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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PST

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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>james: we are tracking the storm heading the bay area pretty decent shower is just off shore me to the live picture the north bay was getting ahead fairly hard yesterday in the slightly shower the still being seen and as i will have broad drop one of rock the day and. >>james: we have team coverage. >>anny h: we have quite a bit of rain so far falling we are going
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to see some barely when the conditions for the morning and early afternoon hours we are picking up some widespread rain for part of the east bay and the north bay heavy rain approaching off the coast and south of san the salem san jose your on the dry conditions will zoom to the east vacancy we are to my ran out for concord walnut creek in danville and the site it will be in the oakland area as well let's zoom and over to the east bay in oakland where you can see some what conditions alameda in berkeley we are trying to set a look at the north where we do have some light rain falling also. >>anny h: let's go to the north the vacancy light ran for novato center fell stinson beach and would take a we are looking at some light rain for inverness
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and also in the boston area santa rosa we have a lot of rain over the last two to four hours west and under what conditions on a park not bill as well san francisco for the most part is drive we are tracking some more intense rain coming through half moon bay and also points out of half moon bay would consist of more moderate to heavy rain indicated by the yellow. >>anny h: moran also for the weekend and saturday and sunday and flash flood watches still in effect until sunday evening this is for the north to you to see
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the areas highlighted in green creeks and streams will likely flood were already see some of them you want to watch for a pounding and flooded roads a when advisers also now in effect until 2:00 this afternoon temperatures in the fifties 58 in oakland 54 in the more of the '50s and san jose and the high today will be a lot of the fifties out the including 59 in oakland 58 in livermore pushing close to 60 in san jose for this out a friend.
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>>robin w: we are starting off hot spot free and that is always a great star listed the ride in the east bay heading into san francisco looking good for now at the bay bridge toll plaza on all the way up to a sfo trouble- free in both directions let's check the map travel time high
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we for off to a great star was about a quick 15 minute trip. >>robin w: if you have to drive this one from the east bay to the south bend it in south ride looks good only 21 minutes from 238 to 37 if you're about to u 101 is also an accident install free from south san jose all the way of to sunnyvale. >>james: let's head to the north there were we have the storms close in several schools will let you know of any more school closers but those of before the we know about the storms of our because car crashes mudslides and it toppled trees and the north in the hardest hit so far. >>phillipe d: considering the
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flooding just take a look a couple of sebastopol needed to lead rescued after their car stalled out on this road the rosa parks expressway off limits just west of highway 101 where the rain turned the street into our river a close eye also being kept on the creek in petaluma where the waters are rising it was breezy and like everywhere else but san that station available for neighbors hoping to keep their homes drive. >>phillipe d: for the south is also leader pablo work crews san the afternoon talking down trees that collapsed on brent blend triumph driving condition difficult pets does not seem to mind the rain would cause problems on the freeway with a factor in this crash on of on 101 with the california highway
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patrol started tell getting into slippery conditions may have led to the collision. >>phillipe d: from sausalito to novato even those with umbrellas did their best to enjoy the rain. >>james: take a look at these pictures that was sent to us and she says it to talk to par polls and occidental yesterday this is some there were probably going to see repeated throughout the weekend led had to the east to bay and part of the region it got hit hard with the rain caused some mudslide the team coverage continues with. with. >>jeff b: parents picked up
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their kids from school in the downpour it was a soggy day in the east bay for sure drivers on the highway will forced to deal with the rain the jobs of the rain at what buying the roadway was saturated in water wall off into the gutters mudslides of claremont avenue in berkeley cars will forced to borrow around the pile of earth and rock that come loose from the hillside and deposited on to the street several slides but no major damage.
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>>jeff b: by all accounts it's loaded by the progress would most would not mind because of the drought. >>james: we have him saying that his friends for him out of class and a notice how close is car was getting to flooding the war was about 3 in. high use the mobile application is a report it but in the surplus with the get right into news one worker on to the broadcast in the morning news san francisco is bracing for al macneil as every other part of the bay starting
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monday that oakley and additional shelter to get people are homeless fog and rain these public shelters would include sleeping mats and blankets meals and health services and did try to be there for the homeless and is very difficult time with the weather the way is the san francisco new temple where flood barriers are back out is the 17th and folsom streets their plan of together this in the project for a pilot program is designed to protect san francisco homes and businesses. >>: of course we hope that they will make the ultimate repair that will make it so does not happen anymore.
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>>james: these various cost more than a hundred and $60,000 they're also looking at more permanent solutions official said it would take years and hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the problem in the republican president to candidas or a lot less than a week before the next round of primary is 58 it should woman to 61 this afternoon drive for now even the south bay will get a few sprinkles will have more on the forecast coming up.
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>>james: the roads are try to resolve a lot of standing water is not an act of writing--- >>anny h: human being, what
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condition the bay bridge and is getting some rain right now you can see the end this some heavy rain approaching through the san mateo area this morning is what for 101 and 280 what conditions the foster city belmont and san carlos we've been getting
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hammered yesterday and right now is just from a light rain all across from ran up to parliament and santa rosa pockets of the wine country drying out right now but also what for vacaville and fairfield. >>anny h: we do see some heavy rain coming from by the 9:00 hour potentially in santa rosa
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you can see pockets of some more moderate to heavy rainfall indicated by the yellow. we're not expecting widespread rain would still see some light rain going through the south bay and fremont and san response to watch in the creeks and streams alike with the flood are raising some of that and have to watch the pond aflutter roadway is the wind advisory including the san francisco area.
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>>anny h: we do expect the winds pick up over the next few hours keep that mine is you're heading out the door antioch middlesex dish 58 in the the more checking out extended forecast we are attracting more showers saturday night and sunday you will want to spring for such a clock tower had before you go to sleep.
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>>robin w: we're tracking the ride on the golden gate bridge in this is the commute so far we're also track in the ride and five in western world is a wet out there you can reduce your speed take it easy on the on and off from if you use the richmond san rafael bridge right about now you will enjoy the ride so far we're also looking good for the east bay we're tracking the ride was about to for coming out walnut creek lafayette aranda
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the damaged freeway heading south to 1 minutes from san leandro. >>james: they're not the only place dealing with bad weather there's a severe flooding across parts of the south fought the death toll from the most recent storm continues to rise. >>reporter: marijuana resin is not to underestimate the magnitude of the conflict and the entire state is now an emergency declaration and a grant from the southeast for another day in his talk about
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scenes like this one in neighboring mississippi when he was arrested at the driver to fluttering that state's governor also declared a state of emergency is all part of a storm system for four deaths including one in hard-hit texas were flash flood watches were in effect thursday extending well into the mississippi river valley it is set to continue through the weekend in areas already reeling. o >>reporter: perhaps the greatest risk northern louisiana were official thursday expended already massive evacuation order. >>james: a father is behind bars this one at the tech is the daughter hostage the situation led to a standoff with police in san jose that receive the car from the mother of the three heroes and her husband had a handgun and a barricade himself
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in the child in their home that arrived and surrounded the house and altman with negotiated the eventually surrendered his daughter and harmlessly after six hours standoff he turned themselves over and was taken into custody. >>james: the deaths sparked several protest against police lost angeles firefighters enormous wall of flames can be seen in the video showing exactly that black smoke billowing into the air and drifting toward downtown east l.a. as a matter of fact the least a 100 firefighters on sing to battle the blaze no injuries reported in the cause of the
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fire is still known this morning here is a live look outside to take a look at the oakland bay bridge toll plaza were trapped on westbound 80 is ok for right now. >>james: we will have more on the forecast coming up.
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>>robin w: no prominent no magic troublespots coming up with a look at the bay bridge.
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>>james: a republican president to debate at a different tone less-of the usual mudslinging and shouting the had more calm and collected discussions. >>reporter: apparently the canada's would just as surprised as the crowd during the gop debate if the final four republicans running for president were for the most respectful as a discuss policy is a key issue for florida one hot topic of this program called it one being and hard in legal immigration for highly skilled workers that of some also asked what his recent comments on muslim the debate is
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a make or break moment for more rubio who was quick to remind the crowd that he is in his home state. >>reporter: the front runners and a message to his party if he gets the votes it should be a republican nominee. >>anny h: marais to heavy rain moved into berlin game in san mateo right now more details of an el nino storm coming of
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>>anny h: here is a closer look at the storm track for radar. do
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expect some very wet conditions satellite rain this is the dry conditions in san jose will be as much of the action but you will see some light ran out of the neck system--next system. >>anny h: we've been watching the storm so we have a little better lightning around cisco by
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9:00 you consider some pockets of heavy rain and santa rosa the rain starts to attack from by lunchtime a few showers are
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possible including santa rosa 11:00 will keep the showers. >>anny h: we have to watch for a condom in flooded roads also when advisory is in affect announced a 2:00 p.m. today this is for areas and blue that includes san francisco temperatures a fairly mild that and the pineapple is one to be
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snowing quite a bit for the weekend respecting to 4 ft. of fresh know by monday morning another system sunday and monday and then we start to dry out next week on tuesday and.
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>>robin w: there was a crash eastbound with the count to commit direction once again if you have had ease to live in the peninsula as a minor delay approaching the incident. >>james: you see the four on the
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screen these at the sonoma county include bird reveals school salmon creek charter school in mountain really doing in school the all the close to anyone to keep the tune if we find out of any more schools closed in the north they or elsewhere will let you know. >>james: down load the mobile application for the weather and traffic and for the forecast in your neighborhood pals at a school in berkeley believe that the crosswalk near schools unsafe again there was struck by a car and sears injured in the crosswalk. >>james: there were taken to hospital the loss suffered two broken legs the driver was cited for failing to guild and of
4:37 am
parents are saying this crosswalk needs to be safe from the city of berkeley does not have any specific plans all across although they said they're looking at several options the city has also been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in state grants to big improvements and to nearby intersections along their mind they hope those changes will improve safety in front of john muir elementary school the ordinance will be discussed the called the person of the five and a dollars for using an extra seat the police chief says it
4:38 am
hasn't passed the measure and would prefer start with public out of reach and warnings instead. >>gabe s: they set the date for the next big media event what would unveil.
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>>james: just a quick look at
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the storm tracker 4 we have what looks like a moderate to heavy rain on the peninsula coastline we will be tracking this brought the morning as were setting the stage for another day apple senate got the invitation what could a bid up their sleeves not sure. >>gabe s: hold off until after march 21st that is which event as a second place the invite to the press and had the image that said let us look you in that make us think some of what is in one year since it was unveiled and bids on the typical yearly release it would make sense that this will then have to watch unveiled even however the rumor is pointed to a new home and a new tabloid remember the
4:42 am
cheaper $100 phone this one would be at 4 and smaller cheaper version of the iphone the room is 0.2 unknown 9.7 in. but it would drop the air label and the a new pro that a smaller and cheaper the giant cannot in the fall with a whopping 12 to 9 in. screen and heavy-duty specs and at some of this new technology into a smaller 9.7 in. and it is cheaper that could make sense still rely posting from this press event you could follow us on facebook or twitter. >>robin w: so far no major
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crashes that is good news to live look here at the ride across the golden gate bridge still smooth at the limit in both directions a complete shock to come of after the break.
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>>anny h: aside for the land and is coming in is the wind that we're concerned about the wind advisories in effect now was it when stronger over the next few hours we are starting to track
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more heavy rain to come through attention from stinson beach to san francisco montero and also half moon bay in the see the yellow and all the moisture behind if you're in the peninsula expect some really what conditions over the next few hours. >>anny h: you could see some what the this is potentially some light rain to the bay bridge out their oakland it was a quick check owhat is happening outside on the golden gate bridge will you concede cloud conditions out there and mike have a little bit of
4:47 am
drizzle we do have more showers and rain in the forecast for today will have more rights to one commit at 7:00 best allocate the umbrellas and of the storm gear handy for today at 9:00 to consist of more moderate to heavy rain professionally for santa rosa. >>anny h: the winds also been strong throughout the morning and early afternoon expect a few scattered showers out their it will be widespread but we do expect the weakness for quite a few folks this evening the when
4:48 am
adviser also now in effect of this is for areas highlighted in blue san francisco and also san jose's south bay area this is continuing until 2:00 p.m. today with the sea gusted to 45 mi. from our watch out expressly if you're driving flying debris down trees and power lines. >>anny h: a little breezy for half moon bay and time for oakland and hayward the ones
4:49 am
with its strongest test on the san mateo coastline temperatures are fairly mild lot of myths of the fifties this morning in the next few days were still tracking two more storms to come through again the one we're do with now will last for the morning and afternoon hours. >>robin w: we have a few raindrops on the camera and started to come down a little bit driving into san francisco you need wipers rosa went remember to take it easy and there's also a little bit of a back up in the cache line is
4:50 am
about monocrats working at a high rise that the car to commit direction amid the trouble spots for 80 or 101 a quick a minute trek come from the pay is having to borrow one connector chicken chow time for the south they didn't bring from san jose to sunnyvale for no. 1118 minutes the problems of the santa cruz mountain for north on 17th into san jose along the peninsula 11 no. 92 of to the central freeway in san francisco. >>robin w: east 12 and one to
4:51 am
one block off east and west down 12 in sonoma county in one- to-one closed because of the flooding as well. >>james: according to please a woman of what a home around 2:00 a.m. and she is confronted by three men of the corner of granada street and west explained the woman was attacked by those men and suffered nonlife three injuries police
4:52 am
said all three attackers escaped in a black hatchback car the detectives asked asking for people live in the area to check its security cameras. >>james: they arrested him on wednesday prosecutors charged 21 year-old with felony counts of vandalism he's good to appear in alameda county superior court later on today for a strike in the history of the city college and san francisco could come in the near future the union president claims the levels of faulty are below 20 in 2007 levels despite a higher cost of living california me about a soon joined white and become the second state in the nation to
4:53 am
raise the legal age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products san francisco has on city law but yesterday the state legislature approved the bill that makes buy as a to back are to have the biggest one years old to back upon as a threatening to help prices among young people in california the government signed the bill before to become law. >>james: the condition that we've seen all around the bay a lot of wet weather heading to the peninsula some are ready falling to concede all lower left corner of your screen big blob of yellow that is the heavy rain. more to come in just a minute
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>>james: the program gives the low income family access about 25% cheaper rate than with internally find the storm about one and pretend it's a hard time for and diapers for their children they're not covered by federal assistance programs and launches at the end of next month and the president says the online retailer and the gold as it were to be taken on an oakland native than in ireland and the trail blazers won the two teams met last month in portland they handed them the most lopsided loss of the season with a win tonight they will improve the home and stricter 47 games and one step closer to 72 winds which would tie the record for most wins in the season a little dog in the
4:57 am
up in a very unusual spot in phoenix. >>james: patrol officer spot half of small dollars round in the street when he honked but one guy ran under his car and jumped up about 20 minutes later animal control workers got on the scene and were able to get her out cases it is all part of the job this is to hold her for about three days and she will be up for adoption.
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this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>darya: flash flood watches and the fact this is from yesterday and see how much water is on the roadway the reporters all over the bay area what to expect before you leave the house.
5:01 am
>>james: we will see with the action looks like on the ground as a slide over to the south bank bought a lot of action just above the entire line of showers will slowly worked his way across the bay and altman to macy's and showers at some point it back to cast for coming up in just a few minutes to talk more about how we expected it to develop.
5:02 am
>>james: you're going to run its heavy rain in the next 15 minutes again this is one of the total to restore the will be impacted as where tracking it and stay here for the update in 15 minutes. >>robin w: everything looks good in the heart of the they will have problems with flooding in places like sonoma county highway 12 and one-to-one along the coast be careful as you work your way nothing major and the heart of the they damage a hot spots or crashes for the road toward traffic is picking up
5:03 am
about 10 minutes from the maze and to downtown san francisco. will t: it came down at 8:00 last night of the good news is no one was injured at the tree from a different direction we've heard this before it could have been worse but it fell and missed the house right next to the tree this tree sits on city
5:04 am
properly and you can see why because on the other side of the fence that is where it starts crashes through the defense came down here you this is a city of alameda came out in the block this area off of it and cut in the trunk the woman does walk right here she said faintly this was not my property we know the home owner for is inside sleeping he will talk to was a little bit later his car is the only one that could of been worse even though it is not raining right now it is still gusting.
5:05 am
>>reporter: you to see that i completely soaked in this is a harvest ran we have said and takes a look of death to life you can see how hard it is running out here we know this is already in area that is prone to flooding and there is high surf warning right now at this moment we are reducing spending water on the pacific appear.
5:06 am
>>darya: for schools are closed and some accounting public works
5:07 am
crews are shopping down trees and cost and that actually fell down. >>mark: put sandbags in place before the words of brian down across the east of the cause major backups we always a lot more on the storm track the trend is a lot more rain to come over the next three days.
5:08 am
>>darya: police responded and found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds the palace and the east of their ticket action after a young girl was hit by a car in the crosswalk in her school police and nine your girl and her mother were in the crosswalk on clear my avenue allure broke both of her legs cancer speaking on the cross what needs to be
5:09 am
safe and the city of berkeley does not have any specific plans for all to the cause of all of its development server options is also the water hundreds of thousand dollars and state grants to make improvements at two nearby intersections along claremont they hope those changes will improve safety in from of john muir >>darya: he took his young daughter hostage the situation led to a standoff with police in san jose the third for your thomas had a handgun and barricaded himself and his three year-old daughter inside his home swat team shot of an answer from the house and try to
5:10 am
negotiate given to limit his daughter got to the police if she was not hurt after a six hour standoff he turned himself over to authorities and he was arrested. >>mark: may founder tuesday in fremont and say they were working on an apartment complex 50 mi. blvd. fish from the bones in the dirt police such a construction site they're waiting for some identification happened to the former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest right next to her husband is a protestant or that would take place at the reagan presidential library in simi valley principal viewed her casket to pay their respects first lady michelle president obama mrs. reagan died on sunday at the age of 94 it was a
5:11 am
different tone as the gop candidates took the stage last a week before the next round of primaries will have highlights from the debate the justice department says there is evidence of a planned attack on the san bernardino shooters from will have the lead details. >>james: we will be right back. i try hard to get a great shape.
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>>james: all of the yellow and orange nice heavy shower was coming down right now slide the map would bid more one to show you that is one to change
5:16 am
because the system will be headed in your direction it will take is * a will track that here every 15 or so amendments as for the east of a light shower does all we're seeing right now for 680 in concord of walnut creek in danville.
5:17 am
>>james: keep the umbrella handy all day the wind is also picking up where sing some strong went out there have more of a 40 mi. an hour sustained when.
5:18 am
>>anny h: the when the advisory is in affect and continues until 2:00 this afternoon how much rain have gone so far in the last 24 hours the south bay
5:19 am
picking up a lot less compared to the north to the communities. >>robin w: we are still hot spot
5:20 am
free with no major crashes that is excellent news if you do have some driver to do is one to be what the rose arbor dislike watched the speed of the live look at the right hand to and from t golden gate bridge there are is was on the lan configuration to help out the north traffic heading south into san francisco. >>robin w: no major trouble spots from 80 in 101 that connection five midwest will be small for nonmedical was spots to slow down the ride track and drive times they look great
5:21 am
fremont is one to his 16 minute drive this topic and you also hot spot for him off my 280 in san jose to cupertino august 85 as of 11 minute trip so far so good. >>mark: and of u.s. and in these photos tosses said that his friends pulled him out of class and a notice how close the car was to flood into the world are about 3 in. or at the park the car every day early that they the fuel to the flooding. >>mark: republican president of the bay had a different town last night consider the use of mudslinging and shouting the had a more calm and collected discussion. >>reporter: apparently the
5:22 am
candida's would just as surprised one hot topic of these a program called it would be encouraging the immration that of some also asked about his recent comments on muslims. >>reporter: they also used his
5:23 am
road to connect to sort orders the front runner send a message to his party is against the vote he should the republican nominee. >>darya: it is not clear carson is going to be there but that is what is supposed to happen he surprised many by banker front runner and the gop race last year. >>mark: let us look you when that is the invitation to apple's next event details on
5:24 am
who the police are looking for right now a look at the storm tracker 4 will get another hit right now was a heavy rain in the bay area heavy rain from iran and san francisco stretch of the to the east bay expecting rain and the forecast today tomorrow and sunday and a little on monday we have more.
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>>mark: federal prosecutors filed an accord after a guest today the government in the community need access to the foam that must comply with the court order to unlock the buyers the lawyers apple in the justice department argued the case before a federal judge on
5:28 am
march 22nd a small or cheaper version of that will be given on march 21st. >>james: and rivera and portion of the bay bridge toll plaza come down right now full for castro and. will t: when it was here
5:29 am
yesterday it was damaging you to see a tree came down will shame the rest of the damage coming up a live report. and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate.
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>>robin w: the no. listen number counted 12 and 121 the normal spot kiowa and valid for a completely closed because of flooding.
5:32 am
>>james: we have heavy rain now been reported across the span and making his way into oakland your ease to bay to san francisco commit friends across the bay bridge know the right now and for the foreseeable future of the works as well across it will be pretty dicey were also selling similar conditions. >>james: from ocean beach all went down to just south of montero with the seventh and right there at the boy allowed a lot of have a right come on shore to the type paulo out so
5:33 am
we have heavy rain coming down right now with darker on this and read the clause autos as well and that at the moment is the rain line to the east of that if we ever have a lifetime but the entire island will be under heavy rain probably in the next 1520 minutes tear and the wide appeal a lot of activity still offshore for the entire day to day to the umbrella handy a lot of black flies
5:34 am
heading west. >>robin w: 15 minutes from 880 out 11 tracking the drive times the great so far for the east bay san ramon valley dublin and to change livermore valley fremont and union city and oakland all doing just fine no problem for 8868238 or 580 so far the committee is a pretty good shape.
5:35 am
will t: the damage from yes today is down for you to see what it did this car was parked on the road away across from a tree house right next to a home for some of the tree did not go on top of the home the choice of
5:36 am
the soil is very saturated. >>reporter: the rain has learned of the wind has died down but we want to show you what it was like along the street here.
5:37 am
>>mark: >>darya: down load the mobile application belmont police are
5:38 am
invested in the early morning sexual saw this happen around to yesterday morning on the corner of without a street and wessex way she suffered non-life threatening injuries they say this is an unusual crime for the area they're asking people who live in the here to check the
5:39 am
security camera to see these all was recording other parts of the country that we are getting big storms will take a look at the damage in the deadly storms in the southeast of going to lose an hour of sleep this weekend that might not last long there was a push in california to outlaw the daylight savings. botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti.
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5:42 am
they're asking people to return the not what they bought them for a refund.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>>james: on sunday as well patrick t wap had run over the next few days to the tune will walk it through and at this is a star right now san francisco the entire city sing then read now that extends across the golden gate bridge your morning commute you're heading into the east bay heading to san francisco you're running into some moderate rain was to get into san francisco's sign as a slab the map of the
5:46 am
peninsula percent of the getting up from underneath and. >>james: pushing on into los altos and getting closer and closer to sunnyvale in bench with sun as it will start to see the morning showers and at the ride a complete early. >>james: they're getting some of those heavy showers with more on
5:47 am
the way as a move across the bay we have some showers here for the 7:00 hour as we push forward in time to about nine closely the morning commute but were still looking at like to moderate rainfall by noontime is a little more scattered. >>james: potential thunderstorm to deal with a is a push for to about the commute hours you see we have some showers in the east and southwest at that point it should continue to come down brought the nine that will be the end of storm one.
5:48 am
>>anny h: and we will start with the when advised you mentioned so that does affect the entire bay area with the exception of the north than the one that buys it doesn't affect parts of the east bay's san jose area and also the peninsula and san francisco this is an attack now until 2:00 p.m. this affects the
5:49 am
got the uc and green also the san francisco peninsula coastline in the bay shoreline you seen this continuing now until sunday evening also will get more pond and flooded roads of all this when expected also track in the snow and the sierra will to storm warning in effect it to see these areas and think what what what also and the fact. >>anny h: respecting the rain to turn over into snot will also be breezy over the weekend to keep
5:50 am
that mine is a driving up on 50 and 80 and were looking at some pretty treacherous conditions in the look of the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast stormy stormy stormy career today tomorrow and also some them we do finally start to dry out monday morning and into tuesday of next week. >>robin w: the backup is not too bad it is beyond 880 just beyond what the plan it is not through the maze so that is good news
5:51 am
all the connections are find track in the ride on 92 continue to pick up the still moving well westbound, i would even the eastbound looking good on the peninsula 1560 minutes from 88101 right now animate to troublespots 15 minutes from san rafael to san francisco even this out of it looks pretty good for now when one looks good no trouble for more detail getting into downtown san jose quick to one minute ride.
5:52 am
>>mark: the woosy and governor is a warning residents not to underestimate the magnitude of the coming flood drought is not on the emergency declaration heavy rain, the south east for another day officials expanded an already massive evacuation of and response to what they saw as an imminent breach of levees and the area and supporters said
5:53 am
tobacco policy of trying to help crisis the governor still have to sign the bill for to become law. >>darya: the expressed concerns about how they would close the consequences this a different regulations might be too broad and will target the homeless then go to talk about how to revamp this the current proposals are the balls to the first offense.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>mark: it is starting on this sunday morning 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m. california has a build up answer to abolish the practice of changing clocks tarsier.
5:57 am
>>mark: arizona and they don't change after this weekend storms will have cabin fever we will be back with a complete look at the forecast.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
there's a tidy cats for that. this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: heavy rain come to the bay area right now really heavy the bay bridge more heavy rain coming out of the san mateo coastline edge tech check
6:01 am
>>james: we do have a good handful as for me will focus on the rhine was zone and engage the bay bridge and golden gate bridge into san francisco as you can see the cell structures led across the richmond san rafael bridge here in richmond second with about 580 across the span out for san filled them with heavy rain in the next 20 minutes before finally clears the span of missing some heavy rain and is lighter at the golden gate bridge faugh.
6:02 am
>>james: palo alto right now is the, the south they ran the have light showers nothing been reported in downtown san jose that is what we see at least from the radar map he was quickly the what you need to know will back up from showers of almost at that when temperatures in the mid to upper
6:03 am
fifties by 3:00 we could see some thunderstorms popping up with wanted to umbrella handy make it caught underneath when those temperatures maximum the low 60s today will t: we do expect to see the crew to come back out here a little bit later to finish the cleanup the car is right behind me to concede the damage from the tree fortunately of the barely missed the house no injuries to anyone inside no injured to this car as well but the when we can tell you the
6:04 am
wind is picking up the plan is pretty much in a holding pattern if you own a tree to be careful. will t: it swing back and forth and get it checked out let's show you some pictures of of the carla's go back in time. will t: it starts and the other side of the fans crashed through came down put yellow to appear as well to make sure people don't even think about coming
6:05 am
out and touching the tree we know that the home owner of very long night he from to talk to was a one hour from now. >>reporter: is slow to address all here but the wind is still blowing in just a second ago the rain was blown sideways if you want to be out here it will be a nuisance to be out in this line is at the pier is) now again in a drizzling and will see some stand in water that is in the street again is not stopping
6:06 am
people from coming out here we see people walking their dogs you to see down there were the sea wall has failed that there still blocked off in that area and their construction problem that today's rain does not exacta make those issues down there. >>reporter: it is not as heavy as it was before but this still definitely rain in. >>robin w: moving just of the better in the fast-track plan to have fast track you will save a
6:07 am
little bit of time with his back of stretches beyond a of a cross and is now beyond was planned but not through the maze. >>darya: the big storms had for some school action what surprised us as to live elsewhere the school clothes but some accounting.
6:08 am
>>mark: they sent us these pictures and the cars get some water and the have any pictures of the flooding the storms caused car crashes when shown you flooding and mudslides all of the bay area the wrong part expressway. >>darya: a flash flood watches in effect until sunday in southern iran and sauce with a public works crew are shopping down trees that fell over nickel and drives a heavy downpour has made it a national the chp recommending leave space between carter's the is to bay
6:09 am
getting hit hard with iran to the water flowing down the streets like small rivers and berkeley to many people in the area were prepared as a lot one of the biggest on the the coming and the slow drivers town hall on the east bank calls in some major backups police in the east valley looking for gunman after a deadly shooting last night >>darya: the shots were fired on police got there they found a young man who had been shot and died at st. a father and a sow
6:10 am
that is behind bars this morning after taking his own daughter hostage this bonded house and try to negotiate with him and eventually he did lead to walk to a plea should not hurt after a six hour standoff he cannot was arrested. >>mark: that have gone to the new john merritt elementary school in berkeley a car fell to yield and have them both and were taken to the house will build a core group of her legs and the driver was ticketed for failing to yield panza speaking
6:11 am
on same the crosswalk need to be safer. >>darya: we first broke the story down the 9:00 hour it is not appear the drugs of all the factors in that crash that video here of the bite that you can see from helicopter partnership this happened at east 13th
6:12 am
street the driver remained at the scene and cooperate with investigators. >>mark: the private funeral will take place at 11:00 this one into reagan presidential library in simi valley and is the people past the casket of the past two days before slating former president george w. bush and former for sledding hillary clinton nicely recall some of the popular products like the decision and appease the install for design them will stay with a
6:13 am
dangerous animal was found inside of the frozen meal to pri's on the storm slammed in the bay area very heavy rain showing up.
6:14 am
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6:16 am
>>james: looking at condition the beginning to light of the lead at the golden gate bridge and only the golden gate bridge but ultimately the west about the ride from the east bay and the richmond out for the brand accounted looking at conditions that will steadily get more intense on the bay bridge.
6:17 am
>>james: we have south san francisco do with some heavy showers were in the way across what sfo and robert heard about 657 cancelled we're looking is some light rain south of that we all right that 101 ride down and the south and it looks ok for now speaking of the east in the
6:18 am
tech look at the ballot we have danville san ramon to evidence ok by now in dublin and pleasanton you're picking up some light rain was to pop out of the caldecott tunnel.
6:19 am
>>james: saturday storm to come isn't played no. the early the rest of the bay area probably in the afternoon here is a clear attempt as mild mental fifties the win also thinking of look at oakland 20 mi. an hour sustained when 23 out half on bay 24 and write city all the come from the southwest direction/.
6:20 am
>>anny h: is in effect until sunday evening watch for more creeks and streams between now and then and also watch for more convict and flooded roads, trained to get so far in the last two to four hours of impressive numbers girn bell technical for and is not all tool almost three-quarters point raised over 2 in. richmond one and three-quarters in the east bay san francisco downtown also
6:21 am
pick of over an inch of land buffeted on saturday night you want to spring for set your clocks and howard had before going back to sleep or going to sleep. >>robin w: we're tracking arise out of oakland to san francisco
6:22 am
in a block in the two lanes is going to be slow coming out of hayward and to the peninsula rechecking travel times and they're not so bad it is the e sure freeway's 17 minutes from hercules to the maze that is considered friday led normally would have been talking about slow conditions on south 242 in south 680.
6:23 am
>>reporter: appended the can is would just as surprised as the crowd during the gop debate the final four republicans running for president were for the most part of respectful immigration is the key issue for florida one hot topic of this program called it would be.
6:24 am
>>reporter: the debate is a make or break from florida senator mark o. were built who was quick to remind the crowd of that he is in his home state take a look at this the campaign trail getting violent a white man attempting attending a donald trump rally set the price of
6:25 am
black protesters in the of the protesters were kicked out of the north carolina avenue to see the fight lawn and highlight a circle after the punch officers wrestled the protest and his attacker when back to his seat and sat down it was called on many people cell phones will have video the events have increasingly been the site of confrontation between protesters and supporters he told a partner that he attacked him simply because of how he looked. >>darya: does not condone this type of behavior.
6:26 am
>>darya: >>james: back with more on the forecast in a minute. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
6:27 am
>>darya: nasa is recalling the frozen milk products that
6:28 am
include the journal spent and garlic piece of and stole first to a lasagna officials of the company said the have the small pieces of glass found in some of those products no injuries related to consumers you can potiphar restore for reform. >>james: really from berkeley all the way down to santayana that is not even the heaviest will show that to you coming up.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>mark: we manage to close 44 points for the dow jones industrial average were now over 17,000 or 17,040 gaddafi job hundred and four. .
6:31 am
>>james: as remove the map you see the heavy rain impact most of the peninsula coastline with more on the with the cyclical
6:32 am
your keys to the commune ride from a wood out to the peninsula that is what we are sitting on the library of you have is we do need to know to get the kids ready for school.
6:33 am
>>mark: 10 covers as we track the storm in the bay area. will t: the hot water was
6:34 am
brought in his car was parked right in front it goes on top of its mastercard like a tent and the roof collapsed the windows shattered on both sides the back would also shattered did not stop there and one across the street he would monteux's will be heard what he saw it is not raining right now the big concern is wendy we don't know of were given the job we've been hearing some crackling noises not sure if it is a tree or branch we've been jumpy.
6:35 am
>>reporter: the rain is still drizzling the wind is still blowing but is a lot better than we've seen in past hours to concede sandbags and a vacancy in a lot of the rain and standing water you concede the wind is blowing down there by looking at the flagpole there still people for out here this morning.
6:36 am
>>robin w: we're tracking a trouble spot on the san mateo bridge we circled the city conceded that is a crass no injuries but we have two lanes blocked and cruise apple stock to the shoulder is west of town just west of the toll plaza once
6:37 am
again was 92 west of the pay get into the accident will want to shoulder in the slow to the scene it will pick up the hierarchy is less than 25 minutes. >>mark: take a look it these pictures sent and they said this trip to talk to power poles this happen an accidental yesterday
6:38 am
avoided driving to stand in water if you sit in and looks tying. >>mark: we send customers when the flood warnings come out you can also shoot pictures and the part of our coverage. >>darya: big news this morning california right-to-die law takes effect in three months if allowed to come and kill people and their lives with medication prescribed by dr. they're holding a special section yesterday paved the way for a lot to take effect nine phases open to you the law have been in limbo it was passed following heavily publicized case of brittany the 29 door to a california woman who had brain
6:39 am
cancer she moved to oregon so she can legally in her life in 2014 after bank would take about the new program the white house is launching to make diapers more affordable what track and heavy rain for you and is starting to make the switch for the golden gate.
6:40 am
6:41 am
thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding,
6:42 am
and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. >>mark: the white house wanted a new initiative to make that is more affordable for low-income families and gives low-income families access to diapers for up to 25% less the was currently available the white house said about one and three families have trouble for diapers for their children they're not covered by federal assistance programs like food stamps this total amount of the and in the next what president obama says online retailer jet that, cuties and several nonprofits are collaborating to make this happen.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: the new emergency declaration and our place to areas an existence that the reason like spend severe weather does not want to live up anytime soon there one in was is not to underestimate the magnitude of the flood threat interstice on the emergency declaration with heavy rain, in the southeast for another day in officials expanded our pretty massive evacuation order neighboring mississippi mud was the lead there was a mercy decorous in there as well. >>james: the key to the commute
6:46 am
from oakland into san francisco the span on the bay bridges and the like brian will have let ran also in the richmond san rafael bridge heading into marine accounted the golden gate bridge and the light rain for the most part this is like the live look at the big block of yellow come on shore this of having the rea tracking in the last of the. >>james: the south today is not
6:47 am
as bad a we are seeing activity pickup san jose sent to mike shower some developers in los altos all of this lease to the bottom of the screen this is streaming in your direction activity will pick up over the course of the next hour. >>james: you run into that and the like this is what all of and how long the e sure ride on 8580 and highway 13 the wide of the show's all that yellow this is moving off and the direction of the east bay shoreline and looks like maybe 10 after seven with my stock to see some of the shower began to impact that part of the bank.
6:48 am
>>james: we will see more than as we get closer to the 3:00 hour you're going to keep the umbrella handy all along today at 6:00 the committee ride home same-store in of the east and south the peninsula allport's of the they run the chance of sentiment showers.
6:49 am
>>james: 13 in hayward so the windy weather the rain all of it as cause and alerts the divisor is one route the bank will continue the team cover we're tracking all of that >>anny h: the rand is another major with a headline for today in discussing this morning and to the afternoon and when the advice rick has been issued by the national weather service is to close parts of the east including all on livermore san jose the south peninsula and san francisco area we do have slab
6:50 am
flood alert including advisers and watches all parts of the bay shoreline that includes oakland alameda and also parts of the peninsula and the coastline here will see more creeks and streams flooding and will have to watch for even more current and flooded roads. >>anny h: we're also attracting more snow in the sierra this person known to involve all the richter won the morning snow level is still pretty high of around 55 and the feet were
6:51 am
expecting to 4 ft. of snow by monday morning here is a quick check of this year forecast is going to be fairly mild and light level of rents nomex and on saturday will look for more snow from three arrives on sunday and we are tracking war rain for potentially monday morning. >>robin w: is west of town west of the toll plaza of that is
6:52 am
still considered friday line is when to be pretty mild across the bridge no significant slowing four west 92 the drive times and still lost in 20 minutes it is friday like a number of spots of the we have what whether it is not impacting traffic much of quick to to men
6:53 am
arrived in south san jose 85 at the 237 in sunnyvale big news is one of the justice department's is there is probable cause that has a lock follow use by one of the san bernardino killers has evidence of the attack on it the government in a community need access. >>mark: this the invitation this is let us look you in their rumors that cheaper a smaller version of the iphone will be announced is expected to be on the 4 in. of six and expected that a smaller version of the car will be released.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>>james: a lot of heavy rain right now heading the san mateo bridge and now making its way or to the east bay shore line will have the full four castrate had steph curry stood by campbell
6:58 am
to the super bowl will where is the low will show you what he did last night.
6:59 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: another round of heavy rain hitting the bay area with a look good storm track right now with the heaviest rain.
7:00 am
>>james: we saw most for reporters to the rain is coming down that is what we see on the radar the storm track the so on as we have heavy grain moving and to whom san francisco on the bay side of right where the bridge comes in


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