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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 22, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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we have you covered with team coverage we're winning for press conference at the hayward police apartment and will arrive on the same with will. >>will tran: we can tell you more agencies are arriving to this area of this is not scaling down anytime soon have to canvass this area looking for evidence you can see them right behind me for hours after this what down over the past 15 minutes of san leandro police department became its offer assistance to consider the chp officers as well this is being handled by the hayward police department they told us the short time after that the sirens were still the same the officer
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involved in the shooting has died from injuries he was taken to the hospital--we do not know the general of the also was taken to the hospital by ambulance that officer has died ulcer the gender is not being released nor the officers named i can tell you all sources have also told us that the suspect was injured in a gunbattle the officer checked herself into hey what hospital to of course any time someone checks himself and to the hospital they have to let the authorities in made the arrest in the suspect appeared to be alive at this point we do not know the status of the suspect as well so much of on the scene when i receive often are here mccann to leave the sources told me that they knew this in very bad early on because use the in my sources but the chp. >>will tran: use it because it
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is very close-knit community using the get updates on an office as condition but when all went down they're asking the commanding officer howe was this officer doing in a commanding officer would not tell them anything until about 6:00 in the morning that is when they found out the tragic news as well. >>will tran: there was a news conference scheduled we do have jackie to ask questions on the circumstance of the details of was going on but just being here the officers are not talking to each other they're very serious in their nature. >>mark: 7 mall from the north of interstate 880 this video come in out of oakland and that could be related to the shooting death investigation that the closely at the truck in you and see it as terrell blowholes this on monday and '80s were recalled by witnesses the scene of the
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oakland police are investigating them may have something to do with what is, on and hayward. >>james: aztec o'clock live look will begin the san mateo bridge this morning we have some sun coming down will have sunshine come down on highway 92 temperatures at the moment still on the course isomer to yes today a lot of low six is on the list references or right at 66 to 2 per opens 60 in san jose by noontime gradual clearing mostly in limbo will cease and sunbreaks from the bay itself temperatures bayside ride around the low seventies with a mix of
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customers and by 3:00 this afternoon will sunny skies and on what the cause being held up the coast a partly cloudy mix of the bay itself but we have been a live shot mid-70's by the bay below '80s and land. >>james: there's generally what you're expecting here is a quick look at the next three days as we head into to multiple to continue to " restore to turn the corner as a report friday and weekend it will come back up into the low 80s. >>robin winston: stuff does not take was to add to the slow traffic heading into san francisco the crew just put off a spa was down to touch a island the damage is done allies on we're still backed up all the way through the maze of the five in the halfway up the ramp to the 24 split backed up onto westbound 80 come out canola the stalls of the way it is still very heavy of the incline of the
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new eastern spent for the tunnel. >>robin winston: heading into downtown san francisco as much heavier jets in the ride to the north but we have stop the attack south 101 south of 37 and is come out of novato pocket headed for central senate fell after that is was a a great ride for san raphael marin city sausalito that clear the drive time: 27 minutes and is not bad from highway 37 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. >>darya: is back in course sanchez of the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle and pier 14 in san francisco earlier this month he is said to be back from of the judge and 9:00 this morning. >>mark: we carry this for you live with him to testify against
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the judiciary committee asking for changes for the city center policy he wants a new law that requires a jail term for convicted felons and return to the u.s. illegally after being deported during the testimony described his daughter as an enthusiastic or traveling contracting home live with that of santa claus senses accused killer. >>: everywhere she when she signed of the simpson unfortunately due to his jaw and a loss in basic conference on many levels the united states have suffered a self inflicted wound and the murder of our daughter by the hand of a person the should never been on the streets of this country. >>mark: skidded to take up the the stress of a sponsor of the murder of pierre 14 will block federal funds to cities that resist turning immigrants over to federal court. >>darya: supervisors are pushing for of legislation to impose new reform for the city
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center repulsing where yesterday's meeting and she has the cells. >>emily turner: there been on the floor of an official meeting supervisor announced his plan to reform the policy to deny >>emily turner: and they are three prongs and and most of the shares off as the first faster share to withstand his gag order banning communication with immigration officials the second would pass legislation requiring the sheriff to check with the district attorney offices and backed the plan, during that prisoner back into the sitting.
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>>emily turner: quiet the accused killer was kept in jail after he should have been released from prison from the chef offers were of the board of supervisors meeting on another topic but did not want to weigh in on this one despite the very obvious place the blame the shares be. >>mark: divorce court documents reveal more about mark to martina's the prime suspect in modesto murder of dr. amanda cruz was killed in the massacre to the former grant and he was arrested on suspicion of killing
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her two year-old son and october the belief also killed five people inside of the modesto home over the weekend including dr. cruise missile the competition between her soon-to- be ex-husband the documents also reveal. >>: press conference: >>: lt. eric this morning at about 3:15 a.m. and office amid a traffic stop in an area of murder online street the resulting part of that traffic stop the devastating the officer
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to offices were on the scene it was an officer involved shooting and the officer was injured at all committed to refrain from reporting on his condition right now does in another reason that at this time an officer was injured as a devastating incident for us to investigate we are on going and this is open ongoing and active investigation no suspects have been arrested at this time and we are still at the scene we have recovered from evidence the number of report about what we have and have not recovered into a real investigation of this leaves only a few hours old everything that we do is critical of this information can only hamper that after the to please refrain from that and know that as ago convinced incident which is devastating to all involved in the community that you give us a time to investigate and report back at
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10:00 a.m. will provide further information as to the nation of involved and what other investigative information we can at that time. >>: at this time i do not have that information will tell you it was a traffic stop we aware of that vehicle we do not know of that is the vehicle that we have not been to confirm at this point there possibility but at this point we do not at 10:00 a.m. will provide you more information about that one officer was shot not at this
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time. >>: as much as i can tell you is that an officer to off of on the scene of a traffic stop there was a shooting and one officer was injured in that shooting the officer involved shootings are very difficult now offers a come to work wanted to be involved in something like backed very difficult and difficult for those involved difficult for the community officers working diligently to come to a conclusion and we're holding together with offers a
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shot at with in the past six months as far as one being shot and injured on duty in it as been a number of years. >>: at this point we're not confirming the status of the officer until we have time to investigate and notified whenever this in his name at this point it was about 315 in
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the morning. >>darya: your hearing the hayward police not giving mary very many details about this officer involved shooting they would not even confirm that the officer has died this is of a double continue to fall crop morning stay with us will be right back after this quickbrea k.
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>>darya: which is fed them to live press conference with they will confirm it was now also involved shooting this morning the minister tell that happened at 315 during a traffic stop when gunfire broke out. >>will tran: the opposite was a male officer happen right behind me at myrtle street multiple agencies are investigating including the chp their handling of the section here at just to preserve this area the investigators can continue to gather evidence the school show you the video is all happen we just heard the officer during the news conference late this to the traffic stop the ball to police officers there are
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witness of spoke to who would not go on camera he said he heard dozens of cars during societal activity would appear to be assigned to activity. >>will tran: a short time after that the sirens rushed to the scene the sources have told us that the officer has died and our sources are photo of the suspects involved in this while he was injured in the gunbattle check themselves into hayward hospital with injuries and any time the gunshots were involved gonna want vault the have to call the authorities of the authorities rushed to the same to make the arrest during the news conference we were watching it at this location as well apple is officer would not confirm if the officer had died but you can't tell us how he composed himself and a reporter asked him can you say if an
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author has died and when he said the family of officer has family. >>will tran: their of social most agencies heading to the office of family right not to notify the family and person. >>darya: we do plan to stream that live as well on our web site. >>james: 12 to start off with a quick live look this morning's was a live camera out walnut creek we've been tracking a lot sometime this morning which is will pretty much of missing all morning long in the creek to get
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the story by the bay where the clouds there have been taxed during the suns have the most of the morning he did a few breaks and a this live shot and the embarcadero camera shows us past the bay bridge off from a distance reducing the horizon some sun coming down the we also fall sunshine come down on the stem cell bridge early this morning because boyar the sunshine is a hit and miss this morning. >>james: 12 and oakland the winds this morning have been most active in the east bank for tracking the 40 and they know if it picks up in the--any. >>james: we've been in the upper fifties to low 60s adjutancy on the map most of the bay area saying that still that will be
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the trend of the next 24 hours and then things time we get them to start convict them, and time for this weekend of 83 expected in land on saturday for daytime high in them right in the low 80s the team went through sunday and monday look at tuesday's tile corporate heads of the heat that is coming our way next week that as the weather. >>robin winston: is a real slow spots based on earlier spa does not take much of what the bomb was the treasure island began
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and all the way quickly but the backed up the remains the drive times by the to 37 minutes from the foot of the may is just to get into downtown san francisco this pack of lacrosse opt for a fremont street the stalled out of the way no problems by the slow traffic into san francisco with about 80 is the villain of the slow traffic there or car pool their wide open as usual to that would save a little bit of time. >>robin winston: for the drive time 22 minutes from the nimitz freeway out toward 101 that is average and not have the richmond san rafael bridge went back and forth about five a stretch into the tall beyond castro now heavy from right and wrong richmond parkway to the east and the bridge that as a great ride continuing into san rafael. >>robin winston: it is through downtown bruce santa clara
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sunnyvale all the into paulo out of just under 30 minutes from capitol expressway to montague expressway numic the troublespots slow and pockets for the northbound ride 101285 batters hitting into cupertino the drive times of the 30 minute limit the problems the typical commission traffic around the bay area. >>darya: scientists are warning that a big earthquake could strike along the hayward fault and anytime this comes after yesterday morning's 4.0 that hit the hayward area of the hayward fault runs from fremont and the south to san pablo bay and the north misled a big one on the fault could cause serious injuries to tens of thousands of people even cause of deaths that is because it runs on the dance the populated areas.--densely populated area. >>: seen different mountain shaking in damage in some
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scenarios do have a lot of loss of property. >>darya: aftershocks and yes they were so small that they do not affect out of a major quake along the hayward fault stay with us to the very latest and you really want the very latest second the second when it happens to have the mobile application to send alerts and tell you where they hit and how big they were immediately when it happens that way you not have the computer or the tv the news. >>darya: at&t $48 billion purchase of directory and double the country's largest provider of cable satellite tv.
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>>d >>mark: the war's order facebook to turn over information in the account of 400 people and have lost earlier rulings in similar cases the information was against the turned over to the police. >>stanley roberts: and up the driver is causing places they're not supposed to be an sfo i will explain in the next edition of people behaving better--badly
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: the driver has is flashes on waiting for passenger five of the passenger of arrive back in hand but there is a problem delisting as i approached the driver the
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gyratory never heard of such a rule their son is adjusting fasteners about the rule and drivers are working in fact it is even on the web site they are permitted to drop off of the capacity airport with a few rules and not a malevolent and the packers must be displayed killed another diver could not pass is in restricted area of the text of having nothing to do with me or the camera also time later another one appears in the area sometimes they appear invisible to the airport to the
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cosmic in undetected and avoid airport fees to the the $3.85 fee that every fan base driver has to pay every time there pick up or drop off a passenger from the also pick 385 fax the jobless pay $5 the driver of all the luggage risky on the dollar find the average drivers like all the left and sidecars fact we hear all sides of a get paid big of a passenger this driver is not in one of those he's pushing for passage is a legal what happened the moment i approach and.
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>>mark: thousand dollars with an electronic stolen from a bay area church will to a word have been coming up while the latest campaign russell settled the case of a sudden shot and killed.
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>>darya: we have learned an office of a shot and killed will live on the same the shooting to play with an update. >>will tran: the officer are still at this location they are not leaving and backed away for a change this is murder and nine straight it is to the right of the screen the officers continued to walk down that location we're not sure because
7:31 am
we do not have a vantage point to the officer's car instead of this location michigan the video if it went down and 315 this morning at the have a news conference if we learn that it was a male police officer he was accompanied by another police officer. . >>will tran: so much injuries so much pain that he could not take care of himself but instead was checked into the hey with kaiser anytime someone shows of a gunshot wound they
7:32 am
are forced to call the police department the police department came to hate with kaiser when they made an arrest the suspects may have not been released at this point nor had the officers named been released but we do know now it was a male police officer of my sources with the chp tell me there in route to the officer's family have also may not being released at this point. >>will tran: it would not confirm anything when ask. >>will tran: we will have an update on this case as far as the scene this is still very much lockdown multiple agencies and the chp alameda share
7:33 am
apartments family and the police department there are about an hour of go to talk to their systems as well and of course the hayward police department. >>darya: will remember about our and have a 10:00 this one week of the press conference they will tell us a bill of the connection between the head with shooting in this situation and oakland that investing in what happened in 1920 record total of witnesses that the scene in oakland the oakland police are investigating but this might have something to do with the opposite shooting in hayward.
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>>james: the camera and of a showman as a raise of sunshine breaking through the cloud deck and beginning to a limit the oakland hills as we look out in the direction of the east bank we're looking at traffic and the san francisco stacked up the update from robin after the weather this of what we're seeing right now temperatures are on the mild side low 60s bay area by 61 in san francisco 621 oakland: 60 degrees at the moment. >>james: before the come back down it will be some breeze is out there will top the west southwest winds coming at 11 sapote mouth all sustained it will be a touch breezy in downtown oakland today a quick
7:35 am
look at the next three days to the to continue to fall into tomorrow to start a warm-up just in time for the weekend. >>robin winston: is very slow with out any major problems is typical commit traffic your non back of beyond the richmond park is hauler of one of to the toll plaza of another stretch of heavy traffic from the west end of the bridge on route one wants but as to get out to san rafael is and tobacco for no. 101 heading into the auto plant at the university avenue exit it is pretty minor the left and is blocked and nasty back up and go through mountain view sunnyvale santa clara downtown san jose south san jose tickets 34 minutes just to get from capital to montague expressway that is not if you have to deal with a continued slowing of one of the
7:36 am
no. 101 into power out soap opera to the scene of the crash and the you know will have on the 101 of the few it is already at a crawl. >>darya: if it happened at the new suite church in this is the damage the creation is time to figure out how that will fix all of this mess and replace the stolen items broken door some holes in the wall a total mass of the loss the charges rev. 7/the berkeley and now a lot of politics have to be put on hold. >>: this the seventh and anniversary more raising funds the wheelchair ramp different areas in need of work done and now this happens and it pushes me back a lot of it we do not have a lot of money to begin with and i have to raise money in no thought he was seated a
7:37 am
what he would be to install security cameras assistant at his church. >>mark: 40 of the prison for attacking a wheelchair-bound student who suffered for several calls and the 24 year-old was arrested in connection with this attack last year and convicted of felony assault yesterday kohoutek was caught on camera the victim francisco martinez testified to a person for a time when he was handcuffed to tim and through his will chalk talk often he argued that the student and to kill him. >>darya: a blue ribbon panel by gov. lt. knew some said the main go with a was a man to the to cut out the legal market not to develop another tax source. >>darya: the advocates are working to bring a recreational use and is itself to the voters next year the panel as a competing interests and how to organize a licenses of borland
7:38 am
many california already has a well-established medical marijuana in the street and also has a thriving black market with ties to mexico. >>darya: 50 of of having a sacrilege to with a 17 year-old girl has not been charged the 64 year-old did not enter a plea in court yesterday of the victim recently graduated from novato high school where tailcoat the session from evidence of the rest of our our daughter cell from a and notified the police but said the two had known each other for about four years. >>mark: this one of the dow jones industrial have a negative territory once again fallen over hundred 80 points below the 18,000 mark today we're watching for the offer to the market down all 58 apple stock down 05% by now disappointing what sells in the report family of today we will be right back.
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>>darya: the news continues as we continue to get more information about the officer involved shooting the on what to tell you the sources tell you the officer was killed in the shooting and there was a suspect and hospital. >>mark: the press conference wrapped up a moment ago. >>will tran: this all went down at 315 in the morning and about four hours later they're still here and multiple agencies the
7:42 am
understand it took place we're not sure of the officers carr is still at the location they have all the possible leavens but over the past couple of hours they have told us that the officer was taken to the hospital. >>will tran: live off to die from his injuries and multiple agencies are getting in their cars and headed out to the office of families right now to personally notify his family. >>will tran: 20 star witnesses khrushchev to fire a short time
7:43 am
after that sirens of the scene of an officer tickets to the hospital also at the hospital from his injuries. >>will tran: the suspect was shot in the back of the injuries was too much for him to handle by himself to the point reached a consultant to the hayward kaiser the pulse of the house was are forced to call the authorities whenever someone has a gunshot wound that is when police officers came to the hospital and the analysis the suspect's name had not been released at this point i would hope to get more information throughout the morning but we do know with certainty they will have another news conference the hayward police department at 2:00 this morning to consider and there does come out of their home this morning they look a very sad just as important if the police officers from other agencies walk in and out of this location they're not saying but judging by their behavior the official expression of this obviously is of very sad morning for them been confirmed how
7:44 am
they're acting. >>darya: back in a few minutes
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: they could move their families to save vacaville or fairfield. >>gary: good for the bigger brother better job of sacramento. >>darya: they can live there because together he is so proud of his brother. >>gary: he went to play at duke he's used high-profile figure come into the lead to your brother is tearing it up to your struggle in the whole you're trying to make a team.
7:47 am
>>darya: two years and 2 million kids want to make the team he's want to make 2 million is must love and to that is not a lot of money in the basketball world so they could still if it did not work out of this or that morning. >>gary: live for 2 million you will make the team what about the sisters to we have rightly-- riley and ryan >>: interested to see if she over saddles for older sister next year and press conferences or defer sister shows off the stage and demands the spotlight.
7:48 am
>>: like a pacifier maybe it's the thing that makes the team better i am all for frankly i have not made much of emotional connection with current this point because i have not met her. >>darya: he is so. so >>gary: who was the young woman doing this that is pretty good. >>gary: that is katie... she is pretty good >>gary: big-name small budget that is a cute deal you're concentrating on steve kerr the interview or is the line of questioning that was really good. >>darya: 0 media types there are
7:49 am
looking at each other that is why the nba players make their own award the media know nothing will ever want to name the mvp and as james hardware continent the clutch player at steph curry. >>gary: your announcement after the championship of everything and they limit the houston at the audience award shows not of their folly but to give them a little bit of water on everyone else give to staff was given to harden. >>darya: they would do this every year he got a player your secret which was on your team and the the warriors for oracle they ask him about this player award.
7:50 am
>>darya: he said that the media guide as not know what to call him. >>darya: it does not know the inside baseball basketball but take a look at this this is an easy flight he should get his attention given richard sherman has the celebrity events so than he said the sun was in my eyes. >>gary: he is wearing the basketball and that is a basketball style the were you wear the hat backwards everyone knows and baseball you have put caps for the purpose. >>darya: come on. >>gary: funny stuff one of the world's wettest best ballplayers not much in baseball. >>darya: it is harder than it
7:51 am
looks when you do not know what power do something he is crushing the competition their and our rec league he is playing with positions and lawyers and attorneys and accountants on the weekend this is what the sluggers are doing. >>gary: he is to play for the yankees were talk about a guest today when your done your done even though i played a little bit in college basketball i never want to play again their people who love it so much that is totally not fair is a rare record we regret is clear to come out of japan the mvp in he is heading right the instead of laughing i would be embarrassed to play against our rebuild the team is a does regular guys.
7:52 am
>>gary: one day 30 years down the road when you're not working anymore your course was to give up an anchor one more time. >>gary: you have a better chance of anchoring the u 9111. >>darya: ok we will see you later.
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>>james: here is a quick look
7:55 am
at whether we're starting off with a live look at the bay bridge approach to, looking out to the east in raising the sunshine breaking through the clouds beginning to warm things up slightly where not quite there yet here is a live look out of sfo the airport and yes the costs are low but it is broken up enough and were getting enough blue skies the have not instituted a delay program for private flights those temperatures like i said and the low sixties and fifties bay area wide we have 60 in san francisco 62 in oakland. >>james: were catching up to 50 their vallejo to the warmus location on the map at the moment is livermore at 64 events will warm up to offer seven is located for the invalid same deal for the south of and north bay 70 its 82 that will attempt to arrange 71 in oakland extended out the call for
7:56 am
temperatures to continue falling for tomorrow minute turnaround, rebecca for the time for the weekend. rv >>james: around the low 80s. >>robin winston: no hot spots that is good news nothing major to worry about but the westbound 80 back of heading into san francisco various routes stretching through the maze on to 580 data is back to the 24 split westbound 80 is crawling out of richmond problem of to the toll plaza not much of a change into san francisco once all that cleared a long time ago traffic on the ceramic tile bridge 92 you are still creeping along as a worker went out of hey work slow west of the nimitz freeway packed all the way to the high rise that will be expected of a 7:00 our golden gate. >>robin winston: north from south the bomb north 101 university in palo alto is out of the way it there is a long
7:57 am
line of heavy traffic try to get out of the south bay to the peninsula you are bathtub all well beyond capitol expressway coming out of south san jose the dumbarton bridge was about commute coming from north and fremont area over to paul optimal and menlo park is packed and take about 25 minutes. >>robin winston: traveling on the nimitz no major trouble spot just a lot of heavy traffic for the southbound ride to 38 of which ought to 237 men as a 44 minute trip and on the peninsula heavy on one 01 and both directions and some details of the to keep in mind get the kick to from the airport plan to two minutes that the combat direction. stay with us will return after the break.
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>> mark: kron 4 sources telling us that the suspect actually showed up at the hospital of a gunshot wound and was arrested. to active crime scenes are right now. will trend alive at the scene where the officer was shot this morning. >> reporter: i'm at myrtle and lance st, which are right behind
8:01 am
me you can see a the mall will agencies in all past five minutes. county sheriff's apartment cent and in their crime lab of big unit they are here as well the. this scene is not wrapping up anytime soon. the officers are not talking to each other very serious about this. why because of their own guy and a line of duty! >> reporter: you the video display took place at the 15 in the morning we, learned by way of news, and the past hour two officers were involved. they were trying to pull over car that goes along with what witnesses told us that the herd of doughnuts in the area short time after that as were fired and then a short time after that sirens rush to the scene the officer was taken to hospital and we have confirmed with the resources are on 630 this morning we got confirmation the officer died at the hospital. we also learned that
8:02 am
the officer of the suspect was arrested at the hospital. and we were at a news conference carried to you live as this happens all, we got a chance to talk to lt. here's what he had to say about this officer involved shooting. "officer involved shootings are very difficult no officer comes to work wannabee in balls and seven like that. very difficult and very difficult for the family and the cold for the family difficult for the family ." >> reporter: people stunned that they could hear the shots that go off a lot of people looking to go to work this morning before they can leave this area they have to get permission from the officers to make sure they leave and not do any damage to the crime scene here. my sources tell meet multiple agencies got into their cars in route to the
8:03 am
officer's family right now of. they have to of course verify that family in person at this officer's name has not been released to the public suspect's name also not released at this point >> reporter: the morning marc i just want to direct your attention to what is going on right now. there is this a long line of law enforcement officers they are all standing aside as they are waiting for hospital staff to transport does sergeant into a corner is a vehicle so they can escort the coroner's vehicle over to the corner. i'll meet corner is on scene. this is a long procession of officers on law-enforcement i noticed there chp out here fremont
8:04 am
hayward police officers. they've been coming in quickly to show all their support during this very difficult time. we do not know if the officer was pronounced dead at the scene or if he was taken here as if they tried to save the officer's life. we do know this is of very somber scene as officers from all over the east bay out here to ask for the alameda county coroner as they take over two quarters of this. >> mark: officer killed in the line of duty at this year. more on officer in san jose michael johnson 14 year veteran of the police department killed earlier this year. responding to call about suicidal suicidal man and opened up on officers. killed michael johnson on march 24th. thousands of police officers
8:05 am
gathered to remember officer johnson at his memorial in april following the latest today where hayward surgeon was shot and killed this morning. >> darya: 05 right now the cop on weather and traffic this wednesday morning. outside >> james: live with the golden gate bridge camera quick update we will give you the word it is cloudy close to the bait to the coastline. inland like will not treat it is nice and sunny, with some ice patches of blue out there a. enjoy it depending on where you are! it was on china's afternoon temperatures. and the low 60s bay area wide the exception is the santa rosa local rat 57. otherwise looking from 61 to 64 degrees out there right now. >> james: as we continue for the rest of the ethanol in a bind and * gradual clearing we should be in low 70's by the media today. looking at temperatures upper seventies close to the 80 degree mark. we should warm-up
8:06 am
the low eighties for inland valleys where as by the bay shoreline right around 75 degrees on average for. here's what are the damages are like in san francisco not a lot of movement. the '60s mid-60s by this afternoon. mixing out around 66 we come right back on the low sixties again this evening. it will be windy in san francisco. be prepared for that. when >> reporter: states thursday friday it dropping down at the tablatures and then weakened partly cloudy mostly sunny skies. then 74 past 15 minutes from now. >> reporter: traffic is very slow heading into san francisco. if you are waiting to go out you have to wait a little bit longer lights are on active in the maze on to all connectors west 2458 no. 88 westbound 80 and more traffic
8:07 am
across the upper deck all the way up to fremont street exits. a motorcycle crash and the san jose no. 280 north a split. it looks like it they move the activity of to the shoulder crews are responding. macy lanes blocked their once they get to the scene of sella's stretch of the heavy traffic ford north about commute of san jose 1 01 all like to cupertino to 85 split and higher average drive time holding a 33 minutes and that orders at a crash may bump up a few minutes or so if you have the no. news north onto eight pack on san jose all like to cupertino. i will keep you updated on a motorcycle crash. >> mark: adding just a few hours of a suspect and a pier 14 shooting will suddenness of francisco courtroom presence cassatt's has accused of killing kids and the pier 147 cisco earlier this month due in court at 9. this comes after a series father made emotional plea in washington d.c. asking for changes in jury city policies.
8:08 am
james silas and create a new law for new jail time with that felons that return to the u.s. illegally after being deported. in the wake of that shooting sever systems supervisor pushing to reform the century city policy he introduced a new plan a board of supervisors meeting a. asking 7 cisco set% of their order when immigration officials and also pushing a pass legislation requires the sheriff to check in with the dea at the the planned code the out standing once. mixed"no sense bring people back and then bring back the san francisco bank lent we dismiss all charges news release on our streets" >> mark: 80 legal counsel for shares of this is there is no department get order and the limit on the immigration information that is shared. >> darya:808 is the time we will be back with more as we have a
8:09 am
warning from the east bay scientists say a big quake hit and hit or fall any day. but have details of that effort to recall company warning dresser's could fall a fresh young children what to watch out for that continuing to bring you a the latest information on breaking is this warning officer shot and killed in hayward will have the latest details.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
please >> mark: sergeant in hayward a shot and killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop this morning around 315. all i've looked from even and castro valley an officer's body inside. " the brought out from the corner and a police escort this morning. the sitting day for their police force. no word on the suspect also shot went to hospital. and then when the hospital under arrest during a traffic stop. police sergeant called for backup approach to the vehicle shot and killed merle lyons' st.. suspect and then set off an all white pickup truck. obol ronald pickup truck found a 7 mi. into the north off of 80. police surrounding that scene as well it appears the suspect may of become the hospital on his own and then being arrested. police shot and
8:13 am
hayward recently promoted to sergeant we do not know his identity we are waiting here outside and even medical center as the police officers have gathered this morning. we expect a news conference at 10:00 and getting a lot more information streaming that for you live on our web site. kron-4-dot-com
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> darya: news coverage officer killed in hayward. >> mark: races that year in medical center or the officer was taken after the shooting. >> reporter: we are seeing all lot of law enforcement agencies that have gathered here. the agency as long line of cars out here and motorcycles the officers are from hayward castro valley on the county sheriff's office. chp out here as well see, if the helicopter is above subject and object travels it as the body of this officer is taken and the alameda county coroner's office in oakland in see there is some movement out here for a while of course this officer was brought here to try and save the officer's life around 3:00 a morning after a traffic incident and hayward and
8:17 am
then we got of the officer was pronounced that the see it and then said the he was declared dead. again see we have some movement out here and everyone getting ready to transport officers to the coroner's office. a very sad situation nothing we ever want to be out here and reporting on but that is the lightest and castro valley. >> darya: tram covering this all morning long from the scene of where the shooting happened. >> reporter: the scene is very much active after took place. over the past 1520 minutes on the county sheriff's department brought in their mobile crime lab they would not hear it and to the right plan to line locations are shots were fired around 315 in the morning we have learned the suspect because
8:18 am
of the injury to watch for him check themself and jack hayward hospital where he was arrested as far as the officer's name not being released at this point we do now according to my sources multiple agencies there's a good chance already at the officer's family home but there personally deliver the horrible news but also agencies are here chp hayward police department san leandro that itself tells you how serious the situation is not to mention that when officers go by usually can't talk officers at scenes that cannot involve one of their own but this time they are walking by not saying anything to us know i contacted all the continued to go through the crime scene tape wouldn't even know at this point because they're keeping us very quiet with only enough offices cars saw the same. we do know it is way down line's stake as we talk to the woman at the corner house she said she heard shots fired
8:19 am
in the middle of the night. from her vantage one shaken not see any activity from the car down the location says she's not being allowed to move obviously freely for her locations as well. >> mark: oakland their sister's car 7 mi. from the seam up 80 freeway will carry letters here regulators for the paris conference 10:00 more information go back to it in medical center as the officers is transported. and then whether traffic as well on this wednesday morning. some >> james: off with a live look here at the san mateo bridge highway 92 sunshine coming down we look off the southern peninsula this morning. low clouds and haze of schering of you can't make out at the peninsula hill and then as set out this morning in see clouds overhead good news for this airport is that the clouds were not low enough by spreading not to cause delays everything's on-time airport not reporting any slowdown this
8:20 am
morning and then fairfield concord. and then an incentive lost same right now also picking up oakland and then 12 in livermore and then out in the east bay keep in mind as it out to be ready for it and then on the warm side warming 67 cisco 63 across the bay in oakland and then as we head out for livermore and 67 there and then 70 degree mark close '60s and the south a right now the bichirs assassinate will warm up to levels that are close to where we were yesterday not quite as warm and max out in the upper '70's and for east bay set. the concord and a pleasanton so. and yet as well near san jose a. and then across the north agencies 778 degrees this afternoon. it will be mild and windy in san francisco downtown 56 and then 20 mi. per hour for wednesday this financial district be prepared
8:21 am
for lack. it said the outlook tracking temperatures as they continue for up to fall tomorrow. conditions change slightly raising temperatures a bit into the weekend. wheelie afternoon highs for inland valleys in the low eighties for saturday sunday. a great looking forecast for you. next week i got a quick look temperatures start to climb after tuesday. not to traffic center any issues out there robyn? >> reporter: 0 traffic but no major problems and a major hot spots the right in the san francisco is getting a little bit better because such apparatus as spinning out to. atrocious still slow you drive time is dropping 20 minutes now from the for the maze to danton's advances go. and then you can't tell much by this shot approaching the paydays as it said it spinning on the bridge and then over the senate to abridge the bumper to bumper traffic with spot may 92. a 80 all the way out to one all 1101
8:22 am
is packed in both directions north and south and two out of sematech out. that leaves things slow congested on 92. we make that connection to the richmond center felt a backup that stretches all the way over the ridge and parkway. this is your morning ride both richmond parkway to the tall all out to mid's and. getting to the morning without any problems 581 01 if a continuing and the center fell. the maps tracking a motorcycle crash pretty minor and it's adding to the slowdown northbound to 87 rose the. a a 17 split just cleared from all right lane like it does back up stretches beyond 101. beyond 101 and then apple that point say it's going to be slow all the way to san jose cupertino. just beyond that 85 split north of football before you get into southwest's tells. 34 minutes to get from 101 highway 85. and then quick check of your ride it was found 941 muckrake lafayette
8:23 am
marin the heading toward oakland this morning. it will be in pockets and the 2480 split. in tumor and by the time you get the caldecott and open coincide this go be a great ride sentiment 68 highway 13. the gift would had west highway 24 south bad. >> mark: as warning a big earthquake along the hayward fault could happen any day now. at 8.0 earthquake hayward fault runs for fremont south to san pablo bay in the north usgs to the big earthquake at a hayward fault could cause injury attend the thousands of people. even thousands of deaths. and that's because the fault runs under densely populated areas. and they say aftershocks from yesterday's quake were so small they do not affect the odds of a major quake along a fault line. >> mark: alerts right away of cause earthquakes the downloading of remote location and we send out modifications of its after yesterday's quake and mobile location free download
8:24 am
from my phone and joint applications scrambling mill by ignore that crack was and how strong it was. >> mark: had sources confirming place sergeant has been shot and killed in hayward,. on the scene at the hospital we're waiting for the officer to be transported and latest details coming up the kron 4 newsroom after a
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> mark: sofa so shot and killed in hayward level here from even medical center castro valley. the officer was brought up a shot during a traffic stop in hayward on. officer has died. >> darya: 20 for information on how it all played out in. we are starting to connect the dots were witnesses' reports of what happened shot right after happen this morning. racine from hayward or the officer was shot right after that the trucks and fire the shotgun away and they were putting on the scales they're looking for a white truck. as a white truck matching the description roll the ball rolls as agency with the door there. first >> mark: checks stop right of a 80 freeway than this truck found 7 mi. north from the
8:28 am
originals shooting scene in oakland also dissolve the freeway 98 east. appears what man had happened the course of the suspect was shot and wound up seeking treatment local hospital that he made that far. and what about the hospital police were called in that hospital because they had a walk-in patients with a bullet wound and arrested kron 4 wilderness that man in the fatal shooting and that hair were officer started this morning that the s 315 this morning while sleeping we've been getting much more information from sources here are kron 4 a solid all these details. we're hoping as i said more details as chairman shortly at art have at the press conference. >> mark: kef for easter fell in the latest as information comes in from our sources are the morning. a key >> darya: a recalling 27 million dresser's this morning to. they can tip over crushed children addresses are not properly attached to the wall.
8:29 am
tickets so far killed after the mall gesture. dresser. it all in one of those ikea is offering a free repair kit with tip over restraints. >> mark: investigating a murder suicide and the east bay tell you what neighbors are saying about the victims. more on our breaking news story out of hayward police sgt shot and
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> reporter: you are seen at the medical center in castro valley along the line of police officers out here vehicles from oakland hayward elliott county as will the chp. they're all lined up waiting for them. to place the body of this fall
8:32 am
officer in the corners than. pennzoil law-enforcement are here and they will be escorting officer as the band takes the body of the officer to the coroner's office. we have been seeing throughout the morning in the past hour more vehicles shall put more officers. the conceit movement back-and- forth. sources that say most of the officers out of the car's right now inside the hospital. we've not seen any family show up here during these times we know from experience officers are here to lend support to the family members who were called in the middle of the night the unfortunate said news about outperformance the death of this particular circumstance. so right now we are kind of waiting as they put this all together the transport officer recorder's office in oakland. >> darya: coverage continues will trend and who's been gathering information from the scene of the shooting.
8:33 am
>> reporter: more officers have arrived to the scene of the past 10 minutes. i have seen officers in suits and instigators are here as well. it happened right here behind me even see crime scene tape at this location. shots fired at the intersection are in the area of rural life in the street and it right in front of you down to the right of your screen from our vantage point we cannot get a clear view of where the shots were fired. the neighbors tell us they could hear and that it all went down a 315 in the morning. they heard a car doing and donuts at that time a short time later shots fired. shortly after that sirens rushed to the scene. we do know the officer was taken the hospital by way of ambulance the. do not know of the officer with no use fighting for is what life at that point a. dogs and clear how the officer where he was happy. a lot of people talking about at this point we do not know his name is. so much information will come out in an
8:34 am
hour-and-a-half from now. we do know that they are headed news conference were the police department had a news conference at 7:00 in the morning. we carry for you live when it happened. but tenet was talking about how him of emotional everytime an officer is involved in a gunbattle. "devastating incident for us to investigate, we are ongoing open active investigation." >> reporter: against the back live just exactly what i was talking about investigators instantized a they're coming to the scene. multiple agencies are here chp are here to handle the crime scene this is being spearheaded by the pull hayward police department of their own. hear helicopters struck the morning find out is silent on what people heading to work or other locations before they even leave their house they have the show from the porch can i leave my location does this is a crime
8:35 am
scene officers want to make sure they preserve this area to collect all the evidence like possibly can. and and tell you at 8:00 in the morning pedagogue they brought an huge mobile crime lab unit from the alameda county sheriff's department to continue processing this area. >> darya: he telling you we are waiting for this press conference and expecting it to happen at 10:00 this morning. we want you to know we will stream that a lot kron-4-dot-com sale latest. the peace >> mark: together this morning from our sources the officer was shot after calling for a backup at a traffic stop in hayward. the vehicle got away then at this a bullet riddled vehicle matching the description of the car and all the shooting of a sergeant about 8 mi. up at 880 off the freeway in oakland at 98th and edith. we're told by witnesses of the scene investigating this as a car involved in the shooting of
8:36 am
hayward sergeant came. bring you the latest information as it comes in from our sources throughout the morning on this fatal shooting of hayward police department. >> james: we have lots to look for to on the weather front right now. claudia over oakland we take a live look at the bay bridge camelot out toward the east bay hills. emeryville berkeley off in the distance a little cloudy here we don't let this weight you get a lot of sunshine out at sfo walnut creek in the south bay as well widespread sunshine and a few select spots it looks like this tablatures on the cool side close '60s still most of the bay upper 50s near santa rosa temperatures in oakland we have this camera shot. and should warmup the low seventies of this afternoon and not a big jump in temperatures. it will be very mild today with cooling back down a mid-60's 8 tonight there will/be a breeze out their strongest winds i will tell you out in san francisco 20 mi. an
8:37 am
hour x 3 day outlook temperatures continuing their cool down in the thursday plan the temperatures change climbing back up to the thermometer friday. agra looking week and had that forecast coming up in 15 minutes. you show >> reporter: morning crawl is going across the san mateo bridge if you take this abridge everyday country not looking desolate commute traffic. the news is you have a lot of hot spots or slowdowns in addition to normal commute traffic. and guess it's still crawling as to make a way to the east bay peninsula also check your ride on the dumbarton bridge if you're looking for an alternate 84 last that will not help you a. still packed from the fremont area all across the span working away to menlo park toward ease potto. the two minutes from fremont to plot. the traffic in the san
8:38 am
francisco no. 1 01 so. it's sort of candlestick for the 280 split and all like the central freeway about 11 minutes from candlestick downtown san francisco 20 minutes crossing the bay bridge over to the oakland side back to you. >> mark: 2 people dead after apparent murder-suicide will mockery. but the 19 year-old claire organ the police say they happen or seven the morning for a boyfriend 21 year-old scott burt text walked up to bornholm she opened the door next fatally shot her killed themselves. authorities say the previous issues of domestic violence or warning signs. he said engineering at stanford university and did not have a criminal history, both families have been talking with police. a a >> darya: 38 we've been talking this morning of officer shot and killed and hayward this morning and we are waiting the lives outside hospital now has
8:39 am
even see the see the body moved. the entire law enforcement community nationwide mourns the loss of this officer we will be right
8:40 am
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8:41 am
>> mark: rather traffic stop the 15 this morning with gunfire exchange.
8:42 am
myrtle >> darya: lines ricardo's firing shots of the officer got a way to. the backup officers said shots were fired officer place and help and look for this white truck as riddled with bullets and indeed they found that truck appears 7 mi. to exist on the road and then the person shot the suspect made his way to a hospital where he's being treated also where he was arrested waiting for news conference in just about an hour-and-a-half at 10:00 a.m. may confirm connect more dots even and then sources this morning that lay out exactly how this officer and newly been a sergeant
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> darya: news covered sergeant shot and killed this morning in
8:45 am
a word we are waiting for his body to be transported from a hospital. >> mark: venusian officers are waiting outside the hospital. for the coroner's van and the officer said the session shot and killed during a traffic stop this morning. live here at the scene of a press conference waiting for love to see where the officer was shot in a word. in hayward. >> darya: wait for information on the circumstances surrounding this 3:30 a.m. traffic stop that somehow when wrong and ended up and bullets being at fired in gunfire exchange and the suspect because he see here stopped him 7 mi. away and then found 7 mi. away. the suspect ran off and the hot zone himself. and the crime scene
8:46 am
around investigating carefully making the bullets fired officers had partner. the what happened as they investigate the death of the officer. green >> mark: in back memories of lost time officer was killed and 84 months ago adjusted 40 year veteran of this please apartment to. the earlier this year responding to a call but a suicide. and then it hit that that meant hit and killed michael johnson. thousands of lives of his from the state gathered to remember officer johnson and his memorial in april. if a >> darya: 46 of the posts are whether traffic the way things are cool and then i'll look that way for a while. enjoy >> james: 01 we had even this week and very mild unseasonably cool weather around the bay and. stark contrast to what we had these past week have now and all air on the bay. and
8:47 am
then opposite situation here alive lookout side highway 92 and then, since hitting the mid span of the deck and of the distance you can make out the pain still hazy cloud still hanging low they're all. eventually they will part as well some sunshine out there. rtc sell the assets out with the clause beginning to break off a little bit you. conceivably the top of the screen. some hitting the airport as well the good news for you is that the clouds are not causing a problem today assets of. flights are on time and fully as they are at oakland san jose as well. it is a little breezy out there you have the vote the five strongest when stock prices miles an hour sustained fairfield. picking up when the conditions and places like concord and in oakland. it's an hour winds and oakland 17 conquer. 12 upon our sustained winds in livermore. the lens on the strong side here for the east today. temperature is right now as you head out the door looking at widespread load of mid-60's. 61 and not 61
8:48 am
pleasanton in 61 the remorse. of this and as a cunning and 62. of six is as well as severance cisco and oakland at the moment. will warm up the upper '70's ladies and that the will be the rage of all in $1 locations. mort northeast of all that 77 at 82 degrees 667 cisco 71 and oakland. extended outlook as we set a for putting icicle stretch with the and the next handful of days. close on thursday temperature's rebounding phil began in. and hanging up the low eighties for saturday sunday and the next week way of the next week we have some hot temperatures on the rise in more on that to come. what's the >> reporter: salon backed up all approaches coming out of the maze of 24580 and
8:49 am
then the nimitz, baltimore leading up to the connector lead a boycott on the bridge holding up 22 minutes from oakland a's downtown san francisco 46 minutes over the airport once again that's without any problems on this man sent to bridge still very slow in crowded become from hayward a a make neck section of foster city. and how sematech making less than 20 the minister told primetime from hayward to allow one in some detail that's considered pretty good: gate bridge traffic smith in both directions into and out of san francisco. a little thick cell: marin and that center fell and that's about it after that continuing currency sausalito or on up to the golden gate bridge seized with traffic the richmond center felber egested still backed up on 580 west yet this heavy traffic at richmond parkway. richmond parkway fuel italia to mid spaniel have to deal with. commute with also out of concord and a pleasant help will accrete for south 242 cell
8:50 am
68. the soda 24 split 90, 24 split will listen a little bit of luxury and alamo. then your right to center around danville on the dublin it will be pretty good 20 minutes from 24 to that id connector. no major problems for the east bay so, not tracking any major hot spots that those good news. >> mark: informational police sergeant shot and killed in hayward will train with more. >> reporter: working my sources i have learned his family as a media family has been notified and they escorted that family to fremont police is that older debt that has sought by a line of duty around 315 this morning and then you can see this is still very much an act of seen. we do not know the officer's name at this point and they are withholding even though the family was notified maybe we will get his name in about an hour 50 minutes or now and the
8:51 am
hayward police department will hold a news conference may be we will get new information. your looking live right now the scene is not going anywhere there is another mobile command unit arriving to the scene deal little bit of background on this officer that he is older officer the reason we know this is because according to my sources he has two kids in college at this point to. daughters again his name not being released we have learned from our sources he was just made sergeant. we are trying to make our sources find out more information on this and then many agencies my sources, never agency and told me all brothers and sisters in arms and that's why that affects everyone. and just a little perspective of mysore's also says that usually they try to
8:52 am
find out what is going on if there is another officer especially if they hear another officer involve shooting and it's not fail usually their commanding officers he/she is doing this so doing that kron 4 cut in the morning we have tried to find out more information on where police officers. the commanding officer would not say anything to. this case no news was bad news for everyone. give michelin his head all their place of the surname not being released but leaves behind his wife and two kids in college. >> mark: is following a likely presidential candidate donald trump leading republican field despite or because of a series of controversial statements. but jeb bush wrote not something about presidential politics
8:53 am
trustor's could harm republicans and the general election. jeb bush, but from a runner and a south carolina at diplomatic about from supporters recognizing he could be asking for their votes before the campaign's over. "if we embrace this language of divisiveness and ugliness it will never win. we have to appeal to people higher aspirations are we will lose elections over and over and over again. central island see grant's the press of a number to america and for people to call it. he did this to speaking at rallies soccer like yesterday choate project and twitter yet after his public getting any phone number. trumping gramm have a feud in the past few days and the battle of republican presidential nomination.
8:54 am
morris >> darya: team coverage as with the body of the fallen police sergeant who was killed this morning in hayward to take a hospital. let on the scene there leaven the scene and as they investigate the shooting happened early this morning. my name is ronda derosa and i'm a gas superintendent for pg&e. as a gas superintendent, i'm responsible for the safety of the public and our employees. pg&e is using a lot of new technology to improve the safety and reliability of our pipelines. my wife and i live in the bay area with our two kids. this is where i choose to raise my family. i want it to be as safe as it can be for our customers for my family, for my friends. that's what drives me. pg&e is here to help our customers. we're here to deliver power, we're here to deliver it safely and reliably. together, we're building a better california.
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$9. it's really important special budget look for ways to save it prior to leaving. >> reporter: the same year adventure? put to"a last-minute very expensive on the road and you have not planned in advance of napa hotel tried to get a room they had you captive there we recommend. putting a hotel in advance even from the route as a passenger. for a >> reporter: lesson of booking hotels to right scored killer deals on on sold rooms. once you're on the road to try it very tell me not coupon drive. >> reporter: for the scenic grounds check approach represents. "early out and then into the same mobile device on you desktop and plan out your route and actually falls you really
8:58 am
and for purchasing a permission that you might not be aware of. >> reporter: 40 anything on-line including travel i was struck a site but coupon shoot by islamic favor once. >> mark: great back with a breaking news story were police sergeant shot and killed by the hospital at seton medical center live at the scene of oncoming press conference see where the officer was shot we will be right back in a few minutes as
8:59 am
9:00 am
there'd"difficult call for those involved to the over the community.. >> darya: 84 other news conference at 10. the following the spirit news story all morning long telling us about the newly appointed sergeant shot and killed during a traffic
9:01 am
stop at hayward state 15 this morning still did not know the name of that officer and it's not been released several police officers at see epicene traffic stop in hayward left inside that officer being transported a hospital in an ambulance. the vehicle >> mark: got away with any see on the right-hand side 8 mi. up a 80 in oakland at 98 in east that is where a bullet riddled pickup truck that matches the description of the traffic stop was found and then sources telling us that someone showed up with a gunshot wound at. the from the vehicle and was arrested. >> reporter: the see more officers are writing to the scene this will. illiterate sheriff's department pbs system by chp. stanley angeles police department spearheading this investigation and this is the hayward police department it involves one of their own.
9:02 am
video this took place a little bit less than six hours ago on the intersection of a moral line at st. more online straight just down the road from my location. right now from my vantage like nazi officers carr is still at the scene. working my sources i learned his family was personally notified and redwood by multiple agencies including patrick costa county chp division of. they went over holes in the immediate family tragic news about this officers that then they escorted that family his family to fremont would it hurt personally told his father. more information on his office chair and give you tax year clarice said that he just made sergeant appears to be in all other officer a reason we know that is because he has two daughters still in college not share after all so notify already as far as at the house
9:03 am
and presume all the family members members at this point as far as the scene this is still very much in step of scaling down of wrapping up more officers more mobile crime units are adding to the scene. many people still asking questions what happened all they know at this early on that shots were fired after the her cart doing donuts. a short time after that shots fired confirmed a lot of formation work here burgonet get more information including the view that news conference. >> mark: coverage continues live at cnn medical center castro valley officer was taken after the shooting. >> reporter: at yale medical center a large law enforcement presence that is out here. it
9:04 am
all gathered to lend support it is very difficult time will. we know right now the officer has a data element at corners of this is it here tracts supporting officer's body to the coroner's office here shortly we do not know when we have been out here for quite some time watching various law enforcement and then representatives from hayward as well as castro valley police department chp out here all midtown he is out here as well and there is also in the past hour. we have noticed people from the community have showed up here and talk with the gentleman on the corner. he is thus an officer at all
9:05 am
gratitude for officers why cerus. this latest year and castro valley youth medical center. >> mark: and alert second bay area officer killed in the latter duty this year. the four months ago michael johnson was killed and responding to call a suicidal man. the man opened up on officers and killed michael johnson march 24th. officer johnson 14 year veteran avicenna's a police department. cause the police officers from all over the state gathered to remember officer johnson at his memorial in april. could >> james: up the on the forecast we approach nine of five on the clock live look outside services co international airport some clouds and blue skies up above that as you consider the top of the screens. sunshine coming down right now sun beginning to filter through the early morning cloud cover. temperature is
9:06 am
still on the cool site for san francisco 62 with 64 and local and san jose. represents at least one to agree warm-up since our last update. 67 concord 69 in livermore. such a bitch is beginning to climb the. continue to do so by noontime and more clearing out there to the. cheers by the bay itself right around 71 degrees. slightly warmer conditions upper seventies in land that at 3:00 this afternoon expect to be sunny and linda cloudy at the coast temperatures. reflecting that in debitors justice is at the close and expect mid-70s by the bay itself low 80s and lends them. to quickly get the forecast for today i will come back and 15 as a complete check and that will have your seven they run the bay as well. >> reporter: it's getting better hang in the san francisco hud white know that lets take a look at movement in the fast track planes right now on the middle of. a clearing here on the right-hand side of the cash lanes and then a 80 overcrowding catholics but
9:07 am
analysts cited korea's getting better in san francisco doesn't receive the way for traffic is doing just that iraq has dropped to 50 minutes now from the foot of the maze a downtown san francisco traffic tracker picking up by a sluggish conditions throughout the south bay. and no hot spots in the south bay. the guadalupe parkway to cupertino all the way an amount below. such an audit to 80 that still sell a stretch of heavy traffic from 1 01680 split north of 85 split coming out of cupertino heading until south foothills. 31 minute trip and then you check near ottawa line looking a little bit better still very slow for the 680 split all way to downtown. not settlement you and commute traffic all the way till polos so capitol hill: at 35 that's normal no trouble spots for the south bay back to. since >> darya: bettencourt
9:08 am
francisco sanchez is accused of shooting case family are earlier this must he is in court right now and that's what the time is this is older video of him in court today this comes a day after we should live case sammy's father making an emotional plea in washington d.c. before a congressional committee and he was asking for changes citrus the policy was secreted law including jail time for convicted jail time for return the u.s. illegally after being deported. in the wake of the shooting supervisor mark farrell pushing to reform the policies as well. at the board of supervisors meeting asking several discos share and to rescind the gag order banning communication with immigration officials. there also pushing legislation that will require share of the check in with the dea if the office plans to
9:09 am
pursue outstanding warrants before bring a prisoner to san francisco. "back a person taxpayer expense and then a deportation bring back to san francisco four days later dismiss all charges and released on our streets." noting >> darya: part and wide gag order just a limit on the immigration related information that is shared. >> mark: be back with more of our breaking news story hayward police sgt shot and killed during a traffic stop heavy police presence and waiting for another update on the investigation coming up a ton the sporting and the-camera video joining the rest of a woman found dead in her jail cell for three days later
9:10 am
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even medical >> mark: >> darya: sensor castro valley where the officer was killed was taken. after the shooting here is what we know what happened according to kron 4 sources the sergeant killed here were at a traffic stop at 315. a gatt gunfire exchange at that traffic stop. the sources telling us the so that they later showed up at hospital with a gunshot wound and rot was arrested. expecting other news conference at 10:00 this morning with an update. and the press conference for you live kron-4-dot-com >> mark: but the hospital tray set there and the police searches body appears to be being brought out a moment. >> reporter:
9:12 am
clyde >> darya: observing what's going on coz we think the body may be transported in a moment here. such officers are kind of getting in place right now we don't want to disturb this scene obviously and take this to you live uninterrupted so we'll wait another minute to see if indeed the first person of nothing plan is not like a procession and then we ought to the hospital from%. and beneficial service memorial anything but this is something all is can relate to a wide arc area where this morning talking bohol officer
9:13 am
wants this to happen and when it does officers of from the base state and nation paused from less silence the. recognize if they're able to the calm and pay their respects. the sergeant promoted to sergeant and two daughters and college them. we has been notified and officer's name not released just yet. theresa live at the scene at year in medical center. >> reporter: if a picture of what you're saying right now the officers are getting ready to transport this body. we know this in the past couple minutes chp officers getting ready to go and then a lot of activity right there at the entrance we're on the back of even medical center here we've been out here for you out for the past couple hours. watching as law enforcement officers from the bay area show up here. people from castro valley
9:14 am
hayward and of course i'll meet county coroner's office they will be transporting the body to the coroner's office in oakland is he is a german and with his dog wanted to talk to him and to lobby on camera. this was not about his office would be out here show his support during this very difficult time. again you can see that some of the officers over here chp getting any doubt on the motorcycles to provide an escort for this fall on officer. off the >> darya: scott long hair we found out notify his family and talking about here is a father given the horrible news this morning and then able to report that the officer's name.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
here are >> mark: police sergeant shot and killed live at yale medical center or the officer was taken after it shut. nearly appointed sergeant killed during the shootout teresa lab at the scene but it was sergeant scott of those killed at the traffic stop distorting. of the >> reporter: 6 standing at attention they are right at the entrance to the back entrance here at the medical center. we are assuming they are going to start putting the body in the back of the corners advance of the transport his
9:18 am
body. and they gather to escort to the corners bureau quinn's and officers how each other and it's seen people oat stand out to the side as they want to be here to show their support for this fall officer. i and officer's name suggests learning at kron 4 news sergeant scott huang gramm. two children of reportedly in college recently promoted to sergeant. he is his family from brentwood has been notified. >> reporter: not match and the pain and suffering they're going through right now. and we're waiting for them to transport
9:19 am
the body to the coroner's office and that is the latest year at the scene. >> darya: so maybe it's not when you're added to be a. or at a computer because we have that live streaming as well and then a great way to make all the very latest information. >> james: update for you and at the golden gate bridge and then caught up their course. we continue to see temperatures in the low 60s as we had to up the rest of the morning 47 cisco and then by the bay. and other equal bay in-depth 70 bridge further to the south. looking a little bit better for you and then a
9:20 am
lot more sunshine at the. san mateo the more and more upset as it comes to for the morning. " " it's been out of the specifically at fairfield it's been like that all morning long 20 and conquered 20. seven oakland 12 in livermore the us amateur was a cassette allow low 60s and some francisco and oakland and then as we had on the east bay and valets 6. the five pleasanton 67 cockers. 69 nearly 70 degrees and livermore.
9:21 am
among the work week and i smiled note a. inland highs coming back of the low 80s and then right back in the week and that's the weather now to traffic. >> reporter: you're right in the san francisco continues to improve not bad we've seen some waves of traffic sometimes during the 9:00 hour in the san francisco so sometimes all of the heavier serve as a backup and then right now no crashes or sells on the bay bridge 1520 minutes from the oakland a's to downtown san francisco and then over the san mateo bridge here on 92. it's not thinned out much about your connection the nimitz freeway no problems there transition on the one on one that's doing fine. and then still very crowded as we go west on snide to richmond center
9:22 am
fell bridge l i sluggish traffic was bound its caribbean stretches and out. all across the span just before the oil one character close stop and go traffic. and then heading down downtown oakland san leandro 24 minutes in the downtown and that 80 going and getting better earlier croix out of hercules and all and then all but the berkeley emeryville and 22 minutes for your average drive from hercules at the berkeley back to you. again >> darya: breaking news we have identified the officer and hayward sergeant killed this morning. and the shooting scott is his name. >> reporter: ensure these officers behind me already knew his name. air walking around
9:23 am
very stern not talking to the chair not taught in the media but even see a crime scene is still here assessor. scaling down of their more officer is cutting back to me. officers coming in the scene investigators and this is more aligned straight line streets rather still right of a line down that section there and they're not telling me of the officer's car stop the same can then the picture of scotland. parking my sources have learned little bit of background information on him are telling you all morning and he recently made sergeant. and then sources in brentwood. catch across the chp office out there personally delivered the horrible mrs. wyeth then at that point escorted the family or his
9:24 am
father lives. and then they told his father the bad news as well. more information on hand at that we learned is that he leaves behind two daughters and college at this time. they have been told as well corbeil news summary police agencies are setting out on twittered to their condolences. this all started at 315 in the morning all because of a traffic stop. and please donegal on-camera they heard a car doing dogs in this intersection. after that shots were fired. >> darya: 924 will be back with more and a just a few minutes.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> darya: treasury debt flat happened was a stop and try to make a stop at myrtle this morning in hayward gunfire. exchange at union is still piquancy place in an ambulance. then back up was called at that time they fired shots off at a white truck. but the white trucker way suspected site 8 mi. down the highway and got out at 98 to pinza's door of this battle with bullets. officers fired the shots of that arrested so suspect that they do know has been arrested. and we do know with officer is like marx said officer scott longer.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> darya: >> mark: see police officers standing at attention as the officer's body being brought to the corners. terry said it is flat on the scene right now this morning observing what's happening is they're going to be putting officer's body and the van he tell us what happened from their. >> reporter: at right now i can tell a dryer attention to what you're seeing this as a live picture curiae in medical center santayana attention the body was placed in the coroner's van and then you can see officers are slipping and the next what will happen here is that the chp helicopter went up
9:31 am
in the air they are going to run traffic control as they take the officer's body sergeant scott to the corners bureau in oakland. there is also going to be a police escort. even see how this chp officer of the helicopter just showed up. a live picture your seeing and take all over here to this right mrs. albright news right now for you here. at yale medical center, a large law enforcement presence all here gathered to escort the body of sergeant scott longer shot and killed early this morning during a traffic stop. was with his partner pulled over, and a vehicle in hayward that is when the gunfire erupted and suddenly tragically sergeant scott wagner was killed scott had to college blotters for. i'm brent would add a picture of scott. can see
9:32 am
how the law enforcement are going out this. chp officer going out to get on to their motorcycles. very somber scene as you can well imagines a very sad and tragic scene as we have heard this morning from hayward police. says not what anyone ever expect when they go to work to be killed and a line of duty. again a live picture from where everyone is just falling out to get into their vehicles to escort the van scart sergeant scott as a he is taken to the alameda sheriff's department corners office. again live picture right now what you are seeing. >> darya: say on this teresa and observe this a big precision of officers from around the bay area who came to the hospital to
9:33 am
pay their respects and filing out heading to the coroner's office stay with us and watch as they leave the procession and a vehicle they will wait for that to carry over to the coroner's office. >> mark: for more information on the shooter as well. we do know a vehicle was found 8 mi. to the north of the hayward shooting scene in oakland. that vehicle with bullet holes from the sergeant partner who fired into that vehicle. that vehicle found an oakland kron 4 sources say someone with gunshot wounds showed up at hospital that person has now been arrested. as for >> darya: watching the body be transferred there is the suspect in another hospital. we do not know his condition but we saw the truck he was driving in how it was riddled with bullets. we do know that he had been shot but of how extensive his injuries are. the police
9:34 am
have already made contact and what the hospital arrested him. so that will be the next stage and it will learn a lot more information at 10:00. >> mark: let's bring in will live at the scene where the shooting took place. >> reporter: see is that going in your summary officers arriving right behind me shots fired at myrtle and lyon st.. crime scene tape here six hours after shots were fired there is still holding about making sure preserved to allow the investigators all the information continuous live shot procession very emotional. and it split speed over that very emotional for the police department. then all police agencies draw the morning when the officers of for all agencies and found out the horrible news. they all got into their cars including officers from
9:35 am
contra costa chp office person. leizhou out to the family's home lenders family and redwood and then told them the tragic news and then a lady there for our or to. they escorted to a family members and to the father's home in fremont with it personally told the father the horrible news. millard to my sources presumably older than say in the early '30's 20's and the reason why we learned he leaves behind two daughters still in college right now it is summertime presumably they were home at the time not in school everyone's been notified the hayward police department they will have a news conference and 25 minutes from now. colic to resell medical center. >> reporter: looking at a live
9:36 am
picture right now at the medical center he conceived the van of fuel vehicles back. it is coming up to us just a minute here breaking news on kron 4 news they are bringing the body of sergeant scott klug net past us any minute here as the escort his body to the body coroner's office representatives from various agencies according of close chp leading eaton see the helicopter up in the air chp helicopter as above that will help direct traffic trouble for everyone as they make their way to the coroner's office incredibly sad situation out here now and of course was to be out here again breaking news i
9:37 am
will be quite see and see what happens. >> reporter: again you will are watching a large police presence along law-enforcement presence as they gather and escort the body of sergeant scott klug mayor away from ian valley medical center back to you as to >> darya: what went down in seconds you would from a traffic
9:38 am
stop to a gunfight we do not even know what the officer had a chance to fire his own weapon we just now that truck was riddled with bullets presumably backed up that ended up shooting at the truck and speeding away >> mark: mary from police department it was officer partner opened fire on the truck that got away and found an oakland so that role miles away the and see the presence of police officers in castro valley coming out to show their support for law enforcement and this is now the second time heston for months in bay area police officers. there are >> darya: alaska was the truck there investigating not moving it they're looking at every angle of what happened. and there will pieced together from the partners account and then also from the suspect himself whenever he is able to tell them in her word about the condition of the suspect how much information they will be
9:39 am
lifted from him and what happens is go for with prosecution for the death of this police officer >> mark: employs officer in the bay area killed in line of duty for months ago officer michael johnson was killed and respond to call about a suicidal man the man opened fire on officers struck and killed on march 24th officer just of the 14 year veteran of the same as a police department and thousands of police officers across the state gathered to remember officer johnson as memorial and april. >> darya: now was that isn't a huge memorial in service for officer lardner after his body is taken the coroner's office there'll be a moral scheduled and a few moments with the dispatch call from this morning. "stop your.
9:40 am
the senate was cleared to expired shots fired" "crossfire myrtle in line. lyon. "white chevy silverado moral myrtle. "down partner down" "sergeant scott is down" debriefs 71" "southbound white chevy pickup truck" >> mark: in cells from the scene
9:41 am
this morning were officers sergeant scott was kicked shot and killed each year law officers saying officer donald carter's down.: for backup for fires and that the fire department coming to the scene this state this white pickup truck away from the scene. then about an hour later another pickup truck with bullet holes on the driver door found 7 mi. north he of 880 in oakland from the shooting scene in hayward. >> darya: and the suspect had already exited the truck and somehow made it to a local hospital check themselves in for a gunshot wound and then when a person walks in the hospital with that kind of injury and please notify so quickly put that together and a bull written truck blocks the guy that walked in the hospital it over the hospital and arrested him. >> mark: the shooting took place and hayward police have the
9:42 am
area recorded often want to figure out exactly what happened and what went terribly wrong during this traffic stop. >> darya: just 50 minutes away from a news conference scheduled for 10:00 a.m. we should learn or hope to learn new details about exactly what happened was played out. we will stream that live kron-4-dot-com and have a full count on our later newscast this morning's statement. >> james: we will begin with this live look at the golden gate bridge clouds overhead and that breeze still blowing out there. this is what it's been like all morning long and the sunshine having a hard time going through the clouds overhead we are seeing a different story in other parts of the day all muckrake sunny all morning long also seen some decent summer recess and zero as well ahead irma's situation like comes the sky conditions tablatures a fairly consistent all morning low 60s across the entire bay area seven discussing
9:43 am
low 60s oakland san jose all of them coming in right at 64 those numbers to represent a slight increase over where they were earlier this morning and the degree or two. and seen some bigger increases out in the east bay conquered the marbles now in the upper 60s. 6769 respectively to 59 in santa rosa and. the cool side in the north bay. this should you sell francisco and the temperatures in for the moment close '60s. san francisco close '60s local sixties >> reporter: we're talking dustup the 21 m.p.h. sustained winds at 14 the 50 mi. all from the ocean. will be a very blustery day in downtown san francisco a. and then as we look
9:44 am
ahead temperatures continue continue to go down a thermometer thursday the close of the next seven. and then we talk about in more detail coming up in our full check in 15 minutes. head over the traffic center. >> reporter: quickly budget because of police activity at eaton county medical center you may experience some role in the delays out of castro valley of 580 west heading in the oakland. next session heading to the coroner's office that may interrupt your morning commute just a tad bit to not be surprised if you see somebody on and off ramps at traffic still very slow here for recovery from a spading the peninsula south bend out much this is normal no problems traffic's ourselves leading fremont and milpitas a solid structure of traffic.
9:45 am
crashes stevenson quickly cleared and that did not help southpaw commute and over it to 37 heading into it " does it stop moat and goat commission twisted theories of all the way toward a lot heading into sunbelt's. so quite slow average 43 minutes to 38 to
9:46 am
9:47 am
of the >> darya: circles, what mayor a father kids are in college. thule's behind a family we just saw live on our air body being transported from the hospital to all corners of this. possession of police officers showed up and pay their respects. >> reporter: chad levitt the shooting scene all morning the life right now/.
9:48 am
knowledge >> reporter: the believe that the suspect under custody that the build a case which is why this scene is not going anywhere. we're six hours presumed to be here throughout the day as they continue to collect evidence to build a case and the suspect who they say shot and killed officer scott wagner you see in a section here merle adeline st. to the right of your screen doubted that roadway not allowing us to go any further to give your vantage point no one is even telling me at flinders car is still at the location we do know that he was taken by way of ambulance to the hospital presently at that time he was alive that he died at the hospital mellitus saying at this point other officers on the scene there asking us as well when they show up how was the hit where was the head at this point we simply don't know my sources you tell me his family lives in brentwood after the
9:49 am
officers for multiple agencies there close family and personal happened the tragic news and they escorted them to fremont it tells-developing stories we have much more on this and other side of the. commercial the
9:50 am
9:51 am
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energy your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. >> darya: never said that there was a second person on the check have that? >> reporter: now is saying at this point they're very tight lid on this case. usually hear police department very tight- lipped in general. other officers killed in line of duty they are not saying anything at this point. nicosia the scene is still very much active see. half-hour's intuit the plant to be here throughout the day as they continue to build a case on at least one suspect who they have arrested in the case. sure
9:53 am
you really quickly all over the story of course and the first one to tell you the officer was killed in line of duty. let's show you his pitcher scott klug and there can be you be unable to work with sources the privilege about the bread would tell this family that he was killed here at the fifth in the morning and they drove his family to fremont patel his father and person that is sun also was killed
9:54 am
all sides even when news of a news conference we carried it that guy a bellows had net very composed on lotus said there was a point where he starred the trouble that and had to gather himself. by him doing that that pre much told you that this was not going to be a good ending. hoping >> darya: we get new details about how this happened who else might of been involved as you said waiting in just six hits for now have a press conference to the for you live a. all details and are later newscast and questions like did this guy have help? who fired the shots i tell the officer with found that shock several miles away from the nearest hospital so we were wondering how to get to the hospital is someone pick a mop with someone else in the car with him? state >> mark: with us as we
9:55 am
find out the latest wave of you right now the huge police presence that is escorting the bodies of officer scott londoner to the quarters this morning with. be right back after this now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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news story where police sergeant shot and killed a lot of duty sardis calendar killed during a traffic stop and he
9:57 am
were pulling over a vehicle that was driving erratically he called for back up to the scene and shot and killed with gunshots from the car his partner opened fire on the suspect vehicle which away from the scene like pickup truck found 7 mi. away on a 80 in east oakland this morning and kron 4 sources are saying the suspect went to the hospital for treatment and stay with us will bring this very latest online wedding for press conference to begin any moment now the very latest information from hayward police as ginning that i kron 4 kron-4-dot-com along with a mobile applications we can download for free on and dried apple devices tune in and with us later will for a full report at 5:00 tonight is for joining us here on kron 4 morning
9:58 am
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