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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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maintenance. the closure asked -- last until 4:00 a.m. on monday. this is a live look at some of the area bridges. the bay bridge expected to absorb most of the extra cars but the san mateo bridge and even golden gate bridge should get extra traffic. good evening, everybody. let's go ahead and get the latest on this. scott is live in san francisco where an emergency bus is operating for the bart writers. scott? reporter: the bart riders tell me the bus bridge is operating smoothly. the tube shutting down if midnight this morning and this bus bridge has been operating since about 4:00 this morning. you can zoom in here and show you what it looks like now. this is at the temporary terminal here at howard and main street and you can see those buses. i'm told by officials the buses
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are running 3 minutes at a time going to oakland from the terminal here. so that bart can perform that 2nd of two schedule closures performing the maintenance. they say once the maintenance is complete riders can expect a smoother ride through the bay hopefully and they say the track needed work and it's critical to get in there and do this. we did speak to bart this morning. they spoke about the buses and the closure >> whenever you come out of the station you have buses waiting for you. this one coming every minute. it will take you over the bridge and we can't say enough how grateful we are for our passengers and riders who are bearing with us and being patient with us as we carry out the maintenance work. and the bart spokesman saying as of right now all of the work is on schedule. they are not having any hangups.
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it's going well. they come out live and take out another look at howard in maine. just a few writers. i talked to some of the writers here and they are taking the buses. they say the longest they've been waiting is 30 minutes. it's a -- it's only about 10 or 15 minutes more than what they would expect to take. i spoke to those writers and we will show you what they had to say. reporting live in san francisco. kron4. our team coverage continues now. kron4 avery harper was in oakland today and that is where bart passengers were coming off the trains and giving onto the buses. not everybody was ready for the closure >>reporter: here at the 19th street station people are heading from the trains to the buses. we spoke to a few passengers to see how the process is working
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>> passengers piled onto the nearly 70 buses hard officials had ready for the long holiday weekend. >> so far it's been chill. >>reporter: saturday morning buses left every minute taking writers over the bay bridge. the free shuttles take 20 minutes to get to san francisco and arrives only 7 minutes longer than a normal train ride through the tube. pour some that inconvenient -- inconvenience of getting off the train and on the bus was too long. 's tech we came to a sudden halt at 19th street saying we had to switch to a bus. a little bit of a bummer but it's all good >> other -- others compared it to the last service suspension >> people at the employees at did a good job. it's all good >> we just deal. it doesn't bother me. >>reporter: in oakland avery harper kron4
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>> download kron4 mobile news app. you can even track -- check traffic. our other big story. holiday weekend weather. very nice day out there today. cooler by the bay. clear skies all around. let's find out what you need to know for labor day and the rest of the weekend. we have an eye and this guy. things warming up and we will see temperatures climb another i've degrees to 10 degrees for tomorrow. even more still for labor day and by the time we roll into monday we are going to see some really warm temperatures possibly approach -- approaching 100 degrees. temperatures made it into the 70s and 80s. livermore up to 86 posted 90 for antioch. 80s by the bay. these numbers up about 5 degrees to 10 degrees. one big change we had today is the wind is not as strong coming off the ocean.
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live view at the golden gate bridge and it's a little breezy. just not his breezy is what we had yesterday. winds right now in the 15-25 all park. yesterday we were up at 50 miles per hour. by the day only about 15-20. because the onshore wind is weakening temperatures warm up and that's the case for tomorrow . look for readings into the 90s tomorrow afternoon. i will talk about labor day as well coming up, ricky? back to school for children in the city of palo alto. off to a disturbing start. for the 3rd time in two weeks kids are startled by a stranger in a car and -- and this time the man had no pants. the incident was reported it aims avenue and ross road just down from hell overtake elementary school. we have more on the alarming
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crimes. philippe? reporter: unfortunately, the man also getting away after traumatizing two more kids >> it could possibly be the same person. >>reporter: a sickening sight for 210-year-old girls walking home in the toost double on a man without hands sitting in his car >> the girl liked the car and unfortunately she got more than she bargained for >> i would not a regular afternoon to turn into something traumatic for kid >>reporter: at the time the kids could run home until a parent the man was gone. >> the man was sitting there acting inappropriately >>reporter: this encounter mirrors to others. wonder jordan middle school. police say the descriptions of
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the men are similar >> a white male in his 30s, unshaven. medium build and wearing a red t-shirt >>reporter: but the cars differ >> a blue honda vehicle >> having a kid in elementary school and middle school i was upset to hear that >> we have to be more aware for the kids takes of who and what is around here and really watch out for each other >>reporter: police are working on a composite sketch with hopes of releasing it. kron4 news >> donald trump not looking very presidential when acting -- one ask all questions. a beating at whole foods. a warning for parents and pet owners. the water you may want to stay away from.
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i don't have to tell you the weekend holiday is upon us. this is a live look. you asking yourself with this great weather holds up? the guy to answer that question is meteorologist brian. brian, what is cooking? >> i think the weather will be cooking because temperatures will swore especially tomorrow and monday. we have a mild evening now with readings in the 70s. antioch checking in at 77. it's a beautiful saturday evening in livermore. 60 san jose. oakland 69 degrees. we have some offshore winds in place. that means -- that means wins coming out of the north/northeast and then the seabreeze that tries to come in all the ocean gets weakened quite a bit and temperatures go
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up not only that he keeps the fog away and that's what we have now. clear skies and sunshine all weekend long at the coast for tomorrow. another five to 10 degrees warmer of -- over what we had today. for labor day even warmer still. close to 100 degrees and more nice weather at the coast. as we go into next week no change. it will remain hot and sunny all the way through next weekend. we have tropical storm namenda, it was a hurricane and as its move to the north and there it is in the lower left, this is now continuing to weaken as it's over the cooler waters. now the forecast path is moving closer to hawaii by later this week and the threat is going to be high surf with this and heavy rain as it gets closer. here in the bay area we had a
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strong weather system. in the pacific northwest there was rain and even snow and it generated strong winds "temperatures. now best parting it's into montana and canada where you are getting off shore wins and warmer weather. temperatures are on the way for tomorrow. lots of 80s bayside. nice weather at the ocean. close to 90% for san jose. look at what happens on labor day. even warmer. almost 100 for antioch and pretty warm weather right off the bay. 80 degrees for san francisco. more details in a holiday forecast coming up, vicki. officials in sonoma county say some should stay out of the russian river. >>reporter: the california drought has dramatically reduced the flow of the russian river and significantly raise
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the water temperature. >> those are conditions for bacteria that has the name of blue-green algae >>reporter: they have cautioned people about the algae but last weekend new concerns arose >> what has changed recently is that over last weekend there was a dog that had been out on the water in the river for several hours and had seizures and then passed away. it did test positive for the presence for antitoxin a which is a toxin from the blue-green algae >> the health department is urging those who are using the river to leave their pets at home and carefully watch their children at the banks where the algae collects. whether it's the algae bloom or the river flow there's only one
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thing that can resolve both problems >> it is unlikely that the overall condition is going to change dramatically until there is more rain in the weather cools down a hammerhead shark attacked a kayaker in southern california earlier today. chopper video from the ventura county sheriff's department was taken by the victim was being transported to a trauma center. the man was fishing and had his heat hanging over the side when the 10-foot hammerhead shark pit his foot. the 25-year-old victim was taken to shore and then airlifted to the hospital. straka hillary clinton e-mail controversy continues. new details revealed about how hillary clinton's personal e- mail server, clinton's paid for a private server. with our partnership and he rose report -- reports on the development.
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. reporter: the clinton campaign says the candidate and her husband personally paid a state department staffer to install their private e-mail server. clinton told reporters in new hampshire saturday that they pay for the services >> during a period of time we continued to need his technical assistance >>reporter: hillary clinton is facing growing criticism that using a private server to use official e-mails is improper. >> that is something that no reasonable person does particularly when you are dealing with confidential information. >>reporter: brian gagliano set up the service. gagliano was retained by the clintons to manage the system once it was in place. clinton says she is sorry for
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the confusion on friday she told msnbc. >> my personal e-mail use was fully above board and allowed by the statement her -- state department as they confirmed -- confirmed that in respect -- in retrospect i take responsibility. i should've had two accounts >> congress and clinton's rivals are using the issues to dig in >> just by reading the kind of information you know it has to be classified. republican candidate carly figg arena is climbing. figg arena was sinking fast but after her 2nd debate she gained national attention. cnn has even changed their debate all fine criteria to include her. she campaigned in new hampshire today and got some positive feedback after question and answer session. eight other candidates are scheduled to stop by the state over the next few days.
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donald trump is not happy with the conservative radio host hugh hewitt. the republican runner appearing to stumble on hewitt's show when asked about the leaders of terrorist group trump asking hewitt of asking gotcha questions and calling him a third-rate radio announcer. other presidential candidates debate the question if trump can be president and chief >> i think the kurds have been -- not the kurds, the iranian revolutionary forces. >> when you are asking about who is asking this in this. i will be so good if the military your head will spin >> you can't flip a lycie i will have to hire the best people you have to have some sense at what is at risk >> i think if you dot n'ow the answers to the questions you can't serve as commander in
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chief. he said despite what happened he would love to have come back on the show. this just in. the elk fire burning in lake county is now 50% contained. firefighters are working too slow the burn. no evacuations or road closures are in effect. the fire began last tuesday and fires -- they are still trying to determine what caused the fire. new video may help for the search for cop killers. police have been searching for three men since a lieutenant was gunned down on tuesday. mary maloney looks at new clues in the case. >>reporter: this is the last time we heard from the lieutenant. he radioed his coworkers saying he was chasing three men who seem suspicious when backup officers arrived he was dead
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and it's gonna found nearby. a source involved in the investigation said someone did fire the weapon the police don't know who >> it was found near the lieutenants remains. i can't reveal how many times it was fired. >> there are still no sight as the suspects described by police as to white men and one black men >> we have images of people that we believe are subjects that we believe we would be interested in talking to >> dismisses homes and traffic cameras digital videos might be helpful. >> all the videos come together chronologically. they are not separate or independent, there -- they are different cameras that are putting the storyline together >> the fbi is now looking at the videos for information. community grieves a life lost too soon >> my will at -- my world got
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smaller. >> i am mary maloney, reporting >> next step. if you are making a salad, the vegetable that is being recalled after one person died. life-saving information that could help you or love one survive a stroke.
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this is the time we run people behave being badly -- badly. we hope he will be back on the beat but now we want to talk about strokes. they are leading cause of death and everything we are learning process time is of the essence. here is some life-saving information that could help you or loved ones survive a stroke. >> this is the face of a stroke them >> it can hit anyone at any age. men and women alike. nearly 800,000 a year suffer
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strokes in the us. one every four seconds >> that clock is ticking. the 2nd anyone notices anything wrong >>reporter: dr. elizabeth cahill says you must act fast. face drooping arms weakness speech difficulty in trying to call 911 >> 1st hour is when we have the potential to change the tide >> there are clock busting drugs like tpa >> it is a powerful blood thinner that can be used because at most strokes are caused by blood clots in the brains and this blood thinner ask to break up the blood clot that is depriving your brain of necessary blood flow >> the newest tool is going into the brain and physically removing the clot but dr. cahill says the best cure is prevention >> if you have -- high blood
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pressure take your medication and take it every day. same thing with high cholesterol or diabetes. taking your medication regularly makes a huge difference. there is so much that can be changed and that is in your control >> he's been posting regularly updates and stanley if you are watching, brian is not a weather man behaving badly >> he's minding kids piecing cues >> i'm behaving well talking about the weather and i hope stanley gets back real soon because i have noticed a lot of people behaving badly this weekend >> running amok >> look at the temperatures for tomorrow going up into the 80s and 90s and even some triple digits. i will have that forecast coming up. hey foster farms!
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at least one california woman has died and dozens of other sick. cucumbers are being recalled and linked to the illness and 27 different states. they were sold under a limited edition label after august 1st. close to 300 people have reported becoming six and -- sick and 50 people have gone to the hospital. still ahead the latest on
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the major bar closure and everything you need to know and an update at a scary beating at whole foods. to change the story -- the store is making today.
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer.
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it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn. a major part closure and there's no service between san francisco and the east bay. the closure last until 4:00 a.m. on monday. until then you might want to give yourself extra time to get around. this is a live look. debate bridge expected to absorb most of the extra cars but the san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge should get extra traffic as well.
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that's the terminal where an emergency as bridge is operating. scott, 30 minutes ago you gave us an update on the work. if you talk to any writers out there? >> i have been talking to writers out there. nobody is to upset. they say everything is going as well as can be expected to when you set -- shut down the translate between two cities like this. they say they understand that the work needs to be done. take a listen to what some of them have to say a few minutes ago >> we made it across the bridge without incident >> how long did it take you? >> it went fast. it was like 30 minutes >> even when bart is running you'll take the bucks more? >> exactly >> it's pretty well organized >> everybody knows they need to fix the tracks
8:32 pm
>> they need more money to build another tube >> okay. wishful thinking there but you heard one lady say it was very we'll organized out here. you see out here a live look at howard and biel. you can see workers there directing people where to go and how to get on the buses that will take them across the bridge. the -- these buses running one every 3 minutes. they are moving quickly. another bus pulling up right now. riders are not having a problem with this. bart says all of the work they are doing on the stretch of track is going according to plan. everything looks good out here as of right now, we can't tell you that heart doesn't expect to have it reopened -- we can tell you they expect to have it reopened tuesday morning. >> maybe they will have it opened up early. we will check back with you at
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11:00. >> vicki, the park closures happening and tonight billy joel is performing in san francisco. watch out for traffic and gridlock. you might want to stay away or you might be stuck in traffic for the longest time. that it? this is billy joel's 1st concert in the city and over 40 years and fans have been looking forward to it for a long time. for some this is another check on their bucket list. the home of the san francisco giants is packed and the weather is great just i was on king street and it was pretty backed up. thank you. the whole foods fallout continues tonight after photos of a shopper beaten and bloodied spread on social media. witnesses said it happened at the hands of a private security guards in oakland. the changes that are coming to the store this weekend
8:34 pm
>>reporter: initially whole foods suspended the guard and then they fired him and now they say they are dropping the firm as this location altogether. >> i'm grateful there has been a strong response. though we took the photos that started it all thursday night after a man was choked, smothered and slammed into a concrete wall by a security guard. he posted the photos on twitter saying black lives matter and the story took off from there. >> i think there are events like this happening around the country on a fairly regular basis >>reporter: whole foods says they have is zero tolerance towards violence and they are still investigating. a new security firm starts tomorrow morning. police say they are also investigating. they responded to the store about 945 that night.
8:35 pm
the shopper in the photos was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. reporting in oakland k cagle. kron4 news. moving on to the weather. we are tracking a warm-up. this is a live look up here at the weather center with our meteorologist brian van aiken. brian was at the beach today. all the surfers were out and it was gorgeous. is it going to warm up? >> even nicer weather at the beast does. this is unusual. usually the beaches are foggy and cool but not the case for the holiday weekend. the timing is just right. clear skies out here at the babe bridge toll plaza. that's the theme not only for this weekend for the next seven days. we are going into a prolonged touch of warm sunny weather. that's the case for tomorrow. i have a chance -- a hunch that
8:36 pm
17 will be bad with santa cruz going up to 85 degrees. also 70s for monterey. look at temperatures on the bay area beaches. franchise from sunrise to sunset. no fog at all. 70s ocean beak -- 84 stanton beach in bodega bay on a lovely afternoon tomorrow with the temperature peaking at 74. around the rest of the bay area look at these temperatures. 80s by the bay. locations in the south bay could be 90s. it gets even warmer for labor day. i will have the forecast for monday coming up, vicki? a florida child is suffering from brain damage after his home was fumigated. terry parker has the story. >>reporter: this family wants answers. what happened they want to know to their 10-year-old boy poisoned in their own home.
8:37 pm
>> painting turned 10 in the hospital. unable to move or talk. >> what do you think when you look at painting? i just see him a month ago. >>reporter: painting turned ill august 16th just after a term in next subcontract. told them it was safe to go back in the house >> he was having some uncontrollable muscle movements. he couldn't stand up. he couldn't speak. we took them to a local walk-in and the doctor quickly recognized the poison from the treatment. reporter: the little boy was in icu for weeks and now his family says he has brain damage >> he may never be able to do that again. it's what he loves. the family is devastated and they retained a lawyer this term in x has not responded to their questions >> based on all the facts in
8:38 pm
our investigation, the chemicals utilized in the fumigation the poison this point >>reporter: a term in x spokesman told me this that we are sad and our hearts are with the family and were carefully reviewing the matter. they want answers and most of all they want their son to recover and come home >> life as he knows it has been stolen from him. >> the family will not be back anytime soon. painting will be in rehab for months and may need help longer than that. >> the department of justice has opened a criminal investigation. this is the 2nd time this year that term in x has been involved in a fumigation related injury. we have recovered for the holiday weekend. what to expect when you're heading to one of the bay area is popular bay area destinations. now that were in the school year is parents trying to keep up with everything. i discovered a great new mobile
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know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back to kron4 weekend news. this is a live look outside. in san francisco a clear night. a full check of the weather and a couple of minutes. in 1st instead of traveling folks are taking a staycation. we see one of the more popular locations for people staying put in the bay area >> the picnic tables and barbecue pits may be iffy now but the officials say they expect the park to be filled with 2000 visitors per day over the labor day weekend and that's why castro valley resident don knotts says he will be hitting the road for the holiday. >> i plans going to my brothers house in marin county and having a nice meal and visiting
8:42 pm
with friends and relatives. >> instead of staying here it will be packed? >> yes. the lake gets action >> it's plain to see why. the park has 315 acres full of walking trails and recreation of the areas -- recreational areas. on knotts has been enjoying the lake -- don knotts has enjoyed the lake and he's concerned how much longer people will enjoy as the drought lingers on >> you can see the side of the lake and the banks are real dry and probably 10 feet down or so. it's sad. hopefully this coming year with el nino we will get so rain and fill it up. >> officials say you better get here early because there is limited parking. check this out. if you want to do fishing there is no cost. it's free fishing day and i hear there are some pretty good catfish and here waiting for
8:43 pm
you. kron4 news. labor day celebrations continue. the art and wine festival is downtown and kids are floating in a pool and hamster sized balls. somebody's drinking beer there. [ laughter ] broadway avenue is -- you can catch live music and over 250 craft makers with the festival continuing tomorrow >> vicki there is the hamster ball. speaking of that, can we get more and more check on the weather yes. this nice weather takes a lot of effort on my part to forecast and talk about. a lot of sunshine and no fog here for the next couple of
8:44 pm
days. i don't think we will see fog until next weekend. we are in the pattern for the seabreeze is weak in north winds are starting to get stronger and that keeps low clouds away and that's evident on the time lapse from the golden gate bridge. just a few high clouds and clear skies. it's a beautiful saturday night in san francisco. right now 60 degrees in a light breeze coming in off the ocean to about 50 miles per hour. it's certainly not as strong as what we had last night. temperatures right now in the south bay. upper 60s and low 70s from san jose up stevens creek boulevard to sunnyvale. 70s for pleasanton and livermore and fairfield checking in at 71. we are to see more warm nights here for tomorrow night as well as monday night as the seabreeze is just not coming in with a lot of gusto. for tonight look for clear skies, mild temperatures. another frog -- fog free start.
8:45 pm
head out to the beach early. blue skies all day and by the afternoon temperatures going into the mid-90s. were five tech at 10 degrees warmer today. tomorrow another five tech at 10 degrees warmer. san francisco up 4 degrees. oakland and san jose into the 80s. 90s for santa rosa, concord and livermore. and we will tack on another couple of degrees for labor day as the heat intensifies to the middle of next week. are the south bay close to 90 degrees in the warmest spot, campbell, as we get into the southeastern part of the santa clara valley, southwestern i should say. low 90s popping up. a lot of 90s showing up here. up to 95 in antioch. 80s up to the bayshore for hayward and san leandro in san francisco upper 70s. upper 70s berkeley.
8:46 pm
90s and to the north bay valley and into wine country. for the rest of the holiday weekend about another 5 degrees warmer for monday. watch what happens next week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday we are talking about a heat wave. triple digit heat for the inland valley. more nice weather at the coast and this warm weather pattern hangs on into next weekend. vicki? >> now that the school year has started -- started the challenge for parents has started. all kinds of things. our tech reporter discovered a mobile app that can help parents stay organized and on top of everything throughout the school year >>reporter: it contains literally my entire life as a parent. have to do -- they don't have to go to 10 different places to know what i -- where i should be and what it should do
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>> she started using the website and mobile app simply circle. it's a personal assistant for parents. everything you've got going on laid out >> remember bringing stuff to the field trip. soccer practice at five and you may have forgotten when you signed up to volunteer in the library >> it gives you the ability to communicate with all the people involved. each of your communities or act to the -- stroke -- the world's shortest man has died. he stood just 21.5 inches tall. the guinness book of world records said he was the shortest person to ever have its height officially verified by the record-keeping publisher. he spent his entire life in a remote village living with his five brothers. he remains unknown to the outside world until 2012 when he was discovered by visiting
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we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today. sure it has italian roots but pizza is his american as american pie. in tonight's dining dish we learn the art of making pizza >>reporter: who doesn't love pizza? meet the bay area's own tony tony, mr. p's up. he is thing to a pizza rockstar that we have >> i throw the pizza across the shoulders through the legs >> he's known as the 11 time world pizza champ.
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>> i have three awards and making the best pizza in the world and eight acrobatic awards. whenever it comes to pizza i'm good >> he got his start in east bay and he's been rolling in the dough ever since. tony's pizza is in the heart of the city's north beach. he's opening up new restaurant after then he can flip pizza. >> i am spreading out a little thin. he runs a pizza university certifying chefs and teaching the public how to make the perfect pizza pie >> it's a six hour course. it's ready heavy. you get to work on all kinds of of veterans and we do everything >> is at all about the wrist action? >> if you can't attend pizza you you can study the pizza
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bible >> pizza has taken over a slice at a time. no pun intended. >> pun intended. tossing those pizza is harder than it looks just look at all that might get good reviews on the big screen but she's not doing so well with the sunscreen product line. the problems customers are having with her honest product.
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just got all but might get
8:55 pm
five-star rating on her movies but not those high in a product line. a customer was so disappointed in the honest line that they are suing. the lawsuit says the company sunscreen is not effective. and the statement of the said the allegations were baseless and without merit. the customer's attorney as you can imagine is hoping to make the lawsuit a class action lawsuit so that other customers with similar experiences can join in and maybe get some money. >> for a guy who buys his sunscreen by the jug, and wisely so, we should be using a lot of sunscreen even when it's not hot >> definitely. i don't must the mound >> no one should. >> i even get sunburn on a cloudy day. it's amazing and tomorrow it will not be cloudy.
8:56 pm
we're looking at a lot of sunshine and need for sun block. 70 daly city. half-moon bay 80. close to 90 for the south bay and low to mid-night and inland valleys. we were up about five to 10 degrees for tomorrow afternoon and warmer for labor day. i think this weather was custom- designed for this holiday. were almost up to 100 degrees in east bay valleys. low 90s for the south and more nice beach weather. we will be in the 80s 1st and team beach in san francisco getting up to 80 degrees. warm and sunny all over and it sticks around even after the holiday is over. for the middle of next week possibly up over 100 degrees and the heat is not letting up. it even last until next -- next weekend >> that is it for kron4 at 8:00. stay connected at or
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download one of our mobile apps. on next newscast at 11:00. sure hope to see you then. good night, everybody. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor day. so hurry in to your local volkswagen dealer today.
9:00 pm
♪ ben and jen, miranda and blake, when in doubt. >> this summer, a big star split is coming to a close, and we're breaking them all down. ♪ >> the writing might have been on the wall. >> hollywood breakups by the numbers. nine musicians, 15 actors, three reality stars, over $ 1 billion between them all. >> within hours of hearing the news they split, we heard that blake and miranda finalized the divorce. >> and then before colbert's new show airs, he's talking about booking clooney. >> i said something nice, but i had to. >> move over cookie, meet the strong women taking over prime time this fall.


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