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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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undercover police officers shot at an oakland good morning. we brought you a live news conference from police a lot of details revealed in their fresh. >>will tran: you can see here is lt. it was the one given the news conference there was more the cell because it is not everyday that officers are shot at in the line of duty is bessie in the overnight our when there were trying to do the investigation you have more information bees and of officers were in east oakland to do we believe he was involved in a
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local gang. they always did not wear the uniform how were they detected if at all. >>: is still under investigation were not very clear we do know we have of the officers who asks for help when action help our responded there arrived on scene we did find out the suspect had begun we don't know why they were able to get into the vehicle or how they fled the scene were you able to capture all suspects? >>: those three outstanding not part of the initial
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investigation directly tied to what happened is undercover officers were the guns they met the undercover officers the ones the suspect went to the gun that the officers yes those systems are in custody our they able to call for help? i can't exactly say how they did it is not uncommon for chanukah officers to have officers watching them and have support officers nearby in case that does happen at this point you're not sure if there were fired at the end of officers of a sore clearly labeled dress like you have the red ones who were shot at. we had all this is arriving on the same officers had acted as of the suspect vehicle should our offices. we will get more
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information on their background. >>james: the latest out of baltimore with the turmoil that we've been following the past couple of days gone down quite a bit last night to see here in the video to what the protesters filled the streets with no intention of going home they used tear a glass and flash bang grenades to control the clouds people in baltimore are accusing the mayor of after getting violence go too far they said authorities were not prepared for the riot and cause the to
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get out of hand. protest broke all across the country in different spots last night on the left of the screen you to see a new video we have from ferguson missouri. >>darya: how processes rolled on top of cars and suvs sticking their heads out of the window raising their fists and arms they started spitting and doing donuts is part of that display the demonstrators in new york a gathered in the have signs and banners and that is the top part of the screen below that you can say some of process' taking place as people marched in chicago. >>james: both on air and on line did not to get to down load the mobile application will we put up the latest alert if anything does develop to that platform the also the web site will have a special section with the timeline of events from the beginning of the rise to today
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they're doing something interesting in unprecedented the game is going to go on and no one is going to see it is going to beat the orioles and white sox today as scheduled and that not letting any fans into the stadium this fellow is to be close to the public they don't want anyone gathering of calls and more progress to the public + as it were talking earlier about the curfew there were supposed to play the raise.
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>>michelle apon: looking at the golden gate bridge and had traveled in this area this morning plan of some bright skies but all across the span because of that fog as he traveled to downtown san francisco this morning but not as bad as yesterday looking at the embarcadero and the bay bridge we have the one flatbread now blowing in the when the winds are light and we are going to be dealing with someone sticking up to the afternoon across much of the region as of right now is a little bit cool across coastal locations and the northland bank if you're across
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the south bank plan also low fifties for to the criminal cases low to mid '50's pettifog may be possible to purchase will quickly warmed up one more than yesterday into the afternoon yesterday did top of san jose and 70 degrees we expected mid- 70s lead on this afternoon the bay locations also possible coming aware talking more about this big warmup in your storm track in 74 test. >>george: the back of that is developing the site a pretty normal one we have been into it free for the bay bridge westbound and out the back of the started to creep into the macarthur maze and the drive times are approaching two to two minutes for the west were trip for san francisco a look at the center of the screen how the 880, approach starting to back up over the westbound lanes and
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the toll plaza of that is a pretty good indicator of how the back of is building was a little secret price for the west about 92 ride that is good and the trip looks like this is unfolding typically. >>george: will see in the next 30 to 40 minutes things really began to slow down and your trip to the golden gate bridge still pretty easy rider for southbound highway 101 not taking any delays a quick look at your ride through hayward here is a change again for all the typical to see things start to slow here are the drive times less san leandro to milpitas corridor this is an anomaly that 62 minutes is not at all accurate but that must be some problem with the censors of the hercules to berkeley drive times looked good at 12 minutes down the east
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shore for where we would take a quick break and when we return we will take a look at what is happening on south bay freeway.
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>>james: 6111 to give you a quick update of the breaking news overnight the death toll and the nepal earthquake has topped 5000 live the survivors are still waiting for relief in the capital of katmandu to have
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started cleaning up the streets and they have a lot of work ahead of them thousand people ride the bus is what the government right now is providing free transportation to people that are hoping to get to their home town and villages to reconnect with friends and family to use the kaiser permanente employees in sunnyvale they say he was a happy guy it ventures and the traveling he loved doing things that were risky that is the reason why you want to call-- climb mount everest. >>darya: 1 small happy ending after the earthquake he was rescued from rubble and look at that baby this is one to two hours after the earthquake that
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this is not the child being rescued the photograph we just got in today was rescued today of the newspaper reporter there say that the soldiers were the one who rescued the army tried to rescue the baby earlier but were not able to they thought the baby had died because it was a wedge under he was not crying in more a few hours later they heard crying that's when they went back and and look every story you finally hear about survival. we will let you know if they do we will take a quick break coming up people in
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southern california are upset after landing at convicted of races lives in the area of the judge could help the next the city of the nation now hiring of this country reducing water wasteful but that company is looking for it.
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♪♪ >>james: the city of benicia is
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employing the seattle-based company to help locate leaks in the water pipeline this is the second time the benicia is using the company's services lacher made his crews repaired more than on the were listed discovered more than a hundred and 50 mi. a water pipeline to of the city and the pipelines are more than a hundred years old wine in the lives to save water and prevent costly water main breaks and crew will be working for next monday to try to get that work done mean about people wasting water and now facing fines of up to $10,000 per day that is not official yet with the legislation between governor brown and several mayors from across to say a $10,000 per day find what only applied to the worst offenders the plan requires water agencies to reduce water consumption between eight and 36% to put away are in the bay. >>james: it requires a percent reduction for people living in san francisco the number goes up
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to 60% for the alameda county water district and east bay mud the san jose water co. our backs to conserve the most at 2%. >>darya: as we learn navy showers and drizzle how much you save in the district before >>michelle apon: as you get ready for work you're traveling across said mattel harris looks
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at the bay bridge looking into the east something cloud cover if you are going to be in this area plan on more clout to develop and then we'll see nothing but sunshine the wind speeds out there we have reason conditions across the delta and fairfield they be difficult to drive in this area called a 50 m.p.h. half moon bay light winds oakland has picked up to moscow our a handful of fifties out there with a few isolated spots along the course side santa rosa 45 daily 648 vallejo 48 so cool and a few locations but was also one of lead on this afternoon if you're cross oakland a little warmer than yes they did time high woman to lower '70s with the breezy when from the west contend 50 m.p.h. by a nice time not too bad and then into the afternoon were we see the daytime highs of the what you
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see there that is plenty of '80s across the map however east bay as we have some of our seven is to write off around 80 in the case at the south bay mid-70s possible will still want to stay slightly of the cooler side on the peninsula was 60s along the coast of for 50 to ride around 60. >>michelle apon: expect 90 degree temperatures across the inland locations it will be hot and will have some offshore flow in looking at the location heating up into the lower 80s we will continue in one condition into the first half of the weekend cool by the middle of next week. >>george: a couple of ensign is not major problems that are going to jam you up too badly this car with a look here at the guadalupe parkway on 87 northbound an accident reported just before the 280 interchange
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that is why we see a slowing their presence at about four minutes to your drive and hear on 237 westbound at zack rode the first in the light at to get after you come around the corner from a 80, and axa reported that is backing of the ride right to the nimitz freeway will keep an eye on that to see if it will become a problem tracking the drive time for the 101 northbound trip still under 20 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway a very normal drive times for 101 northbound a look at the bay bridge was out with the back of continues to grow as will now looking at a to 426 minute drive to headed out of the macarthur maze your trip time to the san mateo bridge highway 92 still looks good it is under 15 minutes hitting for one into the bridge to the other that is still pretty normal as is the drive for the golden gate bridge which is without delay across the span from the waldegrave.
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>>george: it does not affect a chapter southbound on the stand and looking at you're ride to the richmond bridge just a seven minute trip time hear from the toll plaza over to settle a fellow with no delays for the westbound ride on interstate 580. >>darya: happening today a santa clara county judge is set to consider revoking the release of the man known as the pillowcase rapist people live in small southern california there but have been upset ever since they learned that christopher hubbard was released from the mental hospital last year he is a convicted rapist who use pillowcases to subdue dozens of women that he assaulted in the 1970's and 80's a judge is now considering him back to a state mental hospital he has a home near palmdale and los angeles county the insiders just as life
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right here to talk about some of the stores we expect an upcoming episode including some the a lot of people have been talking about liberal generally show we will get it the of bleep on that.
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get more insight and then have an acid being friends with and on the card-since. >>: 1 that i was telling you guys it seems like he was always detached and disconnected from the family a total of the people who are culpable of the project and the report that he was not want to part of the show now seems like she might be a part of the show and a car-and kids are mad because they all could learn something from the show that no one to make it all
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drama of the will to really tell his story in the family has done everything on camera so you've seen everything and when they went into the show will put everything out there when i went to hold back nothing surprises me would ever happen to the family. the family is really
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happy and a lot of people call it the to cut the law was to adjust but she is actually an ad for bruce. and the calling of certain members on this same i think she felt that way. >>darya: and then the news at 8.
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>>james: awaiting the ringing of opening bell wall street live look at the new york stock exchange we did have a report come out earlier that it called a little bit in the first quarter and for that reason we have the dow police and teachers training of quite a bit down to 48. indications are going to be off to a down start here and to the latest number short of the dow has dropped down 70. will keep track in the four cast. >>michelle apon: we're waking up to some patchy fog and some low clouds here is what looks like looking at the bay bridge into the sea off to the east some clouds out there grout want to
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have 20 of sunshine widespread across the back to the judge out there into the 40's and 50's cool all the north bay and parts of the coastline look at his presence and from the cooler side as it applies across the east bay valley those calls to start to move all but a metal part of the morning and then you will have sunshine during the lunch hour to the early afternoon to the two wise plan on mid-60s during the lunch hour for bay locations to the to war to lure '70s we will see and feel the heat lead on this afternoon daytime eye popping off into the lower 80s and then again warmer across the inland locations. >>michelle apon: will be there
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today even the next few days and we will talk about a big warm up in the storm track 74 cats. >>george: we're talking about a big change for the bay bridge toll plaza which is about to be a hot spot there was a spa reported westbound and it is past the island blocking one of the like and lanes and whenever this occurs a use the means bad news for the rest of the morning so we could be saying the sex of this report is all right now is backing of the right to your boy an island it is not clear fairly quickly it will start to back up to the meeting lights and that is when we will see the impact of the toll plaza right now you see the castellanus they're still moving pretty well that is the indication that the me realize are still cycling and that is because the back of has not yet meet the meeting might if the spa is cleared quickly will be in good shape for you're ride to
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the san mateo bridge still tracking pretty good conditions as we look at the west about trip starting to slow as you can see but we are still incidents free for the west about ride as we will pass 630 this is typical to see things start to slow down to the drive times will creep up to 60 minutes for the west about ride. >>darya: shots were fired at an undercover police officers early this morning will it is live at the same with the investigation. >>will tran: we do know that three men are in jail this morning they were arrested a short time after the incident took place at around 1:00 in the morning lechuguilla the video there on the cover officers doing investigative work in east oakland they're looking into multiple cases including gang activity when during the process' someone or group of
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people pointed guns at them a of a police department now going into detail as to how they run able to alert other officers to replace a part of the same those officers raced to the same they pursued those man in a car a short distance those men got into a crash and during the process' shots were fired. >>will tran: they're not sure at this point the shots fired at the undercover police officers who of course were not wearing police uniforms or if there were shot at by all officers in uniform during their response to the same which took the news conference for you live as it happened at 550 this morning here is with the lieutenant had to say about the terrifying incident which is why they all responded.
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>>: to one of the victims was a member so it was a very busy night. >>will tran: that is why all this went down they're not sure if those three suspects who they are arrested after they are connected in any way with two homicides that happen overnight now that they have given custody they would do investigative work and to view them i can say to those officers fortunately they were not injured the undercover officers as well as of the two responded >>james: a handful rest in baltimore by all accounts a much calmer scene after the first of a citywide curfew tech and to some of the picture puzzle of social media practically ago
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time of the 10:00 curfew into effect there will continue to do for the next several days police said they did arrested people surely before midnight is a much call massine. >>darya: the spokes of former oakland police chief howard jordan he was in charge of the department during those protest fast he says he has watched was to happen to baltimore with an uneasy sense of deja vu. first the whole situation is regrettable the situation there is escalating way out of hand is a pattern we've seen across america of what an open for the some missouri other places like was angeles and now baltimore.
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the clinton baltimore tied to the best they can under the circumstances. >>james: of the country there some of the best offer tomorrow the world will be on display and how long the crowds and that will include mike pelton was out their lives ahead of all the city is a tough job was someone has to do it where sizing of this beautiful 14th hole for her to the 40 yds wrapped with like this set on one side and the gorgeous grandstand on the other the wjc math features most of the top golfers in the world is a five day tournament not for days is fairly unique. mike pelton: they will go head- to-head with the remaining
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golfers' ticket prices here they are 60 bucks a day to day care friday many golfers it eliminated heading into the weekend forced to dissolve the $35 on saturday and sunday if you see most of the top golfers in the world some of the big names of not playing for assistance is off as a comic out alive you could see is of course is setting a harding park for the first time schedule for 950 this morning for the gates are open to the public at ninth off if you hurry to bring your clubs maybe you and i can get a quick round but you have to hurry. toothsome fifth fifth >>james: >>darya: would tell you about it what they're doing in san francisco to boost the student's
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>george: they do not have a spa on the bay bridge west bound with the traffic act as if they did it is backed up now from the fremont street off from all the way to the toll plaza of in the drive times were 28 minutes and is starting to spike as they will have to slow the metering lights down to accommodate the slow traffic on the bridge at all have a complete check of traffic.
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>>darya: well fed kids have been it is time focusing on learning in the classroom one san francisco public school has launched a new pilot program and encouraging kids to eat lunch. >>reporter: the lunch rush at rows of medals cool goes a lot smoother it is called a double speed it unless his brabham was options on two sides this is what the several concept and dignified school district after and during the students and staff about the ways they can make the much experience better
6:47 am
before kids were spending most of their break standing in line now there's also a takeout window so kids don't even have to go inside there is this mobile card which can deliver meals to places to is rather bay their upstairs on the third floor of the sabbatarian self also got a much needed update- still here but it they're also small round tables the kid said deny the new look in the shorter week time period >>reporter: it gives them more time to socialize of course eat.
6:48 am
their ability to download to their cell phones and computers next year it will let you see what the menu is an advance pre order their food at track the nutritional value and learned about the nutrition dusted body there will also be able to of rate the food to think of it as yet for the school cafeteria. >>george: the ride on 101 and this accident occurring in the southbound direction the block all lanes of 101 right here and it is having an impact on the northbound ride as well the chp it issuing a special advisory we're looking at the drive times
6:49 am
and is really changed as well for 1 01 northbound with the accident for 25 minutes in the new problem for the ride and san francisco is on the 280 extension northbound to downtown san francisco that is backing of the ride on both 101 and 280 have the of toward downtown the two minutes left come from 101 on the northbound side were the back as a little less here at the bay bridge toll plaza we are ready tracking and over 30 minute commute time i did hear reports of the stall the caltrans did confirm is possible that the car could have blocked the lane for enough time to back up the ride. >>george: that as a household things are going leading the toll plaza heading toward the
6:50 am
meeting unless the san mateo bridge as you concede right on cue the closer we get to 7:00 to have your it gets your goading the bridge ride still an easy chair with a problem free program counting still on the 30 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge and still just a seventh segment trip time as you head across the span but you will spend 3 for men's and backed up bridge richmond toll plaza. >>michelle apon: pettifog and a little bit of drizzle here is what looks like looking at the golden gate bridge to conceive a son is trying to pick out where we are dealing with some light fog in some persson to purchase out there and to the four is on the peninsula across the east bay locations and part of the south bank ultimate '50s where onto one of from their with the skies clearing out will show you
6:51 am
some of the future tasks will continue on with a little bit more cloud cover they will move out of the area by the middle part of the morning so it is good bright and sunny will continue on this afternoon with clear skies overnight tonight. will talk more about this world championship golf tournament we're talking about temperature starting off in the fifth is for the part of the morning the temperature is near the 60 degree mark this afternoon a lot of sunshine is expected and we will have a brief stint in the 20 mi. per hour do not to get to grab the sunglass they will continue to stay much of the afternoon looking ahead to the next hour match up before is along coastal locations. >>michelle apon: the to the tool will also lower seven is in line locations and then afternoon highs will again we have temperatures heating up into the low to mid '80s with some or
6:52 am
seven across the rest of the bay on the peninsula of the cooler the rest of your storm track and 74 task it will be high on thursday and friday-- storm track your 47 day forecast. >>michelle apon: your contract related condition download if it is completely free from the application store apple or on android. >>james: a new pall find the americans are more likely to favor same-sex marriages in their own state than oppose it at the supreme court hear arguments on the constitutionality its of same- sex marriages is what the state can continue to ban same-sex marriage or with the gays and lesbians have let right to marrieds they argue that they do have that right what attorneys defending the state if same the people should decide and not to
6:53 am
overstep and their boundaries. >>darya: 1 week for the latest earnings report an hour earlier than the company have plans to release those numbers their release by the twitter account the described itself as a financial intelligence platform the sales came in lower-than- expected causing investors to dump the stock fell 6% before the new york stock exchange stopped allowing the stock to be traded to the could stop the slide we will be right back coming up in just a minute here is a live look outside the san mateo bridge, where the traffic is really not moving at all.
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>>darya: shot fired an undercover police officer with the oakland police department is saying about it + the death toll is rising in the mass of nepal earthquake the brand of video they were pulled from rubble one in three days after the quake and there was world to baseball team no fan is there to see it that they really play they're out for the whole season and i feel his pain with the warriors do not.
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