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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 21, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: we continue to follow the fire out of the legal this morning where how to start a barn and allies ninth. >>mark: just before midnight. >>darya: they're still on the scene of the fire this morning. >>will tran: there's still some problems on highway 37 what shall that to you in just a few minutes the fire is still burning behind me you do not see the huge flames but the smoke a huge concern of the problem this is a toxic smoke as, in our direction with right-handed as a master's from protection the
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firefighters are used to it is to be on those five aren't extended the latter shooting water down to the building in the process it was so hot but did write to the video. >>will tran: 1145 last night it was so intense that while there were fighting of the roof collapsed fortunately they realize that this was a huge fire dangerous warehouse metal company no one was inside at the time we just learned that this would not a place where they pour hot metal pins that they bring recycling material here they can add up a back could be one possibility the machine that they use could have started this fire. >>will tran: it is too early intimidated to allow investigators to coincide at this point reduction to talk to
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a battalion chief of of an earlier film he had to say about the challenges of fighting this fire. >>: some of the things that we've dealt with this fire was created a challenge was as the structure collapsed the size of this building it through quite a few members in the air will start about 15 different spot fires and the grass fields behind us back on with this of three alarm structure fire the we have to have a wild plant response to come out and assist us with the multiple grass fires have. >>will tran: the grass fires are out of you can imagine they're busy with the event took over and the a grass fire to a head this and their resources hear the map retelling about with been walking around in between live shot to mention the we are safe here is how high with 37 the sea would is doing it is still slow and go over in that
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direction because of smoke in this area this is an industrial park lots of people are trying to show up and go to work for other companies of an all-out get to go in there because the fire department they knew all the space that they can't take to the truck and get an of resources inside the work a lot over there fortunately no evacuation at this point. >>george: even the early morning hours have been shut down since the death and reopen because of the visual has a your concealer of the activity in the restrictions getting onto mayor ivan is backed up the right on highway 37 now a lot of the people that make this drive every day is not unusual to see heavy traffic right around by ivan bridge with this morning it is not only backed up at the west end of it is backed up all with the vallejo side of over the napa river for westbound
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highway 37 and it will essentially remain heavy most of the we ought to sears point and the 121 turn off you could see coming off the mayor island bridge it is just jammed up in is like this tool there was an accident on the road shoulder off the same thing will occur in fact that is what is going on and ran county right after come out of sonoma right at the county line there is an accident not block the lanes and the center divider but it is slowing the rise coming down from paulo filled quickly of the south mendicancy we still have a much lighter than usual ride with very literate shomron senses the bay bridge has been an excellent committee this morning to and the 12 minutes you trip times even out of the macarthur maze and the metering
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lights active here at the san mateo bridge what had slowed down since the committee started the drive times are still not that bad only 14 minutes across the span. >>james: school districts come on line last week this week in necklace make sure you're ready for school wear tracking the school for katharine not a lot of locations in the upper 50s to the '60s with the folks will want like jacobins all you need and the kids get ready to head off the door man noontime alatas cool to be enjoying much of that point with him mid-60s by the coast line 68 3:00 the kids getting out of school having the maximum temperature that that point recess and like so we're looking for most sunny conditions temperature there will be in the low seventies and eighties in and will report a comfortable shorts and t-shirt weather for sure does look at they're ready for school for
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cattle and live outside their mcleod light breeze in the air a fifth system of 64 here is a quick glimpse of look at the weekend. >>james: saturday sunday looks pretty good at temperatures in and write in the mid '80s very comfortable with temperatures along the bay shoreline low to mid 70's as well. >>mark: the sheriff recovering from injuries after this car accident happened to after midnight into sacks of cash of valley boulevard independence park wrote the deputy was sitting in his patrol car was hit by bmw the deputies say been taken away member is not life- threatening injuries the driver of the bmw was not and if the job has been detained is not clear if the of all were involved in the crash. >>darya: 2 people are critical condition after an amtrak train crashed into a truck and was part of the track and brentwood
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that happens as before 3:00 if the afternoon a man parked his black pickup truck on the tracks near or would avenue so we can load up his jet skiing and amtrak train was headed to open it came down the tracks presence of a truck to the driver line 100 ft. into the air and landed in the water right on top woman who was floating on a raft in the middle of the river you can sink the driver of the truck and a woman on the wrapper and that the to john the medical center in walnut creek. >>darya: no one on the train was hurt. >>mark: his cessna federal judge to dismiss racketeering and organized crime charges against him the judge will have evidence today on his claims the chinatown association leader says he was a target of selective prosecution declined fbi prosecutors talked to him because of his past criminal activity and increasing political influence he says investors fell to go after other public figures whose name surfaced in the multi fbi probe.
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>>mark: ended a developer for parental bed our plan. >>darya: there originally set the place of four and the suspect was shot when he reached for his waistband the third is
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still on the loose. >>mark: it was an 82 year-old cast iron pipe and broke early yesterday morning spelling thousand gallons of water flooding the streets. >>darya: its holding at 2,500 a. at last check was 45 percent
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contained and running in an area not a lot of people live out there was one victim home that was destroyed by those flames. >>darya: if you ride the golden gate fair to work be prepared to give yourself a little extra time officials are warning you now there are born to be delays of the next few with that improving the facilities of clinton rose water lines to lines and the padded walls and that is causing delays in the late this should not be more than 10 or 15 minutes but they should be lasting through september. >>mark: the search is on for a man who went missing from the san francisco hospital of 42 year-old was what it would trigger on wednesday afternoon at a hospital near castro market street and they're both trying at some point he left and has not been seen since this and he needs to daily medication and he did not have within the disappeared investigated do not it had any money or cell phone he frequents the mission and caramel district he's 5 ft. 900
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a sitcom with brown hair and brown eyes. >>mark: 29, officials are slowly forming and an office to review law-enforcement conduct becomes two years after share deputy killed 13 your boy who was caring for radical saw rifle and lopez was shot and killed in october 2013 just outside a central sockless city limits he was walking with the replica or rifle design of what a 47 a share that it thought was a real gun and shot and killed the boy in. >>mark: the spot month to protest in the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit the board of supervisors was on the disk with a province that positions and a budget for the independent office of law enforcement review and our reach the board member says is essential that they fill the positions as quickly as possible. >>darya: the local school district underclasses and just three days but they still have 30 teaching positions and left to fill what they going to do? if those thoughts cannot second time the first hurricane of the year is forming in the atlantic
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it could be one of just a few lines from the we see this season where tracking hurricanes in the coming up.
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>>mark: here's a picture from nasa for more than about the minds of the eastern caribbean and it may end up being one of the bomb if you name storms so
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far this sit and and maybe one of the few name hurricanes as is at this one to be a quite a hurricane season and happen every l. neal year and a new cause a strong winds and the upper atmosphere of give-and- take and the stops and hinders hurricanes from forming this morning and it does remain in the weakest category one the winds up to 7 5 mi. per hour meteorologist and nothing it will pose a threat to land at least immediately as the most was the could take aim toward a pr as a tropical storm by early next week. >>james: pickoff attempt to the war to low 7 is this afternoon were starting off in the low 60 degree territories and the sea between now and when we get the maximum temperature today about a 10 degree jump the nightstick of mind we have noontide temperatures are reluctant of the '60s and the 0.70 by 2 and 3:00 for clock will be hit in 72 degree mark and temperatures
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adjutancy drop back down again as we head toward it o'clock tonight. >>james: that is the forecast for oakland a lot of the east bay shoreline communities will be pretty similar to that all the of the other one as an exile the cause of there with the and the direction and oakland low clouds hang in there is to pull back by about 10:00 or so in fact will show the animation coming up in just one moment the temperatures in the upper 50s in places like san francisco and san mateo the '60s and others like concord in san jose was coming in and lost 61 here is the store with the cloud of were looking for temperatures in the crop condition around 9:00 christmas will have was extended into the inland is a valid by noon time was to pull back and as we roll the clock for it and say they really did not go anywhere until 7:00 until 9:00 hour tonight it starts to falter and back into the bay. >>james: to take a look at
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temperatures that are predominately going to be in the of the seventh to load a is a lot of the 684 communities at walnut creek in danville through pleasanton 77 to 83 degrees a little worn out the dust of bread would approaching the 90 degree mark it with a warm spot this afternoon and this topic is 7985 and an open 78 to 81 mild temperatures in downtown san francisco were looking at a loss 66 they're here is the extended outlook. >>james: track in water through the saturday sunday most sunny skies very mild very comfortable temperatures and and highs in the mid '80s bayside highs and lows mid-70s that is the weather. >>george: is affecting the ride come at a vallejo high with 37 the big story this morning has been this warehouse fire.
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>>george: to come a land of 880 in fremont on the northbound side at the core role did have a slight impact on the southbound commute south that we are still looking at a lighter than usual ride even 4101 northbound with at seven minutes to the trip time it is still a predicament as it is out of downtown san jose leading to cupertino is still under 20 minutes meeting 17 minutes for your trip out to highway 85. >>darya: we're getting ready for school but the school districts across the bay area schools to do with a shortage of teachers and oakland district three days
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to go before the for the of class the situation and oakland is beginning to improve. >>dan kerman: they're preparing their classrooms for the first day of class what this was a full complement of teachers not all the district do in fact the district is 30 teachers short of what they need never one to have instability and the one to be rushing in to the start of the school year but unfortunately it is likely to be the new norm and not just all u.s. did but they're out to california and across the country a shortage of 30 teachers may seem like a lot is an improvement over the more than 70 vacancies the district had last week still is unlikely cause loss of the full of the opening day on monday with the district still said
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there will be credentialed teachers in all classrooms campaign event in alabama the largest political clout of donald trump's can pay more than 35,000 tickets already been sold. >>mark: had to change the cases and some times to accommodate the crowds the form for the government credit jabs at each other and hampshire with nancy how he is electable he is elope energy person.
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>>darya: to activism are upset about the baby benefit for workers however those benefits only applies to the employees who work on the online streaming not flex side of the exclude about 450 workers who work in the dvd by mail servers they said the employee to get larger paychecks police say
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they're working on a gas line when it exploded the building will shut off the three people or injured are expected to recover. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: their other cops standing very close to me and the city did not have a shortage of cops officer is for
7:25 am
the san mateo, is the program but also from multiple san mateo county agencies and the california highway patrol targeting topic related issues countywide here and receive there is an issue bicyclist ignoring the minister of traffic laws like this cyclist the field to stop the stop sign there rough few felt that the stop signs or even issue tickets on the california highway patrol or from also when we spoke to one writer that was ticketed for running a stop sign. >>stanley roberts: recipients ought lauded not only for rotted on the side allow the ship was using the tool had founds.
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>>stanley roberts: when you know you got caught it is only fitting that to the into the camera and said i got caught behaving badly in the future segment will the cadavers that recall including this lady in redwood city. >>darya: vested in is are planning to recommend it to a manslaughter charge against caitlin jenner she was involved in a deadly car crash of laudable last february and allows and does commissure department found the ship was not driving safely as she ran and alexis pushing into oncoming car the driver of the lexus was killed instantly when she was struck at all by heart the case to court to presented for final review next week and the d.a. would determine what charges she faces. >>mark: raiding the homes of test had the lapd crime against
7:27 am
children task force--kiss, they were there to discuss a crime which may happen on the property last year they're cooperating with police and they're not consider suspects in the investigation 11,000 firefighters battling wildfires across california right now will tell you who was being brought in to help firefighters.
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>>darya: the bracken new store will following a warehouse the crossfire in vallejo overnight in there to collect a video of the fire isn't the outcome of an irish company on a mare island. >>will tran: the fires still is burning with nasa divisible flames this case is destroyed a
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62,000 square foot this happened when it was closed overnight employees went home. >>: because of the collapse we're looking at six to 10 ft. deep and is deep-seated fire is on to be hard to penetrate and get into that in and around a
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couple of acres we actually still have a grass greg is patrolling the area we had one floor already on the sun comes up and starts to warmer were worried about more flareups will continue to patrol the area as well. >>: no injuries to firefighters
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or citizens we're doing our best to live on the facility were doing the best help them out and get the driver is in safe and to get the trucks out of fears of it to start to get to work. >>will tran: a lot of people are showing into work and will see what happens we can tell you no evacuation to the nearby homes. >>george: they did actually close highway 37 here for a while when the fire was raging because of its proximity to the area that we circled here is the area where he is located that is what the fire were visible this is also the road avenue interchange which is the route into and out of mare island
7:33 am
from highway 37 and because of restrictions in and out of the island that is another reason why things are backed up here >>jackie sissel: is not unusual to see traffic backed up on highway 37 westbound is a commit direction as much slower this morning and it appears that a lot of people are taking we know how much you love the rubberneckers but a lot to our technical look at the huge plume of smoke that burned buildings all the five firms i getting off at high with 37 to the south.
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>>george: men could be why the back of has failed in a little bit at the toll plaza but overall the drive times are still not that 16 minutes out of the macarthur maze and the good news is the 880 approach here as you seem the to a truck pulling up on scene and the chp is not a 10 minute trip time that have been some problems here on 80.
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>>james: where scene of the '50s and places like san francisco low 60s and others like in walnut creek is going to be cool to start with you probably need a light jacket were looking for ultimate seven by the bay shoreline with the ultimate '80s for are in the end of the location of which one of in walnut creek and live look we have some sunshine beginning to come down along 680 the sea in the shot with her to one of the
7:36 am
viewers and walnut creek san not too long ago it was nice and cool the slight breeze in the air thank you for that here is a quick look so well in the weather will go over the course of the next couple days which includes a weekend saturday sunday amid a for the inland valleys of mostly sunny skies tim rogers on the bed in the los to miss them is absolutely beautiful thing with the in the head. >>darya: 11,000 firefighters on the front lines of wildfires burning across california this morning on the left you to see the video box of a fire burning in the sierra this year a national force of nine 32,000 a. and is moving closer now to him late 2500 campers and hikers and employees and residents in that area have been evacuated the fire was sparked by lightning on july 31st on their right to a large box that is and the visible count it near santa
7:37 am
margarita that fire was threatening more than three heart home to one. 05 fry's have a good fire line around the blaze just to structures are less threatened this morning the national guard is my hot enough for backfires on the right to run and 500 a. it is 30 percent contained. >>darya: california not the only state that has fire is going on right now 7 million a. are burned throughout the west in some of those areas are getting an extra hand from international firefighters australia and new zealand are sending firefighters to help battle the wild fire the expected to ride in idaho this weekend the last time they ask help from a foreign country firefighting ranks was in 2008 is one of the most active fire seasons in recent years in the 29,000 firefighters are battling roughly 100 large fires across the west. >>mark: the firefighters are
7:38 am
taking a brief pause as the bodies of three fallen heroes were taken to a funeral home we have video the procession for the firefighters who killed of balun the twist fire on wednesday did that when the vehicle crashed in flames overtook them a milestone for women in the military the first the women are graduating from the army's ranger school the military official said the women are part of the efforts to open the front line combat unit of all genders however the graduates are not was built to join other ground soldiers just yet and we're looking here at some live pictures right now and as this is part of the graduates to stem mounting you believe the stuff they do out ranges the dangers.
7:39 am
>>darya: the navy has the sale and that has to sit in the announced plans. >>mark: the south citified apartment arrived after the accident and shut out no one was injured still ahead of local high school is leading the way protecting on aphids will show what they're doing and how they're doing it as an islamic a website for infidelity and the relatives are being forced to admit he was on a will have those stories when kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>george: tracking a new hot spot this time in hayward on 880 here in the northbound direction this accident is on the non commit side as a lead up toward highway 9 to jackson into change is the manager's back of the ride on the northbound side south on the commute is basically unaffected for the drive for the quarter will updated for your next report. >>darya: the san francisco
7:43 am
forty-niners are gearing up for the home preseason opener >>mark: he will have a chance to get in the game wrapped with the first-team offense and the by stadium and one hoping will see a two. hot and the niners have nicknamed the new and hope of improved quarterback they say he is the wrong with more touch since he became head coach is what he had to say about,cap. >>: uc are really good smile. >>mark: the 49 is preseason home opener this sunday tech, dallas cowboys the tech talk as a 5:00 p.m.. >>darya: the oakland raiders are finishing up the training camp they gathered to cheer them on
7:44 am
as they want the last practice at the napa valley marriott haywood netted and head coach jack their real says he likes to the sea so far. >>james: will have a full one of that with the 7 day around the bay forecast a glance at the weekend fantastic with another head.
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>>james: here is how the days on to break down in terms of temperatures was expected to remain in the low sixties for most of the morning will stay in the rain 65 to 66, with the warmest time the bank--day. >>james: more so than other parts of debate today will talk about when come at you from the west the oceans and the 30 mi. our is one still very guest today in the city by the bank here is what looks like to the north the golden gate bridge marin county off from a distance low clouds overhead in the breeze is to conduct in the
7:48 am
south will resting 61 san jose as well were looking at a mix of '50s and '60s is not until noon time that we noticed that is taken off all the an unbalanced and then will take three in the afternoon temperatures will be ride from 83 to lead in six degrees in east balun everyone else should see part glycolic to most sunny skies and that generally is the forecast looking at for the weakened saddam this sunday will commit '80s and into but just barely
7:49 am
move may be a degree or two in one direction or the other is a headed to the middle of mexico relatively flat forecast for the next seven days. >>george: the iraqi news this morning with a warehouse fire because of that high with 37 bathtub and that is meno lighter ride than usual round the bay area likely for the file we would have an easy trip over the mare island bridge that we do this morning it will bring about a quarter mile down the road and would like a heavy get into your pass highway 121 another hot spot a new one this accident no. 880 is a continuation of 92 into downtown hayward in is become 92 is a cross the san mateo bridge
7:50 am
is really good news is definitely a lot ride for the chester a. dimitri when this morning. >>george: the ride to the golden gate bridge problem for we are picking up the extra northbound traffic flow so typical for friday versus of the days of the week 10 for the trip and to marin richmond bridge where back the offer to the richmond are with the 16 minute drive times into san. still >>mark: lawmakers will get
7:51 am
warnings about they were surprised when he read his user manual for his tv that can capture and transmits is affirmation it uses turn on wireless recognition now he's creating a bill requires users and the sun is beginning to the rebels from the asked madison website the web site at which helps people cheat on their spouses was hit by hackers to release the details of customer profiles online reports the information has created another scandal. >>reporter: among the names of 32,000,001 of the cheaters but posted on line one name stands out the same one of reality tv
7:52 am
who earlier this summer was exposed for having molested his sisters when he was a young teenager to include one sister who was just five years old a site that privately held generic people cheat by hook him up with partners did just a test to the first account matches the address at his arkansas home the second account appears to been opened when he was spending time in maryland leading a group that lobbied against same-sex marriage they show he paid almost $1,000 to the web site since 2012 the second account include an initial fee of $250 in an affair guarantee your money back if you do not have been seventh three months his
7:53 am
most intimate desires are listed as black baptist toy is and fantasies you interested in someone he could teach is open to experimentation. >>reporter: someone good with their hands here is what he listed also a good listener and someone with a secret when he and his wife took their bows on their reality show in 2008 the have no idea that he had insulted his sister's a secret headed by his own parents for years he apologized in may and apologize again today his statement reads in part i have
7:54 am
been the biggest hypocrite ever i have been unfaithful to my wife i'm so ashamed to double life that i've been living he goes on to last year's all publicly stating of fighting against our country are tied in my own personal affairs he was like the referring to his is executive director and the family research council a conservative group which champions marriage and family the group fought against laws session of same-sex marriage he step down when news about this is the smallest this was made public he worked san finning marriage of off paying the madison a website to find a secret lover. >>mark: a dog was in the travers continuing with this fall down to launch a 10 points after dropping 350 guest today the dow
7:55 am
not a thousand points lower than it was at the beginning of the year will prices continued to fall in tiny shares falling as well local market this morning will have more on wall street had--ahead.
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>>darya: they're hanging out for a long time they went over to
7:58 am
the swing set inside a family watching with their daughters and at one point when it goes away with offloaded and had a three year-old daughter screaming now--no. >>darya: we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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. welcome into fremont now on 880 in the northbound direction. that also helped this drive
8:05 am
time, 22 minutes from san leandro. not as much traffic on the nimitz as otherwise may be. the bay bridgebound still enjoying a great ride here. their drive times are 15 to 16 minutes out of the macarthur maze and we are no longer backed up from the 808 approach. as i mentioned the san mateyo bridge. you can see how light it is here. it is because the traffic is held up on the nimitz freeway northbound approaching 292 and jackson street, the turnoff for the san mateyo bridge. those of you coming southbound from the nimitz from the san leandro side will be enjoying the benefit of those other problems. let's get to the weather center. james, what kind of weekend is in store for us? actually a nice one. we are looking at temperatures that will be mild through saturday and sunday. here at 8:05 in the morning let me give you one last final update before the last stragglers head off to school as we get you ready for school. temperatures in the 50s to low
8:06 am
60s. we have break up of clouds inland but at the immediate bay and coast we are still overcast so temperatures have not budged a lot. by noontime kids having lunch time. 68 on the shoreline. mid 70s inland. at 3:00 as kids get out of school we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid 70s along the tampa bay shoreline. shorts and t-shirts weather for the afternoon although this morning you may need a light jacket as you are heading out the door. here is the san mateyo bridge camera showing us a nicely improving shot here. we have the peninsula hills off in the distance. sunshine coming down. things beginning to brighten up a bit and clear out. as george hinted the weekend looks fantastic. here is the three-day planner. saturday and sunday mostly sunny sky, temperatures inland in the mid 80s. a great looking weekend ahead. 2018 have a more detailed forecast -- i will have a more detailed forecast in 15 minutes. >> thank you. and breaking news out of the east bay.
8:07 am
firefighters are battling a two alarm house fire. look at the video out of kron4, a lot offense smoke coming out of this -- of smoke coming out of this home on central avenue. we will bring you more information as soon as it come into the newsroom. another breaking news story we are following this morning. an alameda sheriff deputy is recover from injuries he sustained after a accident at castro valley boulevard and independence park road. the deputy was sitting in his patrol car when he was hit by a bmw. the deputy was taken to the hospital with non life- threatening injuries. the driver of the other vehicle has not been injured. it is not sure what the factors were, speed, alcohol, drugs -- they don't know. two men are using donald trump's implementation policy
8:08 am
as a reason for attacking a homeless man. >> and hear what trump is saying about the attack this morning. and the death toll continues to rise after deadly explosion in china. the latest developments after the break. >> and a live look at the san mateyo bridge at 8:08. the traffic is lightening up and the sun is breaking out through the morning clouds.
8:09 am
8:10 am
. welcome back to kron 4 news
8:11 am
this morning. the death toll in china now reached 116, including 60 firefighters. this is video. people are still missing. levels of cyanide in the evacuated area have been detected that are more than 350 times what is considered safe. this morning workers have begun to clear records, including charred cars and crumbling shipping don attainers. happening now, two people are in critical condition after an amtrak train crashed into a truck that was parked on the tracks in brentwood. it happens just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the man parked his black pickup truck on the tracking near orwood road because he wanted to road up mis-- load up his jet skis. it crashed and sent the truck flying 100 feet in the air. you can see where it landed in the water. right then there was a wok floating in a raft in the middle of the river.
8:12 am
the driver and woman were both air lifted to john mare medical center. nobody on the train was hurt. still ahead on kron 4 news this morning, with question are tracking temperatures, the forecast calling for upper 70s and low 80s today. the full check, coming up
8:13 am
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. 8:15 right now. let's get a start with the weather. >> yes. we have a daily planner of upper 60s right now but we will warm up to upper 7 50s to almost 80 degrees for a high this afternoon. 78, 79 is pretty much where we will max out the temperatures somewhere in the 3:00 to 4:00 timeframe, then we will cool it off to the upper 60s as we head to the later evening hours tonight. winds will be calm, coming at you from the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that is a glimpse at san jose. our camera in walnut creek showing us nice conditions with sunshine along 680. cameras point to the south, we are watching the traffic flow in the valley. temperatures nice. 60 in pleasanton, 64 in livermore, 63 in concord and the south bay. 62 in san jose. 63 in oakland, 59 in san
8:16 am
francisco and a cool spot this morning, at this point anyway, looks to be santana rose at 57 and antioch at 55. the cloud, here is how they will develop, 9:00 the clouds will be hanging around the immediate bay but they will pull back by noontime, as you can see. as we roll the clock forward through the afternoon the clouds stay along the coast and finally begin to push back in as with he head to 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. in the south bay 79 in san jose and low 80s for the santa clara valley. of 6 in downtown san francisco. we will -- and 66 in downtown san francisco. we have mid 80s inland for the weekend, low to mid 70s for the bay shoreline. temperatures will stay calm and not move a whole lot as we head into next week.
8:17 am
maybe warming up a little bit on monday but not bad at all. that is weather, how bad or not bad is the traffic. george? great improvements on the north bay. the hot spot on highway 37 is the warehouse fire at the metal fabrication plant on mare island in vallejo, really jammed up the westbound 37 ride which jackie has been monitoring for us. you can see it really opened up a lot. jackie, turn the camera and pan it over, please. now we are panning back to the east. you can see at one time traffic had been solid all the way over the mare island bridge out here to railroad avenue in the turnoff for mare island. the good news is it cleared out nicely so i think we can see this hot spot, at least, has cooled off. we will be getting more on the fire from kron 4 news. the other hot spot we have been tracking is this ride on 880 northbound. an accident no longer in the traffic leaps but right at
8:18 am
highway -- lanes but right at the highway 92 jackson interchange, having a positive impact on the san mateyo bridge. the westbound 92 ride has element completely cleared out now -- almost completely cleared out now with drive times to 11 minute, almost normal for commute times because of the traffic being held up on the nimitz freeway, helping take a lot of pressure off. take a look at the bay bridge. what back up? again, great conditions here. it never really backed up to the macarthur maze, but this is as light as it has been since 6:00 po' this morning. and the trip to it is golden gate bridge 101 southbound, peak conditions but no delays. morin at the richmond bridge, a minor wait at the toll plaza with drive times dropping 15 to 16 minutes, down to 8 or 10 for a trip time into san rafael. the first day of school has already come or days away for a
8:19 am
lot of bay area students. the oakland school district is scrambling to make contingency plans because school starts monday and they don't have enough teachers. kids head back to class and teacher ares are getting their clads -- teachers are getting their classrooms ready to go. the districts are short by 30 teachers and likely there won't be enough teachers for monday, meaning the class size will be bigger, but the district says each classroom will have a credentialed teacher, even if it isastrator. >> in cases where we are putting the administrators back in the classroom, we will have a substitute there to support is administrator. so, if you have two teachers with 30 kids in the classroom, the student to teacher ratio would be 10 to 1 because of two teachers there. >> the district spokesperson says there were a lot of layoffs during the recession and fewer and fewer people are
8:20 am
studying to become teacher, leading to the shortage. donald trump will be heading to alabama with what is expected to be the largest campaign race of the rally there now. he faces more criticism here is more. >> reporter: it is summer of trump. the donald trump tour is making its way from the northeast -- >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: to the south today. the trump campaign is hosting a friday night pep rally in mobile, alabama, possibly posting its largest crowd yet. >> it ended up be 30,000 to 40,000 people in alabama. >> reporter: but the billionaire has been known to exaggerate his numbers. >> we have a lot of people outside, hundreds and hundreds of people outside. >> reporter: but this time the proof is in the ticket. tonight's event has been relocated twice. it was first scheduled to take place here in this civic center
8:21 am
theater, occupancy 1,900. then the center's larger arena, occupancy 10,000, but now after the campaign at least 35,000 have claimed tickets and the pep rally will kick up the turf here at this high school football stadium. capacity is 43,000. the meanwhile one of trump's leading rivals is getting unwanted questioning after using a phrase many consider offensive in a radio interview this week. anchor baby. >> do you admit using the term "anchor baby" yesterday on the radio? do you regret it? >> no, i don't. do you have a better term? you give me a better term and i will use it. don't yell at me behind me ear, though. >> sorry about that. >> reporter: democrat front- runner hillary clinton says how about baby, children or american citizens, an uncharacteristic defense for bush, strikingly similar to trump's apology of the use of
8:22 am
the phrase on wednesday. >> you want me to say that. okay, i will use the word anchor baby. excuse me, i will use the word anchor baby. >> trump is also having to answer questions after two men in boston used trump's position on implementation as reason to attack a homeless man with a pipe. police say during the attack the two men said "donald trump was right." and "all these illegals need to be deported." the event later admitted to police they attacked the man because he was homeless, history and illegal. as it turned out the man had legal documentation. reporters asked the republican front-runner about the incident. >> i haven't heard about that. i think it would be a shame but i haven't heard about that. i will say the people following are very passionate. they love this country. they want this country to be great glen this morning there is no word on the condition of the victim. trump called if are a wall to be built while the u.s. border
8:23 am
of mexico and calling to revoke citizenship of babies born in the u.s. to undocumented parents. still ahead on kron 4 news this morning, if you are planning ongoing hiking in the bay area over the weekend, we have a warning for you. we will show you what to look out for. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
8:26 am
. if you like to hike or walk the dog on the bay area trails, there are ticks and like disease present in the bay area. the western -- like disease and ticks in the bay area. -- lyme disease and ticks in the area. the bay area lyme foundation commissioned the study and found tick bites can produce different symptoms in different people which makes it harder to diagnosis lyme disease. >> a lot of doctors when you say i would like a lyme test, they will say i am sorry, there is no lyme test in california, so if you get bit by a tick you may get lyme disease or fever. that is why there is a wide variation of symptoms that people have here in the bay
8:27 am
area. >> they are so small. you don't even know it. >> ticks are really tiny. >> and if you don't treat it because you don't know you were bitten lyme disease can spread to the joint, the heart, the nervous system. in most cases if you know you are bit you can be treated within a few weeks with antibiotics. researchers say there are fewer ticks out right now because of the drought. and in national headlines poo three people are recovering after they were injured at a gas line explosion during construction at the bronx john f. kennedy high school in the bronx. crews were working on the gas line when it exploded. the gas to the building was shut off. the three people injured are expected to recover. following breaking news in vallejo where overnight a massive fire causes this recycling plant to collapse and be destroyed. coming up we will tell you another problem firefighters had to deal with while they
8:28 am
were working on that, in a live report
8:29 am
8:30 am
. we start with a breaking news story which is a warehouse fire at the alco metal and iron company on mare island. firefighters have been there throughout the morning taking a look at what is happening. they are still busy out there it looks like. >> reporter: yes. they are busy but at least the heavy lifting is over, door ya. you don't see -- door ya. you don't see huge flames anymore. the hot spots are cooled down enough to allow investigators to walk around the perimeter and look inside the building.
8:31 am
look at this amazing video. it started at 11:45 last nights. the place was closed for several hours so no one was inside the place. i learned this is a metal plant but they don't make any forms that pour the hot metal that deals with so much flame, but instead, this is a recycling plant. they have machinery where they cut the metal parts and sparks may have caused the fire. when they got here they were off to a big head start where they called for back up. fire departments from near this area rushed over here to help out the vallejo fire department. fortunately no injuries because they knew it was too massive to send any firefighters inside. instead they raised four ladders and shot water down to the building. that was just one problem, daria. while they were fighting this there was a second problem.
8:32 am
the battalion chief is shown here talking about that problem. >> some of the things we dealt with this fire that created a challenge was as the structure collapsed and the size of this building, it threw quite a few embers in the air which started 15 different spot fires in the grass fields behind us here. not only was this a three alarm structure fire but we had to have wildlife response come out and assist us with the multiple grass fires we had. >> reporter: instead of having that unit all hands on deck to worry about this fire, they had another fire truck going around this area to keep an eye on the dry vegetation and grass in case the embers from this place went over there and caused those fires. at this point no injuries to anybody. they were concerned about the air quality, breathing and all, but fortunately the wind shifted a little bit so they
8:33 am
did not have to evacuate businesses or homes in this direction. back to you, daria. >> it is looking a lot better traffic-wise, too with the immediate fallout of this, george, this morning. >> there sure was, daria. for a while highway 37 was closed near the mare island turnoff at railroad avenue. even after it was reopened for several hour this is morning we saw stop and go traffic all through this area. now it has completely cleared out. it is a delay-free ride from vallejo to the mare island bridge to sears point. it always slows a little there and out to 101 we are delay free. we continue to track a hot spot in hayward on the nimitz freeway northbound. despite the fact that this accident has been out of the lanes for some time, it is still backed up heading north all the way down from union city, newark, almost to dakota road. the good news is that the fallout from this accident has
8:34 am
been that there has been no back up or delays here at the san mateyo bridge now for some time. we are actually back down to an 11 minute trip time. that is what you would expect on a sunday morning. so, an easy ride now heading from foster city all the way how the to hayward. and at the bay bridge this morning the ride equally good. while it had backed up a bit it was never blacked town the macarthur maze. about a 13 minute trip time from the macarthur maze with smooth conditions across the span heading into downtown san francisco. let's head over to the weather center with james fletcher. yes. we have our camera here at the san francisco international airport. the low clouds overhead. we speculated they may cause problems for in-coming flights and sure enough, they have. the airport reporting 67 minute delays because of the low visibility. oakland-san jose fine but there
8:35 am
you have it for san francisco international, inbound flights delayed a little more than an hour. temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s. santa rosa is 57. san francisco warmed up. it had been 59 for most of the morning. now it is 61. we are seeing a whole slew of low 60s for oakland, san jose, concord and livermore. here is a glimpse of where the weather will go for the course of the day. we will have 67 along the bay shoreline, mid 70s inland and by 3:00 this afternoon breezy at the coast and relatively mild inland anti sunny, warming it up to 83 to 85 degrees in the valleys and low to mid 70s along the bay shoreline. more details in 15 minutes and the seven-day around the bay and a look at the weekend ahead, stick around for that. >> thank you, james. 11,000 firefighters were on the front lines in wildfires burning across the state this morning. on the left you can see the rough fire in the sierra national forest that burned more than 32,000-acres and moving closer to hune lake.
8:36 am
2500 campers, hikers and employers in the area have been evacuated. on the right is the fire burning in san lewis abyss powe county, threatening 300 homes at one point but firefighters had a good fire line around the blaze and just two structures are threaten this had morning. the national guard is monitoring hot spots there this morning to make sure they don't flair up. it is only contained at 30%. and california is not the only state being scorched by wildfires. 7million-acres are burning in the west right now and some of the areas are getting an extra hand from international firefighters. australia and new zealand are sending firefighters to help battle blazes. these fortified firefighters are expected to arrive in boise next week. the last time u.s. asked for help from foreign countries was in 2008. this is one of the most active fire seasons in recent years. nearly 29,000 firefighters are battling roughly 100 large
8:37 am
fires all across the west. fires are still raging in central washington this morning, but firefighters in others took a brief pause yesterday as the bodies of three firefighters killed were taken to a funeral home. let's take a look at the procession for these three firefighters killed battlalling the twist fire on -- battling the twist fire ons wednesday. they died when the vehicle crashed and the flames overtook them. the hearts and prayers of many go out to the family and crew members. water service has been restored to customers in oakland after crews fixed a broken water main. we first told you about this story yesterday on kron 4 morning news. an 82-year-old pipe broke early yesterday morning causing thousands of gallons of water to flood the streets. crews fixed the pipe around 3:00 a.m. today. they still have to fill in a hole around the pipe. so one bike lane when closed until that is finished. crews will likely get that all wrapped up by this afternoon. the main may have been damaged
8:38 am
from the 4.0 earthquake that hit on monday but it may also have been due to age. and happening right now, the search is on for a man that went miss from a san francisco hospital. 42-year-old ryan semonian was waiting for treatment at a hospital. at some point he left the hospital in the triangle neighborhood and hasn't been seen since. he needs daily medication and didn't have it with him. investigators don't think he has money or a cell phone. he is 5'9", 160-pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. 8:39 right now. an update to a breaking news story we have been following all morning long. an alameda sheriff deputies injured in a car accident. we just learned the deputy suffered a broken leg. this happened just after midnight near the intersection of castro valley boulevard and independence park road. the deputy was actually sitting in his patrol car when he was hit by an bmw. the deputy went to the hospital
8:39 am
and has a broken leg. the driver of the bmw was arrested for dwi. coming up on kron 4 morning news, gas prices on their way down. how low will they go in time for labor day? >> and we are taking a look at two brand new big screen phones from samsung. i will tell you about them, their new features and when you can buy them, coming up in our tech report. >> and we are following weather and traffic. there is a look at the richmond bridge. hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
. let's take a look at bay area price at the pump. san francisco $3.46 for a gallon on average. in oakland $3.35. san jose is $3.31. honda being investigated after reports of airbags not inflating in crashes. the national transportation safety board saying this affects more than 35,000 honda accords from the 2008 model year. the agency received 19 complaints that airbag
8:43 am
computers failed. the malfunction causes the airbag warning light to concern on and disabled the asias. investigators will look into -- air bag. airbags. investigators will look at how of the problem happens.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. welcome back. here is today's tech tech. >> reporter: some sung has the galaxy s6-plus and the galaxy note 5. both have large screens and excellent cameras. >> when it comes to two big screen phones from samsung, these are front and center. >> reporter: this is the s6 edge plus and the galaxy note 5. they have the 5.7-inch screen and a sizable battery, the big difference is the edge has a curved edge and the note 5 has a stylus that pops out of the bottom. it is all about great looks and the note 5 is a productivity powerhouse. it has a cool feature for taking notes fast. pop out the pen and start writing on the screen. it even makes the sound of pencil on paper. maybe next year i will have the
8:47 am
erazor sound, too. it features a strip on the side that stays lit with news and more and time. >> reporter: you can still load it with your paper for easy access but you can now load it with your favorite apps for one- click launches. you won't find expandable memory or a removable battery. it is smaller than last year's note 4 but these models pack fast charging and wireless charging. here is a screen comparison. here is samsung galaxy 6s and here is the 5. they feature an amazing camera, the best on the market, with plus they include tricks you won't find on the smaller s6s. an app feature makes your eyes look bigger and lets your phone pay anywhere you can swipe a credit card. that launches september 28th.
8:48 am
both of these phones have excellent designs and are solid choices when it comes to big- screen android, but if you are still divided, maybe on the fence between android and apple, you may want to wait until september when we are expecting to see the new devices from apple. if you want to learn more about the new phones you can go to we are here taking a look at temperatures with james. an ideal day. >> yes. a light breeze in the air, mostly sunny skies and a high of 82. come on! >> catch up on the chores. >> you are right. it will be great. you can even leave the windows open today and let in the air all day long. it won't warm up that is all much. the maximum temperature today is in the low 70s. even by 8:00 tonight it will cooldown to about 68 degrees which is still great weather to have the windows open. here is what it looks like in
8:49 am
oakland. take a look at the live picture at the bay bridge. low clouds overtime that. will probably be with us until 10:00 before they begin to start pulling back a little bit. by noon we will see more sunshine here in oakland. the temperatures right now had been in the upper 50s to low 60s all morning long. that is still the case. 59 in san francisco, 64 in oakland, a slight warm up. in the south bay 67 in san jose. to the east a mix with 56 in antioch and 10 degrees warmer in livermore, 66 the current temperature there. speaking of temperatures, here is how it should develop. 9:00 the futurecast is showing us exactly what we see now, a mix of upper 50s to low 60s, the light blue and green. by noontime we will see more 70s really begin to take hold. by 3:00 you will see the orange areas, that is 80s. we are talking low 80s. we warm it up too much warmer than that expect for maybe brentwood where we could get close to the 90 degrees mark
8:50 am
but mostly a mid 80-degree day. most of the valley locations will be in the low 80s, 81 to 82 generally. livermore maybe warming up to 84, but still very mild. in the south bay a similar forecast. 79 to 84 degrees for the santa clara valley. 78 to 81 in the north bay with downtown san francisco coming in at 66. the weekend, take a look at temperatures. they don't music much more than a degree or two each day. holding relatively level as we work our way through the weekend which is going to be fantastic with mid 80s inland. next week again very mild weather as we take a look at the extended outlook there. on to traffic we have george keeping an eye on the commute. what are you seeing, george? >> a finger on the pulse, slow and erattic on the south bay with an accident. 280 northbound at saratoga avenue just north of the 17-280 junction. you will note that 17 is a slower than usual ride. 280, however in the northbound
8:51 am
direction is not too bad a ride at 21 minutes. that is about 10 minutes less than we would typically see on another day of the week. the 8 a 5 alternate oroute is at -- the 85 alternate route is at 18 minute, better than normal drive time there, definitely. normally the trip from dublin to castro valley is usually delay-free but today we have an accident off to the shoulder, tracking the drive time at 16 to 18 minutes. normally that is a 12 minute drive. it is backed up to the dublin interchange but not beyond on i- 580. the bay bridge is problem-free. if you have been wondering when you can head out the door, the answer is now because there are no delays. the same is tree for the san mateyo bridge. a much earlier than usual end to the back up. back down to an 11 minute trip
8:52 am
time here. we are at a time when the golden gate bridge should be heavy but it isn't. the southbound time is delay free. on fridays with he see more northbound traffic than on other day os of the week. it is likely they will add a third lane in the northbound direction before the end of the broadcast, before 10:00. here at the richmond bridge no long ernie delay or back up for the westbound 580 ride, back down to an 8 minute trip time out of richmond heading over to san rafael. >> thank you, georgia. problem on the fly eye. organizers of burning man say this year's festival could be hampered by large, stinky bugs. the event kicks off in a week but organizers are sending out these pictures. festival-goer, be prepared for these bugs to get up and in you. >> do they bite? >> they bite and they stink. the recent wet weather in the desert, providers say, could be the reason for the influx of bugs.
8:53 am
>> when you use the word bugs, they are used widely. they are in the group of insects we call true bugs. they are completely harmless. they suck juices out of plants. they can't chew but they can suck. >> god! >> yes. step on them or swat at them. >> you can't use bug spray? >> i don't know. cars are going in there, running them over and squishing them. they stink, apparently. >> yuck! the scandal surrounding a cheating website ashley madison is growing this morning. we now know hundreds of federal workers used government emails and account tots pay for membership fees for the site. also many of the cheaters exposeed in the hack serve in the u.s. military and that is where adultery is a prosecutorrable offense that can land you in a year confinement and a dishonorable discharge. the hack includes customer name, credit card data,
8:54 am
physical addresses and sexual preferences. the hackers release people's account information after the website refused their demands to shut down the website. and one of the more high profile names to come out of the ashley scandal is josh duggar after reports surfaced he was a customer of ashley madison. he released a statement saying he is addicted to pornography and was unfaithful to his wife. it with us revealed this summer he molested his sister as a teenager. he used to work for the family research council in washington, d.c. known as a family values organization. he has since stepped down. a north bay high school may have a new way to monitor concussion symptoms in football players. a san rafael high school will be testing the sensors. the device will be worn in football practices and games
8:55 am
and tracks the absorption of a hit. when the impact reach as certain force they get an alert on their phones to test players for concussions. it is apparently the only school in the bay area using the sensor and the athletic director hopes to eventually put the sensor on all athletes playing contact sports. it is 8:55. we will be back in a few minutes. look at this video of the day. bear in a backyard and throwing their own pool party. it is a video you can't miss! >> and here is a look at the san mateyo bridge live. running at the speed limit right now. we will be right back. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
8:56 am
is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: write down the heavy lifting is over and the reason why consider firefighters after six to seven hours of constant battling back and take a little bit of rest because when they got here it was just a fool on fight it was huge at 1145 and they believe this fire got a big head start on them if the investigators are walking around the building they're starting the job of trying to find out exactly what caused this warehouse this matter recycling plant to be destroyed
9:01 am
this morning you to see right through let's show you the video have been added on 1145 last night approximately 40 to 50 employees worked at this place. >>will tran: there were now working at the time they use a lot of heavy machinery this is a place where the do not pour hot metal instead they use the machine to just cut of the recycling part and sparks will be one factor that there be looking into it immediately call for backup to the firefighters denied even think about going inside and that was good because the roof collapsed when it did collapse is an ever flying all over the place here is the handful of grass fires which can tell you that no firefighters and injured one firefighter told us when they were in the middle of fighting this the mushrooms are so huge that he described
9:02 am
did almost like a nuclear bomb going off fortunately the wind was really bad it was not to apply what has to evacuate the nearby businesses. >rebecca: this is all because of the early warehouse fire let's zoom in to the map for your westbound ride on 37 it is still a little bit slow this drive time from will send out to
9:03 am
101 to change normally takes 20 minutes but where track about 20 minutes commit rather to make that connection with 1 01 is still a little bit slow but much better the was saw earlier today and what she did on 211 the drive times in 26 minutes to make a waitress and fell down to sauce window across the golden gate bridge into san francisco this is just a couple of minutes more the what we normally see for this hour in the morning. >>rebecca: track now hot spot over for the respect of this on west on 580 this is why after the dublin and to change ride it even came in we do have a big rig accident involving the and also traffic a solid backed up all the way to the dublin and to change the drive time here looking at us extend a 10 minute drive times.
9:04 am
>>james: will have sunshine come down here is a little over in san francisco and oakland will start to call for the daytime high which should reach anywhere from 83 to 86 degrees for far and in communities temperatures
9:05 am
and a hovering in the mid '80s a great looking for cash for the inland valley to along the bay shoreline equally nice with 73 to 74 agreed not bad at all will be back with the of the check of the forecast and the 7 day around the bay forecast come up with 15 minutes. >>darya: malamud, share the deputy who was hurt when his patrol car was hit by another car and castro valley and we found out about his injuries he broke a leg and all salt the person who hit his vehicle had been arrested for driving under the influence when the patrol car been struck by a bmw the driver of the bmw was not injured but again they suspect
9:06 am
driving under the influence. >>darya: a chuckle land on a woman and river this all happen in brentwood take a look at the scene here and was around 3:00 is to the afternoon if some part of his black pickup truck on the tracks near the road and he wants a lot of his jet skis and amtrak train heading into oakland crashed into the truck a woman was flown on a raft and the river he was the target of
9:07 am
selective prosecution they claim the fbi and prosecutors targeted him because of his past criminal activity and its increasing political influence this is investing his fell to go after public figures to surface in the multi your fbi probe. >>darya: and nicole's building 4000 homes and shopping center
9:08 am
police misconduct in this with a deadly officer involved shooting in san jose has spent five years as an independent list price of water for the city of san jose and a rebel filed a complaint after police change their statement about what happened in the shooting original lead the police reported that the suspect they said that did not happen that want to know if that statement to the for misconduct. >>darya: 55 is a mecca make progress this morning on the fired and is burned in livermore valley the tussle fire is holding steady at about 2,500 a. with does learn within the last five minutes the fire is contained has gone up now in the
9:09 am
60 percent contained in this burden on both side of tesla role that is why the calling of the test of fire is in the area between livermore in tracing one victim home was destroyed by the flames so far officials are warning about delays and the next few this is all that caused delays they said the delay should not be more about 10 of 15 minutes of the could be expected to last through september if don trump is getting ready for rally in alabama as jeb bush five shots back at the presidential candidate the death toll continues to rise from the deadly explosion in china's for one to look at what was done to better contain the area. >>darya: live look no one at the bay bridge.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>rebecca: is definitely cause and a snack in your drive this to the drive time from 238 down to 237 to jamaica when to milpitas to stand 29 minutes over to the other hot spot in the castro valley area this along westbound 580 that is causing backups all to the dublin and to change. >>rebecca: normally will see
9:12 am
this is about to men commit so far. >>darya: the death toll from the explosion in time has now reached 116160 people killed in that and include 65 firemen and 60 people are still missing this morning that more and 350 times was considered a safe level for the have the cyanide level. >>james: coming up in the meantime here is a glimpse at what is one to be on the peninsula kron 4 mid-60s and san francisco one of to the mid-70s.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya: is driven from category 1 to a category two that did not think it will post to the threat to land as the blues last it is tendering sat on development. >>james: it has when the condition this afternoon track often is going to the constant and is once the bluster in the city into the to the court to stay on the cool side that is a
9:16 am
brief overview of san francisco to to the upper 50s to the success of their slowly warming but they're taking their time, announced this is one of the warmer temperatures was seen on the map we do expect it to one more to the '70s for an invalid by noontime and deceit are start
9:17 am
to take of the invalid by 3:00 this afternoon that would indicate low eighties to mid added that probably been the best way to phrase it this time of the could get a little warmer than that and what france is to be pushing into the upper 80s but most of the indies cavallas will be right in that 81 to 84 degree temperature. >>james: of fairly similar forecast for the south to san jose should max out at 79 but if and south toward more and hill you want one thing is up to 84 degrees 79 to 84 will be a temperature range for the saab and 70 it to anyone would expect in the north bank as the match and san francisco look to the mid '60s at best the forecast for the next seven days including the weekend.
9:18 am
>>rebecca: was about 580 right past the dublin and to change at the canyon is the right and is the type of that accident involving a big rig in of and still on the right line with the tow truck on the scene as well that is causing the back of all the way to the interchange still attract times and thus extend a 10 minute it is causing a lot of attention south about 80 ride at stevenson did
9:19 am
concede through since the track in the slow track all the way back to 84 and the same story goes to the san mateo bridge the drive times on the 14 minutes now from the east of a moving over to the peninsula and in the connection with one on one. >>darya: president obama is getting more and more on popular einkorn to nepal 51 percent of those surveyed disapproved of how the president is doing his job as up from 47% last month the republican party is that doing any better 54 percent say they do not view the
9:20 am
gop and caught a flight that is out from 49% in july and happened to that a campaign of an atom can draw the largest political crowd yet if donald trump and his campaign as a more than 35,000 tickets have been sold a pep rally and mobile alabama had to change the past several times to handle the crowd yesterday traded jabs in the hampshire. >>: u.n. will you campaign like this you cannot win when you're campaigning like this i cannot see how these and let the boat jerboas and unload energy person. >>darya: new poll numbers show that jeb bush is struggling even
9:21 am
in his home state of florida where he served two terms as governor he terrell trump in iowa as i a lot in new hampshire. >>darya: are the school district's red across the bay area and they're rebelling the teacher shortage focus on this to the justice did days away and many teachers are short michelin's with just for this to go before school at the situation at oakland and started to improve. >>dan kerman: teaches are busy preparing their classroom for on this first of class of the school has a full complement of teachers not on the district do in fact the district is 30 teacher short of what they need
9:22 am
his improvement over the more 70 vacancies the district had last week still is unlikely all slots will be filled by opening day on monday with the addition still send their be credentialed teachers in all classrooms in some cases that may mean that we take a minute stress who have teaching credentials and for the man a classroom with that number should be relatively small and certainly much less than we anticipated it would be only one week ago. >>darya: the border between north and south korea is heating up as the career leader has declared his front-line troops and across the state of war he is ordering them to prepare for battle north and south korea exchanged artillery fire across the border yesterday the south
9:23 am
korean defense minister says that north korea fired two shells and south korea retaliated with dozens the president is ordering the military to prepare for a stern response, from the exchange of fire officials how the ball to the this ceremony at the shrine with the attack happened on monday they're still searching for the prime suspect who was seen on video removing a backpack and placing it on a bench at the shrine and surely before the blast 20 people were killed and more than 120 other people were injured this is an
9:24 am
se and still counting the will of big-name the shasta pack this comes four years after the famous or and wandering off or reached northern california experts say it is amazing the walls are back in northern california to 21 years after they were reintroduced into the northern rockies they are protected by the endangered species act technical live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic is really cleared out in the bay bridge.
9:25 am
i'm cadee.i' hadodere toever plue prias most of myife. buthatasn'stopd mefromodelg. my doctotolde abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio before srtinstela® youroctoshou tesfortubeulos. stela®ay ireasyouriskof ccer. alwa telyouroctoif y ha anyign inftion have had ccer, orf yodevep annewskinrowt. do n takstela®f yoarealleic tsta or any oits grednts. aleryouroctoof n orworsing oble including heache seires,confion and vion pblem thesmay sig of rare potentlly tal aincondion. serious lerg reaionscan cur.
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tell yr door iyou anne iyourouse needs or h rectly ceiv a ccin in a micaltudy mo stera®aties saat ast % clrer in and the majoty we rad cleed ominil at 12 week elar® hps kp mykinclear. ask yo docr abt stara. >>darya: disease carrying ticks are present almost area chiles
9:27 am
and and wooded areas including the redwoods research in stamford and of the here and then from the western bloc led all the most common and the caramel will types of bacteria including the type that and call lyme disease stefan back a produce different symptoms and different people a mix of hard to diagnose if you get treated and by and should be ok and could lead but if untreated then it can spread to draw to the heart and the nervous system this is something you want to
9:28 am
pay attention to him. >>darya: were with joy and by the start for one to update you on britain alone from this morning if out of the life of this warehouse fire was to come live look at the progress being made.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: the warehouse to called fire overnight in vallejo from earlier today when that happened after men at this is the out call madeline i. company the
9:31 am
firefighters were able to get on the control no one was hurt when the following with lifetime coverage we've been almost wanted to look the flames are long out and that the best filmed the scene of the gulf investigating a chicken for hot spot export to class i had to contain. >>rebecca: it will be read as stevenson boulevard and is not blocking any lines however and is causing a lot of attention on the right-hand shoulder traffic solid all the way back up to the 84 split will increase the dumbarton bridge and this is on to be the drive time is 28 minutes, the have now to pick from san leandro down through hey what the fremont and and to milpitas and in the connection
9:32 am
with 237 other hot stuff we've been tracking in dublin and this is going to just pass the dublin and a giant among was on 580 y that even came the right and still tied up because this accident the tow truck is on the scene for clearing but again it is still causing so traffic is pretty backed up all the way to the interchange the drive times 16 to 18 minutes getting into castro valley using is on the to men to track. >>rebecca: if this is the coming along the bayshore freeway is talking and acting as on all the 101 of off of to bring game to sit over to a live shot of a brush stroke as a camera is as good getting to the package no delays no way you conduct until this friday morning and is on to the settlement drive time to get you across the spend into downtown san francisco.
9:33 am
>>james: 50 have a slight you're expected to meet up with a your welcoming someone to beg your you're planning on having out there are some delays to bring to your attention because of those clouds if this minister in bonn flights were talking about an hour and seven eminent again that a just and i think sfo we have no delays to report at oakland or san jose and mineta international timber to the woman also have 64 and of san francisco and oakland wilson was into the mix as well off is one of just a little bit concord 66 little more now getting closer to 76 yen in the thermometer and as i see pretty great news this indicative to work or to see later on today test time to
9:34 am
begin to climb we have temperature that will max out in the range of let's say 8385 this afternoon and closed little more and have tended to by the bell because the 72 as look of a course of the weekend temperatures hold relatively. >>darya: 11 cause of firefighters on the front line of from all across california this morning on a lefty said the roof fire that is burned in the sierra national for 2,000 a. and is moving closer to him like 2500 campers heart of the employees and residents in that area have been evacuated and that to fire is on the left was sparked by lightning 31st. >>darya: 80 firefighters were in
9:35 am
on fard is burning and the county near the town of santa margarita that when stored in 131 the homes of one. the have a good mind around and two structures remain threatened this morning good progress there the national guard is there monitoring hot spots this land and 500 a. and the study percent contained seven men make as a burning throughout the entire west some of the errors are getting an extra hand from international firefighters from australia and new zealand they're sending firefighters to us to battle the flames expected this weekend the last time the u.s. tax to help from foreign countries was a 20081 of the most at the fire season in recent years in the two to 9000 firefighters are battling roughly 100 large fires across the west fires are still raging in central washington state the
9:36 am
fire fighters there and others took a pause to honor the fallen a comment that three firefighters for killed fighting fires and there were taken to a funeral home to concede the video the procession for those three firefighters there killed by battling the twist fire on wednesday at their vehicle crashed and then the flames overtook them. >>darya: have been announced water service have been restored to customs and often after they fixed a broken water main and forced about the store yes to that is an into your pipette broke yesterday morning causing thousand gallons of water to flood the streets that fixed the pipe by 3:00 this morning but they still have the fellow hold from the pike is one by claim that will be closed off until it is done to the finish up this afternoon officials say that may
9:37 am
have been damaged from the forefront of quake that hit on monday or it could have just been because it was so old police said he these daily medication that he did not have with him when he disappeared investigators do not think he has month or so from the frequent the rich and mention and tear of the district he's 5 ft. 9 we're joined by the star of the phantom of the opera he is an underproduction in san francisco and maybe and recognize some from the voice was often a regular on a call
9:38 am
like anything ever seen before after the break.
9:39 am
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9:40 am
>>darya: there is a sky pull said to be a swimming pool like no other the show's this developer plans to make this the tech to new heights, as across the sunglass i walk all the grand canyon and a swimming pool that is the sky pull 10 stories of off to suspended the time to look tree park deadlocks in london club, the developer says that when his father and first approached the ibm after a year-and-a-half consulting with engineering and even the korean experts husses the sky pull is the stress and 90 ft. long lead
9:41 am
items crystal clear acrylic, to men have been among the highest close in singapore or among the deepest pools like the name of 33 in belgium or the largest pool sen alfonse of the mark and to lay but the sky pull will make you want to kick your eyes wide open on the water it will not be complete for another three years no worries about falling off the pool it extends
9:42 am
well beyond the water's surface. >>darya: coming up a new production of the phantom of the opera as here in san francisco here in the studio after the break.
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ifour rse staing lo morlike tise bo.. you y beuddlg thugh lergs. try zyec®or perfu lergreli. and zyec®s dieren an criti®. beuse stas woing ster onhe fst d youake . >>darya: the phantom of the opera as running and not in san francisco and this was last weekend it is time give you want to go to a weekend show.
9:46 am
>>darya: you are a professional singer and i always think to myself. >>: when you're doing musicals their it comes into play because you have to be able to act with this character has such a journey his is a tortured soul is one of my favorite parts are getting to play this role is to ask the unraveling of the whole situation in the design of the story from air half that and is where all hands a lot to relate
9:47 am
to him with bullying and how serious that is these days is the same story of this man has been a bullet into violence and to rejection of isolation wincing in another language is easy to get emotional because every during a right to know exactly what it means and the melodies are so dramatic and it
9:48 am
is very easy to connect to a. . >>: an amazing experience with the grammar once a week if was huge and does a lot of fun and work with christine was great and the last three years was to spend as hard to believe. >>: his arms to do something
9:49 am
ride he could do blue still pretty well where he could loves the camera. >>: offering any single likes to sing a curl of the we did to show just the we have a very busy schedule check out the five topics are august 19th through october 4th this is the opening week.
9:50 am
>>james: live below the creek we have a lot of sunshine come down off as the nice concern for the past couple of hours and inkatha in san francisco would have the dichotomy san francisco's weather and that east bay and temperatures in said that out 59 of san francisco of the have to the east when the 65 and pleasanton to his or no time to cast have the clouds come down to the coastline and stick them there for the rest of the day finally touching back into 9:00 tonight that is what we're expecting on the cloud from time to rise this afternoon should be
9:51 am
pretty good as i said very comfortable in the east and south of where temperatures ranging anywhere from 79 to 85 degrees. >>james: 05 plays host and tampa bay raise several five first pitch at all that fog the fourth time this is what all seven degrees and continue to cool off is to identify and of the game traffic down to 64 for a possible to start will probably the jacobite and here's the extended out to weaken the fantastic saturday sunday of timber to drop from 8586 for the in the community 78374 by the bay is one to the relatively mild temperatures barely move at all on the thermometer as a head to middle of next week. >>rebecca: we're almost into the
9:52 am
town clock hour but we are tracking a hot spot in this is for the dublin getting over to the cash to the commission is going to be was about 580 the two pipelines cannot shut down by chp flat at the fifth came in and said this is because of the grid and a van the accident in the drive times now to 25 minutes to get to the castro valley and considerate of going all the way back to the dublin and to change and normally the commit time is just about 10 minutes of that is a definite increase since the last checks were to of to the bridges to bay bridge toll plaza really lined up moving into downtown san francisco it will be a problem free know the place 6 to 7 minutes. >>rebecca: as a mecca when up
9:53 am
to the north to protect about seven minutes to make that connection with 1 01 the total debt grizzled gray southbound getting into san francisco no delays now from the north on direction muncie's more traffic getting out of san francisco very normal for your for the commute.
9:54 am
i'm ke smalboxe ng. you n't pectuch. anthenwham i hit m wi hug crmy gdnes righrountwo!
9:55 am
brg itgirliend rich, eamy100%natul chse. ni bybel ack litt bigr. >>darya: that is what the high school the time to do they are paving a new way to mosser concussion symptoms and real- time. >>phillipe djegal: during all practices and all games this device now worn by san will sell high schools entire football program the sensors track the
9:56 am
amount of force each individual plant absorbers off much like what happened when his players to a hard head on her phone in this box athletic trainer at was notified right away a player needed attention later determined he sustained a concussion the go after the director says out to avenge to double the amount of sensors and office for all the schools contacts forced to wear one.
9:57 am
>>darya: take a look of the doubt in this live look at the board is to stay connected down of that today it is free and you could connect that is it for now have a great weekend hope to see you back here monday morning.
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