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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 30, 2015 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>>james:this morning on the kron 4 morning news. the search is on for a person who opened fire at police officers. what started the confrontation. plus. a brutal assault on a popular east bay hiking trail. and it's not the first. why people who live in the area are so concerned. the kron 4 morning news starts right now. >>michelle apon: is one to be very warm and some areas you will see a 90 degree temperatures. plan also hot weather for today it will continue to stick around for another day half truths and t- shirt. as the your morning star the plan on some mostly clear
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skies allowed to talk more of the east bay for today that is where the area was seek the hottest temperatures the lower 90s and upper 80s across parts of the region as to get ready for work this morning plan on temperatures into the mid fifties went off to a mile start into a lesson to where we were still of assemblages until the lunch hour that will quickly warmed up mid-70s. >>michelle apon: hot weather vane of his will continue to one
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of into the '80s oakland hayward fremont plant on some really hot weather in your area. a few isolated spots sunnyvale 49 degrees a quick check of traffic this morning if you are driving to the bay bridge approach to the toll plaza and not seen any delays as of right now quick check of december sale bridge traffic headed to the westbound direction looks good and quiet resting just a little bit of work before 6:00 a.m. the quick
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check of the richmond san rafael bridge traffic is quiet with legacy it quiet traffic in the morning and then it will be imprinted as your life. >>james:happening right now. >>james:police in menlo park are looking for a man who shot at officers last night. two people have already been arrested. a third is still on the loose. >>james:police say the incident started as a home invasion robbery around 5:00 last night. kron 4's jeff bush has the >>james:police were investigating this dark car that the three robbery suspects were driving inpolice from fremont and newark were chasing them when they came under fire.
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>>reporter:as they pursued them they came across the dumbarton bridge and ended up turning onto willow road. in the 1300 block of willow road multiple suspects began to shoot at the officers who were pursuing them in that area. >>reporter:a police car was hit but no officers were hurt. the home invasion suspects got out of the car and started running away. police caught two of them but a third got away. officers say they found several handguns in the car when they were conducting their investigation. >>reporter:the menlo park police department will be handling the assault with a deadly weapon against police officers and the attempted murder of the police officers. so we are handling the scene investigation where the vehicle is and we have recovered several handguns from the scene and we have two suspects in custody.: what happens next?: >>reporter:fremont police, along
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with newark and east palo alto police are going to be setting up to look for the third suspect. they have some leads into where that person may be and they are going to be looking into that. >>james:police say they are holding the two suspects that they caught in the city jail. also happening right now. >>james:police in the north bay are investigating a deputy involved shooting in guernville. >>james:sonoma county deputies say they were forced to shoot a man who threatened his neighbor with a knife. before grabbing a gun after police got to the scene. >>james:it happened at the fife creek commons housing complex on 5th street. the man was shot in the shoulder.and is being treated at the hospital. >>james:livermore police are investigating a sexual assault at a popular hiking spot. >>james:they say a woman was on the arroyo trail tuesday night when a man grabbed her from behind and attacked her. >>james:he ran away and has not been caught. a man passing by with his girlfriend heard the woman screaming - and got help. >>james:she's now being treated for her injuries. people who live in the area say this isn't the first time
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something like this has happened. >>:"i'm saying that it's not safe here just for woman by themselves. we've heard of other things happening.woman getting groped and stuff like that." >>james:police say there have been at least three sexual assaults on that trail. they say they are adding more patrols to the area. >>james:in national news it was another night of protests in baltimore. take a look at these images as fights broke out among the demonstrators. >>james:on the left is an overhead view of the crowds in the streets. on the right of your screen you can see an up close view of the fights as the started. >>james:this happened just before the city's curfew took effect. 16 people were arrested during last night's demonstrations. >>james:happening today. the prime minister of japan will be in the silicon valley. prime minister shinzo abe will talk to stanford officials about tech innovation.
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>>james:he will also meet with japanese students. the prime minister will also visit tesla motors and facebook headquarters producing nations - popping in minister addressed congress on >>james:he talked about plans for a stronger alliance with the u-s. the prime minister got several standing ovations. he is the first japanese leader ever to address congress. >>james:coming up on the kron 4 morning news. >>james:new documents uncovered in the investigation of the pilot who intentionally crashed his plane in the french alps. >>james:why the f-a-a originally didn't clear him to fly. >>james:and after the break. >>james:several colleges in california closing their doors. >>james:what's being done to help bay area students who no longer have a school.
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>>james:college students left high and dry by the closure of corinthian colleges. are getting some answers this morning. >>james:heald college, one of the schools owned and shut down by corinthian, held an open house wednesday for students. >>james:they got transcripts and met with representatives of other local colleges. but as kron 4's emily turner reports, the students still have questions. >>: im sorry, but are you a student?" >>reporter:heald college's campus saw a constant parade of unhappy people today >>: "i'm pissed. i literally didn't sleep last night." >>reporter:melissa kava is one of the thousands of students without a school now that corinthian has shut the doors to all of its colleges.
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>>reporter:we weren't allowed in but today, one of those colleges held an open house for those who are now in a very tight spot- academically and for some finiancially- >>: "i start over. i start back at square one." >>reporter:there will be no way for anyone to finish out the degree they started- and the credits they've earned may or may not transfer to other schools. 11 local colleges showed up today to help figure it out. >>: the goal is to bring some velocity to the situation so these students aren't set back. >>reporter:the government is offering loan forgiveness for students but even that students say comes at a price. >>:" there are two options keep the creditskeep the debt or release youre credits and release your debt." >>reporter:emily turner kron 4 news. >>james:
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for students who are interested, there will be another open house today at heald's campus. >>james:it lasts from 10:00 this morning to 4:00 this afternoon. >>james:happening today. tesla will unveil it's new mystery product. >>james:last month tesla c-e-o elon musk tweeted that a major new tesla product will be unveiled thursday april 30th. >>james:the message also says the new product is not a car. whatever the product is. it will be unveiled at 8:00 tonight. >>james: let's talk about the weather currently 55 in oakland issue of to low 80s and if you will be in the inland valleys today the upper 80s to 90 more on the forecast coming up.
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>>james:welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. >>james:temperatures expected to warm up as we head into the weekend. >>michelle apon: it is one to be hot when that is all i can say is the sea areas across in the location to could system lower 90s and parts of the south they will submit the upper 80s very warm this afternoon if you did the kids off to school miles are get undressed with some light- colored clothing here is what we are talking about a plan on temperature starting off into the mid fifties but those mostly clear skies and they will have the lunch hour. >>michelle apon: it will be nice if you like the warmer weather
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if you want to sit outside do in winter are going to be life for much of the that it will be blowing in from the northeast and the afternoon across the south bay. >>michelle apon: daytime highs will quickly warmed up into the mid to upper 80s and as to drive home temperatures will continue to stay into the mid '80s that is one of those days when you would definitely want a seat in your car to a live look outside you do have some clear skies out there with just a few high clouds and it will be a very beautiful across the half moon bay 45 and sunnyvale 49 degrees temperatures are going to quickly warmed up plan on
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temperature still the slightly cooler side is the sea during the first sets of teatime by the lunch hour warming up by the early afternoon we have mid-70s and store especially across the peninsula is about 3:00 the mid- 70s and everywhere else we have made the upper 80s across the north bank a handful of lower 90s dispensing across the east bank and and location very hot over there the rest of the storm track the 74 cast another day of some warm weather lore 90 still expected for your friday but bay
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locations will be on the slightly cooler side. >>michelle apon: keep that in mind you need to reduce speed and as all before treasure island that exit right of a they're looking at the san mateo bridge cannot sing any bright light so traffic is moving as you cross over 92. a look at the richmond san rafael bridge still quiet at 418 this morning
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december to quickly wamble >>james:newly uncovered documents show that the f-a-a questioned the mental health of the german wings co-pilot who intentionally crashed a plane into the french alps last month. >>james:the document show that in 2010, the f-a-a declined to give andreas lubitz a medical certificate. >>james:the agency switched course about three weeks later -- after a physician working with lubitz said his treatment was complete. >>james:lubitz's crashed the plane last month killing all 150 people on board. >>james:back in the bay area >>james:the warriors are getting ready for the second round of the playoffs. but off-court - there's concern about their new arena in san francisco, >>james:crews are supposed to break ground on the arena in mission bay next year. the new 18-thousand seat arena seen in these artist renderings, is set to be completed in time for the 2018-2019 n-b-a season.
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>>james:but a non-profit group calling itself "the mission bay alliance" -- has come out against the project. >>james:they're worried that a new stadium so close to a-at&t park will create a traffic and parking nightmare. >>james:-->>: that means if we all hours of the dade in the the war is for post 80 of to the existing traffic that comes from the giants' gamethe bay area may be wrapped in play-off fever.
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>>james:a lot of people in berkeley are *not* happy about the idea of a high-rise going up downtown. >>james:in fact, a petition against it is gaining momentum. the people behind it say. it will ruin their view! kron4's scott rates talked to some of those opposing the building. even through the haze the views from cal's prized campanile are breathtaking, not mention iconic but not some worry those sweeping views of the world's most famous bridge could disappear. >>reporter:alexandrea smith is one of the petition. >>reporter: 70 with the expected concerns of the students there and not interested at all we have to say. >>reporter:in fours day the petition has already gained the support of more than 2,000 people >>: it is so important for people to sign a petition the mayor and the entire city received an e-mail same so also assigned a petition to say the view of the golden gate bridge petitioners saypetitioners say the nostalgic view could be threatened by a would be near
4:22 am
the berkeley bart station >>reporter:that proposal has been in the works for some time. the so called downtown area plan was adopted by the city council in 2012. it allows five building above 75 feet back on april 2 residents lost a battle that would "landmark" the area, stopping anything from being built that would obstruct the view. >>reporter:smith says something needs to happen to preserve a piece of history for future generations to enjoy >>: it breaks my heart. >>james: up next to we have an idea of who their opponent will be in the next lot of the playoffs and the giants also struggling against teams from los angeles will have high less
4:23 am
committal next. this talk about the weather san jose your day park for as 51 degrees or now 73 by lunchtime and the like 4:00 this afternoon before high of 87.
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>>james: will start of with the giants looking for the dodgers. he was able to hit a home on his home but not enough lead the winning bid final seven to three the giants off tonight in coming home to take on another team from los angeles the angel speaking of which there were in oakland last i ticking on the a's. not to basketball the
4:26 am
warriors now know they will face in the second round the math is grizzlies that means it will be the dubbed taking on memphis and starting on sunday that will be when this all got out. >>james: game to is tuesday night a 730 to off time and is a wonder the warriors and the grizzlies met three times in the regular- season notice the 12. on to news happening today the first round
4:27 am
of the nfl draft that will have the first election laws people believe the bucks up next more protests and baltimore the death of a man who died in police custody the new witness who says that he may have actually injured himself less than ease the community right out of water the solution they considered living in that area. 50 degrees and hear in the data are forecast the noontime and much our will already up at 83 in the to for daytime high of 90 at
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>>james: the traffic is fine not to worry about that were otherwise it will be hot today it is clear we're not dealing with any high clouds tree >>michelle apon: as to get ready for today a plan on temperature started off on the milder side we will have some clear spots isolated areas like a pleasant
4:31 am
and and the little starting off the upper 40's it will be nice to stay out side wins will be like the into the afternoon if you have the afternoon areas plan on being very warm temperatures will eat up into the mid '80s. what talk about the warm spot illinois locations into the lower 90s into the early afternoon that this east bay in the location a few isolated areas across the region you can feel and see nineties later on this afternoon keep that in mind you will need it a very nice start
4:32 am
to today averages on a milder side san francisco study of a 52 degrees. >>michelle apon: traffic is moving smoothly the left castellanus but the backed up a little bit but it looks nice and quiet on your morning driver crossed 80 and to downtown san francisco region for a truck traveling eastbound there is the left flank close to the continue to do more of roadwork. traffic in the southbound direction and
4:33 am
looks good and quiet >>james: rallies once again being held across the nation in solidarity with baltimore is the same look like in of new york for instance 60 people were arrested they also took to the streets in washington d.c. back here in the bay area demonstrations are protesting the death of freddie gray he died a lot of police custody in baltimore the believe that he
4:34 am
was injured by police after he was arrested another prisoner who was in the van told investigators he thought he was intentionally tried to injure himself. >>reporter: 6 and hear him banging against the wall a cnn interview with the person close to one of their arrest and officers is also providing new clothes the attorney however says it is unlikely call to on fatal injury also on wednesday process' to gather in solidarity across the country more than 60 people arrested in new york's city wednesday night ferguson
4:35 am
minneapolis seattle. >>reporter: we are barely getting by the close-knit community meeting as a group in nearby dan bell brainstorming what options now the strong utility district citing short supply for nearly all-out the residents a truck near water
4:36 am
into their homes possibly forming its own water district meanwhile, contra costa environmental helped oversee the construction of an issue the permit for private wells at the meeting the director says that she work with a bottle local water agencies we have found some districts in the county that had water wells in the county and do not have that restriction and that can help these people out that is good news. the value of our homes are affected greatly for the lack of water
4:37 am
>>james: she was kidnapped wednesday in a car burglary in san francisco the suspect will be identified now faces car theft the malice of the few miles away by police officers trying to figure out if the person who pick the car was involved in the carjacking itself the men would read it killing and i your boy during a slit over at his first day in court wednesday he is now charged with murdering his best friends to brother jordan the boy was stabbed to death in his sleep this past weekend the
4:38 am
public defender says that mental illness played a role in the stabbing death and a chapter of their son for months before the attack he is now being held without bail. >>james: still ahead rescue and recovery efforts continue and the paul--pau nepal
4:39 am
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>>reporter: sink and to myself for family friendly festivals is
4:41 am
officially may 5th on tuesday before the 21 overcrowd they spent the weekend across the bay in the city the celebration start on the weekend near the ballpark police will be shot in four to insure party people play it safe always a good level of going to indulge take a cab. do
4:42 am
not set did warn you >>james: michele is back with a look at the forecast it will be hot i will give you a quick sneak peek and she will explain here live look we have the sense there bridge camera showing us what it is like outside of the moment caught up to 50 degrees and they are forecast calls for 79 at lunchtime with the daytime high 3:00 this afternoon 86.
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care for your car. alright, now i just look desperate. >>james: police of a session for a third suspect wanted for
4:45 am
shooting an officer during a chase started in the east bay and ended on the peninsula to respond to home invasion the robbery of fremont boulevard in fremont office and shot were fired during the robbery with a jolt all before police arrived however they did spot of men lead on the dumbarton bridge and the pursuit began it was a little part of the robbers are ultimately turned their fire on to the police were chasing them that did not return fire and new or patrol car was hit by gunfire now officers injured they tried to run away but they were able to arrest two of them the next hour jackie will have a live report for us this time attention to weather and traffic. if your in the east bay his a plan for this morning temperatures starting up into the mid fifties it will be a
4:46 am
nice start to the morning if you want to do your one installed or take the dog out it is not bad temperatures will quickly one of look at the lunch hour to purchase would give in to the mid-70s for bay locations. >>michelle apon: when you pick up the children from school plan on very hot weather bay locations will warm up into the '80s and locations will talk about 90 degree temperatures and to the afternoon and we would really have the bridge was could help cool as dollar it will be very light out there later on for today but a lot of sunshine and definitely a lot of heat looking outside we do have some clear skies looking at the bay bridge and very beautiful star in what amount to 615 and from the area we have a handful of 52 mi. start to the region live in
4:47 am
that as yet study of what was the mid-60s we have some isolated pockets started off on the cool side novato half moon bay sunnyvale and the temperatures in the mid to upper 40's you may need a jacket for in those areas but everywhere else today temperatures will quickly warmed up look at the lunch hour temperatures into the san francisco and along the peninsula will continue on with seven is later on. looking at the oakland a's game 1235 the day game temperatures will start off in the upper '70's and is one to be sunny and warm but when the game wraps up a will be easily into the lower 80s when the game in said and done with plenty of sunshine >>michelle apon:. mid to upper 80s for parts of the north bay into napa across the south that it will continues to heat up into the mid to upper 80s hot allowed
4:48 am
and much warmer than where we were yesterday the rest of the storm track the 74 cast will will continue on into friday but the bay will be 50 degrees cooler for the weekend. we have order out for sunday still want to continue to stay dry but not as hot as we expected. >>michelle apon: we have some ultimate seven is a quick check of traffic in the traffic is loosely in this area looking at the san mateo bridge traffic in the was about a correction pretty good quite a commit of fairchild over to sam sale ease about looks good and quiet looking at the golden gate bridge traffic in the southbound direction over a very smooth ride into downtown san francisco court temperatures but
4:49 am
getting hotter into the afternoon. >>james: we have some new video to share with you come into our kron4 newsroom the teen survived by hiding necks or motorcycle as the entire building around of collapse he was taken to hospital they say he was conscious and talking the yen than actual water during the rescue was to five hours is a deadly it was a u.s. rescue worker who have pulled him to safety crisis in the region far
4:50 am
from over many people in nepal are so desperate for a period >>reporter: the orphanage badly damaged 55 children now sleep under a makeshift tent 19 year- old head of get to safety was saturday's earthquake shook the village now that the dollar with the can for themselves
4:51 am
government official said in a gently knead half a million chance to provide shelter to one of the huge number of people displaced in the devastation in the mountains of the the city they evacuate survivors the army found a building, will take this up to one of the few standing buildings the crew searched rubble and they help to find a fortified your mother alive instead they find her body she is one among thousands as the death toll continues to rise every day elsewhere a more callous rescue the two to seven your bass arriving more than 80 hours buried under the rubble his family says he is not resting feeble and distraught but a life. >>james: a deadly sharp attack
4:52 am
shut down beaches in mali the 65 your woman was attacked while snorkeling their popular surfing spots if she was pulled from the water after a fog drifting face down about 200 yds offshore she did have injuries consistent with the shark attack firefighters were called in to try and revive the woman fell officials to call to the area also was fire rescued yesterday
4:53 am
morning and allegro and states would arm suspects he notified the school about their plans but the digital assistance to the letter saying that they would not be excused the also said and for the unskilled absences could lead to the district take the initiative action we went to where the boston tea party was
4:54 am
that also was on a to pull same that it was apparent job to teach their kids of it for the roles and consequences for breaking them. montague currently 61 degrees by known relatives 78 by 3:00 this afternoon we will get the daytime high of 86.
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>>reporter: is nice and quiet so far. >>james: it is going to be blistering hot this afternoon what talking temperatures back in the '90s make sure the kids are ready for school today shorts and t-shirts water get an extra bottle of water if you can because they will be desperate and recess we have a quick look at the date part forecasters predicted a down early morning we're looking for temperatures at the moment to be in the low 50s and a performance that will
5:01 am
max out temperatures tend to lead degrees warmer than it were yesterday mention of it is already by the bank during was in recess as their outside playing here is what we say to traffic in and free life. >>reporter: let's start off with
5:02 am
a look at the ride into san francisco hit the bay bridge toll plaza no delays the drive times less than 10 minutes from the maze >>mark: that to the fore person opened fired on officers in menlo park after a police chase across the back jacket is live in fremont with details on the crime that started it all. >>jackie sissel: in the in menlo park was started here in fremont after home invasion robbery and the suspect fled to the custody one is still outstanding and is a bit from last i were the scene ended but the started about 5:00 is the day and fremont when the police department and for my call from someone say that there was a home invasion roberts before
5:03 am
three suspects there were shots fired at the scene of the suspects fled but the witnesses or able to get a description of the vehicle. such a short time later the detectives on the fremont spotted the vehicle shoreside later they did not stop the nor police department was involved in this pursuit and initially when all the dumbarton bridge. during the pursuit one of the suspects came out of the window with the gun and started firing at the north and the fremont police cars that were in pursuit. >>jackie sissel: even today made it over to the menlo park area where they ditched the car they were ever to apprehend two of the suspects in menlo park a third is still outstanding obviously they want to get this person off the street as quickly as possible if not a bad
5:04 am
description of the person we know he's an african-american male skinny in build and where are dark pants and a light colored sweatshirt men apart says that they stop the search last night they read initiate lead on this morning we hope to talk to free my the good news is no one was hurt and is neither of the police officers in the pursuit or injured obviously it is a developing story. >>darya: also happening right now all warning for joggers on the popular ease by hiking trail after the woman was sexually assaulted it happened tuesday in the the more on this trial are real trail a man grabbed the woman from behind and attacked her and he ran away and has not been caught and turned up this is not the first time to open like this has happened on the trail mike pelton is there live this morning about 30 minutes
5:05 am
will talk to him about what police are doing to prevent any more crimes like this from happening again. >>mark: when they had happened to freddie gray when he was a baltimore police custody according to invest in a document another prisoner who was in the van with him told investigators was intentionally try to hurt himself the attorney however says it is unlikely he calls on deadly injury that would have that information off to the attorney's office who would then decide whether not to press charges. >>darya: happen today it city
5:06 am
college of san francisco is stepping up to help students who left high and dry with terrific in colleges shut down campuses nationwide hills tutors city college's pretty a support team to help the students transfer abroad of city college in belize is going to be on hills of san francisco campus all day today to helps to to lot to make the transition the goal is to bring some velocity to this and and to love the process as quickly as possible and do everything we can to keep the students on track. the city college same will be on the cap is on the first forced to consider from 10:00 this morning until for the afternoon we continue to track the aftermath of the shut down and
5:07 am
how it affects tutors on the web site >>mark: new information on the german wings co-pilot who intentionally crashed the plane last month by the faa was hesitant to give him his pilot's license the sea lions of 70 out of the water intakes commands that down with them how official is doing this morning + after the break for somewhere here for the paris from the boy who was stabbed to death with the are saying about their son's killer head. cris mul-gras an eet uit-avor pies dipp in ch dk cholat discer boksi unchclusrs.
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staps. me mo hapn. >>mark: during a sleepover discoveries as they did not know the suspected killer had mental issues 18 year-old william schulz made his first appearance yesterday trout would murdering jordan that will hold a press conference and released as stated stabbing later today.
5:11 am
hill said of the have the sad informative evaluation and was discharged after he was diagnosed as being delusional. >>darya: building project in the east has a lot of people of said why they're so angry and a look here at the golden gate bridge what to expect for the weather today and for the weekend after the break.
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5:14 am
>>james: it is going to be really hot this afternoon as get it started with was happening right now heading up the door in the next 30 minutes you look for most to clear skies and with off two mile start with temperatures and that is what we are seeing in the south bay in north bay as well. by noontime look for rapid warming up at him to solidly in the upper seven is
5:15 am
located in the east bay with a shoreline community and inland looking into practice ride around the 80 degree mark by three this afternoon an important time frame less talk marginally now relatively clear out there a lot of storm track a satellite shows also barely in the clouds at the moment. 52 down and san jose as i've been
5:16 am
saying widespread the plan on where you are the coolest spot santa rosa 4949 also in the little. >>james: physical start to morning there. take a look by 10:00 a.m. with up at 68 by noontime 77 will be warm lunch hour in the south bay to take a look at the hottest time of the day between two and 4:00 this afternoon will be right of their 84 to 86 for san jose suddenly hot and even by 6:00 tonight filled love to about 75 a nice mild afternoon and evening that is a trend for san jose will expect to spend about everywhere 75 high of san francisco hot and sunny 82 in oakland we have the east bay valley and across the northern
5:17 am
that is the date storm track the 74 cast this for friday and saturday and sunday we have hot conditions once again for friday in the work with on a very high like we will today saturday and sunday the week looks pretty good mile on saturday with an and hires root around 81 the the id: is less intimate 7 is for the inland valley by sunday. >>james: sunday will be the milder than do your plans if you haven't on sunday. as the forecast. >>reporter: robin: for those of you coming out of mountain house tracy 580 west is backing up at the 2 05 split it will be off and on as you work the way through the all to mark the good news is no problems on the livermore side nice and smooth trumpeting a realtor dublin the
5:18 am
drive time 30 minutes from the out to my to dublin that not bad at all highway for switching over to the san mateo bridge here is the ride on the peninsula and the east bay more cars on the road traffic heading toward the peninsula we have not had any major trouble spots on the nimitz or highway 101 and the golden gate bridge not commit heading south is a quick 21 minutes from the bottle to downtown san francisco. >>mark: new information on the pilot who crashed the german
5:19 am
when flights into the french alps last month new documents show that 2010 the faa did not want to give him his pilot's licence. been treated for severe depression they're not what's issue that pilots licensed his doctor says he fully recovered and was awarded his license but the faa warned him he could be barred from flying into depression returns the crash the plane last month killing a hundred and 49 people and is of on board that flight. the contract negotiations are continuing this the picketing at 7:00 a.m. at kaiser facility in los angeles at 5 sutter hospitals and other california the bay area the size of corn to be picketing at the california its specific met center in san francisco campus center was a rich the hospital and at mills peninsula helps services and
5:20 am
arlington should is back in court today to be read arraigned on murder charges after a judge determined that he should stand trial the co-founder of death row records is the jews are running over to men outside of the burger stand in january the 50 your attorney says his client will try to take off and divert an ambush that was happening with a shot the man with his car he pleaded not guilty but has to be retrained after that judges >>mark: that rest of the suspect in the shooting of a muted trained writer the two third line and the baby district a 20 year-old man was shot in the chest he remains hospitalized a critical injuries they rested up suspects in their city park a handgun was recovered from the arresting. >>mark: we first told you on to this and did a man recovering
5:21 am
this morning after the sea lion attacked him and pulled him overboard in the sea life and all the water gracchus and an official at the same time and he was dragged underwater specialty an offer to seconds the sea lion bit him on the foot as he swam away he spent two days and the hospital received two stitches now have of the on the story we first broke yesterday. >>darya: started around 730 in the morning here is a look at the smoke coming from a liverpool restaurant online street near lombard this is from the helicopter partnership over the scene of the fire which took almost a block because of how big the complex is that people lived in the building that were affected fire crews had it under control with 50 minutes started
5:22 am
in the back of the building and that is spread to the second- floor the liverpool sustained major water and smoke inhalation. >>darya: 18 story building downtown that is because they said it will block iconic views from cal berkeley is the high- rise near the berkeley bart station there is a petition out against the project and already has won the 2000 signatures the city council adopted this plan back in 2012 neighbor lost their battle to try to land brought the area to stop anything from being built that will to preserve a piece of local history >>mark:. 5 days as a devastating earthquake in nepal and recovery efforts are continuing that is come up at 530 after the break y bard may turn to you for funding to upgrade their agent system.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>>darya: they need nearly $10 billion to replace its aging infrastructure that could be turning to you for help that is right a report by the state auditor says over the next 10 years the have to spend $9.6 billion to improve its aging system and they only have half the money they need the approval to include more than $3 billion for of thousand of our cars taxpayers will likely be axed as chip and and help through bond measure. >>mark: 0 well is running dry in the ease with people are concerned will say what plans are coming up.
5:27 am
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>>reporter: >>james: as you take a quick look at the conditions right now we're seeing a lot of low to mid '50's in the south bank will expect back to normal pretty quickly after the sun comes up at least in the next 30 minutes is mild out there right now by noontime the for the warming to kick and we will be in the mid- 70s at this point drop the entire santa clara valley wishes to the max low temperatures 85
5:30 am
to 87 degrees cupertino would not be surprised if you did the 90 degree mark it will be a warm day for you plenty of sunshine and began again much warmer bridge a self image of a kid's already talked about earlier live should have a water bottle in the backpack they will need in the south of the. >>james: we have the embarcadero commercial matters clear conditions around san francisco back in 15 minutes to read sound of the afternoon high and talk in more detail about what can expect the coming weekend as well. >>reporter: robin: there was a little bit of a backup for may at the bay bridge toll plaza you could see it is getting slow only in the cache lines is really not bad if you have fast- track you will save a lot of time that not even turn the lights on because it is still very smooth you want to into
5:31 am
downtown san francisco 92 deftly crowded from hayward and for the peninsula track of the right- hand side of the screen the drive times is holding at a quick 14 minutes using the richmond san rafael bridge you'll also see a nice light traffic approaching the toll plaza of it is a quick seven minutes from the richmond at the page from the 101 connector heading into san rafael. >>darya: the more police are warning people there are sexual assaults have been on a popular hiking trail the most recent tuesday night mike pelton his life. >>reporter: mike pelton: on the popular trail after 29 or a woman was sexually assaulted tuesday night this was right near the road livermore police
5:32 am
said the woman was walking alone on the trail to the evening around 6:00 when a man came up behind her and returned the man sexually assaulting her and then left the atlanta as a white man early to mid '30's about 5 ft. 7 in. 6 ft. tall and weighing about a hundred and 80 lbs. he was less a worm or dark along sweets was cheered and clapped as being scruffy in appearance the police said their response to a sexual assault on the trail in each of the past three years although at this time it is unclear if they're all related to the friends of the hikers and reaching out to livermore police coming up in the 6:00 hour we will tell you what the police recommends to residents and little more if there are going out or were these trails. >>mark: the bookstore where following other video just into kron4 pulled alive from the rubble nearly six days after the massive earthquake and paul here
5:33 am
ride he survived after hiding extra more cycle. he asked water during the rescue into five hours. it was you as rescue workers who helped welcome to safety. >>mark: the rest and recover operation has now stopped and paul and orphanage was badly damaged and 55 children announced a plan under a tent. --nepal >>mark: they urgently need half- million tends to rise shelter to the huge number of people displaced by the devastating earthquake the government is encouraging people to go ahead with their plans to climb mount everest they plan to reopen the roots as early as next week. >>darya: 0 storm you only see on our news on-the-job live in one east a community such as answers the close-knit committee of tulsa heart or valid between danville and dublin and the
5:34 am
water and that no longer allowing those residents to track of metered water into their home. some of the garden and new wells left looking into jules and a new well on our property. she is working local water agencies to see if they can ease a restriction on shuttering the committee from trucking in water to solicit one is to get ready for the second round of the playoffs. >>mark: the 18,000 a arena is seen to be said to be completed times for 208019 nba season the nonprofit group calling itself the mission the alliance will allow it is a project that
5:35 am
already and that it is close to at&t park the warriors issue a statement saying that the working with the neighbors including ucsf the senses of a public will support the war is loath to mention bay speaking of the war is we now know they one has scheduled for this sunday as of the game 2 tuesday night or go with the tip of 730 and then it's off to memphis for games 3 and four saturday and monday if necessary back to bay area on wednesday. >>darya: a baseball game with no fans what it looks like a felt like to play in an empty stadium and a new story of the 6:00 hour we are told that
5:36 am
having light on what you're out of town police say it also be a sign to revelers that you're not home what should you do first after the break a geyser in the middle of a busy seven california highway we will see what causes geyser to buyers. if you mispled youriscor cayocan w usfree itto pventew purchases on yr acunt secds. anonceou fd it you caswit itrighon ain. u'reack! frze i onlfromiscor. geit adiscer.c. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster
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5:39 am
>>reporter: rabin--robin: it is really heavy at the 2 05 split you're stuck in the convict traffic all boy to live a more you drive times it is not bad to to nine minutes from the optima in the south bay where the hot spot free as well no major trouble spots it is a little bit of slowing or northbound 101 in the drive times 19 minutes from capitol expressway to montague expressway. >>mark: these pictures of people opposed to social media and the civil water shooting high up in
5:40 am
the air firefighters said it continues to flow in our and have before they finally acted. >>james: phil is a quick glimpse headed out of oakland a's warming to the low 80s it will be a great day at the ballpark enjoy it while have the full forecast coming up.
5:41 am
5:42 am
snait. we sck i we sosh . weove . rsh's kes a 'mo...yomaket spial. hersy'is me, yrsouchocate.♪
5:43 am
♪ iyou nt i♪ ♪ gout d geit >>mark: this is a stack of telephone poles that is on fire the utility pole firefighters are saying that as it in the blaze difficult to put out no word on the cause no injuries reported the massive fire utility poles on fire at a pg&e are in fresno and beverage like condition with or drive out this morning to get more information.
5:44 am
>>james: we took 3:00 this afternoon the nuclear complying deliverances it to take a look at the graph you will see two to 4:00 it will be right up there in the late '80s and that is just a sample of what's to come for the east bay as you had further inland to get even hotter this talk about open while we're here on the mild side during the morning hours adjutancy for 10:00 biped to 4:00 this afternoon will max out in the low 80s it will be sunny and the winds will be nice and mild it will be great outside but it will be hot be ready for especially if you will be working outside today get the sun screen you will needed here is a live you as a second look
5:45 am
at conditions clear over san francisco that is the bay bridge the embarcadero come across the bottom of the screen is a great start mild out side to the judge and the low fifties for most of the bay and a perfect fit for some spotless santa rosa edge of the civil war concord in the east bay 52 to 53 degrees in this opera san jose 52 and san francisco 56. >>james: that is right now here is what we can expect over the course of the day for everyone 5:00 during the early morning hours it is mild we're looking at temperatures that will be in the 04 is the low 50s by noontime rep warming for everyone 70 out of the coast of mid-70s by the bay and the '80s and and that is the lunch hour by 3 this afternoon we're looking at temperatures that will be in the last seven is out of the coast mid '80s bay side and rear of getting into line is as we head inland valleys cut in
5:46 am
the east bay it will be hot almost uncomfortably high for some bridge yourself and bring plenty of water in their backpacks. >>james: throw some sunscreen on 94 antioch 91 out in the war and the south but we're looking for 87 degrees san jose cupertino just nearby with for 87 to 90 in the santa clara valley mid-70s downtown san francisco low 80s oakland mid to upper 80s generally the could get a few spots like the napa valley real close to the 90 degree mark your the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast it will be hot again tomorrow and the work week with temperatures getting up the near '90s for the inland spots. in his court down quite a bit was sunday been the course of the two days that is the weather. >>reporter: rabin: using highway
5:47 am
for traffic is backing up in the westbound direction take a look at the map its stars read about hillcrest have details of will to come to law does the construction zone you have to rise of traffic and opens your back to five blades it will get a better a tight squeeze but it ought design entire 19 minutes with and he ought to concord that is not bad at all. checking the ride on 101 and 280 both are in great shape so far we have not had any major trouble spots it will be allowed to cross the senate sale bridge. --san mateo. >>reporter: robin: this is still not bad although you are backed up at the pain gets what to get on the bridge it will be very slow through downtown san francisco led head over to the
5:48 am
san mateo bridge the right hand side of the screen that is your commit heading to the peninsula no crashes and installed and is the expense. to the golden gate bridge it will be a smooth ride if you have to travel into and out of san francisco or come from the north and south 1010 quick 21 minutes from 37 that is not vital hitting to downtown san francisco no major trouble spots but we will let you know of anything major pops up. >>darya: you remember this video when a baltimore mother mostyou may remember this video from monday, when a baltimore mother slapped her son repeatedly as he took part in the violent riots in the city. >>darya:this morning we're hearing from that 16-year-old. >>darya:he tells c-n-n's anderson cooper what went through his mind when he saw his mother coming at him.
5:49 am
>>: i said yes i know was my mom. no one was upset about a mother. it was grow 43. --world war three. >>: she said she did it because she cared about me. she was or about may she was worried about me. >>darya:the boy's mother has been widely praised across social media for her discipline. she says she would do the same thing all over again.
5:50 am
>>michelle apon: a major league baseball game and there is no one to watch it after the baltimore and write early in the week when some of them between the baltimore is in this chicago white sox played when no one in the stands. you see the end the stand in the hallway to close the gates and just the coaches and players on the field i have some really interesting because this is after one of the players he is waiting to no one in the crowd the office of fake autographs for the imaginary friends i have another video from of all to no one. this was the first time in history again the first time in history no one and the attendance
5:51 am
" >>mark: the deadly sharp attack shutting down the beach shoes attack while snorkeling that is near the state park she was pulled from the water after friends from the drifting face down about to the guards there were no witnesses of the attack is to separate from two people to snorkeling what should have injuries consistent with shark attacks. this is a first related deaths reported late this year.
5:52 am
>>darya: the new treatment is for adults with the moderate to severe fat below the chin take a look at the before and after pictures we are showing this treatment is a drug called by bela it focuses on getting rid of fat cells when injected in the area of under the chin the fda has warned the treatment also has the potential to kill other types of cells like skin cells if the suggested improperly they're also warning the new drug can cause of the serious side effects as well conclude in trouble swallowing and nerve damage this is one of the skies are really right knee
5:53 am
earlier now around the bay area not much in the way a fall if at all it will be all one today and how hot it will be for this neighborhood ahead.
5:54 am
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>>darya: she found her rise was flooded she was even more surprised when she learned it was caused by a wild turkey the turkey invaded her bathroom she said she came home to find him on the bathroom sink and it appears people in through a window he made itself at home and the bathroom managed to turn around in the sink and the water was running for two or three hours to agree on was what water the flooding caused thousands of dollars in damage. will recall several developing stories
5:57 am
coming up on the next hour of woman said of the bonfire and gas is in jerusalem is caught on camera was awash in debt in the man's reaction coming up by news of the fresno we have a huge fijian a fire will have of that of the efforts to pull out the fire.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>james: to lead to go outside to show you what it is like at the moment will look for a camera because this is one of the location was a really hot temperatures and lend a survey that is going to be the hot spot this afternoon on the traffic


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