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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 23, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>darya f: where are born to an end to the tops or another shooting on a busy east bay freeway more than 20 schillings on bay area freeways since
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november. >>jackie sissel: this latest incident at the freeway shut down for several hours as police investigated the tortoise second shooting on the east bay freeway since november.
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>>darya f: 3 people have the rest of the murder of a mill grandfather we're following the lead from the. brick and the >>darya f: no information here comes in first off the father who was killed a 27 year-old the and the last five minutes we learned that the three suspects will be arraigned at 130 this afternoon. >>james f: as to who the suspects are his mother tells is that one of them all was his former girlfriend stiffening the senses and is a career boy friend the identity of the eighth person in custody has not been made public and just decide
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whether to delay the trial of the man accused of killing cd- rom the egyptian presidency is
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mounting evidence is pointing to a sudden and dramatic catastrophe and then to the crash of the east of air flight. >>mark d: police undercover surveillance video that could help the will be invested in a drive-by shooting in concord happen on 1115 yesterday morning a white compact for carlson speeding away after shots were
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fired this happen on clayton road and more real average in the contra costa canal trial that did not find in the back of the do not believe in homes with bullet ever seen out there and collecting the casings that hope and security cameras on homes of the neighborhood could lead them to the shoulders.
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>>mark d: today in a be is expected to review this plan for the first half of last night's game with draymond green appears to kick stephen adams.
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>>mark d: mishandles abuse victim as a peace center the giants in the best team in
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baseball packing will have highlights of the game and led howe of veterinarian with a keen eye save the dollar was about to be put down--dog.
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>>robin winston: trends are not heading north or south also they are working on setting up a bus bridge for passengers at the checkout time this morning with a way for the bus bridge or consider an alternate for transportation.
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>>reporter: is also a collection out to sea directly west of the peninsula will be much in that this morning to see if it does cut of a closer to look in the camera shaking her long record of the breeze these old-line caused and will get this nixon not as a layer of dry air upstairs it seems to be pretty restricted obelisk of a chance in the east today tomorrow morning succeed him successful
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high in the east where good portion of the south in the coast shuttle into the fifties the time to go on for the middle '70s to the. thursday in the up to about 7576 and still well below average quality out to
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touch into the weekend with may recover to lower '80s but howard and. >>james f: it grew quickly within the first couple for hours and are already burned 800 a. and then add really picked up speed things to a high wind in grow to nearly 4,000 a. before the day was done no will for the injuries or home starts in the susan or at a crucial part of
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monterrey county but at risk right now are power lines and for an import ones for pg&e if those lines go down the could be looking a widespread power loss across my accounting. >>darya f: on the republican side nominate donald trump is also a shot of the delegates needed.
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the respective lead both within the margin of error clinton brushed aside on nbc meet the press if numbers had to
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construct or much better than clinton. >>darya f: the clintons are in california this week pushing for both the support and accounting as a lost angeles and former president bill clinton will be attending advanced and fresno stockton and sacramento and tomorrow he will be in san francisco for a campaign event starting this to don come against the vetting process for a potential vice-presidential candidate dismissed people responsible for the process' are
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going to the files of potential candidates.
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>>darya f: and recommends moderate ticket matching five of the six numbers and the fried not drawn also the cupertino at the call to mind and a store on south the in the boulevard in the tech look of the numbers is disruptive 19242646 it the power ball since no one last also from the another drawn to more one that will be worth more than $200 million.
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>>stanley roberts: seconds after pulling back on interstate 80 the solo driver saw officer of i would area office of the california highway patrol and drop down to 35 mi. from our to avoid having a chat with him
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moments later there was this commune with paper plates to the terms of the of the car long enough to have plates he claims they never showed up.
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>>mark d: 1 and a dozen people injured when a shuttle bus of a time would tell you what happened abroad as a laundress though we will have the story of the tour is secret after the break. ♪ hey!
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >>robin winston: that isn't how
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trained lay on the peninsula wheel from the brick kennels for him after the boston study person was struck and killed by a train in berlin can this happen at oak grove avenue white the cross and the california avenue. >>robin winston: service to stop completely in both directions north and south to they're working on setting off the bus bridge for passengers.
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>>robin winston: past domestic getting this fatal incident happened around 630 this morning is causing a major delay of how can this of grove avenue crossing at the california
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avenue north launched a #305 struck and killed a pedestrian the investigation continues service have completely stopped between san mattel and borland and they're no estimated time for cover on this just yet.
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>>reporter: also the collection upstream from the peninsula following are the latest trend here is something to this we watched this one to have a direct impact but upstream at the daytime heating respect a few showers to the performance going forward with a brick out of this by mid but in the class and the current a touch of warmer. >>mark d: we'll follow in this
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from the breaking news desk. >>james f: the fire broke out yesterday morning on still the strictest in the lead home would have been ill from the scene and you will see that smoke billowing from the roof and flames coming out of the home as well before firefighters arrived it is it that is reducing the garden hoses to try and fought the slam one man ran into the home after a mother ran out of house screaming confide your child was a landslide. the mother and a teenage boy burned they were taken to hospital for treatment we're told this morning they're expected to survive the injuries investigators are now looking into what started the fire and
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is the next phase in this investigation will follow the story from the news rooms. >>darya f: he returns to court today for a plea hearing and for his attorneys to ask the justice at yale he was arraigned on two felony counts of child molestation and mr. menem child endangerment the first two counts stem from an alleged sexual abuse of a girl four years ago while he was off duty face 23 years to life in prison if she's convicted. >>darya f: a judge to the parent and down a verdict in the case of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray and the 25 year-old died last year in police custody of a broken neck prosecutors say the 30 year-old unlawfully arrested him what the probable cause was negligent when he did not buckle
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him to see them and the police van. >>darya f: on between the ages of 5 to 12 they're killed in a dorm fire and a boarding school in thailand.
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>>mark d: he says less than the arms embargo is not based on of relations with china and a desire to normalise relations between the u.s. and vietnam president obama said the u.s. will still analyze weapons sales for the case by case basis and one for access to live farms as it tries to deal with china's land grab in military construction and a dispute the south china sea.
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. >>darya f: there was an analysis done by the new york time the prescriptions of these addictive pain killers has skyrocketed since the 96 with the percent the number of prescriptions pick the 1.12 and been declining ever since doctors may be hitting one of this pain killers and the highly addictive.
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>>mark d: the lowest average isn't tucson arizona and the dollar and 98 4 gal. of regular the highest as a san francisco to 96 for a gallon of regular
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>>robin winston: if this happened at about six started this morning with the train that was heading north 305 struck and killed a person that was on the tracks there is no surplus between san mateo and burned and is completely stopped now, stop the bomb, trying to set up a bus bridge for folks trying to get into and out of the area of.
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>>darya f: in this case the little boy is to belong to say that he is in pain the boy's
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parents attack as a social may with this story that one to continue to fight to see that they've said is charged with child.
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sides to that store the cake. >>darya f: in looks like he does not of good for green but i'm just saying and since marked and is an expert there been plans to which you like that and stick their filled out.
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>>gary: when you get right where counsel and twice in two games they're saying you lose the benefit of the doubt. >>gary: i hope they get more break otherwise it will be disastrous one of their players got suspended for that and i
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condemn the sea that was going to hit and gas suspended from. >>darya f: it goes to show you're like you said it is a wan no. the first question asked of him and if you believe steve kerr he said know i'm surprised they even called file. >>gary: and they have a video with your fabulous on friday i
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had a question if the dendron is the got on the desk and did something called clinking and nine ransom letters but we got an of the questions was the and the every diplomatic you for teasing them to the nascent banal i said she is a great performer. >>darya f: it was fun and because you're going talking on the desk and soul the cap the tech on i started to move on to something else. >>gary: terrific but she is the reason i don't get any bad feedback on i am with her because she's as far out as i
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am. >>gary: sometimes if catherine did not get a good night's sleep in the tech and pounding on her is nothing workers in the tech and ash from down co-worker. . >>darya f: it was actually his own player the back of his hand so he detected a faint but he's flying even think it was accidental.
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>>darya f: so they got the call but then it went back and look at the tank and a clearly so that when the web when it looked at this blame thing if he is suspended and begun to play without him this is going to believe that come off of that horrible people in the heat of battle they flail their arms and
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everything is just his reputation.
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is somehow on the playoffs a couple of days ago we would have to championships here. >>darya f: distortion to the eyes and music did you watch the billboard awards? >>gary: 11 >>gary: when she is on the screen you look king was pretty well flights she said we were doing and no one checked and al
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--out. >>darya f:see you later >>gary:ok darya.
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>>mark d: the chp a pope and posting this video on their pays what they called the rose law was pursued them as a flock of babies on the chance to contest that ended near the ashford avenue at present the verge on the into the westbound lane of traffic was stopped for a brief time to the sea its pecan crop the babies to the side of the road and the flock was escorted to the ' exit and brought back to the water. >>darya f: that is a lot a money is a lot of fun.
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>>darya f: she said if you have and go to our web site we have more information.
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throw up
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>> darya: >> mark: this is video from the scene. we have more information out traffic. >> robin: people in crowd, train there is no service. the line is it true at the caltrans station. hundreds of trains passengers rather folks are pretty much waiting in line. this happen around 630 this morning. the person was on the track. this happen on 35 and crews are still investigating that happening are all real avenue. it's we have reports on the scene to see exactly what happened. this happened right california if blocked off traffic. that's a
8:01 am
very small stretch this is causing a major tropical delayed but it's for cal train that is where the problem is. trains are being turned around and not traveling between san detail and burlingame.. sanchez will run every 10 to 50 minutes. bart will lead to far as millbrae it for contra millbrae december to scope it steadily option. if he followed us on twitter and tv i have updates on-line between airports and give you more information as receive it./ >> dave: or still moderate in a few more showers out to see here. this upstream from the peninsula. were looking for the north bay to develop later on today. weights and heating going on in later. there is a star tracker for this collection of cells of chief for mayor. we
8:02 am
have not intensified of adolf. temperatures are selling 50 is universally. said rose of 48 and other places are the '40's. the space temperatures are getting into low 50s. by noon there be a possible shower. by 3:00 the shower north east its 56 inland. by 5 cockerels round up for the cloudy and cold everybody will struggle to get the '70s. of 66 mostly. with local wheat coming store. >> darya: >> darya: there was another shooting on the speed freeway. >> mark: >> mark: we have more information from a reporter. good >> jackie: we have had the free west on friday it was shut down for several hours last night as
8:03 am
authorities were looking into potential suspects in this case. here's the video from yesterday's. this happened at 545 last night authorities say they had reports of shots being ripped poured on i was down 580 richmond nearly got a. sat out the shutdown of the lanes. look for evidence of potential victims. did not find any victims of our continuing to investigate what is the 22nd shooting on the east bay freeways just since november. two weeks ago 25 road mother for a shot on highway 4 in pittsburgh. that suspect are still at large. to allow the shootings the chp say that are targeted attacks. indications as to whether see from the chp as to whether this a killing was
8:04 am
also targeted. >> darya: three people had been arrested for the murder of a builder father. >> james: the father was 27 prescreen the. storeroom and falling ever since the first broke. we did learn in the past are the three suspects will be arraigned today at 130 this afternoon. that afternoon coming to our sources suggest this morning. the three suspects are that one of them was greene's former girlfriend. the second suspect is the current girlfriend kilobytes of. the third person has not been public. officers arrested all three early saturday morning at an upscale home in. green was reported last seen in april. he
8:05 am
had been beating somebody at the pancake house in a self out was found later. his body was found on may 11th in the field neil peart hill's work. will have the latest breaking information as soon as possible . you will receive the update also on our mobile apps. >> mark: the judge will decide whether to delay the trial of the man who is suspected of killing zero mar. there was a request for new lawyers. the man was some fresh red with the pace of the case. her body has never been found. it thorez was arrested after lamar's dna was found in the car. >> darya: the egyptian president them out evidence is setting to
8:06 am
a sudden and dramatic crash. it crashed late wednesday night. 66 people were killed in the plane crash. egypt sent a submarine to look for the flight recorders. the plane went down as those close to finishing its flight from paris to cairo. >> darya: the golden state warriors and the thunder played yesterday in game 3. >> mark: kamen drenthe michael rest record the big stars. the thunder when another 32 used the seven run to close out the half. steph curry is 24. and nobody else got more than 20 points. the thunder. 1133215 gulch have bills have >>: we missed a lot of shots and the next thing you know it was a
8:07 am
20 point gain. it was a frustrating wait to and the quarter. we pride ourselves how we finish quarters to create momentum. we did not accomplish that on the road and that is something you need to take care of. it has to be a point of emphasis in game 4. >> darya: the warriors fans watch the game and they're excited about wearing a gear. the and a warrior swag competition. that excitement died down when the thunder started to pull away. the fans are optimistic i get out before. >>: i hope this last time we lose. >>: they will win the next game and they'll have two games with the costlier. >> darya: game for what tomorrow at 6:00 p.m..
8:08 am
>> darya: >> mark: the sale was blues beat the sharks 63 over the weekend. it is now tied at today's the peace in. sharks will be in st. louis for game 5 tonight that will start at 5:00 our time. >> darya: we bricky news for overnight i. systems claim responsibility for that series of deadly bombings in syria. the death toll is rising. the large fire in monterey county is growing. the wind is not helping. we are looking into this. we never breaking news story of a person being dead after he was hit by caltrans. they'll have information about how that impacts the to meet.
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>> robin: recalling breaking news on the peninsula of the fatal accident and caltrain struck a pedestrian. is it all griot avenue at the crossing. you can see the activity there there is a little bit of good news investigators are close to wrapping. this wrapping there weren't clear one side of the track. they want to start single tracking through the area. this as stop service between san mateo and burlingame. they're getting ready to get single tracking through the area. this
8:12 am
is also close to traffic and causing a minor delay. a bus has been set up for people going to the area. it is crowded and the supplies are extremely long. make sure you leave least an hour in advance on top of your normal commute time. this is causing delays in away from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. also consider taking part that will give you to severances go to millbrae. it would to between seven tail and burlington. we'll continue to update african more information. >> mark: five women attacked a victoria's secret employee at a store in miami lakes florida. the group of women enter the store after it opened and started to get merchandise. the employe noticed women walking toward the exit to. employee stock the suspects some of the employee and pulled her hair. the zero women joined in and
8:13 am
touching and hitting the victorious suitor worker. suspect went to leave and came back and punched the employee again. that employee victorious he was able to get pictures of the attackers. people are looking for the pulp the police are looking for them. >> darya: if you want to vote and the up coming primary. talk about why he we may get a big role in the elections. >> dave: will keep tabs on this. some showers in our forecast will have more details when we come back.
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>> robin: is a low but a good news. the investigation is still on the way through. try starting at single tracking on the way. this is an birling game at california avenue right across. it's an oak grove avenue at california. they're still active investigation. they're doing single tracking at reduced speed in the area. they're still holding trains between san mateo and burlingame. as a process. the best bridge has been set up a. it's impossible for the buses
8:17 am
to accommodate all the passengers that take the trains near. if he is caltrain expect delays from 60 to 90 minutes. no word yet as to win at this will completely clear. it's causing a minor traffic the life. shortly they'll be having a single tracking. to expect ongoing delays for the next hour. have another update in 10 minutes. >> dave: still tracking a few showers out to sea. star tracker for piquancy the beeline to the peninsula. racks leasing the skies opened up quite a bit in a lot archemorus. will open a disguise to open up this area. we should see some passing showers in just a bit. the temperature warm-up from what they're not. the '60s in the east bay as well we're looking
8:18 am
at. coast will be in the upper 50s and will not even move up tonight tomorrow. issue below cooler than even today. fifties in the east bay shoreline and also areas. as a flare-up of scattered showers perhaps set thundershowers thrown in their. after that there's a little batch perhaps in parts of ewing by this evening. tomorrow morning is what we're looking at and east may. moral it will be a little more aggressive. they're a couple clubs of thunder. by wednesday yet a third wave will go through the streets throwing moving towards west. this batch will prod the last one as for wafer high pressure to start up. will go through it parfaits slightly warning up. almost uniformly temperatures the special will be in the '60s. we
8:19 am
should be in the mid-70s here thursday and friday. we back off slightly for the weekend to. we may reach 80 for the far east bay as we get to memorial day. >> mark: the baltimore police officers acquitted for the solid battery charges of freddie great. looking live here. the judge found officer ed romero not guilty of misconduct of reckless endangerment. he was one of six baltimore police officers charged in the case. he was in police custody. another officer had a hung jury and given a must forever. we'll have more details coming up at the 30. >> darya: ices is claiming response and for that series reported explosions in syria. here is a look at the aftermath to. government stronghold for
8:20 am
hit by explosions this morning. syrian media reports said 70 people have been killed there were. report the death toll is above 100. explosions were and from car bombs and suicide bombs. >> mark: this fire in moderate county has grown. >> james: i been checking with cal fire. sent an update same the fire is 40 percent contained. last night was up 20¢ contained. they've been able to double that. the fires broke out around 330 assure the afternoon round solely dog. in the next couple of hours a very grown- up. it went to 4,000 a. later. that's roughly six square miles. this is a massive fire. they have gained containment up to 40 percent now. the size of fire
8:21 am
has not changed. it's still stands at 3800 and change. more than hundred firefighters at the scene. air tankers and helicopters are also there. no reported triste that is good news. homes are currently threatened. it is burning and roll part in monterey county. power lines in the area are in jeopardy if. that may cause problems for our services in monterey county. in the last two minutes is that the bill to go to 40 percent containment. >> darya: today is the last day to register a vote in the june 7th primary election. in typical year's california the supplely a big role in deciding the can it. this year are voters could be deciding the whole thing for the democrats. neither dealer clinton or presenters have clubs of democratic votes to win the
8:22 am
party nomination. for the republicans presumptive nominee, trump is also shy of the delegates needed. >> mark: a pair of new numbers show a whole of showing that there are negative numbers for both donald trump and hillary clinton. >> reporter: the political tax " both ways. >>: hillary clinton as those antigun at the second amendment ever to run for office. >>: i find what he says and the tennessee he runs is a danger. >> reporter: to the polls have results showing people have an unfavorable ratings of both donald trump and hillary clinton. the two candidates are in a statistical tie against
8:23 am
each other. their respective leagues both within the margins of error. every clinton brushed this side. >>: pulls this far out mean nothing. aiming at nothing to me. >> reporter: bernie sanders does the middie is a long shot shot and it. >>: it will be difficult to go from 46 to 50%. >> reporter: sanders is favorable against clinton and against trump. >>: we appeal to independents people better not love with the democrat or republican party. >>: i think bernie should run as an independent. >> darya: 20 people are recovering after a short shuttle bus overturned. this happen in
8:24 am
southern california. we'll have a report on that. also continuing to following up weather and traffic. yet little but wait out the gate getting out over the bay bridge. we have sunshine also.
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>> robin: we're falling breaking news on the peninsula in burlingame. a purse was struck by caltrain. this is northbound 3 05 that is the trade. even bring this to you all throughout the morning commute. route 632 this morning is when this was first reported. stay away from the area all grow up at california. i've learned poker are single track in the area. have cleared a portion of the tracks. piercing of tracking at reduced speed. because of that the bowsprit was canceled the law.; the lines are very long. >> mark: a child is dead after a fire in north bay,. we'll tell you how neighbors step in to try and help. a major international news by the u.s. is lifting its embargo to selling arms to
8:28 am
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get to know us at intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar... completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> mark: with breaking news out of bringing one person was dead after they have by a caltrain for. trans transports trend
8:30 am
>> reporter: invest investigators toklas they are single tracking a. we saw a train goes through the area. the body is still at the location. they're taking measurements and they believe preliminary. i believe this was a suicide the mat. it's still not identified. the coroner's van is here wednesday remove the body from the area and take the final measure is and should open the area from 30 minutes from now. what exactly happened we're not sure. at the intersection of zero growth and california avenue. this is been proceeding here for the past two hours. we do know he was set at 630 in the morning. it was a northbound train. traffic is area is horrible. a boeing gave that the
8:31 am
broadway exit its use the bat. but because of this bill cannot: caltrain because now they're driving to work and at san francisco @ celestite. it is causing the city streets to be backed up. i was on the other side and carolyn i right here and 8:00. i could not cross a scene because investigators are still handling it. i had a drive to broadway. and come to this broadway it's about a mile away from where i was before. it took me about 25 minutes to get to this location. the good news is that caltrain should reopen in about 30 minutes. >> robin: their alternate sources will are. they canceled the last trains because they are single tracking caltrain. the
8:32 am
system is causing a major delay in. it will be about 90 minutes of the late. dudley considered part and plan had leave early at least an hour in advance. we may have the stretch opened in the next 30 minutes. we will deftly keep you updated. latest update from caltrain is the best bridge was canceled. they're still reporting major delays up to 90 minutes and combining some trains. it will be tougher passengers because it is so crowded. plan ahead and listen to our updates. we have major though the late 6290 minutes. >> dave: felt the contracts of some showers at the sea a little bit. they've been holding together over the last hour or two. the general motion is about to be like. they're willing scattered clouds and watching
8:33 am
for development at the norfolk. here's a shot of the golden gate bridge to concede the sunshine. earsplitting the skies with sun and clouds. the matter how much someone gets temperatures will not move much because the arabs there is or is cold. the upper 50s what your work. even colors still in these 52 pleasanton. south bay this san jose with a 55 and will get to the upper 60s at 4:00. the planning forecast shows a 3:00 there is a charlotte over at the northeast pay the. temperatures will be the lower to middle sixties. the coast wording chile struggling to reach 60. >> mark: a judge is delivered the verdict of one of the baltimore police officers
8:34 am
charged in the death of. >> james: he was asked not guilty of. the judge ruled that officer ed romero is not guilty of all charges. this has to do with the death of 20 federal pretty grave. he was critically injured while in police custody. this is just outside the courthouse where the pictures are coming from a. were waiting for a comment from prosecutors and defense attorneys. we're watching the shot very carefully. prosecutors were trying to convict the 30 year-old officer of assault of this contact and reckless endangerment. euro was one of six baltimore police officers charged in the case. he waived his right to a jury trial instead to he argued his case in front of the judge. the judge cleared of all charges. it was an early trial for a man with manslaughter. that ended in
8:35 am
the. of the six officers facing trial two of them have been released. the other four we are not sure about that. the trial still need to play out. cray style led to riots and fuelled the black lives matter movement. we're not sure what array of actions are for the people in the area. he was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges. we'll watch this story as it continues through the day. we'll update you on our web site and also are mobile and up. >> mark: r. santa clara deputy is that hostile as after it was pete up in a prison. he was taken with prison bruises on his hand. the senate cleared gel has been under fire treatment of inmates. deputies are facing
8:36 am
murder charges after beating a mentally ill prisoner to death last august. >> darya: santa clara deputy has been accused of molesting a girl in san jose. his attorneys are asking for the bill to be set. he was arraigned on two felony counts of child molestation and child endangerment. the stench from the alleged sexual abuse of a girl four years ago while off- duty. it could be 15 to life in prison if he is convicted. he is on unpaid administrative leave currently. >> darya: the federal child is dead and two others were recovering from injuries. the fire broke out yesterday morning on still straight in vallejo. here's a video of the firefighters to and a job trying to put the fire at a neighbor's. also held that with
8:37 am
garden hoses. one man ran into the home after a mother ran out of the house and cry better fighter a child was still inside. >>: i have a different and get on to the grass as ours ago. i did go as far as it could before the smoke in metaphysically impossible. pop and debris was falling. >> darya: the mother that he gave a foil are expected to be ok. >> mark: united states is completely lifting its embargo on trade of lethal arms with vietnam. present obama is making the announcement as part of a strict asian. he says lifting the weapons embargo is not based on relations with china but the desire to normalise relations with vietnam's. the u.s. will still analyzed weapon sales on a case by case basis. the and not
8:38 am
once full access as china is land grabbing and also disputing land inside china sea. >> darya: 20 were injured when a shuttle bus turnover in southern california. 60 bulwer series in before with mild to moderate. this happened yesterday afternoon on highway 330 in san burdines amounts. about 6 mi. east of los angeles. it was caring about to enter women coming back from a retreat from the church in downey california. they're not sure what made the bus overturned. >> mark: cumbria's appealing his decision suspension of four deflate. people heading out in memorial day weekend will have more details about that we come back from the break.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> mark: this weekend is memorial day weekend. is it 30 million drivers will be hit the roads this weekend. that is the highest number since 2005 for memorial day weekend. it is setting a record. they believe low gas prices are lee leading to this. it's still 46¢ less
8:42 am
lower than what they paid this time last year/aaa says americans people have saved $15 billion because of the lower gas prices. the highest in the nation are found in. it's a little cheaper in oakland. it's so more and sunday that opened at 286. >> robin: in a major caltrain blake. this happen a burly game at all growth and california. aaron instigating the same accident. the pedestrian was struck by trains. their single tracking through the area. rates are getting through but is causing a major allied. i'll have a complete traffic check when we come back
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> mark: we're tracking news about the fatal caltrain accident. >> robin: the delays are 60 to
8:45 am
90 minutes traveling to san francisco. it throws a lot people off this morning. the trains are packed in the platforms are pack. it will be a tough ride if any luggage or a bike. simic people are out there waiting. they have restored service between san detailed embroiling and. is the fatal incidents that happen on 630 this morning. it's that old growth and california. this is video from sky 7. the streets are still blocked off you cannot get through this crossing. the train service that we have single tracking. do some movement with one track open. they're rolling go through in at reduced speed. will deftly stay on top informations. with reporter gathering information. i am staying atop of the delays make sure you leave early a plant has. >> robin: we have some slow traffic at the bay bridge. this
8:46 am
is heading into center cisco. we have so traffic heading into the plots of. it is picking up and looks a lot better compared to the 7:00 hour. if you're not have been there's an accident on the upper deck that is cleared. it's backed out to west grand and the cylinder to the maze. there's a slight improvement from the west from ride. this pact and the spade 25 minutes from by the west from castelli to oakland. there are no major problems with the nimitz. is a quick check on the south bay no major trouble spots here. it's still stoppable at two lady from san jose going into cupertino. >> dave: reporting out this system char's upstream of that. we will keep an eye on this. ec pack of the north the what we are more interested and. there
8:47 am
is more moisture in vault with tax. there's lots of right now with a good portion of the bay. it gives them for more energy to work with. you can see most the bay and east bay is in the '50s right now. for the giants game versus the padre's by this point at 715 will have it sadder clouds and clearing up the spots. well westbound wince when for 15 to 10. he'll be at chile bridge. data collection bridget the north bay. by 1:00 it does diminish for a rapidly. >> dave: there is another batch that will come. by noon tomorrow will repeat with a little more aggressively with showers potentially. wednesday morning there'll be another system coming and and it does collect around the bay area. the take is
8:48 am
to know the week and from there they will dry out that would not a bad temper shrike. for today's level or '70s and most ever to be in the upper 60s. net mid-70s thursday and friday. we do offer a bit going into the holiday weekend. by memorial day we may spike up. >> darya: tom brady is appealing the federal court ruling to reinstate his suspension. last month the nfl when ruling reinstating the original suspension by the leak. the april reversal came when the federal judge nullified the suspension. the speak because of deficiencies. the nfl claim that credit was involved with making the balls more easy to catch because the ball for smaller. brady could try to take
8:49 am
the case to the u.s. supreme court. >> mark: a man accused of its failure shedding a massachusetts police officer has come to a filing that it. >> james: for a similar shot and killed yesterday evening. this happened at oxford just east of boston. here's the video from the scene and how it all went down. a state trooper was also wounded. he is expected to be. the man had ended after 18 hours. sam brown no shot tarantino fatally during a traffic spot. this standoff last the entire day a shade. sam rommel had a lengthy criminal record. he was released from prison last year he. a traffic cocaine and was guilty of assault and battery and also harming a police officer. police are very familiar with the suspect. he was killed with a gunbattle with police.
8:50 am
>> darya: causey is is facing a trial to see if a criminal investigation for sexual assault will go to trial. did not charge and yet but was arrested in december after its debt position in the woman's lawsuit when it went public. cosby was grilled about giving drugs and alcohol to went before sex and making sicker payments to women he had sex with. >> mark: browning game police rescued two people after a coyote courted them when you're hiking with the dogs. the seven milks' canyon yesterday. the hikers were walking the trouble they're cornered by a coyote would you seem very interested in the ducts. police arrived to sing and they scare the coyote away at. they escorted the dogs and the pikers out of the area. >> darya: opioid prescriptions
8:51 am
in the u.s. are declining for the first time in decades. this is because of a analysis by the n.y. times. but the cotton hit the market the paper says that peaked around 2012 and they have been declining every year since. doctors are giving a warning about these painkillers been addictive. the number of deaths to linked to the blades did not decline. >> mark: these will help you to deal to withdraw cash with your atm and you're smart,. >> reporter: >>: we're going live with center 50 atm machines. 2400 nationwide by the end of the month. 5000 nationwide but in the year.
8:52 am
we'll start here in silicon value to go nationwide quicker. >> reporter: bankamerica at 68 car this experience that the atm in the future. the phones and and profound have this. you add atm to your digital wallet. in settling a charge he is tapping phones to this wireless reader. you putting your pan and do everything that you would normally give. this includes taking a cash. >>: sometimes when a guy for dogger want to the atm and you don't ever what this would be very useful if. this is very content it brings up the question if you use your phone candice's to cash. >> reporter: if the fund as get stolen dealing with access the digital wallet is for your thumb print or your fingerprint. that is all high level of security.
8:53 am
>> reporter: using the phone access the atm is safer than a democratic. texas your digital wallet and your phone when you attach to your atm that authorize the transaction with a fingerprint on your phone. if he still also have to pin #. >> darya: in the south bay somebody is some effort thousand dollars richer and. megan millions lottery ticket the winner is still has not come. this was sold in cupertino and was perched coach wine and liquors and a family of the boulevard. hear the numbers. they deny the power baldpate. if they match all six numbers there is a drawing of more than $20 million. >> mark: their concerns in the
8:54 am
spain after the shooting on the busy freeway. will have more on the latest incident. after the brakes some baby geese we oakley's on the world's slowest pursuit. what more information we come back.
8:55 am
>> mark: oakland chp officers
8:56 am
have posted this on their face but page. it's called the world's slowest pursuit. babies from the freeway with their mother. this is the inner-city- week. this at the bus spellings to. ravitch had stopped for a brief time because they had to crawl the peace and their mother together. >> darya: weeke box office are and. california captain america finally lost. angry birds won the top spot. captain america got to sacrifice. neighbors to serve you rising came in third place just shy of $22 million. the 70 throwback the nice guys earned just $11 million. it got some really good reviews.
8:57 am
>> mark: the soul rebels to it landed in a high of. it will borrow the world. it is the birthplace of the zero wright brothers in ohio is where and when that. the solar poles to didst spent two days and now view after y e after being in hawaii. >> darya: firefighters' making progress on the fire. the men killed who is accused killing a teenager will tell you why the trial may be delayed. continuing coverage of the one person dying after being hit by caltrain on the peninsula. we'll have information about that with traffic.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>darya f: one person was killed after being hit by caltrans all grow five and a this is video from a sound principle helicopt a partnership
9:00 am
with abc 71 person that the then head back caltrans on oak grove avenue this is the sixth fatality involving a couch time this year confirmed. >>will tran: anachronistic started this morning to one half hours later if it appears they're getting ready to open up this intersection this crossing if you concede there with a blue van that is where the body ultimately landed his name is not being released.
9:01 am
>>will tran: to have always read in books like it should be cleared because so many problems because people who normally rely on to outline at the berlin and station which is about and a 7 mi.--8th of a mil e. >>will tran: 11 of the also this morning.
9:02 am
>>robin winston: system operated because a single track and a quick update from the south but a bit soft spot for to any south come to commit directions and send was an accident at the guadalupe park with the sport still wrapping of normal is the bridge is heading south from the commit direction nor the opposite direction if you have to use 280 this morning track of the guadalupe parkway is jammed back in '87 teams went.
9:03 am
>>reporter: the pontiff is to started by endicott him to to take away from all this it will be quite often the next several days a woman up by mid-week in still below average and we can we go into on the " return of the calls a to average.
9:04 am
>>mark d: often inset to argue the case before circuit judge barry williams and an earlier trial here in the bay and another shooting on the east of a freeway. >>jackie sissel: industry was
9:05 am
shut down for several hours as police investigated. >>jackie sissel: and have the never got on the west, 580 a m on 545 yes to the evening they started receiving calls the shots being fired on the french not back on the sea its plan of the quarter shut down the entire west bound lanes of 580 and that conducted the investigation. >>jackie sissel: no suspects have been called in that case and no suspects armed under or rest in this case is.
9:06 am
>>darya f: they rolled over and and and three on the road and oklahoma city they had no answer for kevin and also was booked the two stars combined 63 points and the were in strong offensive is shooting only 35 percent from the floor was on
9:07 am
the well and the house so we have the memory and we're confident we will come out and play really good game again for he called for a flagrant foul his said was an accident adams and a teammate think it was on purpose in the expected to announce its defense for the discipline which could involve a suspension for an accident.
9:08 am
>>mark d: its attitude and to appease their on the road and sandals to gain 5 tonight and jumps and 5:00 our time of next a wildfire burned to our south cruz and monterey county and getting the upper hand will have the latest on how businesses.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>robin winston: a person was struck and killed by trying still we have made the plays anywhere from 25 minutes to one hour the bus to protest and cancel their still single track and for that area is all happening will have reporting live on a single. >>darya f:
9:11 am
>>darya f: did and no homes to record right now the main threat is the parliament of their damage and to cause major polos and the accountant. >>mark d:. >>mark d: the dollar down the stretch average quiet day's sitting at 17,005 07 we will talk to arrive in get more financial.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: a federal into we determine all along the peninsula have an arms expert in i the ride on the san mateo bridge will be slow in the major problems getting over to the peninsula is patch from quarter to the toll plaza all over to the high-rise portion it would take about 20 minutes to get from the night over to the bayshore freeway.
9:15 am
>>robin winston: it is at a crawl the average speed for 1 mi. per hour to drive times and was sent to cupertino. >>reporter: is to be learned direction of the northwestern flow and has toured the concelebrant of the deeper one shares of toward the nor
9:16 am
concealed the collection of called a to can't sing we still see a lot if it is off to the east and '60s and elsewhere in the field collection of showers come in from the east at the morgue or the the beaches quite
9:17 am
cool off for 50 to about 60 the bay side mid-60's on 74 cast. >>reporter:winners and losers. >>rob black: and one consumer spending but we want them to pay their bills sold we're at the trillion dollars of you was credit-card debt in the united states companies like copper one publicly traded to the commercials of time to see if
9:18 am
the companies and to sponsor a halftime of a football show lenders have an assurance of prime customers cars is what is going to give the problem before to pay for and they're doing this in large part because interest rates are so low fare not able to make money on trading stocks. the t>>rob black: this is cleary
9:19 am
pushing out the small and midsize and come clean the average home goes 450,000 down that many doctors to make 250 tot dollars can buy a million- dollar home because it's so competitive subsidize costs one who would would be to open up the regulations will speak for fixed catfish in a quantity of
9:20 am
vehicle safety specialists. . >>rob black: sometimes you and i differ from the chest and philosophy is 51 of those people or emotional support of some of
9:21 am
the number of times and your for your investment to: not worth it and adjust your risk profile instead of having high-tech court stocks to your portfolio go with some more value oriented this to cut down we don't like the panic thing inside of the cure psychic. >>mark d: we will be right back. >>mark d: we will be right back. blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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>>darya f: according to become a district attorney he requires prosecutors to prove that there's substantial pain and a quizzical injuring in this case the boy is too little and too young to give to say he was in pain. >>mark d: in on some of
9:25 am
paralysis and no hope for cure that had this collie named ali about to be put to sleep but moments before they're going to have been paralyzed pulpwood down of the generic and turned discovered attack in the dog's neck the have a neurotoxin in their saliva in the province nerve transition to the muscles and returned to the upper cause paralysis while there but the dog to slit the owners announced that fog to have the dog back. >>mark d: aside from the gunfire had cut his back to the enormous wealth in just 10 hours after he was removed a recent study by
9:26 am
the metropolitan transportation commission reveals 24% of the area carpool lanes are called but if carport cheaters in a jar is costing you money by slowing down the commute for everyone. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: according to a recent survey in the carpool lanes are being called by kron 4 chief they needed to pay for a servant to prove as one of the need to do was ride with us the driver claims he was late for work by the way we fumbles
9:27 am
carport cheat on the way to the dumbarton bridge and, in the world and a car pull violence at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza.
9:28 am
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>>robin winston: members more it news the tracks for open-fatal incident finally cleared it happened around 630 this morning in birmingham and the crews of just off the investigation the
9:31 am
status in the tracking now have both tracks open change again to the bus bridge has been cancelled now northbound to in the here is 17 minutes to get from san jose and cupertino once again the southbound traffic completely cleared of. >>reporter: the giants for
9:32 am
casting brush to the progress of an f-15 game time the temperature is quite chilly mid '50's the breakdown for to 3:00 a shower north and east attention of the temperature is lowered to a percentage from the bay to the in the region partly cloudy by 5:62661 to the core for the next several days spotty, as he finished off the work week. >>terisa estacio: we have and the mom being treated at uc- davis medical center a teenage
9:33 am
boy was hurt in the fire truck morning investigators have been out here going on with it inside of the house trying to trace the stores which spoke of a recession saw the mom running out and she was badly hurt. >>terisa estacio: they're not giving this money be tilt with no special trained dogs are out here this morning trying to pinpoint where this fire started.
9:34 am
>>mark d: he said he refers trip with the slow pace of his can see a more what missing in march of 2012 and went to school should never shut up her bus stop her body has never been found he wasn't arrested after police said they found her dna in his vehicle. >>darya f: today he sent to a court for a plea hearing and also his attorney he was arraigned on two felony counts of child molestation and also mr. minutes talking than jennifer's two counts stem from an as sexual abuse of a kron 4 news to go in san jose what he was off doing i handy just to
9:35 am
presence at the mountain of evidence pointing to a sudden and dramatic catastrophe is itself a submarine to the mediterranean as what to join and hunt for the flight recorders and went down as it was close to finishing and arriving in cairo from paris. >>mark d: edition california borders could be the deciding factor like hillary clinton on burn incense have clashed enough
9:36 am
democrats to win the democratic party nomination to preserve the republican nominee donald trump is also shy of the delegates he need to pick to places americans are restated $15 billion on gas morning because of lower prices.
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>darya f: the oklahoma city thundery came back after this
9:40 am
one he was a disaster and to the fall at first but then in the pit if you look at this and on
9:41 am
what just happened yesterday is an the other series.
9:42 am
>>gary: mind the way you were fabulous on friday the cab to
9:43 am
take on a started to move on to something else and i said can be get her from going up and down on the desk. there was nothing more estimate kick in the past from the home team a on co-worker.
9:44 am
>>darya f: run on to show to you again and was actually his own player the back of his hand when
9:45 am
if him was part of the game he said people in the heat of battle they flail their arms and terrell everything. is just his reputation
9:46 am
>>gary: this the in west about his grand recount from draymond green his plan than in the of the.
9:47 am
>>gary: i want to attribute to print and no one like it.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>>darya f: so saddam's homicide
9:51 am
after they refused to believe that the daughter killed herself in is the focus of today's edition. >>: there does not one but two shots fired the gun was not the hard left hand and she's right hand and an autopsy reason she was leaving her boyfriend jimmy banks just that night that this happened the family cannot get anyone to listen to them i have the body exhumed and pander to have a private forensic pathologist and dr. william anderson she had amassed a
9:52 am
fracture to her job she believed before she was found that was deemed her incapacitated. >>mark d: a final check of the area weather and traffic >>reporter: their early tomorrow
9:53 am
on the way of mexico and costa eastman but develops more the out of town of to the dark at a small a little bit more aggressive than its predecessor for today. >>robin winston: fun assembly traffic is thick enough to bay bridge toll plaza still back to west when the slight improvement 22 minutes from the maze to get into downtown san francisco 5 it was richmond san rafael bridge mind when some of the caste lines on the left as about an a la the stock will track of what's on 80 out of reach an lbo crashes 20 minutes for her release to the manes we have a residual couch and the list of
9:54 am
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>>mark d: a team of barrels of a seattle turned and were like a spa upside down called the pitch of their name after our program is syndicated in the all- american girl professional baseball league they're probably the design keeps score but they're keeping score less in
9:57 am
his war memorial day weekend temperatures on the mild side but not too hot and the ultimate seven along the the '60s and the cult that and doesn't like too much aqaba there was a possibility. >>mark d: stay connected with
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." he's the father of her baby. >> dr. phil: you choked her while she was pregnant? >> he wasn't like that in the beginning. >> dr. phil: we're not at the beginning. >> announcer: will she leave him? >> every time i try to walk away from jayson, tries to get my kids taken away from me. >> dr. phil: have you threaten to blow her mother's house up? >> yes. >> announcer: he's got kids of his own. >> i never have done anything sexually with my children. >> announcer: shocking allegations. >> dr. phil: the child talked about being touched. >> i need to know the truth.


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