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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :breaking news tonight out of the east bay. police make an arrest in the murder case of 22- year- old stacey aguilar. the missing san jose woman's body. was found in a rural area of fremont over the weekend. good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight, the hayward police department says, aguilar's 23- year-old boyfriend, esmid valentine pedraza, has been arrested for homicide. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a close friend of aguilar -- who is troubled by today's developments. it's a story you will only see on kron 4. >> : she was a really nice persona and she didn't deserve this. >> phillipe :speaking on behalf 22-year-old murder victim stacey aguilar's family. close friend yadira aguilar says
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it comes as a terrifying shock. that 23-year-old esmid valentine pedraza. stacey's boyfriend. has been arrested for her murder. >> : its somebody that she trusted. i'm sure she felt safe with him, and so, that's the part that's real sad and scary because you think you know someone, but sometimes you don't. >> : did she ever say he seemed abusive or anything like that? any signs that this might happen? no she never talked about her boyfriend to me. >> phillipe :yadira says stacey, from san jose and pedraza, of hayward, had been together for less than a year. >> : everyone was her friend, and she had like this coleric personality that i think everyone wanted to be around her. >> phillipe :stacey went missing last week -- last seen at a party in hayward. on saturday afternoon, her body found in a rural area in fremont. though hayward police believe she was actually killed in their city. >> : her mom particularly wanted everyone to know that she was a great woman and she's gonna be missed. that's a daughter, a sister and a mother.
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>> phillipe :and, when i asked yadira if she or stacey's family had a message for pedraza. she simply said no. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :tonight. the family of stacey aguilar is speaking out on the murder charges filed against her boyfriend. her mother took to social media tonight. demanding the death penalty for pedraza. the sister of stacey aguilar. ruth. spoke with us earlier tonight on the phone. >>:it is hard for us and we want justice for my sister's death was it good sister a good mother and a good daughter and she had a lot of friends who care for her and love her she was a very special person to everyone >> pam :the family will hold a car wash in san jose on sunday. to help raise money for her funeral and her two children. her funeral is scheduled for monday. the suspect is expected to make a court appearance on friday. more big news we're following
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tonight. police are now linking the gruesome discovery of a headless torso in the east bay. to the disappearance of a missing brisbane woman. officials say, the dead husband of 57-year-old shelley titchener, was a person of interest in her disappearance. police say, he jumped off the bay bridge last night. killing himself. meanwhile. the identity of the torso found sunday night in fremont near the dumbarton bridge. still has not been confirmed by the coroner. but officials say, it could be shelly titchner. kron 4's jeff bush is live tonight in brisbane. where the family has just released new information. jeff? >> jeff :neighbors that have talked to tonight said that the shock about the latest development from the case and said that police have been at the family home all day long the confirmed that both the mother and father are no longer
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living which is ending all speculation meanwhile the police department's remain on the seat well into the night--on the scene people who live here in this neighborhood say it is quiet but things became uneasy when the news of her disappearance broke and the latest development about his suicide has some neighbors reconsidering things they had said before >>:two days before she went missing him and a friend came to me and asked me if i had seen her and of course i had not as i said i was so sorry and she put on a performance saying he was sorry and it was ridiculous and i do not know how people sleep at night because it was so genuine and so real
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>> jeff :neighbors say the whole thing was a tragedy >>:is disconcerting in such a small town and we have taken lots of pride in its not being a big town it is unnerving to have something like this happen in no--so close to home >> jeff :police and their investigation just 20 minutes ago and is unclear if still be back tomorrow--ended their >> pam :detectives from the fremont police department as well as the brisbane police department remain on scene well into the only kron 4 news spoke with shelly titchener's husband. paul titchener talked with our justine waldman last night. at his brisbane home. he said he had gotten into an argument with his wife shelly, the day before she went missing. and she had left home saying she was going to stay with a friend. here is what he had to say last night.
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it >>:the list trying to get organized --i was trying to get organized and do we need to do >> pam :police say, paul titchener jumped off the bay bridge just before 9- last night. for continued coverage go to website. or download our free mobile app. you can also watch more of justine's interview with paul titchener. at kron-4 dot com. new at 11. an investigation is underway about an anonymous letter. that had alleged death threats. the threats targeted staff and students at south san francisco high and el camino high. both in the south san francisco school district. police have not yet confirmed whether the threats are actually valid... but the schools and authorities are implementing extra security measures for the rest of the week.
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anyone with information is asked to contact police. >>:in the office they continue to use of vulgar language and i came to where they were standing and out of nowhere they faced my direction and and just walked toward me and to jump on me >> pam :olga cortez spoke in front of cameras today... she claims she was assaulted by two oakland police officers back on december ninth. she says she did not know the officers, and had no idea why they were there the incident allegedly happened at her oakland hills home. four oakland police officers have been placed on leave. while the police department conducts an internal investigation. police say, one officer has since been arrested. released this statement. quote - "i expect all city employees to conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism. whether they are on or off-duty, in or out of uniform. so i take this
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allegation of misconduct extremely seriously. as mayor, it's my job to ensure. that the investigations are thorough and fair, and that the process yields a complete resolution that we can all be confident in." this is a live look outside tonight at the embarcadero in san francisco. a mild wednesday night. with a very warm thursday slated for the bay area. our meterologist brittany shipp has our weather details. >> brittney : some locations could get close to 80 degrees tomorrow which is so warm and in the temperatures will drop back down to the '60s as we head into the weekend and we are expecting a dry lake friday saturday and sunday but monday will be a different story which i will show you in a bit to and as you look at the wake up
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planner you will notice as we go through time and by 9:00 a.m. most locations will be in the low 50s and if you are right along the coast temperatures are pretty close to 60 degrees and will keep warm until we get to the mid to high '70's and are averages in the low 60s take a look at san jose and temperatures in san francisco and coming up contracting slightly cooler weather--i am tracking and i will give you the details coming out >> pam :new at 11. police are still searching for a suspected uber driver. who allegedly assaulted a san jose airport employee. today. uber issued a statement about the assault. the company says, quote - "we
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have a zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind. while driving. or riding with the uber platform." company officials say, they have not confirmed that the suspect is an uber driver. these are pictures of the suspect and his car. police say, the suspect got into an argument with the victim at a rental car facility last thursday. and pushed him. police have made a third arrest. in connection with two separate violent attacks against women at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton. two teens were arrested yesterday for the attack. police say, the suspects first attacked a girl as she was leaving the mall last weekend. then on sunday. a woman in her 60's was robbed at gunpoint for her purse. all suspects are at the juvenile detention center in san leandro. and a third team was arrested today--teen the largest container ship to ever visit north america... is making a return visit to the bay area. it is called the c-m-a. c-g-m
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benjamin franklin ... and it is set to visit the port of oakland on thursday at around seven a-m. officials say, the best way to see it will be from middle harbor shoreline park. the ship is approximately thirteen -hundred feet long. it is capable of carrying up to 18 -thousand containers. the first time it stopped by. was back in december. the giant ship is set to depart friday afternoon. coming up. a deadly storm system wrecks havoc along the east coast. we show you the damage. and how it is affecting flights nationwide. plus. a list of the happiest and healthiest cities in the u-s is in. which bay area cities made the cut. and it's flu season. but how effective is this year's vaccine? we show you the results. next. >> gary :and coming up a little bit later in this broadcast the warriors have to fight to finish against the miami heat and will also check in and let you know about capper neck and the forty-
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>> pam :big news we are following tonight. the state of virginia declares a state of emergency. as a powerful storm creates major problems across the east coast. six people are dead. and hundreds of thousands of others are without power. three people. including a 2- year-old. were killed in viriginia today. forecasters say, wind gusts of up to 30- miles per hour are
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expected to hit north carolina tonight. meanwhile the winter weather is causing numerous flight delays and cancellations. back in chicago... more than one-thousand flights have been canceled. all due to a storm that has slammed both chicago and parts of indiana. we spoke with officials at s-f- o.. they say, three roundtrip flights to chicago have been canceled. there are no reported cancellations at airports in san jose or oakland. >> brittney : a large part of that system is slowly starting trans for into the north east we can expect warmer fans-- warmer conditions as we head into the weak and--weekend and we having mild weekend on top
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with temperatures dropping as we get to saturday and sunday that temperature was across the region san jose at 57 degrees so a cold start tomorrow but after that it will be warmer and warmer here the satellite research shows that ridge of high pressure i will take you through our future cast for we will mainly siege sunshine and an overnight it will change and on friday we are tracking just a schmaltz chance of showers--small chance
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it is not going to produce a whole lot of rain but we will keep a close eye on that we will stay in the '60s stricter the weekend--straight through >> pam :new at 11. the flu vaccine is doing a better job this year. new data suggests. it is 59- percent more effective. that's a big improvement from last year's flu season. where the vaccine was less than 20- percent effective. unlike last year's vaccine. this year's is a good match to the strains which are making people sick. it has been a milder flu season so far. although health officials say, it has not yet peaked.
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>> gary :it out want to dedicate this to greater than on four missing in the past two days because i have been talking earlier--to raider don the warriors still ahead of the pace for 72 wins. steph curry signing a shoe for a young cancer patient end of 1st quarter curry nails the 40-footer to end the period he tied the record for consecutive games with a three at 127 3rd quarter dywane wade with the steal and tough hoop in traffic on the other side 59-59 tie 4th quarter/ 101-100 warriors klay thompson 3-pointer 104-100 warriors 1 minute left miami up 2 curry off the double screen 3- pointer 107-106 warriors 40 seconds left miami up 1 curry pulls up from deep for the 3-pointer 110-108 warriors less than 20 seconds left warriors up 4
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thompson gets a hand in the lane for the steal warriors made 8- staright free throws down the stretch final: 118-112 warriors warriors: 51-5 next up: in orlando tomorrow night roman polak one of the 2 new sharks aquired in the raffi torres trade the other new shark nick spaling scores in the 1st 1-0 sharks 3-2 avalanche 1 ½ mintes left joel ward scores to tie it for the sharks 3-3 shootout the avs mat duchene beats marty jones for the game winner final: 4-3 avalanche sharks 4 points behing the l.a. kings 2 behind the anaheim ducks 3rd place in the pacific
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division it looks like colin kaepernick will remain a 49rs in ht near future at least team general manager trent baalke said this morning at the nfl combine that kaepernick will indeed be on the roster when april 1st rolls around. and as a result-- kaep, will rake in 11-point-9 million dollars of guaranteed money. the big question now is who'll be the starter. blaine gabbert showed signs of potential while kaepernick was on the bench.leaving chip kelly with two quarterbacks to choose from. here's baalke on the situation. >>:the good thing is we have two guys going into the can who can prove that they can play spring training yesterday on a tricked out motorcycle and today the mets outfielder showed off his customized lamborghini. and some of the mets coaching staff came out to take some
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pictures of the cespedes' ride he can afford it. as he signed a $75 million contract extension in the off-season >> pam :still ahead. the results are in. which two california cities. made the top ten list of happiest and healthiest cities in america.
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the list of the happiest and healthiest cities in america is in. and two california cities made the top ten. santa cruz- seen here- was one of them, and the other is salinas. an organization called healthways. measured several factors, including whether residents liked their jobs and where they live. healthways says, these place have fewer people who are stressed and suffer from depression. it also says, these cities have more people who eat healthy. naples, florida ranked number- one on the list. still ahead. a new sea lion is stealing the spotlight at six flags. we will show you his debut at
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>> pam :a young sea lion. who miraculously escaped a great white shark. is enjoying his new home. meet "shark- bite." he was transferred to six flags discovery kingdom last month. you can see him playing with his new best friend "meesh". in this video. sharkbite is on the left, and meesh is on the right. "shark bite" was rescued after a shark severly attacked him last year. leaving him with a massive bite mark on his side. now. sharkbite is no longer able to survive on his own in the wild. he is currently living with other "non-releaseable" sea lions at the park. >> brittney : he looks pretty good back together tomorrow is the warmest day of the week and we even had a
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chance of rain as the temperatures drop on friday >> pam :good night everybody will see you tomorrow it's not always as easy for me as it is for him...
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brave erin andrews. >> the testimony from her father that brought her to tears. >> and targeting erin. >> how the creepy peeping tom changed her life forever. then, melania trump's first big sit-down interview. >> do i agree all the time with him? >> and it's really getting nasty. >> he's like a little baby. >> it's ted cruz comparing trump to this movie villain. >> get in my belly! >> this gay thinks he's here to win big money on a new tv game show. >> welcome to the game of fame. >> but he's about to learn the truth. >> the answer is you. >> look what's in the audience. his victims. >> how do you sleep at night? >> how game of fame turned into


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