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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>george: not yet know hot spots
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some activity out there at the bay bridge road is getting close lower. >>james: and that's a really good position of the city it will be beautiful and sunny 20 the rain great news not a bad way to bay i am pretty good standing that we have on test the hot temperatures this afternoon especially england in the east bay mid to upper 80s for some it was a break down it was mainly clear a little reason holon died during the morning our deal with in the right now looking into a few high-level clouds. >>james: temperatures in lynn getting into the mid to upper 80s. the full force has come up
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in just a minute. >>george: they are in the like to arrive here at the bay bridge toll plaza on the meter allies have been active about 20 minutes now that starts to fill in the backed up here the backed up on the 880, approach has not grown very much of that is good news is only in the right hand lane that also goes well the back of is not yet reached into the macarthur maze-here on 90 to the san mateo bridge which has lately become the second most congested bridge for the bay area of the west about ride still look good not a lot of bright lights yet with the drive time continues to grip of for 13 to 15 minutes getting to the bridge may be a little
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problematic for while with an accident 40 years of about 880 and winston. >>george: off the taxes which may still be in the traffic lanes are adding to the delays for the southbound ride the will of the drive time coming up. >>mark: we're from the latest out of nepal on the death toll continued to climb well over 3000 confirmed dead from saturday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake in nepal and the death toll will continue to climb we have new video posted online we will show climbers if scrambling after that earthquake came the avalanche for the ground started shaking and a wall of ice and snow slab into the camp more than a dozen were killed on everest alone and helicopters were sent in to rescue others their huge fissures in the asphalt.
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aftershocks' one-half of the other instill panic among people still a lot and accounted for. >>mark: the death toll that 3700 in continuing to rise like now for the death toll is expected to climb even higher as such a rescue's go through to rubble and give reports from the country in the devastating images. >>darya: they're coming together to help the victims many local american nepalis have loved ones still in the parlor and a little they're out of miles away they're doing what they can here to raise awareness and money of bay area medical self person who's from the polish worker from local hospitals to get supplies is with them as possible. they're people are
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expecting this to help. they spoke of other local residents who are from the call and they said the one everyone over there to know the we doing what we can to help them here and help is on since 60 such a rescue worker to help look for people buried in rubble >>mark: the local college to learn have class to attend this morning the corrective colleges are shutting down 28 campuses nationwide they are here in the bay area
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>>will tran: you could see the signs behind me they got the news as late as sunday afternoon they were very upset they came out here because this college is closed you can see hill college liars and crooks hear another sign of the here and where did our money go where the professionalism now the reason why they are closing in california or in arizona multiple states because corinthian leather is simply decided to shut down after attorney general south as ghali asked if corinthians claiming that scare claims are bogus and that get in get out and get a job is not exactly true a lot of
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the students go there because it is a vote tech to get a trading get out that is not true and they're going after corinthians they tried to sell this to a nonprofit agency is not working out at this time to watch over the weekend they decided enough was enough there are closing their doors the students they do not know what is going to happen so many of them were so close to graduating and moving on to for your schools or even a job and not they're wondering why even get my money back. the most places in the bay area that is impacted san francisco of course here in concord a cut in milpitas there's fremont's hayward and does not this hill college that also instead it is
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not because there are security guards here to make sure the vacant buildings would not be used today they have an option of trying to appeal to the federal government to seek that their federal loans do not worry about it for the have to ask the minister is will they get their refund. at this point because it happened so suddenly it does not appear that any of the students have found another place to land on their feet these places on works for them the scheduled the location even if they get except at another
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school it will now work for their lives. . >>darya: he stepped a nine your boy to death and happen yesterday and discovery bay this take a look at the boy was killed the nine year-old the contra costa county sheriff says the the was that early yesterday morning by this man has been arrested not in connection with the stabbing. for four became into the home and murdered the child a family of a friend of
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the family. we're trying to piece together what happened and what wrongful the shuddering some sense into this. he checked into the erm to kaiser in antioch and a nurse there recognized him for immediate coverage will be back with more news weather and traffic in just a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: a local hire who survived and avalanche the residents john rector spoke to our partner and cnn. but earthquake started about noon time there the high monsoon all rum and a quick that long set off the avalanche of wear around their large and massive avalanches. some survivors and the remaining clamors another
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arrested soon friends and family, and his memory the executor of are those killed while climbing mount everest he was crying for organization it was a benefit for the orphanages a friend set up across arise pays to raise funds for the calls tsk tsk tsk coming of the russian hackers and read some of president obama e-mail will tell you what else they got into.
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>>mark: several tornadoes touched down in the areas today the storm just komsomol's power to lead a watch the sun affect very nasty weather. >>james: soap ball and tennis size. the have about 20
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different markers it is so far away as you see the heavy cell pushing into louisiana right now the have damaging winds and heavy rains that will be a tipping factor as the storm system worked his way through the golf course here in the bay area at the exact opposite nothing but beautiful weather boards look in sunrise to live look that is what we are working up to absolutely gorgeous conditions it will be nothing but beautiful, letter on this afternoon really hot for some temperatures at the moment 51 in santa rosa 50 livermore a lot of low 50 san francisco 53
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oakland 51 san jose 53 at the moment here to look at san jose temperatures and how should develop over the course of the day. >>james: by noontime 68 during the lunch hour 77 by 2 and will look at 80 to 81 degrees, letter on this afternoon it will come down by 6:00 p.m. tonight war in san jose and one from much of the south the the as we have the northern wind that is what went to sea temperatures really hot in the south bay warmer low 80s in the east bay it will be even hotter were talking pushing the '80s well into the '90s 80 for antioch and redwood mid '80s the livermore valley the east bay shoreline a little milder but still nice and warm 78 for san leandro 7 in downtown san francisco with a mix of the '70s nice and warm enjoy today because tomorrow to the to drop just a little bit will finish
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off the work we were we start with mid to upper eighties around the bay inland valleys not to traffic. >>george: this of course is part of the new pattern for the 680 ride leaving the dublin and to change no surprises there here is the ride or 880 comes out about what is already slow because of the early retirement accidence talk about and when 10 democrats has been cleared from the traffic lanes on the right- hand shoulder we promise of the drive time to take 29 minutes. >>george: saw the ball from to $38 a to a 37 and saw the freeway still looks pretty good we are not tracking any delays or problems and the bridge is backed up and is coming in now as you can see the 880 approach starting to that of all claims
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it is backed into the macarthur maze id is a 15 to 18 minute drive times a trip to the center sale bridge still slow on the approach the vehicle with a flat tire backed up the ride on 92 westbound but a key traffic off the bridge and the golden gate bridge ride problem free no delays by the direction. >>george: if you're heading into marin county hills a look at the richmond bridge or 580 was bound is light enough there is no backup or delays leaving richmond ought to stay 580 was about heading for the toll plaza. >>mark: happening today lawyers from the boston marathon ballmer to return in the federal court to make their case that he should be scared from the death penalty is one of the defense team will present witnesses and the penalty phase of the trial to determine whether he will be sentenced to death or life in prison has been convicted of 30 federal charges that killed three people and injured more than two and 6017 of those
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charges carry the possibility of the death penalty the defense case is expected to take up to three weeks >>darya: not even the president is safe from the hat attack. russian hackers or read some of president obama was unclassified e-mail's last year after reaching a white house computer system that hackers also got deep into the state department but they did not get access to anything classified officials have not disclose the contents of the e-mail that they did look at or how minimills were involved in a security breach. >>mark: a tank truck carrying more than 8,000 gal. of gasoline erupted in flames and crashed in on the freeway in los angeles this happen over the weekend and shut down the entire freeway off almost five hours it jackknifed and flipped over catching fire dispatcher said the driver was
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freed by firefighters in the southbound direction of 710 was closed for the city this morning. >>anny hong: the interpretation of the joker is an internet sensation take a look investing this on facebook or twitter this is a follow that the director pleaded him on friday and or to celebrate the joker 75th birthday he put on white makeup and tattoos to portray the clowned crimen of coming will be suicide squad all weaken people's social media put together a full shopping skilled to wear at harris a look at what the means. it is based on the dc
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>>mark: then determine how much he is seated gyruses of a very traffic stop the active ingredient in marijuana and to
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buy medical engineering graduates want to market their roadside testing device the device is called the can of boston into saliva to determine concentration the new device promises fast results. a man accused of opening fire and a call about the movie's theater stand trial today with the defense team is trying to prove in with our continuing coverage of the latest after the deadly earthquake and paul and how the united states and the bay area are stepping in. to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: but this drive is ending soon.
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>>mark: james given all live and up on the left-hand side the stock exchange is very excited a lot of people getting ready. the dow features the positive side will be watching it closely >>james: i have my son and biting for fish friends and me will have the sap from all of them in a packed theater tsk let's talk about the weather this morning a lot to talk about his intent to live look outside we're off to a very calm
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situation internal forecast over the winds and temperatures to cook what does it look forward the morning hours risen by 7:00 a.m. most a clear at that point for temperatures to be in 04 is to low 50s would expect him to drop another degree or to not we're pass summarize by noontime will warm up to 07 is by the bank. >>james: 53 this afternoon will warm and up 80 by the bay and 88 the test with some of our hottest and lynn spots will fall just short of that but for places like the delta could there will be looking at the upper 80s this afternoon. >>james: mid '50s and san francisco low fifties in san jose 53 or 15 minutes to decide how it will be this afternoon with the web will be like for the week ahead. >>george: no hot spots this morning but we are tracking a
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slow ride to the bay bridge and a cycling here at the meeting of allies is really slow and the backup of raw all the way into the macarthur maze a pretty good golf and 880, wrap all crossed lanes and coming up all across the rap in the westbound lane and may back up over the eastbound lane as well. the drive to the san mateo bridge and highway 92 we are still slow on the approach that is why we do not see it no congestion at the toll plaza there was a disabled vehicle westbound and that is why is so slow come over from the nimitz freeway on 92 westbound. >>darya: san francisco resident, to find a woman's body are his steps. >>jackie sissel: they still do not know they're not releasing that information when the
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resident came home here is a video from early this morning according to the san francisco police department witnesses say that a run 330 this morning some one was coming up to the residence on a 6 on the block of stockton discovered the body of of female victim the ambulance was called she was pronounced dead at the scene we contact the san francisco police department they're still not releasing what they think called the death of this moment with it are saying is is not a suspicious at this time we do know the medical examiner since then the san francisco police department have cleared nursing. >>jackie sissel: would cause the death of islam and we do not
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know the san francisco police the parma is not releasing that information right now if we get any other information on what they believe called the debt will pass along. >>mark: modesto continuing to rise after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake over the weekend the rescue crews are having trouble reaching devastated villages that have been nearly zero hundred aftershocks following saturday's quake of the death toll over 3700 they're expected to arrive today to aid the earthquake rocked the nation the embassy in the call already are releasing $1 million for immediate assistance >>darya: there has been a long
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delay because republicans have refused to bring her nomination of for both the so the democrats cut a deal on abortion line that is all over and she of the first african-american woman to be attorney general also today for a gray the baltimore man who died while in police custody last week as one to be buried here is the video of his arrest he died from serious spinal cord injuries on april 19th thousands of people including president obama is expected to attend today's general at the new back to church.
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>>mark: the d a plans to appoint a home department save it was laced with explosive economic package mailed to all caused offense a premeditated to the attack. will tell you where there was spotted and how help could be on the way
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>>george: interstate 780 that transition freeway that runs from vallejo all the way to the nation from the cortines to the benicia bridge there is an overturned axa reported eastbound on 780 at fifth that hasn't cleared over to the shoulder. >>anny hong: nichol earthquake is stranded on social media this morning come across the dramatic falls going on now and paul at took a look at the fall that have been to get out quite a few photos coming out--not calnepal >>anny hong: here is another photo from the rescue efforts
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that is going on the and also in the mount everest area including base camp this is that abdomens reconsider the snow covering equipment intent here is another photo for the next few weeks people are trying to rescue people and hopefully save more lives a like this picture is to accept from the los angeles county fire department showing you some people were getting ready including search dog to watch and over to head over and make the stretch. here is a look as some of the guy schmos and the comment on or over and hoping the call with the search and rescue efforts to see more pictures going to our web site to take a look. >>james: we're attacking the forecast around the bay is going
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to be halved this afternoon we have temperatures approaching the upper 80s to near 90 will have the 40 cell straight ahead.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. >>james: 10 you guys in the live shot this morning? people will
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be waiting and waiting. it is a little cool and some spots in san francisco low fifties it is nice and mild san jose 53 oakland 51 widespread low 50s and temperatures that will quickly climb for instance oakland will bridge the day down into two our trucks and will follow the to the jews will develop by 10:00 a.m. would jump up to the upper 50s after spending most of the mornings and the low 50s. by 2:00 this afternoon it was all way up to 77 and sunny in downtown oakland today temperatures will be really rattle in their droppings as a hit for 4:00 p.m. 7369 by 6:00 tonight.
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>>james: this is will we will expect for cool conditions out to the coast to 60 by the media bay yellow will indicate the start for low '70's but nine noontime mid-70s for most of the bay area a few locations by to this afternoon was a lady in the '80s for a number of location a few places like the delta could get into the upper 80s pushing the 90 degree mark low eighties for the santa clara >>james: the ocean breeze will be back and help close off thursday and friday you that the no. when the
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>>george: we're looking at a pretty good size backup at the bay bridge we already backed up into the macarthur >>george: all the traffic that would backed up on the east side of the commute is now hitting the toll plaza and now we are seeing things that's really bogged down. the drive times just over 15 minutes westbound. a pretty good ride through iran incident free here is a look at the trip to richmond bridge will with our release started to back up in the westbound direction.
6:48 am
south 880 south about that-- southbound we're picking up some slowing on both 101 and 280 the northbound drive times already reaching over the teens and was limited territory for the north of our 101 ride for the capture expressway to the montague expressway. >>darya: the cycle is behind bars is rotted said in an explicit and inappropriate for of--soccer coach. police say he sent a picture of his agenda to to his 16 year-old student she told the police that he had been asking her for sex
6:49 am
since tuesday on saturday she reported this to police after she says he takes the picture to her to the public should not rush to judgment. >>: is a teenager is affecting the whole family. previously it is identical to its pledge with the emergency women's services supporting zero tallish to inform the sexual abuse. >>mark: the bridge agency is asking them for help and restricting them to propose citing store operators with trespassing in with the device proposal a security threat they're fighting classic defenses and sisters and light areas where for tighter fees for headed
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>>darya: there is a make a date for the giants returned to denver and late may for three game series the rain marks the 20th anniversary of opening day instead they're going to pitch tonight against the dodgers to los angeles and the a's is trying to avoid being swept by astros ronald lyle the doormat of the american league houston an astros complete the first week of oakland since troy american league. >>darya: the apple what is officially on the market fell broadly there are some risks that come with wearing that tech reporter takes a look. >>gabe slate: keep in mind the
6:51 am
wet air but an indication that you most likely have an apple phone in your pocket it is an absolute indication that you're carrying that out before your pocket your will rubble of a lot of valuable watch could work out of dollars in a phone is worth five $600 off your wearing a watch your walk or crawl same and carried a lot of expensive merchandise. not only do they get to take the watch what it is a two-for-one special they will take years more watched and they would take for smart phone and then they will sell the device on the street. the will to my people that they're still on the rise and smart watched theft might be the next big thing we hear about to a criminal offense in the expense of jury if they see playing with it there are going to know and they will key in ride away that this is the vice backing use and that they can still and make money off of eight. >>gabe slate: they're looking for easy targets if you're
6:52 am
putting the watch right to your face in your plane with the watch again getting distracted not paying attention you really open yourself up to be victimized. >>: not to display your smart watch and an open public area where it you might consult the next victim. >>gabe slate: if it does this: here is what can happen you cannot really see races are locked in a way that you can with an apple from on apple pad. apple has not set that up get out so they can take a small watch and activator with a different from making it an appealing. thing to. >>gabe slate: once in a stolen that cannot access your personal information offer the what was and is more than 30 ft. from the fall is perez is useless. cannot be accessed and give your system information/ >>mark: coming up a diamond discover how a woman came across nearly four tear diamond head to live look at the san mateo bridge the cloud is the
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coming up on a beautiful star to monday.
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>> james: can run walnut creek looking cell lung 680 and traffic mix said switzer san ramon valley. a lot of sunshine out right now. that's how it will be all day plus. yes sunshine warm weather particularly out here in the space ballet. a par forecast from tracker


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