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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 29, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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one interview with the here's what he had a say about this terrifying experience for the entire oakland police department overnight. "lee did not wear the blue is what the reform like you how or they detected? a very clear still under investigation, we do know we do have other officers close
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by quest us for help. and when they ask for help all responded units is brought arrive on scene. we did find out the same suspects had begun to don't know why able to get into the vehicle will know how." >> reporter: there was a short pursue from that location the crash the car and that's how they're ultimately arrested three people in custody new information has long public information just told me about a minute ago looks like we're on to another investigation she did tell me to guns that had been recovered and rent a correlation to a happy suspects and those undercover officers and officers in uniform were not injured during this whole terrifying ordeal. >> mark: that if the
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different information loss five minutes. >> darya: commute is a mess hot spot understatement because everything is a hot spot we do have several. >> george: things have changed pretty quickly this bay bridge is much slower this morning and drive times over 30 minutes and as we predicted a while ago these lands have filled in now on the left side of the toll plaza there has been report of a stall member confirmed by caltrans and have been cleared for their chance to attend to it nevertheless other was a back up from the west end san francisco side all the way to the metering lights now what you see here is the ride from the metering lights back to the macarthur man is already backed up beyond children's hospital highway 24 that's why i'm saying 30 + minutes drive times for westbound bay bridge and be reassured to give yourself extra time you need there this morning and slightly better news for
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san jose right here on one no one scenes like these. armored closer look on one 01 northbound >> james: show you the right here because there's an accident southbound 1. >> george: that for a while had shutdown all the lanes. the chp was a special advisory for it. they cleared the lands but looks what it's done eds but the softbound ride. more importantly and the impact on the commute direction. which is northbound and that is added about eight to nine minutes and now the drive time should be about 20 to 021 minutes. instead 3031 mess up toward capitol expressway. and we continue to track the latest right into san francisco. because of early occuring problems here on 280 northbound a seizure cesar chavez. on the 1 01 and northbound
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side. again adding about eight minutes to the drive time in downtown san francisco. both won 01 and interstate 280. >> george: continuing to slow west on the drive time now amounts to 19 minutes westbound. had to the went weather center nice and get an update with warmer temperatures on the way. >> michelle: look at that same shot a. come beautiful sunshine looking off to a west. however different store looking off to the east dealing with some dark gray skies with. thick cloud cover the good news is these clots continue to push out of the area sunshine widespread across the region. mild temperatures to start much of the area at a. san francisco 52 oakland the same temperature and san jose. concord 53 livermore 53 cerros on the chillier side with temperatures in the mid-40s this morning. if
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you're in parts the peninsula temperatures will be about three degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures warmup in the load mid-60's during that lunch hour is going to be very beautiful afternoon along with temperatures heating up in the mid-60s. and are on the 60 degree mark in the afternoon this evening also dealing with preconditions from a west between 10 to 50 m.p.h. at as breezy as yesterday's still a gentle breeze to keep the temperatures on the cooler side we will talk more about yourself a forecast and a big warmup in years from tracker 70 forecast all those details coming up at 715. >> darya: the streets quiet seems like less as the reason why. vehicles on the street. the national guard troops in full combat gear enforcing a curfew meant to stop any rioting before it starts. but ryan nobles shows us. there were still some arrests made last night.
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>> reporter:"things are quiet here in baltimore, but last night police and the national guard successfully enforced a mandatory curfew. the hope now is that this city can begin the healing process." >> reporter:overnight, the streets of baltimore saw minor run-ins with police but not major clashes. more than thousand police officers, and some two- thousand national guard members took the streets to enforce the overnight their goal, return calm to the city that saw violent protests and looting the night before. police arrested ten people, but call the situation stable. "i get reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity or movement throughout the city as a whole so the curfew is had called. ' >> reporter: the protests spread to other cities including ferguson to unrest. it ended in violence, as two people were shot. marches were also held in chicago and new york.
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meanwhile, maryland's governor rejected criticism he reacted too slowly in declaring a state of emergency and deploying the national guard. maryland "we were fully prepared, we had all the assets ready, and we had the order ready to sign. as soon as the mayor called we activated." >> reporter:amid the tension. a glimmer of hope. a young boy was seen offering water to a line of police officers in riot gear. "even though there was no violence yesterday there were still active and vocal protests. community members still want answers in the death of freddie gray. the results of a preliminary investigation by the baltimore police department to be released by the state's attorney on friday. that's the latest from baltimore, i'm ryan nobles reporting." >> mark: mentioning although protests across the country.meanwhile protests broke out across the country on tuesday night.
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two people were shot during protests in ferguson, missouri. one man was shot in the leg. the other in the neck. no word on their conditions this morning. and protestors in new york gathered with signs and banners to demonstrate in solidarity with baltimore. and similar protests also took place in chicago in what they were calling a baltimore solidarity march. >> mark:breaking overnight. the death toll in the nepal earthquake has now topped five-thousand. this morning. many of the survivors are still waiting for relief. in the capital of kathmandu workers have started cleaning the streets. thousands of people are lined up at bus stations. where the government is providing free transportation to people who are hoping to get to their hometowns and villages. >> darya:new video this morning shows a man being rescued after more than 3 days trapped under rubble in nepal.
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he says after the first 2 days he had given up hope and was certain he was going to die. rescue crews say he was surrounded by dead bodies and continued banging on the rubble until he was found he spent a total of 82 hours underneath the collapsed building. >> darya:and check out this video. these are people lined up to catch a bus out of kathmandu. nepal's government is providing free transportation for people hoping to travel to their hometowns and villages. aid is still slow getting to more remote areas, some of which have been cut off by landslides and not seen any relief. >> mark:a new poll finds that americans are more likely to favor sam sex marriage in their own state.
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this as the supreme court hears arguments. over the constitutionality of same- sex marriage. at issue. is whether states can continue to ban same- sex marriage, or if gays and lesbians have the right to marry. attorneys for same sex couples argued they do have that right. attorneys defending the state bans argued that the people should decide not the courts. "it's very difficult for the court set " no better. sulu's wrote thomas rowe secondary him tomkins. the difference is based upon their different sex wise of the straightforward question of sexual discrimination." >> d >> a rallly at san francisco city hall. marriage equality supporters that the court will vote to strike down state bans on same sex
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marriage. "for a moment for community a think we are going to win." >> mark:the supreme court is expected to make its >> darya:today starts the big world in san francisco. maybe not even among the best golfers currently here on many people me tell you thatthousands of fans are out here live if. harding park. mike? >> reporter: no city of the
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side door here this is a magnificent course here at harding park. piquancy it off and the back on the 12th hole the par-4 begins to groundskeepers as is see the. going around all morning long the did of course in tiptop shape. centered golf tournament for golf champion is the five rounds. to for the play today through friday. each group winner advances to weaken for head-to-head elimination rounds. gates today opened at 9:00 this morning first golfers teeing off the 950. tiger woods bill nicholson to big names absent for this tournament. you will see most of the big names like macaroni and tickets to their $50 a what, what's the first day of the tournament. and 50 this morning we'll take a back inside the media center expect this to give very busy over the next hour or so officials also starting to show up and we'll talk to
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them and talk and sue offense to expect over the next report is. " data for you and it o'clock hour. >> darya: and up the food in the media tell where you are. also wrote several years ago and the tiger woods was playing. i watched him from here to there and its gulf and how exciting that is how big it up there and watch and. >> reporter: the media across the way the food service conserve 7:00 this morning so actually just starting to get it and that's where jackie and i are heading and tiger was unfortunately not taking part of this tournament more goth or unfortunately though not one and weather this morning and may really have like golf to really watch us. some
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>> james: little bit and then the megadeal. morning news. a college women's lacrosse team posts a racially offensive picture. students won't be suspended and why twitter has no one to blame but themselves for company.
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>> george: several hot spots are tracking on a westbound right you can see i just tussore these cars are moving at the toll plaza cycle led sought to slow rate for the back of his 10 minutes longer than normal. 36 minutes the drive time out of the macarthur mays out of big back ups and the approaches this morning. and since on the bridge but the mind of the stalled as the reason we're still backed up. star with the number of hot spots here first a special advisory from chp has been cancelled. all lanes open for 1 01 south down here at tully road. however still backed up in both directions that northbound drive time is just inching over 30 minutes now free ride won a one capitol expressway montague expressway normally tweet minute trip times we zoom in
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for both 11 interstate 280 dx and here on the 280 extension is gone. 16 minutes to get in a downtown san francisco out of daly city instead of 89 and 23 for candlestick causeway into downtown san francisco traffic i'm coming up from sfo and hotspot you're right on each or freeware interstate 80 in the westbound direction has. an accident at badly and wave back as the backs of the rind. >> george: hercules to birds lay before what was bunch is currently at 23 minutes of. expect that to continue to climb. and we will see it at 33 minutes with the next 10 to 15 net source of valid and we will address the bridges for you. the san mateo bridge tried to jam up here for the westbound trip. a year dried thyme is still running at 22 minutes and. for the golden gate bridge were delayed free across the span. to double
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slowing for southbound 101 this morning. here at the richmond bridge the westbound ride and. now adding about six minutes to seven manager times for your drive across the bridge. that's a total of about 13 minutes to get in the san miguel. as you hit the end of the back up. gets a weather center. here's center. >> michelle: the of these waking up as an great skies with. that clause out there and the good news is they will move out into the afternoon. now looking at the golden gate bridge no.. low clouds and patchy fog possible if. keep that in mind if you're going to the the area this morning temperatures on the cooler side of the peninsula in north bay for today blowed to midgard upper 40's along the coast on. looking across the east bay most of the area waking up to temperatures and the 50s some isolated spots into the 40's pleasanton 46 degrees in the layout of 48 degrees across the delta of. be in
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the south bay plant temperatures warmer into the afternoon. daytime highs continue warmup in the mid- 70s for much of the area plenty of sunshine is expected and thus that is unless weathered breezy conditions from the northwest up to 15 m.p.h.. >> michelle: or 80s antioch 81 and the afternoon. but change the they were warm yesterday. looking at concord pleasanton livermore temperatures continued warmup in the upper '70's. the warm spots across the bay area also warm the south bay warming up in the mid- 70s for the afternoon and north. but the upper '70's the colors but mainly along the peninsula in the coastline. and the rest of a storm chugger sunday forecasts continue on with some hot temperatures into tomorrow friday after. in daytime highs new the 90 degree mark for the next few days ramifications. bay locations temperatures the lower 80s in. we continue on
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with warm temperatures for the first half of the week ended cooling down a little bit more for the second half of the week. and we continue on with cooler temperatures and so early next. >> michelle: check the latest conditions or traffic down but are free mobile app from apple or growth. >> darya: twitter has become its own worse enemy. someone leaked twitter's latest earnings report via twitter an hour earlier than the company planned to release the numbersthe numbers were released by a twitter account that describes itself as a financial intelligence platform. sales came in lower than expected. causing investors to dump the stock. shares fell six-percent before the new york stock exchange stopped allowing twitter stock to be traded. >> james: the year versus
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see the is a hell pieceit is unclear at this point. >> reporter >> reporter: west 8 the number of the university lacrosse team posted this but up on social behalf of. group of seniors just then the male hispanic groups that some considered culturally insensitive. so frustrating puzzle of people think of our community but centralized to a drug comes after is likely one year after cabins coffee shop boys of the event been depicting people in sombreros coming over funds . a respectful of the struggle of the people and all the work we see to contribute positively to this campus. and they got were about the reason jose.
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an athletic director says that the department immediately took action. they held two public workshops addressing the issue. "we responded by having a letter of apology" >> reporter: an apology to the entire committee those offended by the picture. instead of spending austin since war games. athletic department decided to implement mandatory education all coaches in sense data about cultural diversity. insensitive violation of the spirit of our principal community not something that was a violation of a policy or dobras a level of judicial affairs. means we don't punish people but the same time we see this before and incidents continue to happen. is a larger to really waiting for change.
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>> reporter: was able to use the park but now like vest vague and explain in the next addition
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the city of oakland wants people to come to lake merritt and enjoy its natural beauty they just
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don't want you to leave it looking like this when you're done people are literally trashing the park by doing things like dumping their used barbeque briquettes in the street, in the grass in the bushes and even in the lake itself the are alcohol bottles scattered about in different locations, and trash in many shapes and forms the city hired arborist to keep the area green but because of all the trash being left behind they arborist have been spending the trash sot: so this is a broken branch because of somebody getting out of hand and you know just doing damage trees usually it's the wind that creating damage but these are park patrons that are coming out chosing to be distructive robert kennedy senior supervisor for oakland parks and tree service he says the city annually spends somewhere around 200 thousand dollars per year to keep lake merritt clean trash free there is household furniture like this table simply left in the park aloing with viva paper table cloths and remments of a piñata sot we'll i hope they are
7:27 am
not going to runin it for everybody by being careless sot this is discusting i've been living across the street for about three years now that we have an influx there stuff everywhere and have no regard for the part beauty of it lake its just getting to be ridiculas enjoy oakland you need to claen up after your self many of the residents that see this trash says it happens just about every weekend there are signs posted that give a list of dos and don't but it seems like all don't are what people are doing we have pop up tents we got amplified music weve got alcohol and we got people selling their wears into the park visitsnow the city wants people to want people to trash it! the trashcans are part of waste management to clean up and here is one now working except after one trash can is cleaned up the driver skips the rest at least one person believes that by simply putting your trash next to a trach can is more than enough sot what if i told you its
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people trashing the park i don't believe that the city want to you enjoy don't destroy . kron 4 news clear >> james: of obstruction and conditions what he had the say coming up
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>> reporter: was officers are not injured at least
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under a plea is officer respond to play its officers uniform to the oakland historical a atolls' area of town with the undercover officers were in that neighborhood to investigate a gang activity as well as to overnight murders at warm point guns were pointed at the undercover officer somehow this is a trade secret for their safety some of those officers were able to alert nearby police officers in full uniform to get them to come locations to give them some help there were obviously in danger for their lives was closed with officers arrive the suspects them hot as the car shot fired in the process and we got a chance to get to live news conference this morning what would have the say about whether another
7:31 am
shot fired at the undercover officers department during those "we believe one the gum was a member of the gang. and giving wall of stone on the. when this did occur we did have another homicide actually occur relatively at the same time. so was a very busy night before." >> reporter: into detail about those police officers and let me just tell you about that. not sure of those officers were detected a. undercover officers were dissected shots fired at them. or because of the other place of this is in full uniform presume. the cars are clearly marked when there recently seen the. the suspects had been a see that the. that's when shots were fired. not saying it will shot landed to those cars. and a short distance after they responded to. the suspects crashed the car and then initially but to suspects right away. combed the area ultimately arrested
7:32 am
1/3%. i can tell you we learn this mutt half an hour ago that they have been able to recover to handguns. true more information from the people this morning whether not they are connected to those to organize, over the murders. >> george: some checking hot spots and talk about the ride in san francisco to add your job this morning going to take you from the peninsula either eve's enters into a your 11 and 7 says go the the give yourself boulevard tend 15 minute drive for as we are back up plans to close a look here. both to 80 and the one no one in downtown 7 cisco. the accident was northbound interstate 280 here and cesar chavez is gone now of. is your drive from sfo at 26 minutes to. the drive at 18 coming ought from daly city. as i say an extra 101215 minutes depending on where you go on
7:33 am
the freeway to. and tracking drive here on the upper east shore where the sacked say here at at the way is a motorcycle crash. now backing up the ride to highway fort. in the westbound direction once again checking the drive time 25 minutes actually not too bad this would normally be about a 22 minute trip time here if. a ride to the bay bridge the westbound come yield that the toll plaza of this as hot spot as well. so tracking 33 minute drive * 8 the time it's more than typical for this time of day for your westbound trip and you're right on highway 80 leading to it is also slow the here's a look is san mateo bridge commute where the approaches are bad up here. the rapid hand side of the screen the drive time money over to hayward from hayward san mateo that 22 minutes this morning. >> michelle: were looking at
7:34 am
the sun shine as of right now walnut creek they will have another son of the old the day. macgregor sunglasses and sunblock it will be very sunny into the afternoon. but he had the embarcadero from our studios some thick claws out there and. the good news is those clouds will also move out creek. will have sunshine widespread across the bay area into the afternoon. as of right now san francisco at 52 degrees for same for san jose,. the livermore both at 53 degrees. setter rose on the cooler side with the temperatures in mid 40's. and you may need a light jacket with a light breeze out there. temperatures will be warmer across much of the area by five is 10 degrees. and looking at oakland into the afternoon temperatures will be warmer. into the lower 70 is. and how it will be breezy at times with those lands in. now it will be warmer the farther east we go across the east bay. talk more about those temperatures coming up with this from tracker 74 decibels.
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>> darya: handful rest in baltimore who was much calmer after the first night of the citywide curfew. take a look at the picture we had of posts an uneasy sense of déjà vu. on social media were circumstances. the right to play ghost town of vic o'clock, the curfew when the voters were snapped after that and the streets empty the armed guards are out. and national out police were out nearly a thousand ways national guards how. they will continue to patrol baltimore for the next several days to keep the peace. police did arrest 10 people shortly before midnight bifurcate. >> james: hard to draw similarities between baltimore and what we saw during the occupied protests oakland 2011 have. von for had this big with former oakland police the power jordan in charge of the department during. van a watch with what was happening with this was an uneasy sense of vision of of of.
7:36 am
"escalating way out of hand . her it would we see across america in oakland. first azeri other places l.a. in complete. more of. the" >> james: it unless they can given the circumstances. >> darya: former san francisco giant barry bonds spoke to t-v bifurcate since his obstruction of justice conviction was overturned last week. he appeared at local brokerage house b-t-i-g for benefitting children's 5 major league baseball's home run king appeared happy and relaxed as he joked with other guests. bonds described his 11-and- a-half-year legal battle during the federal steroid investigation as long and strenuous. he says it's time to move forward, and his future is promising. but. his role with the
7:37 am
" we talk a lot , we talk about what we plan on doing in the future and all that's in there hands, for now i'm just day to day, living good and riding my bike and enjoying my kids and family that's it" >> darya:federal prosecutors have indicated that they are considering asking the u-s supreme court to review the ninth circuit's decision to overturn the conviction. prosecutors have until july 22nd to decide. you can see the complete barry bonds interview at kron-four-dot-com. i-r-s emails that had once been lost have now been found by the thousands. >> darya: budweiser apologizing for advertising. there is the
7:38 am
perfect beer before removing now from your vocabulary for the night label. part of #up for what ever campaign. protest quickly erupted on social media over the as the critics call the poor message in the wake of public outcry over date rape college campuses this. at companies of the so longer going to use the slogan but will not say how many labels with those messages all are already out there. >> james: lead a life of adventure and travel tell you how friends remembering an old man killed in the avalanche on all
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>> george: hesitancy in the center of your screen even a 80 approach is backed up the. drive time just drop below 30 minutes at 29 minutes from highway 24. as about an extra seven minutes to drive time this morning to study at of east bay. have back to the south bay and verdun and exportable. >> james:by all accounts, the kaiser permanente employee was a beloved husband, father and friend. kron-4's jeff bush spoke
7:42 am
>> reporter:vinh was known as a happy, adventurous guy who loved travel and risky activitywhich is what led him to the base camp of mount everestone of the most dangerous places on earth. vinh liked it that way and his friend, gene says that was just his style. he just liked always doing things that were adventurous, hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping things like that. if there was a little danger involved he enjoyed doing it. >> reporter: gene that vinh's latest adventure was in nepalat mount everest. vinh died during the avalanch that followed the deadly earthquake. he was at the everest base camp and was killed by a wall of snowthat avalanche also buried 18 other hikers on that daynone of them survived. gene says vinh would have wanted to go out that way. underwood he was doing something that he truly loves to do and hiking was his number one
7:43 am
joyand, he was on another hike so i think he went out in a way that he would be happy with. >> reporter:gene tells me that he and vinh always had good times together. gene says he's going to miss his buddy but says that vinh went out most. i'm jeff bush in fremont kron four news.
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>> darya: time or the play in front of no fan and. >> gary: time as the game at 2:00 eastern time. >> darya: be the middle of the day dauphin's because security concerns are in camden yards also like this empty. will have we cameras. employers will be there that's it. >> gary: was going i'm all for takes precedence over a baseball game just. wondering why they couldn't
7:46 am
postpone until later this in the season. >> darya: idea is to show. >> gary: where it will go on and will go ahead with what we have scheduled. but the idea if your child slowly build community back together him by not allowing fans and what does that do. >> darya: as 0 had the to clogged learned of her view of the daytime try to control the crowds of. but in this case that play in a vacuum than our behalf to make up that to do double header with white sox made 28 of. so when you're through it would have three to make up. that's just said that the make up the monday game of. and now yesterday. >> gary: i understand if all you're doing as did not taking the problem head on out trying to maybe he'll this city with a sporting event just doing it for
7:47 am
baseball purely baseball. >> gary: stay here and giving advice for people and little all real tragedy if a thousand miles away. >> darya: have just the dodgers the is beating the angels lead bull date occurs shocked. >> gary: winds less time per job loss was one week. >> darya: kirch shot to the game buster pose the boat doesn't like that. jensen is also at the a year did was come through. >> gary: like right now one
7:48 am
starting page that you can count on that is the guy who won last night baumgartner. >> darya: in may they dispatched at a time in two hours 6 minutes. that's really funny. >> gary: i do all of back and forth at night so i get home and slip on the giants football to the days and already they're doing verbal a post-game show 915. >> darya: >> george:that turns out record fesses game is 51 minutes 1919. >> darya: for some reason will love to watch and share people getting hurt.
7:49 am
just professional sports i admitted in u.s. and gristle and what people see it. this looks bad picture getting hit for the diamondbacks.. >> gary: he'll the ground for a little bit and just fortunately it at the betty up happy ending sort of speaking he got. >> darya: from hospital bed below the charlotte may have a big baseball in my cheek. >> gary: firstly of tweet a matter of wealth. >> darya: the sports festivals all the time will run every time ago as the dentist has to be there with all the stuff in his mouth a. de wont show that stuff. >> gary: >> darya: you to the deficit showed none of the dentist but admired the most and
7:50 am
ever had when i tore my shoulder. i find out and then to his shoulder are the socks. this is the reason it awful season. he tore the light brown to. >> darya: at a be shooting in that thing is so painful. >> gary: even now shopping area. >> darya: i don't think about it but apparently that our call this the picture out of my hands i could show that the. >> gary: of getting up band 6 and more in chechnya the kids ready for school it was seized wheels his shoulder. >> darya: more than basketball guy went down in the bullet out of the leg and we all had to see that the. >> gary: if i had something really bad and i repeated to myself but to the that or maybe i. join in and start showing i.
7:51 am
>> darya: adult mean to be glib about it but the warriors their action by setting up a boy without the odds are with other warriors with a warriors their brick has all the states way. memphis the likely opponent in the next round. a point guard mike had they shall reconstruction and got hit his enormous a while to. every two teams san antonio there pit one last night bailey the clippers to 2 warriors their place sunday at the earliest the latest could be tuesday. >> darya: let let anything
7:52 am
go barely did share light for the shoulder people like to share their pain. >> gary: offense you a pretty good job but there is just a black shirt and using a scarf as a make use slang before got the real slang. as one of but i will then run terrace a bien you knew exactly what you're doing. that's the best looking woman of the torn labrum i've ever seen
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7:54 am
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>> george: they see the ride won a one northbound is
7:56 am
backed up all the late highway 85. even the 85 writers so what people used as an alternate route,. updating the drive time at 32 minutes it's going to toss you an extra eight minutes for your drive and a northbound direction this morning. a leftover the bay bridge westbound it's also still haunts body of another incident that caused the problem is a long gone. it occurred in the 6:00 hour. that it 80 approach here is the house backed up over a westbound lanes of the toll plaza with. pretty good bellwether of the drive time still bouncing back and forth between 29 of 31 of 32 minutes via westbound truck out of the macarthur mess. and then heading to the san mateo bridge this morning check it was. banzai to ride will be slow as you head for the toll plaza from colder road and then 26 minutes for the westbound driver with. i could continue to go for a while longer also getting really slow here at the
7:57 am
richmond bridge or the back up is now reaching to the westbound ride coming out of richmond from the richmond park with. at your drive time about eight minutes across the span with another 12 minutes and a back up westbound for a total of 20 minute drive for the typical time of the morning. and take a look at the rest of the east bay freeways up in an earlier problem on 80 coming up if. let's go to michelle now for a check of the weather the. >> michelle: live look outside for a decline we have with the little the cloud cover out there but the sun is making an appearance with sunshine across the russell bay this afternoon. the jurors kolar along the north bay and peninsula met up for four days but warmer across the east bay and parts the cells they. temperatures starting the warmup and a loaded 50s the. temperatures will continue to heat up in those areas and to the '70s and maybe even 80. and if you're gonna be going to harding park in san francisco there is your forecast sunday forecast coming up at 8:00.
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>>darya:that breaking news we've been o'clock this morning is out of >>darya:where shots were fired atkron four's will tran joins us live from the oakland police undercover officers? >>will tran: scrambled over here to get more information i found all over the past hour that the oakland police department had recovered to guns in connection with the overnight shooting of those police officers arrested rice to the video east oakland allow 1:00 in the morning scare situation and not to the in the cover officers but people in the neighborhood of the reason why is because assure pursuit this all started because the undercover police officers were in that neighborhood to
8:01 am
investigate gang activity something went wrong they're not saying whether or not these officers work cover was just blown were they realize that these police officers or their religion to men that they pose as gang members in the other gang members tried to point a gun at them but we do know that those police officers managed to detect nearby police officers in full uniform their race to the scene three suspects then hopped into their car. >>will tran: the shots were fired that took off on foot after the crash the car the swat
8:02 am
team members came off the ticket and foothill in some shots were fired the tech that obviously very seriously which is why the lieutenant normally does not go out in the field in that capacity but when he heard over the scanner that his officers were shot at and these were my officers of his officers were shot he purposely and quickly went over there to get to as a to find out more information the people in that home you heard what they talked about
8:03 am
>>george: we're attracting hot spots over the traffic center is a fairly busy right now the driver interstate 80 is still recovering from early recall a motorcycle accident and pinole resume in the tech a closer look this is where the accident occurred is finally been cleared with a look at road sensors acetobacter reaches just to highway 4 for the westbound ride as we track record drive times read 32 minutes it could be or should we perhaps pointed britoil to six minutes is only going to cost you an extra five to eight minutes for your westbound drive more on the right for the
8:04 am
east bay was also track the of the slow commute on 68242 both of them in the southbound direction. >>george: tracking that drive time 20 minutes and it should just be nine to 11 track and you commit to the bay bridge here is a look at the west about ride west of backed into the macarthur maze and not only about five minutes over a typical drive times the last check was at 29 minutes of the maze into downtown san francisco. >>michelle apon: if you're going to be in the east been a plan on
8:05 am
plenty of sunshine brought the day breezy conditions from the west to force is out there into the fifties concord 56 presents and still on the cyclical side if you would agree to a handful of the south bay wicking up if temperatures in the midst of perfect is along the coastline and parts of the north bay. >>michelle apon: the loss of 48 does out to lend the morning of your crossed the south bay planet's ever to be warmer in comparison to yesterday that one of the to the mid-70s letter on this afternoon, aware talking more about the big hit of where that you know what areas concede 90 degree temperatures. >>james:other big news we are following this morning-- mostly quiet on
8:06 am
healing process." >>james: we would give them a date in a live report coming up is sold as we get the signal establish we want to let you know there's a fire burning right now and san francisco. >>darya: the curfew and the police presence has helping it is working in baltimore hear you concede heavy police presence overnight and armored vehicles were not the only things national guard troops there were so rest made last night. >>reporter: police a member of the metal are successfully for is a mandatory curfews the hope now is that the city can begin the healing process. >>reporter:overnight, the streets of baltimore saw minor run-ins with police but not major clashes.
8:07 am
>>reporter:more than thousand police officers, and some two- thousand national guard members took the streets to enforce the overnight curfew. >>reporter:their goal, return calm to the city that saw violent protests and looting the night before. >>reporter:police arrested ten people but call the situation, stable. >>:i get reports from the organization that we do not have a lot of activity or movement throughout the city as a whole so the curfew is in fact working as the mayor had called. >>reporter:the protests spread to other cities including ferguson missouri, a town no stranger to unrest. >>reporter:it ended in violence as two people were shot. >>reporter:marches were also held in chicago and new york. >>reporter:meanwhile, maryland's governor rejected criticism he reacted too slowly in declaring a state of emergency and deploying the national guard. >>:maryland "we were fully prepared, we had all the assets ready, and we had the order ready to sign. as soon as the mayor called, we activated." >>reporter:amid the tension. a
8:08 am
glimmer of hope. a young boy was seen offering water to a line of police officers in riot gear. >>reporter:"even though there was no violence yesterday there were still active and vocal protests. community members still want answers in the death of freddie gray. the results of a preliminary investigation by the baltimore police department to be released by the state's attorney on friday. that's the latest from baltimore, i'm ryan nobles reporting." >>james:meanwhile protests broke out across the country on tuesday night. two people were shot during protests in ferguson, missouri. no word on their conditions this >>james:and similar protests also took place in chicago in what they were calling a baltimore solidarity march. r
8:09 am
>>james: vestar the controversy recall their racially offensive was somehow university is using the fall to help teach students. the supreme court to bargain over same-sex marriage.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>>james: on fire at now is a business of 2942 line that established now on fire we have crews about 740 have now or go allow us to know and is reported just get the fire is still burning have not been extinguished we hope to live of the coming for you shortly. >>george: the intersection and the lombard is about two blocks away from lombard street. as a head to and from the golden gate bridge this
8:13 am
is richardson the transition diagonal that runs past the palace of fine arts this is not likely to affect traffic directly on lombard but if the does start to back up traffic with a second alarm goes through in an x rays arrive if they close this intersection could have ripple effects that could affect ride come in from the golden gate bridge. if you use the get normally you could instead use arguello date on the backside of the presidio in that way you could avoid any delays getting access to health live look from overhead from the helicopter partnership with abc seven news and this is looking down on the backside of the building this view is looking toward the west and just beyond is the presidio. but two blocks away from the lombard street that most the was no as the
8:14 am
access we will take a quick break and have more when we return.
8:15 am
8:16 am
>>james: now we have the live pictures now courtesy of the helicopter partnership where you
8:17 am
can sing to recess on one phone. >>reporter: under a helicopter ride now i am at the presidio gates the fire was pretty intense at that time a major problem they're having read now is firefighters have to get down and climb down from their letters to the backing get some air. that is what they're doing on top what are you saying entry
8:18 am
level. >>reporter: a lot of effort down here they have a lot of cable water is pouring out from the fire truck down at the bottom i concede the back of a live report that is where the central location for the fire the back side of the bar and the whole back of the building is is charred chicken see inside the building it's probably 34 repeople that live in the apartment complex that our next a little pool this is certainly
8:19 am
a major issue this morning >>george: before we get there one to mention that i have a good friend who was a resident to buildings away and while he was not at home they did speak with his landlord off and said the have not yet evaluated the apartment building two doors away but they have evacuating the apartment adjacent to it were looking at the back side of the building here as we heard theresa say if this is on the east end of the building almost out to baker street which is of the opposite side of my and they're working hard at the back but we have not heard of any evacuation two doors away when
8:20 am
you're away there was. if i would recommend people who normally work there at the same sentence if use the arguello data which is on the south side that is a better approach and then built to avoid any concession fellow if we can with a tussauds was just a section at the show you again here is the location this is actually right here this is richard son this a lombard that we know the multi lands straight for the three blocks leading up to the gate is only a two-lane road the
8:21 am
possibility exists of recall affects physical the intersection that is why i recommend people think about using marine of aurora castillo lombard that would avoid any delays is ashley's so far less sizzle the stress affected our line and and lombard and baker and lombard so that is a victory here line here and lombard rate in between. >>george: to have to use a
8:22 am
little bread from the corner from this building that was a travelogue of on the corner there probably static on top of the travel lodge there is a piece of parlor right there in the neighborhood and there is an apartment complex that is on the backside of liverpool that has lost six of eight units and that they could also be affected by this because as is the case and as we can see from this life image the buildings in san francisco in these areas does the right up against a one another listed in separation
8:23 am
the up their initials to grow of strange and they are and will in the small open that area would enjoy gaze on when conditions of light at the moment it and move the soap in amber. >>michelle apon: that is the good news is not dry and when it is dry is wendy it could help
8:24 am
make the fire bigger but because it is not a dry in humid the winds are light is keeping a very calm the firefighters have the weather on their side as of this morning he is not aiding the fire as of this morning. >>james: this is the backside of the building next to the fire is specifically located in is having the effects of buildings on the other side a big response we will be back with more the live coverage and san francisco in just a couple of minutes.
8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >>darya: dilemma deliver poor road and the front side of the backside received fire fighters.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>>james: a fire burning at the intersection of lombard at lyon st. we have traffic impacted in the area to reason is there who took these pictures. >>james: she said a couple of things that you will write off the bat liverpool role and evaluated and chatted to
8:31 am
crawlspaces we could have hot spots that leader for while it does cover a wide area people will be getting on or off the golden gate bridge it might be impacted by it. cox >>george: that is the diagonal that runs from the presidio park way out to lombard street off the portion of lombard that this is on is actually here which is three blocks stretch that runs between richardson and write off to visit zero actually committed
8:32 am
the adjacent to liverpool and that is one of the building a desperate evacuation which will be baker's tree that is another restaurant there is a small business on the corner as you pointed out in the lombard get this for a lot of people to get into. >>george: it is a commute route for a lot of people who comes out of the richmond district and come through the presidio in order to get over to call howard or to lombard we are recommending give you the other locate as an access to the presidio instead of using the lombard get it is likely that
8:33 am
there are great to be some closure to the street in the area will be a good place to avoid. >>james: it is early in the morning we're talking about an ocean breeze in the concern when you have a fire is that ever is a blow to a neighboring structure and catch it on fire. >>michelle apon: the winds are light so if we did have gusty winds that would not to aid the fire the winds are so light the fire fighters had better control and we will see the flames spread another thing is the humidity is not dry out there but if it was driver that would not help the situation.
8:34 am
>>darya: out of oakland we have been following the investigation into shots that were fired at police officers in the early morning hours well as live outside the oakland police department to tell us what happened. >>will tran: once they heard the other officers the shots were fired they all reached out to the east oakland the good news is being here and get more information the have recovered at least two handguns in connection with the shooting down of the police officer in japan. >>will tran: in the process they run across suspects the zero suspects and the pointing guns at the undercover officers the undercover officer some house some way not going into detail
8:35 am
they alerted nearby police officers and poorly marked cars in uniform to resell to the scene there is a percent after that shots were fired and then the police officers managed to arrest those three suspects this is not a simple case of for his officers chasing suspects because they believe some of these guys are gang members that actually called off the swat team for help these are his
8:36 am
officers his watch in the august it wanted nothing no harm if to happen to this police officers during the course of the pursuit to the capture they were fearful that these men went into the home and it was able to clear the home but none of the family members in the location were hurt. >>james: 2 like to know some the best golfers in the war in the bay area for the world golf championship tapping as san francisco's harding park mike pelton has been enjoying the story. we already have the
8:37 am
breakfast early this morning the beautiful. >>reporter: that all along the course getting everything set and ready to go will show you around harding park of majestic course this morning the have really done a nice job this is not your standard of tournament golf stars to seal off and 930 this
8:38 am
. and that all hairline is come along way and that in 1998 this course was in such bad shape they use it as a parking lot defense expected at 9:00 this morning this course and harding are is going to be the national golf spotlight over the next five days if you want to tell us she was tear is a little early the media is spectacular.
8:39 am
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>>james: if you have not heard they are now the favorite to win whole thing to have the bay injury with one of cleveland's biggest players and now as a
8:42 am
result of the warriors' favor when the nba championship >>george: traffic is starting to slow down because of the structure fire in san francisco right outside the presidio gate at that intersection of lombard and lyon coming the next report.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>>james: this morning the liberal pour out of the restaurant and bar near the lombard and presidio said francisco card fire in looks as though the fire spread to at
8:45 am
least one of the neighboring buildings where try to get clarification on that there was a large response on the part of the firefighters >>darya: when the mets' record u.n. into affected the sea in the video.
8:46 am
>>darya: clear plan of a small then that no one is going to ask is the orioles were to the white sox asked the team also
8:47 am
announced that they are born to play the other two games in indianapolis and another going to be selling peanuts or cracker jacks. this is they're trying to be more sensitive to people with allergies will they stop if you bring your own back of peanuts.
8:48 am
. >>reporter: maybe it is a computer or smart phone we know we're really not supposed to throw into the trash if i'm showing you the one thing you have to do before you get rid of the electronics awareness is role that the low-cost the country. now best buy want to
8:49 am
get the word out bring their tired of gadgets that will recycle them for free if saddam is worth something that would give you a gift card otherwise it would take it off your hand the most the cycle list tv's mobile phones will part with these responsible recyclers and through the industry certification their action required to let those as well.
8:50 am
>>george: settlement will grant you have if you come in from iran county across the golden gate bridge and then head over to lombard or more linux the root is one to be backed up because of this fire if
8:51 am
approximately richest which is this a redhead and a straight yes see there is a connecting street that once if from the end of the presidio parkway what we used to call bill drive past also far sicker at the lombard- as the tobacco take a look from this camera this shows the ride driving in costs on the presidio park way if it had and from the small here is a look at the golden gate bridge we do not have attracted backed up onto the span because of if we allowed a traffic heading from 19th avenue and a continuing ahead toward marina boulevard as track and other hot spots for you as we move toward back from the bay if we've been monitoring the right of your 880 in the southbound direction of his head down from 238 to 237 the judge
8:52 am
times a more typical at 23 to 26 minutes. >>george: the tech a look at the richmond bridge westbound the 12 minutes from the beginning of the backed up to get you over to san rafael does it over to the weather center and check-in. >>michelle apon: sunshine out their very bright sky in walnut creek if you're going to be in this area plan on having this area for much of the day on the one side most of the bay area
8:53 am
will see the sun shine and the temperatures on the rise and we have some lead to opportunities across parts of the east ave one of them we were yesterday and we showed you on the map to san
8:54 am
francisco mid-60's this afternoon with the basement of the '70s it will be warm across the locations thursday and friday very hot conditions such a move and called to lunch store by the middle of next week. >>darya: the legislation was announced yesterday after meeting between the governor and several mayors across california $10,000 per day fine
8:55 am
the number goes to 16 percent that you have to reduce your alameda county water district and east bay mud customers the san jose water co. is being added to conserve the most they're expected to reduce consumption by 20 percent the announcement comes on the same day the east bay mud announce penalties are born to be issued for people using more than four times the average water mount. be back with more headlines in just a minute.
8:56 am
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female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>james: the breaking news story
9:00 am
comes out of san francisco a fire is burning. the building on fire house of the liberal pull bills of restaurant and bar located and the intersection of lumbar and line straight >>reporter: a lot of people are out here trying to get some questions answered right now there are lot of unanswered questions as people are trying to get back into the apartment
9:01 am
they had to come down after they got the flames out put on breathing told that they could go and get that smoke contained i spoke with one person that was staying at the trouble lies behind liverpool that is the poll that was on fire they said that all said they heard firefighters money down corridor they evacuate it very quickly and now they're the traffic has been really impacted is right next to the presidio
9:02 am
gates in this is at the intersection of a lion as well as to let finishes exactly where we're talking about you can seen if the police officers are diverting it and traffic away from this area of and so this right here is that my and if going into the presidio you can sit as the swirling snow in the traffic on him and no one is allowed to go down there are numbers firetrucks out here in order to contain the situation
9:03 am
line is open for the stress i went to zoom in on the map and i can show you a call so we are talking about. >>george: this is lombard in line and lombard has been a close on the east side of lyon so you can i get into the gates from lombard coming in from marin county what we did see slow traffic along the richardson and along the presidio park wayne some commuters have told me this is that we're pretty much used to where the congestion right here from the gate and the easiest way to avoid that is to come up here and use the of paulo state
9:04 am
instead of the lombard it thus check another hotspot for him this is the july time is still climbing and i could see the drive time go up another two with three minutes before it really starts to clear out and see the traffic still getting to the toll plaza that is the headlights out about and so this is not impacted by the problems for the long the presidio gate at the bay bridge toll plaza we are still backed up into the macarthur maze is kabir reaches onto highway 24 in the drive times and still over 28 minutes
9:05 am
>>michelle apon: the temple to lord, this it with the breeze has not changed has six key between 10 to 50 mi. from our.
9:06 am
shots fired at undercover police of this is in the early morning hours. >>will tran: they're looking to a gang activity into homicides that happen overnight will purposely put in that location to do detective work in case
9:07 am
they needed help when they get over the scandal will need all the officers raced to the scene for the suspects of officers they hopped into the car if there was a short pursuit than they crashed the car they got out and that to plan for the general public was involved to the point where they were fearful that families could have been hurt. there was one house we did have to search because we were worried that it was the family of the house will ever to
9:08 am
clear the house is to the families save whistle on the perimeter and the swat car up initially really quickly after the crash and then the search able to arrest to the right away to a little bit longer but they did manage to arrest the third person they do not know yet if those people are and when connected. will try to get more information but i can tell you those police officers because they do not appear that they shot back at the suspects but they will not be placed on paid administrative leave they could be back on the job as early as the next shift.
9:09 am
♪ ♪ hersy's spreads. brg the delious steof hersh'chocate to athing - erytng. withersh'spreads, thpossibilits ardelious.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>george: in the last we checked it was only 55 minutes for the in return from to 38 to 237 now
9:12 am
approaching one hour for the southbound 880 ride to and respect your patience this morning and of support of the what has been going on in the south bay. >>james: this morning many of the survivors are still waiting for relief here in the capital kathmandu they have started to clean the streets but they have all lot to do thousands of people are lined at bus stations as well as the government is trying free transportation for people to get to their hometown into a special family members friends and family are mourning the loss of the bay area it was the kaiser permanente employees from sunnyvale this said he was
9:13 am
happy adventures and love to travel he and risky pastimes as a letter to mount everest. back with more news weather and traffic
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>george: to heighten the sense of realism a still pretty slow to consider a lot of red listlessly hair less track the drive times for you if forced to commute out to cupertino into the west valley not to take three to 25 minutes northbound interstate 280 and the north about 101 ride cell 34 met they fled the have not been any incidents recently the traffic is still slow and the light of earlier problems. the golden
9:17 am
gate bridge ride looks great on the span is want to be sluggish from the tunnel down to the split at richest into marin the boulevard maderas a fire and lombard in line and there may be some additional. >>michelle apon: waking up to some sunshine here is what looks like looking off to the west from the stem sale bread bright sunshine will have some across most of the bay today and here was what looks like at the east bay and one accrete plenty of sunshine took as will be warm as
9:18 am
well as to the afternoon this is where we see right now mid to upper 50s across parts of the east bank hear the temperatures are shipping out over the next few hours 10:00 in to the next hour there was start to the into the six is widespread as we get closer to the lunch hour was so warm up just a little bit more '70s in store for parts of the east bank in south bay san francisco will continue to say into the mid '60s into the afternoon. >>michelle apon: most areas across the east bay will warm up into the upper seven is san jose woman of the upper seven is that on this afternoon there
9:19 am
will be call along the coast of peninsular mid-60's into the early afternoon it will be bill was some reason conditions letter on and temperatures still hiding out into the low sixties for much of the evening the dancers to 7 05 and at temperatures will be into the mid '60s a mile start to the game canaille sunshine by senate hot temperatures were fall into the mid fifties rabbi jack of drought want to be heading to the game tonight. >>michelle apon: it's possible along bay locations warming up and then for the first half of the weekend will start to cool down just a little bit but well above average and to men '80s in the location will start to hold on just a little bit do not forget it nickel was of the weather information for quick look at track with our free mobile application.
9:20 am
>>rob black: that is a big part of bed but their record checked out there was another part of bed over and as far as you have those three things out and delivery into tens of 1% the- we're recession of this is exactly what happened last year in the last six years we have a really rough first quarter and then we warm up the last 12
9:21 am
months which is very goldilocks not too hot nor too cold. >>james: it will bounce back as it has in the years pass? >>james: listed depended home sales and is on when a column the numbers were pretty good on the front? >>rob black: depending ming is that would not decide get in there will be strong and make it weaker america is taking advantage of the tass investors receive more people for financing the loans to 30 years which will be of great thing because it is a benefit will have a 30 years. i refinanced their properties and the last couple of years i am really well-positioned for the next many years >>james: samsung profits
9:22 am
falling at first i was thrown back but they met one of the most populous month loans out there how could they possibly not making money on it. rob black: this apply apple with the glass when for the phone they did for televisions their phones have been hit or mess the galaxy 6 the fourth quarter apple and adjust again a pretty tough to play with apple as far as competition walk-up lame and profits falling apple continues to pound more money and would not want to be a competitor for apple. >>james: this one had a letter to twitter in the news today took a bit of a hit in stock should i buy twitter? rob black: if you was
9:23 am
speculation a portfolio is in oversoul the camera with a horrible earnings report analyst is what i do thousand conference they were perplexed this set things like this is really inconsistent going pain of the normal sphene in turn led they're not hitting. the door to a to advise not to get you could always send your question to bob.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>james: after his arrest and had run crash he was also stripped of the light heavyweight title as asea he
9:27 am
appeared in the mexico court yesterday he is accused of hitting another car on sunday and taking off from the same he did turn this up into place on monday and apologize to his fans at the catalog of soul- searching if that is not want to happen he will now fight daniel warmer for the title new this morning there double the former nickel and the is the first person to the surface slick complete walk across the rim of the orlando i in florida hero to the top of the will of justice morning edge of the city climbed the rest of the way of ladders along a section of the structure before beginning his walk it was in november he led a similar type grow crops and niagara falls and the grand canyon now i
9:28 am
could add another half will to break back with more and a moment we do come back we will have of this on weather and traffic films with live look outside the bay bridge approach camera off a lot of sunshine come down it is critical to what we had yesterday but will get the official story with the weather with michelle just a minute.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>james: we've been following this story since the fire broke out teresa has been our reporter on the same what is the latest tear at your location. >>reporter: the fires started over here at liverpool is a very popular spot and local favorite for lot of people who lived in this area traffic adjutancy is
9:31 am
really been impacted about this we just spoke with a firefighter they said it was important for them to go into and assess the damage listen and as they spoke with the fire chief who talked about what they notice so far. >>reporter: it was pretty much secluded and we were on able to really access said the fire had extended bed area from the unit above. there are dozens of
9:32 am
firefighters out here as they tried to contain there's extensive damage that the fire chief was talking about inside liver for also will to draw attention to over here on the left-hand side will continue to stay on top is back in new store that is the latest
9:33 am
>>george: the presidio date is a lumbar and my and as we saw into reasons by shut a moment ago the intersection is right here this as lombard street right here make a left on chesnutt the new bill was across richardson and sit back and online at the drive this in the exact what i am talking about if you're not familiar with it to come off the presidio in california and turn right onto guala and turn right of the city of up to into the
9:34 am
land will locate and you'll build a get by that way that is another access point to the presidio that impacted along the presidio park lane here is the golden gate bridge and never get back up all the way to the bridge as good news for the bay bridge westbound we are still attracting big delays hear the back of the is actually worse than it looks can extend sincere but it into the maze is still a 30 minute drive times i will apologize to the control on our break the sequence. >>george: there are a couple of the hot spot the san ramon
9:35 am
valley has a problem here as a close and on and sit on valley road and accident time of traffic and of the rectum interstate 6 82nd baton to minute drive times out about we're not talking any delays you're ride as you head westbound if a seven to eight continue into recounted. >>michelle apon: finally we did see some clouds earlier everywhere was seen santa rosa
9:36 am
has warmed up into the mid fifties if your cross oakland for today is that temperatures would climb up it does a little bit more into the mid-60s and hear what to the outside where the sun glasses because it will be bright and sunny into the afternoon will be dealt with warmer temperatures were made up into the upper sixties to low 70's drug lords of the oakland athletics cave temples will continue to stay into lower 60s >>james: we have the big war golf championship tournament some of the best golfers and raw ride and for that mike pelton has been standing by all morning long watching and waiting for them to show up as well. >>reporter: it will be as
9:37 am
spectacular day for golf lead on this afternoon from senate at the 14th hole fans are making their way most of them are at the first call because it is said to seal off 50 minutes the winner of each of those groups the dances from had that elimination this weekend a new format for match play you see the big name is a welcome change to the tournament. the peseta had to come out the very first day and see them all here
9:38 am
are the ticket prices there are more expensive the at the passes if you want to see some golf >>james: will take a quick break and be back coming of the just a moment.
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>>james: it is to spread the word about how waste water and i indicated will be taken to an
9:42 am
international water will take a break at 942 keep an eye on the rise this morning which is still slow and spots will get the latest in him coming up in a moment.
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>>james: that legislation was announced after a meeting between gov. brown and several mayors from across the state $10,000 today find will only act applied to the worst offenders less break down the bay area governors planning and a percent reduction in the south of san
9:46 am
was a water company being asked to conserve the most the east bay mud the penalties will be issued for people using more than four times the average amount of water. >>george: we are tracking problem with your ride in lombard lion the--lie oyon >>george: birth has resumed in the intersection of right here
9:47 am
and lombard and lyon you work in the film center or one of the restaurant if the to do curl around the visit thereof you consider the chapter coming no this is my and this is lombard listed back to the traffic map as we update the of the hot spot was is in the ride on a 80 in
9:48 am
the southbound direction and finally seen a downtick in the july time at 52 minutes down from nearly 60 minutes from the drive this is all good and you expect to find the southbound direction the ride to the san mateo bridge highway 92 is finally clear rail at the drive times job back down to the normal 15 meant this to the commit side heading away from bed over the richmond bridge in joint the conditions for some time no longer a back up a seven minute trip across the span
9:49 am
>>michelle apon: wicking a to sunshine we did see a little patchy fog burned off a little bit of cloud cover but that has ruled out does he care for a few of the outside papers could go away anything like that we are
9:50 am
going to have some sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures to average above the sea to stay into the fifties into the lunch hour who was seated near 60 degree mark in them by the early afternoon temperatures will warmer a little bit more into the lower 60s plenty of sunshine. >>michelle apon: the
9:51 am
locations tend to warm-up it into the low 80s and warrant into force after the weekend. >>james: a new poll today finds americans are more likely to favor same-sex marriage in their own state twitter has become his own worst enemy of canada summer league twitters latest the a
9:52 am
twitter an hour earlier than the company had planned to do so the waiting for after the wall street but the there were not that stellar the account they're released the french intelligence platform came in lower than expected because investors to dump the stock before they fell 6% will take a break back with more in a moment here was a live look outside as you follow the big story a lot of sunshine you have a weather update for michelle back with more in a moment.
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9:55 am
>>james: 3 people are behind bars accused of firing at undercover officers who were investigating homicide and
9:56 am
oakland none of the officers wear injured but it did happen just after 130 this morning there were in the area of hamilton and line avenue when they were shot at the immediately caught to people with the third suspect did the wave there's a manhunt for a while but they did find a third suspect the first night of a weeklong curfew in baltimore has been a success about 3000 people will continue to do so each day this week from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. violence did break out monday after freddie gray share in a row he died of spinal injury after he was taken to police custody to people or arrested shall before midnight last night decoding seven for violating the curfew. >>james: the center of the gulf universe this week san francisco will be showcased on the various networks and the world golf championship in the 64 best players in the world another
9:57 am
headline a lot of little kids love dinosaurs but most of them denied the to discover all new dinosaur species that is just what happens when a boy in torrential lay away from the remains of the jurassic era dinosaur more than a decade in this we research is finally unveiled the bounds of the chileans source and had three fingers and two calls it had teeth which means it was probably a plant eater that estimate that he rom the earth about zero hundred and 50 million years ago. >>james: will give you a quick live look at the storm trackers 74 past today will be mild that is it for the kron 4 more and those of next five to
9:58 am
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