48 am
view and still chilly 68 san jose and 72 would santa clara and about 73.
6:49 am
>>rebecca: plans to leave about 45 minutes to an hour ahead before you need to be over sfo along the peninsula was about 92 of the drive you conceive under the minute the speeds right now, of hayward and the nimitz freeway the drive times anywhere from 20 to 25 minutes for jamaica way across the span over to the 101 connection.
6:50 am
>>darya: concern in guns for cash as a gun buyback happening in marin county did not have to be just from iran counting their runs from 11:00 tomorrow until at o'clock tonight at the police department san francisco contra costa or sonoma you can drop off your guns and get pastille give these $200 for semiautomatic handgun and hundred dollars for in the of the guns. >>mark: thanks to an emergency dispatchers these are the files of a dog found on saturday morning the dispatcher called animal control and she's not in
6:51 am
the process of adopting him dangerous couch has been found in berkeley and in the waters on the discovery bay and contra costa county. >>mark: this airs at the season premiere of the show.
6:52 am
>>: there with three people in the house bill we know the identity of in your one of those three he says he felt like it was time to talk about his
6:53 am
sister's death two decades after the media for swarmed onto the quiet street in colorado despite being cleared by the evidence many people still speculate that her parents or her brother could be responsible for her death she he was 9 years old when she was murdered.
6:54 am
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>>mark: it was too much fish for him to handle common up hillary clinton canceled a visit would tell you why and how to donald trump is responding + 12 hours from the kickoff. at levi kickoff
6:58 am
6:59 am
a mother remains in critical condition. who authorities have arrested.
7:00 am
>> hillary clinton cancels an vent in the bay area. we'll tell you how -- how donald trump is responding. >> and i will tell you if police will still patrol the sidelines. kron4 news at 7 starts now. good morning. let's get more on this fog. >> fog and cool start. we're dealing with the overcast gloomy sky. temperatures has not moved at all, lower


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