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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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of that of their restaurant hundreds of people got sick make a surprising announcement stand behind the rampage in are says plans to use a gun families back far of choice for prime time news. raise the >> pam: at a high school and thousands of students to walk out of protest message posted on the library computer screen at a high school during a lunch now listing behind that raises message.
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>> reporter: coming to much of a relief assistance out here the tell me they were absolutely downright disgusted when i heard about the library here according to a school's principal distance behind these races that's identified hubble from witness
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message was discovered around lunchtime found i computer at the school's library of lisa and protested thursday dagestan racism the principal says despite the fact that the message stated specific fed staffer americans including a public lynching december 9th that no one was ever put any real danger. >> reporter: working to determine if charges should be brought against the student please tell me what they're working with securities that the
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berkeley high community. >> grant: well this is real the demonstration seemingly unifying a large portion of the student body organized the march some 2000 people joined in students teachers committee members and sincerely hopeful that action the difference.
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>> grant: isn't entirely isolated this is the third racially charged incident in this district since last year member last fall and is hanging on berkeley high campus. >> pam: a two year-old boy was killed with his mother allegedly crashed the car into a wall lisa the woman memo so fleeing the scene of another accident. the two >> reporter: year-old boy was killed according to witnesses before noon thursday 30 year-old pittsburgh woman to year-old son in the car should have struck this white ass you the tourney on the power avenue and williams was one. clotted
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with a wall and light pole short distance away following power revenue sitting in a car see a drug and child from the vehicle and still walking crash. "as though making out one of the side windows will leave the accident and this is the result of >> mark: back open for business of the restaurant palm of war shigella outbreak reopening doors for a morning. it will
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reopen and spin close since the middle of october 190 people got sick right after eating at the san jose restaurant north's fourth street lots of people hospitalized so for several days sackler county health apartment says we may never know the actual source of the over there is no indication the source was for us the seventh with the restaurant employee rose have a mystery shigella highly infectious disease motto of this restaurant home of the best seafood in the bay area coming in a short time ago >> mark: will learn the attacker
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18 year-old mohammed icicles that clara and the class this having him as more and quiet. . >> reporter: intended use a type is a test tamoxifen's highly flammable they tell us mohamad flares to smear it on the floor the slot for the first responders to safety hammer used to breed glass to roll of duct tape all this item is plan because the day of chaos that was foiled muhammed was, a terrorist this a teenager and
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angry after being kicked out of a study group armed he attacked his classmates into class wednesday morning for people stabbed and the details and click. in his script that ambush this he would on foil the people who fought back and play the a construction worker stabbed after there were screams and he led to a stop the attack this up to the prices father beside her of action committees after the 73 started police stopping killed mahomet 18 year- old from santa clara and the
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science major at low cost high school and recommendations for college. >> reporter: and so back to class morning grief counselors able to take us there >> mark: developments on kron4news-dot-com very confined to the exclusive interview with the father of one the seven victims. >> pam: time is running a perfect for charter schools, but plan for keeping the school doors open their company dropped out already another school has to come off a plan to get more money
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"things of the current that they're doing in than right now high, but that money and time would enhance. horgan again out and then game in roman was the transition plan and we think of
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pretty good transition plan will if the by next friday. >> pam: addictive testing how that could be causing digital. serious charges a former teacher is facing
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>> pam: show trivet to do to ease the has will soon scholastic in a car crash 16 year-old driver remains in hospital that felipe joy this live from of park high school plan and held for the morial wrapped up less than an hour ago we decline to talk with us
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on camera and broken up still fresh for them is clear they lost you very fresh stains the chance to collectively get their respect citizen teachers gathered in the park high school remembering the late 15 year- old and 16 year-old friend both martina's both students at the school both passengers in the back of a car crashed into a tree i inc., costa county sunday morning california. house official says that the 16 year- old girl says she fell asleep before slamming into the tree on franklin canyon road $60 an hour appears to of that tragic accident particularly heartbreaking for this to embody nine of three girls the chp says for wearing their seat belts
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investigators also say it appears as a whole would not factor in the crash as a driver continues to make recovery is a local hospital the school has made counselors available all week the students and staff of top of this terrible loss. >> mark: teacher is now facing felony charges for hitting ticket that crosswalk four felony charges one count of he lives with great bodily injury one count of driving the flood alcohol level of for greater and two counts of child endangerment the 12 year-old boys have by kingston selma hospital today happening now
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holiday for you when the last ice skate the fifth year a special pickups their money earlier tonight hosted by our very own just been cut this live from the ice rink to life with some new features that during this year, people >> reporter: still having fun out on the ice for a better way kickoff holiday season and do some ice skating with a view at the ice rink at the south shore center now. up the money came over here i did go on the brink this is definitely fun for the whole family the ascent has partnered to give back the kids and community and help kids stay
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for free. off"for that the kids everyone in the community for a proud sponsor of the ice rink potter did be here for the grand opening mile is when we will open up to a public test of hot
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chocolate in the best part is the key to give the community. the chance to do something big help them as well. >> reporter: alicea for thirties going in there to before all said and done better we focus on temperatures raised a number of livermore 52 were on the bay shoreline over 50s territory if the six found several cisco north bay in the lower 50s and contrast that with what we look for tonight formally of 41 livermore again some over 30 for alameda wishes see that in the
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lower 50s because of proximity see here toward the bed most of those will be over 40 is to lower fifth and and his law also lower 50s as well and i still little bit milder because a change and a look ahead at their chilies by 43 inland's 51 will do it for the benefit of 62 of the high round if that 51 goes on the inland valleys renovate area of the most part should be seeing the '60s centrally 50 fully on some of those in the region's because of clear skies from them scattered clouds by 4:00 p.m. at the jurors dropping again in the bay area '40's and 50's expected the market and of the zero were seen to that and returning to that i smile
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afternoon close upper 60s to call it all for them and valleys of the upper 60s for much of the north bay and then. the east bay shoreline the '60s the upper 60s in the negev for the far east they hear her 60s as weapons kron 4 sunday so the scattered showers keep working in the monday morning the as much as we saw last week tracking comment he made full from the air. tell >> pam: of cubans the canada ben carson.
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>> gary: read the teleprompter and taiwan cabinet's capping gives the very nice, off today of how life in washington d.c. and the steel cell phone at your ceiling of from a great athlete
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>> mark: carson is challenging his image. >> pam: bezel and the idea of a street thug that's what he says he almost became a violent past as campaign radio some calling.
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carson is not attracted much support among black voters and a hypothetical one poll he defeats democratic health occur if hillary clinton among all those african-americans leaves 73 to 19% and as the book person describes going of importing green detroit his temper pathological a disease vadim totally irrational.
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if it >> pam: and affinity movie movie carson says that 20 turned his life around no one has ever fought with person remembers him like that of the campaign trail venin dow trump are both getting known secret service detail's. all the republicans to qualify kenneth's protection based on a number finney in the polls by a contribution risk of threats of force hillary harding had the secret service detail below for first city still had to monday the world's greatest
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cat painting here the bay area lately here aug. 04 central government is investigating the kelly signs of the city money for the married them. this time if you may be giving away
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>> mark: hike the price for drug use by cancers but bu he >> mark: 0 hedge fund manager asking for information on the pricing of its oxygen drugs often and in august the company barrel from raised it 13 to 750 calendar fire later announced publicly he was lowering the cost so far the price has remained the same head at a feast day president gets out of control was shocking details headlines chicago gang
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target a nine year-old boy by 5:00 a.m. to 0 or '40's over '30's kron 4 news at 8
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>> pam: several fiscal disorder is already working on product he hopes will keep his property dreyfus us to keep what happened many times before from happening again video from last december gives you an idea what he's dealing with will looking at this sewage that backs up wagons to have a for the city and a wait-and-see as the damage done to the customer's car not feeling in this area this video
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shows the same and that the civil cafe the city pays for these properties and other public utilities commission is reimbursing with the weather floodwater grant program. "boy getting believe what was to keep that out and then raise elevations of the fourth all sorts of thing he can do to keep the water on the property if the city attorney a sign him before work doesn't do with the posting of because they're running into the neighbor's property in the past is a for excepting please
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volume these conditions cost a lot more the floodwater grant program until their work cut solution the trying keep this area for flooding during heavy downpours expect that the figures to engineer and cost hundreds of millions., >> mark: lars stories on kron4news-dot-com weaken the philanderer hair the biggest issue the rising less the the tell me the greta's here with dramatic video plan the early morning hours of they have
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spoken broken half because to renters were arrested before, violet a public meeting see when things really got out of control of the council, but things bluff where the average capacity overflow crowd of set the number of landlords that got to address the council frolic to if the people who can afford it direct anymore everything is more expensive these days retinol mita still lower than other parts of the bay area.
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"the was assassinated that behind us questioned release the men today have but what if and responsible authorities. "as the terrible nature frenzy going on people in serious danger out there i couldn't sleep that night knowing they have someone coming in memorial continues to grow an alleyway near 80th and south davis that
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indicated retaliation for alleged involvement with to racing gang-related killings 25 year-old father claims such series aren't accurate. >> reporter: will * including the head and back-the grandmother's house after- school a fourth grader at the elementary witnesses reported seeing numerous people running after the murder there willing to work crowbar now bring in any other person suggest
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>> pam: 35,000 reward is being offered to the rest of the killing in that case. >> mark: all shop postings saturday night live he took a swipe at the candidate who was ahead of him. ben carson. we heard >> grant: about him a little while ago i think chavis a lot worse q. what brad ford say anything
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about jobs postings said that live this make the only speak for four seconds nbc has criticized for allowing him for the arts and the national hispanic leadership agenda the poll that promo apparently empty sheet see shot from most of it's not include the loser still
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ahead of popular footing recall after the addition of a certain ingredient at paintings featuring dozens of cats hundreds of thousands of dollars
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>> mark: ofing quickly the doctor's looking into long-term effects of tax thing for will
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tell a term that is to the extreme biggest numbness in your hand if they consumed this damage could become more common "there the car will tell the nearest full limit other top and that is very tight at the swelling that nerve splints can relieve some pressure the fed doesn't work surgery. >> pam: it's been warm for so long >> reporter: on sunday it said it so plan accordingly on that
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and at what follows will be tonight and saw the ballets and out we may get some of their birth varies 41 tercel and then come the control 50 fish and on the fifties as well of the north bay the middle floor forties' and what's going on scattered cause today for tomorrow and in the saturday effect pressure building that upstream on the gulf of alaska is what are 70 forecast this sunday and monday.l that meiji the jobs that got itself when let's make this different from last week not as much as plan to illegally speaking and the timing will clear option monday morning or late arrival earlier than on the predecessor did feature cast for in terms the temperatures by forewarning 4:08 a.m. on the
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cool side you're a hero and so forth by the net new hour we should start to get some '60s beckon place at will advance much more than that tendency to much of a '70s possible along the coast 4:00 p.m. already the islamic they found themselves known as much in the wake of the '40's solved for today and house small mid-50s going around the upper 50s from the immediate bay area upper 60s for much of the north bay fluster inspection near the bay shoreline of for '60s hayward 55 castro valley and then further to the east for the most perversities again 47 days of scattered showers that offer. and then overnight in a monday morning and then
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kron4news-dot-com. >> pam: maker is recalling some pudding because it's not labeled as packages labeled prison term of putting my contain will been company shipped 64,000 cases and individual cups 89 states including california and arizona and nevada coming up his back stanley roberts back to work been taken long fighting people behaving badly strained williams carry has that bell sports ahead
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on a >> mark: lucky traveler is the first to reimburse them whether they wanted to were not end of this addition of people hitting badly people simply don't read signs case of last year also will petition signed what to do what not to do the javits taxi ride a bicycle you're permitted to go straight >> reporter: while some people flat ignore the sides and traveling others need the coaxed the following rules.
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. it could save back down upon my driving record. the signs giving their warning the new configuration not solely based on honesty system some drivers rely the caicos straight sets and a blast that the revised was to enter the dead traveling it technically in violation in could be said even at turning it for less effective. >> reporter: says so sick and generate revenue all sides the city of broke side have been a testing almost forgot did not
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qualify as a taxi however if you register your car is a commercial vehicles. he can to market. >> gary: denies are going to try something new. on sunday and the question as to what about capper neck well he played for the forty-niners were eight games and so good to the point this guy will be on the field again been cut out buses in touch everything is cool.
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"it's a team sport that to get the assault were willing to try anything and a quarterback will when you're an assistant coach if it up there and keep talking and talking hoping the media its board it's tough times meanwhile a chance to do something on national television cincinnati undefeated man's sell your historic heisman trophy winner and substance abuse problems and a condition touchdown throw to johnson cincinnati cleveland 14102 if 468 yds and beat as really good at 212734 of a no and the franchise history they were out cleveland browns
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tonight to and and for sports that live watch us and talk about gavin's for starters on the road again that carry the lawyers yet one of our social media outlets boston national allman is but black said guy get a one-year deal and dusty baker back and the highlights the soviets fourth team manage the giants the cubs to ignore it seems the very well win a world championship three times manager of the year. and for the point is cool the fact can talk about more than some so he is right
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from like. "the perfect fit as for the city's concern cut a few politicians merely for the president down. of think of myself and art of lowlands of times and really doesn't matter because when i looked at alicea of oil much abuse out there. >> gary: that a general manager crunches numbers a full staff around the manager takes a cue gm them the players should get a feel a little time guys that his from his gut grant have some numbers here running on the wire
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service. >> grant: at least 14 will clark joe. >> gary: arena williams when after someone who is also found yesterday audi attorneys did suspicious man fitting after ben williams suffering from a knee injury chases the criminal down at her fallen back. that said in a really mean to steal it as an act that have posted this shot
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as a super hero. >> gary: tercet the pursuit of perfection the. wayne wade there is lexus pursuit of perfection 15 seconds and then pick it back in the gearset carry. here's why he's so great catch of a small test knowledgeable basketball on the other wares goggles femic him partially blind wonder why this guy is the king of the world right now. >> pam: coming up hefty
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>> grant: people of animal story that the english alphabet. and not sure about this one check out a call by wives and lovers in 1891 features 42 cat apparently if you hundred and 50 cat version of cat lady. a hundred and $26,000
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