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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>: the victim was transferred to a hospital later died at the hospital. >> reporter: identify them as arturo michael ramirez of father of one other father of seven employees will not confirm if gangs are involved. the latest murders are the 32nd and 33rd of the year. already over the 30 murders that occurred during all last year. >> reporter: san jose's but should fall in the zero officers less than 900 on the street and still curbing violence is a top
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priority. pilots said jose city hall a me. it is going on but this staffing problems here that cannot reach the minimum staffing for. it want to talk about moving job assignments around to get the right number of patrol officers. >> grant:staying in the south bay. one person was injured. after being shot by a b-b gun in san jose. it happened on south fifth street. between matha and keyes streets shortly after 9 this morning. police say they received a report of someone firing a b-b gun from a window. officers say one person was hit. but officers were unable to locate a suspect.
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no arrests or decriptions of an alleged suspect has been made available. we will continue to follow this story. as more information becomes available. >> vicki:police in san francisco are looking for a man who attacked a bartender and bit the victim's finger off. it happened around 2:15 in the morning back on july 17th, but police just released this surveillance video of the man they're looking for. he's the man with his shirt off, and here you can see him tussling with one of his friends who was wearing a black leather jacket. kron four's terisa estacio spoke with san francsico police. about what happened >> reporter: this is the man who did it all bartender's ring finger. but the police are releasing these two videos of the suspect to try and catch the man accused of this bizarre crime. as he conceded and the same guy with his shirt off the table this also vote on full the
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back in july the man was in the silver, a karaoke bar. he tried to go through a side window and that did not work he started to try and break down the front door. the bourse was closed
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monday those who worked could not believe so 0 would do such a thing. police say that's the point of releasing surveillance videos of the suspect who but the bartender's the graves. >> grant: how one is close simple directions south of stinson beach between some cm beach and people have just been extricated from car embankment and you concealer it there a chp chalker helping with extra
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they're leading the investigation millwork for people who were in the cardboard why it went down the fire is contained a section of the roof. no evacuations in nobody injured. francisco's waterfront. caught wildfires are scorching more than 200 square miles of california right now. and firefighters say the state is not paying them enough. a protest today at the state capitol came as four major fires spread through dried out brush in some of the state's hardest to reach terrain. smoke from the fires is visible from space. >> grant:this is picture from a weather satellite 500 miles overhead.
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it shows the soberanes fire in big sur. the chimney fire that forced the closure of hearst castle. the rey fire in the hills above santa barbara, and the cedar fire in sequoia national park. in all, ten thousand firefighters are on the line. and that line is stretched very thin. the rey fire began four days ago and is threatening the santa ynez watershed, source of 80 percent of santa barbara's water supply.
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the critically dry brush, grass and oak trees sent up a huge plume of smoke it's covered 37 square miles so far and is only 20 percent contained. the cause is under investigation, cal fire says its nearly 13=hundred firefighters are encountering extreme fire activity. up the coast the chimney fire is threatening hearst castle in san luis obispo county. it's covered nearlt 50 square miles in nine days and is only 35 percent contained. 48 homes have been lost and nearly 2=thousand more are threatened. and in monterey county, the soberanes fire is the biggest in the state, 135 square miles. it was started by an illegal campfire late last month and is still only 60 percent contained. 57 homes have been lost and 4=hundred more are threatened. in sequoia national forest the cedar fire is only 5 percent contained after six days. it has spread to 30 square miles and destroyed at least ten structures. our wildfire coverage continues
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online. there you can track the latest developments regarding the several fires burning around the state. it's all on kron-four-dot-com. >> stanley: sticker on again this afternoon. 26 >> reporter: and the fairfield >> grant: coyote and east bay police.
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while it is not unusual to spot a coyote in danville. kron4's haaziq madyun shows you why this one is getting so much attention >> reporter:you are looking at video of a coyote that is in desperate need of help roaming the streets of danville "the coyote looks like it is suffering from a severe case of mange" this video was recorded saturday. danville police lt. allan shields says the coyote's condition is likely inhibiting it's ability to hunt for food, explaining why the animal has been spotted in residential areas >>:"the animal might actually follow humans and that's normal because it will kind of seek out and scavenge for food" >> reporter:but he cautions.don't feed this coyote! >>:"don't feed the animal let the coyote find food in its traditional way" this map shows where the coyotes has been sighted >>:"we've seen sighting for about 3 or 4 weeks now, where we have seen the animal mostly is in the greenbrook and danville station areas, so that's our southern area of town, south of sycamore valley road and east of the freeway" should folks be worried about
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this mange covered coyote being a danger to humans? >>:"the coyote is not dangerous to humans in this condition" >> reporter:later this week wildlife emergency services will attempt to rescue coyote and take it to be treated. in the mean time if residents spot the animal they are asked to report the sighting on the danville pd facebook page or on nextdoor's orange blossom page. in danville haaziq madyun kron4news >> vicki:bart is dealing with a smelly problem on its elevators. still ahead. how the public transportation system plans to prevent people from urinating in its elevators. and. a bay area church is pleading for thieves to return a two- thousand-year-old relic that was stolen. the details. coming up. plus. two oakland athletics get into a scrap in the locker room.
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we'll the latest on the clubhouse brawl.
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bart is spending close to two million dollars to combat a stinky problem. that problem is people using their elevators as toliets. kron4's maureen kelly shows us what's being done, and talked to riders stuck riding the elevators who are anxious for it to be completed. nats grinding >> reporter:sparks fly as workers prep the floorboards at this elevator at oakland's colesieum stattion. they are putting new plywood and stainless steel on the bottom of 80 of bart's elevators. the new covering will eventually be coated with an epoxy that is supposed to keep the bottom of the elevator water tight. standup
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this elevator at civic center is the next on the list to get the work done.those who take it say that day can't come soon enough. it stinks in there bite the elevators be nasty our kids can't even breath in thim if i can hold my breathe a good while i'll make it cause it's funky in there. i got on the elevator with this father and and daugther what's it smell like.urine what's your reaction i'm gonna barf. really it's gross the floor was actually wet. here you can see marks where someone in a wheelchair had to track thru it. i spoke to disabled bart rider howard bronow who says sometimes there are worst things than pee in there. it's awful sometimes there are feces smeared on the walls. they clean it all the times but it always seems to come right back. bart is also trying out something new at this particular elevator.they have a misting system inside the shaft sending out a bacteria eating enzyeme once an hour.
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the cost of the replacing the old floorboards is running over 1-point-eight million dollars. the work on 80 elevators is expected to be finished in april. while riders say they will be relieved when it's done.but they are concerned at how effective it will the larger problem of homelessness remains unfixed. maureen kelly kron4 news >> vicki:happening now. a san francisco church is pleading for the return of a two-thousand-year-old relic that was stolen. the pastor at saint dominic's catholic church says the thief can give it back no questions asked. >> reporter:kron four's ella sogomonian explains how the treasure was stolen. there are no security cameras inside at the alter where the relic was housed in a glass case. so the church is hoping whoever took the relic will bring it back out of the goodness of their heart. arrests in california have hit an all time low. despite an increase in crime. there were 52 thousand fewer arrests in 20-15 compared to the previous year. that is the lowest rate since the state started keeping records in 19-60. the public policy institute of california believes the fewer arrests are due to the passing of proposition 47. that initative. which was approved by voters in 20-14. reduced penalties for certain drug and property crimes. the falling arrest rate comes even though the state department of justice says there was an
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increase in overall crime rates in 20-15. >> reporter: a sudden transition it's been capable little bit and the nicest time here on the bay area. and then that all go away sunshine of the coast line right now it's not just happening yet as it looks like and low clouds and fog while on shorts and i and some are wrote giving way a partial clearing in the afternoon and mostly sunny skies and a week
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ahead. fall like conditions especially the latter part of a week. temperature is 58 san francisco 65 in oakland 71 san jose 77 and warned livermore. kurds checking in at 80 and then 73 degrees and seven rows of. pressure builds in little bit here also with a week systems letting 3 yes today a halt coolant temperatures as well. this will help the plan itself overhead for least two days before moves on out. temperatures rebound just a little bit and it gets rid of the fog not just at either italy in the '50s in the fog is going to make its way back in the bay
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>> reporter: three-game series tonight against the indians at the coliseum, but-- the bigger story is the drama unfolding in the a's clubhouse. two teammates. at odds. after reportedly throwing punches at
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each other in the team's clubhouse. mark carpenter joins us with the details. mark? >> reporter: puts new meaning to the phrase-- swingin a's. the parties involved are danny valencia.and billy butler. and from what we understand, the crux of this scuffle was a pair of cleats. this brawl apparently happened before batting practice at friday's game in chicago. according to susan slusser-- the a's beat writer for the chronicle. what happened was an equipment representative asked valencia about a pair of off-brand cleats sitting in his locker. spikes, which apparently aren't allowed in games. valencia told the rep he only uses those during warmups. and *that's when butler chimed in, said valencia was lying and that the company should cut his endorsement deal. once the rep left, valencia confronted butler.and reportedly told him quote'--don't you ever loud talk me in front of a rep. that was wrong.' butler basically responded with-- 'i can say whatever i want.and you aren't going to do anything about it.'
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they then came to blows.with valencia hitting butler in the temple. butler hasn't played since.and is expected to be placed on the concussion d-l. general manager david forst says both players have been disciplined and fined. he addressed the media earlier this afternoon. us >> grant: also come posts and social media a polar. >> reporter: former teammate decided it and even though he's a player with a glare. used to play with butler.
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>> vicki:coming up next. it's back to school for students in the east bay. kron four's will tran. checks in with parents. on how they prepared for the first day of school. >> grant:plus. emails and immigration on the campaign trail. is donald trump changing his tune on deportation.
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>> reporter:details. at 5:30. oakland unified school district welcomes a former olympian as one of it's new police officers. >> will: here bewildered but not as much as many as the parents for them this is the first time there sank by turning them over to the teachers. but this family here we talked to a lot of it in just a bit.
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>> will: it year-old what is your name all? the dot thinking about going back to school. excited because i have a great teacher. house this summer vacation? >> will: you wanna learn this year. more multiplication. >> will: honor for the parents and students for them to make new friends and memories for the parents there's one child that it. not yet. a d-day for the
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school a bigger day for the families. >> vicki: authorities on surer air thick cut their alligator that will let year-old boy at walt disney resort.
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>> grant: called lophophores deportation million undocumented and the police plan. ian
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washington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter:since coming down those escalators on day one of his campaign, immigration has remained a central issue for donald trump a signature part of his plan. deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the u-s >>:presidential nominee "we are rounding them a very humane way, a very nice way/they are going back where they came from/ they will go out. they will come back. some will come back, only the best. through a process. they have to come back legally." >> reporter:but over the past couple of days, the trump campaign has been ramping up its minority outreach- and hinting that the candidate's deportation stance may not be set in stone. >>:"as the weeks unfold he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states." will that plan include a
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deportation force, including the one that you heard in that soundbite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? "to be determined." the billionaire insisting now that this isn't a stance- reversal, per se. so you're not flip-flopping? presidential nominee "no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a really fair, but firm answer." meanwhile, for trump's opponent hillary clinton, its a battle of the former secretaries of state-- colin powell publically pushing back on the notion he planted the seed for clinton to use a private email server while in office. telling the media quote "her people are trying to pin it on me" and that he believes clinton had the server a year before he sent a memo explaining he used a private email address during his tenure. in washington, dianne gallagher. the state of virginia has restored voting rights. to nearly 13-thousand convicted felons. governor terry mcauliffe made the announcement today. nearly a month after the court ruled that governors cannot restore rights all together. but must handle them on a case-by- case basis. that order invalidated a previous executive order, made by mcauliffe, that had restored the voting rights of more than 200-thousand felons. who had completed their sentences.
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the roughly 13-thousand people. are those who had registed to vote before their rights were stripped away. republicans say mcauliffe is only trying to add democrat- friendly voters to the polls. ahead of november's presidential election. low clouds and fog move inland tonight to become mostly cloudy. tomorrow will become mostly sunny & warmer after patchy morning fog. in national news. >> reporter: cars outside look for yourself or along the spine seared the nevada out again and it is really starting to pick up in some places the yellows and
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reds and the thunderstorm making its way into lake tahoe. that is going to be a sell some folks getting quite a show right now that thunderstorm rumbled on by. we are looking fairly quiet right now san francisco you can see the fog that it's on short the will still in the bay overnight tonight heading up this evening it will be breezy and the coastline temperatures in the '70s to 7:00 and memories are cool things down just a bit with clods on the way it does we head toward 8:00 p.m.. some mild weather and then better part of this week high pressure will it break down again and that means cool weather on the way. >> reporter: 70 is in these areas. in the east bay's
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temperatures go into the 80s. in the north bay temperatures will be in the '70s. some numbers in the '80s like fairfield. fourth on saturday it we will get some '40's and also warm days ahead. >> vicki: about a deadly alligator attack. that killed a two-year-old boy at walt disney world back in june. the florida fish and wildlife comission says little could be done to prevent what happened. a new report says the gator acted in a "predatory manner" and that 2-year old lane thomas graves. did nothing to provoke the reptile. investigators says the gator grabbed the boy when he bent down.
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the report also says a man alerted staff. to gators about 45 minutes prior to the attack- and was on his way down to warn families when he heard a woman scream. trappers have killed six gators capable of the attack, but were unable to make a positive dna match. officials are confident though that the deadly gator was among them. >> grant:drug giant pfizer. announced it's buying biotech company "medivation". for about 14 billion dollars medivation's portfolio includes the prostate cancer drug "xtandi". pfizer will pay a 21 percent premium over friday's closing price to buy the company. shares of medivation were already up nearly 40 percent so far this year. the deal still requires shareholder and regulator approval. swimmer ryan lochte in hot water. this after he exaggerated a story saying he was robbed in rio. now he is losing sponsorships. we'll tell you. who just dropped the olympian. plus. there are new efforts to help the victims of historic flooding in louisiana. we'll have an update. as thousands of homes are damaged. on wall street. stocks closed mostly lower. led by declines in energy stocks as the price of crude oil. the dow fell 23 points. the nasdaq was up 6 points. and the s and p lost just over a point.
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in the communities around baton rouge, louisiana. >> grant:floodwaters are finally receding. and the work of cleaning up has begun. that effort will take some time -- many residents have lost everything. but they're getting help from federal, state, and local agencies -- along with volunteer groups. and even businesses. on tuesday, president barack obama will visit the state. >> grant:louisiana's governor pushed back at critics who said the president should have come sooner. louisiana >>:"i asked them to let us get out of the response mode, where we were still conducting searches of houses and we were still making rescues. i didn't want to divert the police officers, the sheriff's deputies the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president." 26-hundred national guard members have been joined by volunteers from ameri-corps and other groups. fema has already approved $55 million dollars in temporary assistance. plus 15 million dollars in advanced national flood insurance payments. >> vicki:as southern louisiana begins healing after the flood-- there are many stories of communities coming together. carson boutte. who celebrated his ninth birthday on sunday. didn't have a typical 9-year old birthday party. he chose to be a ray of sunshine of sorts.for flood victims there.
5:40 pm
mycah hatfield has the story. >> reporter: the vision of where a child of 363 pp pizzas being delivered throughout indiana. showed up with pizzas in hand. their reactions. say all.
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>> vicki:the summer games are over. next. did rio make the grade with this year's olympic games?
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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honey it's not swiping. come on i need it to swipe. i know i need to swipe something. get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. south america's first summer olympics went smoother than many people imagined it would. for the most part, the focus stayed on the competition. but there was plenty of drama on the sidelines. from our partners at cnn. don riddell gives rio its report card. and there is more fallout for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. just hours after the games
5:45 pm
ended. speedo dropped its sponsorship of the disgraced swimmer. >> pam: spread to several other agencies on place of hard and rehabilitation but she's a hell offered and who will for will have that and much more at 6. >> vicki: summer games went smoother than many people imagine that might. >> grant: the focus it on the competition. . plenty of drama auto importers of the cnn. >> reporter: the real index was far as from perfect nbc's lack of ingest car broken boxes judges dismissed for debated scoring troubled waters on control big grain and american swimmers disgracefully of their
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deaths a groundbreaking and treatment on a conditional collision. >> reporter: sheer joy of the
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team in national tumbling. the first-ever gold medal. brazilian rose from the slums to rebel on top of the podium of powerful symbol hopes this was the games are at least on a voice olympic bosses and role-playing field was demanded. the cold war and the pool america became a poster child for clean starts, but russia, and it showed a human side as well. all love for her training at home five years of all places america.
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>> grant: they will donate $50,000 and helping underprivileged kill kids and a result. there also cut ties iran and could face discipline from u.s. olympic committee. of this
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is a very heavy rainfall none of that's coming our way >> reporter: a lot clot up their right not toward the golden gate bridge and a sticker on for the better part of the day they're not much to live clearing it will be beginning to move back on shore right now uncover leaving 77 san jose 77 livermore police and 80 degrees and concord and then you see it the it is seabury's kicking back in the oakland also sfo and 74 degrees in the napa valley we do have changes in the works of high pressure of like it will refilled afford their cell and the trend is that they'll move on by and some mild conditions as we round up a week here the run slightly below the average for the time of year was a sunny
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in oakland 64 partly cloudy and san francisco centaur at&t part in the sunset you cannot for the zoo he see low clouds and fog continuing there. ms. see that now rolling through the night. the computer model picked up on the fog was thunderstorms died down and fired at the ends here in nevada are often in. >> reporter: " cloud extending into the local ballet. it will break up a bit unclear out skies again a few more cars a little further south in the sierra nevada. but we will see
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temperatures warm august slightly and then recall things right i doubt it toward a thursday friday. and then they will start to get your 80 degrees enormous box. overnight lows will probably down and the '40's that is going to feel like fall academic school year.
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>> vicki:the university's graduate school of business is hiring supermodel and fashion mogel tyra banks! banks will be teaching a course in may for two weeks called "project you." the class will be focusing on creating and honing one's personal brand. this is the next step for the former top model host as she moves toward the business side of fashion. last month, bobby brown became a dad for the seventh time. welcoming baby girl, hendrix with his wife alisha. but behind the joy, bobby's traveled a hard road marred by tragedy. the insider's michael yo is in hollywood with more on this story. >> reporter:it's clear bobby has a new lease on life after surviving unimaginable loss. bb int 10.57 "i lost my parents, i lost my ex-wife, i lost my daughter / and i just thought now was the best way to keep me healthy to release the stress and all the agony and pain off my heart and my mind' vo1 we met with bobby at the leimert park village book fair while he was signing copies of
5:55 pm
his memoir "every little step: my story" --- bb int 11.20 i had started writing it before all the stuff happened with my daughter, and i had to take time off from writing you know just to be there with her and actually literally go through hell and back in order to be able to finish the book. vo2 in the book, which the grammy winner says helped him purge the demons he's struggled with throughout his life, bobby recounts vivid details of his tumultuous marriage to whitney houston, who died in 2012, including their years of abusing drugs, fights and infidelity. bb int 17.54 writing this book was very therapeutic for me, just to get everything off my heart and off my mind just the things that i've been through these last forty seven years of my life. it's been a struggle man. we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm michael yo back to you
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. city >> steve: deals close shortage meeting between simulators happening right now bring you the very latest. >> pam: dramatic rescue and marin county a car goes off highway one down a steep and didn't news that six is next
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>> reporter: the pla says we're in a catastrophic situation in regards to staffing. : hundred police officers are budgeted less than 900 officers the bottom line is they simply do not have the minimal staffing in the league and in september. to begin in september.
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>>: 34010 hour shifts that need to be filled every single week in patrol. 34010 are chefs absolutely no way we can do that and move forward.
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>> reporter: 33 people died outside their homes operates three telling them all and not concerned it's gang-related not accurate uptick in the pilot's. earlier they will do all they can send to deal with these issues and get this under control. two big issues at this point cletus is a double homicide at no. 32 and 33 for the year keep in mind this is what all last year only three homicides that with the staffing use shortage and the police apartment right now they are asking the city declared a state of emergency and the mayor to make a set of changes within the police department here looks like a p.o. is confident with whatever changes they talked-
6:01 pm
about are ready to sign on. >> pam: death was considered six suspicious after medical an examiner determined it blunt force trauma. >> pam: police are hoping surveillance video will help them find. the man find. one of >> steve: 2 videos released and the minute the sure and no shirt visited the silver cloud bar in san francisco marina district of. bartender tried to close the place up
6:02 pm
suspect got angry and started attacking the bartender. during the struggle the man completely bit off the bartenders and you . the page >>: and turns into a suspect in starts punching the bartender in the face. during the struggle the bartender was able to turn around and get on top of the patron is then a little bit to close the face and at this point the suspect then took it upon himself to bite off the ring finger of the bartender. >> steve: >> pam: or a suspect to flood
6:03 pm
the scene after a collision that killed a pedestrian earlier this month in vallejo this man 25 year-old dominick smith of vallejo was arrested on suspicion of causing back and manslaughter. hit
6:04 pm
>> grant: you know how tough it turns dark and then dolly embankment and then chp helicopter rescuing one of the people and that vehicle. half hour ago they got the person out from the steep ravine and a word on injury what actually happened that caused the driver to go off the roadway but on a very steep and bank and and we continue to attract a situation there again recent development >> steve: take a look to the smoke plume from many class a satellite captured this image yesterday the areas that are actively burning and then labeled conceit the fire seeder
6:05 pm
fire is still rawness fire >> pam:some of the evacuation orders for the soberanes fire in monterey county. have been lifted. that fire erupted last month. it has burned more than 85 - thousand acres. it is now 60- percent contained. it has destroyed 57- homes. about 400 buildings are still threatened. cal- fire says, it does not expect to have the fire fully contained until the end of september. a big ruling today for california teachers. the state supreme court is letting a teacher tenure law stand. a group of students had filed a lawsuit claiming that it is almost impossible to fire incompetent teachers because of
6:06 pm
the law. in its ruling, the appeals court said the students failed to show the state's hiring and firing rules were unconstitutional. >> reporter:
6:07 pm
this overturned a 2014 ruling by a los angeles judge that had sided with the students. as school gets back underway, a federal judge in texas is blocking the obama administration's directive on transgender bathrooms the administration has directed public schools to allow transgender access to the restroom of their choice. but a judge sunday granted a temporary, nationwide injunction against the policy. that means, for now, federal agencies are not allowed to take action against schools that don't follow the bathroom
6:08 pm
policy. >> pam:white house press secretary josh ernest was asked was asked about the injunction today. supporters say the policy is necessary to protect transgender students against discrimination. the investigation into prince's death took another turn today. mislabeled pills were seized from his minnesota home. prince died in april from the powerful drug fentanyl.
6:09 pm
it is an opioid that has been sold illegally on the streets and can be 50 times more powerful than heroin. one theory investigators have been considering is prince accidentally took the drug because it was not properly labeled. a judge is still trying to figure out who is entitled to the entertainer's fortune. prince did not leave a will and dozens of people put in claims. >> pam:if you've been to a bart station. you've probably noticed it. what the transit agency is doing to keep people from going to the bathroom in elevators. >> steve:plus we're getting an upclose look at the devastation from the floooding in louisiana.
6:10 pm
the help that's going to be arriving in just a matter of hours. and we're seeing the impact of californias proposition 47. which reduced the penalties for some crimes. the big change the state has already seen in the arrest rate.
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>> pam: bart is spending nearly 2- million dollars to try and fix a problem that has nothing to do with arrival or departure times. what bart is doing. is trying to make the systems many elevators easier to clean. so they will smell better. kron4's maureen kelly got reaction from riders at san francisco's civic center station who say the improvements can't come fast enough. >>:they need to do something because the odor is really really bad and the elevator is extra slow it's like you are in a container of fluids when you go down there and it's horrible it always smells and it nearly always has urine in the bottom of it bart riders.mostly the disabled and those pushing kids in strollers are expected to endure a short but severely stinky to get on the mass transit system. because the problem of people using the elevators as toliets just doesn't seem to go away. frequent bart riders i spoke to say this one at civic center is one of the worst.and it's just a few feet from a public toliet. i decided to take a ride on the elevator at civic center to find out for myself what it' like in here and i'll tell you the stench is pretty overwhelming when i got in the floors were actually wet and i'm wearing sandals today. check out the wet track marks on the pavement outside. ick. the experience for riders will
6:14 pm
hopefully improve once bart finishes replacing the floorboards in 80 of their elevators. this video shows the work in progress at oakland's colesium station. the stainless steel floor will be painted with an epoxy that is expected to prevent the floors from absorbing liquids and make them easier to clean. in addition to getting new floorboards bart is trying something different inside the shaft theres a bacteria eating enzeyme to keep this one clean riders i talked to say this one in particular needs the extra help. next time i will take the moving stairs or whatever honestly i thought i was about to puke thank god the doors opened.
6:15 pm
all of the improvements should be finished by april.the civic center elevator is expected to get it's new floors next week.but i would still advise wearing close toed footwear. maureen kelly kron4 news >> steve:we are learning new details on a diver who died off the coast in sonoma county sunday afternoon. the sonoma county coroner's office has identified the diver as redwood city resident dean seki. cal fire officials says the 66- year-old man was diving for abalone at gerstle cove in jenner, california. wittnesses are saying seki was swimming and was surprised by an abnormally large wave. seki was pronouced dead at the beach. >> pam:arrests in california have hit an all time low. despite an increase in crime. there were 52- thousand fewer arrests in 20-15. compared to the previous year. that is the lowest rate since the state started keeping records in 19-60. the public policy institute of california believes, the fewer arrests are due to the passing
6:16 pm
of proposition- 47. that initiative. which was approved by voters in 20-14. reduced penalties for certain drug and property crimes. the falling arrest rate comes, despite what the state department of justice says, was an increase in overall crime rates in 20-15. the national traffic safety administration made a mistake today. posting some guidelines on its website in regards to distracted driving. the guidelines recommend that states prohibit the use of hands-free as well as hand-held devices while driving. officials with the administration admit this was a mistake. only state laws control the use of phones by drivers. the agency says the guidelines were not reviewed before being posted.and they have no intention of recommending a cell phone ban. in louisiana, flood victims are dealing with mountains of debris. while others still have standing water around their homes. a little relief however is expected to come tomorrow. reporter leslie aguilar gives us a look at the mess many homeowners are facing. inside homes across acsension parish.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: materials and memories are being ripped from walls. and thrown into the street. "it's just like a nightmare that won't end, can't wake up from. it's. everything we had and bought over the last 25 years is gone. brandon settoon bought flood insurance after katrina. but it didn't cover the contents of his home. most of his neighbors are in the same boat. some relief will come tomorrow. according to rick weber of ascension parish. also happening tomorrow. fema will start going door to door in ascension parish. it's a long road to recovery ahead. for now people like settoon will take it day by day. hoping for the debris and devastation to disappear soon. president obama is expected to tour the damage in louisiana tomorrow. republican presidential nominee
6:18 pm
visitied the region on friday. earlier this morning a tornado struck a famous town in massachusetts. >> pam:in this video you will see damages made by an e-f-1 tornado that struck the town of concord, massachusetts. national weather service representatives say the tornado occurred around 3 a-m and it had winds up to one-hundred m-p-h. this was the second lowest of six tornado levels. crews say the tornado damged about 39 homes. but the home of well known author louisa may alcott who wrote "little women" was untouched. >> reporter: fuzzily a small tornado we have some shower is showing up thunderstorms that have been really blowing up in the afternoon hours and the big time there lake tahoe. what a storm that is as and pushed on by. " rules back in the eight bay area overnights night and then that will start to break up
6:19 pm
after that the highs today running below average san francisco 69 oakland and then 77 san jose 86 just slightly below normal. 76 series and the average of this time the year. policy changes as early as tomorrow and it takes an and the rigid bills and for data have for so temperatures warmed a bit. it still seeing fairly mild lakehead the major heat wave on the horizon. and the central valley use the upper 90s also in the bakersfield the 72 in santa barbara 60 and monterey and then the high temperatures tomorrow starts to climb down a little bit. " some clouds roll on by another couple showers should not be much on the upper 70's their 80s by wednesday in the
6:20 pm
upper 70's and a cooler day in the severance cisco a lot of clout partial left in clearing and then oakland the with a few patches of fog inning when a sunny and mild conditions afternoon breezes well. ates well inland and temperatures the coastline next couple of days a little bit before cooling down. a big ruling on the investigation and hillary's private e-mail server when the public by get the see the files of documents connected to the case. go hard or go home, right?
6:21 pm
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6:23 pm
that's the mentality you need to get those six pack abs. but who really wants to spend that kind of time in that pilates class? whether you dread it or not, working out takes a chunk out of your day. in today's health minute -- jeremy roth has more on how to cut down on gym time -- without sacrificing your workout. can't be in the gym for hours on end? >> reporter:don't have enough time to attend that 90-minute cycling class? no worries. shorter classes -- like 30 - 40 minutes -- are the trend. it started with higher intensity interval training. also called hiit. those upbeat classes that get your blood pumping -- can also burn calories fast. it's perfect for people with busy schedules. and because these short classes can be more accessible -- you can take more than one. now -- boutique workout studios and gym chains are popping up around the country. even classes -- like pilates and yoga -- are shortening their sessions. so -- to maximize your workouts -- and burn calories -- try interval training.
6:24 pm
alternating high intensity cardio workouts with moderate intensity workouts can make you sweat -- and boost your fitness level. plan your workouts. that way -- you know what you're going to do -- without wasting time. and take shorter breaks between exercises. you'll move through your routine faster -- and get out of the gym sooner. for today's health minute -- i'm jeremy roth. kron's getting you ready 4 school.and classes are officially back in session throughout the mount diablo school the east bay
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6:27 pm
>> reporter: specs still lives in the meantime monday afternoon place officers association and city manager met to discuss how the committee changes still taking place and
6:28 pm
weeks ahead >> reporter: villains video of the suspect police they are hoping someone will identify the man this is back in july when the suspect got mad at closing time and attacked the bartender during a struggle he picked a man's ring finger off and now must get a prosthetic police say that that does not look familiar get a call media elite. >> reporter: a spending $2 million a will keep elevators sofa from smelling like toilets. new floorboards' coated with an
6:29 pm
epoxy to the floors are observing like with like iran and make them easier to clean.
6:30 pm
thousands of students are getting back into the swing of things. but many children are not up to date on the "now mandatory" vaccines. >> pam:officials say, hundreds of children in the district do not meet the new immunization requirements. at meadow homes elementary school in concord , however. the faculty and staff say.they are successfully cracking down on the issue. kron 4 is getting you ready for school this year. you can checkout the special section we have set up on our website. go to kron 4 dot com. click on the features tab. and choose "ready 4 school" from the drop down menu.
6:31 pm
the state department is expected to release documents and emails from the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server a few weeks earlier than expected. originally, they were suppose to come out in the middle of october.
6:32 pm
but today a federal judge issued an order to get the state department to release the documents from the f-b-i earlier. the judge wants a plan by september 22nd. >> reporter: thus thunderstorms really did the bombers from making its way across like topcoat does a little further south of pop thunderstorms going up there. things little unsettled and the high country locally very subtle here until early tomorrow morning a nice evening '70s in the livermore and also conquered 74 oakland. 73 sfo 70 degrees and a bottle.
6:33 pm
baltimore the breeze will continue in the fog will be rolling and by 8:00 and then along coastlines in the fog appeared as wrong on sharp early tomorrow morning it will break up as we had throughout the day and we see a pretty nice day or even a little bit warmer as we have a few degrees. more comfortable weather, this time of year simply nice weather around the bay area. temperatures in the '60s san francisco you see the numbers and toward half moon bay at 74 paul auto as the head and towards sunnyvale's 76 degrees their warmer temperatures 77 san jose and in the east bay we see temperatures in heating up in the '80s mid-80s livermore also conquered and low '70's in castro valley a high 80s and then the bay area and the brentwood. 76 degrees and napa
6:34 pm
valley by 84 and fairfield and then over the next few days warms things up: back down more fall like weather coming our way as we headed toward next weekend.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: carolina area in the column or a total 20 three hundred 60 four in hillary clinton's column because of consecutive polls putting her 9 to 11 points ahead. the projected electoral totals as they stand --- clinton 323 trump 164. clinton with 53 more electoral votes than needed. it's not pretty. >> reporter:but folks trumps speech in north carolina gave supporters hope. he conceded for the first time that maybe his mouth has gotten ahead of him sot what we'll look for next how many undecideds start picking sides and whether that will
6:36 pm
prompt the polls to tighten. that's battle for 270. i'm chief national correspondent jim osman in washington. the olympics are finally over and we have the medal count.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
for team u-s-a. there is no arguing who came up golden. and a big weekend at the box office for one movie. but as tanner thomason explains, in the hollywood today live - daily wrap. it is going to be an uphill battle for another film. just to break even. >> reporter:hey guys, i'm tanner thomason from hollywood today live, this is the htl daily wrap. for the third week in a row, "suicide squad" killed it at the box office. it placed first this weekend with 20- point-seven-million dollars. but the big story is the remake of "ben-hur." it cost $100 million to make but took in just over $11 million dollars. it would take a miracle for this one to make its money back. the rio olympics are over and guess what? we won! team usa took home 121 medals, the most of any country. that's 46 golds, 37 silver and 38 bronze. the coolest part however, american women slayed it. american women won 27 golds to american men's 19. let's hear it, usa! usa! usa! move over rodney dangerfield, nick cannon is going back to school as he just enrolled as a freshman at howard university in washington. no word yet on whether the "drumline" star will be joining the howard marching band. i'm tanner thomason, that's it for the htl daily wrap.
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6:45 pm
they went from having a healthy lead in the looking up at one team. and of course-- it's the dodgers. -- that team in l-a took first place outright this weekend. and extended it a little more today before the giants come to town. --dodgers facing the reds.and basically, one man won this game-- adrian gonzales. --the first-baseman.a menace at the he went yard three times. two three-run bombs. and a solo jack to go 3-for-6 with 8-rbi. >> reporter:dodgers win an 18-9 rout.and have a one-game lead in the nl west. and that's exactly why this is such a crucial week for the giants. as they can get right back in the driver's seat. the three-game set opens tomorrow night.their first meeting since june when the giants took the series at home. madison bumgarner is pitching first against kenta maeda new giant matt starting thursday.
6:46 pm
the oakland athletics once again back in the headlines. and not for anything having to do with baseball. we have new reason to call them the swingin a's. as danny valencia and billy butler threw down in the clubhouse. this scuffle apparently happened before batting practice at friday's game in chicago. according to susan slusser-- the a's beat writer for the chronicle. what happened was an equipment representative asked valencia about a pair of off-brand cleats sitting in his locker. spikes, which apparently he's not supposed to wear in games. valencia told the rep he only uses those during warmups. and *that's when butler chimed in, said valencia was lying and
6:47 pm
that the company should cut his endorsement deal. once the rep left, valencia confronted butler.and reportedly told him quote'-- don't you ever loud talk me in front of a rep. that was wrong'' butler basically responded with-- 'i can say whatever i want.and you aren't going to do anything about it.' they then came to blows.with valencia hitting butler in the temple. butler hasn't played since.and is now on the concussion disabled list. this afternoon-- general manager david forst addressed the state of his clubhouse. forst also said both players have been disciplined and fined. quarterback competition has been the main topic of conversation surrounding the 49ers this summer, but we've yet to see one of the candidates play a game. now-- we may finally get a glimpse of the 2016 edition of colin kaepernick. gawker- dot com. the flagship site for gawker media. ceases operations today. most staffers will be assigned to one of gawker media's other six sites. or at spanish- language broadcaster "univision" it's all part of a deal in which univision. bought gawker for 135 million bucks after it declared bankruptcy. gawker media went bankrupt.after losing a lawsuit filed by wrestling legend hulk hogan. he sued gawker for invasion of privacy after the website posted excerpts of a sex tape in which he appeared. gawker media.forked over about 140 million to "hollywood" hulk hogan. a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30.
6:48 pm
then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 that's it for the kron 4 news at 6.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: somewhat of a mixed bag when called the half games it accounts the households of yours including twice trading. this was the second most viewed game ever behind london and it drew criticism. beyond this mess has carried over to the bank accounts. : the and lost for endorsements including speedo potential hair removal air we've and ralph lauren. he
6:50 pm
>> pam: last date for popular entertainment supper.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
>> gabe: use more foundress landed on the market that uses iris stand on lockyer phone. also few other things we have not seen we will show you this new device get a lot of buzz cut news at 8.
6:54 pm
. >> steve: >> reporter: cut the jurors will be warmer mid-80s and for a livermore conquered 75 degrees. nevada 76 napa valley's 77 and sunny san jose in the afternoon on the coastline cooler weather temperatures '60s the pettifog and then the warm temperatures up the next couple of days high pressure begins to move on now and then a real
6:55 pm
taste of fall as we had until later parts a week. struggling to get in the '80s. overnight lows during that time in the 40's. >> pam: insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 and then we're back for news at 8.
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the "insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. i'm embarrassed. >> number one, rio's biggest loser as ryan lochte's gold medal mea culpe goes viral. >> i let my team down. >> will his near tarnished golden tears and pleas for redemption win over the court of public opinion. >> we hear you've been in damage control. >> i know what i did was wrong. >> bette midler's social media back track. what the divine miss m tweeted about caitlyn jenner that set off a war of words. number three, bobby brown from tragedy to triumph. >> i've been through hell and back. >> how whitney houston's ex and
7:00 pm
bobbi kristina's dad is now taking every little step to heal. plus, our "insider" bonus. debbie gibson is back and shaking things up for primetime. as we explore her meet yore -- meteoric rise and why she walked away from a thriving music career. >> i left millions of dollars of advance money. "insider" together with yahoo. shocking new details into the prince death investigation. how far did he go to hide his addiction to prescription drugs? that is all coming up. louie is enjoying time off in africa. i'm enjoying time with michael yo. >> i'm happy to be here. >> let's start with the tracking story. summer olympics came to a dramatic close last night. i'm not just talking about ryan lochte.


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