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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 23, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the initial report came from when a car was driving back courts on 101. he happened to be driving by his store when something was wrong. >> so, he can't about 25 police officers in the building and i thought that it was on fire. i am freaking out. the deputies had or was pursuing her with
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lights and sirens accurate we had no reason as to why she would not stop. >> catherine: woman's injuries are described as light or life threatening. >> catherine: the search for a missing teenager 17 year old sullivan, has come up in empty for the third day in a row. live in cupertino with the latest on the investigation rob? >> reporter: not far from where he went missing as much as 88 people were out searching for him on the other day he was pronounced missing creek catching up with one of those search team spirit this one was led by chris here as some asset part where you see with the heavy brush creek and other
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hazards here creek right along the freeway at 85 creek these are the types of places where they are focused on. these teams with the cupertino research or response team will be out tomorrow and into the weekend they will be able to search the entire city. once again, they came up empty. her three kids all graduated from the high school creek in her search is personal. >> mauna vista has been a wonderful school creek all of my kids have credited from that school and i know the staff there and they are wonderful creek there are smart and kind. so when something like this happens it is incomprehensible. the parents that i speak with they say good things about him. he was a leader pyrrhic
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he was fine and there was nothing wrong that we knew of. >> reporter: lessing after first. on monday creek sheriff's states that there is no evidence of foul play creek but it is suspicious because conner really misses school and always go home after practice. he is a cross country runner, on the track team and wrestling team creek his phone is going straight to voicemail and he has not been active on social media. live in cupertino, rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: >> catherine: intending to kill at the up anthony the interrupted when venture was standing outside of the chevron gas station creek
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the rest attend on suspicious of murder creek there are still trying to find out the motives and anyone else involved. >> catherine: try to find out what sparked a deadly fighter. it was not the only danger firefighters were facing. >> reporter: it was already too intense to rush and as firefighters raced to the fire. >> trying to save a guy's life. we were yelling as loud as we could. banking on the house. trying to break the front door down. we knew where his bet wrong with it so we were yelling and dainty on the glass and just about caught my arm. all the smoke start coming out as the window. >> reporter: plans were not the only thing that could
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have killed them during their battle. >> flames did penetrate and it was ammunition in the crotch stored and because it was easy to go off. there were explosions of bullets. >> reporter: he was in and the easiest of gun spirit that is why all of the bullets stored into his crotch. france was tried to wrest friends who tried to help him says he was a nice man. >> it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the fire department stays on the scene all day creek they believe is started at the back of the home but they do not have because of it. nothing jumped out to them as suspicious. at this time.
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>> catherine: a bay area below was cleaning to kidnap creek and what else is next. >> catherine: next, why business is will not be so golden at the golden arches. >> reporter: tracking incoming storms and i will let you know what we can expect. also it cooled down coming up!
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>> catherine: to young people from wealthy suburban communities in east they have that are arrested, and not for the first time for it maureen kelly reports with it story and it is believed that there could be more victims out there. >> it is shocking and we are worried that there are more victims out there creek >> reporter: to attend lee says jack post as a male victim luring a victim to the hotel. he peppered she
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peppers break the victim and to alter it >> reporter: this was not the first time they use this pam fricke what they say in other encounters it was stunned that acted as bait. >> reporter: and cupertino and then contacted her and when he met her at 2:00 a.m. in the morning jack was with her. >> reporter: male suspect was like for cabinets and the female then grab the knife and put it to the victim and the male suspect pepper spray the that them and then forced the victim into being vehicle and drove 1 mi. away. and dropped them off and said not to contact the sheriff's department >> reporter: he also helped
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the city's work up a sketch and when those sketches were released plaza 10 police recognize them as the suspect the already are rested. they are now facing charges for criminal threat and kidnapping. >> catherine: san carlos man is accused of shooting his son in the afternoon when he thought that he had to defend himself patrick that is according to a law- enforcement authorities creek are rested by police in his home on the 800 block of crest view drive creek officer says his son had been shot several times and expected to survive. fisher is in jail and expected to face charges accurate >> grant: you are looking at surveillance video creek you
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see someone rifling through car. another suspect is pulling up and that car right there. waiting for their getaway. this was last night. and you will square area. tuesday night and an anonymous person watch-- what into the restaurant's current >> grant: you see one of the suspects going on the elevator and that parking structure. >> grant: is the way the cello sound which is more important for it police are glad the girl has her musical instrument a $500 in value creek however, the police is still waiting to-- wanting to catch the thieves. >> catherine: doing detail
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work on some of the vegetation creek. and they are working on storm drains. the creek was filled with crude's current release to the weekend. >> catherine: >> reporter: currently 60 degrees but it feels like 67 when you step outside. would you went sustained at 15 mi. per hour trip storm trackers blinking as mostly breezy conditions. -- bringing. >> reporter: promising to bring us widespread showers. the first chunk of our saturday in making its way down to the south bay by saturday after now. we are
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currently shy about 26, 67 and san jose and concord. even in the north to santa rosa. mostly, tend to 20 mi. per hour we have a when the dust. that is why we have clouds that are still right along the peninsula making for hazy conditions. the cloud will thicken as the night goes on. it will fall apart the the course of friday and a little windy conditions at the first half of friday. >> reporter: secondary system however often to the north and west to see the counter clockwise circulation will push into the north bay late friday night and bring us ryan as
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the start of the weekend. -- rain >> reporter: we will notice about 83 to 5 degree drop and we will break down the weather coming up! >> catherine: in effect, chilly volcano has erupted twice in just the past 24 hours. at one point during a lightning storm in and around the volcano appeared in to see photos of that print the most recent eruption was this morning creek more than 4000 people have been evacuated and canceled flights. more than 2 ft. of cash has fallen in certain areas. the last time the volcano erupted with in 1972. >> catherine: a bay area teachers that goes above and
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beyond for her students. and, in protest at a demand for change in police custody after a man died.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a like to give my condolences to the families of the two hostages. tragically killed, in a u.s. counter to your operation. --counterror >> catherine: the deaths are raising questions about the sea at a remote control wart and off corners of the world
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sprint. >> catherine: grant? >> grant: the u.s. has lost hundreds of a strong strikes in that region. reportedly conducting surveillance of the site up for hundreds of hours. the rate to that took place back in january. the president stays that he only knew of the dance class week. --deaths last week. >> " mistakes sometimes deadly mistakes can occur " >> grant: winding up appeared in at least two alkyne up the deals and even
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sent a letter to the media to help support release relief . >> grant: now it has been joined by flowers left by neighbors and a makeshift memorial. >> he was a lovely man. >> grant: ask for his death, they bear the ultimate responsibility when they took him captive over three years ago. >> this is something that should have never happened over rob collateral damage. >> grant: senator weinstein says she won a the toll list of a number of deaths from terrorist strikes the raid
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succeeded in killing to talk out keitel leaders. one american-born corporate >> grant: california born adam the dawn referred to himself and taunted the u. s. he was killed days after the strike when the two hostages were killed merritt.
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>> reporter: we will time it out once again with the weather coming up! >> catherine: angry, over the death of freddie gray parrot clashed with police in baltimore today. march into a police station waldman to traffic. two people were detained for disorderly conduct. gray, died on sunday occurred after being addressed by baltimore police current they state that they want answers as to what happened. >> catherine: the lawsuit
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claims that officer daryl will send an unjustifiably shot and killed new using an unnecessary amount of force. the grand jury and justice department decided not to bring charges against wilson for the shooting. >> this day we still do not believe that the shooting of an unarmed 18 year old, a teenager. has never been cross-examined. and the when you, allowing a person not to be cross-examined you can get the story or narrative the way that they want it. >> catherine: they also believe that will send district or interfered with evidence. >> catherine: replacing eric holder as attorney general
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creek her confirmation took off for the any other nominee since the reagan administration's current republicans, held up the boat partly because she defended president obama president, of she is expected to be sworn in on monday >> catherine: sentenced today for sharing classified information with his biographer and dan, a mistress carla current he retired as the cia director when that relationship became public creek he was charged the two years probation and a $100,000 fine >> as i get in the past, i apologize to those closest
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to me and many others accurate those that are i was privileged to serve in the government and military over the years. >> catherine: as part of his plea deal he was able to avoid jail time for it. >> catherine: coming up how bruce jenner and the kardashians are preparing for his bid for bill. --for his big reveal. >> pam: the index gained 21 points. the dow was up 20.3
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>> catherine: this girl scouts are coming out with toys for children creek is the biggest yourself to the oven. there are some catches spirit it comes with only one could keypad and the refills have to be purchased separately. not surprisingly creek the only could he favors are shore britt, chocolate peanut butter and then met--thin mint and shortbread. >> reporter: we will be back with the weather!
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bulldog: [whimpering] has your old bed got you in a twist? well, mattress discounters has up to 48 months interest-free financing. plus, mattress discounters has the largest selectiony foam mattresses under one roof! queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! now what's best about 48 months interest-free financing at mattress discounters? it's 28 years in dog financing. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> grant: another close but no cigar moment for the warrior spirit run up for the national basketball association award. close, however steve kerr
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the coach was in second place for the coach of the year award. >> grant: now in less than one hour for tipoff for game 3. against new orleans appellate can predict what j.r. stone live with us tonight with a bunch of fans ready to roar. >> reporter: you have that right! buffalo while winks to be exact. fans are starting to command and if you look behind the seat that they have on their sweat shirts with the team colors. some of the callers and i have fan colors on but are they were fans or what? and they say is of course we are! we are here to watch the game and our team
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on current they are excited. >> i am so excited about it! >> i do not want to be the one to think that they will sweet because i would not indigent for it. --cause the jinx for it. >> this was a birthday present so it is entirely cherished corporate. >> reporter: this is financed with the lucky shorts on as the look on. -- shirts >> reporter: in the east bay and south bay and san francisco and peninsula area it will be lively
5:46 pm
warriors knight and bars all across town. >> grant: thank you, j.r.. all fans are coming out of the woodwork to see the warriors pulled off. >> grant: taking pictures of their friends and family creek kids of all ages creek that is a pregnant belly all done up in warriors blue and gold. we will love to see your pictures and you can't include them in a message on facebook or you can tweak them and is the graeme. -- instagram >> reporter: it is an act of whether they are now lake tahoe. >> reporter: you can see how
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active is looks on our radar satellite image. on storm trecker for you see a weak system bernanke and breezy conditions. >> reporter: third system is about 1,800 mi. to the northwest and that system will bring us the showers late friday night and saturday. when will we got to temperatures in the upper 40 separate mostly gray. the clouds will break up as the wind picked up. >> reporter: temperatures why is we will drop about 5 to 10 degrees. upper 50s and that at best as we head to the coastline patrick the first showers will drop and the north bay and most of the monster will pick up in the south. at
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lunch time however, it will kill off directly and to sunny california and the wind will be out to the north to try out of the atmosphere creek >> reporter: we would notice a clear trend as we head into wednesday and thursday of next week creek snow levels will drop to 5,000 ft. in the upper elevations and are expecting one half a foot of snow. it will make for treacherous travel creek on highway 50 and 80 over the next 48 hours. >> reporter: we will receive much higher amounts of snow for the higher elevations. and peaks. >> catherine: the insider
5:49 pm
has more from los angeles regarding bruce jenner. >> reporter: bruce jenner will sit down with diane sawyer creek how would the judge pitcher rick handle this and the spot light. >> i want to know how the story ends. i want to know how my story and. >> it will be an emotional roller coaster, but somehow i will get through. >> reporter: this is a road undoubtably complicated by the growing media anticipation of the interview and punch lines. >> are almost 80, what is the point? he is almost kind or pass the crime- prime.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: our medical and saturday will explain how the situation is part to corey delicate pertaining to the media for it. >> this is like a spaceship going up and down because of the crow comments from people.--cruel >> it is nothing like walking up and down the growth child out in each magazine has your children on it. --grocery aisle >> catherine: we will be that--we will be back!
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: this is done and nancy from san jose. >> i saw the hose out and i've used the camera i sought a guy around 918 coming through the driveway. and i saw the guy taking the holes and washing his car. --hose. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. this is where at random guy pulls up and use of someone else's water coast to wash his card both sides and it took a few minutes patrick and this is when i say who does that? >> stanley: in the process
5:55 pm
he drops the holes at a glance on the handle. --the hose and lands >> stanley: even oscar thought... >> for got to turn it off or someone left it on creek. >> stanley: now listen to this when they reported it to the police department... >> when i told the police about the description and what happened to do not want pictures or anything. >> you we are not interested
5:56 pm
creek and we do not want pictures' current. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. so now i have to look out for one thing creek those pesky people that come by and use your water to wash their cars patrick was a strange world we live then. --we live in. >> catherine: we'll be back with kron 4 news as six separate
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: family members and complete strangers have been searching all three of the city. searching which is to tonight's top story brick. >> reporter: they scoured to search the real world tracks. they are hopeful but doubtful because of technical schools and the case. >> three days, and that is too long. at which makes me upset. >> reporter: investor jitters again on thursday
6:00 pm
since there are no evidence of foul play. >> is suspicious because is out of his character creek he wakes up and go to school and then practiced to of the year creek right after practice he comes home right away. >> if you can hear this message, conner you are not in trouble. we love you, please come home. >> reporter: connors had made a brief appearance when they manage to search have the secret, as classmates on were watching social media for any clues as to where he would be located. >> with no new developments will are looking to see if he is active on social media.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: suspended thursday afternoon to allow organizers to scout new places to look. it will resume on friday with investigators following up and new leads for tips that may come and look at past search. >> catherine: a seven year old boy is fighting for his life after being struck by a stray bullet. during an afternoon gathering yesterday. at oakland children's hospital,dan? >> reporter: five suspects are still at large creek police are telling us that neighbors are not being very had, and very helpful to help catch them. >> reporter: 520 in the
6:02 pm
afternoon there were 2 yds and groups of people someone had passed away of natural causes and they were gathering to salute that person and then out of nowhere five african- american males came up and opened fired on this crowd and hit the 7 year old. he had severe injuries and taking to children hospital here in oakland. this is how police responded to the same. --scene >> a child has been shot and we are all trying to received a description. >> the shoulders were in the intersection with a black car. --shoulders--shooters
6:03 pm
>> reporter: have been in the neighborhood the police said and that neighbors have not been helpful with information to help find a individuals that did shoot the seven year old. >> pam: it has been nice however rain is on the way. but nasa is with us with for more weather! >> reporter: any outdoor plants i will schedule for saturday because it is the beginning what--damp start! >> reporter: in stills more
6:04 pm
like 54 degrees against yours and as you step outside a cup of the weekend with the weakening cool front occurred it is actually starting to sink to the salt and weakening in wrapping up and went overnight it will thicken the cloud covers in a court friday afternoon. >> reporter: you can see the counterclockwise flow with another system 1,800 mi. off the coast. the rhine will actually sent to the south and reach most of the bay area up closer to about 7:00 a.m. on our saturday. when it will be your the north helping to drive out for part two of the upcoming weekend.
6:05 pm
>> catherine: warrior fans are getting fired up! they would tip off from around 30 minutes from the big easy. j.r. stone is at a local buffalo while awaiting--wild wings >> reporter: right now you can see some of the warrior fans in their blue sweatshirts. there are other colors off in the distance. you cannot go wrong when you are talking about seven + tvs that is but just as good as watching the game live, am i right? >> i think that we will take it to them pretty hard to date. 15 to 20 winds.
6:06 pm
>> anthony davis is tough. you have to shut down debt and a brown-- brown >> hope we will go three to zero and take it to norland as and go on to the second round. >> i have to work and my boss is right here so no traveling for me. >> reporter: no traveling to new orleans. there are ups and could sweep the series if they wanted to tonight. if not they will come back to the bay area. at the oracle or linacre it will be here all night creek i would tell you some of the craziness: 01 creek. live in san ramon j.r. stone kron 4 news
6:07 pm
>> catherine: after losing out on the debt this of player of the year, how is going reacting?--green >> catherine: do well accused of meeting their victims on line and then robbing them. and, president obama taking the blame for a botched drone action that killed two hostages. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing
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>> catherine: santa clara police station says she showed up that to start a.m. her alleged accomplice the man you see on the right was what hurt. authorities say that she threatened to evict and with a knife. the man with her pepper spray the victim as they ransacked his home. then they dropped him off a mile away. on the poll when the pictures were released the arborist it that same to people for the same crime threat there could be more victims. >> we believe that there are
6:11 pm
more victims out there on the i-880 corridor and 680 corridor. >> catherine: the say that the hunt pepper spray that person and took off after the money was exchange after she lured them to a hotel. >> catherine: new figures are out on california drought and does not look good for the sierra.
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that her car into the police. as a rented villa to surrender ---as she failed to surrender it is not clear if she will survive. there are still investigating that incident. >> catherine: and missing fishermen was found dead wednesday afternoon. he was
6:15 pm
spotted on the shoreline yester day. he had done with two other men and a woman last friday and voted the bay. to go fishing. you see it there along with the body of one of the two men and woman. the other fisherman has not been found. >> catherine: the bill advanced in that is mostly today. to help finance to people for having brought lawn. --brown bill is now headed to the set--senate. >> grant: you can see the
6:16 pm
different from last week there is a 47 percent difference we have it flipped around right there but it is more intense all right now. what ariel shots of the sierra just how dire the drought is. captures and their mountain where you see this lake ray carroll it should be more water. 1,000 ft. your pc rob on the mountains. --you can see rock >> grant: hopefully come up more rain and snow or on the way. say it is so,vanessa!
6:17 pm
>> reporter: snow levels will drop. we are expecting winter travel conditions along i 80. if you are headed to lake tahoe and there may be delayed on the road. we are expecting 1,000 ft. of snow at lake level which is good news there. for the highest peak, and essential sierra we are expecting about 2 ft. of snow which is very good news there. >> reporter: temperatures will drop as we head into friday. >> reporter: on sunday, however, try weather will rebound once again here in california. take a look at the futurecast, we are expecting the first line shot to hit the north bay at 8:00 on friday.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: first chunk of saturday with a quick moving system. we are looking at a moderate rain showers. >> reporter: in the east of the land will bear out of the north. and cleared up for the second part of the weekend so it is depending on how much showers we can expect a carrot we may fare even better that a few inches. >> reporter: taking a look at terms of tomorrow, we will wake up to two others in the upper '40's and 50's creek mostly great to start off. >> reporter: gusty sea breeze will pick up ahead of the storm system. temperatures will drop all out with three to five
6:19 pm
creek. >> reporter: taking a look ahead as we move into saturday occurred with a wet start to the weekend. we are looking dry sunny and warmer. as we head into sunday and monday. and cooler, mid-week. >> catherine: national knows what temperatures flaring in baltimore. two people were rested after a violent clash over suspicious death of freddie great died after being arrested by police in baltimore. at some point he suffered a severe spinal cord injury. his family says his voice box and was crushed in his neck was snapped into he flipped into a coma.
6:20 pm
>> catherine: department has not released details with the six officers involved accurate date are now investigating to see if his civil rights were violated. >> catherine: a lawsuit against the city of ferguson that are asking for more than $75,000 in addition to attorney fees print were officer daryl was an unjustified shot and killed a grand jury and the justice department decided not to bring charges against wilson. >> on till this day we still do not believe that the shooter of and on armed 18 your old teenager, has never been cross examined. and when you allowing a person not to be cross-examined
6:21 pm
they can get the story or narrative the way they want it. >> catherine: accused of destroying or interferon investigation. >> catherine: the defy the pattern of racial discrimination by ferguson police and city officials. --they did find. >> catherine: at replacing agriculture for attorney general. to has been in recent standoff because of a recent abortion revision. when the bolt came today president obama nominated lynch and back in september.
6:22 pm
>> catherine: and this week's segment of dianne and dished a restaurant that opens his doors to adults. --dogs
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
un out of their home which police says looks like a store front. they were giving candy or what look like candy to children and was laced with marijuana. . >> please >> catherine: believed the couple ran the business for less than one year creek and deciphering he electricity from pg and key to power the
6:26 pm
business. >> catherine: judy in the south bay, crews are investigating and early morning fire. and you as takes the blame for a botched counter-terrorism rate. that killed two hostages.
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: here at children's hospital in oakland a seven year old has like kidney injuries after being caught in crossfire in vallejo.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: to neighboring yard field with people and without warning at about five african-american men open up fire on the crowd and shot the seven year old. you could see the showcasing scant evidence markings. the talk was taken to children's hospital will life threatening injuries and the suspects are still at large . kron4news >> reporter: trying to say demand where his home was on fire. the man unfortunately died at the same card all we know at this point was that he lived by himself creek he was in his sixties and there was no chance to take them to the hospital. thatreporting
6:31 pm
from mountain view >> reporter: the borough is a tax cut away sections of the dead will to test the confidence in his desk is now showing pieces of the will downward beach no word on who did this to the world. --wha shahle >> reporter: >> grant: 73 year old american aid worker had been captured for more than three
6:32 pm
years and they were victims of a deadly mistake bridge. >> " as president and commander in chief attack responsible for all of our contra tourism action sprit i regret what happened at our deepest apologies to the family and behalf of the government. " >> grant: an sec investigation is undergoing on capitol hill. >> grant: making frequent videos taunting the u.s. was another individual that lost his wife the same time the two hostages on stairs. he
6:33 pm
was interested creek at some >> reporter: by saturday afternoon things will start to dry out 50 brett went will pick up into the afternoon. bringing afternoon sunlight for half of the day creek. tomorrow, we will notice a change in temperature sprit as it hit away from the water creek look ahead, shourd slate making its way down south. we are looking tried bay area wide. sunday afternoon
6:34 pm
into monday. --we are looking dry >> catherine: the ohio- based company said the contamination was found in a random sample and no reports of illness. but 21 shops in six states will be closed until jenny can inshore safety. bluebill creamery is also recalling products linked to listeria. >> reporter: there is no secret that people love their pets separate some find them better made than human spirit--better mates than humans >> reporter: now if you
6:35 pm
noticed more dogs and rest ross these days because of the new state law that allows for it as long as they die outside and nowhere near the kitchen and they can't behave themselves. add shallot and yet they are dog and friend from late. --at chow in lafayette >> >> reporter: >> and built menu that you can see outside. >> reporter: no more and bulky
6:36 pm
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: coming up! asocial media event i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8! (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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6:43 pm
>> gary:good evening everyone!
6:44 pm
>> gary:strength in numbers! >> gary:right away you go not again! >> gary:mazwee--maxwell has had a great series. >> gary:duffy, scoring and the game is tied at 2! >> gary:back as the hero! giants sweep!
6:45 pm
>>the boys battled hard! >>good for them! >> gary:they left immediately after the game. warrior , just getting ready tto tip off in new orleans. >> gary:real tough! how did they vote on this? kerr se cond place for the coach of
6:46 pm
the year. >> gary:runner up in respective categoies--cate gories >>try to move on to the next round. it could have been great. i can't lie. >> gary:celtics and cav's >> gary:13 and 6 assist
6:47 pm
>> gary:a struggle but on top when it counts. >> gary:crabtree with the raiders has it personality blossomed? >>this is my second team. firt--first team is the first team. second team is the second.
6:48 pm
>> gary:about the same. >> gary:anyway? a minor thing. >> gary:gra--grant where do you stand on this? >> grant:you were enchanted back in the day! >> gary: (laughter) >> gary:nice story. sine 86
6:49 pm
season holder... she passed away. >> gary:johnson came home to pay respects and sent a reef. >> gary:snyder will pay 1 million dollars if someone can select all 32 first
6:50 pm
picks. >> gary:you know that no one will pick all 32! >> gary:beginning today with stacey lewis! >> gary:shot of the day with 300 >> gary:5 under >> gary:one stroke up/ 4 under and one stroke back
6:51 pm
>> gary:five hundered -- hundred >> gary: tickets have been made avail to public and they're all gone now! >> gary:these hustlers know what theyre doing! >> catherine: we will be that what the weather!
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> catherine: rifle did is expected to perform for the last time creek and the final concert will also be strained online current--the grateful dead is expected to perform one last time. the final concert will be strained all line. -- streamed online >> reporter: saturday
6:56 pm
afternoon we are looking dry and the wind is from the north with a warming trend come sunday. >> catherine: stay connected see you at
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
"the insider," in the story, in the fun, in the moment, your 24/7 celebrity news conversation. >> i want to know how this story ends. how does my story end? >> as bruce jenner's next chapter begins, anticipation to his reported pretransition m confession. we talked to the most high profile person who went through this process publicly. >> i look at a little boy who was in the wrong body sitting in their mom's lap.
6:59 pm
and it's kim and kanye's first wedding anniversary. could they be celebrating in court? >> the new founder for youtube for leaking the proposal video. >> martha stewart who's dishing on everything from being bieber's mentor. >> justin's a cute little boy. >> to being a grandmother, new millennial style. >> they don't call you grand mother? >> oh, no. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider"s together with yahoo. >> buck mg up for the ride of his life. how bruce jenner is bracing for impact. hey, everybody. plus inside the american chateau, hoping to rally paris's palast of versailles we go to
7:00 pm
the mansion construction. >> i saw this firsthand, and it is jaw dropping. back to bruce, in 24 hours, the world will know his story, as the national anticipation for


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